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COMMITTED TO THE INDUSTRY Spicers has always been committed to the paper business. Our approach is rooted in long-established relationships with our mill suppliers, dedicated teams of sales and customer service professionals, support of industry initiatives and a steady, available inventory of paper products. As a leader in the industry, we are also committed to the future. Our ongoing investment, strategic acquisitions and organic growth position Spicers for success—for generations ahead. SPICERS.COM

MEMBER NEWS Entrepreneurship With Both Sides Of The Brain

VMA Board Member Dava Guthmiller was recently featured in Forbes magazine in an article titled “Entrepreneurship With Both Sides Of The Brain” by Whitney Johnson, WOMEN@FORBES. Co-founder of Forty Women Over 40 to Watch. She writes, “Dava Guthmiller loves working at the intersection of art and entrepreneurship, or as she puts it, “blending creative brain with business brain.” The Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Noise 13, a branding and strategy studio located in the Bay Area, Guthmiller got turned on to art in high school—“too much of a perfectionist for fine art; I was always throwing my stuff away.” Her formal education is in design, but she was also honing her business savvy from early childhood. whitneyjohnson/2017/11/01/entrepreneurship-withboth-sides-of-the-brain/#6afd68345f19

National Appointment

Ian Flynn, Director of Business Development, Andresen, San Francisco, is now serving as the Chairman of the Association Relations Committee for the Printing Industries of America. This position also puts him on the PIA Executive Committee. As of October 1st, the company Smith founded, DRI, joined Andresen SF, creating one of the largest and most diverse commercial digital printing companies in San Francisco. Smith also serves as VMA Board of Directors’ Chairman.

Medius Corp. Opens New Era of Inkjet

Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has announced that longtime customer, Medius Corp. (Medius), San Jose, is driving change in the way commercial printers utilize inkjet technologies after installing the award-winning Océ VarioPrint i300 sheetfed inkjet color digital press. With the installation, Medius becomes the first company on the West Coast to acquire the press and subsequently is at the forefront of inkjet technology investment in the commercial print market. Medius is more than just paper and ink. Medius’ CD, DVD and USB products are all manufactured in an ISO certified production facility. As times and technology change, they will continue to support the production of branded media products.

VMA Education. The Choice is Yours. Stay ahead of the game by learning new skills. We’re here for you. Because of you. Visual Media Alliance is a trade association helping the careers and businesses of our members to be successful. We offer over 100 public classes, delivered to you in-person, online and through customized training solutions.






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Ian Flynn, Andresen




John Crammer, Best Label Company


Gil Caravantes Commerce Printing Services

Women in Business Communications Luncheon

John Crammer Best Label

December 7, 2017 • Metropolitan Club • SF Sarah Tolson Kim, Certified Financial Planner presented “Girls Just Gotta Have Funds: 5 Steps to Becoming a Wealthier Women” $600 was raised for the North Bay Fire Relief Fund.

Chris Cullen API Group Ian Flynn Andresen Dava Guthmiller Noise 13

Photos by Kimberly Beck Rubio Photography

Jeff Jarvis Spicers

Presenter, Sarah Tolson Kim

Frank Parks The Parks Group Chris Shadix Dome Print and Marketing Solutions San Francisco Division Stephen Sprinkel Sprinkel Media Network


Dan Nelson

Mari Reid, CEO and woman owned company, Dakota Press and one of the generous sponsors of the luncheon.

Vikki Hart, Hart Productions and Joany Draeger, Draeger Communications


Helene Cote, Elise Campeau and Trina Baucom of Trina Baucom Design



Lauren Elliot of Wicked Good Print Production congratulates Elise Campeau for winning the limited edition serigraph by Shannon Chu and Charlene Wang Helene Paulette of XYZ Graphics Cote.





Rachel Duff of XYZ Graphics

Thank you to our sponsors - XYZ, Canon Solutions and Dakota Press



Renee Prescott, Crystal Carlson, Lena Nelson, Sue Benavente, Jessica Clark, Diedra Lovan, Jimmie Thompson




CalPoly GrC Homecoming Weekend

November 3, 2017 • Jamber Wine Pub • San Francisco VMA was the food sponsor where 50 CalPoly alumni were in attendance. Hundreds of Cal Poly alums populate the graphic communications industry in Northern California at commercial, packaging, labeling businesses and more. Photos by Emily Palmer


Noel Jeffrey


The annual VMA Design Conference is always a time for learning and, yes, laughter. Audiences last year came away enriched. Mark your calendar for 2018.


