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Product Manual - Cruise Kristiansund - The Atlantic Road

Welcome to Kristiansund

The port of Kristiansund

­- the top of Fjord Norway!

– harbour facilities

The landscape at the top of Fjord Norway is full of contrasts. Deep fjords, steep mountains, beautiful villages, traditional summer pasture farms and vibrant island communities await you. Kristiansund, one of Norway’s most unique seaports, is situated on four islands at the ocean’s edge, with a charming harbour in the middle of town. The region offers a wide range of great experiences to suit both active types and those who just want to admire the scenery. Scenic experiences, activities, cultural and culinary experiences are here for your taking. Member of:

Distances: Airport: Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget, 7 km City Centre: 50 m

Quay: Devoldholmen Length: Total 205 m Depth: 10,5 m Max size ship: 220m

Passengers facilities in pier area: Terminal building for passenger: No Shopping: City Centre 50 m from pier Restrooms: No Lokal currency: NOK Currency exchange: Banks ATM: Nearby pier Guide service: Yes, every major language Mailboxes: Local post office 300 m Crew facilities: No

Port facilities /General information Open: 24 hours ISPS approved: Yes Pilot: As Norwegian Pilot Regulations Tidal movement: 1,7 m Ship tenders allowed: Yes Ships stay min/max: No limit Environmental limitations/restrictions: No

Did you know that ? The ’Sundbåten’ boat, which has been in service since 1876, is perfect for guided sightseeing trips in and around the town’s harbour.

We have two stave churches, a fishing village situated 14 km out to sea, and a klipfish museum. Activities such as deep sea fishing, sea eagle safari, diving and walking.

Innerdalen valley, Norway’s most beautiful mountain valley, only one and a half hour from Kristiansund, is the perfect place for a peaceful walk in unspoiled scenery.

Kristiansund is connected to the Atlantic Road by a tunnel.

The majestic mountain range Trollheimen, is known for having Europe’s cleanest air and water.

Quay: Storkaia Length: Total 300 m Depth: 10,5 m Max size ship: 330 m

Kristiansund is Norway’s opera town and has a rich cultural scene. The town also has an international festival of photography of high quality.

Photos: Paolookaville/Johan Wildhagen, Steinar Melby/Visit Nordmøre & Romsdal, Classic Norway, Øyvind Leren, Hans Ohrstrand, Statens vegvesen, Kristiansund Kommune, Kristiansund Kommunale Sundbåtvesen, Strømsholmen sjøsportsenter, Terje Rakke/ Nordic Life as, Nils Aukan, Espen Lie Dahl/Smøla Naturopplevelser, Audun Lie Dahl/ Smøla Naturopplevelser, Ken A.

Maximum ship dimensions: Length: 330 m Draft: 10,5 m Air Draft: No Limit Beam: No Anchorage: Available: Yes Pontoons: No Tugboats: If ordered in advance Port Services: Bunkers: Yes Supplies: Yes Waste Handling: Yes Other: On request Transportation: Shuttle service: No Excursion buses: Modern sightseeing buses Parking place for buses: Yes, on quay. Inform in advance. Taxis: Taxi and minibuses Public transportation: Yes (bus, harbour ferry)

Public information: Bus: Yes Taxi: Yes Shopping: Shopping mall in town centre, 50 m from pier. A variety of smaller shops in town centre. Closed on Sundays. Emergency: Medical emergency 113. Kristiansund Hospital 300 m from pier. Tax refund: No Port of Kristiansund and Nordmøre: Address: Astrups gate 9 Phone: + 47 40 00 65 04 IAC: + 47 Fax: + 47 71 67 14 83 24 hrs Port Traffic Service: + 47 99 29 91 20 Pilot: Channel 13 Emergency: Channel 16 Kristiansund Port: Channel 12 Charts: 36 and 454 E-mail:

Jenssen/Operaen i Kristiansund, Roar Leite / Ole Olsen Ranheimsæter / Nordmøre Museum, Fred Jonny Hammerø Per Kvalvik, Ivar Halvorsen, Mona Gundersen, Håvard Johansen, O. Teige, Omar Seinæs, Den glade ku, Tingvollost, /

Atlantic Tunnel/ The Atlantic Ocean Road (30min. drive)

