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Contents 01 Welcome 02 Getting married

How to ensure you have a day to remember

10 Registering a civil partnership

A simple guide to the legal preliminaries and the choice of ceremonies

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16 Points to remember 17 Suggested readings 20 Countdown to your wedding To do before the big day

22 The meaning of flowers 23 Ceremony checklist Tell us how you want your special day

25 Wedding traditions Fun ways to add a bit of history

26 Renewal of vows

10 33

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A chance to say ‘I do’ again!

28 Civil naming ceremonies

A chance to welcome a child into a new or existing family


30 Citizenship Ceremonies 31 175 years of making history An insight into the city’s past

33 Approved venues

A comprehensive guide to the many venues available in Brighton & Hove

48 Other services 55 Satisfaction survey 57 List of approved venues

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Welcome A very warm welcome to you from all of us in Brighton & Hove Registration District.

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Wherever you live, we understand just how important it is to find the perfect location for your ceremony. If you have picked up this guide to find out more about getting married or registering a civil partnership and you are looking for somewhere fun, lively and full of character, we hope to show you that Brighton & Hove is the place to choose. We will be delighted to help you through the planning and organisation of your special day, and pride ourselves on offering you the best in standards of service and customer care. Brighton & Hove has such a lot to offer, so read on and enjoy!

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GettinG Married

everything you need to know‌

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This is a simple guide to organising a wedding. If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your plans with you. A civil wedding ceremony A civil wedding can be almost anything you want it to be, from a short simple ceremony with a couple of witnesses to a more lavish affair with bridesmaids, music, readings, personalised vows and more. In Brighton & Hove we are fortunate to be able to offer you a wide range of venues to cater for every taste including a pier, a palace, seafront hotels, a stately home and a beautiful bandstand. A list of Brighton & Hove’s approved venues is on page 57, with a detailed look at many of the locations starting on page 33. Wherever you hold your ceremony, our team of experienced Registrars will aim to make your wedding day a happy and memorable occasion.

Getting married in any other church or religious building If you are planning to be married in any other church or religious building, you will need the permission of the minister, priest or governing body before making arrangements. As a rule, you or your partner must live within the church’s district, although there are some exceptions. You will both need to give a notice of intention to marry to the Superintendent Registrar of the registration district in which you live. Some churches require the attendance of a Registrar at a wedding, whereas others have their own Registrar (an Authorised Person). The minister will be able to advise you. If you need a Registrar from Brighton & Hove to attend your wedding, please book with us as far in advance as possible. Getting married abroad If you are considering getting married abroad as an option, you should contact the appropriate country’s embassy in England for advice on the official formalities and documentation required.

Getting married in an Anglican church If you wish to be married by the Church of England, you should first speak to the Vicar of the relevant church. If he or she is able to marry you, the ecclesiastical preliminaries will be followed. This involves the reading of the Banns in the parish where each of you lives, and in the church where you are to be married if that is in another parish. You must have your Banns read out in church for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding.

Generally unless otherwise advised by the Vicar, there is no need to involve the Register Office.

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Legal Preliminaries If you are getting married in a civil ceremony or a church or religious building which is not Church of England, you must both give notice of your intention to marry. This is usually given to the Superintendent Registrar in the registration district(s) where you have lived for the preceding seven clear days. Notice must be entered at least 15 clear days before your wedding is due to take place, and once given is valid for 12 months. There is an appointment system for giving notice in Brighton & Hove. To book an appointment please telephone 01273 294421.

Please ensure you bring the required documents with you, as failure to do so will mean we will be unable to take your notices.

Are you subject to immigration control? If you are subject to immigration control you must give your notice together as a couple to a designated Register Office. As Brighton & Hove Register Office is designated, we can take notices of marriage or civil partnerships for people subject to immigration control regardless of where a couple live or where a ceremony will be taking place.

