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In this brochure, we have collected selected tourist destinations in Akershus, Hedmark and Østfold – three Norwegian counties which in many ways are characterised by tradition, history and culture. We go so far as to say that there is something here for everyone.











AKERSHUS, HEDMARK AND ØSTFOLD together invite you to experience inspiring cultural events. Take a look at the maps. The central geographical location makes it easy to get here, and the distances between our selected tourist destinations are short. Get ready for your own cultural journey! Kvikne









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There are the old manors and estates of cultural-historical importance. Through the great personal commitment of their owners, these have been conserved and, at the same time, transformed into modern hotels and activity centres. With these as a starting point, it is easy to discover tourist destinations in the vicinity. Museums where history is brought to life and helps us understand our present. Galleries and exhibition halls highlighting the world’s great celebrated artists together with the new generation of creators. Relaxing outdoor life in the forest, near lakes, on mountains and along the beaches of the sea. Restaurants, pubs and cafés that transform local produce into culinary experiences beyond the ordinary.




You have lots to discover. Trysil

We bid you a very warm welcome.




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LOSBY GODS Follow a winding country road straight into the deep fairytale forest. Today, the manor is a well-known conference hotel with historically interesting surroundings and one of Norway’s very best golf courses just around the corner. The main building was built in 1850, and has been part of a modern conference facility since 1999. Losby Gods is located 20 minutes from the centre of Oslo and only half an hour from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Norway Trade Fairs in Lilleström is just ten minutes away. www.losbygods.no

THE GOOD LIFE Many of our favourite places are manors and estates which have a long history and tradition. They often have nature on the doorstep – dark and magical peaceful forests or near the coast with the sea as the closest neighbour. Here you can stay in comfort and enjoy good food and drink. Family events

and life’s great celebrations have become something of a speciality. Here it is easy to gather the entire family together with relatives and friends. In our manors and on our estates, we know how to host a successful celebration.

SKASLIEN INN A nice ambience and personal service make it easy to feel right at home at Skaslien. The hotel rooms are tastefully furnished and feature everything you may need during your stay. Skaslien is known for its culinary kitchen with the menu featuring mostly traditional flavours and dishes – some recipes have not changed since the start in 1952! The produce is selected in accordance with the season and comes from local farmers, hunters and fishermen. www.skaslien.no

OSCARSBORG HOTEL & RESORT On an island amidst beautiful Drøbaksund lies Oscarsborgs Fortress with a total of 89 rooms – many boasting fantastic sea views. This historic facility is also home to several training and conference premises, lounges and a wide range of activities for groups of all sizes. The island environment is dominated by the fortress with a location that features several viewpoints, walking trails, a guest harbour and a sandy beach. Museums and galleries are also just around the corner. One event follows another all year round, including concerts and other cultural highlights. www.festningshotellene.no

ROLSTAD GÅRD Here you’ll find great relaxation in an environment shaped by the farm’s active agriculture with both animals and cultivation. Children particularly appreciate the farm’s chickens, dogs and cats. This is a family-run business. The history of the buildings dates back to the 18th and 19th century and they have been renovated with consideration to keeping the traditional craftsmanship alive. Here you’ll find great opportunities for an active outdoor life – hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, skiing or cycling. The season runs mainly from April - October, but guests are also welcome during winter. www.rolstadgard.no


HOTELL REFSNES GODS To this estate, with a history that dates back to the end of 18th century, the guests come to enjoy good food and wine aswell as the beautyful surroundings near the beach. Hotel Refsnes Gods is known for its cuisine, winecellar and its unique artcollection. The artcollection contains 400 originalwork from artists like Edvard Munch and Andy Warhol. www.refsnesgods.no

HAFSLUND HOVEDGÅRD Hafslund Hovedgård fra 1752 is a cultural heritage and is considered one of the most beautiful manors in Norway. The big barn is a restaurant and conferencecenter with hotelrooms. In june, july and august there are public guided tours on the estate. Groups can have tours all year. The park is open for the public and is often used for outdoor concerts. www.hafslundhovedgaard.no

EIDSVERKET GODS This mansion with a history going back some 250 years is the perfect place both for company events and family celebrations. The surroundings and buildings provide an insight into Norwegian industrial history. The industries have varied over the centuries and here you’ll find traces from an ironworks, forge, glassworks, spinning mill, mill, sawmill and a power plant. www.eidsverket.no


MANY GENERATIONS OF LIFE AND DEVELOPMENT ANNO-MUSEENE Hedmarks 24 local museums are all interesting and exciting attractions for those who want to learn more about the challenges that used to shape life in the region and about the traditions that live on from generation to generation. Here are some examples.

