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Introduction Previously... Ypres is a city with a very rich and varied past. During the Middle Ages Ypres was a flourishing trading centre. In those days Ypres was one of the main Flemish cloth centres next to Bruges and Ghent. The impressive cloth hall bears witness to this golden age. Saint Martin’s cathedral and the splendid ramparts also date back to this period. During the First World War the charming town was reduced to a heap of rubble. Ypres was almost entirely destroyed by four years of senseless violence. The citizens of Ypres rebuilt their city with respect for the past.





Today... The city is surrounded by a green belt, the ramparts. You can walk along them from the Ammunition Dump past Menin Gate up to the former open swimming pool. The Menin Gate is the greatest war monument under which the Last Post is sounded every evening at 8 pm to keep the memory of the many victims alive. The In Flanders Fields Museum tells the story and the memories of WWI by means of personal testimonies and modern techniques. The surroundings of Ypres have a great deal to offer also. This brochure will help you discover Ypres. It lists the places of interest, sites, museums, events … The city map and the map of the surroundings will act as a guideline.


As part of the total renovation of the In Flanders Fields Museum the visitors’ centre for Ypres and the Westhoek is being revamped too. From November 2011 the visitors’ centre will be housed in another hall of the Cloth Hall. The City of Ypres, Westtoer, Tourism Flanders and the design bureau Madoc have developed a new concept in which Ypres, the Ypres Salient and the Westhoek are presented as a varied and unique destination. The newest techniques will take the visitor on a unique journey of discovery in the Westhoek.

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Ypres Tourist Office Grote Markt 34 | BE-8900 Ieper tel. +32 (0)57 239 220 | fax +32 (0)57 239 275 |

Open: daily from 9 am to 6 pm (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as from 10 am) from 16 November through March from 9 am to 5 pm closed on 25/12 and 01/01

Things to see Places to visit


Cloth Hall | Belfry


The Cloth Hall served as a covered sales and storage place for cloth on the (now vaulted) waterway called the Ieperlee. The construction of the hall was completed in 1304. During the 1914-18 war the building was completely destroyed except for a section of the tower and a couple of walls. The reconstruction occurred under the guidance of architects J. Coomans and P.A. Pauwels. The sturdy belfry (70m) projects from the middle of the long face (125 m) of the building. The present spire with its openwork helmet and dragon (1692) was restored to its original form.Originally, the bottom tower section was used as a treasury. The middle section used to be an arms depot. The “Cat throwing” occurred from this floor. The 49 bells of the carillon are suspended in the “Bellringer’s house”. Above the central archway entrance “Donkerpoort”, under the coat of arms, is a statue of Our Lady of Thuyne, the patron of Ypres. The 1st floor of the Cloth Hall can be visited via the In Flanders Fields museum. See heading “Museum”.


3 Saint-Martin’s


The cathedral is a former Episcopal church in Gothic style reconstructed after the First World War. Bishop Jansenius and Count Robert of Bethune, the “Lion of Flanders” are buried here. There is also a beautiful side altar with an altarpiece and the miracle statue of Our Lady of Thuyne. The cathedral is open to the public, except during worship. (closed between 12 and 14:00) The tower is 100 m high and is not open to the public. The Lapidarium contains the old ruins of Saint Martin’s deanery. The Monastery building can be visited on the north side of the cathedral


Townhall | Nieuwerck

The Nieuwerck was built in 1619 against the east face of the hall and town hall. Resting on a row of pointed arches with large cross windows and a classical church window, this construction still has a fairly Gothic appearance, however, the decorations in the tympanums tend towards the Renaissance. In the council chamber there is a splendid stain glass window after a design by Arno Brys and draft of murals by Charles Degroux (ca. 1870). This chamber is open to the public during the opening hours of the town hall.

4 Saint-George’s

Memorial Church

This Anglican church was built in 1928-29 following the plans of London architect Sir Reginald Blomfield. This “Memorial Church” holds many reminders of the First World War. Everything down to the furniture was donated by British associations, regiments or individuals. This church is open to the public daily. (April – September from 9:30 till 20:00; October –March from 9:30 till 16:30)



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Things to see Places to visit



5 Cloister Gate

| Theatre

6 Old Seignory


15th century. The facade of this building displays a series of medallions representing the seven deadly sins. It was temporarily used as a town hall after the First World War.


8 Menin



This well-known British war monument of WW1 was built in classic style after a design by Sir Reginald Blomfield. This gate displays the names of 54,896 soldiers missing in action. Every evening at 8 pm the Last Post is sounded. See also “Last Post” under the heading War and Peace.

9 Saint-James’

Wooden House

The wooden house in the Rijselsestraat is a reconstruction of a 16th century house. At the beginning of the 19th century Ypres had more than 90 wooden houses. This house is not open to the public.


Lille Gate

The oldest still standing town gate with Burgundian towers (14th century).



The choir dates back to the 14th century; the lower church is in Late Gothic style. The tower was built in 1636 and was given a stone spire during the reconstruction.

9 7 Courthouse On the Grote Markt. Built by Architect J. Coomans in Flemish Renaissance style. The hospital of Our Blessed Lady was located here before the First World War.



10 Irish

Cross | Munster War Memorial

The Irish Cross was built to commemorate the soldiers originating from the Province of Munster (Ireland), who fell in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.

11 Saint-Peter’s


A section of the west tower and one of the crossing pillars are all that remain of this originally Romanesque church (12th century).

4 | Ieper

Het Steen

The only preserved Ypres Steen (a stone house in the Middle Ages) was built at the end of the 13th century.

15 Merghelynck


This stately building was built in 1774 after Lille master builder Thomas Gombert. François Merghelynck was the treasurer of Empress Maria-Theresia. See heading “Museums”.


16 Belle Almshouse This almshouse was one of the many foundations set up to care for the poor around 1276. The buildings were renovated in the 16th and 17th century. The most important items such as paintings and furniture have been gathered in the chapel. See also heading “Museums”.


Ypres Reservoir Cemetery



Ramparts War Museum

Located near Lille Gate and the Ramparts Cemetery. Can be accessed via the café “’t Klein Rijsel”. See heading “Museums”.




Ramparts Cemetery

Commonwealth military cemeteries.




17 Butcher’s


fish Market | Fish Gate

In the old tollhouse (1899), also called Minckhuisje, the fishmongers had to pay toll. A little further there are two covered stalls. The Fish Gate with Neptune, the god of the sea, was originally built in 1714.