Will we need to bring any proof of ID? When entering your notice of intention to marry, you will be required to produce: • a current valid passport • and/or a full UK birth certificate (anyone born in the UK after 1 January 1983 without a current passport will need to produce a their own full birth certificate and the full birth certificate or current passport of one of their parents) • recently dated proof of address (council tax bill or recent utility bill or bank statement) • original documentary evidence as to how any previous civil partnerships or marriages may have ended (if applicable) • original documentary evidence as to how your names may have been changed – such as deed poll or statutory declaration (if applicable) • parental consent if you are under 18 years old

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What sort of ceremony can we have? We offer two kinds of ceremonies for marriage; a simple ceremony in the Register Office or an enhanced ceremony in all other approved venues including the Regency Room. Simple ceremony The simple marriage ceremony is offered to couples who have booked their wedding in the smaller of the two ceremony rooms in Brighton Town Hall known as Brighton & Hove Register Office. The simple ceremony meets all the necessary legal requirements and is for a maximum of eight guests (including your two witnesses). Readings, introductory and exit music or being ‘given away’ are not included, however music may be played while the register is being signed. Enhanced ceremony An enhanced, personalised ceremony is offered for all other venues including the larger of the two ceremony rooms in Brighton Town Hall known as the Regency Room. For example, you may request that you and your partner are seen separately by the Registrar to go through the legal preliminaries before the ceremony; you may wish to be ‘given away’ or include your own choice of personal written vows, readings and music. There is a ceremony checklist on pages 23 and 24 for you to complete and return and to help you think about how you would like us to tailor make your ceremony for you. However, please note that a civil marriage ceremony must be entirely non-religious in character and therefore may not, by law, contain any religious readings or music.

What happens on the day of the ceremony? To make sure that everything runs smoothly and goes ahead on time, it is really important that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your ceremony is due to begin. Guests will also need to arrive in plenty of time, or we may have to start your ceremony without them! On the day, you must bring at least two people with you to be witnesses to your marriage. You may choose any relative or friend, as long as they understand English really well and are old enough to understand what is taking place. There will be two Registrars at your wedding, one to conduct the ceremony and the other to register your marriage. Before the ceremony takes place we will need to check with you both that the details to be entered into the marriage register are correct. If you are marrying in the Regency Room or one of our other approved venues, we will then check the details you gave on your ceremony checklist. This may include which vows you wish to use, how you will be entering the room, whether you will be having music, poems or your own vows, the exchanging of rings, and the names of your witnesses. If you wish this to be carried out separately please let us know beforehand.

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Registrar’s introduction and welcome The Registrar will begin your ceremony by welcoming you and your guests. You will be reminded of the solemn and binding character of the vows you are about to make and you and your guests will be asked if anyone knows of a lawful impediment to the marriage. As long as no objections are made, you will then be invited to stand and make your declarations. The legal vows The Registrars will guide you though everything you need to do or say, so there is no need to worry about forgetting your words or saying the wrong thing! While you cannot change the format of the legal declarations and vows, you can choose from the following options: Declarations Traditional ‘I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I (name) may not be joined in matrimony to (name).’ Modern ‘I declare that I know of no legal reason why I (name) may not be joined in marriage to (name).’ Short By replying I am to the question ‘Are you (name) free lawfully to marry (name?)’ ‘I am’

Short ‘I (name) take you/thee to be my wedded wife/husband.’ The exchange of ring(s) Although the exchange of ring(s) is not an essential part of a wedding ceremony, most couples choose to include it as it is traditional. The following words are optional and may vary. Alternatively by prior arrangement, you may include your own choice of words. ‘I give you this ring as token of my love and as a symbol of our marriage. All that I am I give to you, all that I have I share with you and all of my love I promise you.’ Or ‘I give you this ring as a token of our love and as a symbol of our marriage. I promise to care for you and to respect and cherish you, for the rest of our life together.’ Signing the register After the legal declarations have been made and you have been declared husband and wife, the Registrar will invite you to sign the marriage register. This is completed in front of the witnesses and guests and is an ideal photo opportunity.

Contracting vows Traditional ‘I call upon these persons here present to witness that I (name) do take thee (name) to be my lawful wedded wife/husband.’ Modern ‘I (name) take you/thee to be my wedded wife/husband.’

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reGisterinG a Civil PartnershiP

everything you need to know‌ Civil partnership registrations may be just a short signing, a small dignified ceremony or a more lavish affair with personalised vows, readings and music of your choice (by prior arrangement).

