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PUB WITH OVER 300 DIFFERENT BEERS Restaurant with tasty and beer friendly food. Private rooms for 16 to 160 persons. Guided tours in the brewery with storytelling. Beertasting.

PUB | RESTAURANT | PRIVATE ROOMS PUB | RESTAURANT | PRIVATE ROOMS PUB WITH OVER 300 DIFFERENT BEERS PUB WITH OVER 300 DIFFERENT BEERS Restaurant with tasty and beer friendly food. Restaurant tasty Private with rooms for and 16 tobeer 160friendly Private 16 to 160 Guided toursrooms in thefor brewery withpersons. storytelling. Guided tours in the brewery with storytelling. Beertasting. Beertasting.

OPENING HOURS OPENING HOURS Tuesday -- Saturday: 1616 –– 24 Tuesday Saturday: 24 OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Saturday: 16 – 24

ADDRESS: ADDRESS: Strandveien 71 Strandveien ADDRESS:71 7042 Trondheim Strandveien 71 7042 Trondheim 7042 Trondheim

CONTACT CONTACT 40 69 74 00 40 69 74 00 CONTACT 40 69 74 00


Scandic Lerkendal is Trondheim’s largest family hotel Located right beside Lerkendal football stadium – the home of Rosenborg football club, Scandic Lerkendal is ideal for football fans and other visitors. The room rate always includes our award-winning breakfast.


HAVFRUEN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT For three decades we have created seafood lovers from all corners of the planet. Seasonal menu with the freshest seafood and local produce from Trøndelag. Welcome to Havfruen!

Havfruen AS, Kjøpmannsgt 7, 7013 Trondheim

73 87 40 70 - -

Layout: Flisa Trykkeri AS

Velkommen Welcome Willkommen Tervetuloa Benvenuto Bienvenida Välkommen Bienvenue

T RO N D H E IM “The innovation culture, technology, art & culture and food & drink are the result of the rich cultural heritage.” Population: 193,000 40,000 students Founded: 997 AD NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology SINTEF – one of Europe’s leading research institutes St. Olav’s Hospital – Norway’s largest health trust

63 N o

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Stjørdal / Meråker / Frosta

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Petter Myhr The Festival Director of Norway’s largest church and cultural festival, the St. Olav Festival. He is an art and culture enthusiast, meaning Trondheim suits him perfectly. There is always something happening on the city’s rich cultural scene. 1. Where do you like to eat?


2. What do you like to do in the city?

I live in Møllenberg, which is close to Solsiden, where I often go. I also enjoy going to our local pub in Innherredsveien, which serves ”Trøndy” food.

3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


I’m a major consumer of art and culture such as concerts, theatre, cinema and art exhibitions. I’m often buy books and albums and it’s great that the city still has a shop selling vinyl. On Saturdays I drink coffee at Café To Tårn with my friends and family, and on Sundays I go out for coffee at Dromedar or Jacobsen & Svart. 3.

I like the Lade Trail, especially in spring and when I can round it off with a visit to Ladekaia or Sponhuset. 4.

Visit the Nidaros Cathedral.


Reneé Fagerhøi Founder of Bula Bistro and winner of Top Chef 2016. One of Trondheim’s foremost food nerds. She has grown up in Rotvoll and loves the city with her whole heart.

1. Where do you like to eat? 2. What do you like to do in the city? 3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


I’m very fond of Røst if I’m going to treat myself. Le Bistro is charming and has classical French bistro food, while Bangkok Café is my go-to for everyday food. I used Sellanraa Bok og Bar as an office virtually every day before I opened Bula. It’s the best lunch place. I’m really looking forward to testing Taqueros. It’s a shame I haven’t been there already. 2.

Food and drink are the most important in life so for me it’s about testing out the various bars and eateries in the city. I love combining a bike ride through Bakklandet and past Solsiden with people watching. 3.

I grew up in Rotvoll and I really enjoy going there. I know the small forests there like the back of my hand and I enjoy having a picnic or barbecue on one of the small hidden rocks jutting out into the sea. I walk along the Lade Trail nearly every Sunday while listening to a podcast and like to stop at Ladekaia for a coffee while suddenly becomes a beer if it’s a hot day. 4.

Walk the Lade Trail from Rotvoll.


Frederic Klev One of the founders of Sellanraa Bok og Bar is a foodie who is fond of honest and rustic food. Frederic is one of the chefs who have played a part in setting the high standard of food in Trondheim. 1. Where do you like to eat? 2. What do you like to do in the city? 3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


Spontan Vinbar in Jomfrugata or at the bar at Bula Neobistro. If I’m going to treat myself then it’s a night out at Røst where you always have a wonderful experience with food and wine that you won’t forget in a hurry. 2.

I like to wander around and drop into a place for a cup of coffee, lunch, a beer outside or maybe dinner. There are many nice parks in the city, which I often visit with my family. You can relax while your child lets off some steam at the play area. I’m also fond of Torvet (Trondheim’s market place). There are often good markets here and I spend a long time going around looking and tasting or chatting a bit with the farmers and producers who make cool products. The Christmas market is my favourite. 3.

I prefer the city. On a fine day it’s great to bike along the promenade from Brattøra over to Øya and around Marinen. For a Sunday stroll, like walking to Finnes Kafé at Lilleby for lunch or a coffee get-together. It’s just a short detour from the wonderful Lade Trail.   4.

Stroll around Bakklandet and drink hot chocolate at Baklandet Skydsstation.


Magnus, Julie, Louis & Olea After several years of working and studying abroad, the family has now settled in Trondheim – and they love it. A hectic family life with two children works well for the urban family members who make good use of the various parts of the city. 1. Where do you like to eat? 2. What do you like to do in the city? 3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


We try to make use of several places in the city, but our regulars are Falafelkompaniet, Sellanraa and Selmas Pizza at Solsiden where we can get something that all four like! 2.

We dream of being real outdoor people, but none of us are really full-blooded. We try to go on walks at Bymarka now and then, but we prefer to go to a café and order hot chocolate for the children and coffee for the adults. And we need to have a ‘cosy time’, says Olea, which means having a bun or something sweet with the hot chocolate. But we don’t spend all our time at cafés. Both children, but especially Olea, love to draw and paint, and enjoy going to an art museum or gallery. Trondheim Art Museum often arranges family days where we can go into the studio, which is great fun.   3.

If we are going further than the city centre, we often go to Ringvebukta, which has the perfect combination of climbing frame, slide and the sea. On fine days, we take along a picnic dinner. 4.

I have to say Bakklandet, of course! Julie is the founder of Bakklandet Blomster.


Eldar Rønning One of Norway’s top cross-country skiers, he has four World Championship relay gold medals, seven World Cup victories and many national titles. Now retired from international skiing, he lives an active family life in Byåsen. 1. Where do you like to eat? 2. What do you like to do in the city? 3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


As a father, it’s normally my children who get to decide. They are very fond of the Tyholt tower. We go up there several times a year. We adults enjoy the wonderful view while the children are preoccupied with the balloons and revolving floor. My wife and I are also really fond of To Rom og Kjøkken, which has wonderful food, very good service and a pleasant atmosphere. 2.

Bymarka is wonderful with many options for hiking and skiing. We are so fortunate that we can walk there straight from our house. Our favourite routes are walking round Kyvannet, Lianvannet and Theisendammen, which we do often. We also like going to Rønningen in both summer and winter. It’s a perfect distance from Granåsen and there are wonderful bakery products at the cosy TT cabin. 3.

We often go to Bymarka, but the Pirbadet indoor water park is popular with the whole family. My children and I love the water and we spend a lot of time climbing up to the water slides. We have a wonderful time together here. 4.

Go on a cross-country ski trip in Bymarka on a fine winter’s day and stop of cinnamon rolls at Rønningen.


Kristian, Lars & Ella Trondheim has a special pulse, which Kristian, Lars and Ella enjoy. The trio are regulars on the city landscape. They like the variety and diversity, and have also established the shop Keiserens Nye Trær at Møllenberg. 1. Where do you like to eat? 2. What do you like to do in the city? 3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


We generally end up at Sellanraa or Baklandet Skydsstation. Sellanraa has lots of great stuff on the menu, and have great coffee and wine. Skydsstation has set menus and an enormous range of aquavit. If we are sitting in the covered area outside, Ella can join us, which is really nice. Both places have a great atmosphere and above average service. 2.

We generally go on a walk, do people watching and stop for a coffee. We also enjoy popping into the city’s niche shops. 3.

Ella has become a city dog, pretty laid back and determined. An excursion for us is to walk along the waterfront and perhaps via Bakklandet before heading round the river Nidelva back home to Ila.   4.

Eating at Baklandet Skydsstation.


