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The Culture Night 7th of June 2019 Time



08.00- Mariukirkjan 23.00 Varðagøta

The catholic church (Mariukirkjan) is open for visitors.

10.00- City Library 21.00 /Býarbókasavnið

The Children’s Library: 10.00 - 18.00 Treasure hunt for children. 1st floor: Exhibition: “Celebrating 50 years of the City Library”. 2nd floor: Book exhibition: The works of William Heinesen.

N. Finsensgøta

10.00- Myndlist 00.00 Tórsgøta

Art exhibition by Arnold Vegghamar. 19.00 - 20.30 Drawing workshop for children led by Janus á Húsagarði. 22.00 Musical performance by Hans Andrias. Snacks offered.

11.00- Listasavn Føroya 17.00 Oman Viðarlund

“BLACK-WHITE MAGIC” – Art exhibition by Elinborg Lützen. Admission price: adults - 25 kr, students and children - free of charge.

15.00- Vøggan 16.00 N. Finsensgøta 18

Musical performance of children’s songs by Steintór Rasmussen. Store open until midnight.

15.00 Katrina Christiansen & Bringsnagøta 6 16.30

Enjoy a guided tour of the Katrina Christiansen house that is steeped in local history. In addition to various commercial activities the house was the birthplace and childhood home of the famous Faroese author William Heinesen. It has had numerous different names throughout its long history including Bartskerstova, Skálahús, at Restorff, at Heinesen and currently Katrina Christiansen. Come and learn more.

15.00- Tjóðsavnið 22.00 Miðbýurin

Participate in a treasure hunt for pictures of insects placed throughout the city centre. Participant information is available at Visit Tórshavn (Steinatún) and Aulan in Finsen

16.00- Kvinnufelagið 18.00 Mettustova

Open house in Mettustovu. Live music with Annika Malunardóttir and Sunnva Midjord Mikkelsen. 17.00 Bergtóra Hanusardóttir presents a history of the Women’s Society (Kvinnufelagnum) and discusses the topics it has worked for over the years. Everyone is welcome.

16.00- VistGrøði 19.00 Tróndargøta 53

Open house. You have the possibility to purchase package-free organic food. Bring your own containers. The Coffee Corner has coffee/tea and snacks for purchase.

16.00- Smiðjan í Lítluvík 23.00 Skálatrøð/Bøgøta

Art exhibition by Jóna Rasmussen 17.00. Performance by the SEV Choir.

16.00- Kringvarp Føroya 21.30 Norðari Ringvegur 20

Forhøllin: Art exhibition by Heiðrikkiur á Heygum, Fríða Berg and Bárður Dal Christiansen opens. 16.00 Helena Joensen plays the violin and Andrias Blåsvær plays the grand piano. Poetry readings by Rannvá Holm Mortensen and Jóannes Nielsen. 18.30 Musical perfomance by Jasmin og Vinjar. 19.30 Music by Fróði and Bartal from a newly released LP. Kringvarpssavnið: 16.30 Bára Svabo Persson will give a tour of the digital radio-and television collection (SavnsGull) Guided tour of the national public broadcasting company (Kringvarp Føroya): Jógvan Arge and Tórður Mikkelsen will lead guided tours at 17:00 and 17:30. It will be possible to see that national news broadcast (Dagur og Vika) when it is aired at

19:00 from Studio 2 and Gekkur (television bingo) will be on at 21.45. The front doors will close at 21.30. 16.00- Útilív 00.00 M. Heinasonargøta 20

Street Party with music from: Mendoza (Denmark) Silvurdrongur Ghostnotes – GKR (Icelandic) Stoney & Ronnason Tamara – Yo Mamas Glitter Queens Food: Gimburlombini og Brioche

16.00- Handilsgøtan 02.00 Dr. Jakobsens gøta v.fl.

16.00 Balloon sale, candyfloss and popcorn. 17.00 Angela og Hannibal. 18.00 Fashion Show. 19.00 Herborg Torkilsdóttir. 20.00 Halleluja Sofus. 21.00 Danny Baldursson. 22.00 Signar Í Homrum. 22.45 Guðrun Sólja. 23.30 Eyðun Nolsøe. 00.00 Fire blower. 00.00 - 02.00 Bjørn Hentze Bech will perform traditional Faroese music.

