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BIOENERGY SOLUTIONS FOR YOU COME, SEE & THINK, PROFESSIONAL EXCURSIONS Finland is one of the leading European countries in the utilization of forest biomass for renewable energy productions. Over 20 % of primary energy is produced by wood based fuels. North Karelia is the leading area of forest energy production and utilisation in Finland. About 65 % of energy used in North Karelia is renewable, primarily wood based. These figures are the results of effective R&D projects and 15 years of well oriented work and cooperation between decision makers, municipalities and business as well as the Wenet network of leading experts, organizations and companies (see

North Karelia also recognize the responsibility to share experiences and knowledge with people who want to promote and develop renewable energy solutions in order to mitigate climate change and create new business around it. We have unique network of well prepared visiting places: Heating facilities of different size, technological solutions, technology manufacturers and well designed supply chains of forest energy. Come, see and think with us how You could boost Your renewable energy business by experiences we have. For four distinct seasons, each with its own attractions. Summer in shades of green, a snowy frosty winter, the brief eruption of spring and brilliant colors of autumn. Karelia in Finland is full of life and new experiences. Whatever the time of year Karelia is a holiday destination beyond compare. The visitors to Karelia can find a broad spectrum of Finnish landscape: rugged ridges, hills, marshes, backwoods, lakes and rivers with sandy beaches and island galore.

Further information and bookings: Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd Unna Hypp枚nen 路 Tel. +358 (0)50 307 5556 路 路 WWW.VISITKARELIA.FI/TECHNICAL-VISITS

Season: valid year round Group size: 5-16 persons recommended, max 30 Duration: 3 days (see programme) Price: 1106 €/person, if 5 persons in the group (accommodation in Sokos Hotel Kimmel) 1049 €/person, if 5 persons in the group (accommodation in hotel GreenStar, ECO-hotel) 570 €/persons, if 16 persons in the group (accommodation in Sokos Hotel Kimmel) 514 €/person, if 16 persons in the group (accommodation in hotel GreenStar, ECO-hotel) The price might vary depending of the group size. Price includes: Accommodation, breakfasts and sauna in Sokos Hotel Kimmel and in Mekrijärvi, meals during the visit, detailed presentations of visit sites, brainstorming and wrap-up discussions with experts. For extra price: Bus transportations during the visit Options: Additional days with extra visits/discussions can be negotiated. We can add special activities to Your programme. Such as rafting, hiking trips, ATV-safaris, husky safaris, snowmobile safaris, fishing, baking traditional karelian pastries with experts, church boat trips, paddling etc. There is also possibility to visit for example Tulikivi fireplace factory or Kesla factory of forest technology. Languages: English, Finnish, German, Swedish, Estonian, Icelandic. Other languages can be negotiated.

Programme ARRIVAL DAY Arrival at Joensuu airport. Meeting with the hostess and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and welcoming address. DAY 1 7.00–8.00 Breakfast at the hotel 8.45–9.00 Transfer to Metla-house 9.00–11.00 The success Story: Forest Energy in Finland lecture and discussion. Coffee included. 11.00–12.00 Transfer to Eno, 35 km from Joensuu. Expert-host in a bus. 12.00–13.30 Let´s go to forest! Forest energy harvesting, chipping and transportation. Community scale district heating plant. Eno Energy Cooperative 13.30 Lunch in Eno/Uimaharju 14.30–16.00 Uimaharju, StoraEnso, Enocell Pulpmill terminal operations and energy production OR Fortum Power and Heat, Joensuu Power Plant. Combined heat and power (chp) production in large scale.

16.00–17.00 Transfer to Ilomantsi 17.00–22.00 Mekrijärvi Research Center, Joensuu University. Accommodation, wrap up-discussion, traditional Finnish sauna and dinner DAY 2 8.30–9.00 Breakfast in Mekrijärvi 9.30–11.00 Mekrijärvi experimental 700 kW combustion test boiler/heating plant and small scale pellet production 11.00–11.30 Transfer to Ilomantsi village, 12 km 11.30–13.00 Vapo Oy integrated district heating plant (23 MW) and pellet factory (70.000 t/a) 13.00–14.30 Lunch in restaurant Parppeinpirtti, also sightseeing tour in Parppeinvaara area 14.30–15.30 Transportations to Joensuu, 70 km 15.30–16.30 Free time in city center of Joensuu, possibility for shopping 16.30–17.00 Transfer to Joensuu airport 17.50 Flight to Helsinki

Further information and bookings: Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd Unna Hyppönen · Tel. +358 (0)50 307 5556 · · WWW.VISITKARELIA.FI/TECHNICAL-VISITS

Bioenergy solutions for you  

Technical visits in North karelia

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