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JUNE 2011 VOL I, NO. 1

r e e t n Volu

Now, It ’s Your Turn

Board of Directors

uarters q d a e H E T VIS

1232 E. Magnolia St. Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 284-0828

VISTE S taff

Walt Whi,emore

Ashley Miller

Kimberly Fair

Clara Hill



Volunteer Coord.

Admin. Asst.


Hot Meals

Alice C. O’Reilly President

Jay Mulaney, M.D. Vice Chairman

Lee Jackson Campaign Chairman

Steve Madden Secretary

Darlene D. Eane, Treasurer

Lu Fitzwater Past Chairman

Barney Barne, Advisory Board Chairman

Tina R. Balen ne Michael Barnes Steve Bissonnee Nancy Caarius Bradford Copley Rooster Curry Jerry Dearing Keith DeLoach Connie C. Durrence Robert Elliot Sco Fore Meghan Garcia Rick Hodges Rachel C. Hollis Sheriff Grady Judd Michael R. LaPan

Jennifer Leigh Katrina Lunsford Robert N. Max Dan A. McBride Dr. Alice M. Murray Susie M. Penn Buddy Register David Robinson Louis S. Saco, M.D. Riley P. Short Gary D. Smith Weymon P. Snuggs, III R. Howard Wiggs Natalie R. Wilson Doug Wimberly G. F. Zimmermann III

Advisory Board of Directors

Alice O’Reilly

Sue Brown

Jack T. Stephens Chairman

Mack Milner Client Case Mgr.

Ellen Lee

Ronnie Groover

Client Case Mgr.

Warehouse Mgr.


Volunteers in Service to the Elderly Our mission is to enable the frail elderly to stay safely and independently in their own homes.

Bruce Abels Chuck Aiken Chris Asbill Steve Barger Andy Bean Chanel D. Belloo David K. Boles Don Bosko John Burton James F. Clements Jamie Cook Tony Delgado Bob Donahay Bob English Jerome P. Ferson Gow Fields Randy Glo2elty Celeste Torres Henkelman Dr. Eileen Holden

Beverly Hollis Linda Sue Hrabusa Mimi Jenko Roddy Jennings Frank Johnson Frank Kendrick Sheila Loerhos Sco McBride Duane McConnell Mac Midyee H. William Mutz Sherrie Nickell Doy Reuschling Dennis Ross Bill Schictel Anita Stasiak Julie Watkins Weebo Watkins Myr ce Young

Carolyn’s Story ...

VISTE: A Client’s View

Listening to Carolyn Williams speak of her apprecia on for VISTE is nothing short of refreshing. VISTE was able to help her in a me of great need and she will tell you that she never takes VISTE for granted. Shortly a6er Carolyn had heart surgery her air condi oner went down. Her home was so hot that she was sleeping outside. Carolyn heard from her sister, a VISTE client, that VISTE might be able to help. She visited the VISTE offices and shared her situa on with a staff member who didn’t hesitate to send repairmen out to fix her air condi oning unit. She was able to sleep in her home again with the proper cooling.

When asked what VISTE meant to her, Carolyn responded, “It’s like a light hand coming to me out of the darkness and giving me comfort. That’s what VISTE is, comfort to the elderly. It’s more than a bag of groceries, it’s comfort.”

Before our visit came to an end Carolyn le6 us with one last word about VISTE’s work. With great apprecia on Carolyn said, “That’s what VISTE’s all about, making life beer for the elderly.”

Roy’s Story ... When a friend of their family shared his own experiences with Roy Palmer, Roy enrolled as a VISTE client and has been a recipient of services for about a year. Roy and his family are so grateful for the commodity services that VISTE has provided for them and they do not hesitate to share their apprecia on. When asked what VISTE meant to him, Roy said, “They’re somebody you can depend [on]…I mean that’s the main thing, you know, to have somebody to call on in case you need some kind of help.” The Palmers s ll care for their son, Jimmy, who, when asked where they would be without VISTE, responded, “If it weren’t for VISTE, we’d be up the creek!” Roy’s wife, Gloria, chimed in saying “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it hadn’t been for VISTE.” What a difference one year can make in the lives of a family in need.

ources S g n i Fund

Your dollars at work in 2010 ... 20,575

In-Kind Donations Campaign Contributions Designated Income United Way of Central Florida VISTEBall Annual Fundraiser Government, Memorials, Interest Foundations


Hot Meals delivered Trips to doctor, grocery, errands each month


Households used our monthly commodity program


Clients received Personal Care boxes


Thanksgiving meals delivered

258 92.5

Clients received in-home personal services Percentage of clients who remained in their homes

A Message From VISTE’s Campaign Committee Fun Facts: So, where does VISTE get its funding?

VISTE is a local, nonprofit organiza on that solves a local problem with local dona ons.

VISTE is not connected to the Government. We answer to you and our local, frail, elderly ci zens You just might be wondering. who need some basic day to day help to survive As described above, we are not with dignity and independence. Things you only recipients of United Way and I take for granted. funds (a non-profit agency must Last year our fundraising goal was $300,000, and while the local economy was very weak, be really good and constantly we accomplished 87% of our goal. reviewed to receive these funds), but we raise our own at This year, our goal is $275,000 and it is “looking good”, so far, if we could get just a lile more our VISTEBall Annual Fundraiser help from you we can make it.

