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Introduction Vibrant, green, sparkling, calm, sociable. Openly boastful and mysteriously sophisticated. A landscape of meadows and forests, pretty green rivers, a cradle of picturesque places and sincere, hospitable people. Placidly sited in the south-eastern Slovenia, between the Ljubljana basin and the Sava river, Dolenjska has many surprising faces. The varied relief, numerous streams, karst features and biodiversity create its unforgettable dynamic. Through the local landscapes there extend boastful deep green forests, whose primeval remains and giant trees are absolutely breathtaking. The river valleys of sparkling beauties, the Krka, Mirna, Kolpa and Lahinja Rivers, which give home to rare plant and animal species, invite visitors into their quiet retreats. On the slopes of its hills ripen sun-kissed grapes, which, once they are in the wine cellars, grow into a veritable poetry whose verses run inwards. In the bosom of its deep springs bubble restorative and healing thermal waters. The rich heritage refines the hamlets, villages and towns of Dolenjska. Castles, religious, building, monument, garden and architectural heritage are the jewels that form its rich entirety. In Dolenjska there live genuine people. Friendly, open and happy. They are rightfully proud of their achievements, creativity, as well as natural and cultural heritage, and they are always ready to share it with others. Their hospitality knows no boundaries, covered tables are full of culinary delights and wine. Their smiles are wide, their words are soft and soothing, their hearts are full of pleasant melodies. An embrace of the soft warmth of Dolenjska that accompanies you long after you leave its kind glebes, is felt upon every subsequent meeting. Here you feel at home, regardless of where you have come from and where you are headed. Here you are not alone even if you don’t know anybody. And here you see for the first time, perceive, feel and become softer, even though you have arrived stiff and numb from the burden of time.

Dolenjska - vibrant, green, sparkling, calm, sociable.

The door of Dolenjska is wide open for any human desires, needs and tastes - to move away from the miseries of everyday life and experience the unique, pure, extraordinary and unforgettable events. 3

Things not to miss Novo Mesto Main Square with Franciscan Monastery and Library. The Land of Hayracks in Šentrupert – the first open-air hayrack museum in the world. Pleterje Charterhouse – the only living monastery in the Slavic world. The House of Living Heritage in Šmarješke Toplice – get to know the local heritage through its historic-period themed rooms. Lahinja and Kolpa Landscape Park – experience the pristine nature of Bela Krajina. Otočec – with unique castle hotel at the centre of the island. The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary in Nova Štifta. Gorjanci with their peak Trdinov vrh (1,178 m) – the most famous and visited mountain chain in Dolenjska. The Live Museum of Struga Castle – a small castle, a great experience of history. Peak Heaven above Šentrupert (602 m), where a heavenly view awaits you. Soteska Castle Ruins and Hudičev turn garden pavilion, about which interesting stories circulate. Žužemberk Castle – one of the most picturesque castles in Sloveni. The Honey Trail – take a pleasant walk through the thematic Honey Trail at Dolenjske Toplice. Base 20 is an important monument of national importance, the only resistance leadership headquarters in Europe built and preserved in such a secretive way.

Card of different experiences Dolenjska offers you plenty of different ways to spend your leisure time or holidays. To make your stay with us even more pleasant you are invited to visit a number of providers who have prepared for you a variety of benefits. You will receive your Card of different experiences for free upon a least one overnight stay in our destination. The benefits apply during the stay at the accommodation provider at the destination plus 30 days. The benefits can be used by the card holder (holder of the reservation) and his family along up to 5 people. The card must be validated by your accomodation provider (reception). Fill in the entry form and submit it to the provider where you’re staying.

You can pick up your Card of Different Experiences from providers carrying the symbol.

Where to eat?

Veselič Guest House


Take time to taste authentic cuisine in a rural environment. During the week, you can enjoy prepared afternoon lunches; at weekends you’ll be served special lunches and various special weekend offers. You’ll be pampered with à la carte dishes and, with prior arrangement, lamb or suckling pig roasted in a wood-fired oven. This is the right place for you if you’re celebrating anniversaries or weddings or are on an organised trip in Bela Krajina. Its idyllic Kolpa River location, close proximity to three cities in Bela Krajina, pleasant ambiance, friendly staff and delicious food assure you’ll coming back again and again. 10% discount on accommodation. Complementary cooking class where you’ll learn to bake the delicious “Belokranjska pogača” flat cake (based on pre-orders).

Podzemelj 17 8332 Gradac

+386 (0) 7 36 37 233 gostisce.veselic@siol.net

Koren Inn


Koren Inn offers a wonderful view of Žužemberk Castle, its setting a few hundred metres below Žužemberk waterfalls, where the Krka River spills into green fields. The inn’s cuisine is based on Slovenian traditional dishes; the house specialties being homemade mushroom soup in a bread bowl, homemade ravioli-style “žlikrofi”, cottage cheese rolled dumpling “štrukelj”, grilled and smoked trout, the farmer’s feast of “kmečka pojedina”, and smoked trout pâté. Guests can also rent boats, go fishing, stay in any of their rooms, camp, and organise teambuilding events. 10% discount on accommodation (min. 2 days). 10% discount on à la carte dishes and complimentary coffee or homemade brandy.

Dolga vas 5 8360 Žužemberk

+386 (0) 7 30 87 260


info@turizem-koren.com 7

Don Bobi Restaurant and Pizzeria


With its excellent food, friendly and professional service, and exceptional location, Don Bobi is located in the centre of Novo Mesto, with a wonderful view of the Krka River embraced old city centre. With its unique culinary offer and top-class wine list, Don Bobi always inspires and convinces every guest. It’s popular with business people, foreign tourists and locals. The restaurant’s pleasant ambiance, with 60 seats, is perfect for enjoying culinary pampering, offering the requisite privacy for business meetings, romantic dinners, family gatherings and group celebrations. Come and be pampered with the sophisticated flavours which will make your evening a perfect one. Complimentary coffee with lunch or dinner.

Welcome to the land of wine growing hills and hospitable people! The wine and cuisine form an integral part of Slovenian traditions. Slovenians have great appreciation for our wines and swear by them just as much as the tasty treats that come from our traditional cooking. The most important wines from the Dolenjska and Bela krajina wine-growing district are Cviček, Metliška črnina and Belokranjec – all protected with the mark of a recognized traditional denomination (PTP). Cviček is a bit of an oddity as the only wine in Europe that has less than a 10% alcohol content.


Kandijska cesta 14 8000 Novo meso

+386 (0) 7 33 82 400



Domen Restaurant and Guest House


This restaurant and guest house are located on the banks of a stream, half way between Ljubljana and Zagreb, only a kilometre from Šmarješke Toplice Spa. You can choose from single, double or triple rooms with above-standard 220 cm beds, air-conditioning, fridge and private bathroom. The restaurant offers home-made dishes, such as, trout, suckling pig, rolled dumplings, strudel, bread and beverages produced by nearby farms. The homestead is home to horses and other animals, a tennis court, a children’s playground, and space for camper vans. There is a stream where guests can cool down and canoe during hot days, or guests can walk the nearby wine-growing hills and forest. The terrace overlooking the stream, the orchard, our vineyard cottage and easy access are other advantages for those in transit, as well as those seeking longer periods of relaxation in a natural environment. This is also a “bikers welcome” hotel. Use of tennis court.

Družinska vas 1 8220 Šmarješke Toplice

+386 (0) 41 890 901



Šmarješki Gaj Pizzeria and Spaghetteria


At the heart of Šmarješke Toplice, you’ll find ŠMARJEŠKI GAJ, where you can expect a special experience and pampering for groups up to 50. In the summertime, you can sit on the terrace in the shade, embraced by the breeze, and enjoy a culinary symphony accompanied by the sound of the nearby stream. Complimentary digestive with main courses.