Liv Bertelsen A genuine Trondheim girl who loves her city. Liv is an active and busy woman, who can gladly spend a day at the city’s museums, picking berries at Bymarka or relaxing in the city’s parks.

1. Where do you like to eat? 2. What do you like to do in the city? 3. Where do you go on excursions? 4. What’s one must-do thing during a visit to Trondheim?


Kalas & Canasta in Bakklandet is my favourite. It’s a place that captivates and charms me. I really like the food, atmosphere and the old wooden building which is full of stories. 2.

I enjoy strolling along Marinen and enjoying the river Nidelva which surrounds the city. I often end up in the many small side streets around the main square, Torvet, in the direction of Kalvskinnet and the Trondhjem Hospital at Hospitalløkkan. It’s an underrated area. 3.

Bymarka is the city’s most popular area for excursions. You can choose between many walking paths, fishing lakes, mountain peaks and crosscountry ski trails. It’s so calm and tranquil up there too. 4.

The Nidaros Cathedral, our own national sanctuary, at the top of Munkegata, which is so majestic and beautiful location. I like the west wing of the Archbishop’s Palace where you can see the King’s crown and the other crown jewels – a beautiful treasure, which you find in my city.



CITY WAL K S Our city walks offer a unique opportunity to experience some of the city’s highlights and test all your senses – listen to various instruments, taste the city’s best coffee and see work by some of Trondheim’s leading artists. These tours can be adapted for larger groups or arranged at other times. Please contact Subject to change.


Fish Walk Magical seafood experience Fish and shellfish from Trøndelag are worldclass. On this culinary tour, you will taste and experience seafood prepared in various ways based on Norwegian and international traditions. The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a city host who will guide you on this experience. The first stop is SushiBar Ravnkloa, which was the city’s first sushi restaurant. The tour continues to the city’s cosiest café, Baklandet Skydsstation, to taste their famous herring table. The final stop is Havfruen, which has been serving seafood to its guests for more than 30 years. During the fishing season (1 June – 31 August), it’s also possible to see if the fish in the river Nidelva are biting.

TIME Thursday 16-19


PRICE NOK 890 incl. city host

Brewery Walk The taste of authentic Trondheim beer Beer has been brewed in Trondheim throughout the ages. This tour gives you a taste of some of the city’s best beer and breweries. The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a city host who will guide you through some of the city’s best breweries. The first stop is Trondheim Mikrobryggeri, followed by ØX Tap Room before ending at the venerable E.C. Dahls, which has brewed beer since 1856.

TIME Tuesday 18-21 Saturday 14-17


PRICE NOK 1,100 incl. city host


Coffee Walk For all coffee fans Enjoy a wonderful coffee experience in Trondheim with some of the country’s leading coffee roasters and baristas. Taste the proud coffee culture! The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a city host who will accompany you to three of the city’s very best coffee bars. The first stop is Sellanraa bok & bar, followed by Dromedar Olav Tryggvasons gate and finally Jacobsen & Svart kaffebrenneri. You will get to taste various types of coffee, learn about coffee roasting and taste something sweet to accompany the different coffees.

TIME Mon, Wed 16-18 Saturday 9.30-11.30


PRICES NOK 485 incl. city host

Burger Walk Tasty burger knowledge Trondheim is home to many burger nerds who spend a lot of time experimenting with the correct produce and ingredients to make the best burgers. This tour gives you a unique taste experience of the city’s best burger places. This tour gives you a unique taste experience of the city’s best burger places. The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a city host who will guide you to three of the city’s very best burger restaurants. The first stop is Døgnvill, followed by Bror and we conclude with a visit to Cowsea. TIME Tuesday 15-17


PRICE NOK 790 incl. city host


Gourmet Walk in Midtbyen An evening with the city’s leading chefs An exclusive culinary experience for all foodies who appreciate local produce, quality, exciting tastes and food knowledge. This is an evening out where you can experience a six-course dinner at three of the city’s finest restaurants. The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a city host who will accompany you on the entire tour. The first stop is To Rom og Kjøkken, followed by Fagn and finally Folk & Fe.

TIME Wednesday 16-19


PRICE / incl. city host NOK 2,900 (alcohol) NOK 2,540 (no alcohol)

Art Hall Walk and Lunch Experience international contemporary art A guided tour followed by lunch at Sellanraa Bok & Bar, which serves tastes to complement the art experience Arrive at Kunsthall Trondheim (Kongensgate 2, entrance from Søndre gate). You will be met by a guide who will take you on a 45-minute tour of the exhibitions. After the tour, you will be served lunch at Sellanraa Bok & Bar, which is situated next door to Kunsthall Trondheim. TIME Saturday 13




Gourmet Walk along the river Nidelva An evening out with produce of world-class An experience for foodies who appreciate good produce and high quality. You will also learn a little about the art of making great food from local produce of world-class. The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a city host who will accompany you to three of the city’s very best hotel restaurants. The first stop is 73 Bar at Radisson Blu Royal Garden. We will then stroll to Broen Bar at Scandic Nidelva and round off the tour at Astrum Grill & Raw Bar at Clarion Hotel & Congress.

TIME Monday-Friday 17-20


PRICE/ incl. city host NOK 2,420 (alcohol) NOK 1,980 (no alcohol)

Trondheim along the Waterfront See the city in a new way Experience Trondheim and the history along the fjord, the banks of the river Nidelva and beside the canals. The tour starts at Rockheim, which is in Brattøra. You will be met by a guide who is responsible for the whole tour. The tour lasts 2-3 hours and may be completed by bike or on foot.

TIME Saturday and Sunday 12




City sightseeing by bus Experience the city by bus

You will see all the city’s main sights during the two-hour trip. We make two stops during the tour: Haltdalen stave church at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum and the viewpoint at Sverresli. Guiding is in Norwegian, English and German. The tour starts outside Stiftsgården in Dronningens gate. Buy your ticket online or at the Tourist Information Office.


12.30-14.30 *5,11,16 July, 2 Sep: 14.00 *18 Aug: 15.00


PRICE NOK 265 Seniors/students NOK 295 Adults

Departures in May: 18,24,28 Departures in June: 2,7,8,10,11,15,16,22,27,28 Departures in July: 3,4,5*,7,9,11*,13,14,16*,24,26 Departures in August: 3,8,11,13,18*,20,23 Departures in September: 2*,12,22 Children under 12 free

Guided City Walk Discover the city’s history on foot Immerse yourself in Trondheim’s history on a guided walk through the city’s streets. You will hear about the city’s development, which stretches from the Middle Ages through to today’s hi-tech age. The guided walk starts outside the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11. You will be met by a guide who will inform you about the tour. The walk lasts 90 minutes so we recommend you wear suitable footwear and clothing to suit the prevailing weather conditions. TIME Mon-Sun 10-11.30 (18 June-19 August) BOOK & READ MORE

Children under 12 free

PRICE NOK 175 Seniors/students NOK 195 Adults


Northern Lights Chase Experience the wonderful Northern Lights The tour guide is photographer Øyvind Blomstereng, who will assist you with your camera settings, so you get the best shots. The tour starts outside the Tourist Information Office at Nordre gate 11. You will be met by Øyvind Blomstereng, who will be your guide. There will be several stops along the way, while food and drinks will also be served. Remember to wear warm clothes, good footwear and bring your camera. TIME Mon-Thu 21-24



PRICE NOK 1,150 p.p.

min 2 / max 15

Kayaking on the river Nidelva Find calmness on the water This is a great experience for those wishing to see Trondheim from a different angle. View the majestic Nidaros Cathedral from the river bank and perhaps discover new secrets among the historic wharf buildings. The trip starts at the Tempe football ground at the end of Bostadvegen, and ends at Skansen in Ila, Catch the bus from Prinsensgata in downtown Trondheim to Valøyvegen. You can take either no. 3, 4, 9 or 46, all of which have frequent departures. It’s a two-minute walk from the bus stop in Valøyvegen to the ground.

TIME Monday-Saturday 12-15


All necessary instruction and equipment are provided. To book a private instructor, please e-mail PRICE NOK 750

The route is subject to change.



GO ON A WALK Trondheim offers many nice walks – in the Bymarka recreational area, along the fjord and in the city centre.


From Lian to Grønlia Length: 3.5 km one way / 7 km return Take the tram (Gråkallbanen) from the city centre up to Lian. When you leave the tram, follow the Solemsvegen to the intersection, turn right onto Vådanvegen and continue until you see the Grønlia sign. Walk on the marked path and forest road until you reach the cabin at Grønlia, where you can enjoy coffee, fresh baking, lunch or dinner.