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However you decide to celebrate your special occasion, we will do everything within our power to ensure that you have not only a day to remember, but one that you feel is truly yours. What is a civil partnership? A civil partnership is a legal relationship, which can only be registered by two people of the same sex.

notices of marriage or civil partnerships for people subject to immigration control regardless of where a couple live or where a ceremony will be taking place.

How can we organise our civil partnership? You may register your civil partnership at any approved venue or Register Office in England & Wales. A list of venues in Brighton & Hove can be found in this guide or on our website Once you have decided on your venue, you must both give notice to an authorised person in the registration district(s) where you have lived for the preceding seven days. Notice of your intention to register must be entered at least 15 clear days before your registration is due to take place, and once given is valid for 12 months.

Will we need to bring any proof of ID? When entering your notice of intention, you will be required to produce:

There is an appointment system for giving notice in Brighton & Hove. To book an appointment please telephone 01273 294421.

• Proof of address (council tax bill or recent utility bill or bank statement) • Original documentary evidence as to how any previous civil partnerships or marriages may have ended (if applicable) • Original documentary evidence as to how your names may have been changed – such as deed poll or statutory declaration (if applicable) • Parental consent if you are under 18 years old Please ensure you bring the required documents with you, as failure to do so will mean we will be unable to take your notices.

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Are you are subject to immigration control? If you are subject to immigration control you must give your notice together as a couple to a designated Register Office. As Brighton & Hove Register Office is designated, we can take

• Current passports or full birth certificates (anyone born in the UK after 1 January 1983 without a current passport will need to provide their own full birth certificate and the full birth certificate or current passport of one of their parents)

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How public is this going to be? It won’t be public at all unless you want it to be! Once you have entered your notice, the notice will be discreetly displayed for 15 clear days for public viewing in our waiting area. This is a legal requirement of the Civil Partnership Act; however the notice does not disclose your address or the date on which you are planning to register your partnership. Do we have to have a ceremony? No. Civil partnership registrations may be just a short signing, a small dignified ceremony or they may include additional vows, reading and music of your choice (by prior arrangement).

On the day you must bring with you two people with you to be witnesses to your registration. You may choose any relative or friend as long as they are old enough to understand what is taking place. Before the registration takes place the Registrar will need to check with you, in private, the details taken at the time of the notice. If you are not having a ceremony, the Registrar will then invite your guests to join you, explain what you are there to do and then invite you and your witnesses to sign the schedule and the ceremonial register.

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What happens in a civil partnership registration? To make sure everything runs smoothly and goes ahead on time, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the time of your registration or ceremony. Guests should also arrive in plenty of time or we may have to start without them!

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What happens in a civil partnership ceremony? If you choose to have a ceremony, it can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. We can help you with suggestions and you can include poems, readings, music and personalised vows or declarations. Simple signing The Registrar will welcome you and your guests, explain what is about to happen, and ask you both to acknowledge the legal declaration which may be read quietly or spoken aloud before signing the legal document: ‘I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each other’s civil partner. I understand that on signing this document we will be forming a civil partnership with each other.’ Standard ceremony The Registrar will begin by welcoming you and your guests, explain that the room has been sanctioned by law for the registration of civil partnerships and that all have been invited there to witness the registration of your civil partnership. The Registrar will ask you to repeat the following declarations: ‘I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each other’s civil partner.’ or: ‘I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each other’s civil partner. I understand that on signing this document we will be forming a civil partnership with each other.’ Before signing the civil partnership schedule you may wish to exchange rings and make a promise to each other with your own words or the following options.

Option 1 ‘I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, commitment and respect for you. Wear it with happiness and pride, now and always.’ or; Option 2 ‘I give you this ring as a token of my love. I promise to care for you and to respect and cherish you, for the rest of our life together.’ Enhanced ceremony This ceremony may include poems, verse, music and your own vows (by prior arrangement). The Registrar will begin the ceremony by welcoming everyone and will then ask you the following question: ‘Are you free to commit to a partnership with (name)” Your response should be ‘I am.’ You will then be asked to repeat the following declaration after the Registrar: ‘I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each other’s civil partner.’ Followed by: ‘I (name) make here today a public declaration of my love and loyalty to (name). ‘I promise to love, honour and respect you for the rest of our lives together.’ You may then wish to exchange rings or gifts before signing the legal document also known as the ‘schedule’ and say the following: ‘I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, commitment, affection and respect for you. Wear it with happiness and pride, now and always.’ Once you and your witnesses have signed the schedule you will become united in law, the Registrar will formerly declare this to you and your guests and offer their congratulations.