Šmarješke Toplice 116 8220 Šmarješke Toplice

+386 (0) 41 516 793 smarjeski.gaj@gmail.com 9

Kapušin Guest House


10% discount on accommodation. Complimentary glass of wine with lunch and dinner.

Krasinec 55 8332 Gradac www.gostilna-kapusin.si +386 (0) 7 36 99 150 gostilna.kapusin@t-2.si


Good restaurants have always been the pride of families, locations, villages, cities and countries. The Kapušin restaurant in Krasinec offers top-class cuisine, a vast selection of famous Bela Krajina wines, it even has a sommelier. Guests will notice its special gastronomic style, which syntheses Bela Krajina’s heritage, innovation and the regional environment. The restaurant is renowned for its lamb and suckling pig roasted to perfection. In addition to the protected Bela Krajina flat cake, it also offers “belokranjska povitica”, which is Bela Krajina’s own swirl bread, and “prosta povitica”, a simple swirl bread. The guest house offers 22 beds in two comfortable and bright triple rooms and eight double rooms, each room with private bathroom and TV.

Oštarija Hotel and Restaurant


At the heart of Dolenjske Toplice, you’re welcomed by pristine Slovenian cuisine that leaves no taste bud unsatisfied. Its warm ambiance, top chef and artistic touch will invigorate all of your senses. Expect to be taken outside the context of classical restaurants. The selected dishes, wines from all of Slovenia’s regions and best local ingredients combined in a fresh and healthy meal promise nothing but the best culinary experience. With love and creativity, the chef ’s meticulous hands dress traditional and authentic dishes in completely new clothes. Guests can also choose to stay in any of its five rooms and six apartments. Enjoy relaxing adventures and excellent food at attractive prices. Order a 3-course meal and receive the 4th course free.

Sokolski trg 2 8350 Dolenjske Toplice

+386 (0) 7 39 37 470



Rorman Guest House


Rorman Guest House offers three-star accommodation, brunch and lunch. It can serve groups of up to 60 people by prior appointment. You can enjoy your meal on their covered terrace. Guests will enjoy excellent homemade food. The house specialty is steak tartar; make sure not to miss out on this. Its location is an excellent starting point for hikes to Vinji Vrh, where you can walk through numerous vineyards; alternatively, you can opt for swimming at Šmarješke Toplice Spa or simply enjoy the beautiful castle setting of nearby Otočec. Complimentary glass of house wine with lunch and dinner.

Tomažja vas 30 8275 Škocjan

+386 (0) 7 30 77 680 +386 (0) 41 779 474


rorman.gostilna@gmail.com 11

Delights of Dolenjska


It offers visitors the unforgettable culinary and cultural experiences of the rich palette of tastes we call the Delights of Dolenjska. It intertwines a rich array of communication, of original stories: top gastronomy, winemaking, original and rich stories of the countryside – the infinitely rich cultural and ethnological heritage embedded in Dolenjska’s tourist offer. Through programmes and individual experiences in the literal and figurative sense, visitors experience the past and present of Dolenjska’s unique landscape.

Visit DELIGHTS OF DOLENJSKA in Trebnje Treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience with which you’ll, in a literal and figurative sense, experience DOLENJSKA in full. The EXPERIENCE will be prepared according to your wishes, expectations and availability; visiting DELIGHTS is definitely not just for its excellent selection of more than 500 local certified products, it’s for much more. They offer:


Top cuisine and gastronomy. Rich natural and cultural heritage. Active and genuine experiences in the countryside.

Through programmes and individual experiences in the literal and figurative sense, visitors experience Dolenjska at a top level and in all dimensions.


• • • • • •

Expert project presentations. Tours of the DELIGHTS OF DOLENJSKA Centre. Expert guided TASTINGS. Culinary WORKSHOPS. Team building. Lectures, and the like.

Programmes lasts for between 30 minutes and 5 hours. We can enhance your visit to the DELIGHTS OF DOLENJSKA Centre in Trebnje with excellent programmes in which culinary and gastronomy are intertwined, culinary products and services, nice-smelling bouquets, winemaking, apitourism, ethnology, cultural heritage, natural beauties, a selected countryside offer, authenticity, new and old stories of our region; we invite guests to experience and taste our land in a genuine, our, Dolenjska way!

Temeniška and Mirna Valley tourist flowers and bouquets - DELIGHTS OF DOLENJSKA Flowers: • Cuisine and gastronomy. • Wine-growing. • Accommodation. • Apitourism. • Ethnology. • Cultural heritage. • Natural heritage. • Living heritage. • Selected offer of active experiences in the countryside.

Bouquets: • Programmes for groups and individual guests. • Professional excursions. • Natural days for children. • Family adventures. • Shorter programmes (a few hours, half-day). • All-day programmes. • Multi-day programmes. • Workshops, courses, and the like.

The DELIGHTS OF DOLENJSKA Centre also invites you to visit us in OLD LJUBLJANA at Mestni trg 17, where we offer presentations, expertly guided wine and culinary experiences, all the available information on Dolenjska’s tourist offer, and the possibility of buying a wide selection our house delights.

Business unit Trebnje

Business unit Ljubljana

Gubčeva cesta 1a 8210 Trebnje

Mestni trg 17 1000 Ljubljana



+386 (0) 5 99 71 738

+386 (0) 5 99 36 532



On Dolenjska stream there’s a mill. What milled for us the miller’s son? Nature and people in this part of Slovenia create delights that share new insights and acquaint us with new tastes. This, at the same time, means that you’ll not only enjoy these tastes and original food, but also through them, get to know the everyday life and celebrations of those responsible for their quality. Prof. dr. Janez Bogataj

Totalka Pizzeria


Totalka Pizzeria is the place for those who love excellent pizzas. This pizzeria is especially famous for its Dolenjska specialty ‘’pičiči’’, pizza bread with cheese and sauces. From the outset, their vision was to satisfy different tastes and to particularly ensure guests feel good in a pleasant ambiance. 10% discount on our Dolenjska specialty “pičiči”.

Totalček Bar and Lounge


Look no further if you desire a cup of excellent coffee. To satisfy the most demanding coffee drinkers, Totalček Bar and Lounge offers two types of coffee, the best Slovenian coffee, Barcaffe, and the best Italian coffee, Illy. Your sweet taste buds will love this place too, as you can enjoy mouth-watering homemade ice-cream and desserts prepared by its house confectioner ‘’Pralina’’. 10% discount on cakes from daily offer.

Novi trg 9 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 33 26 325



Kandijska cesta 60 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 30 20 100



Marinčič Inn


This family inn is renowned for its hundred-year tradition of pristine Slovenian cuisine and homemade produce. You will be offered dishes from four eras prepared with love from homegrown ingredients. The aroma from our kitchen alone brings memories of home, the warmth of wood-fired ovens, and the sweetness of grandma’s raspberry juice and apple strudel. Discover the secrets of the developed rural area in its environs, which you don’t want to miss. Explore the nearby hills, vineyards, footpaths and cycling trails. Visitors can stay in any of the six pleasant rooms and apartment for five. Bike rental for overnight guests. Complimentary house dessert with lunch/dinner.

Škocjan 37 8275 Škocjan

+386 (0) 7 30 76 115 +386 (0) 41 342 210



Pri Dediju Guest House


Not far from the centre of Šmarješke Toplice, approximately 1.5 km, in the village of Šmarjeta, is the friendly Pri Dediju Guest House, whose friendly staff serve you good homemade food and beverages. It’s perfect and convenient for groups travelling by bus, and can prepare lunch for groups up to 60 people in size. The guest house has access for the disabled and is young children friendly with its beautiful terrace with children’s playground. Complimentary jug of Cviček wine with lunch and dinner.