16.00- Sirkus 04.00 Gríms Kambansgøta

16.00 Vernissage by different artists: Brandur Patursson, Hansina Iversen, Bruno M. Eysturstein, Tummas Jákup Thomsen, Magnus King, Anna Elisabeth Isholm Wind, Kirstin Helgadóttir, Ingilín D. Strøm, Ólavur Thorsteinsson and Rólant L. av Reyni. Musical performances throughout the evening by Jakku, Magnus King and Jákup Eli. Performance times will be listed on the Sirkus Facebook page. DJ’ing from midnight with Übernörd.

16.30 Gamli kirkjugarður Dr. Jakobsens gøta

Óli Jacobsen will lead a guided tour of the historical are surrounding the old graveyard. Language: Faroese.

17.00- Silly Walk 18.00 Gongugøtan

Participate in the silliest and funniest walk of the year. Havnar Hornorkestur (horn orchestra) will play music from Monty Python during the Silly Walk parade. Prizes will be awarded for the best and funniest walks. The parade will start at the stairs in Vágsbotn.

17.00- Landssjúkrahúsið 19.00 J. C. Svabosgøta

Teddy emergency room: Is your teddy injured? Visit the teddy-emergency-room where doctors and nurses will be on hand to deliver first aid, put on casts and listen to your teddy’s heart. Ambulance service: Ambulances mesmerize children and adults alike as they drive through the city with their sirens blaring. But what does the inside of an ambulance look like? The Ambulance Service will open its doors for visitors. Come and take a peek inside. Laboratory visit: Every year over 700.000 different medical tests are carried out at the hospital’s laboratory. Join us for a tour of the blood bank, clinical biochemistry and microbiology units. Psychological health: Our aim is that everyone is in good mental health. Come and visit the public health institute café and make an ABC-wish and try out the Paper Fortune Tellers with your loved ones. A picture of Havn: Come and visit our rooftop and enjoy the beautiful view over the city. Free Sunkist and snacks are offered.

17.00- Arktisk Kommando, 20.00 Færøerne

The Arctic Command inspection vessel (HDMS Ejnar Mikkelsen) will be docked in Tórshavn harbour and open for visitors. Please be aware that last minute cancellation may occur.

Tórshavnar havn

17.00- Arktisk Kommando, 20.00 Færøerne Tinghúsvegur 64

Open house. Visit the Arctic Command’s liason office in the Faroe Islands. The Arctic Command is a branch of Danish Defence tasked with maritime surveillance and enforcement activities in and around Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

17.00- Føroya Sjósavn 21.00 Rættargøta 1, Argir

The Faroese Aquarium is open to visitors. Half price admission: Adults - 20 kr, children - 10 kr.

17.00- Steinprent 21.00 Skálatrøð

“MY OWN SPACE” – summer exhibition in Steinprent 2019. Artists: Hanni Bjartalíð, Hansina Iversen, Anný Ø.Djurhuus, Rannvá Kunoy, Silja Strøm, Tóroddur Poulsen, Mie Mørkeberg, Zven Balslev, Marius Olsen, Bjørn Nørgaard, Zacharias Heinesen and Torbjørn Olsen. Curator: Kinna Poulsen.

17.00- Tjóðsavnið 22.00 Tróndargøta

“Small - but Big” – The National History Museum is hosting an insect exhibition at Aulan in Finsen. The exhibition aims to show insects in a different light. These small animals are all around us, both inside our homes and outside in nature. Beatles, spiders (technically arachnids), midges and other species are so small that we barely notice them, but if you take a closer look you will discover they are “big” in their own way!

17.00- Østrøm 23.00 Skálatrøð 18

“The Search for the Faroese Colour” – An exhibition of outstanding handcraft by Poulina. Come and see for yourself, when Poulina fills the display hall in Østrøm with traditional Faroese aprons and scarfs in various colours.

17.00- Listahøllin 23.00 Skipasmiðjan MEST

”Boulders are tall” -Art exhibition by Bárður Jákupsson at Listahøllin.

17.00- Tinghúsgarðurin 23.00 N. Finsensgøta

Viking Events are organising a sale. You will also have the opportunity to meet Beserkers, legendary Viking warriors, and try out handcrafted weapons and artefacts from the Viking Age. The event is

suitable for all ages. 17.00- Bojsensgarður 00.00

The old garden behind H.N. Jacobsen’s Bookstore will be open to visitors. 18.30 Choir performance by Glymur. Conductor: Hans Olivur Joensen. 21.30 Choir performance by “The Student Singers” from Copenhagen.

17.00- Myndaboks 00.00 Tórsgøta

Come and visit our store and take home a photographic memory from the 2019 culture night.