Our new conveyer belt for more efficient packing! Special Thanks to Tri-Factor

(we do all the work on this ourselves with our wonderful and Many key leaders of our community trust VISTE. (Just take a look at our list of Directors) dedicated volunteers).

And, of course: You.

VISTE is very thri6y. All the money you donate stays right here in our community.

We hope you will contribute and help us reach our $275,000 goal!

91 percent of money donated to VISTE (way above average for nonprofits) goes directly to local frail and elderly people age 70-104.

We’ve added a Ford Fusion to our fleet! Special Thanks to The George W. Jenkins Fund through the CFGL

The frail elderly in our community depend on VISTE and VISTE depends on you. You can make a real difference - a difference that maers for real people, right now. Please, will you make a contribu on to VISTE? Now, while you are thinking about it? Visit us on the web at for a safe, quick, and easy online credit transac on. And, thank you for wondering! Love, Your Campaign Commi ee Lee Jackson-Chairperson

Our newly remodeled mulpurpose room complete with projector and screen! Special Thanks to The George W. Jenkins Fund through the CFGL

You can help us keep our clients safe and independent in their own homes by volunteering today. Please consider a.ending one of our monthly volunteer orientaons.

Gifts to Nancy L. Abbo. Becky Abel Bruce & Joan Abels Jennifer Abels Paul Abels Leonard J. Abraam James L. & Phyllis J. Adams Eric B. Adamson Joan R. Ahlschwede Razia Amir Ahmad Alice E. Alexander All Saints' Episcopal Church Allen & Company Nancy Allen Philip O. Allen Ralph C. & Joanne J. Allen Allied Scrap Processors, Inc. Alpha Delta Kappa David F. & Connie H. Aplin James A. Altadonna Henry F. Alter Eileen E. Amee Douglas W. Amidon Cicely L. Anderson David B. Anderson Ira Anderson Joan Anderson Richard & Marie Anderson Mary L. Andrew Robert & Cecelia Andrew Doris M. Anthony Helen S. Applebee Bonita E. Arndt Mike & Janice Arne. Chris L. Asbill Patricia J. & Frank M. Ashley John G. & Margaret M. Ashman Lebert Augustus Leander F. Aulisio Maria A. Aviles Josephine Axelrod B & B Auto Body Works, Inc. Henry C. Badcock Susan S. Badcock Martha K. & E. Booker Bagby Howard L. & Juanita V . Baker Robert C. Baker Karen L. Baldwin Kenneth & Joyce Balenne Tina Balenne Bank of Central Florida Bob & Michelle Barbee Glen A. & Emmala H. Barden Neil & Joanne Bare Steve Barger William T. Barnard Michael & Maria Barnes Barney & Carol Barne.

On behalf of our elderly clients, we thank you for helping us connue to fulďŹ ll our mission. With your contribuons, VISTE is able to serve nearly 4,000 seniors in our community. Davis A. & Susan H. Barnhill Thomas E. Baroody Mercedes Barton Bartow Community Healthcare Fdn. Marie T. & Shelton T. Bass Jane C. Bates Bena Bayless Baylis & Company PA Todd Baylis Andy & Deborah Bean Frank Robert Becker Martha M. Behrens Llewellyn N. Belcourt Chanel Bello.o Ralph L. Belward Norman L. Benn Joyce Benson M. Hunt & Mary Berryman Robert J. & Diane M. Bertrand Bob & Rhonda Beswick Catherine Bhisitkul Jean S. Bias Warren N. Bican John K. Billups Wendy & Warren Bingham Stephen J. Bissonne.e Carmen P. Black Ellison W. & Marilyn Blaylock Gail L. Blubaugh Joseph & Heather Bogdahn Richard H. Bolduc David K. & Joanne D. Boles Bob Boone Fran Boone Gina J. Boone Dr. Harry & Judy Bopp Chrisne M. Boring Dean Boring Donald D. Bosko Charles W. & Connie Bovay Frances Bowden Dorinda A. Bowen Kimberlee & David Bowers Loraine Boyer Sister Joann Boyle Colman Boyles Katherine M. Bradell Charles Bransteter Mildred L. Briggs Mari-An Brill Jonathon & Kimberley Brock Bergon & Susan L. Brokaw Barbara Brown Edward & Linda Brown Kathi R. Brown Linda A. Brown Margie R. Brown Suzanne H. Brown

