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Visitors Guide 2022-2023

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The second edition of Visit Yuba Sutter Visitors Guide is a publication of Yuba Sutter Lodging Association. The purpose of the Yuba Sutter Lodging Association is to increase the promotion and marketing of tourism and overnight accommodations in the cities of Yuba City, Marysville, Live Oak, and Wheatland, as well as the unincorporated areas of Yuba and Sutter Counties. 530.900.3158 #visityubasutter


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Welcome to the Yuba Sutter Region Dear Valued Guest, Welcome to the Yuba Sutter Region. Whether you are visiting for the day, the weekend or for an extended stay I hope that you will be able to take advantage of unique experiences this area has to offer. Having been raised in the local area and part of a multi-generational family business it is an honor to be part of this amazing community and have the opportunity to welcome you to it. Get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the many outdoor recreation adventures by fishing or hunting at world class venues, schedule a hiking adventure through the iconic Sutter Buttes with Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes, have a hands on experience with falcons and other birds of prey with West Coast Falconry. Immerse yourself in the rural small town vibe and check out the numerous farm stands and wineries where you can taste locally grown produce straight from the source, then stroll through the charming downtown areas and enjoy the local cuisine. Our region's vast cultural diversity is displayed at various events throughout the year and there are numerous museums with a variety of historical and modern exhibits. There is certainly no shortage of unique experiences to enjoy during your time here. You have entered this area as a guest and it is my hope that you will leave feeling that you are a part of the Yuba Sutter family. If you have any questions that we can assist you with during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us on Sincerely,

Jacob Young President of Yuba Sutter Lodging Association / Visit Yuba Sutter

Contents Visit Yuba Sutter | 2022 - 2023

TO W N S & C I T I E S Learn more about the region’s towns and cities, and their historical contributions. Yuba City ������������������������������������������������������� 8 Marysville �������������������������������������������������������� 9 Wheatland ����������������������������������������������������� 10 Live Oak, Meridian & Sutter ����������������� 11 Yuba Foothills ���������������������������������������������� 12 Linda, Olivehurst & Plumas Lake ������� 13

O U T D O O R AD VE NT U R E S Explore the natural beauty and wonder of the region. Lakes & Reservoirs 14 Rivers ��������������������������������������������������������������� 18 Hiking ����������������������������������������������������������� 20 Hunting ��������������������������������������������������������� 22 Fishing ������������������������������������������������������������ 26 Biking ������������������������������������������������������������� 30 Bird Watching �������������������������������������������� 32 Golf ����������������������������������������������������������������� 36 Trip Planner ������������������������������������������������� 40 A R T , H I S TO R Y & C U L T U R E Discover the rich history and arts of the surrounding area. Museums ������������������������������������������������������ 42 Historical Landmarks ���������������������������� 46 Arts & Entertainment �������������������������� 52 Trip Planner �������������������������������������������������� 54

FOOD & DRINK Enjoy unique culinary creations, craft brews and custom cocktails. Restaurants ��������������������������������������������������� Sweet Spots ��������������������������������������������������� Nightlife ��������������������������������������������������������� Loved By Locals ������������������������������������������

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R U S T I C WE D D I N G S Discover unique wedding venues in the Yuba Sutter region. Venues ������������������������������������������������������������� 68

LO CAL LY G R O W N Indulge in the local flavor of homegrown produce and find unique products. Wineries ��������������������������������������������������������� 74 Farm Stands & Markets ������������������������ 76 Locally Made Products and Shopping ����������������������������������������������� 79 Trip Planner �������������������������������������������������� 82

P L AN N I N G Y O U R S TA Y Find the perfect event and accommodations for your next trip. Lodging ���������������������������������������������������������� 84 Annual Events �������������������������������������������� 88 Yuba Sutter Map ������������������������������������� 93


Explore Yuba City The most populated community between the two counties, Yuba City is a sought-after travel destination in part due to its central location. Its small town charm is perfect for those wanting to both relax and unwind as well as enjoy unique dining, shopping and winery experiences. Just north of Sacramento, Yuba City is close to many popular outdoor recreation opportunities including camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, and hunting—just to name a few. With exciting regional events throughout the year and an active Downtown Business Association, it’s no wonder nearly 67,000 residents call Yuba City home. Founded in 1849, Yuba City has an incredibly rich history dating back to the gold rush era. Fun fact: Most of the Sutter County region was part of a land grant called “New Helvetia” which was deeded to John Sutter by the Spanish. The grant originally took in what is now Placer County, and Auburn was once the seat of Sutter County government. Today, the region’s primary economic base is agriculture. Springtime blooms and vibrant autumn leaves set against warm, glowing sunsets create a picturesque environment. Additionally, waterfowl season is a particularly popular time of the year for birdwatchers and sportsmen alike as Yuba City sits along a direct migration route for many species of birds.

Photo by Cindy Lee Galyean


Known as California’s “Oldest Little City,” Marysville is a true historical gem. Founded in 1850, it served as the depot for the gold mining activity in the rich Yuba and Feather River watersheds. Deeply rooted in gold rush history, the downtown area continues to reflect its heritage with many of the original buildings still intact along historical D Street. Visitors can step back in time when they experience the town’s “Walking Tour of Marysville,” including 20 historical homes throughout the community. A registered California Historical Landmark and local community treasure sits at the heart of the town: The Bok Kai Temple, which is also now a local museum displaying hundreds of Chinese-American artifacts. The Bok Kai Parade and Festival is always held on the weekend closest to the second day of the second month of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The parade is the oldest continuous running parade in California and celebrates the Chinese water god, Bok Eye. Today, more than 12,000 people reside in Marysville, making it the second largest in population next to Yuba City. Several attractions and events throughout the year bring tourists from all over the state. Outdoor recreation opportunities are also close in proximity to Marysville, making it a premier travel destination in Northern California.

Photo by Aaron Miller



Explore Marysville

Explore Wheatland Like many small towns in the Yuba Sutter region, Wheatland prides itself on its small town feel and connection to California history. A population of less than 4,000, many of the families who reside in the quaint community have lived there for generations. Interestingly, Wheatland is also home to one of the area’s largest concert venues: The Toyota Amphitheater, which hosts dozens of major concerts each year. Another famous attraction within the town limits is the "World’s Largest U-Pick Pumpkin Farm": Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, which brings thousands of visitors each harvest season. Many people from around the state also travel to the area to escape from their dayto-day hustle and bustle to enjoy the great outdoors at Camp Far West­—a lakeside resort with ample space for camping, boating and fishing. Most notable in regards to California history, Wheatland is nationally recognized as the town in which one of the most important and well-known events of the labor movement took place: The Wheatland Hop Riots. Today, Wheatland’s agricultural roots (including livestock, fruit and nut trees, and the giant pumpkin farm) reflect the uniqueness of this special city.


Within Sutter County are three smaller (yet extraordinary) towns: Live Oak, Meridian and Sutter. All were founded in the 1800’s, and today the residents of these communities are proud of their deep-rooted history. A few of the notable and iconic landmarks found in these three towns are (1) one of the oldest oak trees in the United States (Live Oak); (2) the World’s Smallest Mountain Range (Sutter); and (3) the first bridge to be built across the Sacramento River (Meridian). Whether an avid history buff or simply a California enthusiast, a visit to these remarkable towns is worth the trip!



Explore Live Oak, Meridian & Sutter

Explore Yuba Foothills This area within the Yuba Sutter region includes the small communities of Browns Valley, Brownsville, Challenge, Dobbins, Loma Rica, Oregon House, and Forbestown. A collective population of around 5,500, these gold rush era towns receive visitors from all over due to their historical backgrounds, nearby recreational spots, quaint accommodations and resorts, and local handmade goods and agriculture. Sycamore Ranch, Collins Lake, Lake Francis, Englebright Lake, and Bullards Bar Reservoir are popular outdoor recreation spots within the foothills. Add to that a group of award-winning wine and olive oil makers; local organic farm stands and markets; and hiking and cycling in numerous wildlife areas—a day in the foothills will only scratch the surface with all this area has to offer.


Founded in 1850, Yuba County is one of California’s oldest counties. Known as California’s gateway to the historical Mother Lode Country, the region offers a diverse and beautiful landscape with famous rivers, thriving farmland, and several outdoor recreation opportunities. The towns within the county boundaries have a small town feel; Linda, Olivehurst and Plumas Lake (with a total population just over 37,000 people) host numerous local events and festivities, active theater and arts, as well as several social and service clubs. A sportsman’s getaway, the region features world-class golfing, fishing and hunting, as well as boating, hiking and cycling for the avid adventurer. Home to famous and iconic locations such as Beale Air Force Base and California wildlife parks, this rural county’s primary economic resource is agriculture, which boasts stunning blooming orchards in the springtime.

Photo by Kaitlynn Haught

Photo by Miranda Rolfe



Explore Linda, Olivehurst & Plumas Lake

Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake of the Springs


Home to some of Northern California’s most beautiful and popular reservoirs, one of Yuba Sutter’s best kept secrets are its lakes! Hobbyists can find everything from water sports to fishing to swimming. Got boats? Several lakes in the region allow for houseboats, ski/wake boats and jet skis, offering marinas and docking as well. Looking for more of a quiet outing on the water? Kayakers and rafters will fall in love with the serenity of the area's smaller lakes, too. Lake of the Springs is a 950-acre campground nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains on the fringe of the Sacramento Valley. This expansive RV campground in California boasts a private, 120-acre lake with great fishing, swimming and boating. If you don’t have a boat, you can rent one of their patio boats and take the entire family out for a day of sunshine. Sit back, relax and simply enjoy all the wildlife including deer and wild turkeys that roam the preserve. Information & Reservations: 530.692.1612; Bullards Bar Reservoir has a reputation for being one of the most popular watersport lakes in Northern California. In fact, WaterSki Magazine named Bullards Bar one of the best recreational lakes in the United States! Additionally, it is home to some of the best Kokanee salmon fishing in the area. Houseboats, party cruisers, ski/wakeboarding boats, jet skis, and patio boats are available to rent. Located in Dobbins, the lake offers two launch ramps and over 60 miles of shoreline with year-round fishing. Information & Reservations: 877.692.3201

Bullards Bar Reservoir



Lakes and Reservoirs

Collins Lake

Camp Far West Lake

Collins Lake is a popular Northern California destination for a few reasons, namely big bass, trophy trout and the giant ice cream cones! Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Oregon House, the lake is stocked with over 50,000 rainbow trout every spring and fall, in addition to naturally propagating brown trout, small and largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, redear, and other panfish. The family owned campground is open year-round and offers RV hookups and tent camping. Visitors can practically fish right out of the lakefront campsites! Cabin, boat and RV rentals are also available. Information & Reservations: 530.692.1600; Camp Far West Lake is a 2,000 surface-acre lake with 29 miles of shoreline, rolling hills and many oak trees in Wheatland. The campground offers lake-side picnic tables and barbecue grills, along with ample open space. There are 70 campsites on the North Shore with 8 RV hookups, and 67 campsites on the South Shore. Participate in a wide variety of activities on and around the lake such as swimming, fishing, boating, water skiing, biking, hiking, and horseback riding! Information: 530.633.0803 16

Lake Francis is a beautiful lakeshore resort located in Dobbins, making it the perfect spot to explore the great outdoors. Open mid-April through midOctober, it offers accommodations ranging from apartment-style cabins with a kitchenette and separate bedrooms to single-room cabins with bunk beds. RV and tent campsites are available. Activities and equipment include fishing, basketball and volleyball courts, baseball and soccer fields, biking, swimming, sandy beach area, horseshoe pits, hiking trails, and an arcade. Added bonus: It’s pet-friendly and less than a mile from the Lucero Vineyards and Winery! Information & Reservations:

Ellis Lake | Marysville, CA Photo by Aaron Miller



Englebright Lake is nestled in the scenic Sierra foothills between the cities of Marysville and Grass Valley in Smartsville. Located on the Yuba River and boasting a surface area of 815 acres, this reservoir is unique in that the campsites are only accessible by boat with the exception of 2 RV spaces available to rent. House boats, party boats and ski/wakeboarding boats are also available to rent on a first come, first served basis. Additionally, Skippers Cove Marina Center is the on-site store for camping, fishing and boating needs. Information: 530.432.6302


Hammon Grove by Yuba River


Yuba Sutter has many of the state’s more pristine rivers and streams. Kayaking or rafting, fishing or gold panning, the beautiful rivers that run through the region provide activities and leisure for any outdoor enthusiast. Yuba Sutter rivers are also home to a vast array of California wildlife, and feed into the many lakes in the region. Bear River flows 73 miles from the coniferous forests of the Sierra Nevada to the open grasslands and pastures of the Central Valley. Activities include fishing, hiking, birdwatching, camping, angling, and gold panning, as well as rafting and kayaking on the Bear’s four-mile Class II Whitewater Run. The area also supports rare habitats including California black rail, bald eagle, foothill yellow-legged frog, ringtail cat, and big-eared bat. If you’re looking to fish, Lower Bear River is home to freshwater species that includes Central Valley steelhead, Chinook salmon, and green and white sturgeon.


The Yuba River is 21 miles of pristine water flowing out of Englebright Lake. Home to abundant wild rainbow trout, it is best known and most popular for its fly-fishing. Access points to the Yuba River can be found at either the Highway 20 Bridge (also known as Park’s Bar Bridge) 18.5 miles east of Marysville, or at the Sycamore Ranch Resort above the bridge (paid parking only). There are also a few access points along Hallwood Blvd, off of Highway 20. The Feather River is part of the principal tributary of the Sacramento River, and was the center of gold mining during the 19th century. Today, the lower section of the river is valued for its fishing, rafting and kayaking. The Feather River runs from Lake Oroville, flowing south between Marysville and Yuba City. A popular access point is the Feather River Parkway in Yuba City.

