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Board Roster: Chairman

Frank Parks, Parks Printing

1st Vice Chairman

John Crammer, Best Label Company

Immediate Past Chairman Jack Emerian, ValPrint

Board Members: Pat Belding Belding Associates

Coleen Schoenheide Lahlouh

Chris Cullen Consultant

Chris Shaddix BelAire Displays

Ian Flynn Cindy Sonnenberg Direct Response Imaging K/P Corporation Trilby Parker Publicis Company

Stephen Sprinkel Sprinkel Media Network

Nicki Riedel Arnold Greenfield Black and White Design Ex Officio

Staff Roster: PresidenT

Dan Nelson

Director Member Services Jim Frey

Director Member Programs Laura Vargas

Director Education Barbara Silverman

Program Administrators

Diane Gong, Gabrielle Disario

Membership Sales Shannon Woolford

Financial Manager Emily Gotladera

Accounting Specialist Maria Salita

Graphic/Web Designer May Suen

Administrative Assistant Jessica Clark                       

Vice President Insurance Services David Katz

President’s Letter

Tell Your Story, Make an Impact As we enter the New Year, your trade association has a new member benefit in store for you called Storyboard. It’s a new program that will feature the crossmedia marketing success stories that have become an increasing part of all of our businesses. The Storyboard website and upcoming magazine will showcase the best of these stories so that media buyers, marketing professionals and creatives can get inspired about the boundless power of crossmedia campaigns.

Crossmedia for all Crossmedia is one of many terms we settled on to describe the multiple marketing channels that are necessary to market most anything today. Social Media, broadcast email, direct mail, display advertising all deserve consideration, but the real power occurs when they are used in combination to get a result. And more broadly, electronic communication in all its forms affords us undeniable benefits—low cost delivery and feedback. Add print communications in all its forms with its tangible, in-your-face advantages and integrate them and POW! You get results.

It’s all on our new site! So aim your browser at our new Storyboard site, You’ll see a showcase of rich crossmedia world of print and electronics that takes all forms. Most are campaigns designed to drive traffic to websites so the “gold” can be captured—the all precious email addresses. But there are also examples of the latest technology, too. Virtual reality, printed electronics, labels and packages with RFID tags and QR codes are all there. These stories have been oodles of fun to collect. Sabine Lenz and her team have then turned these stories into webinars and videos of our members that submitted these campaigns, complete with images and descriptions of how they were produced. The results are all on the site. Thanks to our members who have already added their stories. Now we encourage you to add your own. As an added incentive, we will showcase some of these stories in our upcoming Storyboard magazine distributed to 16,000 Western US buyers and media professionals. So send us your story and have a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Insurance Sales David Earwood

Insurance Customer Service Representatives

Renee Prescott, Crystal Carlson, Lena Nelson, Sue Benavente

Director Supplemental Benefits Greg Golin

Director Government Affairs Gerry Bonetto

Human Resource Specialists Richard Lord, Doug Moore


Noel Jeffrey

Dan Nelson President Visual Media Alliance

Contact: Visual Media alliance

(800) 659 3363 665 Third Street, Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94107

Are You Receiving Our Pubs? VMA staff works hard to produce publications to help your business, but we can’t be assured of delivery in our multichannel communication world. So here’s a recap of VMA publications and websites you should recognize. If you don’t, please send a quick email to Diane Gong,, our database master, to insure we have the correct contacts in your firm. (And don’t forget to check your email filters for our electronic version of Digest.)

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It is e email Packaging of  and 59 percent sent out via .bz/ and twice and Digpeople to recommend to Moses for a month Read themail fullonce story by visiting or Subsc a month and buy it at retail est ribe to . afterwar p (800) emailthe by scanning QR code with your smartphone. Diges conta ds. By MOREin SGP  Launches Read FullNew Webinar Series on Sustainability twice Lucia cting a month. t, by 659-3 Print » Story or  us. industry 363DIGESTSubscribe is targeted towards our specific f (800) to Digest, Registe Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainabilby 824-1 r Online contacting segments: Creative, 911us. Label & Packaging and at e info@ ity certification in the printing industry, is running a three-part webinar series designed to help Print. It is sent out via /Digest vma.b p z 659-3363 mail once a month and companies develop effective strategies for embracing sustainability in print. The(800) series continues f (800)on 824-1911 email twice a month. e info@vma. December 5 at 2 p.m. (EST) and on January 9 at 2 p.m. (EST). Registration for the webinars is now bz Subscribe to Digest, by open at MORE  contacting us.

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Our single page, twicemonthly publication, delivered electronically and in print, every other issue, to key contacts, middle managers and others in your firm interested in local news, association events and professional development.


Five Top Ways to Sabotage Your Business »

Millennials use

Stay tuned for our new 32-page publication! Its mission is to tell crossmedia marketing stories that our members produce in an uber visual, inspiring way. If you’re receiving this publication (Connected), you will get your copy. Storyboard will also provide our members an opportunity to gain exposure to 16,000 buyers and creative firms in major metropolitan areas in the Western US.



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Storyboard Magazine


p (800) 659-3363 f (800) 824-1911 e


This 20-page publication is delivered quarterly in print to the same audience as Digest. This is our main association publication showcasing membership, the association and industry events.





