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In the dictionary, spring’s definition is to come into being, rise, or arise within a short time. Synonyms of spring include beginning, cause, root, wellspring, and many more, all having to do with the renewal of life. During winter, everything is asleep and white. All colors disappear or are quietly hiding. Spring is a flourishing season of color and birth. This time allows not only nature to return, but also allows you to grow with the warmth. Art will progress and bloom, just as flowers do, and soon enough it will be back to winter. Take hold of the spring season and spend this beautiful time leisurely. “…your slightest look easily will unclose me though i have closed myself as fingers, you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens (touching skillfully, mysteriously) her first rose or if your wish be to close me, i and my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly, as when the heart of this flower imagines the snow carefully everywhere descending; …” e.e. cummings somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

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volume 18 is sue 6 02 E ditor’s Note 05 Ilys sa Cohen 06 Shashank Mit tal 07 An R ong Xu 09 C he Min Hsiao 11 Patr ick O’Malley 15 Jensine Eckwall 17 Rac hel Wark 19 Nico Sforz a 21 Francesca Tamse 23 Anouk Kruithof 27 Corey Olsen 29 Aimee Br ooks 31 L auren Poor 33 Dal Have Lee 34 Grace K ana z awa 35 Mike Bailey-Gates 39 Andrew Moynehan 43 Molly Matalon 45 Colin Walker 49 Rac hel Leung 50 Zipeng Zhu 51 T yler Morgan

ilyssa cohen

Shashank Mittal


pring. A time of new beginnings. A time when after a long spell of cold, the sun shines benevolently. The season of fertility, growth and maturity . Its isn’t a surprise then that it inspires many. The splashes of color that come with spring breath a new life in me. So what’s different about the Spring of 2012? Standing on the threshold of being a graduate, I often wonder ‘what next’? A mountain of student loans to repay, the challenges of a recovering economy plagued with thousands of unemployed college graduates and the government iron-fisting its immigration policy- one can’t help but privately loathe what the uncertain future brings.

rejuvenation that spring brings with it provides hope and furthers the resolve. This year, spring bolsters my grit- making me positive that as I begin a new chapter in my life, what is to come will be the best. There will be demanding times, but to labor through them, knowing that in the cycle of seasons, another spring approaches. “........                          . And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils”                     - William Wordsworth

It is when I find myself in this quandary (which is quite often) that spring comes to the rescue. The spirit of


an rong



che min Hsiao




Patrick O’Malley




j e n s i n e

e c k wa l l


Rachel Wark



n i c o s f o r z a



fr an ce sc a ta ms e 22

anouk kruithof




C o r e y

o l s e n


aimee brooks



l a u r e n

p o o r


Dal Hae Lee W

inter always has been one of most meaningful season to me. As an international student from South Korea, it gives me a bitter sweet feeling to experience winter in New York City. The coldness of winter between New York and Korea is very similar but has it’s own special uniqueness and different atmosphere. There is a limitation for me to express those exact thoughts since English is my second language. Therefore, I have tried to express it through my art. The four seasons that exist in our world are truly the most beautiful gift that it has given to us. Each season has its own meaningful atmosphere that make people to change in a certain way. I personally feel winter as a preparing moment for the future. Coldness of winter makes many animals have winter sleep so then they can awaken again when the time has come. The seeds of trees and flowers are hidden in the deep ground so then they can be born when the time has come. Just like those patterns of nature, we are also preparing for certain things so that we can be ready when the time is finally here. Spring is the time, and I believe it is the moment for us to begin and restart. I always do my best to meet spring as a prepared person.


This work shows the relationship between winter and spring. As I mentioned before, I think winter is the time for preparing and spring is the time to start showing that I prepared in winter. Therefore, I express that the words start moving from the left side which means winter to the right side which means spring. In addition, I also express the left side as left brain which roles logically and right side as right brain which is for creativity.

