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INDEX Publisher Chapeau Magazine www.chapeaumagazine.com Editor in chief Jo Cortenraedt Editors Martje Gulikers, Demy Janssen, JP Verhagen Photography TEFAF and Chapeau Magazine Advertising & Sales Bianca Lotz, Chelly Poolmans, Laurence Thomsin Coordinator Anouk Franssen Design Miranda Reijnders (editorial) Saus (advertorials) Translating Duo vertaalburo bv Printing Moderna – Paal Beringen Cover illustration Michiel Jansz. Van Mierevelt, Portret van Frédéric-Maurice de la Tour d’Auvergne, hertog van Bouillon, prins van Condé Sedan et de Rancourt (1605 – 1652), 1626. Collection Bonnefanten. Composition by Zuiderlicht / Hugo Thomassen.

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Foreword by the chairman Foreword by the mayor Foreword by the King’s Commissioner General fair information Fair highlights Royal Tour at TEFAF TEFAF Restoration Fund TEFAF New York TEFAF and the city TEFAF Concert Art treasures in Maastricht Galeries in town TEFAF TV Restaurants in Maastricht and surrounding areas Hotels in Maastricht and surrounding areas Sphinx-quartier in Maastricht Shopping in the region Practical Information City plan of Maastricht


Dear Visitor,

As a Dutchman living in New York since 1996, I can tell you that not many of my New York friends understood what I was talking about when I was heading to TEFAF in The Netherlands every March. Those days are over. Not only do most New York collectors–and many collectors from all over the US–visit our New York fairs in the

magnificent Park Avenue Armory, but many of them now plan on visiting the much bigger mother fair in Maastricht each year. It is my belief that this global reach is the biggest achievement of the TEFAF community: TEFAF is globally recognized as a brand of preeminence, regardless of the location. I would like to thank the City of Maastricht and the MECC for their hospitality. It is always a warm welcome arriving in the most beautiful city in the south of the Netherlands. The team at the MECC is working very hard as they are in the midst of a large renovation set to finish in 2021 as they continue to make sure TEFAF is the best experience possible. We are looking forward to welcoming you to TEFAF Maastricht 2020. Nanne Dekking Chairman Board of Trustees TEFAF

Get inspired by our models showing you the highlights of the new season in our store on March 12th at 14:00, 16:00 and 19:00. Plankstraat 25 | 6211 GA Maastricht +31 (0)43 325 4465



Though a small city in global terms, Maastricht is a big name in the art world. We owe this to The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF). Bringing together 285 exhibitors from 22 countries, the fair for fine art, antiques and design is not only the largest of its kind but also of exceptionally high quality. TEFAF Maastricht is a household name. TEFAF has been hosted at the MECC conference centre since as far back as 1988. To uphold that high quality

TEFAF has come to represent, MECC is now undergoing a metamorphosis. It will be given a facelift, boosting its image as an international conference centre. It will also be equipped with facilities that meet the highest modern standards – something exhibitors and visitors alike can rightly expect. However, quality does not stop once you exit MECC. Our city is committed to improving other facilities that can contribute to every fair’s success. These projects focus on traffic and parking, air and rail connections, cultural side-events, and hospitality. That’s why TEFAF and the city are forming an alliance to enhance the status of the fair and of the city. TEFAF is a generator of quality for the city; it inspires us to think big not just for nine days in March, but the whole year. After all, quality is not a single act. Quality is a habit. Maastricht hopes the fair is a success for organizers, exhibitors, visitors, and the whole city. Annemarie Penn-te Strake Mayor of Maastricht


Take the liberty to enjoy

2020 is an exceptional year for Europe and the world. 75 years ago, the horrors of the Second World War came to an end. We are not only commemorating this historical fact, we are also celebrating it. 75 years of liberty is something to cherish. Here and everywhere. Art is the ultimate form of freedom. Whether on a canvas, by shaping natural stone, clay or through the lens of a camera: artists are free to express themselves through their art. TEFAF offers a cross-section of 7,000 years of art history, which has developed in many directions. From old masters to contemporary artists, you’ll find it all at this world-leading art fair. TEFAF brings people and cultures

from all over the world together in Maastricht. In an international setting, with Belgium and Germany in close proximity. Without the liberty that was fought for 75 years ago, this would never have happened. In my opinion, it is only logical that such a prestigious, international event as TEFAF takes place in Maastricht and Limburg. After all, the Maastricht Treaty made this city the birthplace of a Europe without borders. As we are talking about freedom, take the liberty not only of enjoying the richness of art at TEFAF, but also of enjoying the surroundings. Over the past decades, Limburg has proven itself to be a tremendously hospitable region. A magnum opus full of colours, influences and styles, that every few kilometres resembles yet another work from art history, but at the same time can’t be compared with anything else. In short: enjoy Maastricht, enjoy Limburg. Theo Bovens King’s Commissioner for / Governor of the Province of Limburg

Guided Tours Gouvernement aan de Maas Highlights of the Art Collection and the Treaty of Maastricht Information and Reservation: +31(0)43 389 7777, servicedesk@prvlimburg.nl


The 33rd Edition of TEFAF Maastricht VENUE


Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre (MECC) Forum 100, Maastricht +31 43 3838383 www.mecc.nl

Adults: €40 Season ticket: €100 Student/ Youth (12-18): €20 Children (0-12): free Tickets can be bought via www.tefaf.com or on arrival at the Fair


The European Fine Art Foundation Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083 HN Amsterdam +31 41 1645090 www.tefaf.com OPENING HOURS

Thursday March 5 11 AM - 7 PM Early Access Day (Invite only) Friday March 6 11 AM - 7 PM Preview Day (Invite only) Saturday March 7 Saturday March 14 11 AM - 7 PM (General Admission) Sunday March 15 11 AM - 6 PM (General Admission)



There will be a range of cultural events and special activities in Maastricht during TEFAF. TEFAF visitors get discounts on a limited number of tickets. For more information call The Maastricht Tourist Office via +31 43 3252121 or go the following websites: www.tefafandthecity.nl CONCIERGE SERVICE

Con Questa is TEFAF Maastricht’s concierge partner for 2020. Their passionate concierges are dedicated to provide a dedicated personal service, wherever a guest may be. www.tefaf.com



Furniture with Drawers Armchair designed for the SOSEIKAN House, Takarazuka, Hyog Shiro Kuramata (1934 - 1991) Oak, oak-veneered wood, acrylic, steel, aluminum, fabric 75 x 92.2 x 76.6 cm, 1967

The TEFAF Maastricht City Guide presents a selection of highlights of the 2020 Fair.


The Anglesey Tiara A Victorian tiara/necklace, formed of a graduated row of old European and old mine cut diamonds which detach to form a rivière necklace. This is surmounted by scroll and cluster motifs, interspersed with curved tines and topped with graduated pear-shaped diamond-set motifs, gold and diamond Length necklace 42 cm Circa 1890 KUNSTHANDLUNG HELMUT H. RUMBLER [STAND 726]

Adam and Eve Rembrand Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 - 1669) Etching 16.3 x 11.7 cm 1638 W&K – WIENERROITHER & KOHLBACHER [STAND 722]

Reclining Male Nude Egon Schiele (1890 - 1918) Watercolour and pencil on paper 31 x 43 cm, 1910




Old lady II Jann Hawordth (1942) Fabric, thread, wood, stuffing, leather and rocking chair 101.6 x 50.8 cm, 1967 DEMISCH DANANT [STAND 606]

Martine Vanity Drené-Jean Caillette (2005) Chromed metal, palisander, mirrors 69 x 180 x 62 cm, 1962 GALLERI K [STAND 718]

Alice, Cern, Saint Genis-Pouilyy Thomas Struth (1954) Inkjet print 277.1 x 236.4 cm, 2019





Dido Welcoming Aeneas Perino del Vaga (1501-1547) Coloured wools and silks, 343 x 462 cm, 1643 JOAN WIJERMARS [STAND 150]

Bust of Gioachino Rossini José Álvarez Cubero (1768-1827) White marble Height 68 cm, 1819 Commissioned by the 14th Duke of Alba, Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart and delivered before 1828; Most likely given to Rossini on his visit to Madrid in 1831 GALERIE GMURZYNSKA [STAND 404]

Color design for ceiling and three walls for the Café de l’Aubette ciné-dancing wallpainting in Strasburg Theo van Doesburg (1883 - 1931) Gouache on paperboard 43 x 74.5 cm, 1926-1927

Michael Lauterjung – Alles im grünen Bereich –

Exhibition March 5 – April 18 2020 Book presentation and vernissage March 15 at 15 hr Galerie Post + García Avenue Céramique 17 6221 KV Maastricht t + 31 (0)43 356 19 00 info@postgarcia.nl postgarcia.nl Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12 – 17 hr For extra opening hours and special events during TEFAF please visit postgarcia.nl

Book presentation: Sunday March 15 at 15 hr


The Wave (La Vague) Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) Oil on canvas 64.5 81.5 cm


Wings of an Altarpiece: Male donor with Saint Jerome and Female donor with Saint Clare. (Exterior: vanitas scenes). Anthonis Mor (1517-1577) Oil on panel 208.5 x 77.5 cm


Hendrikc van Balen (1575 - 1632) The Wedding Feast of Peleus and Tetis Oil on copper 29.5 x 41.3 cm Circa 1605



Painting hair is an art Creating hair is a science More information about our Hair Stem Cell transplantion: www.hasci.com

Amsterdam | Maastricht | Paris | Cap D’antibes | London | Jakarta | Dubai | Hong Kong | Bali


Acrobat sitting on a ladder Bronze Iran, probably Luristan 2nd millennium BC GALERIE JEAN-CHRISTOPHE CHARBONNIER [STAND 184]

Daimyô armour of hon-kozane tachi-dô type Iron, lacquer, leather, silk, bearing the crests of the Abe family, daimyô of Sanuki in Kazusa. The whole suit of armour covered in ‘gindame’ (silver lacquer) 133 x 85 x 60 cm MENTINK & ROEST [STAND 172]

A George III quarterchiming organ table clock George Prior Ormolu-mounted tortoiseshell-veneered 77 x 34 x 34 cm 1780



Vincent van Gogh - The Sketchbooks

As close as you can get to the original sketchbooks. Facsimile edition of van Gogh’s sketchbooks, a limited edition of 1000 units.




Dominicanerkerkstraat 1 6211 CZ Maastricht www.boekhandeldominicanen.nl



The Anglesey tiara / 1890 Provenance: Marjorie Paget, the Marchioness of Anglesey wore it to the Coronation of King George VI in 1937. KUNSTKAMMER GEORG LAUE [STAND 204]

Master of Perspective / The Renaissance Casket From Newbattle Abbey / 1565 Provenance: Marquesses of Lothian, Scotland, 1720-2017; given in 1882 by Henry Schomberg Kerr, 9th Marquess of Lothian. S FRANSES [STAND 261]

Perino del Vaga / Dido Welcoming Aeneas / 1643 Aquierd by King Charles I in 1640 and supplied to the Prince of Orange, Frederick Henry, in 1643. PIETER FINER [STAND 216]

A three-Qquarter field armour / 1560 Provenance: Probably made for Heinrich I Duke of Brunswick Wolfenbãœttel. STAIR SAINTY GALLERY [STAND 344]

Baron François Gérard King Charles X in Coronation Robes Provenance: Offered by King Charles X to Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Prince de Talleyrand.

Because of Kingsday, which will be held in Maastricht at april 27, with the whole Royal family, there is this year a special ‘Royal Tour’ at TEFAF Maastricht. FONDANTICO DI TIZIANA SASSOLI [STAND 372]

Lucio Massari / Saint Paul exhorts the people of Efeso to burn heretical books / 1612 Provenance: Liechtenstein, the Princely Collections MACCONNAL – MASON GALLERY [STAND 330]

Alexei Harlamoff / Portrait of a Young Girl Provenance: King Christian IX (1818–1906) and Queen Louise of Denmark (1817–1898). RAFAEL VALLS LIMITED [STAND 341]

Karl Girardet / The Duc de Montpensier visiting the Temple of Edfu, 21 July 1845 / 1846 Provenance: Probably Collection of Prince Antoine Philippe d’Orleans, Duc de Montpensier. THE WEISS GALLERY [STAND 348]

Venus and Cupid / 1595 Provenance: Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (155-1612), Hradschin Palace, Prague. CHAPEAU - MAASTRICHT REGION [STAND 707]

Portrets painted of members of the Dutch Royal Family (not for sale).

