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LIFE What is Life? For someone life is an Enjoyment, an Adventure or a Profitloss Statement. Life is never going to be simple; it always going to be bigger and harder. You have to face what comes to you; there is no option for complaining. Life is not something we read in someone’s autobiography. It’s all about what we feel and How we Live. Every person born with special talent you have to identify it by own. You have to feel what you are good at? No books can teach that. Life is all about love what You do. It doesn’t need Perfection but it only needs hard work. To reach the top of anything you have to believe your strength not on other on weakness. There is no bigger School than life. Life teaches us everything; ultimately life is process of learning. Sometime life teaches us to be strong, to be positive. We have to learn being Emotionless sometimes. People will change; Friends will leave Love hurts but remember life stops for none. Life is a revolving table;somethimes you to scarifies And other side you have to fight with your nearones.Life is not a playlist where every song is of your choice; you have to adjust what you get. Life is not about Getting depressed or losing hope and committing suicide. If anyone’s has guts to do suicide put only 20% efforts of that in living the life and you will say "Yes.!! I am Back on track." Life is all about commitment ; you have to commit to your work , hobby , family , love etc. First you have to live for yourself than try to live To live for others. You can be inspiration for someone or just laughter but never forgot the world is effect less without your reactions. Life comes with an aim. Everyone wants a large life a car , a bunglow and satisfaction but if you’re not ready to

struggle ; success will never knocks at your door. Yeah..!...Its life what ever Comes face it like a BOSS...


it is an article about Life....just to learn and inspire..:)

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