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SEPTEMBER 30, 2011




Unity Luncheon brings ASB and Senate MVUSD allows onsite closer to each other, unites leadership use of social networks S everal weeks ago, the Murreta Valley



Photos courtesy of James Jesperson

UNITED- Various ASB and Senate members pose for pictures with their newly-acquainted buddies. The event was held in the VMHS cafeteria. NATALIE HADWEH Staff Writer


Yet another succesful canned-food drive





“I think this luncheon is the start to a long lasting tradition [between] ASB and Senate.”


year, however,

-Photos/Compiled by Cameron Tu


9/11 Never Forget

It’s been 10 years since the events of 9/11. Teachers and students remember. PAGE 04, 05

O’Neill Fashion Show

Grace An won the 2011 O’Neill Fashion Show! Read about the event, and her. PAGE 08, 09

Great Indie Music

Tired of boring mainstream music? We’ve reviewed a few “indie” artists you’ll love. PAGE 10

SEPTEMBER 30, 2011



Temecula’s 13th annual “Race for the Cure” sees massive participation

Newsline A quick look at events happening on campus.

Minimum Days



Happy Holidays! READY, SET, GO- Participants sprint away from the starting line, which was at The Promenade mall.

Freshman Final Reviews (Link Crew)


VMHS Holiday Band Concert

VMHS Jazz Band Concert th

Senior “Grad Ad” Final Deadline

VMHS Class of 2014 Prom Site Visits -Compiled by Cameron Tu

Garry Chambers remembered by VMHS students and staff BAYLEI HARBOUR Staff Writer

As Good as it Gets

Courtesy of Butch Owens COMMEMORATED-

-The Vista View thanks Mr. Chambers for his service.

DECEMBER 5, 2011



“Bright Lights, City Nights” homecoming enjoyed by all CASEY CONTRERAS Staff Writer

“I was really thrilled with the outcome! It was the biggest homecoming so far at VMHS [...]” This year’s Homecoming season comes to a close with “Bright Lights, City Nights.” With a budget of nearly 1,500 students, this year’s Homecoming dance was surely an event to remember. All of the credit for the organization of this event goes to the Commissioners of Dance: Allison Vergara 12, Emily Olson, 11, and Geordyn Coker, 12, who spent almost two months planning. They started from choosing the theme to coordinating corsages with tuxes. These leaders know that organization is key. “I was really thrilled with the outcome! It was the biggest homecoming so far at VMHS and I liked the way we chose to set things up, it felt very spacious!” said Vergara. Planning an event that will serve an entire done without careful planning. Especially when part these three easily overcame that. “We made sure to stay on top of things and organized, we made MANY to do lists and we made sure to communicate with one another regularly! Communication is key!” explained Vergara. Not only did they have to plan the school dance, but also the Homecoming football game half time show and court announcements. “The hardest part, well everything was stressful, but I would have to say the half time show

with the theme,” said Vergara. And special it was. The Homecoming Court King and Queen titles went to James Jesperson and Meghan Goulet. The Half Time show was a skit on New York gossip magazines and a parade of themed

of sixteen court members. A lot of hard work and time went into creating the crowned royalty which is a moment that they could remember for the rest of their lives. Same can be said for any other student who was a night to remember. With a ‘Make your own Video’, Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, Laser Tag, smoothies, and a DJ, the dance was packed with things to do. An overwhelming amount of things.

“I learned to not stress as much because if I take things one day at a time then everything will fall into place,” explained Vergara. The stresses of Homecoming are now behind and Winter Formal is approaching. Already in the process of being planned, this next dance is one of the last big awaited events of the year, apart from Graduation and Prom. Photos by Casey Contreras

Aurelia Ellis, security staff member, given surprise party NATALIE HADWEH Staff Writer member, was given a surprise birthday party in the security 15 to show her how much the school misses her and how much everyone appreciates the hard work she has put into keeping Vista Murrieta a safe campus. “She is missed so much by the security very close friend to me personally and I love her to pieces,” said Melinda Howard, security member.

Ellis has worked in the Murrieta Valley district for over 15 Valley High School and then at Vista Murrieta the second year it opened. About a month ago, Ellis had to leave due to lung conditions that were irreversible. Doctors told her that she could not work anymore because she would need to carry oxygen all the time. Acda,


picked Ellis up from her home and provided her a police escort to the party, which took

Photos by Natalie Hadweh “She, of course, cried when she saw everyone here. They were tears of much joy. She misses our school and especially our students” said Howard.

Ellis’ family members came as well. Her husband Tom Ellis

old friends came to the birthday. This allowed them to catch up with each other. She appreciated everything that the school has done for her.

came to support, and surprise, Aurelia Ellis on her birthday. “It was an awesome day,” Howard said happily.