GREAT SERVICE IN THE HEART OF MAASTRICHT Hotel Derlon is located on the most beautiful square of Maastricht, as locals consider. Our guests are pleased with the beautiful rooms and the temporary restaurant with a wide selection of delicious dishes and fine wines. Also with the intimate atmosphere in our lounge and bar. And for sure with the great personal service. You will feel right at home at Hotel Derlon in the heart of Maastricht.

DERLON HOTEL Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 6, Maastricht Tel +31-(0)43-3216770 info@derlon.com | www.derlon.com


PROJECTS TEFAF MUSEUM RESTORATION FUND The V&A, UK, and Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA), USA are the recipients of the 2020 TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund. Following visits to TEFAF Maastricht 2019, the two institutions applied for support from TEFAF for their distinct projects. The V&A are restoring The Kaufmann Office (1935-1937) by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959), an exceptional complete interior by one of the best known architects of the 20th-century, whilst LACMA will analyse and restore a recently acquired oil painting, Pietá (c.1710-20) by Melchor Pérez Holguín (c.1660-c.1732), the first painting from Bolivia to enter LACMA’s collection of Spanish colonial art. La Pietá LACMA’s Conservation Science Department in collaboration with the Getty Conservation Institute has begun a complete analysis to document the painting’s materials, techniques, and condition. Various scientific means, including macro XRF scanning (MA-XRF) that will result in elemental mapping of pigment application, will help to

determine how the artist intended the paint to appear. Following restoration, the Pietá will be much closer in appearance to what it was originally. The rich darkness of the background will be dramatic against the glowing gold decorations and the painting should delight and inform visitors to LACMA for years to come. Pietá will make its debut in LACMA’s upcoming exhibition The Eye of the Imagination: LACMA’s Collection of Spanish Colonial Art, curated by Ilona Katzew and scheduled to open in 2021.


TEFAF New York Spring

As the world’s most prestigious art market, New York City provides the ideal context for a TEFAF Fair outside Maastricht. TEFAF is proud to present the fourth edition of TEFAF New York Spring, with a focus on modern and contemporary art and design. The Fair’s timing in early May is intended to coincide with auctions, exhibitions, and other fairs

in New York dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design. The historic Park Avenue Armory provides the prime Manhattan location and setting for the world’s leading art dealers to meet with curators and collectors. TEFAF New York Spring May 8-11, 2020 (Preview Day May 7, 2020)


Photographer: EPW STUDIO

TEFAF & THE CITY 2020 During the 33rd edition of the world’s leading art and antiques fair, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) at MECC Maastricht (5 – 15 March), the whole city will be bustling with impressive exhibitions, unique theatre and music productions, breath-taking dance performances and special events. It is the perfect opportunity to taste the unique range of Dutch and international flavours offered by Maastricht.

05.03.2020 – 15.03.2020 Discover TEFAF and the City! www.tefafandthecity.com

Mark Manders, The Absence of Mark Manders


Jimmy Nelson, Homage to Humanity Location: Museum aan het Vrijthof Date: Until 15.03.2020 The exhibition ‘Homage to Humanity’ offers an extensive and colourful selection of portraits of indigenous peoples in danger of disappearing. The English-Dutch photographer Jimmy Nelson is internationally known for his iconic photographic work. For years, he has been travelling all over the world to portray the purity and traditional appearances of unique communities in the most remote locations. www.museumaanhetvrijthof.nl

Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on Our Nature Location: Bureau Europa Date: Until 03.05.2020 The exhibition ‘Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on Our Nature’ puts the people/landscape and culture/nature relationships into sharp focus. www.bureaueuropa.nl

Location: Bonnefanten Date: Until 24.05.2020 Bonnefanten is starting the new year with the extensive retrospective exhibition The Absence of Mark Manders. The last major solo exhibition of Mark Manders (Volkel, 1968) on Dutch soil was more than 5 years ago. This new overview shows how Manders’ special oeuvre develops organically: from old work that has been revised to his latest creations. The exhibition therefore constitutes both an overview of Manders’ work and a new step in his artist process. www.bonnefanten.nl

Yes, Please! Location: Marres, House for Contemporary Culture Date: 8.03.2020 – 07.06.2020 The exhibition Yes, Please! brings an ode to sexual fantasies. A year and a half ago, the team of the multidisciplinary theatre company De Nieuwe Helden started an investigation regarding modern sexual fantasies. They travelled to different festivals, in their caravan named Bolleke (which is radio equipped), to interview hundreds of people. For this exhibition, Marres will be transformed into a house of senses in which visitors, accompanied by hosts and provided with menus with various sexual fantasies, can come and listen to the recorded erotic interviews. www.marres.org



Van Eyck Open Studios Location: Van Eyck Academy Date: 05.03.2020 - 07.03.2020 Take a look at the Jan van Eyck Academy for the annual Open Studios. All studios, exhibition spaces, Labs, gardens and other locations in and beyond the academy building are open to the public. 45 participating artists, designers, architects, curators and writers will be showcasing their artistic research and (collaborative) projects resulting from their residency at the academy. www.janvaneyck.nl


philharmonie zuidnederland, Bach with Brunello Location: Theater aan het Vrijthof Date: 05.03.2020 at 08:00 PM During this concert, the Italian conductor and cellist Mario Brunello introduces his compatriot to you, the violinist Giuliano Carmignola, from Venice. “In Italy, he has the status of, a rock star”, Brunello stated in an interview. Tonight, the two of them will play Mozart’s sparkling but profound Sinfonia Concertante. Quite remarkable, as Brunello will play the score originally written for the viola on his own (17th-century) cello. And add to that Haydn’s 49th Symphony, La Passione – what’s in a name – and Bach’s most beautiful Brandenburg Concertos. www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl



Laurent Stewart, Suivez le Guide: Stewart plays Louis Couperin Location: Cellebroederskapel Maastricht Datum: 07.03.2020 at 08:30 PM Spirited, all-encompassing, inspired, work of a genius: this is how the Baroque expert Philippe Beaussant described the oeuvre of Louis Couperin – one of France’s greatest keyboard composers. Laurent Stewart, a keyboard hero of today, concurs wholeheartedly with this assessment. www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl

All-Star Jam Session Location: Café Charlemagne Maastricht Date: 09.03.2020 at 09:00 PM Are you looking for a night full of Jazz & Swing? Visit one of the AllStar Jam Sessions with lecturers of Conservatorium Maastricht. This Jam session will be led by Carlo Nardozz. www.conservatoriummaastricht.nl

Anna Vinnitskaya Location: Theater aan het Vrijthof Date: 10.03.2020 at 08:00 PM Whoever witnesses Anna Vinnitskaya in concert is inevitably enthralled by the aura of this artist. Vinnitskaya’s repertoire spans from Johann Sebastian Bach to Sofia Gubaidulina. Her particular emphasis lies on the great Russian piano composers such as Rachmaninov, Prokofiev or Shostakovich, as well as the colourful piano works of Ravel, Debussy and Chopin. www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl

philharmonie zuidnederland, Beethovens Pastorale Location: Theater aan het Vrijthof Date: 13.03.2020 at 08:00 PM Spring is in the air, the fresh breeze beckons... but there is plenty of nature to enjoy in the concert hall too. Freshly mowed grass, a thunderstorm in the distance, the call of a cuckoo. You can hear it all in Beethoven’s romantic Pastoral Symphony. The Arcadian yarns of shepherds and shepherdesses and unexpected thunderstorms can be experienced, almost literally, in Beethoven’s genius music. www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl



Maastricht Antiquarian Book & Print Fair Location: Church of St. John Date: 06.03.2020 - 08.03.2020 Maastricht’s gothic Church of St.John (Sint Janskerk) will once again be transformed into a Valhalla for collectors and lovers of antiquarian books and engravings. Around thirty renowned antiquarian book traders from the Netherlands and abroad will be bringing the most valuable and interesting items from their collections to Maastricht at the MABP, the largest Antiquarian Book & Print Fair in the Benelux region. www.mabp.eu


My Rembrandt

Location: AINSI Date: 12.03.2020 - 08:30 PM In Hitting True North, four dancers, a violinist (Oleg Fateev) and an accordionist (Oene van Geel) look for their own inner compass to make it easier to deal with changing situations, cultures, and contexts.

Location: Lumière Cinema Date: 04.03.2020 - 15.03.2020 My Rembrandt provides fascinating insight into what makes the work of this Dutch master technically so extraordinary, and why different people are so deeply affected by his oeuvre, or a specific work. Meanwhile, centuries after Rembrandt’s death, his paintings are still a source of drama and gripping plot twists.



Kalpana Raghuraman, Hitting True North





Location: La Boverie Liège Date: Until 03.05.2020 With a selection of more than 40 hyperrealist sculptures by leading international artists (George Segal, Ron Mueck, Maurizio Cattelan, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Carole A.Feuerman, Duane Hanson, John De Andrea, Paul McCarthy, and others) the exhibition “Hyperrealism Sculpture - Ceci n’est pas un corps” will illustrate the evolution of the human figure in the works of hyperrealist sculptors from the 1970s to the present day. www.expo-corps.be

Tutankhamun Location: Guillemins station Liège Date: Until 31.05.2020 This original exhibition, which takes visitors to the heart of ancient Egypt, invites you to follow the gripping story of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb. In the course of the trail, you will be taken on a real adventure to experience the many facets of daily life in the 18th Egyptian dynasty. Several hundred original pieces from prestigious international museums and private collections are staged in awesome scenery, including the reconstruction of the tomb of the young pharaoh with a tragic fate. www.europaexpo.be

© Arken

Ceci n’est pas un corps Hyperrealism Sculpture

(Re)design Death Location: Cube Design Museum Kerkrade Date: Until 24.01.2021 The exhibition ‘(Re)design Death’ shows contemporary design around the central themes of saying farewell, dying, mourning and remembering. Over 40 objects will provide an insight in how contemporary designers deal with the needs and rituals in connection with death, in many cases they result from personal experiences. www.cubedesignmuseum.nl

Schrittmacher Festival Location: Heerlen, Aachen, Eupen Date: Until 05.04.2020 The 25th edition of the festival, one of the biggest in the region. A Dutch-German coproduction with the focus on international dance. www.schrittmacherfestival.nl




TEFAF Concert with Anneleen Lenaerts in Maastricht’s Sint Janskerk church As part of TEFAF and the city, Maastricht will be hosting a special TEFAF concert starring the world-renowned harpist Anneleen Lenaerts and an ensemble from the Brussels Philharmonic, performing under the name ‘Brussels Philharmonic Soloists’ and bringing together Nadja Nevolovitsch (first violin), Samuel Nemtanu (second violin), Mihai Cocea (viola), and Kistaps Bergs (cello). The concert is scheduled for Tuesday evening on 10 March and will be held in Sint Janskerk church in the centre of Maastricht. Since 2010, Anneleen Lenaerts (32) has been the Solo Harpist of the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and has played in the New Year’s concert in Vienna and other performances. Despite her young

age, she has also built up a remarkable international solo career and won dozens of major awards. In October 2019, she won the Opus Klassik – regarded as the Oscars of classical music – in Berlin for her solo album Nina Rota: works for harp. Widely regarded as one of the best harpists in the world, she also performs solo in famous venues such as Wigmore Hall in London, Carnegie Hall New York, Salle Gaveau in Paris, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and the Grosses Festspielhaus in Salzburg. The Wiener Zeitung recently wrote: ‘With an effortlessness one can only envy, Anneleen offers us breathtaking insights into her instrument, itself truly the work of a higher power.’

