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programme listing 2010

Food Jammers

At the table with


Room to Grow



HGTV’S TOP 10 26 x 30 min HD (Design/Lifestyle) Featuring stunning rooms, breathtaking bathrooms, spectacular poolside patios and ultimate fireside retreats, HGTV’s Top 10 showcases work from some of the world’s top architects and designers. Each episode features a tour of 10 amazing spaces, inviting viewers to sample world class design at its best. Talented architects, designers, and experts provide insights as to why these rooms work, revealing the design secrets and unique features that make them worthy of our A-list!

Sample Episodes Bathing Beauties Visit ten bathrooms featuring tubs you’ll never want to leave. Breathtaking views, fireplaces and TVs turn this utility room into a spectacular showpiece.

Light My Fire Fireplaces are a desirable feature in living rooms. From the traditional to the minimalist, we’ll see what top interior designers are doing with fireplaces.

Champion of Breakfast The eat-in-kitchen is the new center of the family home. Explore ten brilliant kitchens designed to bring the family together. Making A Splash Outdoor spaces have replaced the living room as the new entertaining spaces. Discover what makes a poolside patio great, by seeing what top designers and architects have created.

Kitchens That Cook Visit ten of the very best

Rooms Full of Colour Ten fabulous rooms

kitchens. From sophisticated and simple to fullyloaded, these kitchens demonstrate the best layout, materials and equipment.

where color is king! From kitchens to dining rooms to living rooms we’ve got the full spectrum covered in daring combinations and harmonious hues.

Master Suite Retreats Ten great places to

Home Theatres Ten of the most spectacular

escape, without leaving the house! Explore luxurious master suites with seating areas, baths and dressing rooms that rival the best luxury hotels.

places to enjoy a movie-theater experience without leaving the house. Visit deluxe home theaters that seat guests in Hollywood style.

Sublime Living Rooms Explore ten of the most inviting living rooms from casual family hangouts to elegant entertaining spaces. In these rooms, windows are the stars, bathing each interior with light and offering stunning views.

Small Spaces Explore ten small spaces that deliver chic and clever design solutions for living in less than 750 square feet. Urban apartments, an island getaway and a surprising moveable modern home are a few of the smart spaces that show how small homes can still be big on design. Produced for HGTV (Canada and U.S.)

HGTV’s Top 10

Yummy Mummy




39 x 30 min, New Episodes! (Cooking/Biography) At The Table With... is a biography series that provides an intimate all-access pass into the hearts and minds of some of the world’s best chefs. Combining the drama and intensity of a high-end restaurant kitchen with access into their personal lives, each episode is a personal story of guts, glory and most of all, a love of food.

65 x 30 min (Design/Landscape) One of the highest-rated garden makeover series, ROOM TO GROW sets out to design and build exciting outdoor spaces. Charismatic host Carson Arthur transforms ho-hum spaces into outdoor oases. With large-budget ideas and a guest co-host, Carson treats each lucky participant to an incredible transformation that deliver a huge “wow” factor.

26 x 30 min New Season! (Lifestyle/Design) In this entertaining series, the eccentric and enthusiastic Ambrose Price brings decorating adventures to lifestyle audiences. Arriving from a small town, Ambrose takes on the big city with dreams of becoming a decorating talent. This energetic amateur designer tackles a new task for unsuspecting clients, and no matter what the decorating challenge, Ambrose never fails to amuse the audience, clients and himself along the way.

Sample Episodes ★ Home Stager ★ Event Planner ★ Furniture Designer ★ Lessons in Re-upholstery ★ Flowers

Produced for HGTV (Canada)

Sample of Featured Chefs* Elizabeth Falkner Art Smith Douglas Rodriguez Rick Bayless Roy Yamaguchi Susur Lee Marcus Samuelsson

Fixing Dinner

At the table with

Sample Episodes Garden Party Experience the makeover of a garden into the perfect showplace for entertaining, with New York chic added along the way.

A Courtyard Makeover In this episode, the host takes on the rejuvenation of a condo courtyard and faces owners with twelve separate opinions.