Dr. Kevin F. & Maureen M. Browne Alex C. Bryant Joan Buccino Joseph S. & Lynda Buck Bruce A. & Sally D. Bulman Gloria I. Bundy Eleanor E. Bunng Debbie S. Burde. Catharine Z. Burde.e Charles B. Burde.e Beryl Burford Alice F. & John M. Burgess Harriet Burket Jay Burne. John C. & Krisn M. Burton Dale & Nicole Burzynski Philip H. Bush Gregory S. Bushn George & Gloria H. Butler Frank N. & Ilse R. Buzzanca Mark & Whitney Cabrera Susan Cade Cahill Ministries Mary W. Cain David & Polly P. Caldwell Elizabeth Ann Calhoun Kathy Campagnone Eleanor J. Campbell James & Ruth Campbell Monterey Campbell Sal & Jean M. Campisi Clara H. & Wendell A. Cannon Don R. Cannon John T. & Helen D. Cannon III Mary E. Capehart Dickie R. Carefoot Lois Carpenter Be=na Carrier Miriam Carrion Helen Carter Kathleen M. Caruso Hazel Caruthers Beverly J. Cash Thomas & Donna W. Cassidy Jim & Gayle Cather Nancy Ca.arius Ruthe J. Cavins Central Florida Eye Associates CF Industries Patricia E. Chamberlin Ruby P. Chandler Deborah A. Chapman Ginny Charlton William W. & Cynthia A. Chase Dorothy J. Cha=n Patricia Cheatham Maywood & Mary R. Chesson

Gifts to

On behalf of our elderly clients, we thank you for helping us connue to fulfill our mission. With your contribuons, VISTE is able to serve nearly 4,000 seniors in our community. Citrus Center Kiwanis Citrus Circle Garden Club of Lakeland City of Bartow City of Lakeland Electric City of Lakeland Parks & Recreaon Robert E. & Joy Clancey Clark & Daughtrey Harry S. Clark Mary Virginia Clark Mayme & Richard Clark Clark, Campbell & Mawhinney, PA Janice N. Claxton Joseph F. Clay Dr. Catherine A. Clayton James F. Clements Diana L. Clery Judy R. Cline Dr. I. Graydon & Mrs. Be=e J. Cloud Jeffrey A. & Marilyn E. Clyne Juanita E. Coady John Cobb Dr. Joseph & Carla Cody James H. & Susanne S. Coffman Frank E. & Vera V. Cohee Jr. Katherine Coleman Community Foundaon of Greater Lakeland Patricia Connors Darrell & Sandra Contreras David J. & Mary Jo Conway Alice Ann Cook Katherine H. & William H. Jr Cook Brad H. Copley Don Cote Harry G. Courson Patricia B. Couturier Angela J. Cowden Be.y Cox Jeffrey G. Cox Julie Crall Eleanor M. Cramer Gerald L. & Charleen M. Crane William E. & Denise K. Crenshaw Robert L. & Margaret M. Crews Linda Crosby Lucille Crosby Norma A. Crouch Joyce & William Crowe Mike & S. Holly Crowell Charlo.e A. Cumbie Charles Cummings Craig Cummings David 'Rooster' Curry Sco. W. Curry Diane E. Curs Cypress Lakes HOA Warren & Carolyn D'Alessandro Dalton Sales, Inc. Dillon Daniels

Bill & Liz Daughtrey Katherine S. Daughtrey Todd Davidson Benjamin H. & Barbara Davis Darlene M. Davis Frances A. Davis Gerald W. Dearing Cheryl Rae Dee Lucille W. Dekle Roy Keith DeLoach Maria J. Denney Retha DeVane Celine L. Devers Emily Devine Beatrice Dickey Richard Dickter Larry Dietrich Bruce Dixon C .C . Dockery Paula B. Dockery Tom Dodd Jo Ann J. Dolan Robert P. Donahay John T. Donahue Eva E. B. Dooley Deborah H. Doremus Kay Downing Elfreda Dreifort Susan & Dale Dreyer Drummond Co, Inc. James R. Dry Deborah Dubois William S. & Judy R. Dufoe Anna J. Duncan Christopher & Evalyn Duncan Elise G. Dunham Dennis F. & Suzanne Dunn Cynthia C. Dunne Phill Dunne Elisabeth L. Dupont Wenona J. Dupont Ernesne B. Durrance Connie C. Durrence Dutch Ireland Insurance LLL Taylor G. Eady Jr. Dr. Robert B. & Darlene Eane. Lorraine Early Benjamin F. Earnest Jr. Chrystl Eaves Ann & Ward Edwards David L. Edwards Susan Q. Eickhoff Vera Eisold Jean O. Eissman John & Sandra Ellington Bob Ellio. Gregory Ellis Sylvia Ellsworth

Wanda England Jack English Linda P. & Robert F. English Jane Epperson Barbara A. Epps Luz Espinosa William E. & Julie Evans Evergreen Circle Garden Club Jeane.e Fabrizio Kimberly D. Fair Janet W. Fansler Rose Farina Linda J. Farmer William & Bunny Fazen Christopher M. & Carol Fear Edna Felton Kenneth & Martha Ferguson J. Michael Fernandez Mimi & Jeana Fernandez Patrick Ferraro Jerome & Ranae Ferson Mary C. Field Angela Kaye Fields First Bapst Church First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church Be.y M. Fisher Nancy L. Fisher John W. & Lu C. Fitzwater Edith E. Flagler Sarah W. Flanagan Judith J. Flanders Minnie D. Fletcher Florida Handling Systems Sarita Ford Jim Fore Sco. Fore Wilford R. (Sandy) & Judy Forn Daniel Fowler Evelyn B. Fowler Foxwood Lake Estates Bingo Martha B. Franks Eileen T. Frazier Larry & Laura Fredrick Virginia Fredrick Ruth Frey Tony Fridovich Mary G. Frisbie Ella Fucci Carolyn K. Fulmer John & Celia Galberry Richard & Beverly Galbreath Roy Gall Edward J. & Meghan Garcia Gary G. Gard Charles R. & Louise A. Gardner Barbara J. Gates John Gaux

