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Visual retail Plus POS Software Solution Visual Retail Plus has been proving consistently for over 2 decades that it holds the crown in being THE Point of Sale complete solution. Anyone can put a cash register on a counter and start collecting money, but bringing sales, the customer relationship, and inventory management to the next level is where VRP comes in. As a true "Point Of Sale Solution" VRP prides itself on being able to help you with every facet of your company. Point of sale software is much more than just ringing up sales. There are two very different, but equally important parts to it. There is a physical layer and a personal layer.

On the physical layer there are things like POS peripherals, computer hardware and infrastructure. The minimal requirement for a POS Solution is a monitor and a computer. Depending on your needs, you may want to add certain things on after the face. Barcode scanners, touchscreens, and receipt printers are handy and streamline the checkout process. Things like local area connections, networking routers and electrical and networking wires come under the infrastructure umbrella, and are a major concern to business owners, and need to be addressed correctly at the offset, so save time and money later. We even stock consumables in popular sizes. Out of receipt paper? Need to print garment tags or labels, we’ve got you covered. Whether someone is a multistore, seasoned veteran or someone just starting out, the solution is clear: VRP is the way to go. We're with you every step of the way. On a personal level, or approach to business is a little different. We're not looking for the major payout and then move on to the next person. We prefer to nurture a relationship where your store grows and VRP grows right along with it. We have countless customers now controlling many stores and when we began our relationship, they had one register in a single store. You can move at your own pace, starting with basic parts of the software. As you grow more comfortable with the software, and get the hang of the different reports at your fingertips, it will whet your appetite for things you didn’t think you could accomplish, and we’re ready, and right there to help you. This more personal approach is the secret to our success.

The massive amount of features in VRP offer point of sale solutions, but also offer solutions for things that relate directly with your sales. Some of these include, (but are in no way limited to) Attendance management, credit card processing, Customer relation management, many premade reports and even a powerful engine for your own, custom, reports. When it comes to POs software that offers a beginning to end solution, the decision is clear: Visual Retail Plus is your premier point of sale solution.

Visual retail Plus POS Software Solution  

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