SEASON Year-round TRANSPORT Tram no. 1, travel time approx. 20 min See more at

Estenstadhytta Length: 3 km one way / 6 km return Take bus no. 9 from Munkegata (M5) in downtown Trondheim to Lohove. Walk east on Loholt allé turn right onto Kleivavegen. Continue along Estenstadvegen to the Bekken car park then follow Estenstadvegen (gravel road) all the way up to the cabin Estenstadhytta. On arrival, you can enjoy wonderful views and coffee, baking, lunch or dinner. Several alternative routes are also marked. If you want a side trip, the spectacular rock Burmaklippen is in the same area.

SEASON Year-round

TRANSPORT Bus no. 9, travel time approx. 20 min See more at


Central Trondheim Circuit Length: 6.7 km

SEASON Year-round

The Central Trondheim Circuit (Midtbyrunden) will lead you round the entire heart of the city along both the waterfront and the banks of the river Nidelva. Start at Solsiden and walk to Bakklandet. Cross the Old Town Bridge then turn left and follow the road down to Marinen. You will pass the Nidaros Cathedral. Follow the road along the riverbank until you reach Gangbrua. Cross this bridge to Nidarø and follow the promenade down to the Nidareid bridge, which leads to Ilen Church. Cross the road to Skansen and walk along the waterfront promenade past the diving tower at the public sea pool Sjøbadet to Brattøra, and then over the railway line back to Solsiden. The entire route is signposted.

TRANSPORT Walk or bike

Rent City Bikes at the Tourist Information Office

The Lade Trail Length: optional The 14 km-long Lade Trail leads past sheltered bays and over hilltops providing wonderful views of the Trondheimsfjord, Fosen and Frosta. In summer, there are many nice places to take a refreshing dip at the various bays. You can start your walk at various places, including Korsvika, Ringve, Rotvoll or Ranheim. Take bus no. 4 to Lade Gård and walk down to Korsvika. Alternatively, take bus no. 6 to Rotvoll or Ranheim. Along the Lade Trail, you will find Sponhuset (Ringvebukta) and Ladekaia (midway between Korsvika and Ringvebukta) – two of the city’s culinary treasures that always have something tasty to serve to passing walkers. SEASON Year-round

TRANSPORT Bus no. 4 or 6, travel time approx. 15 min See more at



EX PE RI EN C E S TJØ RDA L , M ERÅ K ER & F ROS TA Go on a journey of discovery to Stjørdal, Meråker and Frosta, which are located just outside Trondheim. Climb majestic mountains, eat locally produced food and visit historical attractions and monuments.



STJØRDAL - from farm to farm

GETTING THERE By car: Downtown Stjørdal is approx. 33 km north of Trondheim. Drive north on the E6 highway. By train: There are frequent services (up to several times per hour) from Trondheim Central Station to Stjørdal. Read more on By bus: There are several bus services per hour from Trondheim to Stjørdal. Read more on

Stjørdal is the gateway to Trøndelag. The region’s main airport just a stone’s throw from town. This is also the place to go from farm to farm and get a taste of the Norwegian farming lifestyle, visit the historic Hegra Fortress and check out the charming coffee roastery, brewery and town centre.



”Route 26” consists of 11 farms along this road running along the southern banks of the river Stjørdalselva. They offer activities for the whole family covering art, interiors, food, animals and handicrafts.

Steinvikholm Castle Steinvikholm Castle is an island fortress on the Skatval peninsula, which was built by Olav Engelbrektsson, the last Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Norway. It was the largest medieval building constructed in Norway. Steinvikholm is the site of a midnight opera each summe

Langøra kaffebrenneri Based at Hjelseng Farm. They roast coffee in a new building beside a small red storehouse. It’s sold in the small farm shop onsite. Salmon fishing The river Stjørdalselva, including the tributaries Forra and Sona, offers 85 km of excellent fishing, stretching from its mouth near Trondheim Airport Værnes eastwards towards Sweden. The salmon fishing season runs from June to August.

The Hegra Fortress The Hegra Fortress is a vibrant fortification that remains intact with trenches, tunnels, common rooms and command towers. The fortress is set in a picturesque area, making it ideal as a day trip. Leirfall Leirfall has a collection of around 1200 rock carvings, mostly dating from the Bronze Age. The figures include boats, footprints, horses, cup and ring marks, pictures of the sun and a procession of 13 human figures.


EAT Scandic Hell Hotell The hotel’s kitchen maintains a high standard, focussing on showcasing local produce and tasty food to suit any occasion. Choose between breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, light meals and a la carte. Bankers Bar Bankers Bar is renowned for its magical burgers combining local ingredients and a passion for great food. Wed, Thu, Sun 15-22, Fri-Sat 15-02 Eidum gårdsbakeri Eidum gårdsbakeri bakes delicious bread, buns and other baking in its stone oven on the farm just off route 26. Tue and Fri 13-17




- a boundless mountainous world

GETTING THERE By car: Drive north on the E6 highway to Stjørdal then turn off onto the E14. Distance from Trondheim: 83 km By train: There are two trains per day from Trondheim Central Station. Read more on By bus: There is a daily bus service from Trondheim. Read more on

Meråker is a mountain municipality bordering Sweden to the east. You will discover one of the country’s most spectacular outdoor climbing parks, endless hiking options and great food.



Rypetoppen Rypetoppen is one of Norway’s largest outdoor climbing parks. The park features 17 climbing trails of various levels, combining trees and rocks with 20 zip-lines.

Meråker Bygdemuseum Meråker Bygdemuseum is an open-air museum offering an historic insight into the district. Sunday 14-18 (15 June-7 September)

Meråkerfjell Ridesenter Meråkerfjell riding centre rents out horses and takes groups on riding trips. Other activities on offer include paddling, clay pigeon shooting and guided hikes. Meråker Tourist Information Office

Hytteskrivergården Gilså Visit an historic building that was both home and workplace for many people associated with the smelting works at Meråker. Sunday 13-17 (1 June-7 September)


EAT Kirkebyfjellet konferansesenter Kirkebyfjellet is a conference centre set in picturesque surroundings where you will find magical food based on local produce. Teveltunet Fjellstue The mountain lodge Teveltunet Fjellstue serves lunch and dinner dishes with views of the MerĂĽker mountains.




- Trondheim’s kitchen garden

GETTING THERE By car: Drive north on the E6 highway past Stjørdal then turn off onto route 101 to Frosta. Distance from Trondheim: 72 km By train: Take the train to Åsen then continue to Frosta by bus or taxi using the district’s flexible transport service (Tilbringertjenesten). This service is free if you book three hours before departure (tel. 07417) Read more on

Frosta is a natural gem out in the Trondheimsfjorden well worth visiting if you want to visit places outside the city. You can pick corn and carrots, visit a brewery and climb in the airy Via Ferrata Frosta, among many exciting activities.



The Frosta Trail The Frosta Path offers beautiful naturebased experiences in close contact with an exciting cultural landscape and rich local history. This is a well-marked path offering a variety of walks.

Tautra monastery ruins The old monastery was built by monks of the Cistercian Order in 1207 who travelled to Trøndelag from the Lyse Abbey near Bergen. It is believed they chose Tautra because of the favourable conditions for agriculture and gardening combined with the safe and peaceful location.

-7 km Park your car at Hernesøra by the breakwater to Tautra. Walk via Nordfjæran and Holmberget to Småland. From Ryggsvika, you can take a detour to Tinghaugen and Logtun Church (2 km). -8.5 km Park your car near the Evenhus rock carvings at Solvang. Walk down to Galtvik, Sørgrenda, Gullberget, Hynne and Hernesøra (6.7 km). You can then walk on the road to Tautra back to Solvang, which is a combined distance of 8.5 km.

Frostating Norway’s oldest court, where the people of Trøndelag held their annual assemblies throughout the Viking Age and Middle Ages. Valberg slektsgård This historic family farm is one of Frosta’s largest farms. Open to visitors. Buy vegetables at the farm shop or stay overnight in a log cabin.


EAT Klostergården at Tautra Features a restaurant, café, farm shop, accommodation and a brewery. Mon-Sun 11-18 Arntzen Bakery Known for its delicious buns, bread and pastries. Mon-Fri 08.30-16 Sat 8.30-14 Vårres café Serves hot and cold dishes at the Frostasenteret shopping centre. Mon-Thu 8-18 Fri 8-21 Sat-Sun 8-18



Nidaros Cathedral Bispegata 5 +47 73 89 08 00 Open: May Jun-Aug Sep-Apr

Mon-Fri Sat 9-15 9-14 9-18 9-14 9-14 9-14

Sun 13*-16 13*-17 13*-16

Nidaros Cathedral is the world’s northernmost gothic cathedral and an important pilgrimage site. The cathedral is built over the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway. In the summer months, you can explore narrow and dark corridors and climb the steep tower for a wonderful view of the city.