Anneleen Lenaerts, born in Peer in Belgian Limburg and currently living in Vienna, says she is looking forward to the special TEFAF concert. ‘I teach at the Maastricht Academy of Music every few weeks, as I think it’s important to pass on a love for music to young people. I’ve built up a bond with this beautiful city and hope to give something back to Maastricht by

performing at this concert during such a prestigious event as TEFAF’. The programme includes music by French Impressionist composers including Debussy, then a Rhapsody by Grandjany, followed by film music by Nino Rota, known for his film music for Fellini, The Godfather, and other major films. You can order tickets via the following link bit.ly/TEFAF concert




Art treasures in Maastricht

©Maastricht Marketing - Hugo Thomassen

Basilica of Our Lady Exceptional works The Basilica of Our Lady, or ‘slevrouwe’ (Our Lady) as it also known by the locals, is a fine example of Romanesque architecture. Several exceptional works of art can be found in the church. The treasure room also has a large number of objects of ecclesiastical art and crafts such as luxuriously embroidered copes and chasubles, the ‘Levite Dress’ of Saint Lambert (Maastricht’s last bishop), relics in ornate reliquaries, procession banners, and religious silver objects and statues. Both religious and non-religious visitors and residents often light a candle in reverence. The candles cast mesmerizing reflections on the glass behind which Mary shines bright. It is a beautiful sight and definitely worth a visit, whether as a one off or as a ritual! During TEFAF there is a special daily ‘TEFAF-arttour’ in the church with an extra guided event on sunday march 8. www.sterre-der-zee.nl

©Maastricht Marketing - Hugo Thomassen

Basilica of St.Servatius | treasure room On Maastricht’s grandest square, you’ll find the impressive and monumental Sint Servaasbasiliek (Basilica of St. Servatius). Said to be built on the grave of St. Servatius, the church is considered to be the oldest still standing in the Netherlands. The large, triple-nave transept basilica was built largely in Romanesque style, using millstone grit and marl. The church building serves as a parish church of the Roman Catholic St. Servatius parish and deanery church of Maastricht. This basilica has one of the most magnificent treasure rooms in Europe. This is where Maastricht keeps her greatest treasures. The most valuable of these is the shrine of St. Servatius (also called the Noodkist), containing the relics of the Netherlands’ first bishop. This example of ‘Maaslands’ goldsmith craftsmanship is one of the most valuable in the Netherlands. You can also admire the pilgrim’s staff, the bust of St. Servatius, the pectoral cross, the chalice with portable altar, the many relics and reliquaries, liturgical objects, and textiles. You won’t believe your eyes. www.sintservaas.nl

©Maastricht Marketing - Eighty8things

Sphinxpassage The Sphinxpassage is a free, permanent exhibition that embodies the history of the Sphinx factories and the Eiffel building. Approximately 30,000 tiles arranged into 26 chapters recounts the history of both the ceramics industry in Maastricht and the Regout family. This impressive storytelling exhibition was created by using a mix of tableware, designs, old adverts, family portraits, and old transfer prints (a method of decorating enamels or ceramics). The imposing tiled wall is 120 metres long and five metres high, making it the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. The Sphinx passage is situated in the middle of the old Sphinx factories on the Boschstraat. www.sphinxkwartier.nl MAASTRICHT GUIDE


©Maastricht Marketing - Hugo Thomassen

Architecture Bonnefanten The Bonnefanten is situated on the banks of the River Maas, in the architecturally interesting district of Céramique, and forms a splendid addition to the skyline of Maastricht. Around 1990, the Bonnefantenmuseum got the opportunity to construct a new building on ‘Céramique’, a former industrial estate right on the banks of the Maas, opposite the old centre of Maastricht. For the realisation of an outstanding building on this location, the museum approached Aldo Rossi, who (in the words of Van Grevenstein, museum director at the time) “coupled great expressive inventiveness with a reserved visual language”. www.bonnefanten.nl Museumbasement Derlon ‘Piazza Romana’ As a contemporary design hotel in the historic heart of Maastricht, built on top of Roman architectural treasures dating from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th centuries, Hotel Derlon goes to show that old and new can exist in harmony. Research conducted before the construction of the hotel revealed how precious these findings really were, so the decision was made to conserve them and put them on display on the ‘Piazza Romana’ (the Roman square). Now the hotel’s basement is home to part of a square from the 2nd and 3rd century, a well from the 3rd century, part of a pre-Roman road made from boulders from the river Meuse, and parts of a wall and a gate from the 4th century. www.derlon.com 36



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The Vault | North Caves Built at the start of the Second World War, the purpose of this vault was to protect the Netherlands’ most important art treasures from air attacks. About 800 artworks, including Rembrandt’s Night Watch, Potter’s The Young Bull, and Vermeer’s Little Street, were stored here for three years. In the underground marl corridors, the air is chilly and damp. An ingenious climate control system ensured these delicate canvasses remained undamaged. Near by the Vault you find the keepers’ room, a room used by the Dutch military police, charged with guarding the vault and the entrance tunnel. www.exploremaastricht.com

©Maastricht Marketing

Dominicanen Bookshop Since the autumn of 2006, you can find the unique Dominicanen bookshop (previously Selexyz Dominicanen and Polare Maastricht) in the centuries-old Dominicanenkerk (Dominican church) in Maastricht. Two hundred years ago, the church lost its sacred function and has since served for many years as a reptile house, bicycle shed, and ‘carnival temple’. Many Maastricht residents have special memories here, including their ‘first kiss’ at carnival time. You can still feel this rich history at this beautiful location. www.libris.nl/dominicanen




Achter het Vleeshuis 26 | Maastricht city centre | deBijenkorf/international Amsterdam | Den Haag | Rotterdam | Amstelveen | Eindhoven | Maastricht | Utrecht


Rob van Rijn Kunsthandel Galerie Artist duo Les Deux Garçons is celebrating a career spanning over 20 years during which their work has regulary been exhibited at TEFAF Maastricht. Their anniversary year starts in March with the retrospective exhibition Les Icônes - 20 years Les Deux Garçons in Rob van Rijn Kunsthandel Galerie gallery in Maastricht. Les Deux Garçons will exhibit iconic pieces from recent years and more recent work displayed over two floors of the historic building of Rob van Rijn Kunsthandel Galerie. The bronze sculptures, assemblage works, and taxidermy sculptures (stuffed animals) are simultaneously absurdist, touching, and humorous, while also inviting you to think. www.robvanrijn.nl

Galerie Post + Garcia During TEFAF, Galerie Post + Garcia gallery on Avenue Céramique in Maastricht, close to the MECC, will present specific works by five artists made in the studio of Ripollés in Spain. The exhibition concerns a series of prints, made with special paper processing techniques. The artists are Ripollés himself, as well as the Dutch artists Armando, Hans Keuls, Conbulius, and Alexander Vogels. Besides the gallery on Avenue Céramique, Post + Garcia also has two branches with art lending libraries in Rechtstraat and Boschstraat in Maastricht. www.postgarcia.nl


Les Icônes - 20 years Les Deux Garçons

Galerie Vivi Sculptress Vivianne Schuijren has started a new gallery in the vibrant Wyck district where she displays both her own work and that of colleagues. At the back of the space leading to the charming city garden, work created by students of the art academy will be displayed on a regular basis. The gallery is located in a historic building, with a beautiful bluestone-clad façade, decorated with beautiful ornaments. Above the front door, the stone face of a young woman looks down at everyone entering and leaving the building. Vivianne creates abstract figurative sculptures in marble and bronze. Hoogbrugstraat 36 Maastricht

Bonnefanten highlights during TEFAF

Mark Manders, Composition with Yellow Vertical, 2017. Photo: EPW STUDIO. Courtesy Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp & Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York/ Los Angeles.

The Bonnefanten in The Studio #2: Morena Maastricht is the leading Bamberger, Ethereality On show until 12.04.2020 art museum in Limburg and the Euregion. It holds The Studio provides a platform for small-scale solo presentations, in permanent collection presentations of old mas- which artists give an account of reters, modern and contem- cent developments in their work. In this studio presentation, it is the turn porary art, and unique temporary exhibitions of of Morena Bamberger (Roermond, exciting international art 1994), who is presenting Ethereality, a new room-sized work inspired by and artists. Jan Hendrix: Tierra Firme On show until 26.04.2020 In Tierra Firme, Hendrix refers to sighting the coastline; a mythical allusion to colonialism and to a revision of natural history. The exhibition gives a reflection of the role played by engravings and drawings in the representation of the first phase of globalisation.

a journey to Switzerland.

The Absence of Mark Manders 04.02.2020 – 24.05.2020 The Absence of Mark Manders shows how Manders’ exceptional oeuvre is continually developing: from revisions of older work up to his latest creations. The exhibition therefore forms both a retrospec-

Jan Hendrix, The Yagul tapestries III, 2018. Photo: Oak Taylor Smith.

tive of Manders’ work and a new step in his artist practice.

Beating around the bush #6: Scenes from the Anthropocene Guest contributions from: Gerrit van Bakel, Danaë Moons, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Laure Prouvost, L.A. Raeven 06.03.2020 - 14.02.2021 The Bonnefanten has been presenting its collection in an explorDomenico di Michelino, The Expulsion from Paradise (detail), 1450/1475. Photo: Peter Cox. Collection Bonnefanten.

ative way in the exhibition programme Beating around the bush. In different episodes, both the fixed values and the ‘quiet reserve’ of the collection are brought into dialogue with new and proposed acquisitions. Beating around the bush #6: Scenes from the Anthropocene concerns the thin line that people tread between making use of systems they have created themselves and breaking with those systems.

Bonnefanten First Fridays 06.03.2020 & 03.04.2020 from 20.00 to 23.00 Free admission Every first Friday of the month, the Bonnefanten is organising the Bonnefanten First Fridays (#BFF), generously funded by the BankGiro Lottery. There is free admission to the museum for young and old, and each evening has a different theme and programme, in collaboration with various partners from social life in the region.


Zooo datbijzonder we het willen delen De meest bijzondere vakwerkhuizen, kastelen, boerderijen, landhuizen en tiny-houses, op de meest oogverblindend mooie plekken in Limburg (NL & BE), de Voerstreek (B), de Ardennen (B) en de Eifel (D). Meer dan 150 bijzondere en luxe vakantiehuizen, van 2 tot 80 personen. Bekijk en boek eenvoudig online of neem contact op met onze klantenservice.

+31 (0)43 455 9075 www.geuldal.com



Art en TV in Chapeau / Maastricht-Region booth The Chapeau/Maastricht Region at TEFAF PAPER (707) is a popular meetingpoint for local artlovers en businesspeople. In the stand many events will take place. Also visitors of the fair can see art and history in this stand. This year with archaeological finds from the Roman period in the Maastricht Heerlen - region and some portraits of the Royal Dutch Family in relation to Kingsday, which will be organised this year in Maastricht on april 27. The Chapeau /Maastricht Region stand is an initiative of Chapeau Magazine, the city of Maastricht, the province of Limburg, MECC Maastricht and several other partners in the region. On a daily base TEFAF Maastricht 2020can be followed worldwide with TEFAF TV ‘by Chapeau’. A daily newsprogram, produced at the fair with interviews, impressions and

news from the fair. In the stand of Chapeau Magazine / the Maastricht Region there will be a separate, professional television studio for our own programme TEFAF TV News. This programme will be edited and broadcast from a special editing area. Every day, a new 15-minute broadcast will be made. On regular daily base there will be shown also a block of ‘booth-clips’ of TEFAF-dealers. The programme can be seen online at www.tefaftv.com, at www.tefaf. com and www.chapeaumagazine. com. The programme will also be made available daily in most hotels in Maastricht and the Maastricht area. The editors can be contacted at stand no. 707 and at info@tefaftv.com

From Maastricht it is only a short trip to Cube design museum in Kerkrade, the first museum in the Netherlands that is entirely dedicated to design. Cube focuses on design that offers solutions for human needs and ambitions. The exhibitions in Cube show design by national and international designers; designs that have an impact on our world and makes you question your perspective on daily life. Cube also gives insights on the process of design and lets you co-create with design students, who are working in the Cube design labs. Why not combine your visit to TEFAF with a visit to Cube?