A Quiet Place Watch as the hosts bring elements of a Zen garden to a small urban courtyard. Sand, wood, rock, water, and Asian minimal plants are placed to instill a sense of relaxation and contemplation.

* All have appeared in “Top Chef Masters”

Modern Minimalism Enjoy the creation of a very modern, sleek and contemporary backyard patio. It’s a small garden, but the new look is big on style.

Produced for Food Canada

Produced for Global/Prime

Film Festival Project

Whatever Happened To...?


Inside Hollywood


ELLEN DEGENERES (Ellen) ROB LOWE (Brothers and Sisters) PATRICK DEMPSEY (Grey’s Anatomy) DAVID CARUSO (CSI) TERI HATCHER (Desperate Housewive) ALEC BALDWIN (30 Rock)

Produced for TVTropolis



13 x 30 min (Biography/Light Entertainment) Making it big in the “hot or not” world of Hollywood is hard. Staying big? Even harder! That’s because real success isn’t just measured by getting there, it’s about staying there and figuring out how to get back, once you’ve been forced out the door. Few faded TV and film stars have careers that bounce back to new heights. A lucky few do -- and that’s what Killer Comebacks is all about.

52 x 30 min HD New Episodes! (Biography/Light Entertainment) Driven by star power and compelling human stories, this series dives into cinematic moments that became turning points for some of our most beloved movie icons. From Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN to Johnny Depp’s PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN franchise, audiences will love this entertaining show.

Episodes ★ NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (How I Met Your Mother) ★ JASON BATEMAN (Arrested Development) ★ CHARLIE SHEEN (Two and a Half Men) ★ PAULA ABDUL (American Idol) ★ TORI SPELLING (90210) ★ SARA JESSICA PARKER (Sex and the City) ★ MICKEY ROURKE (The Wrestler)

Sample Episodes I Was Serious About Leaving Comedy Behind Robin Williams (Dead Poets Society); Jim Carrey (The Truman Show); Jamie Foxx (Ray)

I Became A Super Hero Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man); Christopher Reeve (Superman); Christian Bale (Batman Begins)

I Had a Fashion Sense Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City); Alicia Silverstone (Clueless); Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada)

I Became a Franchise Player Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter); Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean); Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) I Became an Instant Superstar Sandra Bullock (Speed); Demi Moore (Ghost); Leonard DiCaprio (Titanic)

I Stole the Show Brad Pitt (Thelma & Louise); Joe Pesci (Goodfellas); Angelina Jolie (Girl, Interrupted)

I Started As a Sex Symbol Jessica Alba (Sin City); Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sara Marshall); Megan Fox (Transformers) I Finally Won an Oscar Michael Douglas (Wall Street); Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking); Helen Mirren (The Queen) I Was a Vampire Robert Pattinson (Twilight); Kate Beckinsale (Underworld); Gary Oldman (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) Produced for Biography Channel and CityTV

Killer COmebacks

Film Festival Project

The Role That CHanged My Life The Role

that changed

my Life



20 x 1 hour HD New Episodes! (Light Entertainment) Breaking up is hard to do, but can you imagine doing it in the press? How do you fight your demons in the spotlight? What’s the skinny on staying skinny? What pressures force a star under the scalpel? With unparalleled contacts and deep video archive, INSIDE HOLLYWOOD uncovers new facts about some of pop culture’s most well-known icons.

104 x 30 min HD New Episodes! (Biography/Light Entertainment) Filled with rare celebrity interviews, this series offers entertaining portraits of some of the most beloved TV and film stars of the 70s, 80s and 90s and finds out where they are today.