*Church service 11.00


Archbishop’s Palace Museum Kongsgårdsgata 1 +47 73 89 08 00 Open: May Jun-Aug Sep-Apr

Mon-Fri 10-15 10-17 11-14*

Sat 10-15 10-15 11-15

Sun 12-16 12-16 12-16

The Archbishop’s Palace, located beside the Nidaros Cathedral, was the pre-reformation home and administrative centre of the Norwegian Archbishops. The museum houses many of the most spectacular finds from archaeological excavations on this site in the 1990s, including the remains of the Archbishop’s mint.

*Closed on Mondays in the off-season


The Crown Regalia Kongsgårdsgata 1 +47 73 89 08 00 Open: May Jun-Aug Sep-Apr

Mon-Fri 10-15 10-17 11-14*

Sat 10-15 10-15 11-15

Sun 12-16 12-16 12-16

The King’s crown and the rest of the Norwegian crown jewels are exhibited in the west wing of the Archbishop’s Palace. This collection symbolises more than a millennium of the monarchy as Norway’s form of government. The exhibition upstairs features Norwegian medieval queens.

*Closed on Mondays in the off-season


Kristiansten Fortress +47 815 70 400

The fortress offers fantastic views of the city and its surroundings. It was built after the great city fire of 1681 and was used during World War II as a place of execution for members of the Norwegian resistance.

Kunsthall Trondheim Kongens gate 2 +47 485 00 100

This is the place to experience contemporary art of an international level. The exhibitions her challenges and touch you and invite to communication and participation rather than just being a passive observer.

Open: Year-round


Open: Tue-Sat 12-20, Sun 12-18




Museet Kystens Arv / MIST Myrssjøen 44, Stadsbygd +47 73 85 55 60 Open: Tue-Fri 11-15, Sat-Sun 11-16

The coastal heritage museum, Kystens Arv, is set in beautiful surroundings. Learn about the art of traditional boat building, see the exhibition of boats and the very topical exhibition about marine plastic waste, and eat delicious local food at the restaurant Flo og Fjæra. Exciting activities for children, and a wonderful outdoor area.

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum / MIST Munkegata 3-7 +47 73 80 89 50

The national museum of decorative arts and design. The permanent collection exhibits ancient and modern artefacts and interiors, while the museum hosts 4-5 temporary exhibitions annually.

Stiftsgården / MIST Munkegata 23 +47 73 80 89 50

Stiftsgården is the royal residence in Trondheim, and Scandinavia’s largest wooden palace. It has 140 rooms and covers 4000 m². Originally built as a private residence in 1774.

Norwegian Museum of the Deaf / MIST Bispegata 9b +47 468 29 205

A museum that will challenge your senses. Visit Room X – a completely silent experience, where you will communicate visually. This museum showcases the culture, history and language of the deaf with a focus on communication and understanding.

Orkla Industrimuseum / MIST Torfinn Bjørnaas plass 2, Løkken Verk +47 72 49 91 00 Open: Mon-Fri 10-15

Take the Thamshavn line, the world’s oldest a lternating-current electric railway, at Løkken Verk and the Orkla Museum of Industry. Visit the colourful mine Gammelgruva, the Meldal openair museum and exhibits showcasing the exciting story of industrial expansion in the Orkla valley.

Ringve Music Museum / MIST Lade Allé 60 +47 73 87 02 80

Ringve Music Museum is Norway’s national museum of music and musical instruments. The museum houses a diverse international collection. The focus is on experiences with concerts and exhibitions.

Open: Tue-Sat 10-15, Thu 12-20 (21 Aug-31 May), Sun 12-16


Open: 1 June -19 Aug


Open: Wed-Thu 11-15, Sat 12-16



Open: May-Aug: Mon-Sun 10-17 Sep-Apr: Tue-Sun 11-16



Rockheim / MIST Brattørkaia 14 +47 73 60 50 70

Rockheim is Norway’s national museum of popular music. Visit the museum and go on an interactive journey through newer Norwegian rock and pop and cultural heritage from the 1950s to the present day.

SDS Hansteen / MIST Kjøpmannsgata 75 +47 73 52 89 75 Advance bookings required

This floating cultural relic from 1866 has an important place in history. The sailing steamship Hansteen is Norway’s first research vessel, and was built in the period of transition from sail to steam.

Trondhjems Sjøfartsmuseum / MIST Kjøpmannsgata 75 +47 73 52 89 75

Gain and insight into Trondheim’s proud maritime and trading traditions. The museum has a special exhibition for children, and you can join the guided maritime walk along Trondheim’s old wharves and shipyard sites.

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum / MIST Sverresborg Allé 13 +47 73 89 01 00

Join historic walks at Trøndelag’s largest openair museum. This is a vibrant museum where the past meets the present and knowledgeable guides show the way. Greet the animals and take part in various activities. Fun for the whole family. Remember the mid summer’s celebration at Sverresborg in June.

Trondheim Art Museum / MIST Bispegata 7b +47 73 53 81 80

See works of art from the museum’s large collection of Norwegian and international art, which includes works by the likes of Munch, Balke, Tidemand and Gude. In the wonderful museum building adjacent to Nidaros Cathedral, you can also experience exhibitions of contemporary art.

Trondheim Art Museum Gråmølna / MIST Trenerys gate 9 +47 73 53 81 90

At the art museum’s other exhibition arena near Solsiden, you can experience temporary exhibitions of contemporary art, and works from the art gift from Trondheim artist Håkon Bleken. The same ticket is valid for both locations.

Open: Jan-Apr and Sep-Dec: Tue, Wed, Fri 10-16, Thu 10-20, Sat-Sun 10-17 May-Aug: Mon-Sun 10-17



Open: Jan-May and Sep-Dec: Tue-Fri 9-14, Sun 12-16 Jun-Aug: Mon-Fri 9-14 Sat-Sun 12-16


Open: Jun-Aug: Mon-Sun 10-17, Sep-May: Tue-Fri 10-15, Sat-Sun 12-16


Open: Wed 12-20, Thu-Sun 12-16 (Extended opening hours in summer)


Open: Wed 12-20, Thu-Sun 12-16 (Extended opening hours in summer)



NTNU University Museum Erling Skakkes gate 47 +47 73 59 21 45

The NTNU University Museum has exhibits on archaeology, natural history and cultural history. There is also a fascinating exhibition on Medieval Trondheim with archaeological finds.

Pirbadet Havnegata 12 +47 73 73 18 00

Pirbadet is Norway’s largest indoor water park, with wonderful views of the Trondheimsfjord. You will find pools and facilities for play, training and wellbeing, as well as a café.

The Armory & Resistance Museum Indre Kongsgård +47 73 99 52 80/82/83

Immerse yourself in the history of the Norwegian armed forces from the Viking Age to the modern day, and see the equipment, arms and uniforms used by the soldiers.

Tramway Museum Bøckmanns vei 112

See the venerable old tram engines and tramcars from Trondheim. Take the tram from the city centre to Munkvoll station. Free admission.

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre Leksdalsveien 1, Verdal +47 74 04 42 00

Historical experiences on historic ground. Activities for young and old alike, including theatrical performances and exhibitions, at the battlefield where King Olav Haraldsson fell in 1030.

Trondheim Kino Olav Tryggvasons gate 5 / Prinsens gate 2b +47 73 80 88 00

Trondheim Kino is Trøndelag’s largest culture and entertainment arena, comprising the cinema complexes Prinsen, Nova and Kimen (Stjørdal). Films are screened every day of the year except Christmas Eve.

Open: Tue-Fri 10-16, Sat-Sun 11-16


Open: Mon, Wed, Fri 6.30-21 Tue, Thu 12-21 Sat-Sun 10-21


Open: May-Sep Mon-Sat 10-16, Sun 12-16


Open: Wed-Sun 12-15


Open: See website


Open Nova: Mon-Fri 16.45-21.15, Sat-Sun 12.15-21.15 Open Prinsen: Mon-Thu 9.15-21.15, Fri 9.15-23.15, Sat 12.15-23.15, Sun 12.15-21.15



Trøndelag Teater Prinsens gate 18-20 +47 73 80 50 00

Trondheim is proud of its theatre, which produces major successful production and in recent years has appealed to a younger audience. The theatre performs a variety of shows to impress and inspire.

Vitensenteret Kongens gate 1 +47 72 90 90 07

Vitensenteret, the Trondheim Science Centre, is the place for fun learning with science and technology. Experiment with many exciting models and visit Norway’s first and only 3D planetarium. You will also find perhaps Trondheim’s smartest shop.

Høyt & Lavt Ranheimsvegen 13 +47 902 14 047

Trondheim is proud to have a climbing park in the middle of the city. Walk, bike or take the bus to Høyt & Lavt in Leangen. You can explore in the treetops, challenge your fear of heights and spend a whole day playing in the fresh air. A fun activity for the whole family.