Sharon Eucce, alumni 1982

Ken Macro, GrC Department Chair; Dan Nelson, President, Visual Media Alliance; and Jim Mekis, Mekis Associates

PIA Admin Meetings in Charlotte, NC

Mike Marcian, Corporate Press, Washington, DC, incoming PIA Chairman; Ian Flynn, Direct Response Imaging, SF, VMA’s Chairman; and Ryan Stevens Owner of Replica Printing, San Diego, Chairman of PIA San Diego

CALL FOR ENTRIES Begins February 1

PRE-ORDER 2018 LABOR POSTERS All California businesses must display up-to-date labor and safety notices where all employees can see them to be in compliance with federal and state laws. Some companies may also be required to display additional notices depending on their operation, such as forklift safety, fire extinguisher use, safe lifting and blood borne pathogens. The 2018 all-one posters will be available in January 2018. Cost for the 2018 complete set is $44.50 (member rate), which includes all-in-one posters and IWC # 1 (Manufacturers) or IWC # 4 (Professional, Technical or Clerical). The cost includes free shipping. Non-member rate is $49.50 +cost of Shipping. Our posters are laminated on both sides and printed in high quality full color.

Start collecting your excellent print, design and interactive work for the award season.



Visual Media Alliance presents a full-day


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FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

across all media. Come and be inspired by creative thinkers featuring fascinating speakers, exhibitors, and industry experts.









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877-623-4969 CSA.CANON.COM

Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States and elsewhere. Océ and Océ VarioPrint are registered trademarks of Océ-Technologies B.V. in the United States and elsewhere. Océ iQuarius is a trademark of Océ-Technologies B.V. in the United States and elsewhere. All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. © 2017 Canon Solutions America, Inc. All rights reserved.

MASTERS of the


The internet, video, email, messaging, print and more are all part of today’s graphic communications industry. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s long-established Graphic Communication Department is morphing into a new frontier preparing students for leadership roles in this ever evolving digital universe.



al Poly San Luis Obispo graduates populate the ranks of Northern California’s graphic communications industry—hundreds of them. Among them, Dan Nelson, VMA president who serves on the Graphic Communication Advisory Board, suggested that Connected report on the dramatic shifts in industry education. Department Head Ken Macro was kind enough to answer some questions. Q: We understand that the department is experiencing rapid growth. Why do you think that’s happening? KM: Yes, It is true that the Graphic Communication (GrC) department is experiencing rapid growth. Over the past several years, Cal Poly in general has seen in an increase of applications over 2% annually. This past year there were over 57,000 applications. In our department alone, we received 326 applications for 80 seats. We ended up admitting 115 students, the largest class ever to enter GrC. Obviously, Cal Poly is an extremely desirable university. Situated in San Luis Obispo along the coast off of CA 101, it is located directly between Los Angeles and San Francisco and is spread out over 10,000 acres. SLO itself is a charming city noted for its outdoor

recreation opportunities as well cultural activities. In addition, Cal Poly touts high listings within various periodicals as the “Best in the West” and, it has a price tag that is very affordable. Q: Dan Nelson reports that students are overwhelmingly female and interested in Design, especially web design at the expense of Print Management, Packaging and Electronic major options. Do prospective students understand that the department is not a graphic design school? KM: The newest freshman class is 68% female, last year’s class was 76% female. It is true that the demographic has changed, but that is also true for similar programs across the nation—and the world—for that matter. All students who get admitted to Cal Poly are stellar. Most of them coming with grade point averages hovering around 4.0 or above. The students accepted at Cal Poly also apply (and get admitted to) schools like Stanford, UCLA, USC, UC Davis and others. GrC offers core courses in printing technology and business management. It couples those with areas of concentrations which students identify with. The two most popular concentrations are DRT (Digital Reproduction Technology) and WDM (Web and Digital Media). In our introductory courses we explain the differences between Graphic Design and VISUAL MEDIA ALLIANCE