The exhibition ‘(Re)design Death’ features contemporary design around the central themes of saying farewell, dying, mourning and remembering. Over 40 objects will provide you with insight in how contemporary designers deal with the needs and rituals in connection with death, in many cases they result from personal experiences.

photography Francesco D’Angelo

11 feb / 24 jan

New rituals to replace older, religious rituals As an outcome of secularisation (more than half of the Dutch no longer feel to belong to a religious denomination) and individualisation, traditional (religious) ways of dealing with death are no longer felt to be meaningful. Death and the resulting loss are now mainly felt to be a strictly personal matter. As a reaction to these developments designers come up with new approaches and inspiration for radically new products and concepts to deal with death, mourning and remembrance. Design becomes a powerful means to create new and personal rituals. Preparation, Saying Farewell, Mourning & Life after Death The exhibition is divided into three successive themes, derived from the several stages in the process of dying: Preparation, Saying Farewell, Mourning & Life after Death. The objects shown at the exhibition originate from all over the world and are of a contemporary, futuristic or speculative nature. Attention is paid to functional and technological designs,but there are also poetic and experience- and people-oriented designs.

Museumplein 2, 6461 MA Kerkrade

(Re)design Death is on display from 11 Feb. 2020 to 24 Jan. 2021.

gesubsidieerd door de Provincie Limbur g




THE FINEST RESTAURANTS Chapeau has selected some of the most pleasant and gastronomic restaurants in Maastricht and surrounding areas.

Restaurants in Maastricht’s City Centre Tout à Fait A modern Michelin-starred restaurant serving an intriguing, contemporary cuisine. Restaurateur Bart Ausems has also a bistro in the neighbouring building that offers a wallet-friendly menu. Sint Bernardusstraat 16 +31 (0)43 3500405 www.toutafait.nl Rantrée A great place outside the side with a great view over the city and the Belgian border. Run by a young couple who know how to welcome guests. The chef produces top-level dishes, while his wife is a real wine connoisseur and presents a great selection. Wonderful value for money, with one Michelin star. Het Wilhelmus 30L +31 (0)43 3215140 www.rantree.nl Restaurant Rozemarijn Just around the corner from Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, this cosy restaurant serves light and delicious cuisine and wonderful wines. Havenstraat 19 +31 (0)43 4506505 www.restaurant-rozemarijn.nl



Vino&Friends At the spot of the former restaurant ’t Plenkske you now find Vino&Friends, a trendy Italian gastropub and wine shop in the centre of the city. Italian dishes and 350 different wines. Plankstraat 6 +31 (0)43 3218456 www.vinoandfriends.nl Il Giardino A popular place with a friendly, family-like ambiance. Serves Italian food at reasonable prices. O.L.Vrouweplein 15 +31 (0)43 3256229 www.ristoranteilgiardino.nl Au Coin des Bons Enfants A well-known place in a friendly student neighbourhood. Traditional French cuisine in a cosy and intimate restaurant. Ezelmarkt 4 +31 (0)43 3212359 www.aucoindesbonsenfants.nl Wine Restaurant Mes Amis Located in a street full of other restaurants and cafés, this business sets itself apart with its great wine selection, which includes a whole host of local wines. The whole interior is just renewed. Tongersestraat 5 +31 (0)43 3257866 www.mesamis.nl

Café Sjiek Maastricht’s first bistro – and still the most original. Popular and always busy, people go not only to enjoy the simple yet good-quality food and great wines at attractive prices, but also because it’s a great place to meet up with friends. Sint Pieterstraat 13 +31 (0)43-3210158 www.cafesjiek.nl Restaurant 55 Set in a baroque-style interior, the restaurant’s dynamic young team prepares French dishes at a reasonable price. Heggenstraat 3a +31 (0)43-3251762 www.restaurant55.nl

Fitz Roy Bar-bistro as part of a hotel. The menu draws on culinary influences from all over the world and herbs from their own urban garden. Opened for breakfast, lunch, bar snacks and dinner from Wednesday till Saturday. Boschstraat 70 +31 (0)43 3030700, www.fitz-roy.nl Ristorante Il Fiore A new Italian restaurant in the old center, cosy and natural. Original Italian cuisine and a warm atmosphere. Kesselskade 59 +31 (0)43 8528099 www.ilfiore.nu

Derlon Hotel Derlon is home to a modern restaurant serving French-Mediterranean cuisine and a selection of divine wines. O.L.Vrouweplein 6 +31 (0)43 3216770

NOON A new hide-out in Maastricht. Located on a unique location near the Meuse river, granting you a great view over the city. With a menu full of not-ordinary and tasteful dishes, cocktails and gin-tonics. Griend 6-7, Maastricht +31 (0)43 820 0008 www.noonmaastricht.nl

Brandsøn Comfortable trendy restaurant with an eclectic, international taste. A sophisticated restaurant and bar concept with a drinking bar for beverages and bites and a dining area for lunch or dinner. Het Bat 2, +31 (0)43 201 2620 www.brandson.restaurant

Kruisherenrestaurant Modern and international restaurant, set in a spectacular former Gothic church, Kruisherenrestaurant offers fantastic food and professional service. Kruisherengang 19 +31 (0)43 3292020 www.chateauhotels.nl



Château Neercanne A gorgeous, romantic castle at the border of Maastricht. Set in a classic and grand building and boasting a spectacular wine cellar, Château Neercanne serves classic French cuisine and offers excellent service. Cannerweg 800 +31 (0)43 3251359 www.chateauhotels.nl SOFA Situated at the edge of a marina, this modern restaurant offers contemporary dishes in a peaceful setting. Hoge Weerd 6 +31 (0)43 3671337 www.sofamaastricht.nl Restaurants in Maastricht’s Wyck district Beluga Loves You In the summer of 2019, the famous Beluga loves you was taken over by Servais Tielman, who used to work at Beluga loves you as a sous-chef for many years. Tielman brings you a renewed Beluga loves you experience that revolves around pure, local ingredients, which are used from head to toe. One Michelin star. Plein 1992 12 +31 (0)43 3213364 www.belugalovesyou.com



Mediterraneo ‘The best Italian food in town’. Restaurateur Pino is very senior, but he can still be found in the kitchen every day. His truffle dishes are famous. Very popular and with a very welcoming staff. Rechtstraat 73 +31 (0)43 3255037 www.ristorante-mediterraneo.nl ‘O’ Informal, relaxed fish restaurant with an open kitchen en tastefull dishes. Rechtstraat 76 +31 (0)43 3259747 www.restaurant-o.nl Harry’s A classy and stylish city bistro at Hotel Beaumont, which is becoming increasingly popular with a broad clientele for lunch and dinner. Contemporary dishes and good wines at reasonable prices and with attentive staff. Wycker Brugstraat 2 +31 (0)43-3281366 www.harrysmaastricht.com Bouchon d’en Face Lyonnais-style bistro, offering classic dishes such as canard à l’orange. Agreeable prices and an casual yet intimate atmosphere. Wyckerbrugstraat 54 +31 (0)43 3116438 www.bouchondenface.nl

NOVO new dining Situated in the trendy Wyck district, this modern restaurant offers contemporary dishes in a relaxed setting. Friendly prices. Every week, the team of NOVO new dining surprises its customers with a completely new menu. Wilhelminasingel 39A +31 (0)43 204 11 69 www.novo-dining.com Restaurant Flo Part of the Parisian group of original bistros offering classic French dishes. A spacious establishment that can also accommodate large parties. Stationstraat 28 +31 (0)43 3282525 www.flomaastricht.nl ’t Pakhoes Cosy restaurant opposite the Crown Plaza hotel. A family-run business with a chef who loves time-honoured dishes. Offers a wine list of classic French wines. Very attentive service. Waterpoort 4-6 +31 (0)43 3257000 www.pakhoes.nl Onglet What used to be a butcher’s workplace, now is a trendy speakeasy bar - restaurant. In a design that reminds of Great Gatsby-scenes you are welcome to enjoy refined dishes in which the more special parts of meat

play the main role. Wycker Brugstraat 27 +31 (0)43 8528847 De Mangerie Cosmopolitan cuisine in an elegant, modern setting at the Hotel Crowne Plaza. A wonderful location overlooking the river. Ruiterij 1 +31 (0)43 3509191 www.crowneplazamaastricht.com Umami by Han Delicious, light Asian food in an inviting restaurant and at attractive prices. Stationsstraat 12 +31 (0)43 3510006 wwwumami-restaurant.com Wen-Chow An authentic and original Chinese restaurant opposite the main railway station. Spoorweglaan 5 +31 (0)43 3214540 www.wen-chow.nl JEF Gastrobar JEF opened in the autumn of 2018. Wilbert and Gigi Nelissen would love to welcome you for a refreshing drink, some bites, and internationally inspired dishes. Rechtstraat 42, +31 (0)43 8554559



SoDelicious SoDelicious welcomes you from the morning to the evening for a culinary interlude. For dinner you got the choice between a la carte and a weekly changing surprise menu (three to six courses). Besides restaurant, also a bakery and caterer. Stationsstraat 21 - 23 +31 (0)43 3252035 www.sodelicious.nl Restaurants near Maastricht De Pastory This homely establishment is located in an old farmhouse just a five-minute drive from Maastricht. Good food at fair prices, and with an appealing wine list. Dorpsstraat 45, Cadier en Keer +31 (0)43 4071823 www.depastory.nl


Château St. Gerlach Enjoy a stylish and delicious dinner in a real château. The kitchen uses many products from its own vegetable and herb garden. Joseph Corneli Allée 1, Houthem-St. Gerlach / Valkenburg +31 (0)43-6088888 www.chateauhotels.nl Restaurant Chez Paul A warm and inviting restaurant offering fine French cuisine. A mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Broekhem 130, Valkenburg +31 (0)43 6013242 www.restaurantchezpaul.nl

L’Appetito Gran Gusto This place has enjoyed great success. It is a modern Italian restaurant in an old, fully restored farmhouse. Great atmosphere and good prices. Dorpstraat 26, Sint Geertruid +31 (0)43 8516545 www.lappetitograngusto.nl

Voncken A classic restaurant at Hotel Voncken with a welcoming and traditional dining room. The chef has been here for more than thirty years. Walramplein 1, Valkenburg +31 (0)43 6012841 www.hotelvoncken.nl

Op de Hej Located at a rural spot, this small ‘home’ restaurant is staffed by only the chef and his wife. Honest food and a pleasant atmosphere. Heiweg 6, Sint Geertruid +31 (0)43 4098474 www.opdehej.nl

Atelier A high-quality restaurant in a contemporary style, with tables situated around the kitchen. Fantastic wine list. Markt, Gulpen +31 (0)43 4504490 www.restaurantatelier.nl


Restaurant Julemont at Château Wittem After a year of complete renovation the restaurant in this great castle is open with a high level french cuisine in a romantic atmosphere. Interesting wine-cellar. Wittemer Allee 3, Wittem +31(0)43 4501208 Vanille Homely restaurant with a new interior, serving wonderful food and wine combinations at attractive prices. Light cuisine and a wine list filled with pleasant surprises. Diepstraat 1, Eijsden +31 (0)43 4093554 www.restaurantvanille.nl Restaurants elsewhere in Limburg and the border region De Leuf Great Michelin star restaurant in a modern, renovated farmhouse. Creative and slightly exotic cuisine with a good wine list. Dalstraat 2, Ubachsberg +31 (0)45-5750226, www.deleuf.nl Pirandello Italian restaurant in a fully refurbished space with a gorgeous view of the garden and the restaurant’s own vineyard. Excellent cuisine, lovely Italian wines, and highly skilled staff. Tunnelweg 99, Landgraaf +31 (0)45-5464343 www.chateauhotels.nl