David, and her three grandchildren.

DECEMBER 9, 2011


04 CAMERON TU Editor-in-Chief No more than three years ago, in this very publication, I wrote about Redbox. I praised its overall superiority to (then) commonplace video rental stores, like Blockbuster and Hollywood video. Almost all of the things that were true then, remain true now. Redbox is innovative, thing that’s changed is how I feel about Redbox. Where praise and optimism once stood, remains pessimism, chagrin, and, daresay I, anguish. Redbox was at the forefront of the advent of DVDs—being converted into purely digital media, physically intangible. Sure, Redbox didn’t do quite this; it merely set the stage for it. Redbox helped to stream the entire movie rental process. It cut the overhead dramatically. Where several thousand square-feet of space, endless shelves, and plastic “wasted” on printing movie box covers were once

it needed inside, and it ran 24/7. In every way it trampled, maimed, and discarded the “Achilles’ heel” of movie rental stores. How? Simply put, it was cheaper. This, in turn, the renters—lower overhead meant lower rental costs. At $1/night Redbox is undoubtedly cheaper than Blockbuster ever was. But that might still not be a good thing.

citizens of the town in which the store is located. Does Redbox hire dozens of Broncos? No, and it never will. It’s a kiosk, an un-manned one at that, to it is paradoxical. Sure, someone will be required to time you saw that happening? Personally, I have yet to see it. Blockbuster, on the other hand, did hire Broncos. system is that it is centered on a machine. A machine will not provide customer service, assistance,

or anything else that its human-counterpart can be expected to do. All it can be expected to do is distribute and collect DVDs in the most impersonal manner as possible, if it’s even working. I’ve encountered more than my fair share of rental troubles through Redbox and Blockbuster. With Redbox, I’ve had to deal with $1 being “stolen” from me. I rent my movie, take it home, put it into the Blu-Ray player and get the “disc error” message. Now what am I supposed to do? Complain to an employee about a scratched disk? I can’t, because there isn’t anyone to complain face-to-face to. “1-800” helplines are either never helpful or open when you need them. I ’ v e dealt with the same problem at Blockbuster. However, the “no play” was a simple 5-minute drive back to the store, asking to see the service rep, and receiving a replacement. This brings me to my next argument, which borders on the minutia. Redbox is impersonal. Blockbuster wasn’t. Perhaps my brightest memory of Blockbuster was going to the store with my dad to pick up a movie. I’d enter the store, and pass through the rotating circle-barrier to be greeted by endless rows of shelves holding hundreds, if not thousands of movies, surrounded by larger-than-life movie posters, cutouts, and

themed wallpaper. Does Redbox have that? No. Will Redbox ever give you the opportunity to hold, and look, at the box of the movie you’re about to get? Will it ever give you an un-needed movie poster, cutout, or banner? The answer to all of those questions is, simply, no. Redbox has no boxes (paradoxically), no immersion (unless touchscreens excite you), and no movie posters, cutouts, or banners to give you. Blockbuster is gone, and I guess we’ll all have to deal with that. The “Blockbuster” imposter that has been left behind is no more than the orphan child of the old bygone Blockbuster and dominant-in-thistime Redbox. Blockbuster has so few physical locations and has, in vain, been trying to distribute movies seen a “Bluebox”, distasteful. I’ve seen their online distribution website and it, too, was distasteful. F o r me the only real, physically t a n g i b l e , reminder of what is now vanished are two movies posters, from Inception and X, that were given to us by Blockbuster employees on their last day of work. They hang above our Dell “Vista View” computers as a reminder that maybe old isn’t bad. It, personally, gives me hope that people will see that newspapers are quickly becoming the “Blockbuster” of their industry.

The rise of social networking could be a good, or bad, thing NIKKI CARTER Viewpoint Editor Up until a few years ago, sites hardly existent and far less popular. With the upcoming generation, these social networks have risen as a main way of communication not only b e t w e e n teens, but adults as well. Many, like me, have the global usage of social networking sites, what with family overseas and expensive phone bills,

MySpace have helped establish constant communication where it was before impossible. Should I wish to share photos with my Auntie in London, instant message my cousin in the Philippines, or keep tabs on the happenings of my favorite music group, these sites have made all this just one simple click of the mouse away. Even teachers have begun to use these sites as a way to inform their students of assignments and other classroom activities. Not to mention, these internet hangout

spots have made it easier to and discuss with people one may not have ever had the opportunity to do so with otherwise. Amendments have been made for those who

brought on by overly-dramatized media, which seems to report the tragic meeting of a child and kidnapper every other week. These fears are no longer truly

“Social networks have risen as a main way of communication not only between teens, but adults as well.”