GrC and, occasionally, one or two students from each concentration will determine that they would find a better fit within the Art and Design school at Cal Poly. Q: Looking at current course offerings, the department seems to be making an effort to accommodate students interested in the web. Yet, the department’s history is Print. Its infrastructure, vendor support and faculty is Print. What challenges does this present? KM: The challenges are internal and legacy-based, as you mention. This department has thrived on touting the newest/latest and greatest technology housed within 30,000 square feet of laboratory space. It houses over $3,000,000 worth of equipment and software. However, as we all know (and deal with painfully) the industry has experienced great disruption and accommodating large donations complete with maintenance and consumables are quickly becoming a sign of the past. However, we still have outstanding relationships with prominent vendors who have committed to maintaining equipment, upgrades, maintenance and consumables all for the preservation of a well-educated and innovative workforce of the future. Such a disruption has required the faculty to consider revamping the curriculum in order to accommodate needs and wants of an industry in transition. Additionally, remaining in close proximity to Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach, our students are

As Connected went to press, Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department was about to celebrate International Graphic Communication Week with a lecture series, banquet and a career fair—thanks to industry sponsors who are committed to an innovative industry and to the prospective students who will lead its future. In addition the GrC hosted a fall career day that had many great companies representing the print, packaging and web design industries, including Facebook. If your company missed these career days, there is one more happening this year. Spring Career day will be held on April 19th, 2018. Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication (GrC) Career Day is hosted on campus every quarter during the academic year to allow employers to discuss employment and related options, and to conduct interviews with students. Full-time, internship/co-op employment, and graduate school discussions are strongly encouraged. For more information visit

VMA provides scholarships to help support our future workforce. Our scholarship program is focused at the secondary level, to those 4-year and junior colleges with graphic arts programs. For more information and an application click here: 8



finding great interest in securing vast job opportunities in the areas of UX/UI web and mobile app design and development. As a result, our curriculum is adjusting accordingly, however, the core of their education still consists of learning the fundamentals and technical principles applied to print technology and business management. Interestingly, we conducted an unofficial study based on recent graduates on LinkedIn and we found that out of 100 graduates, 64% had the title that included the words “UX/UI” or web designer. Q: Is there anything you’d like to add to this topic? KM: A program like ours, situated geographically where we are, and with talented students enrolling in Cal Poly wishing to work in web/mobile design and development, we see a unique niche in providing curricula that addresses these industry needs and student interests. That is why we have hired a full-time professor who is an expert in UX/UI, HCI and design thinking. Additionally, we have formed a strong liaison with the Cal Poly Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation – a program funded by the Ofalea College of Business that houses an incubator for student start-ups interested in developing products and services. This program has found that there exists a triumvirate of talent that yields highly successful start-ups: 1) a business student; 2) engineering students; and, 3) a GrC student. The GrC student provides applied design skills that are inclusive of print, web and digital media that assist in product development and corporate branding. We currently have an additional recruitment initiative to hire a web and mobile app designer and developer. We are hoping to expand this program considering that over 35% of our student population are interested in pursuing this discipline as a career. Q: Are you transitioning to anything else? If so, what? KM: Our plans are to expand further into digital packaging and prototyping design. We are currently initiating a plan to acquire technology to enhance this part of our curriculum within the year. Additionally, we are pursuing opportunities to expand into specialty printing (signage/grand format /textile). And finally, we have already created new courses in the areas of printed electronics and functional imaging. Q: What are you hearing from your advisory board and vendor supporters concerning the direction the department should take? KM: The GrC Advisory Board strongly encourages embracing this side of GrC. As every vendor in the industry looks to understand their business in the time of disruption and transition, bracing web and digital media is integral to enhancement, longevity, and, inevitably, profitability. The good news is that our vendors support us, and our advisory board supports us—because our students and a growing industry in need of a highly-skilled, technology-based and innovative workforce require it in order to embrace an unknown but bright future.

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Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo is one of the most selective universities in the nation, and through our four-year curriculum we shape students into graduates who will become your new stars.

Learn More and Register

Use the GrC Job Board

Reach soon-to-be graduates and seasoned alumni.