Gifts to GEICO Philathropic Foundaon Beryl Geir Gene Hyde Logiscs, Inc. George C .Forsythe Family Fdn. Mary Germain John E. & Phyllis J. Gibson Irbye G. Giddens Catherine N. Gilbert Maria Luz Gilbert Michael T. & Sara L. Giles Gillum-Waddell Plumbing Co, Inc. Ernest E. Gilmore III Susan Giroux Michell Githens Elaine Gleason Olia M. Gleason Maximina R. Glenn Murray & Jean Glickman John & Bonnie GloFelty Alfred Gomar Jorge L. & Leah Gonzales J.M. & Beth Goode Juanita Gousby Steve Graham Denis Grant Peter L. & Joan T. Grant John Gray Kelly Gray Lawrence & Margaret Gray Gray/Robinson Lakeland Edith Green Lavern Green Neil R. & Ann L. Greenwood Elizabeth I. Gregg William & Melody Gregory Gladys Lavrine Grice James W. Griffin Be.y Grubb John Guay Vernal R. & Madeline N. Gunter Jared Gutentag Roger Haar Nibal Haddad Edward & Rita Hafferly Ashley Hall Jill Hall Lew Hall Todd Michael Hall Garvie Hall James H. Ham III Patsy G. Ham Rebecca & Randy Ham Jo Hamilton Dr. Richard Hamilton Tony & June Hargraves Jack & Norma Harrell Charles & Gladys V. Harrell Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Harriage

On behalf of our elderly clients, we thank you for helping us connue to fulfill our mission. With your contribuons, VISTE is able to serve nearly 4,000 seniors in our community. Cheryl L. & William J. Harris Tim & Linda G. Harris Lela Harrison Lois C. Harrison Melinda K. Harrison Carol Hart Jessica L. Hart Mary Hartney Renee Hawk Amelia Penny Haynes Ann-Marie E. Hearn Audrey M. Heath Henry J. Heffelfinger Marjorie E. Heffner William D. Jr. & Mary Lou Helm Ron Henkelman Charles J. Hermann Genevive Higgins Glenn E. & Sandra Higgins Highland Fairways Angels Hilda Su.on & William D. Blanton Fdn. J. Keith & Ann H. Hilliard Leona Hink Jeffrey A. & Beatrice J.Hinson Mary A. Hinson Ellis M. Hirsch Rick Hodges Carsten & Tiina Hoenicke Thomas Hohmeier Eileen Holden Clayton & Beverly Hollis Mark & Lynn Hollis Rachel & Jusn Hollis Esther Holman Susan Holmberg Artemas L. Holmes Josephine A. Holwerda Adah F. Hood Hollis H. Hooks Homer Hooks Ginny Houghton Ann Marie House David J. Houston Dr. Woods and Jean Howard John T. & Sue Hrabusa George H. Hudson Robert P. Hudson Sadie Huff Florence Hughes Margaret Huston Elizabeth A. Hynd Zoran Ilic Imperial Mustangs of Polk County Imperial Tire Melissa Innella Margaret S. & Dutch Ireland Helen D. Jackson Lloyd Jackson

Dr. William F. Jackson William L. Jackson Dale Gardner Jacobs Elizabeth T. Jacobs Ronald L. & Yvonne W . James Leslie A. Jamesson Dorotha B. Jeffcoat Bill & Issie Jencowski George W. Jenkins Fund C. H. and Dorothy C. Jenkins Jane Elizabeth Jenkins Lois F. Jenkins Howard M. Jenkins Mary 'Mimi' Jenko Rodney Jennings Richard & Barbara Jerard Rita Johns Brenda Johnson Carl R. Johnson Frances M. Johnson Frank Johnson Jane Johnson Julie Johnson Shirley W. Johnson Tina & Dan Johnson Elaine M. Jones Helen Jones Marcie Jones William F. & Sandra W. Jones Barbara S. Joost Aradean F. Jordan Grady C. & Marisa Judd K .W. Grader Foundaon Kris & Allison Kalbfleisch Sharon R. Kane Violet A. Karakitsoo Metro Karolishyn Jeanne.e M. Karpay David L. Kay Joyce Kea Paris M. Keena Thelma C. Kells Ethel M. Kelly Judith Kemp Arlene S. Kennelly Robert & Dawn Marie Kenney Wilbert Kenny Shirley Kent Edith Y. Khaya. Carolyn Ewing Kibler Patricia M. Kiernan Tracy Y. Kimbrough Nancy J. Kimsey Rob Kincart Paul E. Klassen Jo Klausner Lucille Klimek Knights of Columbus, St Joseph

