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Point of Sale Touch Screens System For Retailers In today’s fast paced word, ease of use and time management is important. Who has the time to stay on the register at a store as the clerk is trying to use a keyboard and mouse to ring your items up? So how can you fix this? Point of Sales Touch Screen System. Point of sale touch screen system is retail software designed to work with or without the use of keyboard or mouse and can be navigated with just few touches on the screen. Just imagine coming up to a register, and the clerk just touches the screen a few times and your item is displayed and asking for a payment.

There is no fumbling with the mouse or keyboard, trying to see where the mouse pointer is or if you are typing in the correct field. Companies such as Visual Retail Plus develop such application for retailers. The ease and setup of the program can be compared to that of a touch tablet. You have icons that have their own functions and perform as needed. No complex commands or knowledge of the computer itself needed to navigate and use the system. Having a touch screen and no keyboard or mouse is also a security improvement on the Point of Sale system. The touch screen enables you to use only what is on the screen itself, where as having access to a keyboard can cause issues. Another point of interest is the time saved when training new employees on how to use the Point of Sale machine. All the clerk has to do is start the program, log in and go. Visual Retail Plus offers training videos on their site, which show you just some of the features they provide and how to use them. Do not think that just because the touch screen system is made to be easy to use, that it does not provide business solutions to run your retail store. Point of sale touch screen, inventory matrix for your store and all your other store locations, employee information and time clock, and loss prevention is just a scratch of the functions that can be performed in the system. Security rights can be assigned to different employees or employee groups that allows them to access only certain areas of the program and lets you rest peacefully knowing your money and inventory is safe. If you are a retailer, and do not use a touch screen point of sale, it is something I would recommend thinking over as it does help the business a lot. For more information on Visual Retail Plus, go to .

Point of Sale Touch Screens System For Retailers  

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