Šmarjeta 70 8220 Šmarješke Toplice

+386 (0) 7 30 73 122 +386 (0) 41 937 697 stane.pirkovic1@gmail.com 15

10% discount on accommodation (min. 2 days) and 10% discount on food and drinks.


Gorenjska cesta 21 1310 Ribnica www.harlekin.si +386 (0) 1 83 61 532 gostilna@harlekin.si

Harlekin Restaurant and Pizzeria


Harlekin Restaurant and Pizzeria is a modern restaurant in the centre of the rural town of Ribnica. It has a pleasant ambiance, typical of traditional rural Slovenian restaurants, in which you’ll be served European and traditional Slovenian cuisine; in addition to the dishes available at all times, you can enjoy seasonal dishes; and all of our dishes are naturally-prepared from fresh and locally produced ingredients. Guests can also stay overnight in one of our four spacious, bright rooms, or apartment, which are furnished in natural materials to create feelings of homeliness and warmth. Our modern restaurant in an idyllic rural environment, drawing from the rich heritage of Slovenian restaurants, provides you with pleasure and relaxation in its charming ambiance with good food and comfortable rooms.

“Pr leseni žlici” Inn


Being aware that it is vital to show respect to traditional cuisine, people and life, this family-run inn offers its guests with mouth-watering food. Its chefs prepare nostalgic Slovenian dishes which will invigorate your body and mind. The selected ingredients of healthy, local and Slovenian origin are prepared with love, something “Pr leseni žlici” has in abundance. The wide range of freshly prepared dishes and varied selection of prepared lunches ensure everyone enjoys a touch of Dolenjska. The friendly staff can serve up to 120 guests in the air-conditioned restaurant, which is open Mondays to Fridays between 5:30am and 22:00pm, and Saturdays between 7:00am to 22:00pm. Complimentary glass of homemade plum brandy.

Podbevškova ulica 2 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 33 24 065 +386 (0) 51 342 092



Badovinac Inn


This inn with its centuries old tradition is the first warm welcome travellers receive on the sunny side of the Gorjanci hills. A family-owned restaurant, it has passed on a genuine tradition of hospitality from one generation to another. Guests particularly appreciate its delicious home-made food. During the season, they serve roast lamb and suckling pig from Bela Krajina. In addition to its vast collection of high-quality wines from its environs of Metlika, you can enjoy excellent table wine from the family’s own vineyard. Don’t miss the opportunity to sip KARAMPAMPULI, a famous herbal brandy whose recipe is a family secret. Complimentary 1 dcl of wine with daily menu.

Jugorje 5 8331 Suhor

+386 (0) 7 30 50 133 gostilna.badovinac@siol.net 17

Javornik Inn


Javornik is located less than an hour’s drive from Ljubljana, in the village of Rakovnik pri Šentrupertu. This family-owned inn is currently run by its fourth generation, its speciality being various dishes prepared in a wood-fired oven, such as meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts. Guests particularly like its home-made pasta, sesame bun with home-made pâté, and tasting menu. The inn’s motto “We are home to wood-fired dishes” aims to provide guests with something new that they have never tasted before. Home-made food, local suppliers, a contemporary preparation style and an excellent team are the inn’s advantages over others. It has also offered a catering service for more than 25 years; you can celebrate your special event under their hayrack, which holds up to 200 people, or we can organise it at another location at your choice. 7% discount on restaurant services.

Rakovnik 6 8232 Šentrupert

+386 (0) 7 34 34 534



Kolesar Guest House


Kolesar Guest House boasts 35 years of family tradition based on excellent cuisine, various animation programmes and hospitality created from experience. The green embrace of Kočevski Rog, winegrowing hills and the Krka River offer numerous possibilities for relaxation, active holidays and wellness experiences. You can enjoy hiking and cycling, visit winegrowing hills, and fruit and herbal farms, experience the special features of the pristine natural environment and discover the treasures of exceptional, preserved cultural heritage. Kolesar Guest House offers seven comfortable rooms with breakfast, half-board and full-board. 10% discount on food and beverages.


Dolenje Sušice 22 8350 Dolenjske Toplice

+386 (0) 7 30 65 003



Zlata Kaplja Restaurant


The Gostilna Zlata Kaplja (Golden Drop) belongs to the pearls of the Mirna valley reminiscent of the figure of a nice mother spreading her apron and inviting for lunch. Letting you clearly know that its house lord cares for the past the house’s exterior does not leave you cold. Already its vast collection of carts, sledges, old farming tools and carters’ accessories exhibited in the courtyard is convincing. What this traditional family-owned inn is following can be defined as “preserving what’s sound and further building on that basis”. This principle has already been working since 1768 when the inn is mentioned for the first time in the chronicles, For generations the family has been professionally fostering and preserving the most precious elements of Slovenian hospitality and at the same time responding to the demands of time. In fact the ingredients are quite simple: love, knowledge, diligence, kindness and sound entrepreneurship. The inn’s menus mainly consist of local dishes and house specialties like lard, pate, Mokronog dumplings, and cottage cheese dumplings, or home-made sausages in winter. Meals on spoon, a la carte dishes and readymade menus for groups are offered. 10% discount on all services.

Stari trg 3 8232 Mokronog

+386 (0) 40 36 83 59



Are you interested in finding out where the hidden gems of Dolenjska are? Visit www.visitdolenjska.eu to find the hidden, charming, off the beaten track places.


Žolnir Inn

15% discount on accommodation (min. 3 days) and bike rental option. 15% discount on lunch and dinner.


Krška cesta 4 8311 Kostanjevica na Krki www.zolnir.eu +386 (0) 7 49 87 133 sevsek.simona@siol.net




Žolnir Inn has a rich family tradition and is set in an idyllic environment with a rich historic and cultural past. The inn offers traditional Slovenian dishes, house specialities, seasonal dishes and a vast selection of wine, with an emphasis on local ingredients from nearby farms. If you prefer a pristine homely environment, you can enjoy your meal in Žolnir Inn’s vineyard cottage, where you can also stay overnight in one of its apartments offering wonderful views of the lazy Krka River and the island city of Kostanjevica na Krki. You’re kindly invited to enjoy new culinary experiences.

Pečnik Inn




Pečnik Inn lies in the valley of the Sava River, along the Krško – Sevnica road, by the bridge on the way to Brestanica. The restaurant and parking area offer a beautiful view of Rajhenburg Castle. Pečnik Inn is famous for its home cooking. In addition to the à la carte menu, they offer daily meals and lunches. You can enjoy a special offer of dishes you do not come across every day. On Thursdays, you can eat horse goulash, and on Fridays and Saturdays, roast suckling pig or lamb. Complimentary glass of house wine at lunch.

Gunte 8 8270 Krško

+386 (0) 7 49 71 562



Pri Kuklju Inn



Osrednja Slovenija

Treat yourself to a genuine Dolenjska feast prepared from natural traditional ingredients of verified origin, which includes “telerflajš” beef broth, “ajmoht” stews), tripe stew, goulash, gaudy bread, various kinds of “štruklji” rolled dumplings, and much more. With its own bakery, the inn is most popular for its donuts and “potica” cake with various fillings. Complimentary Kukelj donut if you order lunch or dinner and visit Kukelj Bakery.