Atlanterhavsbadet Swim centre

Hiking trails


Main roads



2cm = appr. 200m Kartgrunnlag: Kristiansund Kommune

Folkeparken park


Ha vs

e Våg n 20

rth 2 e be dept cru5ism-10,5m

tie nh iki ng

Nordlandet church


Stormvarslet viewpoint

sund Nord


Patrick Volckmar Cafe & Coffee roaster


boat + Sundbålat nd boat Grip is

300 m -10

g Shoppin mall rth 1 cruise be,5m dept

Old town

38 mh

t nde ssu rku 30m Ma Depth

Bautaen viewpoint

oa t to øl Tr sa a, s fa ea ond ri e to ag heim ur le Vestbase Oil & gas base



pr es

Mellemværftet Ship building museum

Varden viewpoint

Kirkelandet church

enirs Souv n akke Kaib

det sun


Skjærva beach


Map of Kristiansund

park Kringsjå

man Vanndam


Festiviteten Opera house


ia ka or St


tra eig ht

The Atlantic Ocean Road & Håholmen Island


The Atlantic Ocean Road is a unique stretch of road, which takes you right out to the ocean’s edge. In 2005, the road was voted Norway’s «Engineering Feat of the Century», and is also known to be the world’s most beautiful drive. We will stop at the scenic walkway to really experience salty and refreshing surroundings. The historical fishing village of Håholmen along the Hustadvika coastline used to be the home and working station for fishermen and sailors, as well as a harbor welcoming merchants and travelers for many centuries. The island itself features an exceptionally beautiful natural harbor, well sheltered from all sorts of weather. You will find about thirty buildings on the island, several from the 18th and 19th centuries. They give Håholmen the atmosphere of a closely-knit village with a genuine coastal history. On this short boat tour to the picturesque island you will be served coffee and cake. Furthermore, you will experience the adventurer Ragnar Torseth’s exciting adventures viewing objects, images and a film in the Saga Siglar Hall. You may also just enjoy the peace and quiet in this beautiful environment.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Note Web/mail

The Atlantic Ocean Road and Håholmen Island, a 30 min. drive from Kristiansund. All year. 160 persons. 4 hrs. Bus, guide, boat to Håholmen, coffee, cake and a film at the island. oat trip approximately 15 min. An easy walk on the Atlantic Ocean Road. /

The Atlantic Ocean Road & Kvernes Stave Church THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD & KVERNES STAVE CHURCH

The Atlantic road is a unique stretch of road which takes you right out to the ocean’s edge. In 2005, the road was voted Norway’s «Engineering Feat of the Century», and s also known to be the world’s most beautiful drive. We`ll stop at the scenic walkway to really feel this salty and refreshing experience. Our next stop is a visit to the Kvernes Stave Church which is beautifully situated along the Kvernes fjord. The church is one of the youngest stave churches in Norway, and dates back to the 14th century. It was built on historical ground and has a great view over the Kvernes fjord.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Note Web/mail

The Atlantic Ocean Road and Håholmen Island, a 30 min. drive from Kristiansund. All year 160 persons 3-4 hrs. Bus, guide, boat to Håholmen, coffee, cake and film at the island. Easy walk on the Atlantic Ocean Road. /

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Grip island - Boat tour


Grip was once Norway`s smallest municipality, it is now only inhabited in the summer. The picturesque buildings huddle close as in a town- colourful and beautiful. In the midst of the houses stands the fine 500-year old stave church. From mediaeval times Grip has been one of the most important fishing villages on the coast. Get the story form a local guide and then time to explore the island on your own. Grip cafĂŠ serves coffee, cakes and hot and cold dishes. A smallphotogallery is open to visitors. The boat leaves only steps from the cruise berth and takes about 45 min one way,In total 3 hrs trip and about 1,5 hours on the island. Ask SundbĂĽten about size and details about the boat.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Web/mail

14 km out at sea, Kristiansund Summer from 10 3 hrs. Boat and guided tour /

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Harbour sightseeing - Sundbåten HARBOUR SIGHTSEEING - SUNDBÅTEN

Sundbåten, “The Sundboat”, is a trademark of the town and the people of Kristiansund are very proud of its long tradition on the harbor. Like the cable cars in San Francisco, the Sundbåt, established in 1876, is amongst the world’s oldest public transport companies still in operation. Sundbåten has two suitable boats for harbor sightseeing. “Framnæs” is a replica of a popular Sundbåt sailing on the harbor from 1917 to 1951. The passenger lounge of this boat is made of beautiful teak, oak and mahogany. Your local guide will tell you more from the picturesque part of the town, to the old maritime and coastal area of Vågen. You will learn about the town’s history, how it was rebuilt after the damages from WW II, and also about old seafaring traditions dating centuries back. In the fascinating harbor area of Innlandet you will find the oldest preserved quarter in Kristiansund, which includes a Customs House from the 17thcentury. The tour will continue along the oil base, which is amongst the biggest supply bases in Norway dedicated to the oil and gas industry.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Note Web/mail