Munkstigen Via Ferrata Drakestranda 1300, Vanvikan +47 413 39 518

Ready for an exciting adventure? The climbing path Munkstigen Via Ferrata will give you butterflies in your stomach and a fantastic naturebased experience. Enjoy wonderful panoramic views of Trondheim, the Trondheimfjord and surrounding area.

Ringve Botanical Garden Lade Allé 58 +47 73 59 22 69

Welcome to the green spaces of the botanical garden at Ringve. The live collections are used for research, teaching and preserving threatened species. The garden also conveys knowledge about the botanical diversity. Always open and free admission.

Rypetoppen Meråker +47 74 41 41 70

Rypetoppen is a climbing park in spectacular surroundings in the Meråker mountains combining trees and rocks. Challenge your balance and feel a sense of mastery. You can sleep outside or in small cabins. Free admission, but fees apply to use the climbing trails in the park.

Open: Mon-Fri 10-16, Sat-Sun 11-17


Open: Mon-Fri 10-16, Sat-Sun 11-17




Open: See website

Open: May-October 10-17 Advance bookings required


Always open


Open: 10-17.30 5 May-24 June and 18 Aug-7 Oct: Sat-Sun, 25 Jun-17 Aug and 8-14 Oct: daily



Segway Tours Trondheim +47 471 471 11

Explore the city centre on two wheels. Segway is a great way to get around the city’s streets. You will see all the main attractions on a 90-minute guided tour, which starts with instructions. Meet up at Pir II.

Sykkelguide Trondheim +47 452 53 560

Trondheim is a cycling city, and it’s fun to experience the city and attractions like exotic suburbs, the Nidaros Cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace and the world’s first and to date only bicycle lift. You can also hire an e-bike.

Trondheim Kajakk Bostadvegen 11 +47 483 38 318

Challenge yourself and try Stand Up Paddling, SUP yoga or SUP fitness. We guarantee you will learn something new about yourself and the sport of SUP. Do you accept the challenge? Suitable for everyone from age 8, regardless of experience. Bostadvegen 11 +47 483 38 318

Challenge yourself and try Stand Up Paddling, SUP yoga or SUP fitness. We guarantee you will learn something new about yourself and the sport of SUP. Do you accept the challenge? Suitable for everyone from age 8, regardless of experience.

Pick Your Day

Choose between various experiences in Trondheim guided by local residents who are keen to show you the city and the opportunities on offer here.

Open: April-October


Open: April-October Advance bookings required


Open: Mon-Sun 8-23 Advance bookings required


Open: Mon-Sun 8-23 Advance bookings required






Barokkfest Early Music Festival

30-4 JAN-FEB 2018

Trondheim Jazz Festival

8-13 MAY 2018


St. Olav Festival

28-04 JULY / AUGUST 2018


Trøndelag Food and Brewery Festival

2-4 AUGUST 2018


Christmas Market


Barokkfest has evolved into one of Scandinavia’s largest early music gatherings. The festival stages are historic places like the Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace, assuring extremely powerful experiences.

Trondheim Jazz Festival gathers national and international jazz musicians for some fantastic days of jazz music in Trondheim, offering firstclass jazz experiences

Every year around Olsok, the St. Olav Festival fills the city with festivities for young and old, including concerts, lectures, pilgrimages, conversations about values and church services and much more.

Norway’s leading festival for local food and drink from the sea to the mountains. Brilliant festival atmosphere with separate brewery area, many free children’s activities, courses and cooking demonstrations. This festival is one of the 12 recommended destinations in Scandinavia.

A wonderful pre-Christmas festival in the heart of Trondheim. Exciting market featuring handicrafts, locally produced food and spruce trees. Experience concerts, theatrical performances and horse-drawn sleigh rides.



Astrum (Clarion Hotel & Congress) Brattørkaia 1 +47 73 92 55 00

Astrum always offers something extra: extra good food, extra good service, extra friendly people and extra good view. Astrum means a meal on the roof of Trondheim where local produce meets continental traditions. Astrum is included in the Gourmet Walk along the River Nidelva.

Broen Bar & Restaurant (Scandic Nidelven) Havnegata 1-4 +47 73 56 80 00

The hotel kitchen at Scandic Nidelven is known for more than making Norway’s best breakfast. The kitchen also serves food to impress any gourmet enthusiast. Broen Bar is included in the Gourmet Walk along the River Nidelva.

Credo Ladeveien 9 +47 73 53 03 88

Credo has played a role in setting the food standard in Trondheim with its good and local food values. Located at the new Lilleby, Credo offers a multi-course dinner adapted to suit the season and supply of local produce in Trøndelag.

Fagn Ørjaveita 4 +47 458 44 996

A visit to Fagn will turn you into a foodie. The staff pride themselves on playing with the traditional dishes. The restaurant has an inspiration menu on the ground floor where you can choose between 5 and 20 dishes. Upstairs you will find a restaurant and cocktail bar serving simpler lunch and dinner dishes. Fagn is included in the Gourmet Walk in Midtbyen.

Folk & Fe Øvre Bakklandet 66 +47 975 18 180

Sharing is caring, say the kitchen staff at Folk & Fe. The food is prepared here with precisely that in mind. You get simple and rustic food served on stones and boards so it’s easy to share. Folk & Fe is included in the Gourmet Walk in Midtbyen.

Open: Mon-Tue 18-23, Wed-Thu 18-01, Fri 12-01, Sat 12-15


Open: Mon-Thu 11-24, Fri-Sat 11-02, Sun 12-22


Open: See website


Open: Tue-Fri 12-01, Sat 14-01


Open: Tue-Sun 11-22, bar Thu-Sat until 01



Søttitre (Radisson BLU Royal Garden) Kjøpmannsgata 73 +47 73 80 30 00

Søttitre is a separate gourmet zone at one of the city’s largest hotels. You can choose between various large and small gourmet dishes that will surprise. The restaurant is also known for its dessert menu. Søttitre is included in the Gourmet Walk in Nidelva.

To Rom og Kjøkken Carl Johans gate 5 +47 73 56 89 00

The kitchen at To Rom og Kjøkken has always maintained a high standard and been passionate about using local produce from Trøndelag, which is world-class. The varied menu features inspiration from the Mediterranean.

Aisuma Kjøpmannsgata 57 +47 73 54 92 71

Aisuma is the taste of Italy on the banks of the river Nidelven. The menu of Italian cuisine tempts and impresses. Great flavours, produce and wonderful atmosphere where you pop in on a weekday or a Saturday evening.

Baklandet Skydsstation Øvre Bakklandet 33 +47 73 92 10 44

Baklandet Skydsstation is one of the most charming restaurants in Trondheim. You can savour good coffee, delicious baking and traditional food in old-fashioned surroundings. The building is crooked and twisted, but charming and unbelievably cosy.

Big Horn Steak House Munkegata 41 +47 73 50 94 90

Steak enthusiasts hang out here with good reason. Big Horn is one of the country’s best steak houses and has long served high quality steaks and side dishes.

Brasseri Bakklandet (Scandic Bakklandet) Nedre Bakklandet 60 +47 72 90 20 00

With a panoramic view of the river Nidelven, you will discover Brasserie Bakklandet, where some of Norway’s top chefs display creativity and innovation. Every morning you can enjoy a tasty breakfast rich in energy composed in collaboration with Olympiatoppen.

Open: Mon-Sat 17.30-22


Open: Mon-Sat from 16



Open: Mon-Sat 16-22


Open: Mon-Fri 11-01, Sat-Sun 12-01


Open: Mon 15-22, Tue-Thu 15-22, Fri-Sat 15-23, Sun 14-22


Open: Mon-Sat 11-22



Cowsea Ferjemannsveien 12 +47 73 50 50 60

Food and drink with a South American twist or a taste of Japanese cuisine. You can order food from the grill and sushi bar or just hang out at the bar.

Døgnvill Burger Munkegata 26 +47 73 80 86 00

Døgnvill loves burgers and has worked long and hard to find the optimal recipes for tasty burgers. They are also make sauces and toppings from scratch every day. Døgnvill is included in the Burger Walk.

E.C. Dahls Pub & Kjøkken Strandveien 71 +47 40 69 74 00

E.C. Dahls is Trondheim’s oldest brewery and you will find plenty of flavour here – whether you visit the brewery, pub or restaurant. In the pub, you will find a wide range of beer on tap and you can sample exclusive beers from many breweries. E.C. Dahls Pub & Kjøkken is included in the Brewery Walk.

Frati Kongens gate 20 +47 73 52 57 33

Frati has been serving tasty dishes in Trondheim for more than 40 years. They are known for their tempting starters, excellent dinners and wide range of good wines.