Gifts to

On behalf of our elderly clients, we thank you for helping us connue to fulfill our mission. With your contribuons, VISTE is able to serve nearly 4,000 seniors in our community. Seigfried H. Knock Gregory L. Koch Kathryn Koch Lori Kuczynski Amy & Ed Laderer Janis R. Lafferty Shirley Lahr Lakeland Automall Lakeland Community Theater Lakeland Housing Authority Lakeland Lions Club Lakeland Regional Medical Ctr. Lakeland Surgical & Diagnosc Ctr Thelma B. Lamb Ethelyn Lamorey Joel Landau William C. & Shirley F. Langbein Bruce & Lydia Langford Martha M. Langston Shannon I. Lanier Pamela & Michael LaPan Victoria Larue Steve Lash Sarah R. & Jeff D. Lamer Barbara Latvis Eugene A. Laurent Arlene T. Lawver Milford E. & Sue W. League Bruce R. & Linda Leber Anna K. Lehnert Virginia Leroux Rosalita Leroy Tara Letchworth Debra Ann Leue Jack Levine Diane Levy Charlene & Joseph Lewis Grace & Herman Lewis Larry Libertore Liberty Steel Erectors Kent Lilly Dorothy M. Lind Martha D. Linder Chrisne Lindsey Jonathan E. & Ashley C. Link Dr. Charles Llano Terrie Lobb James J. & Diane M. Lobinsky Paul A. Lochia.o John Locke Michelle Lockhart Kathy Lonsfoote Ronald & Barbara Losch Fred & Sheila Lo.erhos Caroline Low Beverly G. & John S. Lowman Marjorie Lucas Queen Lucke.

Katrina Lunsford Caroline B. Lyle David P. & Constance W. Lyons Thomas W . & Doris B. Lyons Robert S. & Jane B. Macey Gregory A. & Lory K. Madden Robert L. Madden Stephen & Stephanie Madden Harry G. Maddox Maria Mahoney Aaron L. Mahr Ida Manning John Marker Nadine Marrone Marshall Jewelers Barbara Marn Gwendolyn Joy Marn E .Snow Marn Jr. Mark A. Marn Woodrow Marn Charles A. Jr Masek Ed & Linda Mason Richard F. & Elizabeth B. Mason Gregory A. & Ansley Masters John Matejek Dale Mathias Margaret Matrachia Mary Mauro Mary S. & Joseph P. Mawhinney Bob Max Joseph A. & Suzanne P. Mayo Sanfra Mays Sco. J. & Julie McBride Thomas McClane Wayne L. McClinc Vane & Virginia McClurg Duane F. McConnell Joseph A. & Virginia B. McDonald Joseph & Marie McDonough David & Nancy McEnre Helen J. McGrena Sarah D. McKay Peggy McKeel Seth McKeel John C. & Mary C. McKnight Douglas P. McLaulin Shirley McLeod Judith H. McMahon Meet & Greet Club of Greater Lkld Joseph A. Megy Patricia N. Meland Jack O. Mengel Anne Marie Meo Thelma B. Meriwether Robert H. Mero Robert E. Merri. Rosemary H. Merz Jo Ann Mesina

Janet Crandall Messina George F. Meyers Constance Michael William Mac Midye.e, III Linda S. Miles Sherry Miles Althea Miller Anthony H. Miller Be.y Smith Miller Dale A. & Amy J. Miller Diana M. Miller Earline E. Miller Larry L. & Linda A. Miller Nancy Miller Richard & Be.y M. Miller Robert A. & Diana M. Miller Janet Miller-Fus Tom Mims Robert J. Minisci Dr. Rodolfo G. & Maria Luisa Miro Migule & Maria Luisa Monge Bobby L. Moore Stephen A. Moore Steven T. & Ann R. Moore Paul K. & Adele M. Morgan Judith Morris Shirley Morrison Albert Morrow Maureen Mosher Karyn R. Muir Jay Mulaney Craig A. Mundy Peter Munson Alice Murray Helen L. Musso William & Pam Mutz Krisn Myrick N. American Comm. Foundaon Richard Nail Lorraine Nardi Dorothy H. Neitzke Mary Nelson Joe & Martha Nemechek Catherine A. Neslund Annie R. Newberry Barbara C. Newell Roleigh Newman Robert T. Newsome Theodore G. Nichols Don & Harriet Nickel Dr. Sherrie Nickell Martha Nicole.e Nis Nissen III Kawveh Nofallah Paul J. & Rebecca L. Noris North Stars Sherry Northcu. Deborah Oakes