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POints tO reMeMBer • Book well in advance to secure the time and date you want. A notice will be valid for one year, but we will accept provisional bookings more than a year ahead. • You both have to attend to enter your notices of intention to marry or register your civil partnership, even if you live in the same registration district. • You will need an appointment and should book by telephone or in person. • Make sure you bring the right documents when you attend. If you are in any doubt check by calling the Superintendent Registrar. • Remember it is your day, and we welcome suggestions as to how you would like to enhance your ceremony. • General information on Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area is available from the Tourist Information Centre 01273 290337 or • Please note this guide is for information only and is not a full statement of the law. Please telephone 01273 294421 for further information about getting married or registering a civil partnership.

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• We are constantly seeking to improve the service we offer, so please tell us what you like or even what you don’t like.

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A popular way to personalise your ceremony is to include a poem or reading by a relative or a guest. This is a unique way of making your ceremony truly memorable. Asking a family member or a friend to do a reading is one way of including them in the service by giving them a prominent role.

sUGGested readinGs Set out here is a selection of the poems and readings that couples have used at Brighton & Hove weddings and civil partnerships over the years. Some of them may be suitable for your day. Alternatively you may have a particular favourite that you would like to use or you may wish to write your own special words that are important and meaningful to you. In publishing this collection of poems we are simply giving you an indication of the poems couples have previously used to enhance their weddings or civil partnerships in Brighton & Hove. There are many other appropriate poems and readings available. Talk to your friends and family for further suggestions.

A Good Wedding Cake – Author Unknown 4lb of love. 1lb butter of youth. 1/2lb of good looks. 1lb sweet temper. 1lb of blindness of faults. 1lb of self forgetfulness. 1lb of pounded wit. 1lb of good humour. 2 tablespoons of sweet argument. 1 pint of rippling laughter. 1 wine glass of common sense. 1oz modesty. Put the love, good looks and sweet temper into a well furnished house. Beat the butter of youth to a cream, and mix well together with the blindness of faults. Stir the pounded wit and good humour into the sweet argument, then add the rippling laughter and common sense. Work the whole together until everything is well mixed, and bake gently for ever.

A Birthday – Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894) My heart is like a singing bird Whose nest is in a water’d shoot; My heart is like an apple-tree Whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit; My heart is like a rainbow shell That paddles in a halcyon sea; My heart is gladder than all these, Because my love is come to me. Raise me a dais of silk and down; Hang it with vair and purple dyes; Carve it in doves and pomegranates, And peacocks with a hundred eyes; Work it in gold and silver grapes, In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys; Because the birthday of my life Is come, my love is come to me.

Always – Anon This isn’t sometimes This is always This isn’t maybe This is always The real beginning of forever This isn’t just midsummer madness A passing glow, a moment’s gladness This is love. I knew it on the night we met You tied a string around my heart So how could I forget you? With every kiss I know that This is always. 17

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I Promise – Dorothy R. Colgan

Yes, I’ll Marry You – Pam Ayres

I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give.

Yes, I’ll marry you, my dear, And here’s the reason why; So I can push you out of bed When the baby starts to cry, And if we hear a knocking And it’s creepy and it’s late, I hand you the torch you see, And you investigate.

I promise to respect you as your own person and to realise that your interests, desires and needs are no less important than my own. I promise to share with you my time and my attention and to bring joy, strength and imagination to our relationship. I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you see through the window of my world into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets and dreams. I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face changes in order to keep our relationship alive and exciting. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, with all I have to give and all I feel inside in the only way I know how. Completely and forever.