Yuba River



The Sacramento River is the longest river in California, flowing 400 miles throughout Northern California. Rising in the Klamath Mountains and ending in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and San Francisco Bay, the river is rooted in American history as gold was discovered along its tributaries sparking the California Gold Rush. The Sacramento River is also well-known for its population of Chinook salmon. Activities on and along the river include rafting, boating, cruise ship tours, camping, fishing, and swimming. In the Yuba Sutter region, a boat launch, marina and other amenities can be found at Lovey’s Landing in Meridian. Information:



Hiking enthusiasts will marvel in the diverse landscape of the area, which is one of the many features that sets Yuba Sutter apart from other counties in Northern California. There is such a vast amount of diverse terrain. From day hikes near the Yuba River Scenic Byway to longer hikes throughout the Sutter Buttes (which is the world’s smallest mountain range), the hiking trails in the area are endless. So grab your boots and go take a hike! Spenceville Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful five mile loop located at the Spenceville Wildlife Area near Beale Air Force Base. Two stunning waterfalls at the end of the hike make this moderately challenging trail well-worth the trek. Dogs are also permitted, but must be leashed. Bobelaine Sanctuary Loop is a five mile, moderately trafficked loop trail located near Nicolaus. The trail features views and access to the Feather River, and is a good trek for all skill levels, including beginners. A popular spot for bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, be sure to bring binoculars! Among


Bullards Bar Hiking Trails are host to several loops and paths varying from shorter .5 mile walks to 14 mile treks. Designated day use areas are perfect for an afternoon picnic and resting after a day of outdoor activity. The trails offer a wide variety of wildflowers, ferns, pines, and firs, and are located near the Bullards Bar Reservoir in Dobbins. Information: Hidden Spruce Hiking Trail follows the Collins Lake shoreline just north of the campground near the park entrance. The trail offers easy, short-distance hikes with beautiful views of the lake and area wildlife. Visitors can enjoy walking the shoreline or exploring trails around the lake as well as the Department of Fish & Game Wildlife Area which is also nearby. Find a perfect picnic spot or just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Information: Hike The Sutter Buttes and experience the World’s Smallest Mountain Range! Expert guides from Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes allow visitors to trek dozens of trails (ranging in ability level) on and along the privately-owned Sutter Buttes. Learn about the area’s unique origin and history as well as the ecology of the range during an unforgettable educational experience. Guided hikes range in ability level, and are offered most weekends from late October through midMay. Pre-registration is required, and pets are not permitted. Information: Rice’s Crossing Preserve is located along a six-mile span on both sides of the Yuba River in the counties of Yuba and Nevada. As Bear Yuba Land Trust’s newest and largest property, Rice’s Crossing Preserve comprises 2,707 acres extended from Bullards Bar Reservoir to the North and South Yuba River State Park and Englebright Reservoir bordering the southern end. Opened officially to the public in 2015, the trail offers views of snow-capped peaks and a moderatelevel trek. Enjoy the 2.25 mile hike on Yuba Rim Trail out to the scenic overlook and back. Identify birds and other wildlife, take photos of the stunning river canyon, and picnic in the meadow! There is no hunting allowed.



the tree species found along the trail are Giant Sycamores, Valley Oaks and Cottonwoods. Access to the trail is on Laurel Avenue, 16 miles south of Yuba City, just off Hwy 99.


Photo by Cindy Lee Galyean

Yuba Sutter offers some of the best hunting in Northern California. A vast array of wildlife areas offer visitors many unique hunting opportunities. From deer to ducks to dove, hunters of all levels and abilities will find a plethora of open space, challenging perimeters and helpful guide services. Coon Creek Trap & Skeet Club is located in Lincoln and provides the shotgun shooter with an array of challenging courses: trap fields, skeet fields, 5-stand, a bunker trap, and a sporting clays course. It’s also home to the practice club for several local high school trap teams, and their very own CYSSA and SCTP teams: Team Coon Creek, providing instruction and competition for 9 to 18 year olds in the area. Coon Creek Trap & Skeet Club is proudly owned and operated by Joan & George Ahart. Business hours are Tuesday, Thursday and weekends from 9am to 5pm. Information: Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area is approximately 7,000 acres of rolling hills covered with blue and live oak, gray pine, thick brush, and poison oak. It is located in Browns Valley. There are four units and their approximate acreages include: Daugherty Hill (3,200 acres), Donovan Hill (1,800 acres), Quail Valley (1,300 acres), and Darby Road (700 acres). Popular game species in these areas include dove, quail, turkeys, deer, and some jump shooting opportunities for waterfowl. Columbian black-tailed deer migrate down from higher elevations in Plumas and Sierra counties in late October (Deer: Zone D-3). Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area is a Type C Wildlife Area. Information: Feather River Wildlife Area includes roughly 2,800 acres of dense riparian landscape of valley oaks and cottonwoods, with an understory of wild grape, pipevine and California rose. Approximately 20 miles south of Yuba City, the area’s habitat supports a wide variety of wildlife including coyotes, river otters, ash-throated flycatchers, warblers, phoebes, and numerous waterfowl species. Abbott and O’Connor Lakes are within this region as well. The Feather River Wildlife Area includes six units: Abbot Lake, O’Connor Lakes, Star Bend, Nelson Slough, Lake of the Woods, and Shanghai Bend. Classified as a Type C Wildlife Area, game species include deer, rabbit, tree squirrel, waterfowl, wild turkey, pheasant, quail, and dove. Information: VISITYUBASUTTER.COM 23



Raahauges is located near Dunnigan and includes over 2,400 acres of all natural cover for exceptional upland hunting experiences. Pheasant and Chukar hunting is available for day hunters, bird card holders and large groups. The sporting clay course is open to the public and hosts many shooting events throughout the year. The club also offers dog training and shooting events for junior hunters as well. Information: Spenceville Wildlife Area is comprised of approximately 11,900 acres of blue oak and gray pine woodland characteristic of the Sierra Foothills. The elevation of the area varies from 200 to 1200 feet. The wildlife area is bordered on the west by Beale Air Force Base and on the north, south, and east by privately owned ranches. Numerous ponds, creeks, trails, and riparian zones in the area make it an ideal hunting area. Spenceville is classified as a Type C Wildlife Area with popular game ranging from deer and wild pig to turkey and waterfowl, and a full list of species in the region can be found on the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife website. Information: Sutter Bypass Wildlife Area is approximately 3,200 acres southwest of Yuba City, and consists of the Tisdale Bypass and two long, narrow parcels on either side of the Sutter Bypass. Tree growth includes black willow, Fremont cottonwood, button willow, blue elderberry, white alder, and others. The understory consists mainly of round stem bulrush, California blackberry, California wild grape, western raspberry, and others. Grasses such as wild rye form dominant ground cover in many places. Animal species include deer, skunk, beaver, fox, rabbit, bats, salmon, catfish, and others. Both Sutter Bypass channels have catfish, bullheads, largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, black crappie, and Chinook salmon. Sutter Bypass is classified as a Type C Wildlife Area. Information: Gray Lodge Wildlife Area is a haven for wildlife due to its diversity and location along the Pacific Flyway. Surrounded by miles of rich agricultural lands, the 9,000 acres of land it encompasses is managed for the wildlife that call Gray Lodge home for all or part of the year. Reflective ponds, grassy fields and wooded riparian areas provide food, water and shelter for more than 300 species of resident and migrant birds and mammals. People of all ages enjoy visiting Gray Lodge, and wildlife viewing is available year round. Hunting is available and is regulated throughout the seasons. Fishing is also a highlight in the spring and summer. Educational programs, informative exhibits, a self-guided nature trail,


Hunting Guides Bishop’s Guide Service 530.237.7200 Don Brown's Outdoor Adventures 530.321.9090 Elite Sportsmen Guide Service 530.923.9440 Garcia’s Hunting Preserves 916.847.1584

High 5 Guide Service 530.213.3548 Feisty Fish Guide Service 530.822.6314 Outdoor Adventure PF Guide Service 530.717.3737

South Butte Gamebirds and Gun Club 916.755.0572 Tucker’s Guide Service 530.933.8129 Yuba Sutter Bow Hunters



and seasonal guided tours delight thousands of visitors every year. Find out why Gray Lodge remains popular for both the human and wildlife visitors alike. Information:



Whether you’re after big bass or trophy trout, Yuba Sutter is a fisherman’s sanctuary. Some of Northern California’s best fishing: catfish, crappie, striper, salmon, small and bigmouth bass, trout, and so much more! Need a guide? Learn the how-to’s of finding, casting and catching with a number of different guide services offered throughout the region. Bear River flows 73 miles from the coniferous forests of the Sierra Nevada to the open grasslands and pastures of the Central Valley. Starting at Wheatland, it forms the border of Yuba and Sutter Counties. A few miles below this point it receives Dry Creek from the north, then flows into the Feather River at Nicolaus, 11 miles above the Feather's confluence with the larger Sacramento River, and about 20 miles due south of Yuba City–Marysville. The lower section of the river has a wide array of freshwater species including Central Valley steelhead, Chinook salmon, and green and white sturgeon. Bullards Bar Reservoir is home to some of the best Kokanee salmon fishing in the area! Located in Dobbins, the lake offers two boat launch ramps and over 60 miles of shoreline with year-round fishing. Both large and smallmouth bass populate the lake along with spotted bass. Eagle Lake rainbow trout are also planted in the lake every year. Information: 877.692.3201 Camp Far West Lake is a 2,000 surface-acre lake with 29 miles of shoreline in Wheatland. Ample campsites and open space make this location an outdoor enthusiast's haven! Fish in the lake include largemouth and smallmouth bass, black bass, crappie, catfish, brown trout, and striped bass. Information: 530.633.0803 Collins Lake is a popular Northern California fishing destination for two reasons: big bass and trophy trout! Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Oregon House, the lake is stocked with over 50,000 rainbow trout every spring and fall, in addition to naturally propagating brown trout, small and largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, redear, and other panfish! The family run campground is open year-round and offers lakefront RV hookup and tent camping. Visitors can practically fish right out of the lakefront campsites! Cabin, boat and RV rentals are also available. Information: 530.692.1600; VISITYUBASUTTER.COM 27



Englebright Lake is nestled in the scenic Sierra Foothills between the cities of Marysville and Grass Valley in Smartsville. Located on the Yuba River with a surface area of 815 acres, this reservoir is unique in that the campsites are only accessible by boat with the exception of 2 RV spaces which are available to rent. Skippers Cove Marina Center is the on-site store for camping, fishing and boating needs. Species in the lake include rainbow trout, brown trout and Kokanee salmon. Information: 530.432.6302 Yuba River boasts 21 miles of pristine water flowing out of Englebright Lake. Home to an abundant population of wild rainbow trout, it is best known and most popular for its fly fishing, either along the shoreline and river banks or in a raft or drift boat. Access points to the Yuba River can be found at either the Highway 20 Bridge (also known as Park’s Bar Bridge) just 18.5 miles east of Marysville, or at the Sycamore Ranch Resort above the bridge (paid parking only). There are also a few access points along Hallwood Blvd off of Highway 20. Sacramento River holds the record as the longest river in California, flowing 400 miles throughout Northern California. Rising in the Klamath Mountains and ending in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento River is known throughout the U.S. for its population of Chinook salmon. In addition to the famous king salmon drawing visitors from across the country, the river is home to steelhead and rainbow trout, striped bass, small and largemouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, shad, Sacramento sucker, catfish, herrings, minnows, and sturgeon. In the Yuba Sutter region, a boat launch, marina and other amenities can be found at Lovey’s Landing in Meridian. Information:


Bishop’s Guide Service 530.237.7200 Cal Kellogg's School of Fishing 916.390.9277 Dave Barbieri’s Guide Service and Casting Instruction 916.224.7444 Feisty Fish Guide Service 530.822.6314

Legit Britt Guide Service 530.635.1580 MSJ Fishing Guide Service 530.301.7455 Outdoor Adventure PF Guide Service 530.717.3737

Prestige Guide Service 530.682.1626 prestigeguideservice. RH Guide Services 530.870.2697 Rustic Rob’s Guide Service 530.632.0051 Tucker’s Guide Service 530.933.8129

Kevin Brock Fishing 800.995.5543

Photo by Roslyn Villalpando

Fishing on the Yuba River



Fishing Guides



Novice and experienced bikers alike will find their favorite trail right here in Yuba Sutter. Whether street cycling or mountain biking, there is a perfect path for any bicycle enthusiast. Incredible views and unique terrain make Yuba Sutter an excellent Northern California biking destination. Bullards Bar Trails is host to several loops and paths varying from shorter .5 mile trails to 14 mile treks. Designated day use areas are perfect for an afternoon picnic and resting after a day of outdoor biking. The trails offer a wide variety of wildflowers, ferns, pines, and firs, and are located near the Bullards Bar Reservoir in Dobbins. Information: Cycle Around the Sutter Buttes is the perfect route to experience the Sutter Buttes: The World’s Smallest Mountain Range! When captured on an aerial photo, the Sutter Buttes appear as a circular array of eroded rocky pinnacles


Yuba City/Sutter Bike Trail is a flat and scenic trail from Yuba City to Sutter, and offers a great view of the Sutter Buttes. During the fall months, riders will often experience waterfowl flying overhead during the migratory season. The trail is about 10 miles out and back starting at Hooper Road in Tierra Buena and ending on Acacia Road in Sutter. Information:



—the remains of an extinct volcano that erupted nearly 1.5 million years ago. Take a memorable and beautiful 40 mile ride around the area, which is almost completely flat with just a bit of climbing in the first 4 to 5 miles of the trek. On weekends, the Sutter Union High School parking lot (on the west side of Acacia Street) serves as a convenient spot to start. The ride can be done clockwise or counterclockwise, but there's no particular reason to choose either direction. Very scenic, quiet, and low traffic with the exception of the last few miles on Butte House Road. Additionally, every year in April there is Bike Around The Buttes; a bike event that raises money for diabetes.