Kristiansund, next to the berth. All year. 47 per tour. 1,5 hrs. guide, boat with Sundbåten. Only steps to walk from the cruise berth Boat connection to the Norwegian Klipfish museum. /

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Walking Tour in Maritime Kristiansund WALKING TOUR IN MARITIME KRISTIANSUND

On this tour, visitors will learn some of the history of the maritime Kristiansund, and see a blacksmith at work. At the end of this tour we will also visit a coffee brewery where you can taste fresh roasted coffee. There will be a 30 min. walk in flat terrain, a nice stroll to the inner harbor of Kristiansund, called Vågen. At Mellemværftet Historical Shipyard, you will experience traditional maritime knowledge and craftsmanship. We will hear stories around an open fire, while watching the blacksmith at work. Our next stop is a five minutes walk to Patrick Volckmar Museum Café and Coffee roaster. The café is designed in a 1950-1960 style. You will have a taste of the delicious coffee together with their “smithy cake”. You may buy the locally produced coffee to bring home and other souvenirs as well. Walk back on your own or together with the guide.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Transfer Note Web/mail

Kristiansund. Winter only. 20 persons per tour. 2 hrs. Guide. Walk: 550 meters /15 minutes one way. Easy walk. Steps to walk up to the first floor at the museum in addition to the guided tour. Wheelchair accessible. /

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The Norwegian Klipfish (Bacalhau) Museum THE NORWEGIAN KLIPFISH (BACALHAU) MUSEUM

The Norwegian Klipfish Museum is situated on the island of Gomalandet, in a large and well preserved wharf dating back to 1749. The wharf was used for klipfish production (dried and salt matured cod fish). A visit to the museum gives both a visual and perceptible impression of what came to be of such great importance for the development of Kristiansund from the 18th century up until the post-war period. At this museum, all of your five senses may be challenged: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. You may also watch historical films. Souvenirs and books are for sale. A guided tour will tell you about traditional klipfish production through photos as well as stories told. In addition, the museum has a cafĂŠ where food samples of bacalao are served.

Where When Min / Max Duration Transfer Includes Note Web/mail

Kristiansund. All year. 40. 2 hrs. Bus or SundbĂĽten harbor sightseeing boat. Guided tour on the museum. Includes steps inside the museum. This tour can be a part of a city sightseeing including bus to the Varden viewpoint and Kirkelandet Church. Tour duration: 3 hrs. /

Technical visit: The Oil-and fish Oil Base TECHNICAL VISIT: THE OIL-AND FISH OIL BASE

Kristiansund has long traditions of trading with the outside world. This tour provides a good insight into the two most important export industries in Norway; fisheries and oil/gas. Currently Kristiansund is an important basefor oil and gas activities in the Norwegian Sea. A local guide meets the guests at the pier and accompanies the group. At Vestbase, the oil base, the guests will be met by a representative from the base and learn about the oil activities off the coast of Norway. GC Rieber Oils, at Kristiansund’s fish oil base, is a Norwegian producer of marine derived Omega-3 concentrates. Here you will be met by a specialist and learn about fish oil in general and its importance. You may taste a sample of the Omega 3.

Where When Capacity Duration Transfer Includes Web/mail

Kristiansund. All year. Smaller groups, 10-15 persons per tour. 3 hrs. Bus or SundbĂĽten harbor sightseeing boat. Bus transport, visit to the oil-and fish oil base. /

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Kristiansund by Bus KRISTIANSUND BY BUS

Kristiansund has an exciting location, spread out on three islands with connecting bridges. Our tour will cross the city bridges giving great views over the docks, as well as the possibility to see the small Sundboats which have been the main public transportation between the islands since 1876. The tour will pass through the old town located on “Innlandet”, where buildings date back to 1700-1800 (typically fisherman’s wharfs, narrow alleys, merchant’s shops). On the main island, “Kirkelandet,” you will visit Kirkelandet Church with its modern architecture (1964). Today’s business activities are mainly fishing and oil related industry. The oil base of Kristiansund is an intersection for the oil industry of Mid Norway. You will get a general view of the base and learn about the activity and its significance in Norway.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Web/mail