President’s Letter & Board of Directors

Expert Column: Government Affairs Roundup

Welcome letter from Dan Nelson, president of VMA

A look at the latest happenings in government affairs




Expert Column: Human Resources

Expert Column: Strategic Selling

How your approach toward employees can boost morale and the final product

Service can make or break your client’s experience



New Members VMA welcomes a group of creative members and firms to the fold

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Visual Media Guide

Our 300 full-color page, spiral bound resource guide showcasing 800 member firms and what they do. VM Access is the same information available electronically at Every member has a listing in both, many with logo images. The electronic version is “linked” to Google and other search engines so your firm gets national marketing exposure that sees 150,000 unique visitor searches annually.

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member news Recent Honors

Calitho Collects Gold and Silver VMA member Calitho, Concord, was a multiple award winner in the NAPL Marketing Plus Program, taking three Silver and one Gold designations. The NAPL Marketing Plus Program honors marketing excellence by graphic communications companies in a dozen categories, representing a wide range of marketing activity, from corporate identity programs and direct mail to sales/lead generation and website development. programs_and_awards/awards/marketing-plus-award-program/


n PRINT 13 Is Dominated by Digital Advances

Inkjet Printing Technologies, Digital Finishing Garner the Most Interest



OCTOBER 2013 / $10.00


America’s Most Influential and Widely Read Publication for Commercial Printers Enjoy thE intEractivE pagEs in this issuE

ExClusivE pRiNT 13 pOsT-sHOw COvERagE n suRvEy REsulTs dEpiCT widE-FORmaT digiTal pREss adOpTiON

sEE pagE 8 for dEtails

AMP Printing owners Jeff and Kathy Main

AMP Turns Up The Decibels AMP PRIntIng Adds fIRePoWeR to Its gRAnd-foRMAt dIgItAl And offset PRIntIng lIneuP to stAy In tune WIth ClIent needs.

Visit For Daily News UPDates


Visual Media AlliancE


Liquid Agency Named Top Agency in Silicon Valley by SV Business Journal On September 17, The Bulldog Reporter, Daily Dog reported that Liquid Agency ( announced its ranking as the number 1 agency in Silicon Valley by the SV Business Journal. This is a distinct honor for the thirteen-year-old brand-experience agency that operates out of six different offices. The agency has been able to experience substantial growth since its founding in 2000 thanks to a strategy that has included embracing innovation, diversification in industries outside of technology and expanding into other geographical markets, including Europe and Latin America. The Daily Dog publication is a product of Infocom Group, Oakland.

AMP Featured On Printing Impressions Cover AMP owners Jeff and Kathy Main are pictured on the October cover of Printing Impressions magazine. The Dublin based company’s recent equipment additions and plans are detailed in the story headlined “Finding the Happy Medium.” http://digitaleditions.napco. com/publication/?i=178444

Vintage 99 Expands Vintage 99 Label Mfg., Inc., has announced the company’s expansion to Sonoma County. After successfully servicing the California wine region and beyond for 14 years from its Livermore plant, the company has revealed the details about its second location. Fittingly labeled as V99 North, the second plant is in Santa Rosa, the epicenter of Northern California’s wine industry. V99 North is a full service operation offering high quality print capabilities such as waterless offset, inline foil and emboss, deboss and selective varnishing. The company has plans to expand its capacity in Northern California, with additional print capabilities to be added in the near future.

Chen Design Recognized Chen Design, San Francisco, has announced that its redesigns of the Stanford Arts Institute and Stanford Arts websites have placed in the 2013 UCDA Design competition. The company won two Awards of Excellence in the Digital Category. The University & College Designers Association (UCDA) inspires designers working in academia in North America and around the world. UCDA was founded in 1970 as the nation’s first and only association for professionals involved in the creation of visual communications for educational institutions.

Minuteman Press of Berkeley Acquires Hunza, Anto At the end of June, Minuteman Press of Berkeley acquired two longtime East Bay printing companies: Hunza Graphics and Anto Printing, enabling Minuteman to secure new equipment and new client lists. Minuteman continues its operations in a spacious factory and warehouse located at 11015th Street, just off Gilman in northwest Berkeley. Most of the staff were retained in the merger. All three businesses began several decades ago in the nexus of commercial shops surrounding the U.C. Berkeley campus. They shared a tradition of mutual cooperation, helping one another get started, while each earned a reputation for providing excellent print and customer service .

Website Blogs Cover Quite a Range

Donnelley Acquires CGX

PBBA Chooses Keen Systems

In October, RR Donnelley and Consolidated Graphics (CGX) jointly announced that they have signed a definitive agreement by which RR Donnelley will acquire CGX, a provider of digital and commercial printing, fulfillment services, print management and proprietary Internet-based technology solutions. The agreement has been unanimously approved by each company’s board of directors. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014. The completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval and approval of Consolidated Graphics’ shareholders. VMA members Watermark, San Francisco, and GSL and PSP in Sacramento are CGX companies.

The PBBA (Printing Brokerage Buyers Association) has chosen to exclusively endorse and co-market with VMA member Keen Systems, San Mateo, to bring 4G e-commerce technology to their members and, more important, their clients. Vincent Mallardi, CMC and Chair of PBBA explains, “As honestdealing printing intermediaries, the world’s 25,000 broker/resellers, by definition, must be independent of both their sub-contractor vendors and end-user clients. Up until now, two out of three printing outsource independents either have printing manufacturer-sponsored storefronts or none at all. Since we are primarily sales, not production, driven organizations, Keen Systems provides the solution we need, and our clients will soon demand: Arms-length confidentiality separation yet seamless transaction integration.”