Sample Episodes (New Season) ★ Celebrity Booty (Celine Dion, Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo, Sienna Miller)

★ Caught Cheating (Michael Douglas, David Duchovney, Jude Law, )

★ Yummy Mummy (Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes)

Produced for E!, Global, Slice and MovieTime

Sample Episodes ★ Primetime Divas Donna Mills (Knot’s

Landing), Pamela Bellwood (Dynasty), Heather Locklear (Melrose Place) ★ Beach Babes Donna D’Errico (Baywatch), Alexandra Paul (Baywatch), Carmen Electra (Baywatch) ★ Drama Queens Joan Van Ark (Knot’s Landing), Tiffani Thiessen (Beverly Hills 90210), Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills 90201) ★ Future Fighters Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers, Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Produced for E!, TVtropolis, Slice

FILM FESTIVAL PROJECT 8 x 1 hour HD New Episodes! (Arts/Entertainment) Go behind-the-scenes of eight of the world’s top film events including: Toronto Film Festival, Rome, Berlin and the LA Film Festival to see the glamour and grit of working the festival circuit. From starlets to auteurs- buyers and sellers, reporters and marketers, all are in a swirl of activity, in and out of the screening rooms. A series that chronicles the hectic days and long nights of festival madness. Produced for Movie Central


Homicide File

FA CTU A L S E R I ES SECRETS OF CHRISTIANITY 7 x 1 hour, HD (History/Archaeology) This series examines the fact and fiction behind the birth of Christianity. Filmed in spectacular locations including Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Europe and Turkey, each episode is an investigative quest in which host Simcha Jacobovici solves ancient mysteries, and discovers that what really happened in Biblical times is often not what we have been led to believe.

Episodes: ★ The Messiah before Jesus ★ Vesuvius and the Fear of God ★ Lost Voyage of Jesus ★ The Caiaphas Artefacts ★ Apostles and Spies ★ The Roman Army’s Secret Christians ★ Selling Christianity Produced for History Television (U.S.), History Channel (Canada)

THE NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST 65 x 30 min (History/Science/Religion) An irreverent, entertaining and fast-paced journey, THE NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is an accessible series for those who want adventure- without ever having to leave the couch. Host Simcha Jacobovici aims to go beyond the jargon, right to the bare bones and great stories of archaeology. Along the way, new discoveries are made, lost treasures revealed, and ancient mysteries uncovered.

Produced for Vision Television and History International (U.S.)

Patent Bending


Secrets of Christianity





23 x 1 hour, HD (Adventure/Travel) No food, no shelter, no fresh water, no camera crew. One man - alone in the wild for seven days with only his wits and stamina to sustain him.

13 x 30 min, HD (Crime) Cross-country crime sprees. Fugitive financiers. Schoolgirl killers. Cruel cannibals. Meet the murderers and discover the details of true-crime stories in HOMICIDE FILE. This gripping documentary series probes cases through interviews with friends and families of victims and perpetrators; insightful background from investigators and experts; a visually arresting mix of archival news footage, headlines, onlocation shoots; and re-enactments. What compels a killer to kill? How were they caught? HOMICIDE FILE examines evidence, unravels mysteries and will captivate viewers.

Each episode finds SURVIVORMAN Les Stroud abandoned in a remote locations. He carries little more than the clothes on his back along with his camera. From the Costa Rican rainforest to Arctic ice floes, follow along as one man overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles. Produced for OLN and Discovery

Produced for CBC

PATENT BENDING 14 x 30 min, HD (Science/Engineering) In this high energy HD series, three hosts (a scientist, backyard inventor and master builder) scour books of patents from the past 100 years to find the greatest, strangest or wackiest ideas that never go off the page- and then figure out why. The trio takes an item or idea to the “Patent Bending Workshop� and bends the idea into a new concept that either improves the original or takes it in a whole direction. Produced for Discovery (Canada) Renewals Available for Many Territories


Beasts of the Bible BEASTS OF THE BIBLE 90 min HD Special (History/Religion) The Bible is full of strange and fantastic creatures. Legendary and horrific beasts like the Behemoth, Leviathan, Jonah’s whale and the legged serpent have captivated our imagination for centuries—

did they really exist, can they be found today or are they just myth? New investigations into the origins of these beasts have uncovered shocking truths. Using CGI and experts, BEASTS OF THE BIBLE explores the most extraordinary creatures in Biblical tales. This eye-popping, myth-busting

film decodes the ancient writings, unlocks the hidden meanings inside the symbols and legends, and uncovers the most famous and most mysterious Beasts of the Bible. Produced for Animal Planet US and Vision

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Science of the Soul

SCIENCE OF THE SOUL 70 min HD Special (Science/Religion/History) Since the dawn of civilization, people have believed in the existence of the soul. Can advanced science now help us to learn the truth? Is a higher spiritual consciousness part of our essential makeup?