Your face – Edwin Muir (1887-1959) Yes, yours, my love, is the right human face, I in my mind had waited for this long. Seeing the false and searching the true, Then I found you as a traveller finds a place of welcome suddenly amid the wrong Valleys and rocks and twisting roads. But you, what shall I call you? A fountain in a waste. A well of water in a country dry. Or anything that’s honest and good, an eye that makes the whole world bright. Your open heart simple with giving, give the primal deed. The first good world, the blossom, the blowing seed. The hearth, the steadfast land, the wandering sea, Not beautiful or rare in every part But like yourself, as they were meant to be.

Yes I’ll marry you, my dear, You may not apprehend it, But when the tumble-drier goes It’s you that has to mend it, You have to face the neighbour Should our labrador attack him, And if a drunkard fondles me It’s you that has to whack him. Yes, I’ll marry you, You’re virile and you’re lean, My house is like a pigsty You can help to keep it clean. That sexy little dinner Which you served by candlelight, As I do chipolatas, You can cook it every night! It’s you who has to work the drill and put up curtain track, And when I’ve got PMT it’s you who gets the flak, I do see great advantages, But none of them for you, And so before you see the light, I do, I do, I do!

Valentine – Wendy Cope My heart has made my mind up And I’m afraid it’s you Whatever you’ve got lined up My heart has made its mind up And if you can’t be signed up This year, next year will do. My heart has made its mind up And I’m afraid it’s you.

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COUntdOWn tO yOUr WeddinG straiGht aWay

6 MOnths tO GO

Set your budget

Draw up a guest list

Pick a wedding date and venue

Book your transport

Provisionally book venue and reception

Decide on your chief bridesmaid/best man

Contact Registrar to check their availability

Order your stationery and table favours

Tell friends and relatives about your wedding

Choose outfits for bridesmaids and ushers Buy your wedding rings

9-12 MOnths tO GO Book photographer/video Book your toastmaster

Choose your gift list company

3 MOnths tO GO

Think about and book decoration of room

Visit reception venue to decide on menu and wines

Book your honeymoon

Start a beauty routine for skin and hair

Organise wedding insurance

Choose a florist and discuss requirements

Book appointment to enter notice with Register Office

Check passports

Or set a date to meet priest/minister/rabbi

Order wedding cake

Confirm venue & pay deposit

Arrange order of service/music/readings

Book reception venue, caterers, music

Book overnight hotel if necessary

Plan your dress Plan menswear

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2 MOnths tO GO Send out invitations Send out list of local accommodation to guests Re-confirm all bookings Buy your going away outfit Buy accessories (veil, tiara, lingerie, shoes)

2 WeeKs tO GO If your ceremony is taking place at an approved venue and not at Brighton Town Hall, contact registration staff to finalise arrangements for the day

1 WeeK tO GO

Choose presents for your attendants

Confirm all reception arrangements

Buy a guest book

Call all bookings and confirm times

Book wedding day hair and make-up appointments

Pick up dress

1 MOnth tO GO Have final dress fitting Arrange stag/hen nights/weekends Give everyone involved a list of duties Chase up guests who have not replied Confirm final number of guests with caterers

Ensure all hired garments are collected in time Pack for honeymoon/first night Have final hair and make up practice

1 day tO GO Help to decorate the venue, if necessary Arrange for cake to be delivered

Pay Registrar’s final fees for ceremony

Have honeymoon luggage sent to hotel/venue

Order travellers cheques/currency

Relax and have an early night!

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the MeaninG Of flOWers The types of flowers, arrangements and colours you choose are usually dictated by the ceremony’s theme. The meaning of flowers as shown below could help you to decide what message you want to send to each other as well as family and guests. alMOnd flOWers Hope

lily Purity, modesty

aster Symbol of love

lily Of the valley Purity, return of happiness

BalM Sympathy

lily, Calla Beauty

BerGaMOt Irresistible

MarjOraM Kindness, courtesy

BlUeBell Constancy

MiMOsa Sensitivity

BOraGe Courage

Myrtle Fidelity

BrOOM Humility

OreGanO Joy

CaMPanUla Gratitude

OrChid Love, beauty, refinement

CarnatiOn Fascination

Pansy Loving thoughts

China rOse Beauty always new

PeriWinKle Happy memory

ChrysantheMUM Love

PhlOx Agreement

ClOver, fOUr leaved “Be mine”