Worth a


Noise 13, San Francisco, offers a blog on its website that features absorbing subject matter. For example, an October Entry called “Choosing the Perfect Sketchbook” notes, “Journaling in a traditional notebook—the scratching of writing utensil on thick paper, bound in a textured cover—has a sense of intimacy about it. Some unique results are captured in Mythical Moleskine’s Detour Exhibitions, a beautiful project featuring creative people’s notebooks. See more at: xvuIH9qg.dpuf

Moleskine: Paula Scher, graphic designer, USA Visual Media AlliancE



Thoughts to Remember from VM013 Expressions Conference Speakers “Expressed” Themselves Following are a few takeaways for those not lucky enough to be there. David Hogue, PhD, Morning Keynote Food For Thought As a designer who does the “UX” thing (User Experience), David reminded the audience that “Designers must understand their users. You are not designing for yourself. You must understand how people think. Design is a lot of work...You must understand the context in which people are using things including demographics, locations, tools, across cultures and generations…Design boils down to working with symbols.” He cited the many colors of mourning throughout the world; how in some cultures the owl is the harbinger of death, not the wise old owl as examples. Among other cautions, David reminded website designers that one out of every 10 people (8% of men and 0.5% of women) have color deficient vision; either a red/green or blue/yellow deficiency. He urged designers to take into that consideration because it means that for many, colors may be blending into each other. He suggests using text and not using color alone. “Vary the hue, saturation and luminosity of colored icons. Also, be sure to use a grayscale version of the site to check differentiation,” he said.

Color of Mourning South Africa Egypt and Burma Korea, Mexico, and Iran Thailand and Brazil China India United States and Europe


Visual Media AlliancE


Christopher’s stories each held a nugget of wisdom for attendees.

Christopher Simmons, MINE Advice to Consider Christopher, head of a small design firm, shared ten “stories” that provided lessons and advice for designers. One of these offered a new twist on the 80/20 rule. Most companies believe this rule means that 80 % of your business comes from 20 % of your customers. For designers, Christopher suggests, the rule describes differentiation. It means that “80% of what you do you should justify with a reason. The 20% should be because you are doing it. We tell clients about this rule and put it in our proposals.”

Michael Osborne shows his famous Love Stamp.

Michael Osborne Soul Food, Trash and Treasure

Von Glitschka, Glitschka Studios, Afternoon Keynote Getting the Creative Spark

In a very personal presentation, Michael told us about all three elements of his title. “Soul food is what makes you happy at play,” he said. He showed pictures of his new house, garden, and San Francisco office. Since he plants flowers and crops, he is now also keeping bees. For Trash, Michael displayed a number of his designs that were copied, actually stolen by other designers. “This is stuff that makes you unhappy,” he pointed out. “Don’t do this #$*&*^#. Don’t rip off other designers,” he said. Treasure is “stuff that makes you happy at work,” Michael explained. His work with Jack Daniels branding and his stamp designs are examples. He also talked about Joey’s Corner, which he founded in honor of his son Joey who passed away in 2004. This company creates items for nonprofits. Finally, he recalled how he had enjoyed his letterpress shop, which he regretfully closed recently rather than trying to move it.

Known to friends as the “Vonster,” Von talked about how important it is for designers to stretch their comfort zones. He noted that the first time he gave this presentation, he wore a rabbit suit to illustrate taking his own advice. “If there’s one point above all else I want you to walk away with it’s this: The key to avoiding the rut of a daily routine, is through the use of creativity outside the realm of your client projects. When you pursue creativity for no other reason than to be creative, you begin to shift your imaginative thinking, your curiosity will peak, and inspiration will stream in from everywhere. This is what you want,” he said. His full inspirational presentation is available at Goo.GL/i5Mss as a PDF. Also worth checking out is his site Von started it as a joke but has actually gained customers and delivered 500 plus logos.

Steve Decker is a strong advocate for multi-channel marketing.

Von Glitschka’s 5-minute logo site doesn’t hesitate to insult people who want design for nothing.

Steve Decker, Zooka Creative Multi-channel Inspires Calling his talk “Creative Methods for Driving Reach, A case study for generating 50 million impressions,” Steve recounted his company’s efforts for laundry giant Purex. He noted that it was possible to reach the client’s current audience through its website, Facebook, Twitter followers and newsletter subscribers. What they also wanted was to reach new potential customers. To do that, they looked at audience segments and came up with ways to reach the occasional shoppers who are looking for value and other people who regularly shop the competition. Starting with a “micro sweepstakes” with prizes from Walmart, Purex began to get dramatic results. However, Walmart discontinued the contest after a couple of weeks. Undaunted, Zooka came up with puzzles and logic games to entice people to the Purex website. There, in addition to product information a visitor can get useful laundry tips and play a word scramble game called Laundry Detective. On the Purex Facebook page there are coupons, contests, more games and tips. “Content is currency,” Steve said. “Build assets and tools that generate benefits beyond their initial use.” He also advocates testing. For instance, test something you are going to print online with bonus ads. An example would be a new label for a bottle. For actual packages, test in a retail environment. Visual Media AlliancE



Upcoming VMA Events

Places to be. Things to do. People to see.