Trubarjeva cesta 31 1315 Velike Lašče

+386 (0) 1 78 89 098


gostilna.kukelj@siol.net 21

Tri lučke




The Tri Lučke Estate is situated in Sremič above Krško. It includes a restaurant where you’ll be pampered with pure and delicious flavours in a relaxed ambiance with stunning views. There is also a conference centre for business meetings and events, and a small hotel with five rooms and two apartments. Tri Lučke is a great venue for weddings. It has a glass hall for up to 100 people and a place for civil wedding ceremonies with a wonderful view. 10% discount on accommodation. Complimentary glass of house wine with meals.

Sremič 23 8270 Krško

+386 (0) 41 300 110



Ribnik Dular Inn




Ribnik Dular Inn is a popular spot where guests like to return on various occasions for its pleasant environment and excellent food. In addition to its modern interior, the inn’s special charm is created by fish ponds with walking paths running under beautiful treetops, which provide pleasant shade during hot days. Youngest guests prefer to play in its safe playground. The inn’s cuisine keeps traditional flavours but enhances them with a touch of modern cuisine. What stands out in particular are our own top quality wine and ecological, homemade juices. The tranquil environment in the vicinity of the fish ponds is a great venue for walks on well-groomed paths. Complementary glass of owner’s white wine or home produced eco juice.


Raztez 1a 8280 Brestanica

+386 (0) 7 49 71 445



Where to sleep?

Opara Hotel


Opara Hotel is located in the centre of Trebnje. In addition to rooms, it offers a restaurant, confectionery, and wine and coffee shops. The hotel has modern rooms for both business and leisure guests. The culinary vineyard cottage Opara, part of the hotel situated at the heart of vineyards, is perfect for large celebrations and business meetings of up to 150 people. 10% discount on accommodation. 5% discount on lunch and dinner.

Goliev trg 13 8210 Trebnje

+386 (0) 7 30 44 006 +386 (0) 41 646 646



Kalska Homestead


Kalska Homestead with its traditional barn is situated in the village of Štrekljevec in the north western region of Bela Krajina. The house has four traditionally-decorated rooms appointed to meet the needs of modern guests and a further three modern rooms on the top floor. In the basement, you’ll find a wine cellar, summer kitchen and outdoor area. The centre of the barn provides a common area for social events for up to 40 people. The multi-purpose garden shed simply calls guests to the garden. The homestead invites and attracts active tourists, hikers, cyclists and boatmen to enjoy a relaxing break, and those organising business and educational events to its premises, its culture and ambiance being a treat for everybody. Bike rental for guests staying at the homestead. A welcome treat during the homestead tour with four-hour cycling trip.


Štrekljevec 10 8333 Semič

+386 (0) 41 692 566



Pri Mostu Hotel-Pub


Pri Mostu Hotel-Pub is a renovated cultural monument in the centre of Dolenjske Toplice boasting an enviable tradition. Today, a family-owned hotel, it provides accommodation in three apartments and four rooms, and pampering with sweet treats, cocktails and gatherings. The hotel’s environs provide numerous opportunities for actively spending leisure time, and there is a wellness centre with thermal water just 50 metres away. 30% discount on accommodation (min. 3 days).

Pionirska cesta 2 8350 Dolenjske Toplice

+386 (0) 41 755 363



Situla Hostel


Situla Hostel – Meet the stories of the distant past Situated in the centre of Novo Mesto, Situla Hostel has 70 beds housed in 18 theme rooms, a restaurant, coffee shop and summer garden. The hostel is situla-decorated to remind visitors of Iron Age which has left an important mark on Novo Mesto, Dolenjska, and their environs. Thanks to its décor, the hostel was chosen as the most beautiful hostel in Slovenia by Lonely Planet 2010. 10% discount on every new accommodation booking. 10% discount on food and beverages.

Dilančeva ulica 1 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 39 42 000


situla@situla.si 25

Terme Krka Dolenjske Toplice Spa, Šmarješke Toplice Spa, Otočec.

Dolenjske Toplice Spa


Dolenjske Toplice Spa has been a reputable health spa resort for centuries. Nowadays, one of the oldest health resorts in Europe has become a popular wellness centre for all generations with its modern wellness hotel. The Balnea Hotel is a true pampering spot, noted for its original design and architecture as well as artwork by famous Slovene artists. The path to the world of delights and relaxation leads you through a fascinating panoramic hall to the thermal pools (28-32°C), saunas, baths and body treatment centre.

Balnea Hotel **** Superior Kristal Hotel **** Balnea Wellness Centre Zdraviliški trg 7 8350 Dolenjske Toplice www.terme-krka.si


10% discount on all wellness services.

+386 (0) 8 20 50 300 booking@terme-krka.si

Active vacations, water attractions, a rich spa tradition and relaxation in modern wellness centres amidst beautiful nature – experience this and much more at Krka Spas.

Šmarješke Toplice Spa


In the haven of green woods and meadows, far away from the everyday hustle and bustle, one of the most modern Slovene thermal health resorts, Šmarješke Toplice Spa, is located. As Šmarješke Toplice Spa is known as a centre for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, they mainly focus on modern medical wellness programmes, designed by their medical, wellness, nutritional and sports experts. Relaxation and recreation take place in the thermal pools with saunas and baths, while the green setting with its winegrowing hills lures Nordic walking, hiking and cycling fans. The old wooden pool from the 18th century, located directly above the thermal water spring and which has been preserved so you can still take a swim in, and a pond in the health resort’s park where the precious Indian lotus grows are only two of Šmarješke Toplice Spa’s peculiarities.

Vitarium Hotel **** Superior Šmarjeta Hotel **** Vitarium Spa&Clinique Relaxation Centre Šmarješke Toplice 100 8220 Šmarješke Toplice www.terme-krka.si +386 (0) 8 20 50 300 booking@terme-krka.si


10% discount on all wellness services

10% discount on all wellness services


Šport Hotel **** Otočec Adventure Park



The Otočec’s most known feature is Otočec Castle, one of the most beautiful pearls of the castle architecture. The only river castle in Slovenia, situated on an islet, surrounded by the Krka River and dating back to the 13th century, has been reorganized into an exquisite 5-star hotel. As a member of the renowned international chain of mansions and hotels, Relais & Châteaux, Otočec Castle is one the most prominent high-class tourism providers in the world. Nature fans absolutely love the unspoilt nature in the Krka River valley. The Otočec Golf Course has been named the best golf course in Slovenia for two years in a row. The course with 18 greens, stretching out on an area of more than 70 ha, is interesting for professionals as well as amateur golf players. Otočec offers a wide range of other sports activities as well; from tennis, cycling, skike (rollerblading with poles), boating, hiking to the ground-breaking and adrenalin-pumping form of outdoor recreation at the adventure park.

Grad Otočec Hotel *****

Grajska cesta 2 8222 Otočec ob Krki

Grajska cesta 2 8222 Otočec ob Krki



+386 (0) 8 20 50 300

+386 (0) 7 30 75 627 +386 (0) 41 304 444



Dolenj’c Hotel, Restaurant, Bowling


Dolenj’c is situated 200 metres from the Novo Mesto west highway exit, half way between Ljubljana and Zagreb. It has 15 modern, air-conditioned, comfortable rooms. Its large and bright restaurant seats up to 240 people. It serves homemade, seasonal dishes accompanied by selected autochthonous wine. There’s a pizzeria on the ground floor with a wood-fired oven and modern bowling venue with four computer-operated lanes. The coffee shop’s pleasant ambiance ensures that its guests enjoy private, romantic and relaxing conversations sipping cups of coffee, meeting friends or having short business meetings. In the summertime, the youngest guests will enjoy the summer garden with children’s playground. Guests can make use of the free Wi-Fi service available throughout the hotel. The hotel offers guests supping, kayaking and fishing on the nearby Krka River, hiking to Trška Gora and its environs, a game of golf at Otočec, 4 km away, and thermal pool enjoyment at a nearby spa. Complimentary glass of open wine with lunch and dinner.