Graffi sentrum Olav Tryggvasons gate 24 +47 464 67 000

Delicious grill dishes straight from our Josper charcoal grill. You can choose chicken, meat or fish dishes with various flavour combinations, while our signature dish, Graffi Grillfest, is perfect if you want something to share.

Havfruen Fiskerestaurant Kjøpmannsgata 7 +47 73 87 40 70

Havfruen has impressed diners with local seafood from the Trøndelag coast for more than 30 years. The world’s best seafood is served in traditional and innovative ways with the best seasonal produce. In summer, you can borrow a fishing rod and have a few casts in the river Nidelva while waiting for your dessert. Havfruen is included in the Fish Walk.

Open: Mon-Thu 11-23, Fri 11-late, Sat 12-late, Sun 15-22


Open: Mon-Thu 11-23, Fri-Sat 11-00, Sun 12-23


Open: Tue-Sat 16-24


Open: Mon-Sat 11-23, Sun 13-22


Open: Mon-Sat 11-23, Sun 12-22


Open: Mon-Sat 16-22



Jossa mat & drikke Ladeveien 9 +47 73 53 03 88

“Food tastes best when it can be itself”. Jossa is an unpretentious place serving food with pure flavours and local produce. The menu varies from week to week depending on Jossa’s travel around the globe.

Krambua Krambugata 12-14 +47 73 53 52 53

Krambua is the regular pub of many who live in Trondheim. If you drop by, you will always find a local to chat with. You can drink local beer and eat simple food in a friendly and authentic atmosphere.

Land & Strand Grilstad Marina +47 484 86 060

You will find Land & Strand at the outermost point of Grilstad Marina. A restaurant combining the popular and innovative. Enjoy lunch and dinner, a glass of wine and a snack or just a coffee. On a sunny day, it’s magical to sit outside facing the Trondheimsfjord.

Lerkendal Bistro (Scandic Lerkendal) Klæbuveien 127 +47 21 61 51 00

A Bistro at the city’s big living room – Lerkendal. Choose from a menu featuring various dishes and flavour combinations inspired by French cuisine. Enjoy the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere – the perfect place after a long day exploring the city’s streets.

Lian Lianvegen 36 +47 72 56 51 10

Lian is a restaurant on the top of Trondheim – with views of the entire city. The restaurant is open to the public on Wednesdays and Sundays, serving a lunch buffet to match the forest and Bymarka recreational area. Take the tram up to Lian – and combine your meal with a walk in the picturesque nature reserve.

Lille Skansen Nedre Ila 2 +47 73 92 11 51

Lille Skansen is the blue restaurant by the Trondheimsfjord focusing on pure, natural flavours. Drop by for lunch or dinner or a glass of wine while you enjoy the sunset.

Open: See website


Open: Mon-Wed 15-24, Fri 14-02, Sat 13-02, Sun 15-22


Open: Tue-Sun 11-22, bar open Sat-Sun until 24


Open: Mon-Sat 11-22, Sun 15-22


Open: Wed 12-15, Sun 12-16.30


Open: Mon-Sun from 11



NordØst Food&Cocktails TMV-kaia 25 +47 482 89 482

NordØst has confidence in Asian cuisine. They combine local produce from the Norwegian coast with the wonderful flavours of the East. The cocktails may remind you of the exotic East.

Restaurant Kommandanten Kristiansten Festning +47 450 52 666

Up at the fort, you can enjoy delicious food and great views. You can enjoy meat, fish and cheese that is as local as possible. The kitchen is passionate about the local elements and is not afraid to challenge the combinations to achieve magical flavours.

Sandmoen Kro Sandmoflata 3 +47 72 59 61 80

Sandmoen Kro is the perfect place to stop if you feel hungry when driving north on the E6 highway. You will find a traditional menu with dishes to suit young and old alike.

Sushi Bar Munkegata 39 +47 73 52 10 20

Sushi Bar introduced Trondheim to sushi, and has set the standard for this popular food tradition from Japan. Enjoy pure flavours that will bring a smile to any sushi enthusiast’s face. Sushi Bar is included on the Fish Walk.

Szechuan Restaurant Olav Tryggvasons gate 20 +47 73 52 28 67

This is the place for authentic Chinese food. The people, ingredients, recipes, interior and menu are all authentic. You won’t find better Chinese food in Trondheim. Feel free to ask the staff for tips about how to cook great Chinese food in your own kitchen.

Søstrene Karlsen TMV-kaia 25 +47 73 60 00 25

Generous and delicious round the table, on the plate and in the glass. The menu features sumptuous tastes perfect for sharing.

Open: Mon-Thu 11-24, Fri 11-02, Sat 12-02, Sun 13-22


Open: Tue-Thu 16-22, Fri-Sat 11-23, Sun 11-21


Open: Mon-Thu 8-21, Fri 8-20, Sat 11-18, Sun 11-20


Open: Mon-Thu 15-22, Fri-Sat 15-23, Sun 15-21


Open: Tue-Thu 14-22.30, Fri-Sat 14-23, Sun 14-22


Open: Mon-Thu 11-24, Fri-Sat 11-02, Sun 12-22



TAG Thomas Angells gate 12b +47 488 50 200

TAG has a menu created for every occasion – functions, an everyday dinner or a night on the town.

TGI Fridays Nordre gate 11 +47 930 86 666

TGI Fridays is a casual restaurant inspired by American cuisine. Choose from the varied menu and exciting selection of cocktails.

Vertshuset Grenaderen Kongsgårdsgata 1 +47 73 51 66 80

If you want to travel back in time, head to Grenaderen and enjoy a great meal. You can eat traditional dishes in a building that housed a forge in the 18th century and feel the history in the walls.

Bror Bar Olav Tryggvasons gate 29 +47 458 31 526

Charcoal-grilled burgers, delicious sides and more. At Bror, you will find an incredible selection of craft beer from around the world, and Trondheim’s most frequently changing range of beers on tap. There is always a great atmosphere, every day of the week.

Brøøl Nedre Bakklandet 6 +47 930 05 749

Local bakery and pub in Bakklandet, which bakes bread using our own sour dough, local ancient grains and old Norwegian organic grains. You can buy bread straight from the over every morning, eat lunch or hang out by the bar in the evening.

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri Prinsens gate 39 +47 73 51 75 15

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri was Trondheim’s first brewpub and has played an important role in the city’s beer culture. You can taste a wide range of beers from the brewery and spirits from their own distillery. You can also choose dishes that match the beer. Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri is sincluded in the Brewery Walk.

Open: Mon-Thu 11-sent, Fri-Sat 11-02.30


Open: Mon-Thu 11-23, Fri 11-00, Sat 11-02, Sun 12-23


Open: Tue-Sat 16-24, Sun 14-19




Open: Mon-Thu 11-00.30, Fri-Sat 11-02.30, Sun 13-02.30

Open: Mon-Thu 8-24, Fri-Sat 8-01.30, Sun 9-18


Open: Mon 15-24, Tue-Thu 15-02, Fri 14-02, Sat 12-02


ØX Tap Room Munkegata 26 +47 458 48 480

There is always a great atmosphere at ØX, which serves an exciting range of beer and cider from its own brewery along with craft beer and cider from other microbreweries. You can also select tasty food from a simple menu. ØX is included in the Brewery Walk.

Café To Tårn Bispegata 5 +47 941 93 541

After your visit to the Nidaros Cathedral, you will enjoy a good cup of coffee and something to eat. Café To Tårn offers a panoramic view of the West Front of the cathedral, and serves open sandwiches and home baking.

Café Ni Muser Bispegata 9a +47 73 53 63 11

This is the city’s art café, which in recent times has concentrated on developing its menu and ingredients. As well as serving food and cakes, the café has a small chocolate factory producing tasty treats to accompany your coffee.



Dromedar introduced the coffee culture to Trondheim, and has been a major contributor to the high standard of coffee served in the city. Dormedar has won the title of Norway’s “Coffee Bar of the Year” three times, and is a leader in creative espresso-based drinks. Dromedar is included in the Coffee Walk.


Dromedarbakeriet Apotekerveita +47 73 92 09 63

Starting your day at the bakery Dromedarbakeriet is a great idea. You can enjoy breakfast, coffee and taste or smell the delicious cakes they bake every morning. In 2013 the bakery won the coveted “Cake of the Year” award. The bakery also makes cakes to order.

Habitat på DIGS Olav Tryggvason gate 30

Habitat is Trondheim’s oasis for experimental art of brewing and delicious pizza. They also serve salad and soup for lunch and dinner. The pizza varieties are both sumptuous and varied. You can also enjoy great coffee and a wide range of beers from their own brewery, Monkey Brew.