Gifts to Heather E. O'Connor William M. & Rosemary M. Odum Elaine L. Ogilvie Jerry G. & Cinda K. Oldenkamp Anne McNeill Olliff Frank J. & Alice O'Reilly Agueda Orz Tiffany Paige Osler Thelma L. Osteen Melvin M. & Barbara Osthoff Vivian H. O=nger Clifford K. & Katherine L. O.o George H. Overstreet Philip S. & Jeane S. Owen Donald & Be.y Page Gertrude I. Paque.e Jimmy W. Parham Barbara Parkhurst Gene & Kathleen H. Parks Catherine K. Parrish Henry A. & Sarah G. Parrish Terry P. & Sharon Pasine= Thomas G. & Susan M. Pate Eleanor L. Pa.erson Thomas A. & Stephanie E. Pa.erson Be.y Paul Paxson Morrison Foundaon Warren S. & Grace M. Payne William T. Peck Maxine O. Peick Susan M. & John G. Penn Louis Perez Dorothy L. Perry William M. Perry Tom & Sally Petcoff Richard C. & Nancy A. Peterson Louise J. Pfeil Doris Phaneuf Mark A. & Jane K. Phillips Raymond B. & Betsy L. Phillips Brian & Brandie Philpot Physicians United Plan, Inc. Martha Piltz Dorothy Pinkley Mary Ann Pipping Plaspak Packaging, Inc. Frances B. Poff Marie W. Pospichal Mrs. W. K. Pou David S. Prosser Dorothy & Bernard Prunner Publix Employees Federal Credit Union Publix Super Markets Charies, Inc. Duane Pugh Michele A. Purcell Carlton N. Putnam Laura M. Quillen Gerald S. & Joan M. Rabin

On behalf of our elderly clients, we thank you for helping us connue to fulfill our mission. With your contribuons, VISTE is able to serve nearly 4,000 seniors in our community. Barbara W. & Cesar Ramirez Trudy Rankin Opal Raulerson Hildegard Read James A. & Mary S. Ready Joye B. Reagan Mack & Doris Ann Reavis Steve & Aimee Reed Loys Reeves Regal Automove Group Debra Regan Buddy Register Albert & Mary Reiter Brian E. & Jane Renz Fred L. Reuschling Tom & Do.y Reuschling Arthur Reynolds Nicole M. Reynolds Norma Helene Rice Eleanor C. Richardson Delores Ritenour Brooke D. & Marsha H. Roberts Eugene L . & Judith C. Roberts Michael D . & Lillian J. Roberts James D. Robinson Elizabeth Rocker Rodda Construcon Mercedes G. Rodriguez Nancy S. Roth Mary L . & Robert A. Roy Martha H. Royan Bruce A. & Marie C. Rumph Mark Rust Estelle Rybinski Louis & Joan Saco Saddle Creek Corporaon Jo Ann Saldana Harold A. & Bonnie G. Sale Marc & Ellen D. Salm Sylvia Samson Gean Sanders Wayne & Evelyn Sangster Margaret L. Sapp Eleanor Saucy Robert N. Saunders Harry M. Jr. Sawyer Josephine Lee & Aubrey D. Sawyer Ruth D. Scharf William Schichtel, Jr. Karen Schick Lois A. Schrader David Schultz Mary Ann Schwi.ers Steven & Tammy Scruggs Linda A. Searl Philip T. Sebring Ellen M. Sefchick Brockman C. & Mary Ellen Self

Donald R. Selvage Thomas Sharp Patricia A. Sheck Bernita C. Shields Janet D. & Timothy Shields Rosamond Shillito William & Jennifer L. Shillito Judith L. Shively Riley P. Short Connie Shroyer Anne D. Sigler Chrisne P. Sikes Sondra S. Simon Larry D. & Linda V. Simpson Carol P. & Christopher B. Sipe Ruth A. Sisson Sisters of Charity Russell C. & Betsy R. Sklenicka Robert Slama Larry J. & Jean E. Sledge Karl B. Sliger Michael M. & Mary Sligh Ihla P. Sloman Pauline Slusar Harold M. & Sylvia M. Smeltzly Catherine Smith Daniel R. Smith Gary D. & Janice R. Smith Gloria A. Smith Kenneth L. Smith Morris Smith Ruth V. Smith Wya. Smith Rodney L. & Judy E. Snow Andy & Carly E. Snyder Marybeth V. Soderstrom Helen Sorrenno Harold T. Spears Jr. James W. & Juanita S. Spence Mary L. Spencer Angelo P. Spoto Keith P. & Tracie D. Spoto Leon Springs St Francis ThriI Bow-Tique Bernadine A. Stachowiak Mark & Barbara Stampfl Bob W. Stanley Nancy L. Stanley Doran R. Stark Dr. Lisa S. Starks-Estes Anita & Michael Stasiak Lorraine Stehle Jack T. & Beverly L. Stephens Richard B. & Mary M. Stephens William W. & Barbara A. Stewart Marcia M. Slle Jean H. Snson Sara Stobert