Na Brezovici 50 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 29 27 600 +386 (0) 40 501 010



Kos Accommodation


Located in the business zone of Cikava near Novo Mesto, approximately a kilometre from the city centre, near the Revoz and Krka factories, Kos Accommodation offers spacious and comfortable rooms. Every room has a private bathroom, Wi-Fi and TV. There are six apartments with either two, three or four beds. The four-bed apartments have an extra bed. All apartments have a kitchen. The building includes a restaurant serving prepared meals and an à la carte menu. There is a large parking area at the front of the building. 10% discount on accommodation.

Podbevškova 2 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 33 75 320


slavko.kos@siol.net 29

Center Hotel


Center Hotel is a new, modern hotel, located at Glavni Trg in the heart of Novo Mesto. Here, you will immediately feel the pulse of the city, friendliness of the locals and tranquillity of the green nature and the Krka River, which surrounds Novo Mesto. The hotel has 17 double-/triple-rooms on the first and second floors, and 11 rooms with shared bathroom and a lobby in the attic. All rooms have air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The hotel offers a variety of choices for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are available upon pre-order. The hotel has a congress room and a coffee shop. 10% discount on accommodation.

Glavni trg 23 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 30 21 800 +386 (0) 41 616 882



Bahor Farmhouse


Edinstvena lesena Kmečka hiša Bahor se nahaja v vasi Zorenci v Beli krajini, le 5 km od Črnomlja. Popolnoma prenovljena, 145 let stara hiša je kraj, kjer boste sami, z družino ali prijatelji uživali v sožitju tradicionalnega in sodobnega načina bivanja. Hiša z apartmajem za 7 oseb nudi visoko kakovost bivanja. V več kot stoletje stari kleti lahko do 18 oseb uživa v izbranih belokranjskih jedeh, degustaciji odličnega hišnega vina ali doma pridelanega soka. 5% discount on house wine purchases.


Zorenci 4 8340 Črnomelj

+386 (0) 7 30 53 191



Kova훾nica Sre훾e Holiday Home


Kova훾nica Sre훾e Holiday Home is situated at the entrance to Kolpa Regional Park in the largest Bela Krajina village of Griblje, only 500 metres from the Kolpa River. Its six beds in three rooms make it suitable for families, as well as small groups seeking relaxing or active free time in nature. There are six campsites and swimming areas on the Kolpa River, an adrenalin park, two fish ponds, sports aerodrome, wine-growing hills and several marked hiking and cycling trails within a radius of less than 10 kilometres. Half-day babysitting for overnight guests. Bela Krajina flat cake baking class for guests staying a minimum of three days.

Griblje 65d 8332 Gradac

+386 (0) 31 864 353



Vila Castanea B&B




Vila Castanea B&B is situated in the centre of the river island, smallest Slovenian town Kostanjevica na Krki, surrounded by the green Krka River. Vila Castanea is the place to relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of the soft Dolenjska landscape, picturesque wine-growing hills and the soothing Krka River. This town house, dating from the end of the 19th Century, is a landmark of local importance, boasting a richly decorated front facade, arched ground floor, floors made of local stone, and arcaded patio in the shade of a mighty chestnut tree. The villa offers seven double rooms and two spacious family rooms for up to four people, a restaurant serving breakfast, a room separated from others intended for business events, free parking if availability, and free use of Wi-Fi. The carefully prepared and varied healthy breakfasts includes locally-produced fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, homemade jam, honey, bread and pastries. 10% discount on regular accommodation prices (min. of 2 nights)

Ulica talcev 9 8311 Kostanjevica na Krki

+386 (0) 31 662 011




20% discount on accommodation. Complimentary house dessert with meals.


Splavar Hotel




Splavar Restaurant, Pastry Shop and Hotel has ensured hospitality to travellers and gourmets in the centre of the old part of Brežice for a number of years. Rafters travelling past Brežice on the way to the Black Sea were the first hungry people to enjoy Splavar, and it is they who gave the house its name. To date, the house’s philosophy has stayed the same: Satisfaction! Slow down and enjoy!

Cesta prvih borcev 40a 8250 Brežice www.splavar.si +386 (0) 7 49 90 630 info@splavar.si

Malerič Apartments and Glamping


Malerič Apartments is located in the idyllic village of Podlog, 200 metres from one of the many sources of the Lahinja River and 1 kilometer from the Črnomelj-Vinica regional road. It has six modern apartments with kitchens (stove, microwave oven, fridge, and dishwasher), bathrooms, TVs, internet connection and telephones. On the ground floor next to the reception desk is a lobby with a fireplace and wood-fired oven which seats up to 50 people. On rainy days, guest can use the gym and wellness room with sauna and whirlpool. Malerič Glamping consists of four luxury glamping houses which exemplify a perfect combination of nature and modern design. Every glamping house has a living area with kitchen and dining area, bathroom, bedroom and children’s room. At front of every house is a beautiful wooden terrace. Upon prior agreement, you can enjoy a feast of typical Bela Krajina dishes, such as, grilled lamb and suckling pig, flat cake, various swirled bread, and more. It also provides a catering services and house wine. 5% discount on accommodation in glamping houses and wellness (sauna and whirlpool).

Podlog 3c 8343 Dragatuš

+386 (0) 40 300 676



Kolpa Paradise Ivan Simonič


This holiday house sits on the bank of the Kolpa River. It can accommodate eight people and is perfect for everyone who wants to spend a vacation in unspoilt nature, enjoying swimming, fishing and boating. The house has a private beach and provides guests with all the comfort needed for a carefree vacation. 10% discount on accommodation.

Križevska vas 72 8330 Metlika

+386 (0) 41 655 509


ai.simonic@gmail.com 33

Rožni vrt - podliparska hiša


You’re welcome to spend a holiday in an authentic half-century-old house with five beds, in the flowery, paradisical forest along the Kolpa River. The house has a wood-fired furnace which keeps you warm at night. There is a full fridge in the kitchen. You can treat yourself to seasonal veggies from the garden, pick grapes, and herbs for tea. You will also get a mentor for meditation walks and for setting up therapeutic gardens. Typical Kostel snacks are served with thematic programmes.

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Fara 27 1336 Kostel

+386 (0) 31 423 848




Complimentary glass of homemade wine or juice at lunch and dinner.


Sela pri Ratežu 15 8222 Otočec www.seruga.si +386 (0) 7 33 46 900 info@seruga.si

Šeruga Tourist Farm


Šeruga Valley is charming in all seasons. In the Spring, chestnuts blossom at the front of the house; in the Summer, there’s always freshness wafting up from the stream; in Autumn, the forest is dressed in a thousand and one colours; and in the Winter, you’re dreaming awake of snowy fairy tales huddled up near a warm baker’s oven. Nature is like a girl: sometimes capricious, other times friendly, but always beautiful. »We are so lucky to live in its embrace and share this beautiful piece of the world with you. During your vacation’s walks, you’ll be able to rest in the shade on the banks of a rippling stream; you’ll find numerous beautiful places, and on return, you’ll enjoy the delicacies of our always fragrant cuisine.«

Kukenberger Ecological Farm


Kukenberger Ecological Farm in Gorenje Ponikve near Trebnje is one of the few in Slovenia that possesses two certificates: it has an ecological certificate for all of its dairy products and the Hay Milk Certificate. All of its farm animals graze throughout the season; in the Winter, they are housed in an airy, comfortable barn. The milk of the traditional brown breed is processed into various dairy products: semi-hard cheese, fresh cheese, grilling cheese, several types of curd, yoghurt, cream, and butter. Kukenberger Ecological Farm intertwines the experiences and ideas of the four generations who have lived there. Visit them at their Mlečni Raj local shop where you can buy all of products listed above. 10% discount with purchases of over €30 from its Mlečni Raj local shop.

