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Fear of a Second Nature - I Srinivas Mangipudi

Fear of a second nature – Series 1

Gouache and pencil on paper, 8.27 × 11.69 inches

This work is part of a research project studying the use of drawing as a tool for cognitive learning. Often we are unable to communicate many of our feelings and express them through language or any other means. Also other feelings at deeper levels, we ourselves find difficult to connect to and comprehend. In this case drawing becomes a very helpful tool to explore these feelings and decisions, or the problems or the lack of the same, or just whatever comes into self, and comes onto paper. We can express anything we wish to, and introspection later on these drawings brings critical insights for understanding our self. As drawing is primarily a decision making process, the content of the drawings also follows the heuristics patterns that our self takes in making decisions. Study of these heuristics along with the drawings is key to understanding the clear implications of what is being communicated. As also being researched by Adaptive Behavior & Cognition Dept. at Max Planck, “Our research addresses a key question: How do humans and other animals make decisions under uncertainty, that is, when time and information are limited and the future is unknown?”

The above is a basic premise of the project, but what is really important is the act of making a drawing. Each drawing is an intimate moment we spend with ourselves when creating. And the feelings inside us that get realized by the act of drawing onto paper, is the pillar of this practice. And as one keeps exploring drawing after drawing, one starts noticing some patterns or archetypes being expressed and identified, and these are the things that lead to key insights. In my own personal practice, these works have helped me understand myself better, and be more open and receptive to learning. Hence the title of this particular series of drawings - “Fear of a second nature”, where it hints upon a subconscious fear of the unknown or of change to self and its usual conditions.” These works are a part of understanding this process, and using drawing as a simple tool to do so. On-going research and artwork Srinivas Mangipudi.

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Fear of a second nature I  
Fear of a second nature I  

Drawings for Visual Heuristics research.