POPPy, red Consolation

daffOdil Regard

PriMrOse I can’t live without you

fern Sincerity

rOse, CaBBaGe Ambassador of love

fOrGet-Me-nOt True love

rOse, red Love

fUrze Or GOrse Enduring affection

rOse, PinK Grace, beauty

Gardenia Ecstasy

rOse, yellOW Friendship

Gentian Loveliness

rOseMary Remembrance, constancy

GeraniUM “You are childish”

saGe Gratitude, domestic virtue

hare Bell Grief

snOWdrOP Hope

heartsease “I am always thinking of you”

star Of BethleheM Purity

hOneysUCKle Bonds of love

sWeet Pea Departure, tender memory

heather Admiration

sWeet WilliaM Gallantry

ivy Fidelity, friendship, marriage

tUBerOse Voluptuousness

jasMine Grace

tUliP, red My perfect lover, reclamation of love

jOnqUil “I hope for return of affection”

viOlet Loyalty, modesty, humility

lavender Luck, devotion

viOlet, BlUe Faithfulness

leMOn BalM Sympathy

Wheat Riches of the continuation of life

lilaC First love

WallflOWer Fidelity

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23/08/2012 10:27

CereMOny CheCKlist Please complete the following and return it with the fee for the Registrar’s attendance at your chosen venue no later than one month before the marriage or civil partnership ceremony. About you and the venue Venue Date Time Name of groom/partner one Name of bride/partner two Customer reference number Fee enclosed Full names of other important people Groom’s/partner one’s witness Bride’s/partner two’s witness (The legal requirement is two witnesses. These can be family members or friends. There is no lower age limit for witnesses but they must be old enough to understand what is taking place) Best man/woman (if applicable) Bridesmaids/pages (if applicable) Ceremony choices How are you entering the room? (please tick) Toge Together


Bride/partner with father

Bride/partner with other

During the ceremony would you like to be ‘given’ away? If you would like to be ‘given away’ or ‘brought’ to the ceremony by family member or special friend please give their full names below Father Other family member Friend

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Which vows would you like to make? For marriage please choose from (see page 8) Traditional Modern Short For civil partnership please choose from (see page 15) No ceremony just sign Simple ceremony with declarations Enhanced ceremony to include music and readings Where would you like music to be included in your ceremony? Please list tracks if applicable (please note you must supply all chosen music on cd/MP3 player, religious music is not permitted)* As guests enter the room As bride/partners enter the room During the signing of the register/schedule On leaving No music please How will the rings be presented? On a cushion By the witnesses By the best man/woman Other Not using rings Where would you like readings or poems to be included in your ceremony? (please note religious readings are not permitted) Before legal declarations Title & author

To be read by

After exchange of rings Title & author

To be read by

No readings please Will you be personalising your ceremony in any other way? Yes Details attached (If yes please attach details) No Thank you for completing this checklist, please would you now send it or bring it to Senior Ceremonies Registrar, The Register Office, Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomews, Brighton BN1 1JA. Or if you prefer please email it to *We are unable the provide the music for your ceremony 24 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 24

23/08/2012 10:27

WeddinG traditiOns Incorporating wedding traditions in your wedding day is a fun way to celebrate and recognise the historical importance of your marriage within a modern context. We have put together some wedding traditions: • Wedding rings are thought of as a symbol of eternal love due to their having no beginning or end. They are a symbol derived from ancient tribal customs, involving the decoration of the bride with circles of flowers and grass around her wrist and ankles. • “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in your shoe.” On the morning of the wedding, the bride-to-be should put a silver coin in the toe of her right shoe and step out (right foot first) for her last walk as a single lady. The coin is said to bring not just financial wealth but also a wealth of happiness and joy in married life.

• Shoes and weddings. The tradition of tying shoes to the bumper of the newly-weds’ car probably originates from the belief that leather offered protection from evil spirits and that shoes were fertility symbols. • Newly-weds are not considered to be married until they have eaten breakfast together – hence the term Wedding Breakfast. • Honeymoon comes from the days when the groom would whisk his new bride away to a secret hide-away. Here they would remain for a full pass of the moon and he would feed her honeyed wine.

