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Hotels In Tallahassee: Amenities To Consider Searching for hotels in Tallahassee can seem like a laborious process; after all, the capital city of Florida has so many options, it can be difficult to choose one. Before you blindly reserve your stay at the first hotel to pop up in a search engine, consider the different details of your stay that can make your time in Tallahassee more enjoyable. This is an easy list to make; we know what is important to us as individuals, and by choosing among hotels in Tallahassee that can match a “must-have” list, you will be much better able to predict a comfortable, memorable stay while you temporarily reside in this beautiful city. Amenities to consider while deciding among hotels in Tallahassee include: •

Web access – If you are visiting Tallahassee for business purposes and will need to work from your room, this needs to be your number one qualification. Yes, it will be more important to you than a comfortable bed, because running around the city trying to find a WiFi hotspot is not something you’ll want to be doing. Check whether you will need to pay to use the Internet, and note any costs as you calculate the final price of your hotel stay.

Comfort – Some hotels have patented beds that are so comfortable, people base their booking on them alone. If you know that the comfort of your bed is the number one requirement in your hotel booking, by all means, go ahead and make your decision based on this one element. It definitely is nice to know that you will be comfortable regardless of the city you are residing in, and that is precisely why some hotel chains keep these beds consistent throughout the country.

Pool and recreation choices – If you are going to be spending a good deal of time on the hotel grounds, the pool may be important to you. Perhaps there are hiking trails nearby, or tennis courts for those who wish to work on their serve while they’re on vacation.

Proximity to Florida State University – If you’re in town for a football game, you may already know when and where traffic will back up. If this is going to be your first time in Tallahassee and you will be visiting during a game weekend, make sure you are close to the campus if you wish to walk to the event.

If that is not possible, you will need to ask the hotel

representatives where to best park your vehicle.

Tallahassee doesn’t

exactly stop for the football games, but it does slow down. If you can, try to get tickets; a game at Doak Campbell Stadium is an experience not soon forgotten. •

Babysitting services – Found at some of the larger and more luxurious hotels, reputable babysitting services can make it possible for you to go out on the town while knowing your children are in competent hands.

Price – Yes, price can be considered an amenity, especially if it is low and the hotel has everything you require.

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Hotels In Tallahassee: Amenities To Consider