Biebuyck House

The Gothic stepped gable dates back to 1544. This house clearly betrays influences of Bruges. The facade survived the First World War virtually unscathed.

The ground floor was built around 1275. The brick floor (1530) is crowned with two decorative stepped gables.

18 Old

Guild houses

On the Veemarkt stand Ypres facades of the 17th century (reconstruction).


21 Commonwealth

War Graves Commission

The headquarters of the British Department for Military Cemeteries in Northern Europe is located in the Elverdingsestraat 82. Visitors can request information on these cemeteries here. Tel. +32 (0)57 223 636 Fax: +32 (0)57 218 014


Saint-Nicolas’ Church

This church is a new construction in Romanesque-Byzantine style. There is little to remind you of the former church. The parish has been abolished since 1994 and today the church houses the Municipal Museum of Education. See heading “Museums”.


Cloth Hall Model

Gift of the Kiwanis service club. Executed in bronze. Explanatory text in Braille.

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Things to see Places to visit

35 31

27 Casemats Vaulted rooms in the ramparts. Can only be visited with a guide.

28 Old


The icehouse is a cylindrical cellar built in the rampart. This isolated space was used to store the blocks of ice that had been sawn out of the moats during frosty spells. The ice was not only used as a preservative but also as an anti-fever agent and as an anaesthetic for medical purposes. Can only be visited with a guide.

Sluice Room

A low door, also at street level and to the right of Lille Gate, gives access to the sluice doors thus allowing to control both the lower lying Ieperlee and the rampart moats. The Ieperlee crosses the city from south to north and was navigable until the 15th century; today is it covered. Can only be visited with a guide.

32 Municipal


See heading “Museums”.

33 Menin

Gate Model

Gift of the Kiwanis service club. Executed in bronze. Explanatory text in Braille.

34 Lion’s Tower and

Dominican’s Tower

Both towers belonged to the mediaeval fortifications. The ground floor and the vaulted access to these towers have been well preserved.


6 | Ieper

37 Indian


This monument was erected at the initiative of the Indian government. The British-Indian troops first saw action to the south of Ypres on 25 October 1914.




Access to this vaulted room is at street level, to the left of Lille Gate. It is claimed that this is where staff officers of British Commander Plumer prepared the attack of 7 June 1917. That is when 19 depth mines were detonated under the German lines. Can only be visited with a guide.


Set up in 1993 to commemorate the more than 43,000 Australian soldiers who fell in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.

Designed by Aloïs De Beule and unveiled on Sunday 27 June 1926, to honour the Ypres war victims, civilians and soldiers. The Ypres soldiers departed for the front from here. Since 2010 there is also a memorial plaque for the Ypres civilian victims of both World Wars.


30 Gatekeeper’s

Commemorative Plaque

38 Ypres


29 The

36 Australian

35 Ammunition


The ammunition dump dates back to 1817 and was built on the foundations of a former French ammunition dump by the army of the Netherlands under William I. The building survived WWI, and was restored in 1998. During a guided visit you will be given an audiovisual presentation of the rampart and town history. Can only be visited with a guide.

A yellow line has been drawn in the city map in this brochure. Follow this yellow line along the main places of interest in the city to obtain a good idea of what Ypres has to offer.


… onwards to a new In Flanders Fields Museum

1 1 In

Flanders Fields Museum The theme of the In Flanders Fields Museum is universal but simultaneously anchored in time and space. The permanent exhibition illustrates the period leading to the First World War, the destruction of the war years and the post war period. Besides more than 500 original objects and documents, interactive kiosks with touch screens will detail most themes even more. The route of the personal encounters is an absolute must. Via a name and a barcode, one of the hundred stories of men, women or children who personally experienced the war near Ypres, is unlocked.

The current In Flanders Fields Museum has been too small for a long time, and more space is needed. After twelve years we also need to adapt our permanent exhibition. The facts of the First World War have not changed, but we look at a few of its aspects differently today than in the past. The war landscape, as the last witness, will be the main theme in the new museum. The personal approach is expanded too. The In Flanders Fields Museum and the design bureau Tijdsbeeld & Pièce Montée from Ghent are working on a new permanent exhibition. It will be extended by 600m² and from now on it will also place the human stories in the context of the war landscape, that will stretch from the beach of Nieuwpoort to the Lys near Armentières in the new museum.

The current In Flanders Fields Museum will be closed from 14 November 2011. The new museum will open in June 2012.

→ Practical information: Lakenhalle - Grote Markt 34 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 220 Fax: +32 (0)57 239 275 Open: - February - March 30th 2011: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm (last entry at 4 pm) - April to November 14th 2011: every day from 10 am till 6 pm (last entry at 5 pm) - Closed from November 14th 2011 due to renovation works Price: Adults: € 8,00 pp Youngsters 7-25 year old: € 1,00 pp < 7 year old: free Groups (min. 20 pers.): € 5,50 pp Schools: € 1,00 pp




16 15

Merghelynck Museum

The Arthur Merghelynck Hotel Museum is at just a stone’s throw from the Grote Markt. It is established in a ‘mansion’ of 1774, designed by Lille architect Thomas Gombert in a transition style from Rococo to Neo-Classicism. After the First World War this mansion was faithfully rebuilt. A great deal of the contents of the house could be saved in time. This museum is probably Ypres least known but most special museum. This is where Arthur Merghelynck opened his private museum dedicated to the lifestyle of the nobility in the 18th century in 1894. Excessively decorated stylish rooms succeed one another: a boudoir, a ‘golden drawing room’, but also intimate rooms like the bedrooms, the private drawing room or the Flemish kitchen.


16 Belle Almshouse


Everything is presented in such a way that you believe the rightful owners have just left the house for a couple of minutes. The archaeological collection of the city of Ypres is housed in the coach houses: 800 objects of the middle ages illustrate the ups and downs of the cloth industry.

The museum also houses some remarkable items of furniture such as a unique linen press of the 17th century and the only tapestry owned by Ypres.

→ Practical information:

→ Practical information:

A. Merghelynckstraat 2 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 220 Fax: +32 (0)57 239 275

Rijselsestraat 38 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 220

Open: Throughout the year this museum can only be visited by groups accompanied by a guide. Every visit must be requested through Tourism Ypres well in advance. Price: € 1,25 pp guide: € 50 (max. 25 pers./guide)

8 | Ieper

The Bell Almshouse Museum exhibits the most beautiful items from the rich collection of the Ypres Public Social Welfare Centre (O.C.M.W.). Make sure you do not miss the painting of the Blessed Virgin. It was painted in 1420 and is one of the oldest paintings in Belgium.

