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Earthing 101

Ever noticed that feeling of calm and balance that comes over you when you bury your toes in the soft, cool grass? Or the pleasant sensation of relaxation when walking barefoot along the water’s edge?

You’ve probably practiced Earthing and not even realized it.

distress, migraine headaches, and chaotic hormone production.

The healing frequency of Earth Once the participants were reintroduced to 7.8Hz, also known as Schumann Resonance, or the frequency of the Earth, these symptoms disappeared and systems regulated again. In addition, with We are electrical beings continued exposure to this frequency, The human body consists largely of positive effects like improved sleep, water and minerals. This makes it decreased pain and inflammation, a good conductor of electricity, in reduced stress and improved gastrothe form of electrons. Our bodies intestinal symptoms were reported. use these electrical charges to send Earthing also helps to neumessages from the nerves to the brain, tralize free radicals and mediate to regulate heartbeat, to keep circadian the associated cellular damage; rhythms in order and much more. damage caused from exposure to In essence, we are electrical beings pollution, cigarettes, insecticides, and just as the sun gives us energy in the pesticides, trans fats, radiation form of vitamin D, the Earth has its own and other physical, mental and energetic healing properties. In order emotional stresses. These factors to examine the impact of this energy deplete the body’s electron reserves. on human health, a series of studies All it takes is fifteen minutes of “skinwere conducted at the world-famous to-skin” contact with the Earth’s Max Planck Institute in Germany in surface daily to replenish these stores. the nineteen sixties and seventies. Behaviour Psychology Professor, Skin-to-skin contact R.Wever, built an underground bunker Modern shoes, high-rise buildings, with experimental rooms which inaccessibility to green spaces and shielded against natural magnetic and extreme winters all work against us electric fields. Student volunteers lived in our quest to ground ourselves. in these rooms for four weeks and the Plastic and rubber are very good effects were recorded. Throughout their insulators and work well to insulate time in the bunker, study participants electrical wires; they also work to disreported suffering from diverging connect us from the Earth’s electrical circadian rhythms including disturbed waves. Comparatively, leather-soled sleep patterns, general disruption shoes are a good alternative as of basic body regulation, emotional they allow you to stay grounded. Earthing, a movement that’s been gaining ground for several years now, is based upon the belief that connecting directly with the Earth’s energy is foundational for optimum physical and mental wellbeing.

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Other ways to practice Earthing include walking barefoot on a sandy beach, walking in the grass or soil (preferably moist as water is a good conductor), submerging some of your bare skin in a lake, sea or ocean (salt water is a better conductor) or using an Earthing aid. Products to aid in Earthing It’s not always possible to have direct and unobstructed contact with the Earth; that’s where earthing aids come in. Several companies produce an assortment of products to help you reap the benefits of Earthing if you’re short on time to get outside, or if the cold Canadian winters pose a problem. Options like Earthing mats, Earthing shoes, sheets, bands, yoga mats and patches are made with highly conductive silver fibres. These products are connected to the grounding port of your outlet with a grounding cord or directly into the Earth with a grounding rod. In this way, depending on the product’s directions for use, you will be able to reap the benefits of grounding while sleeping, working out, sitting at the computer or any of your other favourite activities, regardless of temperature, weather or outdoor access. Just as exercising, eating right, practicing mindfulness and getting enough good quality sleep are important lifestyle practices, so is Earthing another excellent addition to your wellbeing routine. Next time you’re feeling a little unbalanced, scattered, or in need of a little down time, kick off your shoes and let Mother Nature do the rest. d P HO T O © KI RA666

Vista issue no. 113, July-August 2017  
Vista issue no. 113, July-August 2017  

Welcome to a more organic way of Being. The Summer Issue, with special Holistic Pet Care section.