Kasteel TerWorm Lovely restaurant in a small, charming castle. Offers French cuisine and a great wine list. Terworm 5, Heerlen +31 (0)45 4001111 www.terworm.nl Graffiti – food for the neighbourhood As the previous bought a new restaurant in Maastricht, he sold his old restaurant to one of his star-students, who turned this covered in graffiti, stately old building into his own restaurant. The dishes that are served here are as urban-inspired as the décor – served at a high level for accessible prices. Laanderstraat 27, Heerlen +31 (0)45-5714241 www.graffitirestaurant.nl De Lindeboom An ever-popular restaurant with friendly staff, good food, and an amazing wine selection, with many wines available by the glass as well. Brugstraat 2, Beek +31 (0)46 4371237 www.delindeboom.info



Pasta e Vino Great Italian cuisine with wines to match. Always popular with dinner guests from all around. Prins Mauritslaan 22, Beek +31 (0)464379994 www.pastaevino.nl Mrs. Robinson A stylish, contemporary restaurant with a unique concept that pays tribute to the classic 1967 film The Graduate. Offers a stylish interior and an inspired menu. Markt 11, Beek +31 (0)46 206 0015 www.mrs-robinson.nl Silvester’s Popular restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine and a holder of the Bib Gourmand, which means value for money. Paardestraat 25, Sittard +31 (0)46 4511224 www.silvesters.nl Da Vinci Beautiful, modern restaurant at the marina with cuisine crowned with a Michelin star and created by the best female chef in the Netherlands, Margo Reuten. Her partner Petro Kools serves outstanding wines with her dishes Havenstraat 27, Maasbracht +31 (0)475 465979 www.restaurantdavinci.nl



ONE A great restaurant with a Michelin star in an old industrial building. Creative cuisine by Edwin Soumang. His charming Canadian partner Bethany Long serves great wines from all over the world. The restaurant was restyled last summer. ECI 17, Roermond +31 (0)475 600262 www.restaurantone.nl DAMIANZ An entirely renovated restaurant with a top-quality kitchen in a location where you can while away for hours. The restaurant has retained a few references to the former function of the building as a holding facility. Pollartstraat 7, Roermond +31 (0)475 870870 www.hetarresthuis.nl Sabero A small but very high standard restaurant in the center of Roermond. In the first year chef Nico Boreas was already honoured with two Michelin-stars. Booking in advance is absolutely necessary. Roerkade 39, Roermond +31(0)475-723101 www.sabero.nl

La Source This ambitious restaurant at La Domaine La Butte aux Bois has two stars Michelin. A very creative and contemporary cuisine, great wines, and a dynamic team of personnel and service staff. Modern interior. Paalsteenlaan 90, Lanaken (B). +32 (0)89-739770 www.restaurantlasource.be De Kristalijn Futuristic restaurant with a Michelin star and a wonderful view of the Genk golf course. A sophisticated interior design as well as great food and professional waiters. The restaurant’s sommelier has been nominated the best in Belgium. Wiemesmeerstraat 105, Genk (B) +32 (0)89-355828 www.dekristalijn.be La Botte Very popular Italian restaurant run by the Giacomazza brothers, who reel off their repertoire with passion and ensure a full house on a daily basis. Europalaan 99, Genk (B) +32 (0)89 362545 www.labotte.be JER The name of this Michelin-starred restaurant stands for ‘Just Eat Right’. Offers great food and wine combinations. Persoonstraat 16, Hasselt (B) +32 (0)11-262647 www.jer.be

Ogst Nice place, recently winner of a Michelin star. Very interesting combinations of plates and sometimes onknown but surprisingly good wines. Good price-level. Ridder Portmansstraat 4, Hasselt (B), +32(0)11-413813 www.ogst.be Slagmolen Bart Meewis’s cuisine – crowned with two Michelin stars – is uniformly delicious and classically refined. Located in an old watermill, surrounded by nature. Molenweg 177, Opglabbeek (B) +32 (0)89 854888 www.slagmolen.be Cuchara ‘A symphony of taste’ is the conclusion of Michelin, and rated Cuchara in the newest ‘red bible’ with two stars. Nature and easy music draw the ambiance of this hot place of haute cuisine. Lepelstraat 3, Lommel (B) +32 (0)11 757435 www.cuchara.be Innesto Prestigious restaurant with wonderful, very contemporary cuisine (they have certainly earned their Michelin star). Extra creative with vegetables. Grote Baan 9, Houthalen (B) +32 (0)11 525525 www.innesto.be



A NEW HIDE-OUT HAPPY FOOD & DRINKS BE PART OF US reservation: noonmaastricht.nl +31 (0)43 8200008

De Mijlpaal A Michelin-starred restaurant in Tongeren’s old city centre, with a modern interior and cuisine. Sint-Truiderstraat 25, Tongeren (B) +32 (0)12 264277 www.demijlpaal.org Magis Another modern interior in a historic building, close to the Basilica of Our Lady in Tongeren. Creative cuisine with southern elements, and the proud bearer of one Michelin star. Hemelingenstraat 23, Tongeren (B) +32 (0)12 743464 www.restaurantmagis.be Restaurant Altermezzo Home to ‘Young Chef of the Year 2018’ Jo Grootaers, Altermezzo is a new hotspot for food lovers. Trendy spot with creative dishes. One Michelin star. Bilzersteenweg 366 Riksen-Tongeren (B) +32 (0)12 741674 www.altermezzo.be Terhills Brasserie & Bar This high-quality brasserie is part of Terhills Hotel which counts nearly 60 rooms. Here, guests feel like they are dining in a living room. Chef Dirk Dekinderen and his team make sure that his guests don’t lack anything. Zetellaan 68, Maasmechelen (B) +32 (0)89 730909 www.terhills.com

Brasserie Héliport Situated to the south of Liège in a lovely castle, chef Frédéric Salpetier has achieved his dream of creating a fantastic restaurant in a modern interior. One Michelin star. Allée des Erables Château de Colonster, Sart-Tilman (B) +32 (0)43 662820 www.heliportbrasserie.be La Bécasse Friendly chef Christof Lang cooks in a fine French style combined with good French wines. Has held a Michelin star for many years. Hanbrucher Strasse 1, Aachen (D), +49 (0)24 174444 www.labecasse.de Vendôme The closest restaurant to Maastricht with three Michelin stars (a little over an hour away) can be found in Bergisch-Gladbach near Cologne. Vendôme is Schloss Bensberg’s beautiful gastronomic restaurant. Germany’s finest chef Joachim Wissler produces fantastic, creative, and very contemporary meals every time. The very professional waiting staff continue the flawless service and serve excellent wines. Kadettenstrasse 1, Bergisch Gladbach (D) +49 (0)22 04420 www.schlossbensberg.com





A selection of the most comfortable hotels in Maastricht and surrounding areas

In the city centre Kruisherenhotel Design hotel with historic details dating from the fifteenth-century monastery in which it is situated. The only five-star hotel in town. Kruisherengang 19-23 +31 (0)43 3292020 www.kruisherenhotel.nl Hotel Derlon Located on Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square, where Maastricht feels a little like Paris. This luxurious hotel, almost 150 years old, is built on top of Roman ruins. Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 6 +31 (0)43 3216770 www.derlon.com Botticelli Small and romantic hotel inspired by the style of the Italian Renaissance, situated close to Vrijthof square. Papenstraat 11 +31 (0)43 3526300 www.hotelbotticelli.nl Mabi Luxurious hotel located inside an old, renovated cinema near the Markt square. Recently renovated. Kleine Gracht 24 +31 (0)43 3514444 www.hotelmabi.nl

Amrâth Hotel Du Casque Classic, comfortable hotel on Vrijthof square. Helmstraat 14A +31 (0)43 3214343 www.amrathhotelducasque.nl Fitz Roy - Urban Hotel, Bar and Garden This trendy hotel is an oasis of green tranquillity at a unique location right in the heart of the city. Boschstraat 70 +31 (0)43 3030700 Hotel Monastère Paris chic meets vintage Maastricht. This new hotel in the Sphinxkwartier district was opened last summer and is located in a former monastery. Boschstraat 71 +31 (0)43 8700240 Le Theatre Hotel Hotel on Vrijthof square next to the theatre. Lovely rooms decorated in the French style with a great view, located in the heart of the city. Vrijthof 50 +31 (0)43 3030280 www.letheatrehotel.nl



Boutique Hotel Sint Jacob Charming boutique hotel situated in a historic house in the heart of the city. Sint Jacobstraat 6 +31 (0)43 2030040 www.boutiquehotelsintjacob.nl Hotel Britannique Small hotel on Vrijthof square, located above a restaurant with terrace. Vrijthof 6 +31 (0)43 3218691 www.britannique.nl Haas op het Vrijthof Small hotel in an old beautiful building on Vrijthof square close to the Museum. Luxurious interior, great rooms. Vrijthof 20a, +31 (0)43 8524353 www.haasophetvrijthof.nl Rekko A lovely small hotel in the charming Jeker quarter. Pleasant B&B rooms. Kleine Looiersstraat 8 +31 (0)43 3251841 www.chambre-rekko.nl Bouteaquehotel Charming, small hotel with beautiful luxury rooms with a personal touch and decorated with art. Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 2 +31 (0)43 3113246 www.bouteaque.nl



Le Virage Small hotel close to Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square, with the rooms situated above a small restaurant. Cortenstraat 2 +31 (0)43 3216608 Zenden Boutique hotel with a pristine white interior. Swimming pool and gym available. Good restaurants are located in the same street. Sint Bernardusstraat 5 +31 (0)43 3212211 www.zenden.nl Les Charmes Maastricht’s smallest hotel where you can enjoy your breakfast in bed or in the beautiful breakfast hall. Lenculenstraat 18 +31 (0)43 3212521 www.hotellescharmes.nl Au Quartier Renovated town house in the heart of Maastricht’s Quartier Latin. Kapoenstraat 32 +31 (0)43 3258088 www.auquartier.nl

DIS Stylish small hotel attached to an old brewery where breakfast is served every morning. Tafelstraat 28, +31 (0)43 3215479 www.hoteldis.nl Dormio Hotel New hotel in a luxuary holiday villa park with a panoramic gastro-restaurant on the top floor. Located outside the city centre near the golf course. Het Wilhelmus 1 +31 (0)43 2043080

In the Wyck district Crowne Plaza International and modern hotel right beside the Meuse river. Ruiterij 1, +31 (0)43 3509191 crowneplazamaastricht.com Amrâth Grand Hotel de l’Empereur Hotel located in a national monument, located opposite the central railway station. Stationsstraat 2 +31 (0)43 3213838 amrathgrandhotelempereur.com Beaumont Located in the centre of Wyck, where modern and timeless design meets history stretching back over a hundred years. Lage Barakken 10 +31 (0)43 3254433 www.beaumontmaastricht.com

Hampshire Designhotel Maastricht Trendy design hotel with over a hundred unique and luxurious rooms. Stationsstraat 40 +31 (0)43 3282525 www.hampshire-hotels.com/ hampshire-designhotel-maastricht Townhouse Hotel Unique and modern boutique hotel where you experience authentic Limburg hospitality and ‘gezelligheid’ (conviviality and cosiness). Sint Maartenslaan 5 +31 (0)43 3211111 www.townhousehotels.nl The Dutch You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back to the 1980s with this new hotel concept. Wilhelminasingel 60 +31 (0)43 3281369 www.hotelthedutch.com Kaboom Trendy design hotel right opposite the central railway station with a delightful patio on the first floor. Stationsplein 1 +31 (0)43 3211111 www.kaboomhotel.nl



Just outside the city centre NH Maastricht’s biggest hotel, located right next to the MECC where the TEFAF takes places. Perfect for business and leisure stays. Forum 110 +31 (0)43 3838281 www.nh-hotels.com Hotel Van der Valk Large and modern hotel with extensive facilities, close to the MECC, on the other side of the highway. In 2019 completely renovated. Nijverheidsweg 35 +31 (0)43 3873500 www.hotelvandervalkmaastricht.nl Kasteel Vaeshartelt Comfortable luxury in a seventeenth-century castle, surrounded by nature on the edge of Maastricht. Weert 9, +31 (0)43 3690200 www.vaeshartelt.nl Apple Park Modern hotel near the northern entrance of the recently opened A2 motorway tunnel. Inspired by the ‘Big Apple’ and ideal for business and leisure stays. Pierre de Coubertinweg 3 +31 (0)43 3529000 www.applepark.nl