Open: Tue-Fri from 15, Sat from 14




Open: Mon-Fri 10-15, Sat-Sun 11-16

Open: Mon-Sun 11-22.30 / Nedre Bakklandet 3 Open: Mon-Thu 7-19, Fri 8-18, Sat-Sun 10-18 - Nordre gate 2 Open: Mon-Fri 7-19, Sat 9-18, Sun 10-17 - Olav Tryggvasons gate 14 Open: Mon-Fri 7-19, Sat 9-19, Sun 11.30-18 - Nedre Bakklandet 77 Open: Mon-Fri 7.30-18, Sat 10-18, Sun 11-18

Open: Mon-Fri 8.30-15.30, Sat 10-15


Open: Mon-Thu 11-23, Fri-Sat 11-02



Ila Brainnstasjon Ilevollen 32 B +47 489 55 036

It’s small and red, but regardless of how many people are sitting inside or outside, there is always space for more. It’s probably the informal and unpretentious atmosphere that makes this one of the city’s best regular hangouts for many.

Jacobsen & Svart Ferjemannsveien 8 +47 902 44 226

A small coffee roastery in the heart of the city which roasts coffee several times per week. Enjoy great smells from the coffee beans and fresh baking. There is an informal and relaxed atmosphere, which is ideal for watching the hustle and bustle outside. Jacobsen & Svart is included in the Coffee Walk.

Kafeen Torvet Kongens gate 9, Trondheim Torg +47 73 52 92 20

When you need a break while shopping at Trondheim Torg, head up to level 3 and find a table at Kafeen Torvet. You will find the dinner of the day, lunch and a large selection of sandwiches and impressive cakes.

Ladekaia Ladestien +47 469 73 944

On the scenic Lade Trail, you will find Ladekaia, a place to dine that always impresses. The simplicity of design and concept is matched by food and drink of the highest quality. They bake, fry, butter, boil and serve with a smile and their face.

Sellanraa Bok & Bar Kongens gate 2 +47 469 12 480

Sellanraa Bok & Bar is the sort of place you will take a detour to find. The coffee is magical, the staff are passionate about what they do, and the food is filled with delicious, local flavours in a range of varieties and combinations. There are always sweet treats too. Sellanraa is included in the Coffee Walk.

Skistua Fjellseterveien, Bymarka +47 948 89 450

Trondheim’s recreational area Bymarka has many cosy places to eat, and Skistua is one of them. You can enjoy a good meal after a nice walk in the fresh air. They serve coffee, basic lunch dishes, dinner and a range of bakery products.

Open: Tue-Thu 16-23, Fri 16-01, Sat 12-01, Sun 12-21


Open: Mon-Fri 7-18, Sat 9-18, Sun 11-18


Open: Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18


Open: Mon-Thu 13-23, Fri 13-24, Sat 11-24, Sun 11-23


Open: Mon-Fri 7.30-19, Sat 11-18, Sun 11-17


Open: Mon-Fri 11-15, Sat 11-17



Sponhuset Ringvebukta, Ladestien +47 924 77 567

Open: Mon-Fri 11-16, Sat-Sun 11-18 (1 Apr-30 Sept), Sat-Sun 11-16 (1 Oct-31 Mar)

A good waffle is made with genuine love. At Sponhuset, waffles are a passion and a science, and they are known for serving the city’s best waffles. You will find Sponhuset, the city’s best and cosiest waffle house, on the scenic Lade Trail just a stone’s throw from the sea.



Bakklandet Blomster Nedre Bakklandet 3 +47 920 66 136

A wonderful green oasis in the middle of Bakklandet with the nicest flowers and coolest plants. The team hear can make wreaths or bouquets for any occasion and arrange doorto-door delivery. Stop by for a charming floral experience.

Nidaros Cathedral Gift Shop Bispegata 5 +47 415 31 584

At the Nidaros Cathedral visitors’ centre, you will discover a special gift shop associated with the cathedral and the Arch Bishop’s Palace. There is a unique selection of goods, many of which are made by the craftsmen who restore the cathedral.

Fairytale of Norway Fjordgata 52 +47 986 49 543

The city’s souvenir shop, where you will find traditional, Norwegian souvenirs and a selection of locally produced products.

Husfliden Olav Tryggvasons gate 18 +47 73 83 32 30

You will find knowledge of and passion for Norwegian traditions in the walls. Husfliden stocks yarn and knitting patterns, homemade knitwear and design clothes, and has a dressmaker’s shop specialising in bunad production and accessories.

Jentene på Tunet Mosletta 15, Selbu +47 41 63 66 63

Wonderful, award-winning chocolate is made in Selbu. Jentene på Tunet focus on quality and handwork when crafting their chocolate treats. They have several sales outlets, including the Tourist Information Office in Nordre gate 11.

Open: Mon-Sat 11-18


Open: Sep-May: Mon-Sat 9-15, Sun 9-16 June-Aug: Mon-Fri: 9-18, Sat-Sun 9-17


Open: Sat-Sat 10-17 (Extended hours in summer)


Open: Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-16


Open: Mon-Fri 9-15



Johnny Love Olav Tryggvasons gate 21 +47 472 43 225

In the heart of Trondheim, you will find one of the city’s best-known design brands – JOHNNYLOVE. John Vinnem has conquered the country and the world with his Scandinavian clean lines for men and women resistance.

Langøra Kaffebrenneri Hjelseng Gård, Stjørdal +47 415 30 301

In Stjørdal, a coffee roastery in a red storehouse roasts wonderful coffee. It’s sold at several sales outlets, online and at the Tourist Information Office at Nordre gate 11.

Lanullva Søndre gate 19 +47 922 24 690

Warm and soft merino woollen products for the whole family with a timeless Norwegian design and a high level of technical functionality. The original knitting pattern is still fundamental, and all the garments are knitted with air and love.

Pottemakeri Elin Aune Prinsens gate 21, Trondheim Torg +47 73 51 74 10

Pottery studio continuing a family tradition since 1797. Studio sales outlet at Trondheim Torg shopping centre, where Trønder ceramics are handmade featuring our classical handdrawn patterns and modern ceramics with city motifs. We also stock glass art.

Sukker Design Nedre Bakklandet 9 +47 476 53 637

The charming designer store Sukker in Bakklandet features unique handmade products by designers from Trøndelag and Norway, including clothes, jewellery, bags, ceramics, paintings, graphic art and wooden products.

Tourist Information Office Nordre gate 11 +47 73 80 76 60

You will find products made by designers and craftsmen from Trøndelag and other parts of Norway. You can also buy activities like city walks, bus tickets, admission tickets to attractions and the Trondheim City Card.

Open: Mon-Sat 10-18


Open: Mon-Fri 9-16


Open: Mon-Sat 10-18


Open: Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-15


Open: Fri 14-17, Sat-Sun 11-16


Open: Mon-Sat 9-18 Sundays during the peak season



Urmaker Håkon Lian Nordre gate 9 +47 73 52 04 11

Traditions since 1866 in Trondheim’s pedestrian street. You will find something to suit any occasion – from the first child’s watch through to famous brands like Omega and Rolex.

Byhaven Olav Tryggvasons gate 28 +47 73 80 90 70

36 shops and places to eat Car parking at street level Wine monopoly

City Syd Østre Rosten 28-30 +47 72 89 42 00

70 shops 1,000 free parking spaces Wine monopoly

Mercur Kongens gate 8 +47 73 87 65 00

18 shops and places to eat Youthful profile Car parking at street level

Sirkus Shopping Falkenborgveien 1 +47 414 07 777

Large range of shops and places to eat 845 indoor parking spaces

Solsiden Senter Beddingen 10 +47 73 60 10 00

55 shops 19 restaurants 450 parking spaces Wine monopoly


Open: Mon-Wed 9-17, Thu 9-18, Fri 9-17, Sat 10-16


Open: Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 10-18


Open: Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat 9-20


Open: Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 10-18


Open: Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat 9-20


Open: Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat 9-18



Trondheim Torg Kongens gate 9 +47 73 53 69 94

75 shops Indoor car park

Open: Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18

TRONDHEIM CITY CARD Experience more – pay less

TRONDHEIM CITY CARD Enjoy many advantages when you visit the city!