invasive, such as the many new privacy options that are now available to ensure that your information is only viewable to those one wishes to see it. In all overstretched their bounds, one should simply not use them. It seems that much of the hype of with social networking sites have been

many internet precautions have been put in place. If we can properly use these modern tools, we can easily create new bonds and establish communication with the rest of the world. With this comes the ability to people from countries across the world, learn new cultures, and

DECEMBER 9, 2011



The untold story of the life of multi-cultural students NIKKI CARTER Viewpoint Editor It is common knowledge that California is a

and dream of a day where I can go to the place where

Texting improves “link” between teachers and students last










parents when their child misses or fails a practice

SAM GOATS Staff Writer parents of a is taking over as the predominant

“Texting is convenient because it is faster and frequently used.”

program that from Nicholas

is still deciding advantage




and don’t


know it’s good to regarding









reminders for homework

having to keep track of what their homework is or when tests dates



DECEMBER 9, 2011

Boys Polo celebrates end of season with a splash FRANK CUCCIA Sports Editor

“The entire game had been a torrent of willfull desire from both sides.” The question on everyone’s mind: “Did the boys varsity water polo team sink beneath the surface tension or swim against the current to success?” For

league championship title for Vista. Although their time may be up for the season, it’s never a bad time to recap on some great achievements that the boys earned in their time this year. There was nothing short of heart and determination in every water polo game this season Broncos played, they were met with courageous what. For example, the Broncos made school history by snatching a CIF League Championship title from the exceptionally talented Chaparral Pumas. Also, when the Broncos played against the Lake Elsinore

Courtesy of Keith Good VICTORY- The boys varsity water polo team, along with their coach Dan Hipp, participate in the VMHS alma mater in celebration of their victory. everyone on the team,” Caraway stated. The members of the team have proven to be an impressive bunch, not just because of their skill

for the Broncos, but the Tigers never backed down. The entire game had been a torrent of willful desire from both sides, and each team had earned the respect of the other when the game had ended. This twenty

and out of the pool. After each game, the team would get up and treat the other team with the utmost respect, never once turning around to badmouth

victors; sometimes the Broncos, sometimes another team. However, the Broncos won far more than they

the positives of their performance that day. Colin

this season on the team. “I was taking names each game,” Moore

that made him a key player on the team. “From what [Caraway] had said, I was a dominant set player this season, but it was, really,

all season. Overall, I had a great time this year.” It certainly felt that way for everyone on the team

Courtesy of Keith Good

about their season and each other because of how close the team is to each member. It’s not often that

team’s performance this season and displays the importance of friendship for all to see. Alex Caraway,

and closeness; this was an important asset to the

goalie for the team.

Obviously, good nature and skill emanate from each member of the boys varsity water polo team and each member treats another with equal

for them and despite the waning season, let us never

Varsity wrestler Vandrick Cruz, 11, has high hopes for future positive that the team has grown to where they can overcome these formidable wrestling forces. Cruz has also made another realization: there are two important hindrances that he must defeat to meet his many goals. “I need to improve my mental toughness,

FRANK CUCCIA Sports Editor

“Wrestling has been on Cruz’s mind and he tries to improve on his weaknessess to beat those tough schools out there.”

improve my overall technique,” Cruz stated. The funny thing is, though, that wrestling

year, he was turned down despite his natural ability. Thankfully, Cruz turned to wrestling and fostered a great respect and love for the sport, and is glad

Everyone has rooted for a favorite team, but have you ever taken the time to get to know the individuals that make up the team? If not, then here’s your chance, because it’s time to meet an important member of the boys varsity wrestling team, Vandrick Cruz. Cruz has high hopes for himself this season. Making his debut last year on varsity wrestling, wrestling may be a winter sport, Cruz has taken the extra time to improve on what he has learned in varsity wrestling as well as keeping his grades up in order to meet his 3.5 GPA requirement and to play for the team and maybe earn a patch or two for his his fellow team members and thinks that they will

regardless of whether he made it or not. “I have a really good feeling that we can Right now, wrestling has been on Cruz’s mind as he tries to improve on his weaknesses in order to beat those tough schools out there. Cruz realizes that Murrieta Valley and Great Oak will prove challenging to him and his team, but he is also

never learned about wrestling and would’ve given up something that is very important to me today,” Cruz stated. Cruz has set many achievable goals that he is certain that he and the team will achieve with some good old blood, sweat, and tears. However, he is also aware of the impending dangers from other local schools, his mental performance, and his technique, all of which will help properly motivate Cruz to work harder than he already has. If Cruz can overcome these important obstacles, then the only thing to worry about is how far the team will go this winter season.

