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1. Introduction The M.I.C.E. segment is a very important component of Malta’s tourism industry. It is known to generate a higher than average spend per tourist and important tourism traffic in the shoulder months. The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) is committed to continue investing in this segment of industry in its recovery and long-term sustainability. This scheme is being launched with this objective.

Applications can be submitted directly by the foreign corporate client, foreign Professional Conference Organizer, local corporate client, Destination Management Companies (DMCs), Hotels and Audio-visual companies specialising in tourism travel for M.I.C.E. activities (i.e., meetings, incentives, conference, and exhibitions). Destination Management Companies and Hotel properties must be licensed by MTA in its capacity as designated authority for the regulation of tourism services and operations in the Maltese Islands.

A contribution will be granted towards each registered international attendee effectively travelling to attend or participate in a meeting, incentive, conference, or exhibition happening in Malta and Gozo up to December 2022 as follows: •

M.I.C.E. events showing that a minimum of €800 (inc. VAT where applicable) is spent in the Maltese Islands per delegate are entitled to a contribution of €150 (inc. VAT where applicable) per attendee travelling from overseas.

M.I.C.E. events showing that a minimum of €600 (inc. VAT where applicable) is spent in the Maltese Islands per delegate are entitled to a contribution of €75 (inc. VAT where applicable) per attendee travelling from overseas.

1.1. Duration of the Scheme Applications will be considered until 1st June 2022 for events taking place up to 31st December 2022 and until funds remain available. Applications need to be received at least 30 working days before the event start date.

1.2. Designated Authority This scheme is administered by the Malta Tourism Authority.

1.3. Budget This scheme has a budget of € 4 million (inc. VAT where applicable). The support shall be provided on a post event basis and on submission of supporting documents stipulated in the scheme’s Terms & Conditions.

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2. Terms & Conditions 2.1. Any event can be supported one time only. 2.2. Applications will be handled on a first come first served basis. 2.3. Support is only payable post event. 2.4. Group size should not be less than 10 persons with a minimum stay of 2 nights in Malta or Gozo. 2.5. M.I.C.E. event program must showcase the destination in the best possible manner. Quality of service and product must always be ensured. 2.6. The following services will be included in the calculation of expenditure per delegate: hotel accommodation, ground transportation; food & beverage costs; excursions; team building activities; conference or meeting production; logistics related to the Conference or Meeting. For the above services to be included in the calculation of expenditure, the service must be paid by the applicant (i.e., beneficiary) and not directly by the delegate or attendee. International flights or other means of travel to and from the Maltese Islands will not be included in the calculation of expenditure per delegate.

3. Application Stage 3.1. The Applicant is required to inform the MTA regarding confirmed business activity to Malta or Gozo well ahead of the actual event dates. 3.2. Applications can be submitted online via the APPLICATION FORM and not later than thirty (30) working days from the actual start of the event. Final deadline for submission of applications is the 1st June 2022. 3.2.1. Any applications received later than 30 days prior to the event will not be considered. 3.2.2. Applications for events that have already taken place will not be accepted.

3.3. Eligibility conditions for applicant’s state that: 3.3.1. Applicant’s area of specialisation must focus on M.I.C.E. 3.3.2. Applicant must be in possession of a valid company VAT number or Company Registration Number. These details are validated by MTA through the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) and other online portals to ensure that the business activity of the company is legitimate. 3.4. Eligibility conditions for applications include the following: 3.4.1. Application was received at least thirty (30) days prior to the event taking place. 3.4.2. The activity is spread on a minimum stay of two (2) nights.

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3.4.3. The group size is not less than ten (10). 3.4.4. Program focuses on M.I.C.E. activities. 3.4.5. Costing sheet clearly shows average cost of program per delegate. 3.4.6. Relevant agreements have been provided as proof of commitment and business. Agreements are signed by both parties (DMC & Applicant or Hotel & Applicant where applicable). 3.4.7. The activity included in the application must not be benefiting from any other funding from the Government of Malta through Ministries, Authorities, Government Agencies or Departments and or from the European Union funding though the European commission, National agencies, or other funding programs. 3.5. Support under this scheme is subject to approval and is awarded at the sole discretion of the MTA.

4. Intermediary Stage 4.1. The applicant is required to present proof of commitment of the organisation of the M.I.C.E. event in the Maltese Islands by providing the following documentation: 4.1.1. Copy of DMC agreement (as applicable) 4.1.2. Copy of Hotel agreement (if booked direct). 4.1.3. Copy of itemised costing sheet to calculate the cost per person and assigned allocation. 4.1.4. Copy of valid company licence or company registration certificate as proof of operation; 4.1.5. Supplier Banking Details Form (referred to as MBS-BDF Form) provided by MTA. 4.2. If the Applicant is collaborating with a partner who’s on the eligible beneficiary list, the applicant shall need to present a signed declaration by this partner, stating who will be the ultimate beneficiary. The letter must also refer to the MBS-BDF Form which should confirm the respective bank details required for payment. 4.3. Once the application is approved, a validation email will be shared with the applicant. 4.4. An agreement will then be issued by MTA establishing the aid and the obligations between MTA and the beneficiary.

5. Claim Submission 5.1. The maximum claim that applicant may submit shall not exceed the budget previously committed by the MTA at application stage. 5.2. Supporting Documents required for claim include:

5.2.1. Invoice, on the official company organisation Letter Head. Amount on invoice should be exclusive of VAT;

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5.2.2. Description of service on invoice should read: M.I.C.E. POST COVID Recovery Scheme; 5.2.3. Copy of the full programme (Conference Programme and Social Programme); 5.2.4. Copy of final program itemised costings sheet; 5.2.5. Copies/scans of receipts or invoices for the services booked as proof of payment; 5.2.6. A copy of the final Hotel rooming list as proof of the total number of delegates. Nationalities of guests must also be specified where possible; 5.3. Only claims which are complete and that include all relevant supporting documents will be evaluated by the Malta Tourism Authority. 5.4. The above scheme is independent from any other support being provided by the MTA.

The information contained herein is intended for guidance purposes only. The guidelines can be reviewed or updated at the discretion of the MTA.

For further information on the scheme please contact the Malta Tourism Authority on: Email: or Telephone: (+356) 2291 5555

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