Lunch & Learn: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training with Lunch & Certification

Thursdays • 11:30-2:00 pm • 3 Different Locations Jan. 30 • South Beach Harbor Community Room, Pier 40A • SF Feb. 6 • Blue Prynt • Sacramento Feb. 13 • Daily Grill • Fresno

Even though the state requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide the training, Sexual Harassment/Discrimination training is strongly recommended for all California employers regardless of size. Everyone in a supervisory, management or perceived supervisory role should be trained to prevent sexual harassment. Richard Lord, VMA’s Human Resource consultant will present Sexual Harassment/ Discrimination training that meets the State’s requirements for AB1825. Attend this 2-hour training over lunch AND receive a certificate of completion. Member: FREE / Non-Member: $50

Baseball with VMA: Giants vs. Dodgers

Sun., Sept. 14 • 11:00am Tailgate • 1:05pm Gametime Join VMA at our annual tailgate and baseball game! Watch the 2010 and 2012 World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants play against the Los Angeles Dodgers at AT&T Ballpark on Sunday, Sept. 14, at the 1:05pm game. Book early, tickets sell out fast! Members: $55 / Non-Members: $65

Call for Entries: 2014 Showcase of Print/ Design Excellence Awards Begins Feb. 1 •

Enter your best work in the 2014 Showcase of Print/Design Excellence to gain recognition for your best print, multi-channel design work. The rewards include showcasing your effort to your customers and receiving recognition for your dedication to design and the quality of print production. Join us for an evening cocktail and awards reception to celebrate the award-winners. All gold winners will also be forwarded to the Premier Print Awards international competition sponsored by PIA (Printing Industries of America). Visit showcase/ for more information.


Visual Media AlliancE



Looking to protect and evolve your business? Xerox inkjet solutions make it simpler. Now there’s one company that offers a complete range of aqueous and waterless inkjet printing solutions, providing you with greater job flexibility. And that means it’s simpler to produce short run and variable data jobs. Plus, you can count on our expertise and support to help transform your business into a true marketing services provider. All of which helps you ink more deals. 1-800-ASK-XEROX ©2013 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox®, Xerox and Design® and Ready for Real Business® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

L awson Drayage, Inc. Machinery Moving, Rigging & Heavy Transportation for Any Industry

Industry trusted PrIntIng & LabeLIng equIPment mover for over 50 years! > Machinery Moving and Rigging > Facility Relocation > Storage and Warehousing > Pier Pick Up and Delivery > Crating & Special Packaging of Machinery & Equipment san francIsco bay area

sacramento & san JoaquIn vaLLeys

3402 Enterprise Avenue Hayward, CA 94545 Phone: 510-785-5100 Fax: 510-785-8156

9900 Kent Street Elk Grove, CA 95624 Phone: 916-686-2600 Fax: 916-686-2601

Online: | Email:


Client ContaCt


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READY FOR THE FUTURE, HERE TODAY. Add more to your bottom line. Move from white paper roll to high-quality brilliant color in one continuous process. The Océ ColorStream® 3000 Series high-speed inkjet printers provide the edge you need to compete more effectively and enable new applications. VIEW THE OCÉ COLORSTREAM 3500 PRESS DEMO AT: CSA.CANON.COM/GA.

877-623-4969 | CSA.CANON.COM/PRODUCTIONPRINT Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States. Océ ColorStream and Océ are registered trademarks of Océ Technologies B.V. All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. ©2014 Canon Solutions America, Inc. All rights reserved.

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PhoNe ClieNt PhoNe combines online training Fax CoNtaCt Fax with a fully functional authoRized sigNatuRe date authoRized sigNatuRe date magazine marketing campaign CheCk eaCh box as a guide: CheCk eaCh box as a guide: management system. Name correct? address correct? Phone # correct? ad copy correct? offer correct, if any? ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ Name correct? ❑ address correct? ❑ Phone # correct? ❑ ad copy correct? ❑ offer correct, if a It is so easy to use, • look over your project and check for errors; spelling, address, telephone number’s, copy or content. • look over your project and check for errors; spelling, address, telephone number’s, copy or content. Process magazine is not responsible for typos or incorrect information. Process magazine is not responsible for typos or incorrect information. ad aPPRoval: even a novice can create magazine • sign this page and email it back to Process magazine. • sign❑ this and email adpage approved as is it back to Process magazine. a cross-media marketing • any changes from this point forward may cost you in time and materials. • any ❑ changes from this point forward may cost you in time and materials. ad approved with indicated • Process magazine cannot process your job until receipt of sign-off. • Processcorrections magazine cannot process your job until receipt of sign-off. program within minutes. ❑ Re-proof after ClieNt


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And the best part, PRIME is a free training tool for Visual Media Alliance members. Launch PRIME today at Printing Industries of America and VMA—Your National and Local Resource

We have covered We haveyou you covered.


FULL PAGE AD Die Cutting/ Carton Folding and Gluing

We have you covered.