Bird Watching

Burrowing owl | Photo by Joe Reusser


If birding is your passion, look no further! Each year, visitors from all over "migrate" to the Yuba Sutter region to observe the many species of birds that inhabit the area. Because of its location along the Pacific Flyway, millions of migratory birds come through the two counties, making it a haven for birdwatchers. Bring your camera and capture some of the best bird watching in the country. Bobelaine Sanctuary Loop is a 430 acre wildlife sanctuary. It is a rare remnant of the riparian forests that once projected two to five miles on either side of the rivers. For birders, there are over five miles of signed and maintained trails. Find over 190 species, including black-crowned night herons, wood ducks and Swainson’s hawks. In addition to birds, there are a wide variety of mammals at Bobelaine, including fox, deer, river otters, beaver, and muskrat. Colusa National Wildlife Refuge spreads across 5,077 acres consisting primarily of wetlands with some grasslands and riparian habitats as well. It was established in 1945 as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife, reducing damage to agricultural crops in the area. Thousands of waterfowl are present from September through March, although peak populations occur in December and January. During this two month span, more than 200,000 ducks and 75,000 geese can be seen throughout the refuge. Information:

Quail | Photo by John Hendrickson



Bird Watching

Photo by John Hendrickson

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area is unique in its diversity and location along the Pacific Flyway, making it a haven for wildlife. Surrounded by miles of rich agricultural land, its 9,000 acres is managed for the animals that call Gray Lodge home. Reflective ponds, grassy fields and wooded riparian areas provide food, water and shelter for more than 300 species of resident and migrant birds and mammals. People of all ages enjoy visiting Gray Lodge, and wildlife viewing is available year round. Educational programs, informative exhibits, a self-guided nature trail, and seasonal guided tours delight thousands of visitors annually. Find out why Gray Lodge remains popular for both humans and wildlife alike. Information: Sutter National Wildlife Refuge is the southernmost refuge in the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex, and is located in the Sacramento Valley of California. The refuge consists of about 2,600 acres primarily of wetland impoundments as well as some riparian and grassland habitat. About 80 percent of the refuge is located in the Sutter Bypass: a floodwater bypass from the Sacramento River that floods at least once a year and may cover portions of the refuge with up to twelve feet of water. Sutter Refuge typically supports wintering populations of more than 175,000 ducks and 50,000 geese. Information: Sacramento Wildlife Refuge is part of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex. It is located about 50 miles north of the metropolitan area of Sacramento and 12 miles southwest of Yuba City in Sutter County. Consisting of approximately 2,590 acres of primarily wetlands with some grasslands and riparian habitats, the Sutter NWR was established in 1945 with funds from the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act (also known as Federal Duck Stamp) and the Lea Act. It was established to provide feeding and nesting 34

West Coast Falconry is the premier Northern California resource for a full range of hands-on falconry classes and services. Owner and Master Falconer, Kate Marden, invites visitors to fully immerse themselves in the incredible and ancient hunting tradition known as falconry. Classes and experiences are for falconers and non-falconers alike, and participants can actually work handson with the West Coast Falconry birds Come to of prey. Want to become a licensed falconer? The facility is first in the state to offer an apprentice seminar that helps prepare those seeking licensure. for an interactive falconry experience! Located in the foothills between Loma Rica and Browns Valley, educational demonstrations can be tailored to suit any size and age group. Choose the falconry experience that best suits your level of interest or your particular need, and enjoy watching a spectacular aerial display of raptors in flight or even an up-close, face-to-face encounter! Information:

West Coast Falconry (530) 749-0839



areas for migratory birds and alleviate crop depredation. Waterfowl are present September through April and numbers peak later than most other refuges in the Sacramento NWR Complex between January and February. Sutter NWR typically supports wintering populations of more than 200,000 ducks and 100,000 geese. The mixed riparian forest habitat on the refuge is important for breeding and migrating passerine birds, and supports a large heron/egret rookery. The refuge provides habitat for several Federal and State endangered and threatened species, including the giant garter snake, Chinook salmon, yellow-billed cuckoo, and Swainson's hawk. There are limited wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities from Hughes Road, which bisects the refuge. Hiking trails for wildlife observation and photography are open seasonally from February 15–June 30. Access is from a parking area with a kiosk off the Bypass Levee. Hours of access are from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset. Information:


Peach Tree Golf & Country Club


Driving ranges, par-3’s and even disc golf, find a hole-in-one experience right here in Yuba Sutter! With a number of challenging country club courses all with stunning views and beautifully kept grounds, there are ample opportunities to schedule a round of golf during your visit to the area. Coyote Run Golf Course hosts an 18-hole championship course and driving range located on Beale Air Force Base. Designed by Ron Fream, it first opened in 1968. The course also features 6,371 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. The course rating is 70.3, and it has a slope rating of 113. While the U.S. Air Force Services Agency manages this facility, everyone (including the general public) is welcome to play this course! Information: 530.788.0192


Peach Tree Golf & Country Club has been the premier home of golf throughout the greater Yuba Sutter Community and Northern California Region for 60 years. With 18 holes of amazing golf, a retail golf shop, golf education programs, casual and fine dining, a relaxing pool, and a calendar full of member events and activities for the whole family, there has never been a better time to become a member. Peach Tree offers affordable Proprietary and Associate Membership options tailored to fit any lifestyle. Non-member golfing is also available on Saturdays. Be sure to call for all the details. Information:; 530.743.1897 Plumas Lake Golf & Country Club was first established in 1926, and has long been known as the “Hidden Jewel” of the Sacramento Valley. A semiprivate facility, it remains open to the public and has twice been rated as a top 100 public golf course in America by Golf Digest. Located 10 miles south of Marysville and just 6 miles off Highway 70, this course is a relatively short thirty minute drive from Sacramento. While the original 9-holes were developed by club members, the course was expanded to 18-holes and redesigned in 1960 by renowned golf course architect, Bob Baldock. While playing the course,

Photo by Anika Mikkelson



Hammon Grove Park Disc Golf offers a good mix of technical holes with tight fairways. The course has 3 to 4 pin locations on all holes. At times, the course runs parallel to the Yuba River showcasing great views. The final and 18th hole of the course is the signature: over a canyon and through the treetops. Just outside of Marysville, the course offers full color tee signs with pin locations, lengths and next tee directional arrows to assist players. There is also a practice basket area by the 1st tee. Information: 916.439.0023

golfers can expect to encounter an abundance of mature oak trees that both line the Bermuda fairways and protect the relatively small greens. A drainage canal meanders throughout the property and comes into play on twelve of the eighteen holes. Playing at 6,200 yards from the White Tees, the course is not exceptionally long or hilly, so those seeking exercise will find it to be an enjoyable walking golf course. Information:; 530.742.3201 River Oaks Golf Club prides themselves on the slogan, "We are not a Country Club, but a Great Club in the Country!" Located along the serene setting of the Feather River in Nicolaus, the course location is ideal for travelers: close to Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Yuba City, Marysville, Natomas, and Sacramento. Enjoy the peace and elegance of surrounding orchards and tranquil weeping willows that make River Oaks a great golfing destination. This Par 71 (designed by Peter Jacobson) can be played from 4,719 to 6,467 yards offering four different tee boxes. It hosts generous fairways with a diverse layout. From long par 3’s, drivable par 4’s and challenging par 5’s, River Oaks is truly a fun golf experience. Players of all skill levels will thoroughly enjoy the beauty of River Oaks Golf Club. Information:; 530.656.2182

Peach Tree Golf & Country Club 38



760 Plumas Street - 530.923.2652




741 Plumas Street - 530.671.7492






The Happy Viking Sports Pub & Eatery Sopa Thai Cuisine

3 720 Plumas Street - 530.790.7672

Cupcake Magic

4 728 Plumas Street - 530.923.7847


Sawyer's Sweet Spot

5 725 Plumas Street - 530.777.3273 KLE


. Y ST


The City Club

7 667 Plumas Street - 530.329.8312






Linda’s Soda Bar

6 668 Plumas Street - 530.673.8140


Acambaro Panaderia Bakery

8 652 Plumas Street - 530.671.7464




10 Steele House Coffee


437 Center Street - 530.763.4693








Fernando’s Cali Kitchen

9 450 Center Street - 530.822.9095




Sutter Buttes Brewing

11 421 Center Street - 530.790.7999

Justin’s Kitchen

12 628 Plumas Street - 530.923.2757

7 11


Lee’s Canton Restaurant

13 511 Reeves Avenue - 530.673.2970

10 8




The Cookie Tree

14 441 Bridge Street - 530.673.1246





15 ​​Iguanas Mexican Grill

611 Plumas Street - 530.777.9696


16 14





16 Sandra's Bar & Grill

461 Bridge Street - 530.441.6543




Outdoor Adventures

Calling all nature enthusiasts!

A weekend in Yuba Sutter is unlike any other in Northern California! Its diverse array of outdoor opportunities make it a premier destination for adventurers. Plan a bike ride or guided hike, followed by a picnic and wildlife watching at a nearby sanctuary. End a memorable, activity-filled day cozied-up next to a campfire beneath the stars by your rented cabin or RV. Booking the perfect outdoor getaway has never been easier or more convenient!


Need some planning inspiration for an outdoor


adventure in Yuba Sutter? The sample itinerary below is sure to spark some ideas for your next getaway!



around the Sutter Buttes.

Stop at the Feather River Parkway to check out the beauty of the historical and serene Feather River.



Start your trip with a peaceful and scenic hike or bike along the Sutter Bikeway and

Take a short drive over to Yuba City and grab lunch at Linda's Soda Bar and Grill or a salad at New Earth Market.

Time to relax in nature! Check in to your rented cabin, throw up your tent or park your RV! Lake Francis and Collins Lake both offer lakeside accommodations.

Places to stop along the way…




3 1


Find out more information on page 20.


Linda's Soda Bar and Grill

American 668 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.673.8140 |


New Earth Market

1475 Tharp Rd., Yuba City 530.673.9355 |


10308 Spring Valley Rd. Marysville Find out more information on page 35.

Feather River Parkway

Feather River Blvd., Yuba City



Sutter Bikeway

Parking lot located at the Humphrey Road crossing. Can be entered at several crossings; Humphrey Road, Acacia Ave, Lytle Road, South Butte Road, Township Road, Royo Ranchero Drive, and Hooper Road


Find out more information on page 38.



Bok Kai Temple Museum


Museums have a way of enriching our lives with a greater understanding and appreciation for history and culture. With the Yuba Sutter area being rooted in story and heritage, there are several impressive museums that are sure to inspire and spark curiosity in visitors of all ages. Bok Kai Temple Museum is bringing almost 200 years of history back to life! Working with California State University of San Jose’s Department of Anthropology, graduate students have assisted with identifying over 250 artifacts that date as far back as the 19th Century during the early colonization of Chinese immigrants in Marysville. The museum is a project started by the Marysville Chinese Community whose vision has been to construct a public museum of artifacts located inside the historical Bok Kai Temple. The grand opening of the museum happened in Spring 2020 and it is now open to the public. Chinese American Museum of Northern California was founded in 2005 in the historical Marysville Chinatown. The building where the museum is housed is an original gold rush building built in 1858. It is located at the intersection of 1st and C Streets where the Chinese have fired the bombs for the Bok Kai Festival for over 150 years. The focus of the museum has been to keep the history and contributions of Chinese Americans alive. The Chinese built over thirty Chinatowns in California during the 1800s. Almost all have been destroyed or abandoned. The Marysville Chinatown is the last Chinatown of the gold rush era. It still has an active temple, Chinese school building, three Chinese associations, and a traditional Chinese festival.

Sutter County Museum




Gold Trader Flat will not disappoint and is truly a hidden gem! Also known as the Yuba Feather Museum, it features a unique layout with both indoor and outdoor exhibits dedicated to preserving the history of the region during the gold rush era. Exhibits cover the Maidu people, mountain men, early settlers, Chinese immigrants, gold mining, and the timber industry. On display are giant historical industry tools, Maidu and Chinese artifacts, mining equipment, and early skis and snowshoes. Located in Forbestown, the museum is open Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm; admission is free. Be sure to call ahead as their hours are subject to change. Information: 530.675.1025 Mary Aaron Museum is located in historical Marysville. Built in the mid- 1800s, it was designed as a family residence by Warren P. Miller who lived in it with his family until he sold it to the Aaron family in the 1870s. The Aaron family gifted it to the City of Marysville in 1955. It now serves as a museum preserving the history of Marysville. The Mary Aaron Museum is open the first Saturday of every month 10am to 1pm. Tours are available by appointment. Admission is free. Information: Museum of the Forgotten Warriors was founded by Dann Spear who —at the age of ten —started collecting military memorabilia, patches, and photos from his friends to whom he wrote while they served in the Vietnam War. In 1965, he had a dream of someday having a museum to honor veterans. Twenty years later, the dream became a reality when the Museum of Forgotten Warriors opened outside of Marysville, near the Beale Air Force Base. With over 46,000 artifacts on display, the items range from tanks, cannons, and helicopters, to the oldest: a remnant of a blanket from Colonel Galbraith's great-grandfather who had the blanket when he was captured by the British in the Revolutionary War. The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is open every Saturday 9am to 1pm, and admission is free. Information: Playzeum is all about creating, building, exploring, and performing! With over a halfdozen permanent exhibits, children will delight in learning through play with handson discovery. Looking for an indoor birthday party location? The Playzeum is the perfect venue. There are also scheduled, themed events throughout the year which can be found on their website, along with hours of operation. Information:


Wheatland History Museum operates under the direction of the Wheatland Historical Society whose primary purpose is to discover, collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge concerning the history of the area. Located inside of the “Little Red Schoolhouse” in the heart of Wheatland, the museum is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm. Admission is free; donations are appreciated. Information:

Wheatland History Museum



Sutter County Museum tells the story of the region through a combination of exhibits both permanent and temporary, as well as through public educational programs. Permanent exhibits include the Maidu-Nisenan people, John Sutter, the history of agriculture in the area, and the museum’s multi-cultural wing which tells the stories of the significant minority communities in Sutter County. Located in Yuba City, the museum was constructed with funds from Howard and Norma Harter, the Sutter County Historical Society, and other private donors. It was presented to the Sutter County Board of Supervisors as a gift to the community in 1975. Since then, it has been expanded multiple times, all through the generosity of private donors. The museum is opened Tuesday—Friday 1pm to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. Information:

Historical Landmarks

Bok Kai Temple

Historical Landmarks

There is an incredible amount of history in Northern California, and Yuba Sutter is home to many of the region’s most famous landmarks. Dating back as far as the 19th century, the historical markers in Yuba Sutter will delight the history buff within. Beckwourth Riverfront Park is named after James Beckwourth, an emancipated slave who discovered the lowest elevation pass through the Sierra Nevadas, leading the first wagon train (and ultimately thousands of immigrants) into Marysville in 1851 during a critical time of the town’s growth. Today, the park hosts concerts and sporting events that draw thousands of participants. Bicentennial Living Witness Tree has been identified as being over 200 years old, standing at the time of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. It is one of 35 such trees identified nationwide. The famous Valley Oak tree is located on Highway 99 in Live Oak.


