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Point of Sale Touch Screens System to speed up your sales transactions In the past few years there has been an interesting innovation in point of sale systems. While it may not be an earth shattering innovation it has helped drastically change the way retail stores work. Point of Sale touchscreens can help drastically increase response times and in turn help improve customer morale. Previously if you wanted to access something on the screen you had to drag your mouse to it, click, and then click again. Visual Retail Plus was built with accessibility in mind and from the point of sale screen it is as simple as point and point and your sale is done. The ability to just quickly touch with your finger will help speed up your sales. Point of Sale touch screens are now an inexpensive technology because of the advancement in the field and can help improve your business. Everything on the main screen and all screens are easily accessible. Press a button, scan and you instantly have everything about a product. All areas are meant to be easy to touch with a touch screen point of sale unit. This functionality we offer will allow you to speed up your sales transactions. It makes checking-in customers or processing sales both fast and easy - for both your staff and the customer.

In terms of the technology side of things, the touch screens we recommend are Elo touch screens. They come in both USB and Serial types, but many computers are no longer carrying serial components. Installation on the units is quick and painless and you can be up and running in minutes. Elo’s IntelliTouch surface wave is the optical standard of touch. It has a pure glass construction provides superior optical performance and makes it the most scratch-resistant technology available. It's nearly impossible to physically "wear out" this touchscreen. IntelliTouch is widely used in kiosk, gaming, and office automation applications and is available for both flat panel and CRT solutions. The advantages of working with Elo are we get world class point of sale touchscreens that are used all over the world. There is a reason that they are the leading touch screen provider and it is because the product works and integrates very well with our point of sale. The touch screens do require a calibration upon first installation this is to ensure that your finger goes where it is supposed to. Once calibration is done, there are no settings in Visual Retail Plus that need to

be altered, it will just work. The beauty of Touch screen point of sale is just that, it will work and it doesn’t even need to be a thought. The speed, the responsiveness, the overall improvement to your daily retail experiences will be felt from the moment it is installed. For more information on Visual Retail Plus go to Visual retail Plus: Phone



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Touch screen point of sale, Point of sale touch screen  

Touch screen point of sale, Point of sale touch screen.

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