Domkirkeodden, Hamar: A fantastic culture-historical area by the beach of Lake Mjøsa. Here you’ll find the ruins of the mediaeval cathedral in Hamar preserved in a unique glass building.

Norwegian Forest Museum, Elverum: A museum for the whole family showcasing hunting, fishing, outdoor life and forestry.

Migration Museum, Ottestad: This museum tells the history of emigration, re-immigration and immigration – a movement of people en route which never ends.

Glomdals Museum, Elverum: A living local folklore museum with old buildings in a natural setting where you can experience life from the past and up to today.

Kongsvinger Museum: Several museums with a focus on cultural history in the southern parts of Hedmark, including Norway’s national Women’s Museum

Trysil Engerdal Museum: Three interesting places to visit – Norway’s oldest farm museum in Trysil and in Drevsjø as well as Blokkodden Wilderness Museum. Museums in Nord-Østerdalen: In Ramsmoen, Tynset, you’ll find directions to a large number of historically interesting places to experience in the northern part of Hedmark.


By joining a guided tour, your eyes will be opened to new details and messages in the artists’ works. You’ll get an insight into the spirit of the time and the issues that inspired what you have before you. Suddenly, you may see connections which were previously hidden.

Akershus County Museum Akershus 18 museums can be found in 34 locations in the region. They showcase our history together with contemporary impressions and what we can think of the future. Here you’ll get to experience meetings with Vikings and coastal life in Follo and Asker, farming in Romerike, log driving in northern Øyeren and visits to interesting historic buildings and trips on museum railways. MiA provides adventure and knowledge for the whole family, guided tours in Norwegian and English, exhibitions, concerts and theatre. www.mia.no


ØSTFOLDMUSEENE In Østfold has both Vikings and mediaeval people left their traces for posterity. The landscape is varied and features large areas where agriculture dominates and stretches of coast where the sea shapes both life and culture. The foundation Østfoldmuseene is in charge of seven museums and a cultural centre – Fredrikstad Museum, Halden Historic collections, Borgarsyssel Museum in Sarpsborg, Moss Town and Industrial Museum, Folkenborg Museum in Mysen, Art Museum Hvaler, Haldenvassdraget Canal Museum and Storedal Cultural Centre. ostfoldmuseene.no

AT THE MUSEUM, THE OLD WORLD MEETS OUR NEW IDEAS Museums exists, among other things, so that we can better understand our present day. The ideas and thoughts we have today are often based on how people lived in the past. What has happened in between is what we call progress. These days, many museums use modern technology to make the

experience more powerful and memorable. This makes us, the visitors, more active. Moreover, when we enjoy something, this also makes it more interesting and memorable. Take the opportunity to visit some of our selected museums. We promise that you will leave with new ideas!

LØITEN BRÆNDERI Løiten Linie is one of the world’s strongest brands when it comes to aquavit, but Norway’s national liquor is so much more than this. There are today more than 150 different types of aquavit on the market – one for each occasion! Here at the distillery Løiten Brænderi, we want to teach you more about this Norwegian specialty, its production methods and spices. The theatrical performance “En Akevisitt” (An Aquavisit) deals with the history of the distillery and aquavit and is the most performed play in Norway. In 2018 it celebrates its 25th anniversary, and it has been performed more than 6100 times. Løiten Brænderi today also houses, among other things, Løiten Lys, the largest chandlery in Norway with 3000 m2 of exciting displays, and Bokloftet, the largest second-hand bookshop in Norway. www.lbr.no • www.loiten-lys.no