Fremont Historic Marker is named for the efforts of John Fremont who, directed and outfitted by the U.S. government, established a major camp at the base of the Sutter Buttes where he helped the United States secure California ahead of the aspirations of the English, Russians and French. An attack in 1846 against Mexico’s Northern Regional Headquarters at Sonoma (facilitated in part by Fremont) encouraged the United States to bring more troops into California and block the intrigue of the Europeans. California became a state four years later. The Fremont Historic Marker is located on Pass Road near Sutter approximately 1.5 miles west of Butte House Road. Johnson’s Ranch is Historic Marker #493 which is the first settlement reached in California by emigrant trains using the Emigrant (Donner) Trail, an original part of the 1844 Don Pablo Gutierrez land grant. It was sold at auction to William Johnson in 1845; in 1849 part of the ranch was set aside as a government reserve: Camp Far West. In 1866, the town of Wheatland was laid out on a portion of the grant. A marker is in Tomita Park on Front St. in Wheatland.

Bok Kai Temple



Bok Kai Temple was first constructed in Marysville in the early 1850s (and rebuilt in 1880) by a significant population of Chinese immigrants who had fled the troubled Canton province in China. During a critical flooding period in Marysville, the temple was built with reverence towards Bok Eye, a Chinese god of water, who is the central deity of the Bok Kai. During times of high water, prayers are held to spare the City of Marysville, and—interestingly—Marysville hasn’t flooded since 1875. California’s oldest running parade is the Bok Kai parade which happens in Marysville each spring. Tours of the temple are available only by special arrangement.

Historical Sutter County Courthouse

Masonic Temple was termed the “finest building of its kind in the state” when construction was completed in 1910. Reflecting a mission revival architectural design, the timbers (which support the covering) were felled and prepared in the forest of Georgia and transported on ship via a route around the Horn, through the bay, up the delta, Sacramento River, Feather River, and docked in Yuba City. The exposed timbers run the full length of the Lodge room. W. H. Allen, the architect, supervised the construction that was performed mainly by members of the lodge. Almost the entire cost of the edifice was contributed by the members through voluntary subscriptions. Enterprise Lodge #70 is located at 501 Second Street in Yuba City. Second Street, Yuba City has a variety of architectural styles of homes along Second from Bridge Street to Garden Highway on B & C Streets. Additionally, the Historical Sutter County Courthouse (a Classical Revival structure circa 1873) and the Sutter County Hall of Records (built in Romanesque style in 1891) dominate the Second Street district of historical buildings. Sikh Temple captures the colorful splendor of community and worship. The Tierra Buena Temple was established in 1969, built in the exact architecture of the Sikh temples in India. These gurdwaras play an important role in the community of those of the Sikh faith. Since 1979, Sutter County has been home to the largest Sikh festival outside of India. Propagation of the Seedless Thompson Grape is Historic Marker #929 located at 9001 Colusa Hwy just eight miles west of Yuba City. Englishman William Thompson and his family settled in Sutter County in 1863. Nine years later, he sent three cuttings of a grape called Lady de Coverly to New York. Only one cutting survived, but the grape (first publicly displayed in Marysville in 1875) became known 48

Smartsville & Timbuctoo are Historic Markers #320 and #321, and are also historical gold rush towns. In 1855, Timbuctoo was the largest of Yuba County’s mining towns with a church, theater, stores, hotels, saloons, a Wells Fargo office, and a Steward Brothers store which was restored and dedicated in 1928. The historic plaque is located on Hwy 20 on Timbuctoo Rd (one mile west of Smartsville). The first building at Smartsville was built in the spring of 1856 by James Smart, a hotel proprietor during the gold rush days. The U.S. Post Office officially named the town Smartville, creating a long running debate; Smartville or Smartsville? On August 14, 2008 after a century-long battle, the United States Board on Geographic Names unanimously voted to add the “s” to the town of Smartsville. The Church of the Immaculate Conception was originally built in 1858 then rebuilt in 1871 after a fire. The Union Church was built in 1863. The Smartsville Cemetery can be seen on the hillside.

Sikh Temple

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception



as Thompson’s Seedless Grape. Today, thousands of acres of grapes are planted in California for the production of raisins, bulk wine and table grapes.

Sutter’s Hock Farm is Historic Marker #346 located on Garden Hwy at Messick Rd approximately 6.7 miles south of Yuba City. John Sutter, an immigrant from Switzerland, took Mexican citizenship to receive a large land grant in the northern Sacramento Valley in 1841. After establishing what is known today as Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento, Sutter established a second home along the banks of the Feather River. Hock Farm was named after the Hocks, a village of Maidu, and it became the site of the state’s first organized agricultural endeavor. Sutter fled to Hock Farm after losing control of Sutter’s Fort during the gold rush era. It was his last home in California. On June 21, 1865, a vagrant ex-soldier who had been staying at the Hock Farm burned it to the ground. Defeated in California, Sutter moved East in a futile attempt to convince the United States government to restore the lands taken from him when the U.S. canceled all land grants under the previous Mexican government. The Sutter Buttes are famously known as the World’s Smallest Mountain Range. They’ve had many names dating back to the early 1800s: Los Tres Picos (Spanish explorers), Sacramento Buttes (John Fremont), and Marysville Buttes. In 1949, the mountain range was officially christened the Sutter Buttes. By any name, they are a unique and significant landmark and icon. Formed by unusual volcanic up-thrust that ceased about 1.5 million years ago, the Sutter Buttes are circular in shape, 10 miles wide and cover 75 square miles. The highest of the three peaks is 2,132 feet above sea level. The Buttes sit on mostly private property with access available in the spring and fall through guided tours with Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes. Signs along Hwy 20 will direct you to a scenic drive tour. The Sutter Buttes are the only mountain range you can circle in a day. This 40 mile loop can be done by car, motorcycle or bicycle. Wheatland Hop Riot is Historic Marker #1003 located at Sixth and A Streets in Wheatland. In 1913, two workers and two law enforcement officers (including the District Attorney of Yuba County) were killed in one of the most important and well known events in California labor history: The Wheatland Hop Riot. The riots occurred after workers complained about labor conditions, and the owner of the Durst Hop Ranch called authorities. As a result, the riot focused public opinion on the plight of farm workers. A federal investigation of farm working conditions followed, and new regulations were passed for providing basic housing and sanitary amenities for workers. It was the first major farm labor confrontation in California. Yuba Goldfields is located off Highway 20 at Parks Bar Bridge. More gold has been taken from the Yuba River watershed than any other river in the United 50

Sutter’s Hock Farm

The Sutter Buttes



States. Hydraulic mining activity in the Sierra Nevada washed tens of millions of tons of debris into the Yuba River, and much of it washed out of the Yuba River canyon burying the large mining camp Parks Bar and a place called Weiser’s Bar, where 100 Chinese miners reportedly drowned in a huge flood. In the 20th century, floating dredgers were used to search for gold in the debris that flattened out over 10,000 acres. The dredging activity created dozens of ponds amid a moonscape of gravel piles. The area is populated by a variety of flora and fauna and is a popular location for four-wheeling, fishing and hiking.

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Yuba Sutter is home to a thriving performing arts community. Whether a drama aficionado or just a fan of the live stage, audiences of all ages will be entertained by the area’s local talent. Be inspired by the creativity of the the Yuba Sutter theater, from Shakespearean renditions to original productions. Sutter Theater Center For The Arts, owned and operated by Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture, is Yuba-Sutter’s newest performance venue. Originally a 900-seat movie theater built in the 1950s, it has undergone a transformation with a reimagined lobby which still maintains some of the original art deco touches. Phase one is complete and is home to a 150 seat “black box” modular theater, a full bar, concession stand and the Theater Art Gallery, home to four “anchor” visual artists and monthly guest artists. Phase two of the project, to be completed in 2024, will feature the remodel of the back half of the complex which includes the original proscenium arch main stage with 299 original seats restored and ready for prime-time full theatrical productions. The Sutter Theater Center for the Arts has already begun to showcase special events including multi-genre music concerts and live stage shows. Information: 52

The Acting Company shares the magic of live theater! Located in Yuba City, it is a volunteer-run theater whose members put on a six-show Main Stage season, as well as four shows for their Magic Theatre children's productions. In addition to their events throughout the year, The Acting Company also offers a number of children's acting classes. Information: Yuba College Theater, Music and Concert Events provide a safe and inclusive environment for students to explore performance, and prepare them to succeed in their academic, career and lifelong learning goals. Course offerings include introductory classes in theatre, film and music, as well as advanced classes to prepare them for transfer and an opportunity to earn an AA transfer degree in Theatre. The Yuba College Theater has an array of musicals, concerts, plays, and events throughout the school year. Information: Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture has been serving the region since 1981 with a vision for the community to "experience the arts every day." A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, they are the official arts agency designated by Yuba and Sutter Counties as the local partner of the California Arts Council. Their mission is to expand artistic awareness of and engagement in the arts; to encourage local communities to reach their full potential by developing arts programs that serve their needs, and to provide access to the arts in rural and under-served areas throughout Yuba and Sutter counties. Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture plays an essential role to ensure that the highest quality and widest variety of arts and cultural activities and presentations are available for the community. Information:



Toyota Amphitheater is a $25 million state-of-the-art outdoor concert venue opened in 2000. It is situated on 90 acres in Yuba County just north of Wheatland, and holds a capacity of 20,000 attendees. Seating is divided between fixed stadium-style seats and open lawn seating. Since opening, the amphitheatre has featured hundreds of concerts and welcomed more than 2 million guests. Information:


Art, History & Culture

Step back in time!

Many of California's richest historical events happened right here in Yuba Sutter. With dozens of landmarks and museums throughout the two counties, it’s no surprise that visitors travel from all over the country to experience the deep rooted culture of the region. Spend the morning sightseeing National Historic Markers, followed by lunch in one of California’s oldest cities, and end the day with an afternoon at a museum.


Need some planning inspiration for a historical


experience in Yuba Sutter? The sample itinerary below is sure to spark some ideas for your next getaway!





Start with a hearty breakfast and unique ambiance at The Brick Coffee House Café or Tracey’s Diner in Marysville.

Stroll along historical D Street, lined with quaint antique shops in old history-filled buildings, or visit one of the many museums such as Mary Aaron or Chinese American Museum.

Grab lunch at the Silver Dollar Saloon before touring Smartsville and the remnants of old Timbuctoo.

Book a room at the historical Harkey House Bed & Breakfast, and have dinner on the historical Plumas Street in Downtown Yuba City.

Places to stop along the way…





624 E St. Marysville




4 3


American 724 J St., Marysville 530.923.2567



Find out more information on page 53.


1333 Butte House Rd. Yuba City Find out more information on page 45.

Café drinks and food 316 D St., Marysville 530.743.5283 | 3


232 1st St., Marysville Visit website to book a tour. 4


American 330 1st St., Marysville 530.743.1558



Intersection of South 'A' St. and 6th St. Wheatland Find out more information on page 50.


Bed and Breakfast 212 C St., Yuba City 530.674.1942 |



Whether you are in the mood for classic American cuisine, deliciously designed sushi, or gourmet Italian dishes, Yuba Sutter is the hub for some of Northern California’s best eateries. Home to the region’s most popular bistros, diners, and cafes, visitors from far and wide travel to pull up a chair at one of the many fine restaurants in Yuba Sutter. 2 BIT’S CAFE American 1272 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.755.2012 AJ SANDWICHES Sandwiches 221 6th St., Marysville 530.741.2239 1171 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.870.8310 ANTONIO'S QUICK LUNCH Mexican 716 Colusa Ave.,Yuba City 530.673.2534 ASIAN CUISINE Asian 22 E 12th St. #4955, Marysville 530.741.9041 BETTY’S AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT Mexican 10180 Live Oak Blvd., Live Oak 530.695.3535 BOMBAY LOUNGE


1529 Colusa Hwy., Yuba City 530.751.5156



316 D St., Marysville 530.743.5283 BRIDGE COFFEE COMPANY Coffee House 101 Clark Ave., Yuba City 530.692.2555 CAFE COLLAGE Multi-Cuisine 13216 Rices Crossing Rd., Oregon House 530.692.2555 CARLITO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT Mexican 885 Richland Rd., Yuba City 530.777.3342 CASA CARLOS Mexican 413 6th St., Marysville 530.742.7793 CASA LUPE Mexican 655 W Onstott Rd., Yuba City 530.673.2190 CHICAGO'S PIZZA WITH A TWIST Pizza 887 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.777.9090

CHINA GARDEN Chinese 1590 N Beale Rd., Marysville 530.743.2899 CHINA MOON RESTAURANT Chinese 315 3rd St., Marysville 530.743.220 CHINESE GARDEN Chinese 812 Gray Ave., Yuba City 530.674.0216 CISCO'S TAQUERIA Mexican 301 3rd St., Marysville 530.749.2244 CLOVER CAFE American/International 13623 Rices Crossing Rd., Oregon House 530.441.8461 COOK N’ POT American 408 Bell Ave., Yuba City 530.673.9895 COOL HAND LUKE'S STEAKHOUSE American 1669 Colusa Hwy., Yuba City 530.822.9900




DANCING TOMATO CAFFÉ American/Italian Fusion 990 N Walton Ave., Yuba City 530.790.0300

EL TACO NACO MEXICAN FOOD Mexican 4256 Fleming Way, Olivehurst 530.742.6226

HOME TOWN BURGER American 4719 Olivehurst Ave., Olivehurst 530.743.9220

DRAGON INN Chinese 1016 G St., Marysville 530.742.6923

EL ZARAPE Mexican 1005 Stafford Way, Yuba City 530.755.2888

DUKE’S DINER American breakfast & brunch 1770 7th Ave., Olivehurst 530.741.2970

ELKINS FROSTY American 415 D St., Wheatland 530.633.2813

HUCKLEBERRY'S American 724 W Onstott Frontage Rd., Yuba City 530.645.7688

EL CENTRAL CAFE RESTAURANT Mexican 427 N Palora Ave., Yuba City 530.763.505

ERMA JEAN’S Soul Food 4912 Powerline Rd., Olivehurst 530.749.9651

EL CHARITOS MEXICAN DELI Mexican 11416 Loma Rica Rd., Marysville 530.742.2218 EL REY MEXICAN RESTAURANT Mexican 512 E 19th St., Marysville 530.741.322.