17.30- Ullvøruhúsið 00.00 N. Finsensgøta 27

Stories, songs and recitals at the Wool Store every hour from: 17.30, 18.30, 19.30, 20.30, 21.30, 22.30 and 23.30. Special hourly-offers. More information available at facebook.com/ullvoruhusid.

18.00 Gamli Kommunuskúlagarður

Inaugration of the 2019 Culture Night. Bárður Jákupsson will deliver the inaugural address and Havnar Hornorkestur (horn orchestra) will perform.

18.00 Blábar

Live music with the Arnold Ludvig Trio. Admission - 70 kr.

N. Finsensgøta 23

18.00- Tórshavnar Kommuna 21.00 Vaglið

The City Hall of Tórshavn and Mayor’s office are open to visitors.

18.00- Tórshavnar Móttøkuhús 21.00 og Myndasavn

An opportunity to see the extensive art collection owned by Tórshavn City Council.


18.00- LÍV 22.00 Kopargøta 1

The insurance company LÍV will open its doors to visitors. Bouncy castles in the garden/parking lot behind LÍV. Exhibition of historical activity in Quillinsgarden. 18.00 LÍV is offering soup, fruit, tea, coffee and

free balloons. There will be entertainment from the following acts: 19.00 Angela and Hannibal. 20.00 Danny Baldursson. 21.00 Jens Marni Hansen. 22.00 LÍV closes its doors. 18.00- Tvørmegi 22.00 M. A. Winthersgøta 4

Open house at the Tvørmegi fitness centre. There are demonstrations of the studio, fitness equipment and training methods. There will be a presentation on the history of CrossFitinternational in the Faroes. During your visit you will have the opportunity to discuss different training philosophies over a cup of coffee/tea. There will be various competitions taking place. Everyone is welcome to participate.

18.00- Tórshavnar Sløkkilið 22.00 Bursatangi

Tórshavn Fire Department (Bursatangi) is open to visitors. Come and see vintage and modern fire engines and fire fighting equipment. The following demonstrations will take place: 19.00 Fire in a house. 21.00 Fire in a car.

18.00- Ríkisumboðið 22.30 Laðabrekka

The Amtmansgarden is open to visitors. You are invited to visit the reception rooms and offices of Ríkisumboðið. The following choir performances will take place: 18.15 The SEV Choir. 19.00 The Morning Choir. 20.00 The Women’s choir (Fljóðljóð). 21.00 XPERIMENT. 22.00 The Tórshavn Choir (Havnarkórið).

18.00- Havnar kirkja 22.40

The following musical performances will take place: 17.00 Suzuki concert (violin students from Tórshavn Music School) 18.00 Ælabogin (orchestral performance). 19.00 The Bodø Cathedral Choir.

20.30 Organ concert (Andrias Gærdum and students from Tórshavn Music School). Following the concert there will be an opportunity to see the organ. 22.00 Greta Svabo Bech. 18.00- Listagluggin 23.00 Dr. Jakobsens gøta 15

Art exhibition and sale with works from Ingálv av Reyni, Torbjørn Olsen, Zacharias Heinesen, and Eyðun av Reyni and others.

18.00- Rescue LÍV 23.00 Bursatangi

Come and visit our rescue boats, Rescue Tanum (new vessel), Rescue LÍV and water scooter (Rescue SÁRA) at Bursatanga. You have the chance to visit onboard and see the rescue equipment.

18.00- elsabech 23.00 J.H. Schrøtersgøta 7

A get-together with music, drinks and nibbles. Fashion style advice and special offers available. Goody bags will be handed out to the first twenty customers.

18.00- Perlan 00.00 Tórsgøta

International event with food, culture and a good chat. International immigrants invite us in and will showcase some of the culture.

18.30 Felagið Tórshavn Gongubólkurin

18.30 Einfalt List Bøgøta 14

19.00 Føroya Ferðaleiðarafelag Steinatún

Take a leisurely walk down Varðagøta in the city centre and pass by the home of William Heinesen. The tour will start at Vinnuháskúlin undir Krákugjógv 15. Get a free poster from Einfalt List. Follow Einfalt List on Facebook to find out how to receive your free poster. Take a guided tour of Reynið and Tinganes. Starting point at the office of VisitTórshavn in Steinatún.

19.00- BURN 21.00 Vaglið

Faroese Strongest Man 2019. Come and cheer for the participants as they compete in the following strength events: 1. Log Lift. 2. Farmers Walk. 3. Deadlift. 4. Atlas Stone. 5. Keg Load. Members of the public will also have the opportunity to attempt different lifts in a competitive format.

