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Formula For Area Of A Square Formula For Area Of A Square Today in this session I am going to discuss about Formula for Area of a Square. First of all we should know that Area is a quantity that indicates the boundary or limit of any shape or 2 dimensional surfaces in plane. Area is the measure of the extent of any shape. It can be calculated by comparing the shape to fixed sized squares and that’s why the unit of area is square meter (m^2). This unit tells the area of a square consisting of one meter long sides. Now we will learn some basic concepts of square and Formula for Area of a Square. A square is a very important part of geometry; it is a regular quadrilateral which is consisting of four sides and four angles. All the four sides are equal in length and the angles are 90 degree apart from each other or we can say are at right angles. The perimeter of a square can be given as: Perimeter = 4 * side.

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So perimeter of a square is the sum of its all the sides, since all the sides of the square are same so we can calculate it by simply multiplying 4 with its one of the side. The area of a square can be calculated by the following formula: Area = height * width Because the width and the height of a square is equal in length by the definition then the formula will be given as: Area = (side) ^2 So the area of a square is just square of a side of the square (or side raised to power of 2). In case if we know the diagonal lengths of the square then we can use this to determine the area of square by the formula: Area = [(diagonal) ^2] / 2 Here again the square of diagonal is used, because the size of both the diagonals are same in length of any square. Now consider a case where the side of a square box is 12 meters now the task is to find its area. Area = (side) ^2

(by using the formula)

Area = (12) ^2

(put the values)

Area = 144 meters


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Similarly if the diagonal of a square is 10 meters then the area of the square = (side) ^2 / 2 = (10^2) / 2 = 100/2 = 50 meters


Now consider one more situation where it is given that the perimeter of a box which is square in shape is 256 meters, and we have to calculate the length of its side and area. Solution: In such problems we first use the formula of perimeter of a square to get the length of its side, and then we simply determine the area of the square. Perimeter = 4 * side 256 = 4 * side Side = 256/4 Side = 64 meter Area = (side) ^2 Area = 64^2 Area = 4096 meters

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Formula For Area Of A Square  
Formula For Area Of A Square