Gifts to Robert D. Stokes Dr. John & Antone.e Stone Virginia Stone Donald & Lillian Sto. Iris Strader Monica & Ronald Strahley Hobson L. & Susan Strain Ernest Straughn Eugene & Jane Strickland Naomi N. Stuart Thomas M. Stull Richard E. & Theresa Sue.erlin Earline Sullen Frances A. Sullivan Benjamin F. Summerlin Helen K. Sumner Joyce E. Swiadek Jack Swisher Arlene Tallerico Ruth M. Taylor Ruthellen M. Taylor William & Wanda Taylor Nancy S. Tepedino Catherine E. Teston The Cricke.e Club of Bartow The Girata Group, Inc. The Sanoba Law Firm Jeanne.e H. Therriault Mary Thielen Be=e P. Thomas Glenna S. Thomas Ron & Saundra Thomas Jane Thompson Rex Thompson Alfred C. Thullberry Jr. Robert B. Tiller Robin & Sean Tille. Mary Margaret Tinney Robert Titus Mildred Todd H .R. Todd Tom Edwards, Inc. Marcia P. Tomkow Ronald W. Tomlin Pa.y Tomlinson Ed & Rose Tomon Trena K. Topper Janie F. Towne Laura P. Towne Marilee H. Trask Amanda Traweek Ethel M. Trew Trinity Presbyterian Church of Lkld Patricia Tripp Jusn M. Troller Frederica Trovillion Esther Troyer Suzanne P. Trueblood

On behalf of our elderly clients, we thank you for helping us connue to fulďŹ ll our mission. With your contribuons, VISTE is able to serve nearly 4,000 seniors in our community. Marilee B. Trui. Anne T. Tucker Henry & Charlo.e Tucker Janet H. Tucker Stuart & Mary Tullis Roy Tye Fran Umstadter United Methodist Women Circle 8 United Methodist Women Circle 17 United Methodist Temple Men's Club United Way of Central Florida United Way of Tampa Bay Robert L. Valenne Sergio H. & Mirtha A. Vallejo Henrie.a A. Valley Nina O. Van Dyke Jacqueline Valenno Jack & Ann Varasse Lori Donahue Vaske William H. & Marsha C. Vass Laxmanrao & Madhavi Venigalla James S. & Laura L. Verplanck Victory Church Marc Volpe Katherine K. Vousden W. S. Badcock Wachovia Foundaon Ben F. & Janice W. Wade Ma.hew Wade Ma.hew R. & Courtney L. Wade Marjorie & Ernest Wagner Sally L. Walker Wilburn M. & Annie M. Walker Lee Wall Janet G. Wallace Nancy Walters Frances Ward Debbie Ward-Terry Sherry J. Warren Cornelia Waters Anne O. Watkins Julie & Chip Watkins Louise M. 'Weebo' Watkins Clyde Watkins Watson Clinic Elizabeth S. Watson Sarah Watson Virginia Weaver Lois E. Webb James & Suzanne M. Weeks Jeannine A. & Ralph W. Weeks Peggy Weinstein Mark & Ann Wellman Rose Welton Gerald W. Whalen Glyn B. Wheeler Margaret A. & CliIon Wheeler Geneva Whitaker

Harry E. White Avis Whiteleather Lula Belle WhiField Walter & Barbara Whi.emore Jo Ann Whi.enberg Robin L. & Janet S. Wickman Lisa A. Wieber Marta Wiedner Howard & Linda Wiggs James L. & Kimberly A. Wilbanks Greg Wilhelm Kenneth F. Wilhelm John E. Wilkinson Ann MacKay Williams Helga E. Williams Margaret F. Williams Patricia Williams Robert E. & Mary Ann Williams Ada Lee C. Wills Cliord Wilson Mary Ann Wilson Natalie R. Wilson Tracy A. Wilson Genevieve Wilusz Doug & Amy Wimberly Donald F. & Sarah H. Winslow Rebecca S. & Timothy J. Wise Lester Wishnatzki Wilfred W. Wolfson Women of United Methodist Temple Carrie Woodham Ronald E. & Dana C. Woodsby Robin N. Wooten Joseph & Mary Wortman Glenn & D. Michelle Wright Steve R. & Cheri J. Wright Helen V. Yates William Yates Cathy Young Myrce P. Young Young Patriot's Foundaon, Inc. Kathryn R. Zapotechne Zimmermann Associates Sunny & Jan Zimmermann Glennie M. Zinn Zonta Club of Bartow

Save the Date! Saturday, February 4th, 2012

The 6th Annual VISTEBall was held at Tiger Town on February 5th, 2011. With your support, we raised $185,186! On behalf of our clients ...Thank You!

is an indoor golf blowout where you can chip, pu., and play your way to great prizes. It’s a fun me for the pro, the hacker, or the person who has never held a club a day in their life! You’ll have a blast and all proceeds will help VISTE connue to serve the elderly.

April 6, 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Eleanor Clark Richardson’s contribu on to VISTE focuses on service, and she takes commitment very seriously. Dr. Sam Clark embodied the spirit of service to the elderly, and Eleanor embraces philanthropic service to its full poten al. Quiet and reserved, she has an almost reverent approach to helping others. It is not rare to find our elderly clients asking about her in her absence. She is the first person hundreds of our clients see each month. She is pleasant and sympathe c, and knows our clients by name. Eleanor has forged many special rela onships with clients, making an impact on their lives. She makes them feel comfortable and welcome during a me when many of them may be struggling.