Photo Credit: Cindy Paine 58

FALAFEL GUYS Mediterranean 362 N Walton Ave., Yuba City 530.645.7200 HENG'S CAFE Chinese 1270 Stabler Ln., Yuba City 530.821.2286

JUSTIN’S KITCHEN American Cuisine 628 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.923.2757 KENZO SUSHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT Sushi 1655 Colusa Hwy. #300 Yuba City 530.790.6877 LA MEXICANA Mexican 1265 Colusa Hwy. # H, Yuba City 530.673.6878

MARCELLO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Italian 1235 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.674.2171 MARIA’S MEXICAN Mexican 601 D St., Marysville 530.742.0439 Photo Credit: Cindy Paine LA MEXICANA MARKET Mexican 9826 Broadway, Live Oak 530.695.1167 LA UNICA'S FRESH MEX Mexican 971 Gray Ave UNIT 1, Yuba City 530.755.3900 LAMBERT HOUSE CAFE American breakfast & brunch 208 Bridge St.,Yuba City 530.674.3544 LAS BRASAS Mexican 1529 Colusa Hwy., Yuba City 530.755.9889 LEE'S CANTON RESTAURANT Chinese 511 Reeves Ave., Yuba City 530.673.2970

LINDA’S SODA BAR AND GRILL American 668 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.673.8140 LITTLE INDIA Indian 1456 Bridge St. #3506 Yuba City 530.673.7611 LOS CHARROS TAQUERIA Mexican 425 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.671.4140 LOS PORTALES MARKET & TAQUERIA Mexican 441 Bridge St ste g, Yuba City 530.763.403 LUMBERJACKS RESTAURANT American 1025 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.673.3270


MAMA CHIQUITA BAKERY Mexican 728 Forbes Ave., Yuba City 530.755.0573

MARISCOS EL CAPITAN Mexican 112 Garden HWY. #B 112 Yuba City 530.777.3528 MARISCOS EL CHICO Mexican 1818 N Beale Rd., Linda 530.742.6511 MI PUEBLITO TAQUERIA Mexican 1920 CA-65, Wheatland 530.633.291 MIDTOWN GRILL American 747 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.923.7075 MOM’S DINER Breakfast 5915 Lindhurst Ave., Marysville 530.743.8864 MOUNTAIN EATS American 13919 Lake Frances Rd., Dobbins 530.692.9590


Photo Credit: Cindy Paine NEIGHBORS PIZZA Pizza 1957 McGowan Pkwy., Olivehurst 530.749.0500 OCEAN FISH & CHIPS Korean 1601 B St., Marysville 530.743.1112 OMELETTE HOUSE American 10432 Live Oak Blvd., Live Oak 530.695.6957 PASQUINI’S FINE ITALIAN FOOD Italian 6241 Hwy 99, Live Oak 530.695.3384


PETE'S RESTAURANT & BREWHOUSE American 866 W Onstott Frontage Rd., Yuba City 530.923.7262 PIZZA FACTORY Pizza 10345 Live Oak Blvd., Live Oak 530.695.3232 PIZZA ROUNDUP Pizza 1806 Loma Rica Rd., Marysville 530.743.9896 2004 Covillaud St., Marysville 530.741.0600 PORKY'S TO GO Barbecue 1190 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.923.7828

PRIMETIME PIZZA Pizza 1920 CA-65 #170, Wheatland 530.633.4488 PUNJAB TANDOORI GRILL Indian 1747 Live Oak Blvd., Yuba City 530.777.3661 RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT Steakhouse 111 S. George Washington Blvd., Yuba City 530.923.2272 RICO'S PIZZA Pizza 1415 Garden Hwy., Yuba City 530.821.0188" SANDRA'S BAR & GRILL Mexican 461 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.441.6543

SUTTER BUTTES BREWING CO. American 421 Center St., Yuba City 530.790.7999

SILVER DOLLAR SALOON American 330 1st St., Marysville 530.743.1558

SYLVIO'S PIZZERIA & DELI Pizza 1747 Live Oak Blvd., Yuba City 530.430.7499

SOPA THAI CUISINE Thai 720 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.790.7672

SZECHUAN Chinese 223 1st St., Marysville 530.743.0660

STAR OF INDIA Indian 1538 Poole Blvd., Suite W Yuba City 530.673.1999 STEELE HOUSE COFFEE Coffee 437 Center St., Yuba City 530.763.4693 STRAW HAT PIZZA Pizza 540 Bogue Rd. w2, Yuba City 530.671.5150 SUN'S CAFE American 646 Gray Ave., Yuba City 530.673.1689 SUSHI ICHIBAN Sushi 1560 Butte House Rd., Yuba City 530.751.7478

TORTILLERIA FLORES Mexican 120 Percy Ave., Yuba City 530.671.4398 THE REFUGE American 1501 Butte House Rd., Yuba City 530.434.6451 TRACEY’S DINER American 724 J St., Marysville 530.923.2567

TACOS EL JALISCIENSE Mexican 440 Garden Hwy., Yuba City (530) 790-7222 TAQUERIA GUADALAJARA Mexican 1380 Franklin Rd # A, Yuba City 530.822.9767 TAQUERIA VERONICAS Mexican 540 Bogue Rd., Yuba City 530.923.7835 THE CITY CLUB Fine Dining 667 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.329.8312 THE HAPPY VIKING American/Sports bar 741 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.671.7492 THE TAJ Indian 1400 Whyler Rd., Yuba City 530.821.0121"



SANJI RASOI INDIAN CUISINE Indian 1144 Oswald Rd., Yuba City 530.763.5669

Sweet Spots

Sweet Spots

Have a sweet tooth? Look no further! Northern California’s tastiest treats can be found right here in Yuba Sutter. From homemade frozen desserts to fresh baked treats to hand crafted candy, there is a satisfying sweet spot for everyone. BROCK’S ICE CREAM Ice cream and yogurt 990 Gray Ave., Yuba City 530.673.3835 CRUMBL Cookies 1054 Harter Pkwy #6 Yuba City 530.645.3364 CUPCAKE MAGIC Cupcakes 728 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.923.7847


GOT CAKES Baked goods 229 Clark Ave., Yuba City 530.635.1569 JANYO FROZEN YOGURT Frozen yogurt 1520 Butte House Rd., Yuba City 530.822.5696 LA FLOR DE MICHOACÁN PALETERÍA Y NEVERÍA HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SHOP Homemade ice cream and popsicles 1272D Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.645.7070

THE COOKIE TREE Handmade desserts and breakfast goodies 441 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.673.1246 | SAWYER’S SWEET SPOT Chocolates, shave ice and ice cream 725 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.777.3273 |

TOP THIS FROZEN DESSERTS AND TREATS Frozen yogurt Suite W2B, 540 Bogue Rd., Yuba City 530.870.8488 VAMPIRE PENGUIN Shaved ice, snow, ice cream 1199 Butte House Rd., Yuba City 530.443.3392

STEPHEN’S FARMHOUSE Homemade pies, cookies, jams, and more 6219 Sawtelle Ave., Yuba City 530.673.0406 |

Photo Credit: Cindy Paine



THE CANDY BOX & GIFT SHOP Hand-made candy 415 D St., Marysville 530.742.3124 |



Looking for a lively social setting after hours? Yuba Sutter has a whole host of exciting and unique venues throughout the area. Have a specific ambience in mind? Find your favorite night spot right here! Whether you're in the mood for an eccentric cocktail, a local craft beer or maybe just some karaoke or live music, Yuba Sutter’s pubs, taverns and bars are sure to entertain. 7 MILE HOUSE 3178 State Hwy., 20, Marysville 530.923.2058 BIG JOHN’S BAR AND GRILL 1452 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.751.9106 BILL’S PLACE BAR AND RESTAURANT 417 4th St., Wheatland 530.633.2117 64

BROADWAY LOUNGE 9840 Bdwy., Live Oak 530.695.2850

CORTEZ ROOM 315 5th St., Marysville 530.743.7729

CLUB 21 275 Garden Hwy., Yuba City 530.673.0912

DOWERS TAVERN 315 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.763.5094

CORNER BAR 215 Fairman St., Yuba City 530.751.2337

FIELD & STREAM BAR 612 B St., Marysville 530.742.8331

SILVER DOLLAR SALOON 330 1st St., Marysville 530.743.1558


STASSI’S FOURTH WARD TAVERN 102 7th St., Marysville 530.743.1486

RED HILL SALOON 4721 Wheatland Rd., Wheatland 530.633.9208 RIVER’S EDGE PUB 12th St., Marysville 530.743.5862

WILLOW GLEN SALOON 13809 Willow Glen Rd. Oregon House 530.692.3005 WOOD BUTCHER 301 C St., Marysville 530.742.6503

SUTTER BUTTES BREWING CO. 421 Center St., Yuba City 530.790.7999 THE HAPPY VIKING 741 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.671.7492

Photo Credit: Cindy Paine



GOLD RUSH BILLIARDS 960 Gray Ave., Yuba City 530.434.6226

Getaway RV I PE DP LBAYN LNOECRAWine Food and Drink LTO L S Lover’s

Local foodie hotspots!

While visiting Yuba Sutter, trust the restaurant reviews by the locals! Whether dinner, drinks or dessert, here is a list of the Top 3 spots for eateries, nightlife and sweets from the folks who know the area better than anyone.

Local Hotspots


CAFE COLLAGE Authentic fine cuisine from Greece, Provence, Spain, North Africa and the MiddleEast. They focus on fresh local ingredients and serve mainly wines form the foothill area. 13216 Rices Crossing Rd., Oregon House 530.692.2555


JUSTIN'S KITCHEN Sophisticated local eatery offering creative spins on American comfort food, plus wine & cocktails. 628 Plumas St.,Yuba City 530.923.2757

SOPA THAI CUISINE Authentic Thai cuisine, popular happy hour and a cultural ambience to match make this restaurant a favorite amongst the locals. 720 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.790.7672

Local Hotspots

Sweet Spots

BROCK’S ICE CREAM Old fashioned, homemade ice cream parlor bringing all your favorite flavors since 1966. 990 Gray Ave., Yuba City 530.673.3835

SAWYER’S SWEET SPOT Specializing in fudge and other homemade chocolates, shave ice, ice cream, and milkshakes, a portion of all proceeds go toward pediatric cancer research and oncology camps. 725 Plumas St., Yuba City 530.777.3273

CUPCAKE MAGIC A selection of cupcakes, chocolate, cake pops, ice cream sandwiches, and scones. They also do custom orders and custom cakes! 728 Plumas St.,Yuba City 530.923.7847

Local Hotspots


RED HILL SALOON A small town Bar with BIG personality. Hosting weekly events, live music, and drink specials. Locals love the friendly staff and cocktail list. 4721 Wheatland Rd., Wheatland 530.633.9208

SUTTER BUTTES BREWING CO. Brewery, taphouse and eatery serving up wood-fired brick oven pizzas, delicious burgers, hearty salads, and more. 421 Center St., Yuba City 530.790.7999

SILVER DOLLAR SALOON Located in one of Marysville’s oldest historical landmarks, specializing in great steaks cooked to perfection, slow cooked ribs, and fresh seafood. 330 1st St., Marysville 530.743.1558


Rustic Weddings


Photo Credit: Andrea Bucheli

Rolling golden hills. Stunning vineyards. Blooming orchards. The Yuba Sutter region is host to a variety of charming farms, rustic barns, beautiful wineries, and dense forests paired with pristine lakes and rivers. With such diverse landscape and rural settings, the unique wedding venues in the region are a picturesque backdrop for your special day. 2121 Ranch Ideal for smaller parties, 2121 Ranch offers a unique setting with options that can be customized to your preferences. The main house fits up to 50 guests and larger groups can open the space to an airy courtyard and beautiful fountain. Information: Barns at Willow Creek Searching for a venue to make your romantic, rustic wedding visions a reality? Barns at Willow Creek is what you’ve been dreaming of! This 53 acre property offers 3 equally gorgeous ceremony locations for you to choose from. Once you’ve selected the location and shared what you envision for the space, their talented team will handle every detail, so you can simply relax and enjoy your special day. Information: 530.742.8089 | Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm At Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, watch as all your fairytale wedding dreams come true. Each of the four wedding packages includes a menu created to fit all tastes, as well as use of the grounds for two full days, so there’s no need to rush to meet tricky timelines that many venues require. The large landscape provides couples several options for both the ceremony and reception, all of which can be tailored to fit your unique style. Information: 530.633.2568 | Butte Star Ranch When you close your eyes, what does your wedding look like? If you envision breathtaking mountain views setting the scene for your vows, Butte Star Ranch is the venue for you. This 20 acre property is nestled into the base of the Sutter Buttes and is the perfect countryside setting to start your life as a married couple. Information: 530.755.0154 | VISITYUBASUTTER.COM 69