Near Maastricht Château St. Gerlach Magnificent and luxurious country estate surrounded by nature, about ten minutes’ drive from Maastricht. The complex includes a hotel, a restaurant, and spa facilities, all against a historic backdrop. Joseph Corneli Allée 1 Valkenburg +31 (0)43 6088888 www.chateauhotels.nl Grand Hotel Voncken A stylish hotel that has been run by the same family for nearly 120 years, right in the centre of the quaint little city of Valkenburg. Walramplein 1 Valkenburg +31 (0)43 6012841 www.hotelvoncken.nl Hotel Tummers Family hotel right opposite Valkenburg’s railway station. This very comfortable hotel offers spa facilities and the option of playing golf during your stay. Stationsstraat 21 Valkenburg +31 (0)43 6013741 www.hoteltummers.nl

Klein Zwitserland Luxurious hotel hidden amongst the hills of South Limburg. Terraces, balconies, and the special spa-wing all offer great views while relaxing. Grensweg 11, Slenaken +31 (0)43 4573291 www.kleinzwitserland.com Het Gulpdal A villa-style hotel with an English twist. Enjoy luxury and a great atmosphere surrounded by nature and tranquillity. Dorpsstraat 40, Slenaken +31 (0)43 4573315 www.gulpdal.nl Kasteel TerWorm A stay at this small, romantic castle takes you back in time and lets you experience tranquillity, luxury, and relaxation. Terworm 5, Heerlen +31 (0)45 4001111 www.terworm.nl Winselerhof A unique location in which to relax in the south of the Netherlands. This renovated farmhouse offers comfortable rooms, beautiful patios, and an Italian trattoria. Tunnelweg 99, Landgraaf +31 (0)45 5464343 www.oostwegelcollection.nl/ winselerhof

Château Wittem Château Wittem is an intimate boutique hotel in the middle of South Limburg’s hills. The chateau was completely renewed in 2019 and is a charming and historical setting for an exclusive stay. Wittemer Allee 3, Wittem +31 (0)45 4501208 www.chateauwittem.com Merici Stylish hotel in a former monastery in Sittard’s city centre. Compact, modern rooms with a nod to a rich history. Oude Markt 25, Sittard +31 (0)46 4009002 www.hotelmerici.nl Het Arresthuis Bold design hotel in a unique and historic location: a former prison. The stylish rooms used to be prison cells. Granted five stars in 2019. Pollartstraat 7, Roermond +31 (0)475-870870 www.hetarresthuis.nl



A taste of Limburg

Historical building and French garden


National Park Hoge Kempen

Elaisa Wellness

59 stylish rooms

Maasmechelen Village

Terhills Brasserie

Lifestyle bar

Terhills Hotel • Zetellaan 68 • B-3630 Maasmechelen • +32 (0)89 73 09 09 www.terhillshotel.com

La Butte aux Bois This domaine is situated in the middle of nature, surrounded by forests, on the edge of Lanaken in Belgium. The hotel is seen as one of the best in whole Belgium. High-end luxury and an informal atmosphere. The hotel has a new wing with extra luxurious rooms and a great spa and sports centre. La Source has two Michelin stars. Paalsteenlaan 90 Lanaken (B) +32 (0)89 739770 www.labutteauxbois.be Eurotel Modern hotel in Lanaken, perfect for those wanting to cycle through the MeuseRhine Euroregion. Other facilities include meeting rooms, a pool, and a gym. Koning Albertlaan 264 Lanaken (B) +32 (0)89 722822 www.eurotel-lanaken.be

Terhills Hotel Exquisite design hotel on a country estate in a historic setting, located near Maasmechelen Village shopping outlet. Zetellaan 68, Maasmechelen (B) +32 (0)89 730909 www.terhillshotel.com Carbon A feel-good design hotel in Genk. The spacious, minimalistic rooms offer views of the unique roof terrace. The complex includes great spa facilities and a wine bar. Europalaan 38, Genk (B) +32 (0)89 322920 www.carbonhotel.be Stiemerheide Cottage-style hotel next to a golf course, with many facilities and a large swimming pool. Wiemesmeerstraat 105 Genk (B) +32 (0)89 355828 www.stiemerheide.be



Good to know: discover Martin’s rentMeesterij,

only 20 Minutes froM Mecc Maastricht, tefaf Good to know: discover Martin’s rentMeesterij,

. Bar . Restaurant 72 Guestonly Rooms Suites . Salons AKKO & ‘t Gasthuis 20&Minutes froM Mecc Maastricht , tefaf Terrace & Garden . Martin’Spa & Wellness . Parking . Salons . Bar&.Event 72 Guest Rooms &3Suites Restaurant Meeting, Banquet RoomsAKKO & ‘t Gasthuis Terrace & Garden . Martin’Spa & Wellness . Parking Kasteelstraat 2 . 3740 Bilzen 3 Meeting, Banquet & Event Rooms . T +32 (0)89 44 21 21 mrm@martinshotels.com Kasteelstraat 2 . 3740 Bilzen martinshotels.com T +32 (0)89 44 21 21 . mrm@martinshotels.com martinshotels.com

Radisson Blu High-rise hotel in the centre of Hasselt. Its sky bar offers a great view of the entire city. Torenplein 8, Hasselt (Belgium) +32 (0)11 770000 www.radissonblu.com/ hotel-hasselt Hassotel Trendy design hotel in Hasselt’s city centre. It offers unique penthouses with views of the entire city skyline. St-Jozefstraat 2-10, Hasselt (B) +32 (0)11-230655 www.hassotel.be Van der Valk Hotel Sélys Liège A gorgeous hotel in a historic setting. Beautiful views of the city. Modern rooms and large suites. Topnotch service with an elegant, historic ballroom, a bistro with panoramic view, and spa facilities. Mont Saint-Martin 9-11 Liège (B) +32 (0)42 229494 www.hotelselys.be

Pullman Quellenhof An exclusive five-star hotel in Aachen with an international vibe, stylish rooms and suites, large-scale spa facilities, a pleasant and spacious lounge, and a great restaurant. Monheimsallee 52 Aachen (D) +49 (0)241-91320 www.pullmanhotels.com



Dominicanen Bookshop 70



Ten highlights in the Sphinxkwartier Discover Maastricht’s industrial heritage

Leave Maastricht’s charming and historic city centre behind for a while and discover its industrial heritage. The old Sphinx factory buildings form the backdrop to several creative and cultural hotspots there –places that are unpolished and quirky, cultural and creative, with a few rough edges. All sorts of things are possible: sleeping in an old factory building, dining in the cellars of Maastricht’s historic inner harbour, or enjoying a film in the former factory power plant. Welcome to the Sphinxkwartier, a new and unusual part of Maastricht.

1. Films at Lumière Cinema From Oscar winners to art-house films and ‘movies that matter’, you can catch the latest acclaimed films (and documentaries) in the Sphinx factory’s former power plant. And before or after your film, enjoy a quick bite, a glass of wine or a sumptuous three-course meal in Lumiere’s own restaurant-café (with its idyllic waterside terrace). 2. Cutting-edge music in the Muziekgieterij Love rock and cutting-edge music? Then the Muziekgieterij is the place to be. This former crate factory and warehouse offers dazzling live performances and experimental music with a monthly line-up of local and international acts. 3. Architecture then and now Once a showroom for the Sphinx factory’s latest ceramic masterpieces, the premises occupied by Bureau Europa are now the setting for exhibitions, lectures, workshops and debates on architecture, urban planning and design. 4. Rooftop drinks and bites Imagine enjoying the warm glow of a Maastricht sunset with a cocktail in your hand. If the thought appeals to you, then visit Bold, a rooftop bar on the eighth floor of the striking Eiffel Building. The menu includes ‘social food’ – small dishes to share, because it’s more fun enjoying food together.



5. Creating, learning and dining in the Brandweerkantine Creative spirits + cultural hotspot + coffee. Maastricht’s former fire station is now a creative incubator for young entrepreneurs, artists and performers. The space that once housed the fire engines is now the Brandweerkantine, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 6. Wining & dining & art in an historic inner harbour This spot may well be Maastricht’s best-kept secret. Find out for yourself. The Bassin, right in the heart of the Sphinxkwartier, is a remarkable place. The old, historic inner harbour is now home to several restaurants, grand cafés and an art gallery, all located within its dockyard cellars. 7. The history of Maastricht ceramics in tiles The Sphinxkwartier’s old factory is a fine and attractive building, but what actually happened there while it was still up and running? That is precisely what you will learn from the 30,000 or so tiles that line the 120-metre-long Sphinxpassage. This permanent exhibition illustrates the illustrious history of Maastricht’s ceramics industry in a unique spot that is open all year. 8. Organic groceries (locally sourced) This is where locals in the Sphinxkwartier go for everyday organic groceries. From Maastricht-grown potatoes to creamy cheeses crafted

©Hugo Thomassen

Tip Book the guided tour ‘Hidden Places & Secret Spaces’ with Visit Maastricht and get to know more about Maastricht’s industrial heritage.

10. Unspoilt nature in Frontenpark An urban park, but one that’s entirely in keeping with the edgy industrial nature of the adjacent Sphinxkwartier. Frontenpark has been described as the Sphinxkwartier’s rough and tumble backyard, and for good reason. A walk in the park takes you through a piece of unspoilt nature and alongside places of historical and cultural interest. And all that right in the middle of the city.

10 2

in the Ardennes region, and from Limburg apple juice to Italian wines, Gedeelde Weelde makes a point of stocking as many regional products as possible. Visit the cafe for a healthy breakfast, a vegetarian lunch or a slice of freshly baked cake. 9. Inspiring interior furnishings in old factory buildings The mixing tubs of the oldest factory buildings in the Sphinxkwartier have made way for Loods 5, a home furnishings and lifestyle store. The fusion of industrial heritage and contemporary design make this place an inspiring source of interior and styling ideas.

9 3


4 8





Visit sphinxkwartier.nl and discover more about this vibrant new area of Maastricht!





YOUR GUIDE TO THE BEST SHOPS IN MAASTRICHT AND THE EUREGION Maastricht is not just known for hosting TEFAF, for its epicurean lifestyle, cosy restaurants and bars or the history that can be felt throughout the city. Maastricht is also said to be one the best shopping cities in the Netherlands. Unique boutiques line the streets in the city centre and offer fashion and lifestyle to suit everyone’s tastes.

Maastricht Stokstraatkwartier Kiki Niesten The average TEFAF visitor knows where to find Kiki Niesten. With fantastic collections that feature brands like Prada, Bottega Veneta, Céline, and Alaïa, Kiki manages to surprise and delight fashion-lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Stokstraat 28-32 +31 (0)43 3216432 www.kikiniesten.nl Shoes & Shirts Shoes & Shirts is an interesting boutique that carries high-end shoes, shirts, and accessories for real gentlemen, as well as a small collection of women’s shoes. Here you will find Church’s, Crockett & Jones, TOD’s, and Edward Green. Havenstraat 23 +31 (0)43 3255518 www.shoesandshirts.nl PL-Line PL-Line City Outfits carries a wide range of luxury fashion brands for both men and women, such as Balmain, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Prada, Balenciaga, Valentino, and more. In 2019 PL-Line opened a second store next door, where they sell luxury sportswear. Most of the items that can be found here are from Stone Island.



