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ChartSource® Illustrate key investing concepts and economic trends.

Looking for simple, effective ways to add impact to your presentations, websites, and product brochures? Do you need easy-to-use graphics to make your point to a client? ChartSource® offers over 100 insightful, data-driven charts that illustrate key financial concepts. It empowers you to create compelling marketing materials that help people understand and trust in your products and services. Subscribe today and gain unmatched access to easy-to-use graphics that are: • Conceived and designed by the analytical and editorial experts at McGraw-Hill Financial Communications. • Created from recognized data sources, including Standard & Poor’s, Frank Russell, Morgan Stanley Capital International, the Federal Reserve, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. • Grouped by categories so users can quickly zero in on desired topics. • Ready to use with titles, captions, standard disclosures, and disclaimers. • Flexible — Adapt charts to meet your needs by focusing on specific time periods and selecting from index menus that cover principal asset classes, common investment styles, major sectors, and market capitalization ranges. • Customizable — Select colors to match branding guidelines and then save for future use. • Updated periodically to reflect the best available data. • Available to download in a variety of print- and Web-ready formats. Use this tool easily in-house — or we can manage production for you. Need a custom chart using your proprietary data or other sources? We can do that, too.

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To try the product, go to For more information, contact us at or at 800-326-7697 and get started today! Inform. Engage. Empower.


Illustrate key investing concepts and economic trends. ChartSource offers over 100 insightful, data-driven charts that illustrate key financ...

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