DECEMBER 9, 2011


Girls varsity golf had a great season FARID GANIME Staff Writer The girls varsity golf team went undefeated in the season and were crowned champions of the division. The varsity golf team accomplished their personal goal of defeating long-time rival Great Oak. This year, the golf team went 10-0 and did not have to share the title of League Champion with Great Oak, as they had to last year. “The girls worked so hard and I’m happy they get the outright league champion banner,” assistant coach and science teacher, Michael Chiarella, commented. This season in Vista Girls varsity golf history that the team got their own banner in the gymnasium. This championship was a proud advancement over last year where Vista tied for champion with the Greak Oak

Staff Writer

“My favorite thing about Water Polo is the team aspect of the sport and the bonds that you form [...]”

Photos by Bob Cape, team. Achieving victory this season played above the bar set by last year’s the way they did was not an easy task team. Gariepy got a medal in CIF this in the slightest. The varsity golf team season and it is possible that she will be really had to show up ready and play the senior captain of the team next year. as hard as they could. Also Texie Petchal , “I played well 9, will motivate the through season as I “It was a great underclassmen into awaited CIF. Today, season. The girls following the same victorious paths as this round in Southern worked very hard year’s upperclassmen. Section Team CIF and the future The team is also on and I was a medalist the path to repeating looks bright.” with a 2 under par, their championship 70, total. My lowest next year. 9-hole score is a 34 for this “It was a great season. The season,” said Carolane Gariepy, 11. girls worked very hard and the future This year the entire golf team looks bright” Chiarella said.

Sports Editor

“The boys’ basketball team should give us quite a thrill this year.”

sophomore year last fall, and this year I have been practicing with the varsity team.” Turner stated. She explained that M.E.S.A. Aquatics and Vista’s swim team aren’t demanded much from the swimmers in a way that motivated them to get and that each have taught

wouldn’t want to have to give up one for the other. Turner started Water Polo friends. Her goal this year for water polo is to become a varsity starter. For swim, her goal is to bring down her

“We’ve got six seniors and the team’s performance level is further along than last year.”

This same sensation also has the coach and some of the players excited as well. Andy Rucker, the head coach of boys basketball, feels that the boys will be performing at an optimal level this season because of the overall structure of the team. Rucker also shed some light on his reasons to believe why the boys will be exceptional. “We’ve got six seniors and the team’s performance level is further along than last year,” Rucker said. “All of these factors bid well for us this season.” This is an impressive stroke of

Allison Turner , 11, spends a lot of her free time in the water. She is an active participant on both the varsity swim team and the water polo team. “I’ve been on VMHS Varsity Swimming since freshman year. I took it up because at the time I had been in club swimming for about two years at an awesome club called M.E.S.A. Aquatics and I was eager to start school swim. I also play water polo which I

“I like that it’s [a sport] you ways. Neither is can push yourself in.” other and she


waiting for. The satisfying sound of a swished shot from the three-point line for the win could get anyone up and on their way to watch the Broncos in

Allison Turner, 11, deeply dedicated to varsity swim team KERRIE-ANN BEKE

A positive outlook for boys basketball

It is one of the most popular sports in the world; one of the greatest sports of its season. It is approaching fast and invokes great excitement in all of us. What is the sports name? One we all know and love: basketball.

07 luck for Rucker since it is his second Kurt Ruth, the former head coach of boys basketball team, passed on the team to Rucker. He accepted his new role gladly and hopes to lead the boys on to many great victories during their high school years. Since Rucker has assumed control of the team, they have accepted him as the new head coach of boys basketball and has earned the respect of all involved. Cody Pham, 11, head coach’s assistant point-of-view. “Despite who was in charge, the guys have been playing great for all four years that everyone has been involved in basketball,” Pham stated. Rucker seems to think so, too. He trusts the many players that will be returning from tryouts and also believes that he has the necessary

requirements to take on the crosstown rivals of the valley: Murrieta Valley and Great Oak. Rucker believes that these teams than ever before because of their natural abilities and excellent coaching. “Murrieta Valley has a year, Rucker said. “Great Oak and Temecula [Valley] are no pushovers, either.” Overall, the boys’ basketball team should give us quite a thrill this year because of the natural talent that Rucker has deemed suitable to play on that is displayed by each member as well. Look forward to fantastic performances by the boys and witness as the team takes it to the court this winter season.

from last season by two seconds. Her competitive spirit is what motivates her to push herself towards her goal. “My favorite thing about Water Polo is the team aspect of the sport and the bonds that you form with your friends on the team, as well as its competitiveness. For swim, I like the fact that it is an individual sport that only you can push yourself in, and see the results of your “I’m a really on hard work diligent person, manifest within and I just try to your dropped do my best [...]” times,” Turner explained. The bonds in water polo, she believes, are much more close-knit than those made on the swim team. The team aspect of water polo led to the establishment of a core team. Their ability to work cohesively and the varying personalities is what she believes drew them together. While in swim, the sport is much more individual, she explained, and you rely on yourself more than anyone. “I’m a really diligent person, and I just try to do my best in everything to make it worthwhile.” Turner said.