Open: Daily from 10 am to 12.30 noon and from 2 pm to 6 pm. Closed from 1 November to 31 March and on Mondays. Price: € 2,50 pp → free with an entrance ticket to the In Flanders Fields Museum


22 From 27/11/2010 to 24/06/2012 22 Municipal

Museum of Education This museum is housed in the former Saint Nicholas church, a rarity in Flanders. The Museum of Education outlines the history of school education in Flanders from the middle ages to the present day. This is achieved by using miscellaneous and even extremely rare objects: books, manuals, wall charts, didactic material, original photos … The two reconstructions of classrooms of 1700 and 1930 are of particular interest.

→ Practical information: Saint-Nicolas’ Church G. de Stuersstraat 6A | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 220 Open: Daily from 10 am to 12.30 noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm (from April through October until 6 pm) Closed on Mondays, 25/12, 01/01 Price: € 2,50 pp → free with an entrance ticket to the In Flanders Fields Museum

The Big Secret! Dealing with carnality and sexuality in education and training during the 20th century. Today it is obvious that children are taught sexual education at school. But until quite recently the subject was unmentionable. Not only at school, but at home too. If you grew up in a middle class environment hundred years ago you more than probably never got to hear about the birds and the bees. The exhibition The big secret illustrates the changing opinions on physicality and unveils the evolution of our attitude towards sexuality.


Municipal Museum

In the former Saint John’s Almshouse the history of the age-old city of Ypres is displayed by means of old maps, prints, paintings, photos and pictures. Overview of Fine Arts in Ypres from the 16th century to the present day: paintings, sculptures, silverware, tin, showpiece furniture and porcelain. Splendid collection of pastels by Louise Dehem (1866-1922).

→ Practical information: Ieperleestraat 31 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 220 Open: Daily from 10 am to 12.30 noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm (from April through October until 6 pm) Closed on Mondays, 25/12, 01/01 Price: € 2,50 pp → free with an entrance ticket to the In Flanders Fields Museum

From 09/10/2010 to 09/10/2011

Ypres INprint

Ypres throughout the graphic arts from the 16th century to the present.



Ramparts War Museum

The museum exhibits lifelike decors with original material and archaeological finds. You can walk over wooden duckboards in the reconstruction of trenches and tunnels. See, hear and experience the horror and madness of the First World War!

→ Practical information: Rijselsestraat 208 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 236 Open: 10.30 am through 8 pm Wednesday and Thursday closed. Price: € 3,00 pp

Ieper | 9


Burghers as host Six terracotta scale models show the evolution of Ypres: from agrarian settlement to a lively city. Household goods and beautifully decorated tiles tell you about daily life in the 15th and 16th century. There are also ruins from the First World War. This exploratory expedition ends in the “Steengoed Idee”, a ceramics store.

→ Practical information: Kauwekijnstraat 5 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 334 965 Open: This site can only be visited in the company of a guide and after reservation.

Hill 62 - Sanctuary Wood Museum These grounds have been preserved as they were in 1918 with trenches, vaulted passageways, weapons, ammunition, slides and photos.

→ Practical information: Canadalaan 26 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 466 373 Open: Daily from 10 am to 6 pm Price: € 8,00 pp

Hooge Crater Museum This unique WWI museum is housed in a restored chapel in the place where one of the fiercest battles of Ypres was fought, and right opposite the ‘Hooge Crater Cemetery’. The private museum is highly recommended because of its life-sized reconstructions of war scenes, its extensive collection of weapons, equipment and photos! You can also enjoy an impressive ‘trench art’ collection in the cosy cafeteria.

→ Practical information: Meenseweg 467 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 468 446 Fax: +32 (0)57 468 712 Open: From Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm, between 1st February and 15th December. Price: € 4,50 pp

Menin Road Museum Museum with original objects and reconstructions of trenches and dug-outs.

→ Practical information: Meenseweg 470 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 201 136 Open: From 10 am until 10 pm. Closed on Tuesday. Price: € 3,50 pp

10 | Ieper

Front Line Hooghe - Open air museum A surprising number of war memories was discovered and is now carefully exhibited together with photographs of ‘t Hooghe during the Great War. There are also a few authentic bunkers in “Front Line Hooghe” of which one can be visited today

→ Practical information: Next to Hotel Kasteelhof ‘t Hooghe Meenseweg 481 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 468 787 Open: From 10 am to 7 pm Price: € 1,00 pp

Walking | Cycling Touring By Car ... In Flanders Fields Route The In Flanders Fields route is approximately 80 km long and is the ideal trip for exploring a number of major First World War sites and some other highlights in the region in one day. The object-oriented route starts from Ypres and takes you along secondary roads: important stops are Essex Farm in Boezinge with the John McCrae site, the Langemark Soldatenfriedhof and the Canadien in Langemark, the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 of Zonnebeke, the French cemetery Saint-Charles de Potyze, Messines with its museum and peace carillon, Kemmel and Poperinge with Talbot House and the Hop Museum. → This map is available from the Tourist Office. A number of private organisations offer daily minibus trips with an English guide. → For more information:

By cycle … Cycling network of the Westhoek A cycling network is a series of cycling paths signposted in both directions. There is a panel at each intersection stating the intersection number and the direction indicator to the next intersections. The Westhoek cycling network offers almost 1,000 kilometres of cycling

enjoyment in one of the most beautiful touristic regions of Flanders. There is a map for the North and one for the South of the Westhoek, which also includes Ypres. By means of the Ypres Salient map based on the intersections you will discover the landscape of the Ypres Salient on your cycle. Themed ride on the cycling network Ypres Salient The Ypres Salient themed cycle route uses the junction signposting of the Westhoek cycle network. The Ypres Salient area was one of the most notorious areas along the whole of the Western Front during the First World War. This route links the modern-day appearance of the landscape to the historical facts. → These maps are available from the Tourist Office. Peace route This 45 km long and entirely signposted cycling route starts and ends in Ypres. The route follows the Ypres Salient, the arched front line around Ypres, and first takes you to the provincial domain De Palingbeek and the sites of Hill 60 and Hill 62. You then proceed to Zonnebeke and the British Tyne Cot Cemetery. You then go on to Langemark and to the German Soldatenfriedhof. The return ride takes you along Essex Farm Cemetery. This is where John McCrae wrote his war poem “In Flanders Fields”. → This map is available from the Tourist Office.