In this HD special, SCIENCE OF THE SOUL turns to experts in neuroscience, robotics, psychology and other disciplines in pursuit of the secrets of the human soul. Produced for History Television and Vision



The Plastic Fantastic Brain THE PLASTIC FANTASTIC BRAIN 2 x 1 hour HD Special (Science/Health) This fascinating two-part special explores cutting edge research surrounding the brain and its ability to function and evolve. In part one, two renowned neurologists are working to understand the brain’s

“plasticity” and introduce us to a woman who functions well with- literally-half a brain, and a blind professor who learns to “see” with his tongue. Part two explores the brain’s elusive capacity to create and store memory, as seen through one man who remarkably remembers every single detail of his

life, and an athlete whose memory was wiped clean following a tragic accident.

Produced for Discovery US/ZDF

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Abandoned in the Arctic

ABANDONED IN THE ARCTIC 1 x 1 hour HD (History/Adventure) A fascinating story of a young man who attempts to kayak 250 miles through Arctic waters to reach the remote spot where 19 of his great-greatgrandfather’s 24 men starved to death during the winter of 1884. Along the way he encounters Arctic animals, spectacular landscapes, and one of his own

party is nearly killed when crushed by moving ice. Ultimately, he discovers what he’s capable of and draws conclusions about the whether it’s fair to label his ancestor, Lt. Adolphus W. Greely, a cannibal.

Available in Feature Length or One Hour


Motorcycle Karma

MOTORCYCLE KARMA 1 x 1 hour HD (Travel/Adventure) Follow along with four Australian lads as they travel across India on motorcycle. From the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea, these Aussie men encounter

plenty of drama from faulty mechanics, unexpected forces of nature and most importantly their own egos, as they travel out of their comfort zone into the unknown! Produced for NatGeo International



WILD HORSES OF THE CANADIAN ROCKIES 1 x 1 hour, HD (Wildlife) WILD a beautifully shot HD adventure that follows a foal’s struggle for survival through the first four seasons of his life and documents the challenges that the remaining few wild horses in the Rockies face today.

Produced for Animal Planet Canada

Off the Grid

Sunset Bollywood

Polygamy’s Lost Boys

Things To do When You Are Dead


HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO MY WIFE 1 x 1 hour HD (Health/Lifestyle) HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO MY WIFE features a lighthearted and brutally honest examination of a suburban Dad’s ineptitude in bed, and follows his hilarious sexual makeover, as he strives to become a world class lover and finally please his wife. ONE MAN’S ATTEMPT TO TURN HIMSELF INTO THE TYPE OF LOVER HE’S SPENT HIS ADULT LIFE THINKING HE ALREADY WAS, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE TYPE HIS WIFE WISHES HE WERE.

Produced for Slice Network

Rude: Where are Our Manners?

Motorcycle Karma

Walmart Nation


KILLER AT LARGE 1 x 1 hour (Health/Science) Obesity remains a significant threat to our way of life. Featuring leading health and science experts, KILLER AT LARGE examines the causes and effects of this pervasive health issue. From a twelve year old girl undergoing liposuction, to the “supersizing” trends in the food industry, this fascinating doc provides a glimpse into a frightening epidemic. Available World ex Scandinavia


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Specials/One Offs

HGTV’s Top Ten Secrets of Christianity Survivorman Patent Bending Film Festival Project Homicide File Inside Hollywood The Role That Changed My Life Whatever Happened to...? The Blue Buddha

Beasts of the Bible Science of the Soul Abandoned in the Arctic How To Make Love to My Wife Rude: Where Are Our Manners? The Plastic Fantastic Brain Wild Horses of the Canadian Rockies Thin Ice

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