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DSMETER for Netware Today’s businesses rely on their internet systems for nearly every area of their operation. Sensitive data that belongs to the business and to the clients they serve demands more than adequate protection from prying eyes. Limiting access can be challenging for business owners who have low visibility of their security system. The implementation of DSMETER will allow them to free up their Active Directory and give them more control over their security system for more effective management at every level. Visual Click Software’s DSMETER offers eDirectory and NetWare File System Administrator which restricts access to enterprise data while providing you with a number of Active Directory management tools that give you more control and better visibility over your Netware. The following table lists some of the capabilities that DSMETER provides. Tracking of eDir/LDAP/NDS logins and logouts Tracking of eDir/NDS account actions Capture of failed login attempts Restrict eDir/NDS object creation by object class Prohibit file/folder actions

Administrator Alerts

Detect file/folder actions

Track and alert of NetWare server activity

Tracking of logins and logouts from the entire tree. Tracking can also be by specific container or container branch membership Discover all accounts with supervisory privileges, when accounts are enabled/disabled. Learn which eDir/NDS and Bindery accounts have attempted to login with a bad password. Also, see attempts to login to non-existent accounts Decide who is authorized to create or delete accounts depending on the class of project. DSMETER Protect EXE files from all types of modification, deny unauthorized application installations, creation or modification of files based on the criteria you specify. Includes blocking of MP3s. Also provides email and NetWare popup alerts Receive email or NetWare popup alerts when supervisor privileges have been granted to the File Systems or eDir/NDS. Monitor file creation, copy, delete, open, write, read, salvage and purge actions for NetWare File Systems. Also includes tracking options by server, volume, directory, file, file extension and use of wildcards, in addition to any of these actions Monitor actions that occur on NetWare servers.

DSMETER offers businesses solutions for automated security compliance, while providing you with the tools you need to control who logs in and out of your network system, at every level. Enhance visibility of network assets while increasing your reporting capabilities. DSMETER has the tools to help new users make the transition to become Active Directory users and computers without the need for a dedicated server. The software system allows you to free up the Active Directory so that businesses can focus on higher priority tasks.

With DSMETER, you will be able to discover and disable hidden eDirectory accounts that you might otherwise never realize were hidden in your eDirectory. These objects can serve as backdoors into the eDirectory, letting unauthorized members of the organization gain access to information that they have not been authorized to attain. DSMETER provides access to these hidden objects and allows them to be quickly disabled. DSMETER uses NLM technology that was designed specifically for use with NetWare servers. Each NLM loaded at each NetWare server will maintain a separate set of audit activity files which will be periodically transmitted to the master repository server that has been designated. The protocol used to transmit the audit activity files is a low-overhead transfer protocol that can be operated equally well in low-speed WAN environments and gigabit ethernet networks. eDirectory is used to store the desired activity profiles. DSMETER is a versatile solution that will work for all sizes of operations, providing an exceptional ability to track activity and provide organizations with transparency needed for secure maintenance and use of data. Visit Visual Click Software to learn more about their Active directory management tools and other network security products. Company Bio Visual Click Software is a leading provider of network security access management tools for organizations of all sizes and varieties. Their products include system audit, management and reporting tools for Active Directory, Windows File System and eDirectory. Summary DSMETER is an Enterprise solution from Visual Click which offers automated security compliance, auditing, alerting and control for eDirectory, NDS and NetWare File Systems.

DSMETER for Netware  
DSMETER for Netware | DSMETER is an Enterprise solution from Visual Click which offers automated sec...