As one of VISTE’s original champions, Dr. Sam Clark also emphasized the importance of service to those in need. An RN by trade, Eleanor knows exactly what that’s about. In fact, she learned this importance of service from Dr. Sam Clark himself.

Tirelessly and steadfast, for nearly 13 years, Eleanor has represented these ideals and values that were set forth before her. These are the kind of values that drive someone to kindly greet each and every one of the 200+ commodity clients that come to VISTE on a busy Monday to collect their groceries. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, but she always pulls it off with a smile. These are the ideals that encourage a volunteer to invest in members of her community, and the passion that has kept her coming to VISTE. This dedica on is an homage to Dr. Sam Clark himself and celebrates his spirit of service. As someone who has watched VISTE grow, from a few hundred clients to nearly 4,000, we honor this year’s Volunteer of the Year as an example to others. She is an advocate for those we serve and a volunteer who embraces VISTE’s mission as if it were her own.

Elfried Pennekamp was a volunteer who went above and beyond the call of duty. “Excep onal” describes just that. In 2010, and since their own incep on years ago, the recipients of the Elfried Pennkamp award have always gone above and beyond … and then beyond that! Victory Church told us me and me again: YES, we’ll hold a canned food collec on. YES, we’ll hold a personal care collec on. YES, we will showcase your agency at our events. YES, we’ll post that informa on in the bulle n, our marquee, and we’re sure if they could, they’d write it across the sky. Victory Church’s support for our programs surpasses our expecta ons every me, and whenever we need volunteers – no maer how big or small the job is – they always come through. They build wheelchair ramps, and make minor (and some mes major!) home repairs. They collect copious amounts of needed items for our clients. They spread the word among everyone they know about our services and needs. Victory’s congrega on is thousands of amazing people that live right here in our community. They are your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. They are a staff and congrega on led by servant leaders. They are those who prac ce what they preach, and are always there when we make the call. They are … extraordinary. And they are this year’s recipients of the Elfried Pennekamp Award for Excep onal Service.

Congratulaons Victory Church!

The 2011 Volunteer of the Year and recipient of the Dr. Sam Clark award is Dr. Clark’s daughter, and an incredible friend of VISTE.

Congratulaons, Eleanor Clark Richardson!

Photo Credits: Pierre DuCharme The Ledger

Photo Credit: Pierre DuCharme

VISTE Volunteer luncheon 2011: We We’’re your biggest fans!

Each year, the Judy Dobbs Memorial Leadership Award recognizes a member of the VISTE Board who not only shines as a leader, but pays tribute to Judy’s legacy: striving for excellence, and serving the elderly. This year’s recipient does both. Susie Penn has embodied the phrase, “above and beyond.” Currently in her eighth year serving on the VISTE board, Susie has made it her personal mission to raise funds that help serve the needs of our clients. She has been an incredible asset to VISTE’s annual fundraiser, VISTEBall by playing a key role in securing sponsorships, and is part of the reason we con nue to exceed our fundraising goals each year.

Congratulaons Susie Penn!

Congratulaons Lakeland Highlands Middle School! It’s absolutely amazing what young people can accomplish when they put their minds and hearts into it. At VISTE, we regularly see what an influence our students have on their peers and community through their kindness toward those in need. Canned food collec ons are common among our local schools, and the robust dona ons flow in on a regular basis. Each and every school that puts their efforts toward these collec ons is to be commended. Educators and students lead by example, and as we’ve seen for several years, regardless of the economic climate, people come through for our clients. Just like this year’s recipient of the Jeffrey Perkins Award, they con nue to remember what most of us take for granted every day.

Each December, VISTE distributes personal care boxes to over 400 of our clients. Selected students from Lakeland Highlands Middle School collect and deliver personal care items to nearly 100 clients every December. Not only are these personal care boxes useful to our clients, but the visit and socializa on the client receives from the student is so important. Addi onally, Lakeland Highlands Middle School students spearhead a Valen ne’s Day canned food collec on for VISTE each year, broadcas ng the need to not only their students, but to the public. This outreach is so beneficial to our clients. Always an advocate for the elderly, and an example to their peers, the recipients of the 2011 Jeffrey Perkins Award for an Outstanding Youth or School is Lakeland Highlands Middle School, and its Peer Mediators. Photo Credit: Pierre DuCharme

Volunteers in Service to the Elderly 1232 E. Magnolia St. Lakeland, FL 33801 Mark Your Calendar! JULY 1 Red, White & Kaboom! Lake Mirror @ 6pm Canned Food Collection to Benefit VISTE JULY 13 & AUG 10 Volunteer Orientation @ 1pm Held at VISTE Headquarters NOVEMBER 21 Annual Thanksgiving Bean Snap First Presbyterian Church @ 10am

NOVEMBER 23 Thanksgiving Meal Deliveries The Lakeland Center @ 3:30pm DECEMBER 5 Personal Care Box Deliveries Begin

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Canned goods, non-perishables

Personal care items, toiletries

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Volunteers to perform minor home repairs

Volunteers to build wheelchair ramps

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