Cycle rentals Cycles can be rented in the city camping, the ‘Jeugdstadion’. Open from the 1st of March to 12th of November. Jeugdstadion Bolwerkstraat 1 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 217 282 Fax: +32 (0)57 216 121 Solex rental You can discover Ypres and its surroundings in an original and fun way: by solex! This authentic means of transport of the Fifties and Sixties summons a nostalgic feeling for carefree, fun times of the past in many people. You can discover various defined routes around Ypres, Poperinge and Heuvelland by solex. The routes are stored in a user-friendly GPS and show you the culture and history of Ypres, but also the beautiful nature around Poperinge and Heuvelland.


Price: € 30/pp for 1/2 day € 50/pp for a full day → More informations:

Ieper | 11

On foot ... Heritage footpath Ypres You will see bronze rivets with the outline of the Cloth Hall, the cathedral and the Menin gate at about every street corner. Bronze rivets are the signposting of the new provincial heritage footpath. The heritage footpath is 5.3 km long and provides the most complete footpath in the Ypres inner city. Three themes have been more thoroughly developed in the brochure. The first relates to the belfry which is classified as a world heritage site and the Cloth Hall. The second theme focuses on the personality of Arthur Merghelynck. This nobleman put his stamp on the ‘Hotel’ of the same name which now is a museum. A third perspective illustrates the reconstruction of the city after the First World War. Ypres, as a heritage site, is observed from three perspectives in three different ways. → The map is available from the tourism office


12 | Ieper

Ramparts The ramparts of Ypres are the best preserved in our country. Their story started ten centuries ago when the town originated on the banks of the Ieperlee. Initially, the ramparts were little more than an earth wall with moats. Later stone walls and towers were added. Later still they developed into a complex structure with bastions, advance redoubts, moats and walls. The signposted route is 2.6 km long and will lead you along a quiet 90 minute walk. Along the route 23 information panels provide information on the various facets of Vauban’s ramparts. → Free folder available from the Tourist Office.

War & Peace

WWI From October 1914 until October 1918 the battlefield was barely a few kilometres away from the centre. The trenches had been dug from North to South to form an arc around Ypres. In that famous Ypres Salient no fewer than five bloody battles were fought. In the nineteen twenties more than 150 military cemeteries were built in and around the city and monuments were erected, Menin Gate being the most important. These monuments and cemeteries as well as the rebuilt houses, some of which were faithfully restored, still remind us today of the senselessness of war and of this most tragic period in the history of Ypres.

War and Peace Initiative The Provincial Government of West Flanders has long been convinced that it is paramount to preserve the numerous important visible and invisible traces of this world war in the Westhoek. This is why the Province in cooperation with a number of partners set up War and Peace in the Westhoek. This initiative coordinates, stimulates and monitors the preservation and perception of the remembrance of the First World War. They also publish the brochure ‘The Great War in the Westhoek’ in consultation with Westtoer. This handy pocketbook gives an extensive overview of

Yorkshire Trench & Dug-out

what can still be visited in the Westhoek in relation to the First World War. → Can be obtained from the Tourist Office.

Documentation Centre In Flanders Fields Janseniusstraat 9 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 450 Fax: +32 (0)57 239 459

In 1997 the construction of a new industrial estate along the Ypres –Yser canal was started. During the works many remnants of the Great War surfaced. This is where the In Flanders Fields Museum (together with The Diggers) restored Yorkshire Trench to the original route of the British trench. The entrance and exit of the ‘deep dug-out’ of 1917 can also be seen. In the In Flanders Fields Museum you can view a film of the exposure, a scale model as well as some original items from Yorkshire Trench. → Always open, to be reached via the Oostkaai - Bargiestraat.

The documentation centre owns more than 6000 books on the First World War, 1000 topographic maps, an extensive photographic library, hundreds of newspapers and magazines from the period 1914-1918 and many original documents, such as letters and diaries. The documentation centre is open on Wednesdays from 8 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 5 pm and by appointment.

With the renovation of the In Flanders Fields Museum a new knowledge centre will also be created, as the successor of the current documentation centre. The knowledge centre will then also be housed in the Cloth Hall and will be open daily (not in the weekend).

Ieper | 13

Canal Dyke John McCrae Site Along the Ypres-Yser canal lies the well known site ‘Essex Farm Cemetery’ where John McCrae wrote his world famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ near this advanced dressing station on 2 and 3 May 1915. Today next to the military cemetery you can visit the fortified shelters in the canal banks as well as the actual canal dyke. Information panels and a footpath guide you through this valuable site. Fifteen year old Joe Strudwick was also buried in this place, he was one of the youngest British casualties.

The Last Post Every evening at 8 pm precisely the “Last Post” has been sounded since 1928 under the imposing arches of the Menin Gate. This memorial shaped like a Roman triumphal arch displays the names of 54,896 soldiers of the then British empire who went missing in action. This memorial lists the names from the beginning of the war until 15 August 1917. The soldiers, who went missing after 16 August 1917 until the end of the war, are mentioned on panels at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Passchendaele. There are 34,984 of them. The Menin Gate was built in the location of the old mediaeval gate. During the First World War the British troops marched through this “gate” to defend the “Ypres Salient”. This salient was a pocket in the straight front line approximately

14 | Ieper

25 by 15 km. After the First World War grateful citizens set up the Last Post Association. The former enemies fell in almost as great numbers and are also involved in this solemn ceremony. From 1 January through 31 December and in all weather conditions the buglers of the Last Post Association sound the “Last Post”. On 11 November at 11 am a special Last Post ceremony takes place to commemorate the Armistice. → More information:

Military Cemeteries There are no Belgian or German cemeteries on the territory of Ypres. The largest Belgian cemetery in the area is located in Houthulst. Other Belgian cemeteries are located in Oeren, Hoogstade, Keiem, Ramskapelle, Steenkerke, West-Vleteren and Adinkerke. The German cemeteries can be found in Langemark (including students), Vladslo (sculpture group Käthe Kollwitz), Hooglede and MeninWevelgem. St. Charles de Potyze is a French military cemetery along the Zonnebeekseweg where more than 4000 French soldiers were laid to rest. There are some 75 Commonwealth war cemeteries on Ypres territory. Two can be reached on foot from the Grote Markt namely Ypres Reservoir Cemetery (19) and Ramparts Cemetery

(20). In the immediate vicinity of the centre there is Bedford House Cemetery (Rijselseweg) or Menin Road South Military Cemetery (Meenseweg).