EIDSVOLL 1814 Eidsvollhuset is one of Norway’s most important national symbols. This is where the 112 delegates gathered in 1814, to finally sign the Norwegian constitution on 17 May following a week of preparatory work. The museum consists of Eidsvollhuset And Norway’s democracy centre, Wergelandshuset, a museum shop and cafe Standpunkt. Go for a walk in the surrounding scenic park and take in the outdoor exhibitions. www. eidsvoll1814.no

RAILWAY MUSEUM Norway’s National Railway Museum provides an interesting and exciting insight into the significance of the railway for the country’s development. In the Museum Park, it’s easy for the whole family to find entertainment with station buildings, locomotive and carriage depots, old railway tracks and signals, all open in summer. A narrow-track steam-powered train and a mini-train offer trips in summer. Exhibition focusing on the railway during the Second World War. Coffee and light meals are available in the restaurant car. www.norsk-jernbanemuseum.no


BASTION 5 In Fredrikstad’s Old Town – Bastion 5, spearheaded by Café Magenta and surrounded by galleries and workshops where 9 artists work. A cultural arena where guests can enjoy good food and beverages, art, history, and music. A special calm and atmosphere prevails at our old and venerable fortresses, and our green ramparts, old walls, and many activities make us a natural centre of activity. Guests are free to visit the art workshops and see potters, painters, goldsmiths, and glassblowers at work. www.bastion5.com

PUNKT Ø Punkt Ø is the county gallery for Østfold with Galleri F 15 and Momentum exhibition hall. Galleri 15 is located on one of the Oslofjord’s most beautiful plots, Jeløy in Moss. It is a historico-cultural gem and a place for peace and quiet. Momentum exhibition hall is a converted brewery in Møllebyen which has been transformed into a modern exhibition hall. punkto.no

GALLERI WÜRTH The gallery opened its doors in 2003 and shows works from the Würth-Collection, one of Europe’s largest private art collections. Already at the beginning of the 1960s, German businessman Reinhold Würth began building up his collection which today contains a total of 17,000 artworks. The works are mainly paintings, drawings, graphic works and sculptures – shown here and in another 14 locations in Europe. The exhibition is regularly updated. Galleri Würth offers guided tours every Sunday. It is also possible to book private events, company events and guided tours with knowledgeable art historians. galleri.wuerth.no

HENIE ONSTAD ART CENTRE is a leading multi-art arena for both national and international pictorial art as well as experimental soundworks. The art centre is located in scenic surroundings by the Oslofjord. The art collection is a donation by figure skater and actress Sonja Henie, and shipowner Niels Onstad. Here both temporary and permanent exhibitions are shown, including Picasso, Schwitters and Matisse. At the arts centre you’ll also find a creative workshop for children and a shop. Guided tours in Norwegian and English. www.hok.no

The Norwegian Armed Forces today manage 15 fortresses all over the country. They are popular destinations which attract some 3.3 million visitors annually. Several of them can be found in our area – open to everyone. It’s exciting to examine the thick walls, trying to understand what life inside the bulwarks was like and touch a real cannon.

KONGSVINGER FESTNING was built in the period 1673–1684 in order to prevent a Swedish advance across the river Glomma. One of the most important roads from Sweden towards Oslo passed by here. Around the fortress, the town of Kongsvinger emerged. Today, the fortress is also a hotel, with 28 rooms www.festningshotellene.no

FETSUND LENSER Here at Glomma there was once an important place for Norwegian forestry. At Fetsund Lenser the logs that were driven down the river were sorted and bundled. You can also try out yourself what it’s like to “walk on water” with the help of floating logs – a reminder of the work environment in the past. A guided tour of the log driving museum provides an insight into the historic significance of this industry and the workers’ daily life. When hunger knocks on the door, it’s a good opportunity to sample the local speciality ”pike-burger” And then pay a visit to the charming museum shop Endelí. The wetlands centre features child-friendly exhibitions and activities with a focus on the biologic diversity in the wetlands in the nature reserve Nordre Øyeren. www.mia.no/fetsundlenser.no

FREDRIKSTEN FORTRESS Fredriksten Fortress was built to guard the national border and today is a regional arena. Some of Norway’s most dramatic and bloody war historic events played out here. The fortress area is accessible and free to visit around the clock. In Ravelingården you’ll find the fortress information centre (open end of May until end of August) where you can buy a map to guide you around Festningsløypa. www.visitoestfold.com