Gorenje Ponikve 20 8210 Trebnje

+386 (0) 51 368 545



Medle Farm


At Medle Farm, they are engaged in the production of vegetable plants, balcony flowers, perennials, annuals, and spices in Spring. They offer homegrown juicy strawberries and raspberries. During the Summer months, you can buy vegetables, and in the Autumn, cabbage, turnips and apples, and sour cabbage and turnips. In the Winter months, they are well stocked with pickled vegetables from “Anična špajza”. There is also a shop on the farm itself, where you are heartily awaited. 5% pdiscount with purchases from the shop.

Sela pri Ratežu 10 8222 Otočec

+386 (0) 7 30 85 653 natasa.medlerumpret@gmail.com 37

Ars Naturae Petra Draškovič Pel


Join a tourist guide, photographer, naturalist and nature lover in experiencing Kočevje forests and the wild Kočevje landscape. In order to make the experience of the forest even more authentic, you can make a choice from Eleonorina Žajfa’s interesting soaps, which will bring the smell and magic of the forest into your home. Come join us in discovering the forests! 5 % discount on all services.

Turjaško naselje 3 1330 Kočevje

+386 (0) 41 345 686



Smole Bike Shop and Service


For more than 25 years, Jože Smole, the cycling Olympian, has been successfully managing Smole Bike Shop and Service, offering a wide range of bicycles, additional cycling equipment and spare parts, advice on bicycle selection, assembly and adjustment, and complimentary first service. They are satisfied when their customers are satisfied. In recent years, their offer has been enhanced with a wide range of running and hiking equipment, and fitness programme. They offer bicycle testing and rental, Thule equipment rental, old for new sales, used bicycles, other equipment, and servicing. 10% discount on bicycle rentals.


Šentjernejska cesta 7 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 33 79 800



Oblak Tourist Farm


Just 15-minute’s drive from Ribnica in the peaceful village of Rigelj, Oblak Tourist Farm possesses a wonderful view of its surrounding villages and slopes. They have a real zoo, with deer, Scottish cattle, llamas, ostriches, and ducks. Five apartments comprising 20 beds have been arranged with feeling on the farm. The furniture fashioned from solid spruce gives the rooms a particular warmth and sense of comfort. In addition to its accommodation, guests can enjoy breakfast, late lunch, and dinner. Catering, with an emphasis on wildlife specialities, are also prepared for organised groups by prior arrangement. 10% discount on accommodation (min. 3 days).

Rigelj 2 1316 Ortnek

+386 (0) 41 700 904



Viktorija Horseback Riding School


Amongst the soft Dolenjska hills, there are wonderful experiences awaiting you at Viktorija Horseback Riding School: individual horseback riding lessons, terrain horseback riding, holiday horseback riding camps, the Vikivikend weekend offer of accommodation, relaxation, hanging out with horses, horseback riding, and the like, and an active family vacation in the company of horses. They also prepare special wedding ceremonies in the company of horses. 5% discount on overnight stays.

SlepĹĄek 10 8230 Mokronog-Trebelno

+386 (0) 41 941 120


jsviktorija@gmail.com 39

5% discount on product purchases.


Berryshka – Distillery and Chocolate Shop

Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Kočevje’s virgin forest, you’ll discover an over-half-century tradition of creating natural essential oils, premium spirits, and chocolate products of internationally recognised quality. The Berryshka Distillery and Chocolate Shop writes wonderful stories from the past. The Distillation Master reveals the processes for creating the top-quality flavours and aromas that intertwine in their first-class products. The scent of fine chocolate invites you into the chocolate shop where you’ll experience handmade masterpieces directly from the chocolate master’s hands. Looking onto Roška forests and the emerald spring, you’ll enjoy your time on the terrace of their café. Pamper your taste buds with the selected flavours of Berryshka chocolate products, spirits, and homemade desserts. In the boutique shop, you’ll find all the products of the distillery and chocolate shop; with the help of experienced consultants, you’ll find gifts for every occasion.

Obrh 17a 8350 Dolenjske Toplice www.berryshka.com +386 (0) 41 612 593 info@berryshka.com


Opening hours: Friday to Sunday, and holidays 12:00 pm (noon) to 09:00 pm Guided tours at 15:00 pm, 17:00 pm, and 19:00 pm For groups of over 10 people, there are organised guided tours by prior arrangement, even outside normal working hours.

Aladin Ranch


In the hinterland of the Dolenjska hills, full of fine vines, where over one-hundred-year-old Dolenjska vineyard cottages boast their presence, there is a place called Mirna, and right there, at the entrance to Mirna Valley, there is the village where Aladin Ranch is situated. There, you can see domestic animals and wildlife from almost every continent of the world. In addition visiting the animals, they offer a picnic area and game product tasting. At weekends and during holidays, they organise children’s camps. For adventurers, they prepare an adrenaline experience with paintballing, but you can also go for a walk through the woods or on a bike ride along marked cycling routes through Mirna Valley. Free donkey riding for children with family ticket purchase. 10% discount on game salami purchase.

Gomila 25 8233 Mirna

+386 (0) 31 232 913



GoriĹĄek Cheese and Tourist Farm


This farm located on the slopes of Mirna Valley, 3 km from Mokronog, is wrapped in pure, unspoilt nature with profuse green pasture, and roads and industry far, far away. This is a small paradise on earth, where farming is ecological. The family farm has been producing a variety of natural, domestic goat and cow cheeses, and probiotic yoghurts since 1992. All products are free of preservatives and chemicals. 10% discount on tastings (Discount on cash payment only). 5% discount with cheese purchase (Discount on cash payment only).

KriĹžni vrh 2 8230 Mokronog-Trebelno

+386 (0) 7 30 20 100


sirarna.gorisek@gmail.com 41

10% discount for Rudolf ’s Raft journey (Discount is valid upon cash payment).

Rudolf ’s Raft



Raft riding on the Krka River, under four bridges, past Kamen Castle and Novi Dvor. You’ll see and admire St Nicholas’s Cathedral, Breg, the Franciscan Church, and monastery. There are animators and an accordion player on the raft, you’re served Cviček and a warm Dolenjska meal, and one of the participants is accepted by Rudolf ’s Rafters. At the end, you receive a souvenir. They also organise a special programme on the raft dedicated to the legendary Lojze Slak, primary and high school reunions, birthday parties for adults and children, special programmes for school groups, weddings, promotions, concerts, business meetings, and culinary experiences.

Become master of a vineyard cottage in the middle of wine-growing hills

Glavni trg 11 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 39 31 520




Have you ever dreamt of spending your holiday in unspoilt nature of green hills covered with vineyards, in a charming little house with a balcony and a terrace unfolding a most splendid view of the surrounding hills and valleys? Kind hosts will prepare a special welcome for you, hand you the key to the wine cellar to enjoy a glass of delicious wine. Unless you prefer to use the grill and kitchen also provided to prepare your meal by yourself you will be kindly directed to local providers of delicious homemade dishes. Vineyard cottages are the most excellent starting point to explore the whole of Slovenia or, why not, neighbouring Italy, Austria or Croatia since the distances are so short and reachable by car within a blink. Even if you fly the vineyard cottages are only one hour drive from the Ljubljana or Zagreb airports.