Grace Kanazawa

Micha Bailey Gates

ael y s 36



andrew moynehan








col wal

lin lker 46



Spring is a kaleidoscope Rachel Leung Sing a song of psychedelic colours And I’ll paint the rainbow for you. With lofty wings I’ll spread the clouds like butter, And in the water swim deep and through the woods. The weeds cling around me, the fish part and form around me Like insects in a drying cave. There are fantastical sculptures of green and bluish hue, Pink and raw and delicate to touch. I wasted away there for a day and a month And swam back out into the cavern of gold. Coins scattered like pebbles on a beach, And into warm arms I fold. At night the silhouettes dance With mirages bright and gleaming. The stars die down in smoky sunsets With grey moonstones twinkling. Sit on the beach and lie on your back, Alone and completely visceral. In the deep of your soul A thrumming was heard. A soft humming-bird sound That became quiet.


zipeng zhu


tyler morgan


////////// contributor ////////// ////////// ////////// ////////// 05 ilyssa cohen

07 An Rong Xu

I am a fashion photographer currently living in New York City. I call Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania home. I’m also the current student body president at SVA. I love my dog and hate Dave Hester.

I am a documentary artist raised in the streets of New York City’s Chinatown. My identity as a Chinese-American informs my work and my journey in life. I hope to one day find the love of my life in Paris.  More of my work can be found at

06 Shashank Mittal I am currently a senior at SVA, majoring in Interior Design. From New Delhi, India, I came to the US to attend SVA. I am often still overwhelmed with the amount one can do in this city! I enjoy going to Broadway shows and Central park and the Bronx zoo are probably my favorite places in the city. I am also the youth representative of an NGO (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University) for the United Nations. I attend meetings and events related to youth issues held at the UN. Over the past year, this has had a great impact on my education and intellectual growth. 

15 Jensine Eckwall

23 Anouk Kruithof

I am an illustrator. I live in the city, but I come from the woods.

I was born 1981, in Dordrecht, Netherlands. I studied at Saint Joost Art Academy in the Netherlands and graduated in 2003. I am trained as a photographer, but consider photography more as a starting point for various possibilities. I make photo, video, spatial installations as well as social, ‘take away art’, and most important she is a frenetic artist bookmaker.

17 rachel wark

I am a sophomore Photography from San Marino, California.

19 Nico Sforza

09 Che Min Hsiao

I love going to the zoo. It could be in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or Hsinchu, Taiwan. I feel peaceful with all my animal friends.

11 patrick o’malley

I am twenty three years old. I dig music and photos. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and am currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Wos Wigwam Weavers!

I am a sophomore at SVA and a Photography major. I do mainly still lifes.

21 Francesca Tamse

Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, Francesca is in search for the golden light in New York city. She is a BFA Photography student at SVA. My interests include beaches, books, and burgers. To see more photographs, visit

27 Corey Olsen

b. 1990 raised in maine lives in new york

29 Aimee Brooks

I am a 19 year old lover of nature and art.

////////// biographies ////////// ////////// ////////// ////////// 31 Lauren Poor

See more of my work at and keep exploring or e-mail me at *PeaceOut Spring Chickens*

33 Dal Hae Lee (Daisy) I am a small Asian girl from South Korea. My major is Graphic Design but I love all kinds of art. I am an artist who always enjoys new challenges through art.

34 Grace Kanazawa I am currently a sophomore Illustration major at SVA. My hobbies include playing video games and watching Sherlock BBC and hanging out with friends. I love using watercolor and ink when working on my illustrations.

35 Mike Bailey-Gates

45 Colin Walker

I was born in 1993 in Rhode Island. I became interested in photography at the age of thirteen, when I began taking photographs of the landscape in my surrounding countryside. Over time the hobby progressed into a love for portraiture, fashion, and creating . I am currently living in New York City as a freshman at the SVA.

Sophomore Photography major.

39 Andrew Moynehan

I was born and raised in Bradford, UK. I received my BA with Honors in Photography from London College of Communication, University of the Arts and am currently completing an international residency program at the SVA.

43 Molly Matalon

Photo taker and puppy enthusiast.

Editor-in-chief Jordan evans-boyajian

49 Rachel Leung

I was born in Singapore to parents from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and grew up attending International schools in Penang, Malaysia. That sort of background makes questions like, “Where are you from?” difficult to answer. Art helps give me clarity to these questions. I hope to make work that is relatable – something that people can connect to in someway.

50 Zipeng Zhu

Spring is too many things, an end of a cruel winter,  a beginning of a new cycle,  a natural source of water, also a mechanical device, but no matter what it is, spring is full of energy, and that is unstoppable.

51 tyler morgan

Junior Photography major.

Art director Caroline Tompkins production manager simone rein

staff advisor kathryn deraffele

front cover corey olsen

back cover che min hsiao

The Visual Opinion School of Visual Arts Volume 18 Issue 6

The Spring Issue  

The Visual Opinion presents The Spring Issue from the School of Visual Arts.

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