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Conceptual Jay Tang


Jay Tang Conceptual Series

About the photographer Jay Tang: Conceptual Series is a collection of works by visual artist Jay Tang | VISUAL CREATURE. While his commercial work focuses mainly on the visual aspect of photography, his conceptuals series are created from within a concept, rather than just being a sleek visual. He is born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands in 1981 to parents from Hong Kong and is raised with traditional Chinese culture at home as well as the Dutch mindset in his education. These cultures may at times clash with each other, yet this contrasting dualism helps to shape his personality as well as his future profession. After graduation from high school in 1999 he enrolls into the study ‘Communication, Media and Art’ of Hogeschool INHolland, where he studies the principles of conceptual thinking. Five years later he co-founds Amsterdam based design studio Terra Preta with his long-time friend and partner Dennis Maij. In the following years he has gains experience with a wide variety of creative skills and starts to develop interest in creating visuals through photography. In 2012 he puts emphasis on his career as an independent photographer and visual designer and takes on freelance projects, both small and large. In that same year, he enrolls into the second year of the study ‘Fotografische Vormgeving’ (Photographic Design) of the Fotovakschool Amsterdam, a respected school with a long history of bringing forth creative, professional photographers. Both his photographic and visual design work show hints of his contrasting dualistic personality. At times it’s minimalistic and at times it’s very graphic and rich in visual flair.

飛 雪


The Shadows of Madrid

The Zuiderlicht Houses


Cars on the Highway


Shapes in the City


Version 1.0 - June 2013

Contact details Jay Tang Photographer & Visual Designer +31 (0)6 141 888 36 / Š2013 Jay Tang | VISUAL CREATURE

Jay Tang | Conceptual Series (version 2013)  

A compilation of conceptual series by photographer Jay Tang | VISUAL CREATURE.

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