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mix includes original Disney XD series, action/ adventure movies, animation and anime and sports entertainment. Disney XD is the TV home of new Marvel series featuring superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and will introduce dynamic stories full of action, adventure and heroism to a whole new generation. In June, we marked our six-year partnership with A+E Networks with the Singapore premiere of top U.S. channel for women, Lifetime®, and a brand new education channel, H2®. Lifetime is a female-focused network that offers the highest-quality programming that is contemporary, bold, vibrant and relevant. The network brings viewers a diversified selection of critically-acclaimed original movies, dramas and reality series. H2 digs deeper into the stories and events of History, presenting information in innovative ways, while offering viewers a deeper connection to the world around them, covering military, ancient, modern and natural history, as well as science and technology. The Asian offerings on StarHub TV became even more exciting when we rolled out a series of initiatives to ramp up our Asian line-up. This is to cater to an increasingly discerning and sophisticated audience. These include the launch of five exciting channels from now TV and Hunan TV World – now Baogu Movies, now Baogu Movies on Demand, now Mango, now TV On Demand, Hunan TV World and now HaiRun. Singapore viewers can also catch the latest and hottest TVB drama series at the same time as their Hong Kong counterparts. These include ‘Triumph in the Skies II’, ‘A Change of Heart’ and ‘Awfully Lawful’. To enable Singapore viewers to enjoy more current TVB dramas, the window period on VV Drama will be shortened from the existing six months to three months.


Ingenious Hubbing

At the same time, we launched a new complimentary lifestyle channel from Brand New Media called TV4ME . Based on an exciting new concept of inspirational content, the 24/7 channel is devoted to helping viewers improve all aspects of their lifestyles across work, rest and play. At the same time, we launched a new complimentary lifestyle channel from Brand New Media called TV4ME. Based on an exciting new concept of inspirational content, the 24/7 channel is devoted to helping viewers improve all aspects of their lifestyles across work, rest and play. In December, we launched HITS, Asia’s newest branded entertainment channel. Celebrating the best international TV ever made, HITS brings a carefully curated selection of the finest dramas and comedies in HD quality for the first time in Asia. HITS’ select lineup of shows will include Seinfeld, The Cosby Show, Criminal Minds, Lost, Moonlighting, Different Strokes and Golden Girls. In the months to come, TV viewers will be treated to major blockbuster series like A-Team, Cheers, Mad About You, Taxi, Law & Order,

Homehub 200 plan

4 Essential Services

200Mbps fibre broadband, up to 82 StarHub TV Channels, 21Mbps mobile broadband, and a home phone line – all for $68.80 a month.

M*A*S*H, The X-Files, The Wonder Years and Murder, She Wrote.

Watching TV Anytime Anywhere

StarHub TV Anywhere is our multiscreen service which is available to all StarHub TV customers at no additional cost. The service allows viewers to watch linear and on-demand channels on their personal devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. When TV Anywhere first started in June 2012, there were only 12 channels available. This year saw a rapid expansion of channels to 70. In addition, we introduced new Android and iOS apps for smartphones and tablets. This means that StarHub TV customers are able to watch their favourite programmes on their personal devices at any time during the day and in any location. In 2013, a total of 32 channels were launched on TV Anywhere, covering Kids, Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment and World News genres. They include CBeebies, BBC Knowledge, Discovery Home & Health, Crime & Investigation Network HD,

The Biography Channel HD, BBC Entertainment, BBC World News HD and CNN HD. We also launched our second screen companion app StarHub TV Buddy. Available free of charge on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play, the app lets customers discover content with greater ease on their tablets and smartphones. Customers can also use the app to read more about our TV shows, watch complementary videos, set reminders, take part in contests and share content with their friends. Disney fans can watch all their favorite Disney programmes, including exclusive branded content, using a suite of three new innovative entertainment apps - WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney XD, and WATCH Disney Junior in December. Singapore is the first market outside of the US to make the WATCH app available. The WATCH Disney apps will provide authenticated StarHub TV customers with access to Disney Channel’s existing live, television network streams, exclusive and first-hand content, as well as an extensive offering of premiere ‘on

demand’ episodes. Disney fans can now view all popular Disney television series such as Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb, Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble on the go and will also be able to access new episodes of selected shows on the WATCH apps first before it launches on the TV channel.

Boosting Broadband

Since June, we doubled the upload bandwidth for the following fibre home broadband plans – MaxInfinity 100Mbps, MaxInfinity 150Mbps, MaxInfinity 200Mbps and MaxInfinity 300Mbps. This means that all four plans now provide equal bandwidth for both uploading and downloading. In addition, we introduced our HomeHub 200 (fibre) plan, enabling customers to enjoy four essential services – 200Mbps fibre broadband, up to 82 StarHub TV Channels, 21Mbps mobile broadband, and a home phone line – all for $68.80 a month. The hubbing plan comes bundled with a free $6 HomeHub voucher every month for customers to purchase StarHub TV’s Video-onDemand titles, additional groups

(basic tier with HD) or selected add-on channels/packs.

Educating Children

In December, under our i3 banner, we announced a strategic partnership with POPULAR, Singapore’s well-known education services company, to introduce a new online learning service called AssessMe. AssessMe is the first of many online learning services to be hosted on the all-new StarHub Learning Hub platform, which is our major foray into digital learning to support Singapore families in their quest for knowledge. Through AssessMe, parents and their children attending primary school can get easy access to over 40,000 e-assessment questions from more than 3,300 digital worksheets for English, Mathematics and Science. Curated and regularly updated by POPULAR’s in-house team of experienced former teachers, the weekly e-assessment content will closely track the current teaching syllabus. Other e-assessment materials to be available on StarHub Learning Hub in 2014 include Chinese and secondary school subjects. Later in the same month, in partnership with Skoolbo, a Singapore-based eLearning company providing accessible educational games for children, we completed its Tablets Programme for students from low-income families in the South East District. 18 students from the NTUC Income’s OrangeAid South East Learning Family Programme Alumni were provided with tablets on which they play educational games. At the end of the programme, Skoolbo and South East Community Development Council analysed the progress of each child. The family support enrichment programme encourages lifelong learning habits by nurturing creativity and social skills among its participants. At the same time, it also helps strengthen parents’ parenting skills and bonding with their children.

StarHub Ltd Annual Report 2013


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Shl ar2013 full report