Putting Inspiration On To Media

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packaging category, and in March will bring a final policy model to the director’s for approval. We then will get an idea of what the Administration is planning—that is, if it will sponsor legislation that gives CalRecycle the authority to implement its draft policy model. Recommendation: This program will affect all members if it goes through, whether they are producing printing, bindery, fulfillment or any other activity that uses the targeted paper and plastic products. We will continue to keep you informed. To follow the issue more closely, members should join CalRecycle’s listserve at

OSHA Reporting



Heads Up For New Rules, Reporting California Packaging Waste Initiative

GERRY BONETTO Gerry Bonetto, Ph.D., is Director of Government Affairs. In this capacity, he represents the commercial printing industry before the California legislature and state regulatory agencies. He can be reached at gbonetto@

The Legislature and Governor Brown set a goal of 75 percent recycling, composting or source reduction of solid waste going to landfills by 2020. To reach a statewide recycling (diversion) rate of 75 percent, California must reduce disposal and disposal-related materials by about half by 2020. The legislation called for the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to take a statewide approach to decrease reliance on landfills. Paper is a prime target for waste reduction. As a result, CalRecycle proposes to reduce the amount of paper packaging (uncoated corrugated cardboard, waxed cardboard, aseptic containers and cartons) and plastic packaging (film plastic, expanded polystyrene, pouches) in the waste stream. The agency has identified a variety of “tools,” mandated options, such as extended producer responsibility, pay-asyou-throw, increased landfill tipping fees, source reduction, and minimum recycled content and labeling requirements to help accomplish its goal. Up until now, CalRecycle staff has presented, in a discussion document, the concept of a framework approach to reducing packaging in landfills, which would require additional statutory authority before any program regulations could be adopted. In mid-February, staff will present to the director of CalRecycle draft recommendations for each targeted

There is some confusion among members about the need to electronically submit their 2016 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (Form 300A). As the regulation reads, companies with 250 or more employees are required to electronically submit Form 300A records, and companies with 20-249 employees in certain industries, including the printing, have to electronically submit this form. Any employer that meets the criteria of either of these categories had to upload their 2016 Form 300A annual summaries by December 15, 2017. Note, however, Cal/OSHA and several other state plans have not adopted the requirement to submit injury and illness summary reports electronically. Thus California companies did not have to electronically file their summary data, at least for this reporting cycle. Even so, companies must still post--from February 1st to April 30th-- OSHA Form 300A in a common area wherever notices to employees are usually posted. All establishment summaries must be certified by a company executive. While employers with 10 or fewer employees are normally exempt from federal OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping and posting requirements, it is still a good thing to post the summary log anyway. Companies with no recordable injuries or illnesses in 2016 must post the form with zeros on the total line. If you need direction on completing the OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms, there is a brief tutorial at the following website: https://www. Recommendation: Businesses in California are not currently required to submit their summary data through the Electronic Injury Tracking Application (ITA).

Earlier Filing of Form W-2 The IRS has announced that the filing deadline for 2017 W-2s and 1099 forms, including W-3 forms, is January 31, 2018. That’s a month earlier than the former filing date. This change in date means that the deadline for submitting these forms to the Social Security Administration (SSA) is now the same as the date when an employer must submit forms to employees. Recommendation: Having these W-2s and 1099s earlier will make it easier for the IRS to verify the legitimacy of tax returns and properly issue refunds to taxpayers eligible to receive them. In many instances, this will enable the IRS to release tax refunds more quickly than in the past. VISUAL MEDIA ALLIANCE



that needs to be modified. The information is free, and it may wind up being the best feedback you’ve ever received.

9. Your Head: Tilting your head slightly when you are listening to someone speak communicates that you are giving them your undivided attention. It’s amazing how this simple type of body language can convey a powerful message!

10. It’s not what you say; It’s what your customer believes.


More Selling Strategies Additional Tips From a Full List of 35 LESLIE GROENE Leslie Groene is one of the coaching superstars in the world of corporate sales as well as a business development trainer, executive consultant and author. Her background is in the paper and printing industries as a sales rep and sales manager. She helps her clients focus on revenue generation and profit growth. She authored the business strategy book “Picture Yourself & the Life You Want” and is a nationallyrenowned motivational speaker. To purchase her book or contact her please go to Here is the link to her e-newsletter, http://www. Newsletter/2014.12/

6. Uncover New Benefits: After people have had time to experience the product or service you’re selling, they often begin to realize benefits they weren’t expecting. Talk to your long-term customers and find out what additional benefits they’re experiencing. You may find it advantageous to use these in your future sales presentations.