DECEMBER 9, 2011



Club Mainstream helps build friendships Afable inspires writers to write for themselves

ALEJANDRA FUENTES Staff Writer Club Mainstream has been an organized club on campus for four years; it was founded by Veronica Gallegos, a former VMHS teacher, in the year of 2007 with the purpose of helping the “Kids of E41” –a program children and teenagers with physical from Down syndrome to autism. “[This club] helps people understand that there are other kids

ANNA LOPEZ Staff Writer

life. It helps the “Kids of E41” to work on their social skills as well, [because]

Photo by Alejandra Fuentes

MAINSTREAM- Mainstream students work on a project. Club mainstream helps students with disabilities make friends with other students on campus. Education class, stated. Voyles has been created a space to build a social life, for they are able to interact with general students from campus. General student body m e m b e r s

during second lunch. “When [I see]




“Afable is an avid reader, constantly being inspired and taking in new forms of literature.”

club on campus, both Voyles and

“[This club] helps people understand that there are other kids and abilities.”

and interact with these kids and build their own skills of responsibility and leadership.

12. A m o g responsibility

they think that it takes leadership to be responsible enough for the “Kids of E41” to rely on them and to put others before them. “The greatest thing is that

needs of these kids who need are,” Voyles stated.




a coming to room E141 on Wednesdays

Paolo Amog, who goes to Voyle’s class to spend time with the “Kids of E41”

during second lunch.

Dominic Parisi’s skillfull leadership shown by extracurriculars CARALINA LAWLESS Staff Writer

“I recently just got fascinated by the works of the Grimm Brothers.” When Irenz Afable, 12 is not doing AP homework or busy practicing for upcoming track stories in his free time. “I only write in my spare time, or when I’m bored,” he stated. Like most writers Afable is an and taking in new forms of literature. by the works of the Grimm Brothers,” Afable said, “so I like suspense and mystery.” Afable is currently writing his own series called, “Tale’s Misfortune,”

younger students in the program. There’s nothing I really dislike, may Like many students, his life

School is hard enough on curriculars, it’s a wonder any stu dent can keep up. Dominic Parisi, has a lot on his plate, especially with the role he plays on campus. the 4th period (Echo) Flight Command er,” Parisi, 11, says. “I also command the Color Guard with Richard Shoe

his peers. “I asked myself: What if I took urban legends and turned them into

looks up to. Many of his role models can be found right here on campus.

successful.” Using these urban legends, Afable can create many characters for his series that catch interest of many

to famous people as role models,” said Parisi. “I look close to home to who has years. That can include teachers such

qualities the legends bring. “The Slender Man, is a dark

such as Colonel Matera or Master Ser geant Shoemaker. Vista’s faculty really has a large group of role models that

wears a black suit and stalks people,”

leadership as the Flight Commander.” Parisi’s long list of titles didn’t quite a long time reach his goals. “It took a lot of time and ership position on campus. I com piled a large list of community ser

Photo by Caralina Lawless

anywhere else. He feels that these les sons learned could be a real asset to him in the future, especially in terms of future career choices. In terms of

ence on Parisi’s life, and what he has taken from it as well as what he contin

skills, planning and organization, you lates straight to the business world, the military, or any other career that I choose. With patience, a good listen ing ear, and dedication, any leader can be a success,” proclaimed Parisi. Parisi’s own role on campus

whelming, but while the work may in the Vista Murrieta community.

risi said he is “, also interested in teach ing history or studying psychology. like to pass down what I know to the

the lessons he’s learned and the con nections he’s made, he’s much more likely to reach his future goals.

creepiness of being alone, and after I wrote it I got paranoid at night.” tales, usually only taking up to one to two pages. “I get bored easily, so that means if a story gets too long, I tend to Afable tells how his writing will mainly stay as a hobby in the future, but he will still continue writing his series. “I doubt I would publish anything,” Afable says. “But who knows?” When Afable is not writing he also spends time outside. He is also this newspaper publication.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2011



Footloose ratings dance to the top Angels & Airwaves: Love Album, Pt.2



“Angels and Airwaves instantly grabs your attention from

Once Upon a Time, great new drama

We Don’t Need to Whisper I-Empire Love


Love, Pt. 2

Weekend Editor Love, Pt.2

DECEMBER 5, 2011



“Radioavdelningen” andas svenska kvalitet och smak (The Radio Dept. exudes Swedish quality and taste) FARID GANIME Staff Writer The Swedes can make amazing Indie music. The Radio Dept.’s Clinging to a Scheme has a relaxing

