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Learning Centre Information design


first step, identify the problem Observe/

You need to survey the existing

information design in use. What is not working? What does the the learning centre need? Photograph/ They have inconsistent type, comic sans, all caps, dark on dark is not working.

avoid cluttered information

where is a guide to subjects?

be consistent with colour coding

sketch, plan the area Plan/ Imagine the space in a blank canvas through drawing and you can realise where appropiate to change. Sketches/ Create an information hierachy of importance. These will help the client and designers quickly discuss potential problems or further enhancement.

project the users first view

create image place holders

floor plans help co-ordinate

clean, ease of navigation Research/ Follow information and colour design principles for effective clear easy to use navigation. Colour/ You can test your colour choice as it needs to accomodate people with colour blindness to aid the typography’s legibility

deutranope, protanope tritanope

741.6 ic Design hierachy the info

through size

ic Design


n & Comic Strips





720’s 730 -737

Graphic De


see also typogra

the shelves should have the same

Information Map Guide learning zone

map the categories area, colour help desk


Performing Arts

Hair & Beauty See also Film Studies @

Media & Film Studies


Music Singing Musical instruments

780’s 783 784 – 788

key to the colours dewey decimal

Engineering technology



620 - 629 Includes Sound Engineering for Media & Music 792.8

Beauty therapy Make-up Nails

Alternative the Forensics Hairdressing



Writing Literature

Includes Script Writing 808 810 – 822.3 Includes Plays

Catering & hosp



Hotel managem

Catering & Ho

Business manag

Art & Design Animation & comic strips


Architecture Arts Artists Fashion Textiles

720’s 700’s Includes Art History 750-759 746.92 See also Costume @ 746 See also Textiles @ See also Clothes making @

391 677 646.4

Photography Graphic design

770s 741.6 See also Typography @ Design @ & Printing for Graphic Arts

686 745 760 - 769



Health & safety

Dictionaries & t Mathematics

Learning Centre Signage ReDesign  

This is a catalogue of some of the steps taken to redesign the information systems of a Learning Centre

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