Block out 30 minutes a day (or 2 hours a week) to move to a quiet location with nothing but a blank piece of paper. During this time, ask yourself how you can secure more sales from your existing customers and make notes of your thoughts. Your best ideas will always come when you step back from the business long enough to examine how you can take your customer relationships to a higher level.

It’s important to understand why people do business with you. Have you ever asked your customers why they chose you? Have you ever asked those who chose your competitors why they did not decide to do business with you? Find out if there’s anything about your sales process VISUAL MEDIA ALLIANCE

11. Never go into a sales call not knowing how you’re going to close the sale. If you don’t know where you’re going, then how will you get there? The most common part left out of any presentation is the close.  Plan for the close (or some sort of step to discover where you stand) upfront by developing the strategy and your course of action. This does not mean you’re only going to use one type of closing technique.  On the contrary, it means you’re going to be ready to close using several different techniques based on what the customer tells you.

12. Have a dedicated time set aside either daily or weekly to do your prospecting. Too many salespeople find themselves spending far too much doing everything else but prospecting. If you don’t schedule prospecting time and hold yourself accountable, you won’t do it. And prospecting, whether getting referrals or making warm or cold calls is the only way to find and close new customers!

7. Quiet Time:

8. Is It Your Product or You?


You can have the best sales presentation in the world, but if the customer doesn’t believe your proposition, then you don’t have a chance. Perception is everything because that’s what the customer believes. Take the time to engage with the customer. Ask them questions and let them tell you their wants and needs.  And listen when they do share their objectives and goals. Yes, many times they don’t know what their needs are and you’ll have to guide them, but in the end, if they don’t believe that you and your company can help them execute their plan, you don’t have a chance.


13. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing to help your customers. Why should anyone buy anything from anybody if the person from whom they are buying doesn’t even believe in it?   There’s a reason why confident salespeople are more successful. It may seem that 33 tips is excessive, but honestly, if we are committed to our sales motivation, we will constantly be on the lookout for even more sales tips. We’ll share more in the future but begin today to incorporate at least some of the above tips to your sales approach. Never forget that the sales professionals who excel the most are those who never stop learning the best ways to excel.


You Need To Know Now Have You Been Convicted...

CHERYL CHONG Cheryl Chong is VMA’s Human Resources Director and your #1 source for assistance responsible for counseling on HR matters like family leave, discrimination, sexual harassment and wage and hour compliance. She has a Bachelors and Masters degree from Chapman University in Orange, CA, along with 20+ years of HR experience in the trenches. Think of her as an extension of your HR department, courtesy of VMA. Please feel free to reach out for answers or introduce your organization by calling 800.659.3363 or

California law, effective January 1, will forbid employer questions about prior criminal convictions on employment applications or during interviews. There are some exceptions to this, but they generally do not apply to situations in our industry. After a job offer has been made by the employer, the prospective employer may ask about criminal history but they must be prepared to justify why the disclosed history precludes hiring the applicant, and the applicant must be given a chance to present their position.

Wisdom From Sacramento AB 168, effective January 1, 2018, bans employers from asking about an applicant’s salary history. However, an applicant may voluntarily supply this information to a prospective employer. A moment’s reflection makes it clear that an applicant’s resume would usually include the information at their choosing. Also, it would probably be unlikely that an applicant refusing to supply salary history would be considered for a position. As a result, nothing will really change in the exchange between applicant and employer. However, it might be wise to modify employment application forms to indicate that disclosure of prior wage history is voluntary.

Watch for Scam Emails Requesting I-9 Information United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has learned that employers have

received scam emails requesting Form I-9 information that appear to come from USCIS. Employers are not required to submit Forms I-9 to USCIS. Employers must have a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, for every person on their payroll who is required to complete Form I-9. All of these forms must be retained for a certain period of time. Visit I-9 Central to learn more about retention, storage and inspections for Form I-9. These scam emails come from a fraudulent email address: This is not a USCIS email address. The body of the email may contain USCIS and Office of the Inspector General labels, your address and a fraudulent download button that links to a nongovernment web address ( Do not respond to these emails or click the links in them. If you believe that you received a scam email requesting Form I-9 information from USCIS, report it to the Federal Trade Commission. If you are not sure if it is a scam, forward the suspicious email to the USCIS webmaster. USCIS will review the emails received and share with law enforcement agencies as appropriate.

