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Proximity to Florida State University – If you’re in town for a football game, you may already know when and where traffic will back up. If this is going to be your first time in Tallahassee and you will be visiting during a game weekend, make sure you are close to the campus if you wish to walk to the event.

If that is not possible, you will need to ask the hotel

representatives where to best park your vehicle.

Tallahassee doesn’t

exactly stop for the football games, but it does slow down. If you can, try to get tickets; a game at Doak Campbell Stadium is an experience not soon forgotten. •

Babysitting services – Found at some of the larger and more luxurious hotels, reputable babysitting services can make it possible for you to go out on the town while knowing your children are in competent hands.

Price – Yes, price can be considered an amenity, especially if it is low and the hotel has everything you require.

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Hotels In Tallahassee: Amenities To Consider  
Hotels In Tallahassee: Amenities To Consider  

Searching for hotels in Tallahassee can seem like a laborious process; after all, the capital city of Florida has so many options, it can be...