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26 Quality Edge Issue 18

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ore than a few hearts sank in my home town of Bath when it was announced that an agency had been set up to encourage more hen parties to choose the city as their destination. As a long-suffering resident, I have had quite enough of seeing groups of inebriated, pink tutu-clad ladies tottering through our streets, accompanied by much shrieking (more often than not these days with mum in tow, sporting an extra-large pink tutu, a ‘Mother of the Bride’ sash and the obligatory inflatable unmentionable). Having suffered the constant all-night room-changing, door-slamming and the clatter of unfeasibly high heels up and down hotel corridors, my thoughts were more for those visitors who, having completed the trail around the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent and the countless other museums and historic attractions, are desperate for a good night’s kip! Accommodation providers would be advised to bear this in mind when letting, perhaps, half their establishment to such a party and the other half to the Godalming Archaeological Appreciation Society – or any other sensible group of visitors. What is it that attracts these groups to historic destinations such as ours? They are sure as heck not here for the architecture. In our case, the wide range of tempting independent emporia full to the brim with frippery and the spa treatments offered by the hot springs undoubtedly have something to do with it. After all, the city is hardly over-endowed with fabulous nightlife opportunities.

It doesn’t have to be like this, though. A local arts and crafts organisation has been using my theatre company’s rehearsal space for hen parties that are distinctly different. The women spend the afternoon indulging in creative activities such as making fascinators to wear at the impending nuptials or creating greetings cards. They’ve even had life drawing classes, which must be a hoot, and far more edifying than the usual male stripper. So far, there have been no complaints from the neighbours. And if it sounds a bit tame, by all accounts it’s a real bonding experience and hugely entertaining. And, as they say, at least it keeps them off the streets. (As a man, of course, I’m not allowed anywhere near. I just turn up later with my broom to sweep up the sequins and recycle the empty champagne bottles.) I suppose one should be grateful that we have been spared the worst of the stag party culture. One sees a city like Prague so overwhelmed with lads on the razz that they are thinking of opening a purpose-built stag venue on the outskirts to draw them away from the historic centre. It won’t work, of course. Being on show and a bit shocking is an essential part of it and fuel for many stories for years to come. So far in Bath my only experience of this was when a boat passed under my riverside balcony full of young men wearing nothing but Roman centurion helmets. At least they get full marks for choosing the appropriate period.


Ralph Oswick, Director of the Natural Theatre Company, shares his thoughts on hen dos and don’ts

This is Ralph’s final column. We would like to thank him for his wit and good humour and wish him all the best for the future. 27

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VisitEngland's Quality Edge Magazine Issue 18  

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