Commonwealth War Graves Commission The Commonwealth War Graves Commission was founded by Royal Charter in 1917 and is responsible for the marking and the maintenance of the Commonwealth war dead who fell during the First and Second World War. The Commission cares for a total of 1,7 million casualties in 149 countries. The funding of its work comes from the 6 Commonwealth countries of which the United Kingdom funds around 78% of the whole budget. The office based in Ieper, is responsible for the care of the Commonwealth war cemeteries and memorials in 11 countries in Northern Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden) and employs over 200 staff to carry out its operations. → More information on the Commission and its work is obtainable from their website or from the following address: Elverdingsestraat 82 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32(0)57 223 636 |

Recreation a


a a

Bellewaerde Park

Meenseweg 497 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 468 686 Fax: +32 (0)57 467 595 Unique surroundings for equally unique rides, the exotic Bellewaerde Park will delight all lovers of strong sensations, nature and escapism. Bellewaerde Park’s distinguishes itself with a wide variety of attractions, spread out over six - fun for the whole family and unforgettable experiences. It’s adventure with a capital A!

b Provincial

Domain De Palingbeek

Visitors’ Centre De Palingbeek Vaartstraat 7 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 230 840 At just a stone’s throw from Ypres, amidst a rolling and woody landscape, lies the provincial domain De Palingbeek. Ponds and marshes, old and young woods, orchards and flowery meadows, sunbathing areas or a playground alternate. The abundance of biotopes guarantees a rich fauna and flora. Extensive signposted walking paths lead you to the most beautiful spots. With a little luck you may well meet the shepherd. The difficult grounds along the old canal are grazed by his flock of sheep.


Pop into AstroLAB IRIS or visit the garden and animals of the Environmental Farm. Four attempts to dig a canal between Ypres and Comines and the violence of World War I left their mark in the landscape. In the Visitors’ Centre De Palingbeek you can delve into this rich past. You can also enjoy a drink and a snack in the cafeteria. In short, there is a great deal going on in De Palingbeek.


Ieper | 15




Ypres Open Golf A. Dehemlaan 24 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 216 688 Fax: +32 (0)57 218 210


Ypres Beach


Varen - Yzerstar

Lange Torhoutstraat 54 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)477 641 819 Tel. +32 (0)472 497 794

During a 4 hour boat trip between Diksmuide and Ypres we will connect the 2 different fronts. We will sail both the Yser and the Ypres-Yser canal.

Golf court with 9 holes at 3 km from the town centre.

During the summer months you can also sunbathe in Ypres! The former outdoor swimming pool has been converted into a beach with ponds.

Golf club De Palingbeek Eekhofstraat 14 | 8902 Ypres (Hollebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 200 436 Fax: +32 (0)57 218 958

Pacific Eiland Eiland 2 (vlakbij Esplanade) | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 528

This trip has a lot more to offer besides the story of the war. The impressive lowland of the Broeken along the Yser or the magnificent nature of the Ypres-Yser canal, one of the prettiest waterways of Flanders, will leave no-one untouched. The locks of Boezinge-dorp and Boezinge-sas ensure, today too, that we can bridge the level difference between the hills of the Ypres Salient and the lowland of the Yser front while sailing. The “sluicing” always is an exciting and impressive experience!

Golf court with 18 holes in the provincial domain De Palingbeek.





Row a boat on one of the lakes or on the moats as an enjoyable alternative for discovering Ypres. Boat rentals as from 1 April through to the end of October.

→ More info:

Sportcentrum Ypres LeopoldIII-laan 18 | Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 239 400 Fax: +32 (0)57 239 409 The municipal swimming pool has one large and two small pools. There are two slides, a warm air wall and a sunbathing area for extra swimming enjoyment.


16 | Ieper




As a group you can reserve the services of a guide for a city walk, a tour or a museum visit. Please submit your reservation to the Tourist Office at least 2 weeks in advance. A guide costs 50 Euro for 2 hours and 25 Euro per additional hour.


There is always something happening in Ypres. Below you can find a list of events scheduled in 2011. → A complete list can be found on

24/06 - 25/06 03/07 06/08 - 16/08

Geko Ypres Rally World feast Thuyndag fair (amusement fair)

19/08 20/08 28/08 09/09 - 11/09 11/09 11/09 11/09 18/09 25/09

Ypres Sings (Sing-a-long evening) City Festival (Live perfomances) Closing day of the Four days of the Yser intern. walking tour Tooghedagen: sales in Ypres Open Monument day Dwars door Ieper (city run) In Flanders Fields Marathon In Flanders Fields Triathlon Ypres Memorial Tattoo

11/11 11/11 26/11 - 26/12

Commemoration of Armistice Remembrance Concert ‘The Great War Remembered’ Ice rink and Christmas market

→ Last Post Every evening at 8 pm under the Menin Gate. → Market Every Saturday morning on the Grote Markt or Esplanadeplein. → Musical Tuesdays (live performances on SintMaartensplein) Every Tuesday in July till mid August 13/03 18/03 - 27/03 09/04 - 10/04

Kattenkoers (cycling race) Cat fair (amusement fair) De Gevleugelde Stad: Street theatre Festival

25/04 01/05 07/05 - 08/05 07/05 29/05

Flower Market Heritage Day 50 years Snoezepoezen Peace feasts Dag van het park

03/06 - 05/06 17/06 - 19/06 17/06 - 19/06 19/06

100 km of Ypres: international three days walking tour Mad Days: sales in Ypres Belgian Beach Volleybal Championship Holy Blood procession Voormezele

Ieper | 17


Three Towns on the Front Line

22 1 During the First World War the main scene of action was the Western Front. The Northernmost section extended over 70 km right across the Westhoek. In the North, from Nieuwpoort over Diksmuide to Steenstrate, the front line was defended by the Belgian army. At the end of October 1914 the front was divided flooding. The British and French armies were responsible for the defence of the South, from Steenstrate up to the Lys near Armentières, with the city of Ypres in the centre. Even today the Westhoek has three Towns on the Front Line, where a number of sites/museums remind us of its war history. Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide also boast many other strong points of interest that are well worth a visit.