On Line Bindery, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1990


High speed bindings

Perfect/Saddle Stitch-Loop and Standard Wire-O/Plastic Spiral/Metal Spiral/Comb

Gluing brochures & gluefold envelopes

Remoist/Fugitive/Cold/Hot Melt

15 folders

From ¾ inch panels to 40" wide All folds, double gates, maps etc.

Other capabilities and services

Die Cutting/ Carton folding and gluing Shrink wrapping/Round cornering Kleenstick taping/High speed tipping items to each other/Eyeletting/Drilling Padding/ Index tabbing/ Pick up & delivery


510.234.7707 tel 510.235.6606 fax quotes only please

Paper | Envelopes | Digital Substrates Sign & Display | Packaging | Graphics Paper | Envelopes | Digital Substrates

Paper |Sign Envelopes | Digital Substrate & Display | Packaging | Graphics Sign & Display | Packaging | Graphic Member of Central National-Gottesman Inc.

Also own paper shredding company, discounts to bindery customers. Look us up at

Member of Central National-Gottesman Inc.

Member of Central National-Gottesman Inc.

Imagination drives us to change.

Imagination. It's what excites us. Inspires us. It drives us to change things from the way they are to the way we want them to be. Just unlock the collective imagination of your company and the sky is the limit. Services-led, technology-enabled and people-driven, Ricoh will show you how to leverage the powerful information and knowledge that exists throughout your organization and create the future you want. Visit or call 1-800-63-RICOH. Managed Document Services


Production Print


IT Services


Workflow Solutions

© 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. Ricoh® and the Ricoh logo are registered trademarks of Ricoh Company, Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

New members DeCarolis Design & Marketing

DDM, San Jose, is a fullservice B2B agency delivering intelligent, cost-effective solutions such as strategic planning, concept development, copywriting, graphic design, interactive, multimedia and social media services. Founded in 1991, DDM has been ranked as one of B to B Magazine’s Top Agencies in the US for 5 years running. Sheila Hatch • (408) 947-1411

Stan Can Design

With decades of experience helping companies create successful brands and promoting their businesses, Stan Can Design, Reno, delivers powerful, intelligent, timeless advertising and design. Conveniently, they do it without the cumbersome layers you’ll find in a traditional, full service agency. Stan Byers • (775)813-7206

Acucote Inc.

Acucote Inc. manufactures quality, pressure-sensitive products. Headquartered in Graham, NC, Acucote provides stock inventory programs and custom capabilities that offer a diverse selection of adhesives, facestocks and silicone release systems. Acucote provides pattern coating; toll coating and slitting; multi-ply constructions; permanent laminations; transfer tapes for integrated forms and pressure-sensitive applications;

coupon solutions; silicone coatings; roll to sheet; sheeted products and narrow web laminations. Mike Hudson • (704) 591-9084

Scodix, Inc.

Scodix is a Digital Enhancement Press Manufacturer whose mission is to lead print enhancement into the digital age with environmentally friendly products and to be known for its passion and commitment to providing customers with what they need most—true brand differentiation in today’s highly competitive printing market. Dennis Kercher • (916) 320-7733

ACCURA MIS Solutions

Founded in 1988, Data Design Services Ltd (DDS) in Great Britain, has spent 25 years developing its flagship system Accura, the next generation of Print Management Information Software (MIS). Accura enables companies to increase their margins, run their operations more efficiently and increase profits while managing all aspects of their business.

Synergy Media LLC

Santa Rosa’s Synergy Media, LLC publishes the nations leading local real estate pictorial magazine: Homes & Land Magazine and a California golf course directory titled Golf Guide. Richard Surlow • (707)578-3300 www.

Andrews Blueprint

The company, located in Salinas, is equipped to handle any sized blueprint, reprographic, printing, or graphic design project. Nancy Thomsen • (408) 424-0331

TC Printing

TC Printing has been in business since 1989 with a prime location in downtown Sacramento. They are a full service commercial printing company with both digital and offset capabilities. Their business is growing in this time of adversity in our industry and they will continue to look to future growth with the continued improvements in today’s technologies. The company is on the cutting edge of our industry and continues to upgrade equipment and knowledge. Jon Harris • (916) 447-6387

Prestige Printing and Graphics

Prestige Printing, San Ramon, is an organization that has built an enviable reputation by consistently delivering high quality goods and services in an efficient manner, at competitive prices and with people who care. Our company strives to identify and serve the various groups with which it is involved. Bruce Sorenson • (925)866-1514

Dickerman Prints

San Francisco’s Dickerman Prints is a custom photo lab, offering services that range from film processing and scanning to archival pigment printing. Dickerman Prints also offers a DIY digital “C” printing service, with complimentary digital darkrooms in a beautiful, lightfilled lab space in the South of Market district. Seth Dickerman • (415) 252-1300


FiberMark, San Francisco, is a global marketer & manufacturer of premium fiber-based products with a vast offering ranging from specialty boards made from sustainable materials to decorative coverings that look & feel like leather/metal/ plastic. Our products are refined, luxurious & innovative... synonymous with elegance & creativity. Gregory Wall • (530) 748-5122

Design by Joseph

Burlingame’s Design by Joseph is a boutique design studio specializing in branding, print and web design for active lifestyle and luxury brands. DBJ helps clients establish meaningful brand engagement by delivering innovative, tailored solutions with a collaborative approach from start to finish. Joseph Schlosser • (415) 871-0474

Visual Media AlliancE



Lifecycle Priorities Aquiring new customers 33%

Growng Existing Customers 54%

Winning back lost customers


When you prospect this week and every week, you should look to fill the holes in next week’s calendar. New meetings should be booked in the same geographical locations as the existing ones to minimize unproductive travel time. Proper planning this way will allow you to fit more into your sales day. It will also free up some personal time as well. Remember that work out you never seemed to have time for? Schedule it!