+386 (0) 40 808 568 www.zidanice.si



10% discount on accommodation in this Dolenjska vineyard cottage

Kostanjevica na Krki Water Activity Lovers Club




They want to introduce their guests to the natural beauty and history of Kostanjevica na Krki, interestingly located on a Krka River island, and suitable for fishing, swimming, boating, camping and socialising in good weather. All activities are offered on the basis of a prior arrangement and good weather. Paddleboat, water bike and canoe rental, and panoramic wooden boat ride. 10% discount on the water bike rental.

Oražnova ulica 21a 8311 Kostanjevica na Krki

+386 (0) 40 856 802



Raceland and Adrenalina




Raceland for fun, education, and delicious cuisine! With them, you can take a safe-driving course, try adrenaline go-karting, compete with friends, celebrate your birthday, and the like, or just stay overnight and enjoy Raceland’s culinary offer at its Adrenalina Restaurant. Complimentary bottle of non-carbonated water with food. 10% longer go-karting time.

Pesje 50 8274 Krško

+386 (0) 51 309 809


domen@pagrat.si 43

Wine cellars and vineyard cottages

Otilija Winery


This winery offers wines from the four largest winemakers in the Šentjernej Valley. The basic wine is the Dolenjska speciality Cviček. Through its multimedia presentation, you’ll learn about the characteristics and beauty of our region. Visit them in Šentjernej, where they’ve been maintaining man and vine coexistence for centuries. In addition to excellent wines, there is an exhibition of rooster illustrations from all over the world in their basement. They have been collecting them for many years and they’re now on display in the winery as an attraction for visitors. Occasionally, there’s also an exhibition of over two hundred different old musical instruments from around the world. In addition to tours and wine tasting, they also offer culinary delights. House wine aperitif in unlimited quantity.

Novomeška cesta 12a 8310 Šentjernej

+386 (0) 41 975 213



Graben Wine




Graben Wine, Vino Graben in Slovene, is a recognised and internationally established brand of premium wines. It is led by Janez and Mihela Šekoranja, who have been actively engaged in the production of wines since 1991, when they continued a tradition of wine making which has lasted for more than 100 years. Unique tunnels, repnice/turnip caves, have, in recent years, completely changed the tourist pulse in this area. The first turnip cave open to the general public was theirs, when it was presented to visitors more than 10 years ago. The purpose, however, was not only touristic, as wine is stored and ripened there. A constant temperature of between 4 and 10°C represents the optimal environment for storing bottled wine and for its fermentation. 15% discount on wine tastings and 10% discount on accommodation.

Kumrovška cesta 6 8259 Bizeljsko

+386 (0) 7 49 51 059


vino.graben@gmail.com 45

Prus Wine Cellar


Prus’ home in Krmačina near Metlika reveals the serenity brought by a pleasant pace of life. Three generations under one roof symbolise the family’s wine-growing tradition. Even though the original family member didn’t have as much vineyard as they do today, he was, nevertheless, a Drašiči Vineyard Cottage Neighbourhood member. The grapes for their wines ripen on the slopes of Krmačina, Repica, Vidošiči, Kamenica and other sunny Bela Krajina spots, where the view encompasses St Anna’s Church in Vidošići and St Lovrenc in Vivodina, already beyond Slovenia’s border. The Prus family continually strive to improve on what has been achieved. If the adage that a person learns until they die applies, this is certainly true of viticulture and wine production. 5% discount with wine and honey purchase.

Krmačina 6 8330 Metlika

+386 (0) 7 30 59 098



Dolc 1834 Wine Growing


The wine-growing farm DOLC 1834 rests in the wine-growing area of Bela Krajina. The entire family is involved in this home craft. The house tradition of grape cultivation on eight hectares of land and winemaking is very long, as evidenced by the year of its wine cellar’s creation: its vineyard cottage was built in 1834. Its specialty is in its hospitality; to date, its doors have never yet been locked, so traveller have never left Dolc 1834 thirsty. They offer various tastings for larger and smaller groups. The offer of regular wines, as well as specially-harvested, predicate wine, for which Dolc Wine Growing is especially renowned, is broad and varied. “Card” on departure.


Drašiči 13 8330 Metlika

+386 (0) 41 788 938



Štemberger Wine Growing


In Štemberger cellars, they continue a more than 40-year vine-growing and winemaking tradition in the south-eastern region of Slovenia. They are located in downtown Šentjernej. They are a medium-sized family cellar producing 150,000 litres of wine annually, composed of Cviček, Decibel’ga, Blue Frankish, Pinot Gris, Laški rizling and three types of Šentjernej sparkling wine. With respect to nature and a love of wine, more than 20,000 vines are found on Pleterje Hill, cooperating with permanent subcontractors. In the cellar, there’s a tasting room for up to 50 guests. At Stemberger’s, they constantly strive to improve the quality of their wine, wishing to achieve the best results possible. Countless instances of recognition testify to their hard work and love of drops of wine. Get to know the richness of Štemberger Wine Cellar. 10% discount with wine carton purchase.

Na žago 1 8310 Šentjernej

+386 (0) 41 824 116



Semič Sparkling Wine Cellar


Semič sparkling wine is produced according to the traditional method of fermentation in bottles. Grapes are produced on Semič’s vineyards, a part of Bela Krajina’s wine-growing region. Sparkling wines are produced in the Semič Sparkling Wine Cellar at Semič, where you can also taste them. There is room for up to 60 guests in their tasting room. 10% discount with purchase and tasting of sparkling wine.

Metliška cesta 12 8333 Semič

+386 (0) 41 655 509


ai.simonic@gmail.com 47

Kerin Wine Growing




Their vineyards are kept on the sunny hills of Dolenjska above green Krško Polje, where the Sava River lazily spills into its fertile plains. The love and care for this treasure of nature passed on from generation to generation, with new approaches in cultivation, yield top results. The sun, the life juices in their ribs, and loving production in their basement give their wines a youthful twist and playfulness. A reduced burden on the vines, moreover, enables a quality of wine that aptly accompany life’s exceptional and unique moments. The harmony of colour and taste in their sense pampering wines are excellent because of their individual characters. And everything is led by a Frankish, accompanying you in six skins. Complimentary sample when booking a visit and wine tasting!

Straža pri Krškem 2 8270 Krško

+386 (0) 31 306 053



Tourism in Posavje Vineyard Cottages




Experience holidays in the Posavje wine-growing hills, enjoy outdoor activities, experience nature, and discover local gastronomy. Tourist farms and Posavje vineyard cottages offer complete relaxing countryside comfort. In addition, you can choose between hiking and cycling routes, eco-tourism, natural beauties, cultural heritage, spiritual relaxation, and traditional events. You will receive a free card at tourism providers in Posavje vineyard cottages.


Cesta krških žrtev 46 8270 Krško

+386 (0) 51 324 420



Cultural heritage

Dolenjska Museum Novo Mesto


Four permanent exhibitions are present in the Novo Mesto-located Museum of Lower Carniola (Dolenjski muzej). Archaeological image of Lower Carniola features all major objects making Lower Carniola and Novo Mesto one of the European regions of exceptional archaeological heritage significantly contributing to the knowledge of European prehistory. Ethnological exhibition displays the rustic and handcrafted way of life in Lower Carniola of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Exhibition of Contemporary History represents the time from the end of the 19th century until 1945. Its central part is focused on the World War II in Lower Carniola. The exhibition dedicated to Leon Štukelj 1898-1999 presents the life of the well-known Olympic. 10% discount on entrance fee.

