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Useful travel tips

Lima For a pleasant visit Make excursions along well-known and marked tourist routes. Bring your accommodation details with you, including name, address, telephone number and reservation code. Withdraw money from ATMs located in banks or authorized establishments, avoid help from strangers. Exchange currency only at banks and authorized exchange establishments. Ask if you will need to show any original ID documents to enter the aractions you plan to visit. Check the tourist aractions’ opening hours ahead of your visit. Drink boled or boiled water. Avoid eating food from unauthorized street vendors. Take normal security precautions like in any other tourist destination. Watch your belongings and avoid lonely places.

When hiring or purchasing tourist services Ensure you are dealing with an authorized service provider. Check with IPERÚ. Check more than one formal company before hiring a service. Request the details of their cancellation policies and service conditions in writing. Request proof of payment (sales receipt or tax invoice) for payments and purchases. Hire official taxis. Negotiate the fare before entering a taxi as the taxis do not carry taximeters in Peru.

In case of non-compliant services Ask the company for the Complaints Book to file your claim or contact Indecopi and / or IPERÚ to receive guidance. Keep in mind that quality tourist services do not come cheap.

Should you need help, contact IPERÚ

San Isidro (01) 421-1627 / 421-1227 610 Jorge Basadre Ave. Mon to Fri 9:00 - 18:00 h Miraflores (01) 234-0340 Larcomar Commercial Center Gourmet Plaza Level 1 stand 211 Mon to Sun 11:00-21:00 h Callao (01) 574-8000 Jorge Chavez International Airport South mezzanine - of. 220, national departure hall and international arrivals lounge L-D 24 h


Emergency: Call 105 Tourist Police: (01) 460-1060 / 980 122 335 Tourism Police North Lima (01) 423-3500 España Ave. Block 4 (Lima Regional Prefectorate) Tourism Police South Lima Miraflores 230 General Vidal Street (Miraflores Police Station) – Complaints Office Barranco Prolongación San Martín Street Block 2 (Barranco Police Station, upstairs) (01) 249-9416 / 247-5153

Elevation Min.: 3 masl


Max.: 861 masl


Temperatura Máx.: 26.1°C / 18.0°C (Summer) (Winter)

Min.: 20.5°C / 15.2°C (Summer) (Winter)

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Useful travel tips - Lima  

Useful travel tips - Lima

Useful travel tips - Lima  

Useful travel tips - Lima

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