What Would a Sales Rep Do?


Selling Story | Leslie Groene

Leslie Groene Leslie Groene is a coaching superstar in corporate sales, a business consultant and an author. Her background is in the paper and printing industries as a sales rep and sales manager. She helps her clients focus on revenue generation and profit growth. She authored the business strategy book “Picture Yourself & the Life You Want” and is a motivational speaker. To purchase her book, receive her monthly e- newsletter, or to contact Leslie, visit


Visual Media AlliancE

I Don’t Have Time to Sell!!! Please! When we say we don’t have the time to do something, what we are really saying is that we chose not to do it. We all have the same number of hours in a day. The only difference is how we spend them. Let’s face it. If top producing sales people can find the time to prospect, so can you. The key is how you plan your work. You should schedule a certain amount of hours each day for lead generation, and preferably at the same time each day so you can develop a routine. Treat prospecting like a scheduled appointment, just as you would a meeting with a prospect. You wouldn’t consider canceling a customer call; therefore you shouldn’t cancel on yourself and your future sales success by failing to complete your prospecting activities. You need to allocate the correct percentage of time for sales planning, growing existing customers, winning back old customers and prospecting for new accounts. The different percentage splits will depend on your specific mix of business and how many current clients you already have versus prospects. | CONNECTED | WINTER 2014

Many business development relationship sales people ask me how they can sell more solutions or products so that they can increase their top line revenue. One of the overwhelming observations I make is that sales people easily get distracted by production issues, pricing, contract writing, internal paper work and many other necessary activities that take them away from selling. You must be aware of how much time you spend in Revenue Generating Activities. If you keep a journal of how you spend your time on a daily basis you will observe valuable time spent in non sales activities. We are all really selling our time, whether you are selling a professional service, a manufactured product, or business solution, time is our most valuable resource. It is imperative to analyze where and how we spend our time; Are we pursuing the correct prospects? Do they buy what we sell? • Are we spending time selling to the right clients do they appreciate our value/are we making money? • Are we calling on the decision maker? • Do we know when to stop calling on a prospect and move on? • Are we making progress in building a trusted relationship? • Can you get an appointment to move the selling cycle to the next step? We must be clear on how we spend our time so we can be as productive as possible. It is understandable that we all need to perform a certain amount of account maintenance activities and paperwork to satisfy the work flow and billing process. Try to delegate as much of these time suckers as possible and focus on “market facing” selling and relationship development. You are not functioning as a sales rep unless you are selling!

Visual Media AlliancE



human Resources Story | By Richard C. Lord

Written Contracts for Commissioned Employees: Past Due Richard C. Lord Richard Lord, VMA’s new HR consultant, is the founder and principal consultant for Solutions Human Resource Group, Fresno. Richard has extensive knowledge in the administration of human resources and employee benefits gained through four decades of hands-on experience. Over the course of his career he has planned and led the development of all major focus areas within Human Resources. This includes work in employee benefits, compensation, wage and hour administration, employee relations and recruitment. In addition, VMA members also have access to human resource assistance through Doug Moore and PIA’s Jim Kyger

While working with a client recently, I became aware that they had neglected to enter into written contracts with their commissioned sales staff. This requirement* was enacted by our State Legislature in 2011 and has been in effect since1/1/13. When I discovered my client’s omission, this deadline was months past. As legal compliance is a high priority, we took immediate corrective steps. My educated guess is that this employer’s inaction is likely representative of a large number of employers. Fortunately, compliance is neither difficult nor expensive; it simply requires that existing oral agreements and/or practices be placed in a written contract and signed by you and your employee. This provides an excellent opportunity to review practices, insuring they remain appropriate and supportive of your marketing plan and sales strategy.

Who Requires a Contract?

Any employee whose compensation is based on “commissions” must be provided a written contract that outlines the method by which commissions are computed and paid. This includes inside as well as outside sales staff, exempt or non-exempt employees, current staff and future hires. The definition of “commissions” covered by this law is straightforward. Included is any payment for services provided in the sale of goods or services 12

Visual Media AlliancE


on your behalf that is based on a percentage of the sale price or the profit made on the sale. Specifically excluded from coverage are short-term productivity bonuses as well as temporary, variable-incentive payment that increase but do not decrease payments made to employees. Nor are payments under bonus or profit-sharing plans covered unless they involve payment to the employee of a fixed percentage of sales or profits.

Specifics for Inclusion

When drafting a sales contract, legal experts recommend including the following: • Amount of the commission: Is it a percentage based on the dollar value sales or is it a flat dollar amount based on volume? However determined, the percentage or dollar amount must be clearly delineated.