Rustic Weddings

Duncan Farm & Events Duncan Farm & Events is a wedding and event venue opened in October 2018 by husband and wife Neil and Shalee Duncan. They are located in Wheatland, CA, about 40 minutes north of Sacramento. Duncan Farm & Events provides you and your guests with a sprawling country-style experience in the lower golden foothills of Northern California. Their venue mixes rural-country with contemporary stylings on a 10 acre farm. Information: 916.884.4977 | Ettl Hall Ettl Hall is a fresh, modern event space, conveniently located on Butte House Road in Yuba City. The venue offers a blank canvas for easy decorating, great natural light, and access to Harter Memorial Park and the Rose Garden. Guests will enjoy the fully landscaped patio adjacent to the building, complete with shade cover and a live jasmine arch. Information: 530.822.7141 | Frenchtown Inn Timeless charm in an authentic rural foothill setting overlooking a seven-acre private lake is what you can expect from Frenchtown Inn. Located in the Yuba Foothills, the venue can accommodate up to one hundred guests with the spacious 3,200 sq ft house and expansive 85 acre property for your exclusive use. Information: 530.418.8151 | Hickman Family Vineyards Get married to the love of your life in a picture perfect setting at Hickman Family Vineyards. Your ceremony will take place on the shaded 3,000 sq. ft. patio overlooking the oak studded Sierra Nevada foothills. Wedding packages include: event staff during the entire planning process, full set up, a two night stay in the 3 bedroom house where the bridal party can get ready, a loft in the winery for the groom’s party, and so much more! Information: 530.679.0679 |


Patina Garden Event Center Located in historic Marysville, CA, this secret garden is the perfect place to host intimate weddings. The space can comfortably fit up to 125 guests and is equally split between an indoor space and outdoor garden. When you book with Patina Garden Event Center, you’ll have the freedom to choose your own catering and decorate the venue to suit your unique taste. Information: 530.812.1032 |

Photo Credit: Andrea Bucheli



Munger Family Vineyard Nestled at the base of the Sutter Buttes, this family home and winery is the perfect setting where your family and friends can gather to celebrate your happily ever after! Included in the rental agreement is a 25% discount on all cases of wine purchased from the winery. Information: 530.755.1369 |

River Highlands Ranch & Vineyards Photo Credit: Andrew & Melanie Photography

Peach Tree Golf & Country Club You pick the date, menu, and color scheme; and the exceptional staff at Peach Tree Golf & Country Club will handle the rest! A trusted host location for almost 60 years, their experience and professionalism make them well equipped to handle all your wedding planning needs. The naturally shaded site is tucked under a small hub of redwood trees allowing golden late afternoon rays to shine through as you say, “I do.” Information: 530.743.1897 | Plumas Lake Golf & Country Club Say “I do” under an abundance of oak trees at Plumas Lake Golf & Country Club. This peaceful oasis provides the perfect space and atmosphere for the elegant outdoor wedding you’ve been envisioning. Information: 530.742.3201 | Teegarden Event Center Located in the heart of downtown Plumas Street, this victorian home can accommodate your indoor or outdoor dream wedding. With full attention to detail, the Teegarden Event Center will help you actualize your vision and make it most memorable for you and your guests. Information: 530.645.7061 |


River Highlands Ranch A hidden gem in the foothills of Northern California, River Highlands Ranch is 400 acres of beautiful scenery, including a vineyard and organic farm with rustic charm. A beautiful lofted barn surrounded by softly terraced land and stunning panoramic views creates the perfect backdrop for an elegant barn wedding. River Highlands can accommodate large or intimate gatherings to fit all your needs! Information: 530.639.1682 | Southridge Estates Surrounded by panoramic views of the natural landscape and stunning scenic backdrops, Southridge Estates newly renovated facility is perfect for couples looking for a dreamy venue near the Sutter Buttes. This versatile estate provides indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and one of a kind amenities to make your special day stress free! Information: 530.682.6723 | Facebook - @SouthridgeEstateVenue



The Ranch at Lone Oak Longhorns You deserve to have the authentic, country chic wedding you’ve always imagined. The Ranch at Lone Oak Longhorns is the perfect place to host such an occasion! This stunning property features an attribute no other venues in the area can match - they raise Registered Texas Longhorns on their 12.5 acre pastures. These impressive animals provide the perfect rustic background for photos you will cherish for a lifetime. Information: 530.554.3184 |


Photo by Jonathan Beth Art & Photography


Relaxation, incredible wine and stunning views —say no more! Enjoy unique, local wines and take in the beautiful scenery. Yuba Sutter is home to some of California’s best wineries. Make it a wine-tasting weekend, and experience the flavorful specialties produced by the best vineyards in Northern California. No need for Napa —visit Yuba Sutter for a personalized, intimate experience perfect for either the wine aficionado or the novice taster. BANGOR RANCH VINEYARD AND WINERY Nestled in the rolling foothills of the old gold rush town of Bangor, this vineyard and winery produces wines with intense character and complexity and estate extra virgin olive oil. 5768 La Porte Rd., Bangor 707.480.1429 |


CLOS SARON A unique homey vineyard specializing in distinctive Pinot Noirs grown on volcanic soils of the Sierra Foothills. 9269 Collin House Dr., Oregon House 530.692.1080 |

MUNGER FAMILY VINEYARD A family owned vineyard in Sutter County featuring a rustic-chic outdoor tasting room. 2144 Irwin Ave., Sutter 530.755.1369 |

DOUBLE BUCK WINERY This family owned award-winning winery is located in Wheatland. They specialize in barbera wine, rose wine & wine chocolates. 3973 Spenceville Rd., Wheatland 530.633.2401 |

RENAISSANCE VINEYARD AND WINERY Located in the Sierra Foothills, this winery was founded in 1978 and boasts an extensive library of aged wine. 12585 Rices Crossing Rd., Oregon House 530.692.3159 |

FRENCHTOWN FARMS Located in the Sierra Foothills in the wild, untamed land of North Yuba, Frenchtown Farms makes all of their wines from whole cluster, foot-stomped grapes. 9770 Frenchtown-Dobbins Rd., Oregon House, CA 95962 530.229.4902 | GRANT-MARIE WINERY A small partnership winery located in the Sierra Foothills with 35 years of experience growing grapes in North Yuba. 12801 Rices Crossing Rd., Oregon House 530.692.1084 | HICKMAN FAMILY VINEYARD Located in the Sierra Foothills, this vineyard-centric winery specializes in red wines, using old world methods of fermentation. 77 Orange Ave., Bangor 530.679.0679 | LUCERO VINEYARDS AND WINERY Located in the Sierra Foothills among Ponderosa Pines, Lucero Vineyards grows and makes limited production, ultra premium red wines. 10654 Texas Hill Rd., Dobbins 530.692.9214 |

SICILIA VINEYARDS Sicilia Vineyards, Yuba City’s first commercial wine producing vineyard, is located at the foot of the Sutter Buttes. Their winemakers are committed to European wine styles and they focus on non-traditional varieties. 3981 Nuestro Rd., Yuba City 916.769.5994 | SPENCER SHIREY WINERY A small boutique winery nestled in a serene valley of the North Sierra Foothills. 6857 La Porte Rd., Bangor 530.205.3579 | YUBA FOOTHILLS VINEYARDS A vineyard in the small town of Browns Valley that’s home to 20 acres of delicious syrah, petite syrah and grenache wine grapes! The rich soil, elevation and plenty of sunshine is what gives their wine such exquisite flavors. 9500 Sicard Flat Rd., Browns Valley 530.329.2619

MEADE HILL VINEYARD AND WINERY A family owned and operated vineyard that offers traditional wine, mead and a comfortable atmosphere. 8659 Smartsville Rd., Smartsville 530.639.6000 |



CORDI WINERY The first winery in Sutter County and is located at the base of the majestic Sutter Buttes. 10401 Ingram Ln., Live Oak 530.695.1785 |

Farm Stands & Markets

Photo by Kayla Webb

Farm Stands

Northern California has a reputation for world-renowned agriculture, and the Yuba Sutter region is the Farm-to-Fork capital of America. No matter the season, find local fruit and vegetables year round throughout the region picked at peak and sold by local growers. Whether you embrace the farm-to-table lifestyle, or just want to check out the local artisan creations, Yuba Sutter has quality farmers markets throughout the region. Farm stands and markets are not only fun for the entire family, they provide the community with an opportunity for fresh, sustainable food while supporting local farmers. BISHOP’S PUMPKIN FARM Every year in late June, Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm plants 90 acres of pumpkins, gourds and squash. Also located at Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm is Mrs. B’s bakery, which offers fresh pies, cakes and other goodies. 1415 Pumpkin Ln., Wheatland 530.633.2568 | 76

BOCK’S FRUIT STAND Bock’s Fruit Stand has over 30 varieties of stone fruit, as well as multiple flavors of honey, almonds, pistachios, cashews, and almond butter. 10126 CA-70, Marysville 530.309.8615 |

MOODY’S MIDDLE MOUNTAIN MANDARINS Growing and selling fresh citrus fruit during the months of December through February. They specialize in Satsuma Mandarins and Blood Oranges. 8189 Griffith Ln., Sutter 530.301.8390

CN FARMS Known for growing varieties of strawberries, five varieties of blackberries, 10 varieties of blueberries, and multi-colored raspberries. 11311 Blaine Ln., Marysville 916.833.3224

OREGON HOUSE FARM STORE Offering High Sierra grass fed beef, lamb, all natural pork, farm fresh eggs, honey, herbs, pumpkins, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as family oriented farm tours. 14582 Indiana School Rd., Oregon House 530.692.2564 |

CORREIA’S FRUIT STAND Correia’s Fruit Stand offers peaches, plums, nectarines, watermelon, cantaloupes, cherries, apricots, and vine ripe tomatoes. 13197 CA-20, Meridian 530.696.2600 FRUIT PALACE Offering seasonal white and yellow peaches, nectarines, apricots, honey, jerky, nuts, seasonal oranges, mandarins, snacks, and more. 6205 CA-99, Live Oak 530.695.1336 DOBBINS FARMERS MARKET Year-round Saturday market located in the quaint town of Dobbins near Lake Francis Resort. 9765 Marysville Rd., Dobbins 530.218.2685 KT FARM & PRODUCE Family-owned & operated fruit stand selling locally sourced produce, honey, nuts, jams & freshly-brewed coffee from a local roaster. 113 Sacramento Ave #9520, Yuba City 530.844.2032 MINTON FARMS Minton Farms is a fourth generation farm that offers cherries, blueberries, strawberries, yellow peaches, yellow nectarines, apricots, and plums to start the season. Nuts are harvested in the fall. 10081 Garden Hwy., Yuba City 530.673.6818 |

OREGON HOUSE FARMS AND HIGH SIERRA BEEF 14582 Indiana School Rd., Oregon House 530.635.0183 | SALLE ORCHARDS A family owned and operated farm, founded in 1990. The farm hosts a variety of walnuts, apples, apricots, Asian pears, cherries, persimmons, peaches, and more! 3947 Wheatland Rd.,Wheatland 530.633.0805 | SODARO ORCHARDS This is a 5th generation family owned and operated farm. They offer peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupes, corn, and other vegetables. 9336 CA-70, Marysville 530.743.7735 | SPRING VALLEY PRODUCE Family owned and operated for over 50 years. They offer fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as a wide selection of dried fruit, nuts, honey, olives, and other specialty items. 3860 State Hwy., 20, Marysville 530.742.5335



BROWNSVILLE FARMERS MARKET Committed to locally grown, healthy produce. Providing local residents and weekend visitors with the very best selection of quality fresh fruits and vegetables in an outdoor summer market. 17103 Ponderosa Way, Brownsville 530.933.9506

STEPHENS FARMHOUSE In addition to fresh produce, Stephens Farmhouse offers homemade pies, cookies, and jams and jellies. 6219 Sawtelle Ave., Yuba City 530.673.0406 |

TONY’S FRUIT STAND Tony’s Fruit Stand specializes in pies, smallbatch jams, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, local honey, hand-poured candles, and more! 10464 CA-70, Marysville 530.741.1512 |

STRACHAN APIARIES The world’s largest producer of New World Carniolan Queens. In addition to selling queen bees, they also sell delicious honey! 9336 CA-70, Marysville 530.743.7735 |

YOON CHOW'S STRAWBERRY FARM Yoon Chow's offers blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, as well as zucchini, red onion, and beans. 2657 Woodruff Ln., Marysville 530.743.7853

SUTTER COUNTY MUSEUM CERTIFIED FARMERS MARKET An array of locally grown produce, as well as cut flowers, artisan-made goods, prepared foods, handmade crafts, and more. 1333 Butte House Rd., Yuba City

YUBA CITY CERTIFIED FARMERS MARKET Longest running Certified Farmers Market in the Yuba Sutter Area. C and Plumas Blvd., Yuba City

Tony's Fruit Stand

Stephens Farmhouse


Locally Made Products & Shopping

Locally Made Products

Northern Californians pride themselves on supporting local artisans. In Yuba Sutter, visitors can find unique, handcrafted gifts and specialty products throughout the region. Many of the locally made products are also sourced and grown right here in the community. There truly is something for everyone—find that perfect souvenir or favorite thing, and feel good about helping grow small businesses and artisans in the region. APOLLO OLIVE OIL Family-run small business producing flavorful, healthy and organic gourmet olive oils in the finest tradition. 877.776.0703 |

BOTANICA SHANGO YUBA CITY Huge selection of candles, incense, oils, and sprays for spiritual practice. 411 N Palora Ave., Yuba City 530.441.6977

BANGOR BAKE SHOPPE Local favorite specializing in baked goods, pastries and sweets made with simple and pure ingredients. 5702 La Porte Rd. #9719, Bangor

BREMS JEMS AND GIFTS Offering jewelry repair and watch battery replacement along with jewelry, gifts and cards. 412 D St., Marysville 530.218.1657


CALOLEA OLIVE OIL Calolea Olive Oil offers a range of products including hair and body products, CBD products, and multiple flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 11343 Choctaw Trail, Loma Rica 530.749.1240 | COTTON’S COWBOY CORRAL Oldest Western Store in Northern California supplying locals with clothing, boots, gifts, and leather products. 320 5th St., Marysville D STREET VINTAGE & ANTIQUES Wide selection of authentic antique and vintage treasures. 319 D St., Marysville DEHAAN TRADING POST Unique toys and collectables 201 D St #M, Marysville DIGS Vintage home furnishings, accessories, and inspirational design ideas, located in historic downtown Marysville. 322 D St., Marysville FABULOUS FINDS An upscale boutique with clever displays and decor featuring creations from local artists. 506 D St., Marysville GILCHRIST “WHATNOT” An emporium of Gilchrist’s favorite objects collected from around the world, mixed with hand-made items from artists and artisans; treasures combined to produce a comfortable, personalized and well-appointed home. 101 C St., Marysville K. ROBERTS Personalized service, beautiful displays, a wide selection of fine gifts and stunning home decor. 523 Reeves Ave., Yuba City 530.674.7700 KRAZY KATZ VINTAGE VINYL RECORDS Unique and fun record store with other gifts located in Downtown Marysville. 413 5th St., Marysville 530.999.3213 80

