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Visual Retail Plus Point of Sale retail software with Multiple Payment Options The point of sale retail system is an excellent tool for any type of retail business. Point Of Sale software offers many options and tools for ease of use. By using the Point of Sale software for retail, you are just a touch away from ringing up your sales, entering customer data, and creating receipts and invoices.

With the customization provided by Visual Retail Plus, Inc. your wish list will be fulfilled. Your personal logo is used to complete that professional touch and any special needs can be accommodated. With the Point of Sales retail software you can scan your orders with the easy-to-use scanners or manually enter them. Then with just a touch of your finger you can check out, redeem store credit, or put items on layaway. You can discount the items, use coupons, or place items on hold for your customers. Offering your customers discounts is just as easy as ringing up the sale. On the main point of sale screen there is a discount button which when activated allows the user to enter a discounted price either by percentage, dollar amount or by changing the cost of the item by setting a new price. Included in the Point of Sales retail solution are the Gift Card buttons. On the front point of sales screen you can sell a gift card or redeem a gift card. To sell a gift card, click the button, enter the customer information and include the amount. Click the Checkout button, chose your method of payment and your transaction is complete. Scan the gift card and the amount is loaded into the card ready for use. To redeem a gift card, just scan the card, enter the sales items and click Checkout. It is truly that easy. Returning items through the Point Of Sale retail software is just as easy as purchasing them. If the return is with the receipt, just scan the receipt and with a touch of your finger you can choose which items are being returned and can issue a refund of cash, give the customer store credit or refund their credit cards. If your customer forgot or lost their receipt don’t worry about it, when using the point of sales retail system all your data is stored and you can scan in the SKU number or manually enter it into the system and complete your returns. A receipt will be issued detailing which items were returned including which receipt number it is referencing.

The Point of Sale retail software offers every type of payment options. With a click of a button or buttons you can choose one method of payment which we refer to as MOP or multiple methods of payments. Point of Sale retail allows you to ring up your customers using credit cards, cash, store credit, gift cards, and/or checks. You can choose multiple methods of payments if necessary when utilizing the point of sales software. Visual Retail Plus has friendly and helpful technician on staff that is knowledgeable in the point of sales system and can resolve your questions and concerns in a timely manner. Contact someone today to start using our point of sale retail system and make your life easier and accurate. For more information on Visual Retail Plus, go to . Visual Retail Plus Inc. 23 Banta Pl. Hackensack, NJ 07601

Visual Retail Plus Point of Sale retail software with Multiple Payment Options  

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