Bredestraat 7 – 9 +31 (0)43 3250853 www.pl-line.com

Nicole Exclusieve Damesmode Nicole Exclusieve Damesmode welcomed a new owner in the summer of 2017. The new ownership brought breath of fresh air to the boutique, which specializes in exclusive women’s fashion. Nicole Exclusive Damesmode also carries collections by Moschino Boutique, Red Valentino, Missoni, Blumarine, and Versace. Stokstraat 46 T +31 (0)43 3218840 7 For All Mankind A high-end jeans brand located in an elegant townhouse in the heart of Maastricht. You can also find dresses, jackets, and polo shirts. Stokstraat 17 +31 (0)43 3255831 www.7forallmankind.nl Liu Jo The Italian Liu Jo is well-known for its elegant and glamorous womenswear and childrenswear. Lui Jo collections include unique print-on-print, faux fur and shiny metallic items. Stokstraat 31 +31 (0)43 3211985 www.liujo.com

Marc Cain Marc Cain is a declaration of love to all women, with an extensive collection of women’s clothing and accessories that sets high demands in terms of quality and design. Plankstraat 25 +31 (0)43 3254465 www.marc-cain.com Sarah Pacini An Italian fashion brand known for its unique combination of creativity and limitless possibilities. Sarah Pacini carries women’s fashion, accessories, sunglasses, and shoes and can be found on Stokstraat in Maastricht and Passage Lemonier 36 in Liège. Stokstraat 34 +31 (0)43 3263772 www.sarahpacini.com Pauw A carefully curated collection of women’s fashion brands, such as Irie Wash, Brunello Cucinelli, Dries van Noten, Vince, Woolrich, Marni, Anneclaire, and their own brand as well. Havenstraat 3 +31 (0)43 3255701 www.pauw.com sketch. sketch. is a young, empowered, creatively-driven fashion space located in the heart of Maastricht. They sell fashion for both men and women. At Sketch you can find

brands such as Joseph, Isabel Marant, Self Portrait, Theory, Golden Goose, Patrizia Pépé, JBrand, Common Project, and much more. Bredestraat 2A +31 (0)43 8552186 www.sketch-store.com Schins Atelier Schins Atelier is an updated version of the Schins family business. In addition to highquality skins, you can also find such brands as Peserico, Dorothee Schumacher, Manzoni, and Fabiana Filippi. Maastrichter Smedenstraat 15 +31 (0)43 3215607 www.schinsatelier.com Masuka Brand-new men’s fashion boutique. Their collection can be best described as ‘happy chic’, which basically means ‘with a bit more flair than casual chic’. Masuka sells mainly trendy Italian and German brands. Stokstraat 35 +31 (0)43 8553343 www.masuka.nl Woolrich Woolrich is edgy yet feminine, sporty yet stylish. At Woolrich Maastricht, you will find a wide selection of jackets, everyday fashion, and accessories. Maastrichter Smedenstraat 19 +31(0)43 3250126 www.woolrich.eu



NIKKIE Women’s fashion by Dutch designer Nikkie Plessen. NIKKIE’s style can best be described as strong and elegant but with a distinct touch. Stokstraat 3 +31(0)43 3212244 www.nikkie.co Maastricht City Centre Kymyka A mecca for bag enthusiasts and shoe lovers, with Louboutin’s famous red-soled high heels as their key item. This shop also carries plimsolls by Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana. Minckelersstraat 7 +31 (0)43 3261770 Kinsjasa This adorable shoe shop with a touch of Parisian chic carries stylish shoes with a bit of an edge from brands such as MOMA, Chie Mihara and Fiorentini & Baker. The owner also runs Muchachas and Traders, which sells menswear and womenswear with brands such as APC, Sophie d’Hoore, Roberto Collina, American Vintage, Vanessa Bruno and Humanoid. Sint Amorsplein 15 +31 (0)43 3216155

Courage Stunning lingerie and swimwear with brands such as Eres, Ritratti, and Luna di Setta. Here you can expect expert help in finding the right fit and shape. Sporenstraat 10 +31 (0)43 326 4485 www.couragemaastricht.nl de Bijenkorf A luxury department store that carries fashion, leather goods, cosmetics, home accessories, gifts, and more. Achter het Vleeshuis 26 +31 (0)88 2454488 www.debijenkorf.nl Diamond Point One of the oldest companies in the Dutch diamond industry, Diamond Point offers a wide range of products, suitable for every budget, at its revamped shop-in-shop at the Bijenkorf department store. Achter het Vleeshuis 26 Max Mara Maastricht MaxMara is a luxury Italian fashion house that includes 9 lines. The MaxMara womenswear line still is the core of the company. Bredestraat 2 +31 (0)43 350 0840 www.modemaastricht.nl



Schaap en Citroen The exclusive jeweller’s Schaap en Citroen opened their Maastricht shop in SS 2018. This exclusive jewellery and watch store sells Cartier, Breitling, Omega, and Rolex. Maastrichter Brugstraat 11-13 +31 (0)43 205 8159 www.schaapcitroen.nl FALKE Quality and design are the main principles of the famous brand Falke. The shop in the centre of Maastricht offers a great choice of knitted legwear, body wear, and fine hosiery. Maastrichter Brugstraat 28 +31 (0)43 2200181 www.falke.com Boekhandel Dominicanen According to the Guardian: “The fairest bookshop of the world, a bookshop made in heaven”. This bookstore holds the biggest stock of books in English in Maastricht, stored in a very unusual place: an old Dominican church. Dominicanerkerkstraat 1 +31 (0)43 4100010 www.libris.nl/dominicanen

NATAN / Paule Ka At the Plankstraat you may find two Belgian fashion brands under the same roof. Here you may find the biggest NATAN store of the Netherlands and several collections of Paule Ka. Plankstraat 10 +31 (0)43 3100622 Lincherie Maastricht Great offer of premium lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear with brands such as Marie Jo, PrimaDonna Andres Sarda, and Simone Pérèrle. Sint Amorsplein 5 +31 (0)43 3117366 Maastricht Wyck Studio Çedille Design Françoise Oostwegel’s own design store and studio. The minimalistic, Dutch design of Studio Çedille Design was created by the designer herself, and she uses the space to sell her own products. The store also sells pieces by about 20 designers. Rechtstraat 88E, +31 (0)6 22841781 www.francoiseoostwegel.nl /studio-cedille-design MAX With a collection that changes weekly, MAX aims to surprise its customers with stylish designs by mainly French and Italian designers. Hoogbrugstraat 69 +31 (0)43 364 4729 www.maxmaastricht.nl



De kunst van het maatwerk The art of tailoring Su Misura STATIONSSTRAAT 25 MAASTRICHT


Hot Kitchen Hot Kitchen Men’s Boutique carries brands such as Selected, Gentiluomo, Nudie Jeans, The GoodPeople, and Drykorn. In addition to clothes, Hot Kitchen also sells accessories and shoes. Rechtstraat 65a T +31 (0)43 850 1986 www.hot-kitchen.nl Leon Martens Located in the charming Wyck district, Leon Martens (est. 1947) is known as the leading jeweller in the Benelux. Much-loved by TEFAF regulars for his brilliant collection, craftsmanship, sense of style, and Limburg hospitality. Brands include Rolex, Cartier, Chopard, and Pomellato. Stationsstraat 39-41 +31 (0)43 3256363 www.leonmartens.com Mestrini Optiek Once you step inside Mestrini, you won’t be leaving without a pair of new glasses. Inside this beautiful baroque building you’ll find exclusive and hand-made eyewear by Chanel, Cartier, Dita, Tod’s, Tom Ford, Hoffmann, Oakley, and more. Stationsstraat 58 +31 (0)43 7112216 www.mestrini.nl

Noir At Noir you will affordable French, Dutch, and Scandinavian fashion with a vintage twist. Wycker Brugstraat 38 +31 (0)43 3116437 www.shopnoir.nl Modemannen Wyck Established in 1998, Modemannen Wyck sells mainly Italian labels such as Lardini, Corneliani, Eleventy, Borrelli, and Passini. They also have their own atelier from which they deliver and add the finishing touches to each item. Stationsstraat 25 +31 (0)43 3255039 www.modemannenwyck.nl Limburg / Outside Maastricht Maison Sonja Heerlen Women’s fashion store in the centre of Heerlen, carrying Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, and a collection of Versace and Jimmy Choo scarves, among other brands. Dautzenbergstraat 32-34 Heerlen T +31 (0)45 5714787 www.maison-sonja.nl



© Maasmechelen Village 2019 01/20

VIP INVITATION Maasmechelen Village

Explore TEFAF and enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience, less than half an hour from Maastricht. Discover more than 100 boutiques from the world’s most exciting brands such as Sandro, Hackett and Essentiel. Enjoy great restaurants, true five-star hospitality and remarkable savings of up to 60%*. BOOK YOUR AFTERNOON TEA EXPERIENCE IN OUR VIP LOUNGE Add a touch of luxury to your trip with a unique shopping experience and a complimentary VIP afternoon tea. Go to Maasmechelenvillage.com/Tefaf

The Village is open every day from 10.00 until 19.00, including on Sundays and bank holidays!

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on the recommended retail price






Designer Outlet Roermond Shoppers from all over the world find their way to Designer Outlet Centre McArthurGlen in Roermond, because nearly all international luxury fashion brands have one or more outlet stores here. Stadsweide 2 Roermond +31 (0)475 351777 www.outlets.mcarthurglen.com Euregion / Belgium Liège Across the Belgian border, a short twenty-minute drive from Maastricht, is Liège. The city centre and its pedestrian streets offer a variety of boutiques: fine delicacy stores, well-known labels, young fashion designers, major chains, and designers. Maasmechelen When shopping in the area surrounding TEFAF Maastricht, make sure to visit Maasmechelen. The Belgian city is a short thirty-minute drive from Maastrwwill find high-end fashion brands in a modern setting with professional style advice. Maasmechelen Village As a part of the Collection of Chic Outlet Shopping Villages, Maasmechelen Village has over 100 boutiques, carrying famous fashion and lifestyle brands. Zetellaan 100 Maasmechelen

Hasselt According to Belgians, Hasselt is the city of flavours – a name it owes to more than its famous gin. What makes this small city so great is that all of the shops are located in close proximity to one another. It also has a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Souâd Feriani Fashion designer Souâd Feriani started her own clothing label five years ago, focusing on women’s shirts. Simplicity, elegance, and sensuality are at the heart of all her collections. Dokter Willemsstraat 13, Hasselt +32 (0) 496 23 62 86 www.souadferiani.com Caviar With an industrial look and offering a trendy and exclusive collection of women’s fashion, the elegant Caviar fashion store sells brands such as Moschino, Missoni, ba&sh, and Elisabetta Franchi. Demerstraat 101, Hasselt +32 (0) 11 18 31 08 www.caviar-hasselt.be La Bottega Fashion house offering collections for women, men, and children, as well as lifestyle items. La Bottega sells brands such as Dries van Noten, Baum und Pferdgarten, Tim van Steenbergen, Kaai, Chloé, and Marie Martens Paardsdemerstraat 9, Hasselt +32 (0) 11 23 20 33 www.labottega.be




Inspired by the TEFAF Favourites in the Bonnefanten Museum

Drawing inspiration from The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht, several members of the Provincial Executive of Limburg each present a work of art that is part of the collection of the Bonnefanten Museum, the Provincial Museum.

‘No such thing as waste’ A favourite of Ruud Burlet, member of the Provincial Executive for Sustainability, the Environment and Procurement

Artist: Grayson Perry

Born in 1960, lives and works in Chelmsford – London. Title The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman date of work 2011 Materials oils glass rope cast iron flint Technique cut blown Dimensions total height 305 cm total width 204 cm total depth 79 cm Credits/Photo credits Bonnefanten Museum collection. Acquired in 2016 with support from the Mondriaan Fund and the Rembrandt Association (Titus Fund and Innorosa Fund)

‘With The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, artist Grayson Perry has created a monument to the unknown craftsman in the form of a burial ship,’ is how Burlet describes his favourite artwork. ©Maastricht ‘It is aMarketing tribute- Eighty8things to “ego-less creati-

vity”. Elaborating on the idea of the pilgrimage (which often has a tomb as the destination), Perry included in the ship all kinds of elements related to this idea, such as the scallop shell and the glass bottles. They are all objects that have been given a second life as part of this beautiful ship. That thought appeals to me: there’s no such thing as waste. All kinds of things that we would normally throw away without a second thought are given the opportunity to have a place in the spotlight. As a member of the Provincial Executive, I also deal with recycling and sustainability in my portfolio, and this kind of material never fails to inspire me. At home, too, I try to be thrifty with materials, and not wasteful. If something breaks, I always try to repair it myself first and, funnily enough, I quite often manage.’ ‘The fact that objects can be reused in craftsmanship and have been used literally as a subject, the materials used, and the reference to pilgrimages all bring together many aspects of art history in one work.’