The Equifax Hack A growing issue plaguing the workplace, and the rest of the world, is identity theft. The definition of identity theft is “the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private information, usually for financial gain.” When their identity is stolen, many employees face credit and financial issues. Recently, Equifax announced a cybersecurity hack potentially impacting 145.5 million U.S. consumers. Criminals hacked into a U.S. website to gain access to names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and in some instances, driver’s licenses. In addition, some credit card numbers and certain dispute documents with personal identifying information were accessed. Equifax has more information on their site on how to address this issue at: www.equifaxsecurity2017. com/ potential-impact. All are urged to check whether they have had an exposure and if so, to go ahead and enroll in some sort of identity theft protection program. Equifax is offering a complimentary identity theft protection service via TrustedID Premier. Go to www. and review the information. However, it’s important to realize that all identity theft programs are like car alarms—they don’t prevent theft, they just call your attention to it. It’s essential that you are careful with your passwords and avoid “phishing” emails that say, “we notice that there’s a problem with your account, just send us your information and we will help.” However, the best protection is taking a bit of time, at least weekly, to go on the internet and look at the transactions on your bank and credit card accounts—then, promptly question any that seem unfamiliar. VISUAL MEDIA ALLIANCE



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Visual Media Alliance presents a full-day


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As a VMA Member you are able to attend our events for FREE or at special member rates. We offer VMA Members and the public numerous events throughout the year including social and professional events and negotiate discounts for upcoming conferences to pass on the exclusive deals and best events to our members. These events are created with our members in mind to further acquire knowledge on special topics and to also connect with others in the industry. If you have suggestions for events, please contact Laura Vargas at or 800-659-3363. Visit for more information on the latest event offerings and to register.




Management Webinar:

Hiring, Onboarding, and Managing Salespeople Presented by Leslie Groene January 11 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Location: Online Member $0 Non-Member $55

In/Visible Talks

January 11 8:30 am - 5:00 pm The Pearl Member $315 Non-Member $350


January 27 Colombo Club 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm Colombo Hall, Oakland Member $59 Non-Member $69

Management Webinar: Is Inkjet for Me?

February 1 Presented by Frank Kanonik 1:00 am - 12:00 pm Online Member $0 Non-Member $55

Mark Your Calendar

February 1 – Showcase Call for Entries March 8 – Management Webinar – Budgeted Hourly Costs presented by Joe Polanco September 30 – VMA Day at the Ballpark: SF Giants vs the LA Dodgers Additional events will be scheduled, watch for details.


MARCH 4–6, 2018



Keynote Speakers

Register at: | #PresCon18 Future Trends in Printing, Business, and Media Ken Rutkowski, Futurist, “Nextist,” and Business Trends Expert

The Growth Gears: How Operationally-Oriented Companies Become Market Leaders Pete Hayes, Chief Outsiders

Design Thinking in the Graphic Communications Industry David Fenske, Fenske Media David Hoffer, McKinsey New Ventures

We’re taking the President’s Conference to San Antonio’s lively Riverwalk cultural district March 4–6, 2018. Join industry experts and your fellow print executives as we take an in-depth look at what it takes to grow and succeed in today’s print climate. You can expect robust discussions on the hot issues and trends in the industry and great opportunities to network with fellow print executives. Keynotes and sessions will be announced soon. In the meantime, take advantage of this special early registration offer. Use promo code HAPPYNEWYEAR to receive $150 off a single registration until January 31, 2018.

Visit to register. PIA/SGIA Member Pricing $


Non-member Pricing



Register 2 or more from your company and save $200 off each registration!

Conference Partner

665 3rd Street, Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94107


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VMA Connected Q1 2018  

A quarterly newsletter that reaches VMA members delivering latest program offering by VMA, industry news, and hot topics.

VMA Connected Q1 2018  

A quarterly newsletter that reaches VMA members delivering latest program offering by VMA, industry news, and hot topics.