18 | Ieper


Enjoy Diksmuide in an instructive, lively and interesting way ...

For many years cloth weaving and butter products enriched the town of Diksmuide on the Yser. This is why you will discover many picturesque corners and an astonishing heritage during the Stadslinkwandeling (Town Link Walk) through the old historic centre, like the market with its Manneke uit de Mane (Man from the Moon) and the Town Hall, the Beguinage, the Fish Market, Saint Nicholas Church, the Small and Large Dyke, the old Flour Mills and the marina Portus Dixmuda. Many monuments, cemeteries and trenches remind us of the First World War 1914-1918. In the Dodengang (the Trench of Death or Mousetrap) and the Yser Tower the front is again brought to life and the sculpture of “The Mourning Parents” conveys a message of peace. In the immediate vicinity endless panoramic views invite you to walk, cycle or take a trip on the Yser. You will discover charming village centres, open spaces and protected nature reserves. The healthy air obviously has a calming effect, however, bons vivants will soon discover


a regional specialty or will enjoy the great atmosphere, particularly if they attend one of the many events. In and around Diksmuide you will find ‘rural’ accommodation as well as accommodation in the pleasant town centre, at a camping or in a star hotel, on the farm or in regional bed and breakfast facilities. In short: Diksmuide, at only 15 km from the dunes and the North Sea beaches, guarantees “instructive enjoyment” during a day trip or short holiday. Info: Toerisme Diksmuide Grote Markt 28 | 8600 Diksmuide Tel. +32 (0)51 519 146


Nieuwpoort: a perfect set of triplets

3 parts, 3 different characters, 3 totally different views and yet together they from one town: Nieuwpoort. First, there is the town centre with its mediaeval character and its tormented history. After 1918 the town was rebuilt according to the old street layout. The lock complex De Ganzenpoot, the King Albert I monument, the Town Hall are just a few silent witnesses of this glorious past. The fish market and its surroundings form the gastronomic centre of the town. Taste the sea bass in one of the fish stores or restaurants;

2 this is a local specialty. Or taste the fresh shrimps or our first Belgian mussels that are cultivated off the coast of Nieuwpoort, and you will readily understand why we write Fresh Fish in capitals. Nieuwpoort-stad remains connected to the sea and to the lively Nieuwpoortbad through the Yser estuary, which is its umbilical cord. Arguably the most beautiful cycling and walking route on the whole coast was recently built along this 3 km connection, offering a view of the enormous marina and of the nature reserve â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;De IJzermondingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Now we come to the third triplet. At just a few kilometres from the busy coastal resort discover the charm of two small polder villages: Ramskapelle and SintJoris. Two villages that only seem to exist for walking, cycling and enjoying the tranquillity of its green landscape. By the way, did you know that due to its location on the Yser estuary Nieuwpoort enjoys a microclimate with more hours of sunshine than the rest of the coast? Info: Toerisme Nieuwpoort Marktplein 7 | 8620 Nieuwpoort Tel. +32 (0)58 224 444



Ieper | 19

Typical Ypres Specialities b

Cockerulle Cake

This cake is ideal with English tea. Almonds and candied fruit have been added for extra flavour. Ypres has many specialties that will most certainly appeal to anyone who enjoys good food. You will always find these specialties on the menu card of many Ypres restaurants. See below for the list of restaurants.




Ypres is also known as the city of cats because of its traditional three-yearly Cat Parade and in former times because of the cat throwing. This is where the cat’s claw finds its origin.

Ypres Tapjesvlees

Tapjesvlees is a larded rump of braised veal or pork. To lard is to insert bacon in the meat. These pieces of bacon in the meat are called ‘tapjes’. The meat is then braised, i.e. it is slowly pot roasted on a bed of fine vegetables.


b c

Ypres Beschuit

This is a slice of sweet bread with a pinch of cinnamon that is covered on both sides with brown sugar. The sweet bread is then briefly baked in the oven. The Ypres Dutch rusk is absolutely delicious with gooseliver pâté.


Terrine of Sea eel

The cat’s claw is a Danish pastry made with puff pastry and shaped like a claw. This claw is filled with crème patissière, sugar candy, small pieces of apple and raisins.



The senator tart is an old regional specialty that dates back to the fifties. The origin of its name is unknown. It is made with puff pastry, biscuit, butter, apricot jam and roasted slivered almonds.

To preserve fish leftovers a terrine was made using a herb jelly with spinach and basil.




d 20 | Ieper



Agadir Rijselsestraat 42 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 201 291

Legend Children’s menu Accessible by wheelchair users Toilet for wheelchair users Specialities Regional specialities

Tuesday week: midnight weekend: 1 am 44 -

€ 9,20 - € 16 € 2,50 - € 6,50 no no couscous, halal food



Closed on ... Kitchen open until ... Annual Holiday Inside seating capacity Terrace seating capacity Menus form ... (excl. drinks)

Au Miroir


Grote Markt 12 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 204 788 |

Kiekenmarkt 7 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 366 132 |

Pleasant setting on the Grote Markt of Ypres, good service, sun terrace. Restaurant/Tea-room in a nice atmosphere.

The restaurant is located at a cobbled square in the centre of the city of Ypres. It is an original restaurant that offers surprising dishes in a pleasant decor. Downstairs the lounge invites you to enjoy.

10 pm 100 80

€ 15 - € 30 no no spaghetti, toasted sandwiches, salads, fish pan

Monday and Tuesday 11.30 am - 2.30 pm 6 - 11 pm 70 50

€ 15 - € 30 € 6 - € 10 yes yes fresh salads, fish dishes, Raffaëlo cake

Ieper | 21





Grote Markt 14 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32(0)57 201 760 | Fax: +32(0)57 201 763

Grote Markt 5 | 8900 Ieper Tel. +32 (0)57 217 339 | Fax: +32 (0)57 200 047

Pleasant Tea-Room restaurant with a splendid view of the Grote Markt. Extensive choice of home-made, delicious meals and snacks.

Central located familial Bistro/Restaurant/Tea-Room with an honest kitchen and seasonal meals.

Decouverte Rijselsestraat 43 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 489 248 | Fax: +32 (0)57 489 248 | Culinary discovery close to the Market Square, where the flavor of the product comes first. For the choice of wine you can get your advice from hostess and sommelier Severine.