Kristiansund. All year. 45-50 persons per bus. 2 hrs. No entrance. Taste of local food on request. /

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Kristiansund City Walk


The tour starts with a walk to Varden, a look-out tower, from where there is a 360º panorama view. From here, you can see the islands of Averøy, Grip and Smøla . You can study the whole of Kristiansund in detail, and you can see the fjord cutting into the land towards the Trollheimen and Dovre mountain ranges. The walking tour continues to the “Kringsjå” reservoirs, a unique botanical coastal garden with exceptionally rich and varied vegetation. It makes an amazing contrast to the naked rocks by the ocean, just a few hundred meters away. The last part of this sightseeing is on the Sundboat , the harbor ferry, for a short trip to the islands of Innlandet and Nordlandet.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Web/mail

Kristiansund. All year. Smaller groups. 2 hours. guide, boat with Sundbåten. /

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Hiking Eagle Rock in Kristiansund


Right outside the town center of Kristiansund, you may hike while having a great view over the area. Trails for the more experienced and soft walk. The tour starts by bus from the town, about 25 minutes to Vadsteinsvika on the island Frei in Kristiansund. The tour along a ridge in the mountains has breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains. There is a nice trail all the way. The peak is about 350 meters above sea level, giving a total climb of about 270 meters on the trip. Along the way, guides will tell you about the area and we may have lunch at the top if requested.

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Length/Height Note Mail/phone

Kristiansund. Summer. Smaller groups. 3,5 - 4 hrs. Bus, guided walk, sandwich on request. 4 km both ways/270 meters. Nature path, wear hiking shoes and warm clothing. / +47 949 89 493

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Guided fishing Tour


A deep sea fishing trip form Kristiansund og the Atlantic Road with highly qualified fishing guides. In Kristiansund, you start the fishing trip only stems away from the cruise boat. If you choose to fish at the Atlantic Road you will also experience this magnificent nature and the unique stretch of road. Two boats are available, one suitable for 10 persons and the other for 12 persons. You can expect to catch codfish, pollock, mackerel and halibut. Try your luck!

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Web/mail

Kristiansund /Atlantic Road - Strømsholmen Seasport center. Summer Smaller groups, 2-10 persons. 3-5 hrs. Fishing gear and safety equipment. /

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Seal Safari at the Atlantic Ocean Road SEAL SAFARI AT THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD

This tour starts at the Strømsholmen Sea sport center. «Haarek» is a 27 feet boat and we head out to the place the seals have their colony; Orskjæra. Snorkel with the seals or watch them from the boat. Great group activity and an exciting experince!

Where When Capacity Duration Includes Web/mail

Kristiansund /Atlantic Road - Strømsholmen Seasport center. Summer. 4-12, smaller groups. 3 hrs. Snorkeling equipment, boat tour and snorkeling. /

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Diving at the Atlantic Road


Since 1981, the professional Diving Center, Strømsholmen, has been offering a unique mix of thrilling adventures to divers from all over the world. If you seek ocean, fjords and fantastic nature, this is the place to start. We offer a natural Eldorado for sports divers, with more than a 100 dive sites within short range. This is a fantastic experience and the area offers great diving in crystal clear waters, giant kelp forests, numerous wrecks, a rich marine life, drop-off and white sandy sea beds. The flora and fauna here is both abundant and diverse due to the warm Gulf Stream, and can compete with anything found elsewhere in the world.

Where When Capacity Duration Suited for Includes Web/mail

Kristiansund /Atlantic Road - Strømsholmen Seasport center. Summer. 2-10 persons. 4 hrs. /included bus tour. Certified divers. Boat to dive site, dive master, 1 dive, and equipment. /

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Sea eagle safari on Smøla island


Smøla is an island situated in the outermost coast of mid-Norway. A huge archipelago surrounds the island, and the shallow waters give life to a very rich wildlife. The area holds the densest white-tailed eagle population in the world. During this day, you will be taken on an eagle safari led by expert naturalist guides. Besides looking for the white-tailed eagle, we will explore the area’s rich wildlife. The safari offers fantastic photographic opportunities. Back in the guesthouse’s panorama lounge, participants will have spectacular views over the archipelago while lunch made of local ingredients is served. For groups of more than 20, we will split the group between lunch and safari: the first half of the group going out in boat at arrival at Smøla Havfiskesenter, while the second half is being served lunch. After lunch it will be the other way around. ITINERARY EXAMPLE:

08.30: Departure with a 48 or 16 seat bus from Kristiansund harbor 09.00: Ferry Seivika - Tømmervåg 09.40: Ferry Sandvika – Edøy (Smøla) 10.45: Arrival at Smøla Havfiskesenter 11.00: Departure eagle safari with boat 13.00: Lunch served in the guesthouse panorama lounge. 14.15: Departure with the bus from Smøla Havfiskesenter 15.00: Departure express boat Edøya – Kristiansund ( 15.40: Arrival Kristiansund. Tour ends.