Indie artist Walter Cabal produces unique beats CASEY CONTRERAS Staff Writer

music, though. I think the value of art is something that compels me to play. When it turns into chasing a music career I think some of the luster is lost. Some of the realness becomes caught

Walter Cabal, a solo acoustic singer/songwriter, has taken his love for creating original, meaningful lyrthat's what happened to me - so I ics and made it stopped playing shows for about more than just two months until it was once again a “career”. Born about the value of the things I was and raised in singing about, instead of about the Southern Calicareer,” commented Cabal. fornia, Cabal’s passion for mu“Chain Reaction” in Anaheim sic started in the when he was opening for Robert seventh grade. After a band venues, therefore break up in late small crowds, 2009, Cabal took give the optimum his musical talperformance ents solo and has value for music been performing lovers. You can at local touring really get a taste acts and various of the artists’ pervenues for the sonal style and past two years. vibe. Most big Cabal claims to artists get lost get inspiration in the hype and from various their music besources, whether gins to lose it’s it be musicians personal touch or authors, such and the musician as C.S. Lewis and hardly seems like Dustin Kensrue. an artist, rather However, his a product. It is a passion comes from his drive of creating authentic music. a musician these “I'm interested in days who merely seeking out what's true and performs their what's meaningful. There's a music for the realness that happens when love of it instead the artists I look up to try to of personal gain. wrestle authentically with “I'm not sure ideas through their songs. I'm if I'm at the caliinterested in that. It makes me ber to collaborate sad that a lot of people, even with who I want a lot of my friends, are tricked into valuing music that's about... noth- to. Maybe I'd collaborate with some ing. I think a lot of my passion in writ- band with out a singer like Jakob or the ing music is a reaction to that. I tend to Mercury Program, maybe even Helios. want to write against a kind of unrelot of my faves,” said Cabal. Every musician is inspired Current pop culture appears to have swayed to favor music with low artistic value. Many songs do ences, and Cabal has opened for a wide mean nothing and have no particular enough mix of bands to claim so. If you are interested about meaning, other than to sell. Consumers these days have low expectations hearing more about Cabal, on Nov. 11 for lyrical merit, but if you look hard at Cafe Libertalia in San Diego, Walter enough there are plenty of artists and Cabal will be performing with Drea musicians around who make it their Marylin and more. Not only that, but focus to create art rather than a prod- he has a full length album on it's way in the next few months titled Between uct. “I've been doing all of what I do for- Lines. Be sure to check him out and if mally for about the last two years. I'm you like what you hear buy his album sure that it's not in pursuit of a career in and help fuel his passion for music.

tracks to raise the tempo which then smooth out into something serene, similar to the calm feeling one gets during a rainy car ride. The Radio Dept. is a relatively unknown band that comes from the country that year round. The Radio Dept. was started by Elin Amlered and Johan Duncanson in 1995 and was signed by Swedish indie label Labrador Records in 2001. Clinging to a Scheme is the latest album in the bands discography. I n Clinging to a Scheme, The Radio Dept.’s songs do not follow what mainstream songs do. There is no chorus that is replayed 90 times throughout the song, nor is there a simple beat like in a Nicky Minaj song, which makes Clinging to a Scheme beautiful to hear. The song “Never Follow Suit” has a part where the vocals stops and plays “All these other people who don’t write ,they’re excluded, I don’t care about them, They don’t It’s for us, It’s for us” from the Hip-Hop Documentary Style Wars. The Radio Dept. brings back a technique that was used in the mid 90’s in genre of music, a throwback to an era of rap where

Exactly what the Radio Dept. is doing, changing the rules. Clinging to a Scheme is a gem, which no one gets to hear. The songs rules of music such as long electronic solos and muzzled vocals. These rules that The Radio Dept. broke make music different f r o m anything I have ever heard. The album evokes a relaxing emotion that is unique and one has to experience f o r themselves. It’s a contrast of happiness of life and the sadness of the world. More bands need to start making their own sound. The sound of The Radio Dept. is unique, it’s their sound. Many bands that are appearing into the music players of Europe have their sound, when one listens to European m u s i c , especially European Indie; it’s something new and exciting. One feels the emotions that the lyrics speak, and the tempo does not have to be what one would expect. This challenge of what we expect makes bands like The Radio Dept. feel special. If you expect a cliché The Radio Dept. will disappoint, but if you want something new, unique, and garden fresh Clinging to a Scheme should be in your iTunes checkout in 20 minutes. The fact that Labrador Records let The Radio Dept. make music that they wanted, not what the shareholders wanted, made for music that is superior to anything on Billboard’s “Hot 100.”