Tuesday night, Wednesday and Saturday noon noon - 2 pm evening: till 9.30 pm last week July and first week August 20

22 | Ieper

€ 25 - € 48 yes no terrine of foie gras, lobster, calf thymus

Thursday all day 80 40


€ 6,60 - € 28 € 6,90 yes yes stew, fish casserole, snacks, salads


10 pm 60 44

€ 14 - € 29 € 6,50 yes no rilette, foie gras, fishmenu

De Palingbeek Provinciaal Domein Palingbeekstraat 18 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +32 (0)57 205 672 | Gelegen in een oase van groen. Genieten in een eigentijds klassiek decor. De keuken is Frans-Belgisch en bevat voor ieder wat wils: communies, jubileums, trouwfeesten, zakenlunch, dagschotels.

Tuesday (NovemberJune) 9.30 pm (continuously) 12/11 - 27/11 220 250

€ 12 - € 60 € 15 yes yes eel, côte à l’os eel

Surmont De Volsberghestraat 10 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 217 978 | Fax: +32 (0)57 217 948 |



De Stoove

Attractive restaurant, located at 300 metres from the Grote Markt. Honest and delicious cooking. Weekend menu at € 45 all in. Taste our mussels during the season. Fish dishes are our specialty.

Dikkebusseweg 148 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 448 446 | Fax: +32 (0)57 448 447 | At 1 km. from the station, in the direction of Dikkebus. The kings of the card game deal spades for the bistro, clubs for the café/tea room, hearts for the banquet room with a 100 person capacity and diamonds for the multi-purpose meeting room (funerals).

€ 45 € 25 yes yes fish, mussels, rib steak Mazzarine cake of Poperinge, cod with Hommel beer, eel

Wednesday evening and Thursday noon - 2 pm 6.30 - 9.30 pm 50 - 100 50

€ 28 - € 65 (all-in) € 12 yes yes from classic to gastronomic dishes, ‘menu vitesse’ at € 18, pancakes, coffee with extras, party menus at € 28



Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Saturday noon noon - 2 pm + 6 - 9 pm 6 - 10 pm (Friday and Saturday Last week July and first week of August 40

De Vier Koningen

De Voerman

De Waterpoort

Rijselseweg 10 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)479 505 849 | Fax: +32 (0)57 448 901 |

Brugseweg 43 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 205 452 | Fax: +32 (0)57 215 686 |

Pleasant restaurant located near the Ramparts of Ypres. Close to the Lille Gate. Grilled meat and fish dishes. Terrace for 100 people.

In a trendy, warm interior with a splendid terrace, in addition to the dish of the day you can enjoy a culinary cruise through refined traditional dishes, grilled meat preparations and innovative suggestions. This restaurant will appeal to young and old who cherish atmosphere and style.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10.30 pm 100 100

€ 30 - € 45 € 10 yes yes côte à l’os on the fireplace

Wednesday and Saturday noon 10 pm 80 40

€ 20 - € 35 €6 yes yes world cuisine, grilled dishes, fresh salads

Ieper | 23



DOTS Lunchbar

Fine Eastern

Ter Waarde 10 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 365 550 | Fax: +32 (0)57 365 585 |

Meenseweg 498 | 8902 Ypres (Zillebeke) Tel. +2 (0)57 46 80 50 |

DOTS Lunchbar is located in Ieper Business Park at 1 km from the Grote Markt. Delicious day - and business lunches. Auditorium and meeting rooms at disposal. Groups are welcome after reservation

Opposite attraction park Bellewaerde. Ideally located for a combination with a visit to the amusement park.

yes yes culinary day dishes, meat-, fish- and pasta dishes, salads cod ‘at the Schreve’, Tapjesvlees, Mazzarinetaart from Poperinge

Tuesday (except July and August and bank holidays) 11 pm 100 -

€ 9,25 - € 37,75 € 8,50 yes no Chinese fondue



Saturday and Sunday (open on request for groups) 11.30 am - 2.30 pm 80 60 € 6 - € 30 €3

Gasthof ‘t Zweerd

Het Zilveren Hoofd - De Ecurie

Grote Markt 2 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 475 | Fax: +32 (0)57 217 896 |

Rijselsestraat 49 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 360 367 | Fax: +32 (0)57 364 618 |

From brasserie to the more refined kitchen. You’ll have a pleasant time here. You can enjoy a light snack or taste our roasted chicken. In our hotel you can also find 17 rooms with bathroom, shower and toilet.

Restaurant De Ecurie is housed in the stables of the Merghelynck Museum where you can enjoy quality dishes at fair prices in a unique setting. Brasserie Het Zilveren Hoofd for fine and delightfully served salads and steaks or for a thirst quenching regional specialty.

Tuesday (open for groups on demand) 9.30 pm laatste week januari eerste week februari 180 220

24 | Ieper

€ 12 - € 85 €7 yes yes roasted chicken, steaks, eel, spaghetti, croques, ommelets tapjesvlees, eel, Senateurtaart, cod in beer sauce

Sunday and Monday 10 pm 58 -

€ 13 - € 35 €8 yes yes salads, pasta, steak, lamb chops, fresh fish



In ‘t Klein Stadhuis

Marktkaffee Les Halles

Grote Markt 32 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 215 542 | Fax: +32 (0)57 215 686 |

Grote Markt 35 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 365 563 | Fax: +32 (0)57 215 686 |

Enjoy the warmth, style, friendliness, music, decor, creativity and fantastic view of this food-serving brasserie to meet your friends in this protected monument on the Market Square of Ypres.

Throughout the day until late evening the attentive staff ensure a genuinely informal brasserie atmosphere, with respect for every true music lover and a great deal of attention for highly original and fresh quality dishes.

€ 15 - € 30 €8 yes no shank in Tongerlo Prior, fresh salads, innovative dishes also vegetarian dishes

Tuesday 10 pm 120 70

€ 11 - € 20 €8 yes yes home made hamburgers



Sunday week: 11 pm weekend: midnight 70 50

Markt 22

New Shanghai City

Grote Markt 22 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 209 997 | Fax: +32 (0)57 422 099 |

A. Vandenpeereboomplein 31 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 652 | Fax: +32 (0)57 363 035 |

Trendy yet extremely welcoming bistro in the heart of the historic centre of Ypres. Here you will find a great mix of traditional, seasonal and world dishes.

Centrally located top-class restaurant for amateurs of Chinese gastronomy – extensive parking facilities.

