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Detoxify Your Body Naturally DANIELA DEFEO

With the change in seasons and warmer weather on the horizon, Spring cleaning is top of mind – and not just within our homes, but our bodies too. The word “detox” has become all the craze, with many women joining the cleansing movement from juicing diets, supplements, herbs, teas, even colon cleansing or enemas. And, although some of these activities may be beneficial to support the elimination of toxins from the body, the truth is, the body is well-equipped to detoxify itself naturally. How does the body detoxify itself ? The human body is a phenomenal, systematic machine with the ability to perform specific functions necessary for sustaining life. When it comes to the detoxification process, it’s capable of cleansing most toxins through the liver, feces, urine and sweat – with the liver being a fundamental component, neutralizing toxic substances and ensuring it’s released from the body. Yet, this isn’t to say the body wouldn’t appreciate a little help to ease the burden from dietary and environmental impacts. How to support the detox process? There are numerous ways you can naturally aid the body in ridding it of chemicals, toxins and other substances. Lifestyle and dietary modifications can support the body’s natural purification process, thus boosting the immune system and energy levels and promoting radiant hair, skin and nails. This balances hormones to encourage healthier menstrual cycles, reduces PMS symptoms, and aids with health and weight loss efforts. The following is a list of healthy habits I recommend in my coaching practice to enhance the body’s natural detoxification.


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