DECEMBER 9, 2011



Bad Seed brings entertainment to audiences NATALIE HADWEH Staff Writer The drama department puts on a thrilling and suspenseful performance called The Bad Seed to start of the 2011-2012 school year. This play is by Maxwell Anderson, but the novel is by William March. in Kenneth and Christine Penmark’s apartment in the suburb of Southern City. Nenneth Penmark is played by Jake Wagner, 12. Christine Penmark is played by Krista Palmer, 12, Cayla Christensen, 12. There were eight scenes in the whole play. This production had a double casts. Some characters had two actors and some had one. The Bad Seed primarily revolves around a young eight year old girl named Rhoda Penmak (played by Jesselyn Yaegar, 12). She is the antagonist of the play being evil and devious on the inside, but on the outside she is seen as a sweet, mature, friendly young girl who is loved and admired by her friends and parents. One day after sending Rhoda to school, Christine Penmark and her two neighbors hear horrible news on the radio. One of Rhoda’s schoolmates drowned in the river, but no one knew what had happened. He had won a penmanship medal that Rhoda had wanted to win

badly. Throughout the whole play Christine Penmark was suspicious of her daughter because R h o d a acted as if no one had died. Christine Penmark takes a long time

was a lot of people that went to support the play. The previews before the play had a ence on the number of T h e

realize that her daughter is an evil

on a slow note, but it started to pick up and become more suspenseful as the mystery went on and as the murder starts to unravel and more murders are com-

and that she was behind the death of the boy and later on many more deaths. Ya e g a r praised the play by noting, “Usually our musicals get a attention, but I was really impressed with how many people came out to see the show. I loved it.” Ya e g a r explained, “Probably the most challenging part about playing Rhoda was

portraying emotion without being out of character. It was hard, also, not to portray her too mature, because she is only 8, but she acts and reacts as

things Rhoda could do”. Rhoda did seem like a challenging character to portray because she was evil on the inside and sweet on the outside. The most creepy part of the play was when Rhoda was hugging one of the other actors and then looking up at the crowd with a very malicious smile that caused the crowed noises indicating that they were frightened. When Rhoda did that, the audience noticed her evil side and that she could be the one who murdered the boy at her school. “The fact that it's double-cast was kind of a challenge, but mostly because I wasn't used to working with the other cast when I was told I would be working with both casts,” Yaegar explained. Another actress was going to play Rhoda but she had to drop out for personal reasons before Previews. Yaegar did an excellent job adjusting with the other cast even though it was challenging for her. The Bad Seed was a marvelous play to go see. It was suspensful, and well-acted making it fun to watch.

Schwartzman’s solo album receives great review CASEY CONTRERAS

As an avid Rooney fan, this solo album

ing, I don’t know why, I’m falling for

Staff Writer

solo album of the well-known lead arrived. solo artist. His solo album has been a work in progress since 2007; much of which has been scrapped and started over. All the songs on the album were ed in his home. For a time, a Tibetan monk named Kunchok lived in his UCLA.

tour to receive the album early and I was not disappointed. Surprisingly, the album was the polar opposite of “ normal” Rooney music, however, it was still equally amazing. This album was such a big break from the music of Rooney, you won’t believe the man who wrote the music is the same person. I really cannot describe the music. Perhaps I would call it a mix of the 60’s and the 80’s. During this age, when teen sensations and auto-tuned voices


to obtain a Doctorate in the United States, and has since established the Tibetan Healing Fund, which provides medical care to women and children living in rural villages. Inspired by the cided to donate all proceeds of his new album to this fund. He felt the fund gave his album purpose and, for him, back to the Beatles, yet stands out by itself as an amazing one-man album. From the funky-fun of “Funny Money” to the inspirationally beautiful “Just a Dream Away,” this album is a must-have for any Rooney fan or 60’s music fanatic.

alone with clear dedication and obvious talent. Every part of the recording process was done by him, apart from the drums. It takes a truly dedicated artist to work on an album for a span of four years only to donate all the proceeds to a charity. I cannot rave about this album to deliver an album true to his talent and he succeeded. His single “Out of My Mind” is a catchy song that is est thing ya ever seen, the magazines, they’ll know what they’re missin’ soon they will be wishin’, it’s legitimate, I’m sick of it, come and sit, and tell me something, anything, keep me guess-

yet is still retro. Much of the songs tell a story of love and loss, easily relatable topics. His voice comes clearly across the music, and tells the listener a story. “Oh Bible by the bed, confess your sins, so it begins. With blood, blood on our hands, making demands in the promised land’. These lyrics are from “Second Chances” which tells everyone that no whatever you do in life, it will be forgiven. So don’t worry about it too much, and remember you will always get second chances so don’t waste them. This song is inspiring and is also extremely catchy. “Love is All Around” is one of my favorites of the album and is also an amazing song. It’s a happy, catchy