Will be launched spring 2018 See more at



Bårdshaug Herregård Orkdalsveien 102, Orkanger +47 72 47 99 00


Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim Brattørkaia 1, Trondheim +47 73 92 55 00


Hotell Frøya Sistranda, Frøya +47 72 46 45 00


Quality Hotel Panorama Ivar Lykkes vei 1, Trondheim +47 72 90 05 00


Radisson BLU Hotel Trondheim Airport Lufthavnsveien 30, Stjørdal +47 74 84 36 00


Radisson BLU Royal Garden Hotel Kjøpmannsgata 73, Trondheim +47 73 80 30 00


Scandic Bakklandet Hotel Nedre Bakklandet 60, Trondheim +47 72 90 20 00


Scandic Hell Hotel Sandfærhus 22, Stjørdal +47 74 84 48 00


Scandic Lerkendal Klæbuveien 127, Trondheim +47 21 61 51 00


Scandic Nidelven Havnegata 1-3, Trondheim +47 73 56 80 00


Scandic Solsiden Beddingen 1, Trondheim +47 21 61 46 00


Selbusjøen Hotell & Gjestegård Havernesset 15, Selbu +47 73 81 11 00



Thon Hotel Nidaros Søndre gate 22b, Trondheim +47 73 87 01 30



Sandmoen B&B Sandmoflata 6, Trondheim +47 72 59 61 50


Singsaker Sommerhotell Rogertsgate 1, Trondheim +47 73 89 31 00


Trondheim Youth Hostel Weidemanns vei 41, Trondheim +47 73 87 44 50


Flakk Camping +47 940 54 685


Kirkebyfjellet Konferansesenter Fagerliveien, Meråker +47 954 51 245


Klostergården Tautra, Frosta +47 74 80 85 33


Storsand Gård Camping Storsandveien 1, Malvik +47 73 97 63 60


Teveltunet Fjellstue Teveltunet, Meråker +47 74 81 25 00


Valberg Slektsgård Frosta +47 947 92 349


Stiklestad Hotell Lekdalsveien 1, Verdal +47 74 04 42 00


Thon Hotel Trondheim Kongens gate 15, Trondheim +47 73 88 47 88


Nidaros Pilgrims’ Hostel Kjøpmannsgata 1, Trondheim +47 73 52 50 00

Open: Medio june-medio august

Open: 1 may-1 september

Open: 1 may-1 september

TRANSPORT EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Fire: 110 Police: 112 Ambulance: 113 Emergency doctor: +47 07352 Alcoholics Anonymous: +47 911 77 770

Nettbuss Flybussen +47 407 05070 Nidaros Tour Coach services +47 451 52 222

C AR PARKI N G A N D TAX I S Car parking: Free street parking on Sundays, Saturdays after 15 (3pm) and weekdays after 20 (8pm). Pay with the mobile app SmartPark.

Trondheim Police Station Gryta 4 +47 73 89 90 90

Reistad Buss Coach services +47 971 20 809


Camper van parking Maskinistgata 2, Nyhavna Open year-round 50 sites, power connection, waste emptying station, water connection

Trondheim S and NSB Local and regional trains to Bodø, Sweden, Oslo, Steinkjer, Værnes, Røros and Oppdal. Lockers at the station Bus station +47 815 00 888

Bus parking Tinghusgata (1 May-15 Sept - free) Bispegata (1 May-15 Sept - free) Bispegata/Kongsgårdsgata (year-round – free, max. 15 min)

Avis Bilutleie Kjøpmannsgata 34 +47 67 25 56 00 Hertz Bilutleie Innherredsveien 103 +47 73 50 35 00 Sixt Bilutleie Tempeveien 17 +47 815 22 466 BUS & TRAIN AtB Public transport +47 478 02 820 Boreal Transport Tram and coach services +47 51 56 41 00 Nettbuss Travel AS Coach services +47 407 05070

Unibuss Coach services +47 679 80 480 Værnesekspressen Airport Express Bus to/from Værnes +47 905 74 475 Hurtigruten Passenger ships with daily arrivals and departures Purchase tickets at the Tourist Information Office +47 810 03 030

Norgestaxi +47 08000 AIRP ORT Trondheim Airport Værnes Service centre +47 670 32 500 CURRENC Y EXC HA N G E Forex Bank Munkegata 34 +47 73 50 15 40 Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat 9-16 Trondheim S 73 52 22 00 Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat 9-16 Ria Financial Services Dronningens gate 15 +47 73 51 09 84 Open: Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 11-17


PRACTICAL INFORMATION It’s easy to travel to Trondheim by air, train, bus and boat. Air Avinor Trondheim Airport Værnes is situated around 40 km north of Trondheim. There are several train and airport express bus services to/from the airport hourly, and several rental car companies have desks at the airport. Read more on Train Trondheim Central Station is the terminus of the Dovre Line, Nordland Line and for services to Östersund in Sweden. The local trains on the Trøndelag Commuter Network stop at Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes and function as an airport express train on this stretch. Buy tickets and check timetables on Boat The northbound and southbound Hurtigruten ships both call at Trondheim. If you want to book a voyage on Hurtigruten, visit the Tourist Information Office or check   Kystekspressen operates daily passenger services to Kristiansund, Vanvikan, Brekstad, Hitra, Frøya and other coastal destinations in the region. Buy tickets via the app or on board. For timetables, visit Car parking Car parking is available at 18 indoor cars parks, as well as street parking in marked places. Pay via the mobile app SmartPark, SMS or at the parking metres. Public transport You can travel around Trondheim by bus and tram. For information about fares and timetables, check Download the AtB app or buy tickets on board the bus. If you plan to spend longer in Trondheim, it may pay to buy a travel card. You can buy these at the Tourist Information Office. City bikes Trondheim is a cycling city and it’s easy to explore by bike. You can hire a City Bike at the Tourist Information Office. Send an e-mail to or visit us. The price is NOK 70 per day. Opening hours in Midtbyen Mon-Sat 10-18 Shopping centres 10-20 (10-18)



LUNCH? We’re proud to use local produce from some of the best farmers in Trøndelag. Kongens gate 2


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EXCHANGE AND EXPERIENCE TRONDHEIM We offer foreign currency exchange with generous opening hours.

Munkegata 34, P. +47 73 50 15 42 | Fosenkaia 1, P. +47 73 52 22 00 |



TRONDHEIM by Segway Elmoving - Segway Tours Norway & Visit Trondheim welcomes you to a fantastic tour of Trondheim city. Join the biggest Segway tour operator in Norway for an unforgettable experience. We will glide you through the city where no bus will bring you! Booking: or call us on +47 471 471 11 or call us on +47 73 80 76 60



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NTNU University Museum Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 -16.00, Saturday – Sunday: 11.00 -16.00, Monday closed Address: Erling Skakkes gate 47 A

Ringve Botanical Garden Opening hours: The garden is always open and entrance is free. Address: Lade allé 58

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Call AtB Service center: +47 954Ring 42 587


AtB Reise-app AtB Mobillett

BOBILPARKERING Wohnmobilstellplätze - Motorhome parking

RV parking in walking distance from Trondheim city centre Maskinistgata 2, 7042 Trondheim 50 parking spaces 32 electric hook-ups Service station


We’ll meet again

70 stores at the main city square OPENING HOURS 9 – 20 (18)


Ringve Ringve Musikkmuseum Musikkmuseum

Trondheim Trondheim Kunstmuseum Kunstmuseum

Rockheim Rockheim

Opplev fortida Experience the past Lev i nåtida Live in the present Drøm framtida Dreamom of the future Norsk Norsk Døvemuseum Døvemuseum

Orkla Industrimuseum Industrimuseum Orkla

Trondhjems Trondhjems Sjøfartsmuseum Sjøfartsmuseum

Museet Museet Kystens Kystens Arv Arv

Nordenfjeldske Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Kunstindustrimuseum

HOTEL & splash Stay at Clarion and visit Pirbadet!

By showing this ad, You’ll get a 10% discount on our lunch menu Tel 488 50 200 Thomas Angells gate 12B

TRULY TOUCHING EXPERIENCES Save the date. This is something you don’t want to miss.




The entire city’s info centre

We will give you the best tips of what to see, taste, do and hear when you visit our city. We can help you to plan your stay and will gladly tell you about our personal favourites in Trondheim. We can also show you how to get to other parts of Trøndelag and Norway. You will find products made by designers and craftsmen from Trøndelag and other parts of Norway. You can also buy activities like city walks, bus tickets, admission tickets to attractions and the Trondheim City Card.

You’re welcome to visit us at the Tourist Information Office at Nordre gate 11. Contact us: Phone: +47 73 80 76 60 instagram #visittrondheim

Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace In the heart of historical Trondheim you find Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace. Nidaros Cathedral is built on the burial site of St. Olav – the viking king who became patron saint of Norway.




Non-stop Airport Express bus to/ from Solsiden in only 25 minutes

BOOK TICKETS: Scan the QR code or visit SOLSIDEN CLARION Hotel & Congress* ROYAL GARDEN TORGET SCANDIC LERKENDAL MOHOLT NARDO NIDARVOLL PÃ¥ utvalgte avganger* // On selected departures*

Trondheim City Guide 2018 English  

Small city. Big experiences.

Trondheim City Guide 2018 English  

Small city. Big experiences.