LITTLE SHOP OF COLLECTABLES A variety of antiques, vintage, pyrex, furniture, army and collectibles. A little bit of something for everyone. 206 Bridge St., Yuba City 530.434.5167 LOCAL SPICERY Variety of locally milled spices, blended and packaged at their peak of freshness for both in-store and online purchasing. 228 First St., Marysville 530.763.5353 | MY BOUTIQUE A wide range of womens accessories, jewelry, shoes, gifts and much more. Plus sizes available. 423 D St., Marysville 530.434.0412 | NEW EARTH MARKET Local, natural food market that serves its community's needs. 1475 Tharp Rd., Yuba City 530.673.9355 | PUNJABI BAZAAR Importers and exporters of dalls, pickles, spices, textiles, and silk and polyester fabrics. Specializing in wheat, corn, and purshad flours, as well as chana baisin. 1190 Stabler Ln., Yuba City PUNJABI FASHIONS Punjabi fashions specializing in women’s clothing and accessories. 643 N. Palora Ave., Yuba City REMEMBER WHEN? ANTIQUES AND HOME DECOR. A wide variety of antiques, collectibles, jewelry and home decor items. 328 D St., Marysville 530.870.6132 RUSTIC ELEGANCE BY DELLA Unique furniture, home decor, fine gifts, consignment and antiques. 419 D St., Marysville 530.743.7674

STEPHENS FARMHOUSE Fresh baked cookies, homemade jams and jellies, farm fresh produce, nuts, pies, baked goods, and special orders. 6219 Sawtelle Ave., Yuba City 530.673.0406 | SUNSWEET GIFT OUTLET Sunsweet Gift Outlet is the world’s largest and most famous brand of dried tree fruits! Their worldwide headquarters in Yuba City produce over 40,000 cases of products every day. Stop by the gift shop for a taste! 901 N. Walton Ave., Yuba City 530.751.5327 | SUTTER COUNTY MUSEUM GIFT SHOP A great selection of gift items and books. Many of the items in the store are handmade by artisans up and down the West Coast, with an emphasis on California-made. 1333 Butte House Rd.,Yuba City 530.822.7141

SUTTER BUTTES NATURAL AND ARTISAN FOODS Innovative line of fresh, handcrafted gourmet foods including mustard, olive oil, tapenades, honey, jams, and range of balsamic vinegars. 1670 Poole Blvd., Yuba City 530.763.7921 | THE FARMER’S WIFE Unique homegrown and handmade lavender products and gifts. 3203 Oswald Rd., Yuba City THE ANTIQUE MALL IN MARYSVILLE Unique antique store selling vintage furniture, home decor, and so much more. 326 D St., Marysville TONY’S FRUIT STAND Local fruits, vegetables, baked pastries, and home goods. 10464 CA-70, Marysville TUFF STUFF JERKY AND MORE Tuff Stuff Jerky offers locally made, non-preservative beef jerky, flavored nuts, trail mixes, and marinades. 7155 Marysville Rd., Browns Valley 530.741.2882 |

Tony's Fruit Stand



SISSY’S ATTIC Large vintage and antique store with many options from different creators of beautiful glassware, furniture, decor, and more. 419 D St., Marysville


Locally Grown

Wine time!


Is there anything more relaxing than the perfect wine paired with incredible views? Yuba Sutter is home to some of California’s best vineyards and award-winning wineries. Discover why visitors from near and far travel to these two beautiful counties in search of distinct flavors unique to the area. Forget Napa! Visit Yuba Sutter for a personalized, intimate experience that makes for the perfect weekend getaway.


Need some planning inspiration for wine tasting in Yuba Sutter? The sample itinerary below is sure to spark some ideas for your next getaway!


Plan to book your stay at the Frenchtown Inn, and wake up to a peaceful and stunning retreat. After a short stroll around the property, it's time to head out for some fabulous wine adventures.


Check out all of the wineries listed on page 74 for suggested vineyards in the nearby area. Be sure to plan ahead for hours of operation and public tasting times.


Stop in at the Bangor Bake Shoppe for delicious breads and homemade desserts, or Collins Lake for a huge serving of ice cream.


For a fine dining experience consider Cafe Collage. After dinner, return to Frenchtown Inn and enjoy the stars and fresh air of the foothills.

Places to stop along the way…



1 4 2


10464 CA-70 Marysville

Find out more information on page 78.


Nestled quietly in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, the inn offers a 5-bedroom main house overlooking a majestic seven acre lake. A rural country experience for a special getaway, family gathering, business retreat, or wedding. 9858 Frenchtown-Dobbins Rd., Oregon House 530.418.8151 | 2



SUNSWEET GIFT OUTLET 901 N. Walton Ave. Yuba City

Find out more information on page 81.

Offering home style baking, jams, quilts, and much more. 5702 La Porte Rd. #9719, Bangor 530.679.2200 3



Greek, Italian, French, Moroccan, and Tunisian cuisine. 13216 Rices Crossing Rd. 530.692.2555



Find out more information on page 81.

13809 Willow Glen Rd., Oregon House 530.692.3005

6219 Sawtelle Yuba City



Hampton Inn & Suites

Hotels and Motels

Are you looking for a full service hotel in the middle of everything? Yuba Sutter has it. There are a variety of hotels to choose from to fit your travel needs. Getting a good night’s sleep is a big part of planning a successful trip! And with familiar, trusted accommodations throughout the area, staying in Yuba Sutter makes finding that home-away-from-home easy. Each hotel or motel rating is based from Trip Advisor. COMFORT SUITES BEALE AIR FORCE AREA


1034 N. Beale Rd., Marysville 530.742.9200 | HAMPTON INN & SUITES


1375 Sunsweet Blvd., Yuba City 530.751.1714 |



721 10th St., Marysville 530.742.8586 | BEST WESTERN YUBA CITY INN


894 W. Onstott Rd., Yuba City 530.674.1650 BONANZA INN AND SUITES HOTEL


1001 Clark Ave., Yuba City 530.674.8824 | 84




8592 La Porte Rd, Brownsville 530.675.2480 |


3317 Forty Mile Rd., Wheatland 916.943.3703 TRAVELODGE BY WYNDHAM


965 Gray Ave., Yuba City 530.777.5184 | RIO INN & SUITES

700 N. Palora Ave., Yuba City 530.674.1711 | ECONO LODGE & SUITES

730 Palora Ave., Yuba City 530.674.1592 MOTEL 6 MARYSVILLE SOUTH


1111 N. Beale Rd., Marysville 530.742.2700 | NICE INN


545 Colusa Ave., Yuba City 530.671.1151


899 N. Beale Rd., Marysville 530.749.8344



322 9th St., Marysville 530.743.4639


803 E. St., Marysville 530.743.5465 | BUDGET INN


230 E. St., Marysville 530.742.5900 |

Harkey House Inn







Need to unwind? A bed and breakfast is the perfect option! It’s all about the rest and relaxation when it comes to the unique, Victorian-style and lakefront B&B options here in Yuba Sutter. Quaint and quiet (but still close to shops, restaurants and entertainment), choose a bed and breakfast for an all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind experience. FRENCHTOWN INN



Nestled quietly in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, the inn offers a 3,500 square foot 5-bedroom main house overlooking a majestic seven acre lake. A rural country experience for a special getaway, family gathering, business retreat, or wedding. 9858 Frenchtown-Dobbins Rd., Oregon House 530.418.8151 |


An award winning, elegant Victorian Inn featuring three guest rooms and Camilla’s Cottage. Located in a quiet historical neighborhood, and only a short walk to shopping and restaurants. 212 C St., Yuba City 530.674.1942 |


Feel like a camper without the camper! Enjoy the peacefulness of the great outdoors in one of Yuba Sutter’s many cabin rentals. Unplug, slow down and get back to the basics. Nothing beats the tranquility of being surrounded by nature, and a lakefront cabin in a rustic setting is the perfect getaway for any adventurer. COLLINS LAKE 7530 Collins Lake Rd., Browns Valley 530.692.1600 | LAKE FRANCIS RESORT 13919 Lake Frances Rd., Dobbins 530.692.1700 |

WILLOW CREEK CAMPGROUNDS AND RV PARK 17548 Hwy., 49, Camptonville 530.288.0646 |

Frenchtown Inn


For the outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, Yuba Sutter has a wide range of camping and RV options. Tent or trailer, sleep under the stars or park your RV at a serene lakefront camp spot—there are a number of unique and easy camping options throughout the area. BULLARDS BAR/EMERALD COVE MARINA 12571 Marysville Rd., Dobbins 1.877.692.3201 |

WILLOW CREEK CAMPGROUNDS & RV PARK 17548 Hwy., 49, Camptonville 530.288.0646

CAMP FAR WEST LAKE 8176 Camp Far West Rd., Wheatland 530.633.0803

YUBA SUTTER FAIRGROUNDS 442 Franklin Ave., Yuba City 530.674.1280

COLLINS LAKE 7530 Collins Lake Rd., Browns Valley 530.692.1600 |

LOVEY’S LANDING 3474 N. Meridian Rd., Meridian

LAKE FRANCIS RESORT 13919 Lake Frances Rd., Dobbins 530.692.2700 | LAKE MINDEN RV RESORT 1256 Marcum Rd., Nicolaus 530.656.2701 LAKE OF THE SPRINGS RV RESORT 14152 French Town Rd., Oregon House 530.692.1612 SYCAMORE RANCH 5390 State Hwy., 20, Browns Valley 530.749.5420



RV and Camping

Annual Events

Event dates may change. Check for rescheduling or cancellations.


Yuba Sutter Valley Quilt Guild

Yuba City Home, Garden & Recreation Show

Rotary Club of Yuba City Crab Feed

Refer to for event date and time. Presented by the Valley Quilt Guild, the show features a vast array of beautiful quilts, demonstrations, vendors, food, door prizes, raffle prizes, and more.

Refer to for event date and time. Join us for the largest and finest home, garden, and recreation show north of Sacramento. Featuring over 250 exhibits, acres of outdoor displays and five halls packed full of ideas and information to save you money on your home or yard improvement projects. Located at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds. For more information contact Sapphire Group 530-763-5402.

Refer to for event date and time. Indulge in the “World’s Greatest Crab Feed” hosted by The Rotary Club of Yuba City. The annual event features a live and silent auction, dessert auction, music, dancing, no-host bar, and (of course) their famous allyou-can-eat cracked crab and shrimp dinner! All proceeds will stay local and be donated to youth scholarships, community improvement projects and other local events. To purchase tickets:

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Join Joe Moye and his band of merry men in this irreverent, fast-paced romp through the Bard’s plays. Join these madcap actors as they weave their wicked way through all of Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories and Tragedies in one wild ride that will leave you breathless and helpless with laughter. Tickets available online at yubasutterarts. org and at the door if available. 530.742.ARTS.

March Bok Kai Festival Parade Refer to for event date and time. Partake in California's oldest continuous parade. Event starts at the intersection of D and 6th streets, and makes its way south towards the Bok Kai temple. Celebrating deep-rooted history and culture, the event is a unique celebration bringing visitors from all over the world.


Yuba Sutter Brewfest Refer to for event date and time. Enjoy tasting from more than 20 local area breweries paired with free appetizers from local restaurants and live music! Located at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds.

Yuba Sutter Comedy Showcase Stoney Meagher is presenting his comedy showcase again through Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture! The last performance was a sell out so get your tickets early! Don’t miss out enjoying some great local and regional comedians at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts! This is an 18+ event. Tickets available at Special individual and table seating available. 530.742.ARTS.

April Rabbit Run Motorcycle Ride Refer to for event date and time. Gear up for the 11th Annual Rabbit Run hosted by the Sisters of Scota WMC. Signups are 9–10am the day of the event at Gold Eagle Market #2, 11269 Loma Rica Rd. $20 per person includes a guided motorcycle ride (cars welcome), live music, raffles, ridein bike show, ride pin, and holiday lunch. Proceeds benefit EA Family Services, a 501(c)(3) for foster child programs. Contact Banshee at 530-740-3258 or

Marysville Raceway Refer to for event date and time. Come on down to the Marysville Raceway for some excitement and fun every Saturday night! Multiple divisions of different types of race cars will entertain with fast racing action. If you’ve never seen a dirt track race, you don’t know what you are missing!

Bike Around the Buttes Refer to for event date and time. Pack your bikes and head out to the town of Sutter for this much-anticipated annual bike ride. Tour the old stage coach route from Sutter to Meridian, then head north through the majestic Sutter Buttes mountain range. Routes include a 20, 40, 65 and 100-mile ride. Enjoy a finish-line meal (meal for non-participants only $9) and a beer or glass of wine. The event will include live music and many local vendors.

John Paris may have retired from his teaching career, but he is still making beautiful music! He will tickle the ivories and do his “thing” as he fills up the Clark Family Theater at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts. Tickets available at and at the door if available. 530.742.ARTS.

Smartsville Pioneer Day Refer to for event date and time. Come out to Smartsville Pioneer Day and learn about the town’s Gold Rush history! This fun filled day has live music, historical characters, food and craft vendors, children’s activities, and many more activities the whole family can enjoy! Located at 8445 Smartsville Rd, Smartsville. For more information, call 530-838-2757.

North Sierra Wine Trail Refer to for event date and time. Enjoy fine wines, local olive oil, delicious appetizers, music, art, and more! Tickets are $25 and include tasting at the 14 participating wineries on the North Sierra Wine Trail. The trail begins in Oroville and ends just south of the Sutter Buttes. This event is not to be missed! For a list of all the wineries included on the trail and to purchase tickets visit

May Fairway to Health Refer to for event date and time. The Fairway to Health golf tournament is held at the Peach Tree Golf & Country Club, and will benefit the Rideout Foundation. The tournament includes an auction, sponsor recognition and entertainment.