Muzejska ulica 7 8000 Novo mesto

+386 (0) 7 37 31 111



Gallery of Naive Artists Trebnje


Gallery of Naive Art is showing works of self-taught painters and sculptors not influenced by the historical development of artistic styles and directions. Its collection consists of more than 1000 donated works, paintings, reliefs and sculptures produced by 285 naïve artists from 40 European and other countries. The Naïve Art Campus has been run by this Gallery for 47 years gathering artists from all over the world. 20% discount with purchase of tickets for the Gallery for guests and their family.


Goliev trg 1 8210 Trebnje

+386 (0) 7 34 82 100



Bela Krajina Museum Metlika


Museum of Bela Krajina is located in the old Castle of Metlika. It takes care for the mobile heritage of the Bela Krajina region and features four permanent exhibitions in Metlika, Vinica and SemiÄ?. Quite different from the rest of the country, the rich history of the region between the Kolpa River and Gorjanci mountain chain is special both in terms of geography, ethnics, and culture. The major part of the large-scale exhibition focused on peoples’ lives in Bela Krajina from prehistory to the mid-20th century has recently been renovated. Likewise, the Castle of Metlika has been subject to a thorough renovation still in course. 20% discount on entrance fee.

Trg Svobode 4 8330 Metlika

+386 (0) 7 30 63 370



Ironmongery Museum and Gallery


The main purpose of the Ironmongery Museum is the preservation of artistic and technical cultural heritage. You can see a collection of original castings, a history of the foundry at Dvor, a demonstration of melting, mould making and casting. 20% discount on entrance fee. For visits during weekends, call the given telephone number.

Dvor 46 8361 Dvor

+386 (0) 41 234 744


stanka.novinc@siol.net 51

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Košak Mill


Košak Mill’s regular offer includes white and semi-white flour, full-wheat flour and flour mix, buckwheat, corn, barley, rye and spelt flour, pot barley and bran. The bread chef will tell you the many secrets of his trade. Organised groups can take a guided tour of the mill and enjoy a homemade bread tasting. A guided tour of the mill with the bread chef.

Družinska vas 2 8220 Šmarješke Toplice

+386 (0) 41 633 162



Košale Beekeeping


Living with nature and getting to know it in all its beauty and splendour was the main thought behind the proprietors’ decision to buy a plot in the unspoiled nature of Kočevje forests. After exploring the beautiful surroundings, they decided to include the world of bees in it, as well. Among their products, you’ll find ecological red beet and honey juice, ecological Echinacea with honey, and Pine buds with honey. Gift with purchase.

Gradenje 16 8322 Šmarješke Toplice

+386 (0) 31 693 408


roman.kosale@gmail.com 53

Lepote Belokranjskega lesa Agnič


In the small village of Desinec, in the midst of Bela Krajina’s pristine nature, only 4 km from Črnomelj, the team at Lepote Belokranjskega lesa Agnič (The Beauty of the Bela Krajina’s Agnič Wood) create unique products from various types of Bela Krajina wood. Be a part of this story, and take the HEART OF NATURE with you. You can buy products from them, you can co-create a product by prior arrangement, or just watch the master working. Complimentary welcome gift on arrival. 10% discount with product purchase.

Desinec 1b 8340 Črnomelj

Ribnica Handicraft Centre



Handicraft Centre of Ribnica is a public institution in charge for crafts, museum, and gallery-related activities. It features attractive exhibitions describing the history of Ribnica, witch trials, traditional dry wooden accessories, pottery and other crafts. Here you can meet contemporary visual arts or, on request, have a meeting with the masters of handicraft and produce a wooden accessory or piece of pottery all by yourself. Free entry to exhibitions.


Cesta na Ugar 6 1310 Ribnica

+386 (0) 1 83 61 104



BIBI Honey Boutique


This traditional Bela Krajina multipurpose space is located in the old town of Črnomelj. Culinary, musical and cultural events, including craft workshops, are offered to families, business partners, and smaller and larger groups by prior arrangement. In the Bela Krajina tradition, you can buy handicrafts and souvenirs from various Bela Krajina handcrafters, as well as honey and honey products, including gingerbread and natural honey soaps. 5% discount with product and service purchase.

Ulica Staneta Rozmana 6 8340 Črnomelj

+386 (0) 40 175 711



Pečarič Oil Mill


Pečarič Oil Mill independently produces 20 types of high-quality, cold-pressed organic oil from dry kernels, the whole family being involved, harvesting fruit, cleaning the plantation, drying kernels, and pressing. Pečarič has a long tradition of oil milling. Before the First World War, grandfather Niko and his brothers produced walnut oil for lamps. Walnut kernels were pressed in a wine press as they had nothing more appropriate at hand. Walnut kernels were also often used for lighting: they were set aflame to illuminate rooms, and when burnt out, a new one took their place. Their products in beautiful packaging are sold at their house in Drašiči. Complimentary (100 ml) bottle of oil with purchase of 5 bottles of oil.

Drašiči 33 8330 Metlika

+386(0) 7 30 58 093


oljarna.pecaric@gmail.com 55

Aperitif - Pleterje pear brandy tasting.


DrÄ?a 1 8310 Ĺ entjernej www.skansen.si +386 (0) 7 30 81 050 info@skansen.si

Pleterje Charterhouse and Open Air Museum


In the hidden valley below Gorjanci, Pleterje Monastery is home to the only living monastery in the Slavic world today. These Carthusians are a community of recluses, where the monks pay homage to Christ in solitude and silence. That is why the greater part of the monastery is secluded and inaccessible to the public. An old Gothic church from 1406 is open to visitors, where a multimedia presentation of the lives of the monks and the cultural and historical attractions of the monastery is on display. In the Open Air Museum Pleterje, which represents the old traditional farm house built in 1833, visitors are acquainted with the cradle of the Slovenian nation. You can buy monastic crops and products at the house store, and you can taste Pleterje wines on request; the tasting includes seven varieties of wine to sample, including CviÄ?ek, and mass, Blue Frankish, predicate and sparkling wines.

Božidar Jakac Art Museum




In 1974, Božidar Jakac Art Museum was established in renovated premises previously a Cistercian monastery in Kostanjevica na Krki. It is one of the largest Slovenian galleries in terms of exhibition space and the fund it keeps. Art collections representing, at their core, the work of Slovenian expressionists and occasional exhibitions, breathe extra life into this remarkable cultural monument and its surroundings. Since 1961, the International Symposium of Sculptors Forma Viva has been held in Kostanjevica na Krki, which is considered the oldest working symposium in the world. More than 100 sculptures have been created in the years of the symposium, and these are presented in the immediate vicinity of Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Kostanjevica na Krki. 20% discount on Art Museum entrance fee.

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Kostanjevica Cave




In the immediate vicinity of Kostanjevica na Krki, there is a Karst cave where for millennia, rainwater, underground water currents and tectonic movement have created beautiful stalactite formations. The cave is illuminated, suitable for all categories of visitor and you can experience it with a cave guide. In the clearing at the front of the cave, there is a cave house where you can rent space for recreation and other events. 10% discount on cave entrance fee.

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Dolenjska, Bela krajina, Kocevsko-ribniška. Here, you feel at home, no matter where you’re from or where you’re going. Here, you aren’t lonely, even though you don’t know anyone. And here you see, you perceive, you feel and soften up, even though you’ve come here all stiff and indifferent due to the burdens of time. 60

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Dolenjska, different experiences  

Dolenjska - vibrant, green, sparkling, calm, sociable. Openly boastful and mysteriously sophisticated. A landscape of meadows and forests,...

Dolenjska, different experiences  

Dolenjska - vibrant, green, sparkling, calm, sociable. Openly boastful and mysteriously sophisticated. A landscape of meadows and forests,...