Where When Min / Max Duration Includes Note Web/mail

Smøla. All year. 10-48 persons. 7-8 hrs. Guided eagle safari by boat, safety equipment, lunch, all transportation from/to Kristiansund. Departure is flexible and can be changed. www. /

Opera Concert in Festiviteten Opera House OPERA CONCERT IN FESTIVITETEN OPERA HOUSE


Join this musical highlight in the opera town Kristiansund and visit Norway`s oldest opera house; Festiviteten. The house is beautifully decorated and filled with history. The opera concert is a musical souvenir from Kristiansund, especially made for cruise visitors. For smaller groups, the concert will take place in the foyer on the first floor. The visit will start with a guided 15 minute tour and will show and tell the story about this remarkable building. In addition, there will be a 45 minute concert with a violinist, pianist and a professional opera soloist. Halfway, there will be a 15 minute break with coffee and cake.For groups of more than 100 persons, the concert will take place on the main scene. The opera concert may also include dance/ballet and a wider selection of opera/operetta music.

Place When Min/Max Duration Transfer Note Web/mail

Kristiansund/Festiviteten Opera House. All year. 45/250 persons. Concert and guided tour: 1 hour. Transfer time must be added. Walk: 550 meters /10 minutes one way Option with bus is a 2 min. drive. Easy walk. Steps to walk up to the first floor and the guided tour. Wheelchair accessible. /

Nordic Light International Festival of Photography



Nordic Light International Festival of Photography is a must for photography lovers, whether you just “like photography�, keep it as a hobby or are a hardcore enthusiast. The Festival attracts the greatest international stars in the world of photography, and has a unique location in the picturesque city of Kristiansund. Nordic Light is about to become one of the most important photography festivals in Europe, and has since the start maintained its reputation as an exceptional festival. With a tightly packed program consisting of numerous exhibitions both in- and outdoors, daily morning cinemas, lectures, Face to Face sessions, visual criticism, corporate events, festival pub, workshops and more, you are ensured to be mesmerized by the magic that the camera can conjure. The Nordic Light Art Gallery is a year-round operation with exhibitions varying from photography, graphics and prints to handcrafted items made by local artists. They are dedicated to find young, ambitious artists and arrange exhibition-projects especially for this purpose. In the gallery shop you can get your hands on limited photo books, t-shirts, postcards, high quality posters and photo cards with nearby surroundings from Kristiansund and more.

Where When Min / Max Duration Includes Transfer Web/mail

Kristiansund- all over the city and the House of Nordic Light. The festival is every spring (late April or early May). Gallery and shop is open all year. 10 - 30 persons. 1 hr. Guided gallery tour. Walk: 550 meters /15 minutes one way. /

Tingvoll – a taste of culture TINGVOLL – A TASTE OF CULTURE

Tingvoll is a drive of 40 minutes and a small place where authentic values is important. Small places can also be successful and Tingvoll is a good example of this. We`ll enjoy good stories, eco friendly society in beautiful nature. On this tour we`ll visit different exciting businesses. One of the farms is Tingvollost, a well known cheese producer and many times award winner for best cheese. Beautifully situated next to the fjord, we`ll also make a stop at another farm, Den glade ku (The Happy cow) . They make delicious home made food and has a farm shop. At Tingvoll Gard we may have a guided tour of the area. Other exciting visits is Tingvoll church, Tingvoll museum and Krivi vev which is textile factory with high competence and success.

Where When Min / Max Duration Includes Web/mail

Tingvoll. All year. 20-40. 4-5 hours. Bus and guided tour, entrances as requested. /

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Welcome to Kristiansund & Nordmøre

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Products offered to cruise groups for cruiseships to Kristiansund

Product manual cruise 2016  

Products offered to cruise groups for cruiseships to Kristiansund