Folias Duo in Concert Flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron of the Folias Duo are musicians whose unique interpersonal

performer-composer collaboration of nineteen years breathes new life into classical music. Folias Duo melds characteristics of European classical music with jazz, world music, and the art of improvisation. Tickets available at and at the door if available. 530. 742.ARTS.

Garden Tour Refer to for event date and time. Take a selfguided tour with local artisits during the annual AAUW Garden Tour featuring outstanding gardens and artists in Yuba and Sutter counties.

Tractor Days Refer to for event date and time. Spend time together during this wonderful spring family outing with activities for both kids and adults! The event includes bounce houses, mini train rides and games, tractor games, restored antique tractor displays, free hayrides, arts and crafts, food, and wine/beer vendors. Located at 9185 Marysville Road, Oregon House.

Cinco De Mayo Celebration Refer to for event date and time. Located at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds, the parade starts at 11am. Festival will follow with the rodeo at the arena. Free admission. 442 Franklin Ave., Yuba City; information please contact Organizaciones Unidas 530-755-9997.

May Mural Marathon & Art Festival The south side of the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts will become the new public art destination in Yuba City! From Saturday, May 14th at 6am through Sunday, May 15th at 12 noon, five artists will create large individual murals in a competition that will not only beautify the side of the theater on Church Street but will also celebrate our many cultures in the community. Come down, sit awhile, and watch the

magic happen! 530.742.ARTS.

NorCal Trout Anglers Challenge Refer to for event date and time. NorCal Trout Anglers Derby circuit will be hosting a trout derby at Collins Lake. Qualifiers from their circuit return to Collins Lake in November for a Tournament of Champions event. Located at 7530 Collins Lake Road, Browns Valley. Register at

Taco Festival Alma Festivals 3rd Annual Taco Festival is located on D St. between 1st and 3rd St. Event features music, food, a beer garden, cards, vendors, kid’s area, chihuahua beauty contest, and more. For information visit

The Historic Faire Refer to for event date and time. Step into the past with the 5th Annual “Historic Faire” presented by The Mary Aaron Museum, celebrating 170 Years of History in Marysville. Event kicks off with a parade followed by gold panning, “Living History Characters” of Marysville, music, exhibits, reenactments, special docent walking tours, food and craft vendors, and a kids zone. Located at The Historic Faire, 704 D St, Marysville. For information call 530-740-2418.

The Untz Festival Refer to for event date and time. Taking place at Sycamore Ranch in Browns Valley, the Untz Festival features several favorite acts from past events along with many in-demand newcomers to highlight the future of bass music. Sycamore Ranch, 5390 State Hwy, Browns Valley.



John Paris, Spring Explosion

Very Special Arts Festival Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture have hosted Very Special Arts for over 35 years for special needs children. They are proud to be a provider of this highly recognized national arts education program that involves students from the area with hands-on art activities. Call 530.742. ARTS for details or to volunteer.

Yuba Sutter Big Band, Love Bugs and Crazy Daisies Come swing along with the newly formed Yuba Sutter Big Band Jazz Orchestra. The band includes over 20 local professional musicians playing tunes from the American Songbook and jazz versions of other popular songs. Be sure to wear your dancing shoes. This concert at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts is a great way to welcome in Spring and to help celebrate Mother’s Day weekend 530.742.ARTS.

June Summer Stroll Festival Refer to for event date and time. Check out live music, 150+ street vendors, food, and kid’s activities including two exciting kid zones. Event will be held in Downtown Yuba City at the Plumas Street Shopping District. Located at Plumas & Church St., Yuba City. For more information call 530-755-1620 or check them out on Facebook.

Tickle the Ivories Piano Bar with Gay Galvin and John Paris Dress up if you like in your best flapper outfit and zoot suit and cozy on up to the piano as Gay Galvin and John Paris wow you with beautiful music, sometimes playing alone and sometimes playing together! Both are accomplished piano players in their own right but wait until you hear them together! Cool off from the summer heat and relax


the night away at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts. Tickets available at and at the door if available. 530.742.ARTS.

Yuba Sutter Fair Refer to for event date and time. Don't miss the fantastic food, great entertainment, exhibits, family fun, animals, and so much more that comes to town only once a year. Located at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds.

July Fiesta de Frida Few artists have achieved the iconic status of Frida Kahlo! Come experience the culture, style, and persona of the visionary painter, an artist who inspires us with her story of love, adventure, pain, and courage. Frida arts, crafts, live music, look-alike contests and more will be going on at this event at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts. 530.742.ARTS.

Japanese Animation Festival Enjoy the magic of cinema with classic Japanese Animation! Featuring Studio Ghibli films with a Cosplay contest and on theme vendors. All ages are welcome to come and embrace animation as a cinematic art form. Studio Ghibli is a Japanese Animation company best known for their animated films, such as: Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and lots more! Sutter Theater Center for the Arts. 530.742.ARTS.

Peach Festival Refer to for event date and time. Bring the family and enjoy this peachy and delicious event with a wide variety of new and returning craft vendors, food vendors, samples for every taste bud, several delicious choices of peach related foods, and great entertainment for all ages! D St, Marysville.

Yuba Sutter Comedy Showcase Stoney Meagher is presenting his comedy showcase again through Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture! Last performance was a sold-out crowd so get your tickets early! Don’t miss out hearing some great local and regional comedians! This is an 18+ event at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts. Tickets available at yubasutterarts. org. Special individual and table seating available. 530.742.ARTS.

August Mountain Fair Come experience this exciting event in the foothill region. Attractions include live music, logging competitions, craft and commercial vendors, kid’s carnival area, cooking competitions, cold beer, hot food and much more. For more information visit our website.

September Bishop's Pumpkin Farm Refer to for event date and time. The largest U-Pick pumpkin field in the world! Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm is open from midSeptember - early November and has pumpkins, apple cider, farm bake shop and a snack bar. There is a children’s play area, petting zoo, hayrides, corn maze, and so much more. Company picnics and group gatherings are available in May, June and August.

Brews, Blues & BBQ The finest brewfest in the area. Your $60 entry fee gets you great music, a beer cup, great selection of domestic and micro brews, wine, water, Pepsi products, BBQ or Pizza dinner. Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Be pampered with champagne cocktails and cowboy cuisine served by cowboys and ranchers. You can also do some shopping at our vintage marketplace while you are there. Purchase tickets by calling 530.682.5909.

Farmers of America and 4-H. To top it off, enjoy some music by local high school bands while you wait for the cattle drive and floats to pass by. Located at Town Center, Plumas St., Yuba City.

Sodbusters Comedy, Wine & Dancing Join us for a fun time with comedians and some fabulous wine tasting at Sicilia Vineyards in Yuba City, next to the Sutter Buttes! Listen to music and dance the afternoon away! Tickets and more information on our website.

Gay Galvin Jazz Trio Need a little jazz in your life? Yuba Sutter Arts is pleased to welcome back to the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts jazz pianist and vocalist, Gay Galvin, along with her Jazz Trio. The group includes Kit Bailey on drums, Jason Wilkins on bass and Gay on keyboard and vocals. Get into the groove and enjoy an evening of jazz. Tickets or at the door if available. 530.742.ARTS.

Mexican Independence Festival Refer to for event date and time. Located at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds, 442 Franklin Ave., Yuba City, this event offers free admission to the public, mariachi bands and more. For information call Organizaciones Unidas at 530-755-9997.

Marysville Stampede Cattle Drive Refer to for event date and time. Head back to the wild west with Yuba Sutter’s own cattle drive. Watch as Texas Longhorns are driven from the town Center on Plumas St. in Yuba City to Bridge St. over the Fifth St. Bridge to the Cotton Rosser Arena in Marysville. The cattle drive will be joined by flosts from local agricultural groups, including Future

Refer to for event date and time. Presented by the Rotary Club of Marysville, this country western event provides a silent and live auction, steak dinner, cocktails, and a live band. Sodbusters is the Friday night introduction to the Marysville Stampede. Get your boots on and enjoy a beautiful night overlooking the river (at the river bottoms, behind the Marysville Pavilions Stage). This event is Marysville Rotary’s only fundraiser to raise money for the children in our community, so prepare to have a great night, rain or shine! Must be 21 to attend. Tickets are limited so for more information or to purchase tickets call 530-742-7371.

Marysville Stampede and Rodeo Refer to for event date and time. Produced by Marysville’s own legendary Cotton Rosser and his son Reno Rosser, the stampede has been a main attraction since 1933. Top rodeo cowboys featured in events including bareback, saddle bronc, bull riding, and more. Kid’s mutton bustin will be located at the Cotton Rosser Arena, Marysville.

Golden Autumn Wine Festival Refer to for event date and time. Featuring more than a doxen wineries and speciality vendors, entertainment, and food, the annual Golden Autumn Wine Festival happens in the beautiful shady apple orchard at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland. All of Bishop's venues will be open that day. Parking is free. Must be 21 years or older.

Patriotic Golf Tourney Refer to for event date and time. Help improve the quality of life for the Airmen at Beale by participating in The Beale Military Liaison Council’s Annual Patriotic Golf Tourney at Peach Tree Golf & Country Club. The event features lots of fun including games, lunch and dinner. Not a golfer? Help us advocate by becoming a sponsor or simply donating. Located at Peach Tree Golf & Country Club, 2043 Simpson Dantoni Rd., Marysville.

October 2nd Annual Yuba Sutter Short Film Festival “May I have the envelope please!” The cinematic arts have become more and more accessible for everyone over the years as the technology is readily available to anyone who wants to tell a story using this artistic medium. Local amateur and professional filmmakers will demonstrate their cinematic visions during this annual event. Come and see all the films that filmmakers have made and vote for the People’s Choice Award. Tickets available at or 530.742.ARTS.

Collins Lake Trick-OrTreat Trail Refer to for event date and time. Trick or treat in the great outdoors! You and your family will be sure to make some unforgettable memories at this “sweet” annual tradition. Receive a campground map and enjoy this safe and family-friendly activity in Yuba Sutter. For more information call the Collins Lake Store at 530.692.1600.

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration Celebration of life and the lives of loved ones who have passed on. We bring this celebration filled with performances, music, and vendors. More information on



Cowgirl Soiree

Harvest the Arts Refer to for event date and time. Join us for our biggest party of the year at historical J. Heier Farm at the foot of the Buttes! Sure to be a fun time for everyone, enjoy fantastic art work, listen to live music, and taste local food and wine. Contact Yuba Sutter Arts, 530-742-2787 or for tickets and sponsorships. J. Heier Farms, 4880 East Butte Rd., Live Oak.

Yuba Sutter Comedy Showcase

Marysville Christmas Parade

Stoney Meagher is presenting his comedy showcase again through Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture! Don’t miss out hearing some great local and regional comedians! This is an 18+ event. Sutter Theater Center for the Arts, 754 Plumas Street, Yuba City. Tickets available at Special individual and table seating available. 530.742.ARTS.

Refer to for event date and time. An annual parade that takes place the first Saturday of December. Activities include a 5k, kids’ crafts and activities, parade through Historic Marysville, and more!

Taste of Yuba Sutter

Veterans Day Parade

Refer to for event date and time. Sample some of the area’s best restaurants, eateries, caterers, wineries, breweries, and gourmet food providers. The annual Taste of Yuba Sutter provides an excellent opportunity to experience it all! Located at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds. For more information, 530-743-6501 or msanders@yubasutterchamber. com. Tickets available this spring at

Refer to for event date and time. An annual parade in Marysville honoring the contributions of service men and women throughout our Nation's history

Spooktacular River Run Refer to for event date and time. Join more than 300 of your friends and neighbors for this chip time run/walk traversing the Feather River levees. Costume contests, complimentary continental breakfast and more! Located at Gauche Aquatic Park, 421 Center St, Yuba City. For more information, sponsorships and preregistration, call 530-743-1847.

November Sikh Festival & Parade Refer to for event date and time. Serving over 200,000 free meals and ending with the 4.5 mile parade through Yuba City, the Annual Sikh Festival features several days of activities including fireworks, rising of the flag, open house with guided tours and a parade. All events are at the Sikh Temple Gurdwara.


December Christmas Stroll Refer to for event date and time. Embrace the holiday season with your family and watch the wonderment of Mr. and Mrs. Claus! Find unique, local gifts while shopping street vendors and small business storefronts in the Downtown Yuba City shopping district on Plumas Street. For more information, call 530-755-1620 or check them out on Facebook.

John Paris, Let It Snow! It wouldn’t be the Holiday Season without John Paris! John always brings in so much happiness and cheer when he gives a concert at the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts, and his December showcase is no exception. You will leave with a heart full of joy, enough to spread to those around you throughout the season. Tickets available at or at the door if available. 530.742.ARTS.

Sutter County Museum Trees & Traditions Gala Refer to for event date and time. A holiday gala taking place at Sutter County Museum. You can expect beautiful Christmas decorations, live music, champagne, hors d'oeuvres, a silent auction, and more.

Yuba Sutter Big Band, Swinging Holiday Sounds! There is nothing like a big band playing holiday tunes! It makes you want to get up and dance, clap your hands or just tap your feet! All will be part of this wonderful swinging concert, directed by Gay Galvin, celebrating the season. Get your tickets early at Limited seating is available! 530.742.ARTS.

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Frenchtown Inn, Oregon House

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Harkey House B&B, Yuba City

Lee Jones, Board Member

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Wheatland

Meghan McCarthy, Secretary

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Hampton Inn, Yuba City

Steve Young, Vice President

Collins Lake, Browns Valley

Jacob Young, President


The purpose of the Yuba Sutter Lodging Association is to increase the promotion and marketing of tourism and overnight accommodations in the cities of Yuba City, Marysville, Live Oak, and Wheatland, as well as the unincorporated areas of Yuba and Sutter Counties.

The second edition of Visit Yuba Sutter Visitors Guide is a publication of Yuba Sutter Lodging Association.


Visitors Guide 2022-2023

Explore Outdoors, Wineries, Farm to Fork, Festivals & More 530.900.3158


Visitors Guide 2022-2023

Explore Outdoors, Wineries, Farm to Fork, Festivals & More 530.900.3158