GAMLEBYEN IN FREDRIKSTAD Gamlebyen Is one of Norway’s most popular attractions – built in Dutch style and with a layout like a star. The district is not only well-preserved, but also boasts plenty of charming town life. Here you’ll find exciting stores, galleries and cafes. This is where the Fredrikstad of the 18th-century comes upon modern times. www.visitoestfold.com



THE PILGRIM ROUTES Along the pilgrim routes you travel on foot to Trondheim and the final destination of Nidaros Cathedral. Here you walk along the same trails pilgrims have travelled on ever since the middle Ages. Today, many hikers choose to walk shorter stages or simply settle for day-walks along one of the route’s legs. The pilgrim routes are an access for the entire region. The make-up of nature there varies and is shaped by everything from agricultural farmlands, forests and forest lakes to higher elevations and mountain regions. In Østfold the pilgrim route passes by Fredriksten Fortress in Halden, interesting churches, beautiful country houses and the Sarp Falls there. Akershus is known for its swaying cornfields and extensive farmlands. Take the opportunity to put in a stop in Oslo with a visit to Oslo pilgrimage centre and Østre Aker Church. The pilgrim route passes by Eidsvollhuset where Norway’s constitution was signed in 1814. Through Hedmark you’ll get ever further up in the terrain. For many miles of hiking you can enjoy the view of Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa, before entering the mountains and heading north-west with your sight set on Trondheim. www.pilegrimsleden.no www.visitoestfold.com www.visitakershus.no www.visit-hedmark.no

SKIBLADNER is the world’s oldest steamboat still in operation. The boat has been in service since 1856 on Norway’s largest lake Mjøsa, these days as a scheduled tour boat and for chartered tours. On board there is a classic dining room with a historic ambience. The most popular dish on the menu is salmon with strawberries for dessert! While you enjoy the boat trip you can also order simpler dishes in the cafe. Gift shop! www.skibladner.no


GOOD SHOPPING GREAT ENJOYMENT Take your time when visiting our historical and cultural tourist destinations. In many places, there are also stores selling locally produced food and handicraft. You can find souvenirs that become memories for life.

MAGNOR GLASSWORKS The glassworks in Magnor were founded in 1896 in Hedmark, just a short distance from the Swedish border. Since then, many generations of talented glassblowers have made their way to Magnor and are part of the glassworks’ development and history. Today, Magnor glassworks combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship. As a visitor you are welcome into the workshop and can watch the glassblowers work up close. It’s hot and fascinating! www.magnor.no


OPERA ØSTFOLD – Opera Østfold is the largest outdoor opera in Norway and can be found at the beautiful Fredriksten fortress in Halden. Since the start-up in 2005, more than 70 000 people have seen spectacular performances outdoors, near the border between Norway and Sweden. The opera performances are staged in June, and the stands can accommodate 2800 people per performance. The Fredriksten outdoor opera is a great contribution to a summer of culture! The next performance will be Il Trovatore, in 2019. www.operaostfold.no

TALES FROM THE STAGE Performing arts offer us something extraordinary. Through music, song and the actors’ craft, it is easy to identify with the lives of others. It’s no wonder we often feel completely fulfilled by the event we have been a part of when we leave the theatre. The experience remains with us for a long time to come. We should simply go to the theatre more often!

Den hvite dame – a family musical about Fredriksten’s own ghost is put on at Fredriksten fortress. www.denhvitedame.no Festspillene i Elverum – an annual event centred around the Norwegian National Youth Orchestra – in addition there are also other concerts, exhibitions, and other activities associated with the festival. www.fie.no Kirsten Flagstad-festivalen is a vocal music festival anchored in classical music, and is held every summer in June. www.flagstad-festival.no

YOU HAVE PLENTY TO DISCOVER! In this brochure, we have collected selected tourist destinations in Akershus, Hedmark och Ă˜stfold – three Norwegian counties which in many ways are characterised by tradition, history and culture. We go so far as to say that there is something here for everyone.


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