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What Is The Area Of A Rectangle What Is The Area Of A Rectangle In Euclidean geometrical mathematics, there are several types of shapes and figures are defined that are generated by the various mathematician. Form one of them; rectangle is the geometrical shape that generally known as the part of quadrilateral. A rectangle can be considered as a quadrilateral shape with four right angle means it contains four 90o angles. That’s why it is popularly known as a equiangular quadrilateral. In the mathematical definition “A four sided flat shape with straight sides where all the interior angles have the measure of 90o. It means that the measure of interior angle is right angle. The rectangle shape contains four equal sides, which are opposite sides are parallel and of equal length. The rectangle and the square are the similar types of shape. It means that both having a four sides and both creates a four right angles into their interior angles. But there are some of the properties are defined that are related to the shape of the rectangle. In the below we show you some of the properties of the rectangle that helps in differentiating the rectangle from the shape of square.

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Rectangle is a shape which has the opposite sides that are parallel and congruent.


The opposite sides of rectangle are similar to each other.

C) There are two diagonals formed in the rectangle that are intersected to each other at the center point of the rectangle. These two diagonals are bisecting to each other. D)

The diagonals of the rectangle shape are congruent to each other.

As like the other geometrical shape rectangle has its own surface area. In the geometrical mathematics, there are various types of formulas are defined to solve the problem of calculating the area of rectangle. The area of rectangle depends on the length of the sides of the rectangle. The area of rectangle cannot be calculated without the measure of sides of the rectangle. The sides of the rectangle are divided into types. These are length and width. This categorization is performed for due to the inequality of the measurement of the sides. In the below we show you the formula of rectangle that helps in How to Find the Area of a Rectangle: Area of rectangle = Length * Width In the mathematical notation these can be defined as: A=L*W In the above the symbol ‘L’ is used for denoting the length of the sides of rectangle and the symbol ‘W’ used for denoting the length of the width of the rectangle.

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Now we show you the some of the example that can be used to perform for calculating the area of rectangle: Example: Suppose there is a piece of field which is in shape of rectangle. The length of rectangular field is 15 m and the width of the rectangular field is 25 m. now we need to calculate the surface area of the rectangular field? Solution: In the above question given that there is rectangular shape which has the length of 15 m and width of 25 m. so we can easily calculate the area of rectangle by applying the area of rectangle formula: Area of rectangle (A) = L * W A = 15 m * 25 m A = 375 m2 In the above we can see that by using the rectangular formula we can easily calculate the area of rectangle.

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What Is The Area Of A Rectangle  
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