Sunday 9.30 pm 50 70

€ 15 - € 50 € 11 yes yes grilled food, world cuisine, fish dishes, excellent snacks

Monday Tuesday midday 11.30 am - 2.30 pm 5.30 pm - 11 pm 120 40

€ 9,50 - € 33 € 8,50 yes yes Chinese fondue, roast Peking duck

Ieper | 25



Novotel Ieper Centrum

Old Tom

St.-Jacobsstraat 15 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 429 600 | Fax: +32 (0)57 429 601 |

Grote Markt 8 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 201 541 | Fax: +32 (0)57 219 120 |

Enjoy our delicious dish of the day or visit us in the evening to sample our extensive menu card.

Gastronomic restaurant known for its eel preparations, lobster and mussels. Fine wine cellar, whole range of regional beers. Tavern with smaller meals.

Wednesday noon - 2.30 pm 9.30 pm 15/11 - 8/12 60 90

€ 27 - € 45 € 10 yes yes -

€ 20 - € 65 €8 no no eel, lobsters, oysters, local dishes, mussels all typical Ypres dishes



noon - 2 pm 6 pm - 10 pm 30 30

Pacific Eiland

Eiland 2 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 528 | Fax: +32 (0)57 424 292 | A paradise of regional gastronomy, in a green setting, on the historic Ypres ramparts. Pacific Eiland offers tranquillity, freshness, 4 terraces, bistro, tearoom and a delicious restaurant. At only 500m from the station and at a stone’s throw from the Grote Markt! Monday evening and Tuesday 10 am - 10 pm 16/03 - 27/03 19/10 - 31/10 150 200 € 14,50 - € 50 € 25 (all-in)

26 | Ieper

yes yes daily fresh market products, business lunch, Altamira stone grill, day menu, pancakes Hare of the polders, pancakes fermented with St. Bernardus beer, Tapjesvlees and Senateurtaart on demand

Pizzeria Babilonia Diksmuidsestraat 30 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)477 869 360 Enjoy a delicious pizza baked on fire wood. Everything freshly made. Groups on request.

Monday 11 am -2 pm 5 pm - 11 pm (weekend: midnight) 24 -

€ 7 - € 25 €7 no no pizza, pasta, salads, grill




‘t Ganzeke

Grote Markt 45 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 218 888 | Fax: +32 (0)57 219 020 |

A. Vandenpeereboomplein 5 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 009 | Fax: +32 (0)57 212 909

A restaurant and hotel with style and an impressive view of the Cloth Hall. A day-fresh lunch, a delicious wine, an Italian coffee or allow your senses to enjoy the outstanding dishes with a passion for perfection.

Cosy restaurant with view on the Cloth Hall and Cathedral. Extensive and affordable menu. You enjoy your meal in between a collection of authentic lithography’s.

Sunday noon - 2 pm 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm 25/07 - 09/08 24/12 - 30/12 80 30

Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 10.30 pm Friday, Saturday: 11.30 pm 12/01 - 22/01 95 64

€ 6,50 - € 26 € 5,5 - € 8,5 yes no grills, fish dishes, rice dish



€ 22,50 - € 50 yes no King Crab and seasonal dishes

‘t Kattekwaad

‘t Leetvermaak

Grote Markt 23 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 200 178 | Fax: +32 (0)57 218 392 |

Korte Meersstraat 2 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 216 385 |

’t Kattekwaad; a new trendy business where everyone feels at home, whether you are looking for a quick snack or for a more elaborate dish. Pleasant terrace with view on the market square. Highly recommended!

This character brasserie at the foot of the Cathedral is The Place to Be for young and old. Stef and his team provide a quick and friendly service. Marijke prepares delicious fresh snacks; Flemish dishes are combined with exotic dishes.

Sunday till Thursday: 11 am - 11 pm Friday: 11 am - midnight Saturday: 11 am - 1 am 72 28 € 5 - € 20

Monday, Tuesday midday and Saturday midday 11.30 am - 1.30 pm 6 pm - 11 pm (Friday & Saturday: 6 pm - midnight) 19/07 - 09/08 56 -

€5 no no mussels and Chips (during the holiday months), steak of the house, chicken with chips, ribs, shank with mustard sauce

€ 7 - € 20 yes yes world cuisine, pastas, salads, stews, homemade cheese and shrimp croquettes, chili con carne, vegetarian dishes Ieper | 27



Utopia Food & Pool


Elverdingsestraat 8 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)475 318 888 |

Grote Markt 19/21 | 8900 Ypres Tel. +32 (0)57 217 521 | Fax: +32 (0)57 217 621 |

Utopia: the ideal meeting place for a cosy chat, an enjoyable drink or a game of snooker or pool. Utopia achieves a successful symbiosis between amusement and relaxation with outstanding cuisine as a bonus.

Trendy restaurant with good service, pleasant terrace with a unique view of the Cloth Hall. The kitchen is continuously open and groups are always welcome.

Wednesday and Tuesday evening (summer) week: 11 pm weekend: midnight August 140 -

28 | Ieper

€ 8 - € 25 €6 yes no pastas, scampi, large steaks

Monday 10 pm 2nd & 3rd week January 160 64

€ 20 €8 yes yes seasonal and regional dishes, grilled dishes

Ieper | 29

City map

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 30 | Ieper

Cloth Hall | Belfry Toerist Office In Flanders Fields Museum Town Hall Saint Martin’s Cathedral Saint-George’s Memorial Church Cloister Gate | Theatre Old Seignory Building Courthouse Menin Gate

9 Saint-James’ Church 10 Irish Cross 11 Saint-Peter’s Church 12 Wooden House 13 Lille Gate 14 Het Steen 15 Merghelynck Hotel-Museum 16 Belle Alms House Museum 17 Butcher’s House 18 Old Fishmarket 19 Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

20 Ramparts Cemetery 21 Commonwealth War Graves Commission 22 Saint-Nicolas’ Church School Museum 23 Ramparts War Museum 24 Guild Houses 25 Biebuyck House 26 Cloth Hall model (1/100) 27 Souterrains 28 Old Ice-cellar

29 The Island 30 Gatekeepers’ House 31 Lock Chamber 32 Municipal Museum 33 Menin Gate model 34 Medieval Towers 35 Ammunition Dump 36 Australian Commemorative Plaque 37 Indian Monument 38 Ypres Monument

Ieper | 31

Lakenhalle | Grote Markt 34 | BE-8900 Ieper Tel. 057 239 220 | Fax 057 239 275

32 | Ieper


Ieper 2011  

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