19.00- Margarinfabrikkin 21.30 Tórsgøta

Concert with participants from the music competition SEMENT 2019. 19.00 Skala. 19.30 Føgrudýr. 20.00 Impartial. 20.30 Anton Liljedahl. 21.00 Marius. 21.30 Reality Bytes.

19.00- Heilsuhjálparafelag 22.00 Føroya

Heilsuhjálparafelag Føroya (health assistance) is open to visitors. Warm waffles, coffee and tea are offered. 20.00 - 21.00 Musical performance by Eyðun Nolsøe. Art exhibition by Andrea kjeld

Fríðriks Petersensgøta 7

19.00- Føroya Rættur 22.00 C. Pløyensgøta

19.00 Open house Court office//Dómaraskrivstovan. 20.00 Trial procedure documentary. 21.00 Trial procedure documentary. 22.00 The house closes. In addition to viewing the film, it will also be possible to visit public areas. Coffee/tea and cookies. All are welcome.

19.00- Pilates Vælvera 22.00 Kongagøta 10

Open house. Come and visit our new studio and learn about the different courses we offer.

19.00- Brewing Art 23.00 Landavegur 32 (Restorff’s

Gurilla and Ellivu exhibit posters and artwork for sale at the old Restorff Brewery. All are welcome. Guðrið Syderbø and Maria Smith.

19.00- Frelsunarherurin 23.00 Gongugøtan

Non-toxic day 2019.

19.00- Føroya Ellisakfør 23.00 Tórsgøta

Vintage car parade through the city. The parade will start at the clubhouse (Yviri við Strond 20) and the vehicles will gather in Tórsgøta, where they will remain on display.

19.00- Marjun Heimá 00.00 N. Finsensgøta 14

60-year anniversary at Marjun Heimá (Traditional Faroese clothing store). There are various exciting events on the program and special offers in the store. It will also be possible to win a traditional Faroese vest, just in time for Ólavsøka. Coffee and cake is offered. Free balloons for children.

19.00- TUTL 00.00 Glade Hjørn

20.00 Funksjón. 22.00 Traditional Faroese chain dance (Dansifelagið í Havn).

19.30- Tórshavnar býarsavn 20.00 Müllers Pakkhús og 20.3021.00

Fashion and history in Müllers Pakkhús. The City Museum is organising a special fashion show where you can see the clothing styles worn by inhabitants of Tórshavn during the period 1920 to 1970. The show will also present international trends, Faroese society and general living conditions in Tórshavn. Narrated by Ria Tórgarð. Free admission. Entrance at ground floor.

19.45- Trappan í Vágsbotni 21.30 Vágsbotnur

Føroya Tele will show the football match between the Faroe Islands and Spain on a large screen in Vágsbotn. The choir XPERIMENT will perform at half time. 17.30 Come and get ready for the game at Telebúðin in the city centre. Face painting, live music, competitions are all on the program.


20.00 Braga Pallur Gríms Kambansgøta

20.00 Landsstýrið og Tinganes 21.00

Live music with Signar í Homrum and John Johannesen. Free admission. Guided tour of the historic parliamentary buildings at Tinganes. The tour includes visits to Reynagarð/Egholmshús, Bakkapakkhús, Leigubúðin and Skibsted Pakkhús. Admission is free of charge. Participant numbers are limited.

21.00- Ebenezer 22.00 N. Finsensgøta

Concert with the Male Choir from KFUM in Reykjavík and the Ebenezer Male Choir.

20.00- City Church 22.00 Tróndargøta 36

Open house. Live music, coffee/tea and waffles. Free balloons for children. Everyone is welcome.

22.00 Sprotin Tórsgøta

22.00- Hvonn 01.00 Tórsgøta 23.30 Jomfrúbakkin

“Words and Notes” at Reinsaríið. Two new books will be presented. First book: “Heimablídni with Anna and Óli in Velbastað” tells the story of the initiative to invite travellers to the Faroe Islands into private homes to experience authentic Faroese traditions. Following the presentation of the first book, the choir Sólarmagn from Velbastað will perform. Second book: “Vinaliga” (Best Wishes) documents the extensive exchange of personal letters between the friends William Heinesen and Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen. The publication comprises around 1200 pages bound into two volumes. Hanus G. Johansen will close the evening with traditional Faroese folk music. Live music with Jens Marni Hansen. Free admission. Live music with Eyðun Nolsøe. Free admission.

Vágsbotnur 14

Music events will take place at different locations throughout the city All shops in the city centre will trade until midnight.

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Culture Night 2019  

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Culture Night 2019  

Program (EN)

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