Symbol for regional interconnectedness Favourite of Andy Dritty, member of the Provincial Executive for Space, Living and Europe

Artist: Joannes Andreas Gerardus l’ Herminotte, Born in 1732, Maastricht Title Three-Tap Urn Date of work 1758 1760 Materials silver Technique forged Dimensions total height 30.8 cm total width 29 cm total weight 1,473 g Acquired in 2017 and made possible in part by the Rembrandt Association (thanks to its Silver Theme Fund) and an anonymous private donor.

‘The goings-on between the countries in this part of Europe is particularly interesting,’ Andy Dritty recounts. ‘The same applies to its history. Hence my connection with this unique silver three-tap urn made by l’Herminotte and dating from between 1758 and 1760. Not only is it one of the masterpieces from the Bonnefanten Museum because of its art value, but also because of a



deeper symbolic meaning, which expresses Limburg’s Euregional interconnectedness.’ Maastricht silverware was known for its high quality and attracted customers from far and wide in the Euregio. Joannes l’Herminotte (1732-1802) was considered to be one of the most prominent Maastricht silversmiths of his time. ‘Making and drinking a cup of coffee or tea is par for the course for us these days, but in the 18th century it was reserved for the richest of the rich.’ L’Herminotte mainly produced silver in the exuberant Liège style. For this three-tap urn, he opted for a combination of the Liège style with the more modest Dutch style, so this rare object shows the extremely complex cultural, geographical, and political position that Maastricht held in the 18th century. The panels around the three taps are symmetrical but they are also all different. ‘For me, this symbolizes the fact that Dutch, German, and Belgian regions all come together here.’

‘A beautiful reference to the uncertainty of life’ Favourite of Carla Brugman-Rustenburg, member of the Provincial Executive for Energy, Nature and Public Transport

Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Younger Born in 1564 Artwork Winter landscape with a bird trap Materials oil on board Technique painted Donated in 2005 from the Rembrandt Association to the Bonnefanten Museum

A colourful group of ice-skating children, swirling skaters, and men playing curling on the ice fills this landscape, with a hole in the ice on the left in the foreground and low bushes and countless birds on the right. On the right is a bird trap: a plank with a stick with a rope attached to it. The birds pecking at the food will be crushed as soon as someone tugs the rope. In the background is a low bridge over the river, and on the horizon you can still vaguely make out the contours of a town and a windmill shrouded in mist. ‘At first glance it looks like a pretty

ordinary representation of a winter landscape,’ Carla Brugman-Rustenburg tells us. ‘Yet there is a deeper meaning to this depiction: the bird trap will kill the birds, the ice may break under the weight of the people, and the hole is a trap for the unsuspecting skater. Taken together, it is probably an allusion to the uncertainty of existence. This painting calls to mind cherished memories for me: such as my art lessons at primary school with a weekly visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. But it also reminds me of skating virtually every year back in the day. That seems as though it could be a thing of the past, thanks to climate change. Pieter Brueghel the Younger’s painting is a poignant reference to the uncertainty of life. That is something that has always been the case and something we’re having to deal with now, with all the visible changes in our climate. It’s all beautifully symbolized by the slippery ice, the hole in the ice, and the bird trap.’



‘The image of Judeo-Christian humanistic and social values’ Favourite of Robert Housmans, member of the Provincial Executive for the Social Agenda, Healthcare and Security

Artist: Ambrosius Francken the Elder (painter) Liège Born in 1544 Work Let the children come to me

The painter of this beautiful work, Ambrosius Francken the Elder, was mainly inspired by the Italian painter Raphael (1483 – 1520) when producing this painting,’ Robert Housmans explains. ‘The kneeling woman and the man standing to the left of Christ are both modelled on figures on one of the tapestries in the Sistine Chapel in Rome: The miraculous catch of fish. These tapestries were woven in the workshop of the Brussels tapestry weaver, Pieter van Aelst, at the beginning of the sixteenth century based on models or the Raphael Cartoons. These cartoons had a huge impact on many painters in



Brussels and Antwerp. The chubby, naked child in the middle is not the artist’s own creation: it was based on an example from the Italian Renaissance. What I love about this painting is the way in which the artist uses light and dark hues to draw the attention to the children in the centre of the canvas. I also ask myself what the two men centre left of the painting are discussing. We may never know. The Judeo-Christian humanistic and social values are the foundation of our modern western society. These values are portrayed beautifully in this painting.’

‘Acquired at TEFAF’. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ Favourite of Ger Koopmans, member of the Provincial Executive for Culture, Finances and Integration

Artist: Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt (Born in 1566)

Work ‘Frédéric-Maurice de la Tour d’Auvergne, duc de Bouillon, prince de Condé Sedan et de Rancourt

On the last day of TEFAF 2019, the Bonnefanten Museum purchased a painting depicting the first governor of Maastricht. The work used to hang in an exhibition at the Weiss Gallery in London. It is a portrait entitled ‘Frédéric-Maurice de la Tour d’Auvergne, duc de Bouillon, prince de Condé Sedan et de Rancourt, an oil on board by Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt. This duke of Bouillon became the first governor of Maastricht in the 17th century. He was a grandson of William of Orange. The painting is of him when he was only 21 years old. The Province of Limburg had its sights on the painting from the

start. TEFAF used it as one of the campaign images. ‘We weren’t the only ones after the painting,’ member of the Provincial Executive, Ger Koopmans, is talking about the time the deal was sealed. ‘This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This work is an important part of Limburg’s history.’ Curator Lars Hendrikman, the person responsible at Bonnefanten for the Old Masters section, was delighted with the purchase. ‘From a cultural-historical perspective, it’s a very important work. We also have very few real portraits from that period, so this is a welcome addition.’




Brightlands Breaking through barriers together in sustainability and health



Our world can be a much better place! Materials, health, nutrition and services - Brightlands firmly believes they can all be made much more sustainable, healthy and smart! And this is what drives 22,000 Brightlands optimists to work hard on tomorrow’s world, each and every day. Help us blur the boundaries between doubt and faith, science and business, today and tomorrow. Join us in making dreams come true and taking action, for Limburg and the world.

Brightlands focuses on four challenges every day: sustainability, health, digitization, and nutrition. Brightlands, in the Dutch province of Limburg, is an international innovation community. Ambitious entrepreneurs, researchers, and students with a national and international focus are affiliated with start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, and knowledge institutions. These skilled members draw on their industry-specific expertise to share knowledge and experiences across disciplines. They do so in fields where science enriches market developments on the four Brightlands campuses: open environments where entrepreneurs, scientists, and students develop new innovations, learn from their failures, and achieve international breakthroughs. Given these



distinct specializations, it comes as no surprise that more and more entrepreneurs, researchers, and students are finding their way to Brightlands. Here, they can achieve their ambitions in an ideal campus environment with state-of-the-art facilities and plenty of room for talent development. Innovation and competitiveness are strengthened by a superb scientific climate. While this can be described in words, it can also be expressed as a mathematical formula: entrepreneurship x science = innovation. Our community of ‘Brightlanders’ and many others benefit from the unique ecosystem and international location of the province of Limburg, situated at the heart of the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen technology triangle. This area is borderless in terms of

geography, ambition, knowledge, and collaboration. It is a region that achieves outstanding results that strengthen the economy and boost new business, from idea to product and from promise to success. A strong concept built on a solid foundation from the province of Limburg, Maastricht University, Maastricht UMC+, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, DSM, APG and BASF. Borderless thinking will open up new worlds to you. This is particularly true in the Brightlands fields of sustainability, health, digitization, and nutrition – and endless combinations of all four. It all happens at Brightlands. Together, we develop global solutions that lead to new possibilities. For you, for the world, for tomorrow.

Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo Healthy and safe food, future farming, and the bio-circular economy Brightlands Chemelot Campus Smart materials and sustainable chemical products Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus Regenerative and precision medicine, innovative diagnostics Brightlands Smart Services Campus Data science and smart services

Knowledge crossing borders: for you, for the world, for tomorrow More info: Brightlands.com




Practical Information Maastricht SHOP OPENING HOURS Monday 13.00 - 18.00 Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 18.00* Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 *Thursday until 21.00 EMERGENCIES In case of an emergency, dial 112. AIRPORTS Maastricht Aachen Airport (10 km) 20 minutes from Maastricht. Direct flights to several cities in Southern Europe A popular airport for private jets. Airport Operations: Vliegveldweg 906199, AD Maastricht Airport (NL) Contact via: +31 (0)43 3589750 or operations@mhs.nl

Eindhoven Airport (100 km) 60 minutes from Maastricht. Direct flights to around 75 European destinations. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (220 km) 2 hours and 30 minutes from Maastricht. Direct flights to over 200 destinations worldwide, from Los Angeles to Beijing. Düsseldorf Airport (100 km) 1 hour and 10 minutes from Maastricht. Direct flights to around 180 destinations worldwide, from New York to Hong Kong. Cologne-Bonn Airport (100 km) 1 hour and 10 minutes from Maastricht. Direct flights to around 100 destinations, including London, Moscow and Dubai.

Frankfurt Am Main Airport (280 km) 3 hours from Maastricht. Hundreds of direct, worldwide flights. Brussels Zaventem Airport (100 km) 1 hour from Maastricht. Over 150 direct, worldwide flights. Brussels South – Charleroi Airport (120 km) 1 hours and 10 minutes from Maastricht. Dozens of direct flights within Europe, from London to Milan. TRAIN Maastricht-Centraal for the city and Maastricht-Randwyck for MECC-TEFAF. Information on Dutch train- and bus schedules: www.9292ov.nl. Information on national and international train schedules: www.ns.nl. Direct intercity train from Amsterdam: 2 hours and 30 minutes. TGV from Paris to Liège: 2 hours and 10 minutes. Liège is 30 minutes from Maastricht. London to Liège by TGV in 3 hours, change in Brussels. Frankfurt to Aachen by TGV in 2 hours. Aachen is 30 minutes from Maastricht.

TAXI SERVICES Taxi Frenske +31 (0)43 3636362 www.taxi-frenske.nl Taxi Airport Services Maestax +31 (0)43 3650600 www.maestax.nl

BUS SERVICES Jacobsbus +31 (0)43 6013877 www.jacobs-travel.com SHUTTLE SERVICE During TEFAF, a shuttle service is available between the MECC and the following hotels in Maastricht: Select Hotel Apple Park, Bastion Deluxe Hotel, Hotel Beaumont Maastricht, Designhotel La Bergère, Hotel du Casque, Hotel Derlon, Crowne Plaza Maastricht, Grand Hotel de l’Empereur, Kruisherenhotel, Mabi Hotel, Hip Hotel St. Martenslane, Hotel Novotel Maastricht, Hotel Kasteel Vaeshartelt, Hotel van der Valk. This shuttle service is free of charge for visitors to TEFAF Maastricht. MAASTRICHT BOOKING SERVICE For hotels, appartments and b&b +31 (0)43 383 8361 maastrichtbookingservice.nl




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MECC Historical city-center Stokstraat quarter Wyck quarter Ceramique quarter Central Railway-station Randwyck Railway-station Jeker quarter Boekhandel Dominicanen Theater aan het Vrijthof Museum aan het Vrijthof Bonnefantenmuseum Marres, House for Contemporary Art Natural History Museum





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The official TEFAF Maastricht City Guide 2020


The official TEFAF Maastricht City Guide 2020