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A b  o  u  t      N  o  t  h  i  n  g       Mariano  Zuzunaga    

Nothing is   of   course   something   we   know.   Socrates   dixit.   Whether   we   consider   it   enough   to  begin  playing  with  words  or  not,  it  is  obviously  to  what  sight  concearns  that  this  is  the   point  of  departure  of  thinking.  While  something  is  off-­‐scene  it  is  imposible  to  regard  it  as   something  but  this  doesn´t  necesarily  means  that  it  is  invisible.  At  least  as  something  to   talk   about.   it   comes   into   scene.   Much   has   been   said   about   the   difference   between   thinking  as  seing  and  believing.  What  may  be  bright  to  some  is  stupid  to  others.  Some   finds  this  text  bright  and  it  is  just  nonsense  to  others.  Something  is  of  course  nothing  we   know.   Maybe   the   only   difference   between   something   and   nothing   is   what   we   find   out   independently   of   what   we   were   expecting   to   find.   As   our   ignorante   has   no   limits   we   are   limited   to   what   we   know.   As   human   beings   the   only   pecularity   that   distinguishes   us   from   other   animals   is   our   possibility   of   being   contradictory.     We   need   not   to   welcome   this  fact.  

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About Nothing  

Photographs about "nothing" by Mariano Zuzunaga.

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