• How it will be computed and paid: This description needs to be complete and thorough. Is it based on the amount invoiced or the amount collected? If based on “profit” rather than revenue, how is that determined? Are “draws” provided or “chargeback’s” taken into account and if so, how are they calculated against future earnings? • When and how it will be paid: What’s the frequency? Are commissions earned upon submission of a valid sales agreement, shipment or delivery of the goods, or when payment is received? While some latitude is given, remember that commissions must be paid on the next regular payday after they have been earned and are “reasonably” calculable. • When and how will an employee’s commission be calculated upon termination: Covering this can reduce or eliminate potential conflicts.

Once written, review the contract with each commissioned staff member. Questions or concerns raised may mean that the draft requires further development. Once agreement is reached, the Labor Code requires that it be signed by both parties and a copy provided to the employee. While commission contracts don’t need to be lengthy or complicated, they should be carefully worded. To assist you, a sample contract can be found in VMA’s Human Resource library. Remember, always consult with a qualified legal counsel prior to entering into any agreement.

*California Labor Code § 2751


Empowering you with the skills to grow your business

 

The Digital Printing Industry’s “How To” Conference Digital Print & Marketing Services  Owners & Sales Management  Solutions Architects  Operations Management

Conference Includes  Keynotes & educational sessions  Preconference intensive sessions  Best practices, ideas &technology  Networking with thought leaders  Fun … it is in Vegas, after all!


 VMA MEMBERS SAVE $100! Use code: VMA14100


Need Newmore Year –tools? New Learning Options VMA Education can help. From VisualMedia Education With®this new year a new opportunity to Adobe Tools forcomes Creative Professionals improve your skills and stay up-to-date with the Learn to do more with Acrobat. Create PDFs that display latest applications’ enhancements. In addition to the and print well everywhere. Make PDFs confidential and hands-on workshops that takepowerful place infeatures San Francisco, secure. Use more of the many of Acrobat. Sacramento and San Jose, and the 90-minute quickshot eClasses, weisnow offer program similar full-day and Dreamweaver the ideal for learning web two-day online. design.workshops Create websites without knowing how to code.  Experienced coders can expand their design skills.

Not for Zombies

You might wonder about the practicality of graphics staring and Learn Flash, the tool for creating cutting-edge web content. Create drawings at animated your computer screen for six hoursthat in acommunicate day. But your classes message are effectively entertain yourYou users. these small or and intimate. will have direct communication with the instructor and the Illustrator is aPrior must to have for print other students. thetool class you and will web receive designers. In this class acquire the knowledge to design a manual with sample image files to use as you innovative graphics for print and the web. follow the instructors’ step-by-step guidance. After class, you can review eachthe section’s InDesign training provides practicalhighlights experience from therequired supplied CD Rom. to become proficient in InDesign’s essential

typographic, design and publishing features.

Learn the powerful Photoshop features; from those that Here’s a sampling of what’s available: transform photographs to those that you use to create original images from simple logos to full illustrations.

Web Design

Tools forVampires Web Marketing Not for Either Professionals

Concerned loosing a day of of productivity? These Search Engineabout Marketing is the driver marketing communications classes start early. Really early. Earlymethods enoughbut that today. It doesn’t exclude our traditional creates an you’ll still have almost a half-day productivity environment so your message reachesofthe right targetto and points them to your information channels. It’s all about employ yourother newmarketing skills right away. If you can’t handle building strong youschedule and youranother customers. the early hourrelationships let us knowbetween and we’ll class that matches your sleep habits! Business owners, marketers and even non-profits should participate growing marketing opportunity. Check out the courses below in this More toyouCome and see how can learn to reach the right target audience. Take a look at what we’ve scheduled so far.

Pay-Per-Click–Learn to control your display ads on ( search and other websites searchers use As theengines year progresses, we planwhen to offer a broader specific keywords. We focus on Google AdWords, the variety of classes that include Microsoft Office and dominant Pay-Per-Click product.

Programming applications! Need it now? Let us know. Want aEngine customOptimization session? Easy.(SEO)–This training Search will teach you how to implement an SEO campaign. Learn how to choose the best keywords and how to increase traffic by getting other websites to link to you. Social Media Intro–This class provides a thorough overview of social media. You will learn to leverage social media to its fullest potential. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter form the core of instruction.

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Desktop

HTML Fundamentals PowerPoint Intermediate Introduction VMA Education offers hands-on workshops // webinarsWebinars // on-demand subscription access to technicalHands-on and creative resources Hands-on Workshops Workshops // custom classes at your location or ours // VMA members receive discounted prices for education, training and more. 4 evenings 1 day 2 days $446 Member ($495 non-member) $225 Member ($250 non member) $625 Member ($695 non member) San Francisco Santa Clara ONLINE Contact Barbara Silverman to discuss your needs. or (800) 659-3363

Visual Media Alliance » 665 Third Street, Suite 500 » San Francisco CA 94107 » (800) 659-3363 » 14

Visual Media AlliancE


Find-An-Employee Program

Creative Production

Fringe Print Buyer

I have five years of experience in editing articles, creating content, photo editing, transcription, pitching story ideas, setting up interviews, reserving spaces, and working with a team to create ideas to further advance the online publication. I am proficient in content management systems such as WordPress and social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Hootsuite, Google and Analytics. I am comfortable with different writing styles such as Chicago, AP, APA, and MLA as well as different presentation methods such as PowerPoint and Prezi. In addition I have light experience in video applications such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro. San Francisco – Ealey 4017