mal, mainstream music. “Your love is good for me, I hope it never changes, no I don’t want to be the only one to leave and I don’t want to be the one to say goodbye…” These words are meaningful because it reveals the mind of the artists and what he is going through in his and mix perfectly with the intruman’s personality and musical talent comes alive on this album. It shows his true versatility as an artist and as a producer. This album was the product of his record label Calfornia Dreamin’ Records and hopefully is just the beginning of his solo career. His patience and eye for perfection is shown through his album, although a mere ten tracks as opposed to today’s norm of sixteen to twenty, each and every one of his songs are masterpieces. Double Capricorn is an amazing indie alternative album, if you don’t buy it for the great music, do it for the charity. And seriously, go buy the album.

DECEMBER 9, 2011



The Ides of March another George Clooney masterpiece CAMERON TU Editor-in-Chief Suave, sexy, casual, calm, all these words and a myriad of others barely do justice to George

I was probably as taken aback as anyone rade.” Of course, upon closer inspection, it became clear that it was a cleverly-executed “ad” for a movie, touting “Mike Morris [George Clooney] for President.” After realising that Clooney had not fallen another viewer-thriller adventure I recalled ClooSure, when many of you think of Clooney

ogy do not even come close to eclipsing his potential. In Up in the Air was produced by Clooney (based on a wellselling novel), starred ham, a business-man who, in every way, represented the cliche jet-set traveller. “To

“George Clooney has starred in, and produced, many great films over his lifetime. His latest film, The Ides of March is no exception.” Subjectivity aside, The Ides of March really does have everything going for it. It has not one, but two, main characters--depending on your views, you may feel that the movie follows one more than the other--Mike Morris (Clooney) and his Junior Campaign Manager Stephen Myers (Ryan Gosling). George Clooney and Ryan Gosling In addition to this dynamic duo, actors from a veritable melting pot of backgrounds come tovate Ryan, The Negotiator) plays the opponents Campaign Manager

hints we are given to sonality. Another hint comes along at a rather awkward, but curiously extremeley-wellexecuted, scene where ture cohort in love meet. To keep things simple, they get turned on by things

worthy of applause--he, in every way, epitomised the scum-of-theearth persona that advertisers are thought to have. The list goes on to include Lebowski, Along Came Polly, Mission: Impossible 3) as the Senior Campaign Manager and Marisa

any traveller--car rental companies, hotel memberships, airlinemembership status. Yet, despite the obvi-

name suggests, follows a seemtake to make something so nonsexual, so sexual, Clooney and the (woman) pulled it

ready to be treated to, what one of my closest friends called, an

cover-ups it becomes clear that the political machine

And in every way possible, The Ides of March was very much live in the clouds and die alone surrounded not with loved ones but the notion that I lived alone, the way I part of that feeling has since (thankfully) died down, but the former has still gnawed at my perception of society to this day--just how important are human relationships (not just of the romantic kind). Clooney. After reminscin particular Good Night and Good Luck, I was then

a “that... was legit” moment. another word about terpiece, let me just say that I am likely one of the most far-right students on campus.

score, composed by the venerable Alexandre Desplat

role as Mike Morris, a nia governor, throws him into the midst of a

mell over female audiences. The movie runs abound with “that was epic” moments, and “LOL” moments. site performances, and the musical score acts as the “cherry on top.”

The Ides of March is, expectedly, a must-see

democratic primaries I still left the theatre beaming with the touched by Clooney. The power of Clooney.

keep in line with all his previous works. 9/10.


Murrieta High School administration decided that a change needed to be made. The trees that reside in the planters that surround the quad from East Hall slowly dying as a result.

decided that it was time to put the trees out of their misery plants that will be less vulnerable to bug invasions. “The campus doesn’t look like it did eight years ago. The trees were being eaten from the inside out by bugs and were dying slowly. I hate seeing empty space in the planters so while the new trees are being planted we’ll be doing other campus

“The trees were being eaten from the inside out by bugs and dying slowly.”

Along with the new Carrot wood Trees that will be making their new home in the “I came here last year after being on the

of Paradise and Giant Bird of Paradise will be didn’t get the chance to see it change. I like making empty space. These new plants that will be replacing the existing trees and shrubs will not be susceptible to the beetle invasions because the beetles don’t like the wood from the new trees. Although there is no current fundraising

class it’s nice to have our campus look classy. I think that when the campus looks nice it give the Fages is planning to slowly but surely rekindle the Adopt-A-Planter project when the current

be replacing the plants slowly when there is money supposed to be full grown within three to four years.

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