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Rovaniemi is a bustling, modern town on the Arctic Circle and the capital of Lapland where the everyday Arctic meets a fairy tale land. Its cultural destinations showcase northern art, Lapland of today and yesteryear, and research into the


Arctic region. Lapland is also the only place in the world

80 min

where you can meet Santa Claus on every day of the year.

10–12 hours

Nature is nevertheless always present: you can easily access the wilds in fifteen minutes from any part of town. Way of life here is characterised by distinct seasons and constantly changing Arctic light. We are either heading towards the summertime and the midnight sun or the polar night of deep winter.


12–14 hours



ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCES IN ARCTIC NATURE! Already by the end of August, on a clear night you can view the northern lights flaming across the northern skies. The vibrant autumnal period, ruska, prepares the Arctic nature for snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Winter is the longest of the seasons in Rovaniemi. Leaving the city lights behind, the frosty fairy tale land beckons people for Arctic adventure. Fortunately it’s only a short trip to the warmth of the fireplace.

Snowy period December – mid-April

Polar night: December and January




Experience winter in Rovaniemi Cross the Arctic Circle and meet Santa Claus Search for the Northern Lights Ride a snowmobile Sit in a sleigh pulled by reindeer or huskies Try winter swimming in a natural ice pool Take a trip to Ranua Zoo

The rivers flowing through the town attract anglers

Go cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoe hiking Delight in ice fishing Stay a night in an igloo or snow hotel Savour the delights of the ice restaurant Test your winter driving skills

Nightless nights: Early May – late July


Water and light dominate summertime Rovaniemi.

Midnight Sun: 6 June – 7 July



and boaters. The town shows its most beautiful sides when viewed from the hilltops lying beneath the midnight sun. The brief, yet intensive summer packs wild berries and mushrooms full of vitamins. Fish from sparkling clean waters and free roaming game are also served in local restaurants throughout the year.

Summer months: June – August


Vibrant autumnal ruska: September



Experience summer in Rovaniemi Cross the Arctic Circle and meet Santa Claus Enjoy summer on the river with a canoe, boat or jet ski Experience the thrill of white water rafting Meet huskies and reindeer at the farms Admire grand elks on an elk safari Discover the treasures of local culture

Stay up to relish the midnight sun Go fishing Ride mountain bikes or hike through northern forests Bathe in a traditional sauna and take a dip in the lake to cool off Meet the local Laplanders at laid-back summertime events Take a trip to Ranua Zoo

Northern lights season: Late August – late March






SIGHTS IN THE HOMETOWN OF SANTA CLAUS! Rovaniemi’s most loved and indeed best known

There are plenty of shopping possibilities in the

inhabitant is Santa Claus. You can meet Santa Claus

town centre, with products ranging from Lappish

on every day of the year at the Santa Claus Village

handicrafts to design items and well-known

that lies on the Arctic Circle. Set deep below ground,

international brands. The town plan was designed by

SantaPark is a place to enjoy a day of fun with Santa’s

renowned architect Alvar Aalto to depict the head

cheerful elves.

of a reindeer on the town’s map. If you’re seeking

The forested hillsides of Ounasvaara appeal to

interesting facts and cultural offerings, follow the

nature lovers and activity enthusiasts. Nature trails,

outline of the reindeer’s head. The history of Lapland

jogging and mountain bike routes, cross-country

and arctic research is offered by Arktikum, art

skiing tracks and downhill skiing slopes make

exhibitions and concerts are hosted by Korundi House

Ounasvaara a destination providing plenty to do for

of Culture, and the Pilke Science Centre introduces

people of all ages and abilities. Meet the animals

visitors to the diversity of northern forests.

of the Arctic, from polar bears to lemmings at the Ranua Zoo.

Rovaniemi in a Nutshell Home to 61,000 people, 14,000 reindeer and Santa Claus

Approximately 500,000 tourists visit Rovaniemi each year

Area coverage 8,016 square kilometres (compared to Greater London’s 1,572 square kilometres)

Accommodation for 3,300 people: 12 hotels, cabin villages, holiday apartments, hostels and B&B accommodation

Lapland’s commercial, administrative and cultural capital

Over a hundred different conference and event venues

Flights to Rovaniemi

Rail connections

Bus connections

Dozens of activity service enterprises

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