Graphic Designer

I am a graduate from the renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where I have grown into a multi-talented Graphic Designer with experience in multimedia, brand identity, marketing collateral, apparel design, print and web design/development. I have exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills with well developed written and verbal communication abilities. San Francisco – Vlahos 4021

Graphic Designer

Unique graphic design professional with dual business and design degrees and an extensive background in design and results-oriented marketing. What that means is that I can take a challenge, package it in a solution, get it out the door fast and get results. I am first and foremost a problem solver. San Francisco-Noguchi 4029

Creative management General Management (design and media)

Extensive leadership experience in creating high impact video and

webcasting productions for Fortune 50 companies. Expert in global project management of business enhancing visual communications. Diverse corporate and non-profit roles managing teams, content, technology and logistics resulting in high impact media solutions. San Francisco – Fasman 4027

Customer Service

I have over 20 years of design, production, marketing experience, sales and management experience. Proficient in using: Mac and PC platforms, CS Suite of products, Microsoft products, Kodak Insite Products. I also have a thorough understanding of paper stocks, printing layouts, die line creation, inks and their usages. South Bay-Ostrander 4028

Print management Production Management

An achievement, results oriented printing manager with experiences in plant scheduling, project management, cost estimating, color quality control and prepress operations in sheetfed, web offset and digital printing environments. Experienced with technically challenging, complex, quality focused, graphic communications projects. Northern California – Kutler 4016

Production Management

20+ years experience in print production, graphic communication and administrative management -Proficient in MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, ExactTarget Direct Email Marketing, and ComScore Digital Analytix. Expanded current role by over 300% by demonstrating exceptional time management and technical acumen. Knowledge and applied experience in budgeting, purchasing and accounting. Adept and quantifiable skill in written and verbal communication. Consistently earning annual merit increase based on outstanding performance review. Bachelor of Science in Business/Communication, University of Phoenix, July 2011.

Extensive coursework in marketing, communication and public relations Bay Area, Santos Machado 4025

Production Management

Deep experience in most aspects of printing production and software for printing. Managed production and performed scheduling at high end color plants for Corporate ID and Annual report projects. Director of Customer Service on Executive Management team, Supervised Estimating Departments, Planners, and plant personnel in Plant Management positions. Clear communicator with excellent grasp of the big picture.

San Francisco-4011 Terrell


Commercial print estimator, web, sheetfed, packaging, direct mail, publication, variable data, large format and ad specialties experience. Work on Mac or PC platforms, PSI, Printsmith, Profit, Excel, Franklin, and custom programs, work well with sales, clients, multitask, bottom line oriented, creative approach and fast.

Bay Area – Crethers 4010


I possess over 10 years of experience in estimating, planning, purchasing, project management and client services. I have successfully managed multiple, time-sensitive projects from conception to development to distribution, in addition to establishing a working rapport with vendors. I am well versed in material, equipment and cost management. User of EPMS, PSI, PrintSmith, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Northern California-Sax 4019

print production Electronic Prepress

I have extensive experience with digital presentation design and delivery, and a firm base of knowledge around various printing techniques as well. San Francsico-Plughoff 4020

Electronic Prepress

I am a Prepress Operator with skills using Preps imposition software, Esko, Prinergy workflow system,

Rampage and Scitex Brisque. Recently worked with Xante and Esko RIPs. Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator Photoshop and InDesign. Work with Quark as well. Previous background includes lithographic stripping, so I understand trapping issues. Experience with embossing, foil stamping, die cutting, flexo and packaging. Commercial experience as well. San Francisco-Acevedo 4022

Digital Printing

I handled every aspect of print orders; inside sales including initial concept meetings with Marketing Departments, estimating, design and production. We have created many products for national accounts, including signage, POP displays, display prototypes, and retail marketing displays. I can operate a variety of machinery to produce a large spectrum of prints. I have experience with permitting and working with government officials to ensure exterior signage is in compliance with codes. I have also worked on many types of installations. East Bay – Doeschot 4030

Electronic Prepress (image assembly /output)

Highly skilled and motivated prepress professional with over thirty years of experience in all facets of the printing industry. Expert in all the major desktop applications and most of the major electronic prepress systems. Especially adept at organizing, streamlining and expediting the prepress workflow to increase the efficiency of the printing process. San Francisco-Neylon 4012

Electronic Prepress (image assembly /output)

Typography, file workup, RIP/trap, imposition, proofing, and plating are my strengths. Scitex, RamPage, Kodak, Preps, Adobe, Quark, Acrobat. Peninsula-Hemmenway 4014

VMA can help you find-a-job and find-an-employee Visit for more info

Visual Media AlliancE



665 3rd Street, Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94107


THE TRADE SHOP WITH BIG PRESSES DOING BIG JOBS FOR BIG SAVINGS! Large Format Printing • 28” to 54” Presses • Large Format Digital Printing • Prepress/Proofing • Corrugated Products • Packaging Design CAD Design • Bindery • POP • Die Cutting • Gluing • Laminating • Sheeting • Windowing • Special Coatings • Fulfillment • Promotional Products CMYK • Tracy CA • • (209) 229-7230 •

Connected Winter 2014  
Connected Winter 2014