• Wearing something borrowed, preferably something that has already been worn by another happy bride at her own wedding, is said to bring good luck to the marriage. In times gone by wearing something blue represented purity and fidelity, usually an item of blue clothing or a blue band around the bottom of the bride’s dress.

• During the marriage ceremony, the bride stands on the left and the groom on the right. The origin of this goes back to the days when the groom had to fight off other men who also who wanted her as their bride, he would hold his bride-to-be with his left hand allowing his right hand to be free to use his sword.

25 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 25

23/08/2012 10:27

reneWal Of vOWs

this tailor-made ceremony is for any couple who wish to celebrate and renew their marriage or partnership vows in a unique and personal way.

26 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 26

23/08/2012 10:27

For example, the ceremony could be associated with a special anniversary such as the first, tenth, twenty-fifth or fortieth year together. Many couples who have been married or who have had a civil partnership abroad choose to renew their vows in a special event for family and friends who were unable to attend the ceremony. A renewal of vows ceremony can be particularly meaningful to those who have overcome difficulties/challenges in their life together and who wish to celebrate with a renewed commitment to each other. Who is the ceremony for? Any couple legally married or in a civil partnership of any age and for any length of time can arrange a Renewal of Vows ceremony. You do not need to live in the area where you want to hold your ceremony.

• Introduction and welcome from the celebrant • Opportunity for a reading • Acknowledgement of children/grandchildren (if appropriate) • Declaration of continued love and commitment • Opportunity for a reading • Re-dedication of rings • Signing of certificate • Conclusion of ceremony Where can the ceremony take place? Renewal of vows ceremonies are held in the Regency Room, the Register Office or at one of our preferred approved venues. By special arrangement, non-statutory ceremonies such as renewals can also be held at other venues (including private homes and gardens) Please contact us for further details on 01273 292016 email:

James Pike Photography

What happens in the ceremony? The ceremony gives you the freedom to create your own unique celebration with help from one of our experienced Ceremony Celebrants. You may choose from a selection of promises and include readings, poems and music; or if you wish use readings, speeches and music from your original ceremony. Changes in your lives can be recognised allowing your children or grandchildren to be part of your celebration, and new promises may be made to reflect your plans for your continuing future together.

Old rings may be re-dedicated or new rings or gifts exchanged; and to mark your ceremony a special commemorative certificate will be witnessed, signed and presented. A ceremony’s order of service may look something like this:

27 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 27

23/08/2012 10:27

Civil naMinG CereMOnies

these ceremonies are a non-religious alternative to Christenings and are designed to welcome a new baby, a child or children into a new or existing family.

28 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 28

23/08/2012 10:27

You can design your own naming ceremony with readings and other personalised details to give it special meaning to your family. You will be able to choose promises to the child and promises to your partner. You can include grandparents in the ceremony and refer to absent guests. You may choose from a selection of poems and readings to enhance the ceremony and can present your child with a special gift to mark the occasion. The naming ceremony will:

Civil naming ceremonies can also be used to welcome adoptive children and step-children into a new relationship and celebrate the family bonding within a new extended family unit. Where can a naming ceremony take place? Naming ceremonies are held in the Regency Room, the Register Office or at one of our preferred approved venues. By special arrangement non-statutory ceremonies such as naming ceremonies can also be held at other venues (including private homes and gardens). For further details or to book a civil naming ceremony, please contact us on 01273 292016 or email:

James Pike Photography

• Welcome your child into the family and wider community • Announce the names chosen for your child and if you wish, give the reasons for that choice • Make promises of commitment to nurture and support your child into adult life • Choose other adults who are prepared to offer their support to your child throughout their life in a special caring relationship • Gather together close family and friends to celebrate the special occasion

Any parent can arrange a naming ceremony, whether married or not, with any spiritual or religious beliefs or none, or from any cultural background.

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23/08/2012 10:27

CitizenshiP CereMOnies Citizenship ceremonies and applying for British citizenship through the Nationality Checking Service (NCS) Are you planning to apply for British citizenship? For a fee, our team of experienced advisors will ensure that your application form for British citizenship is correctly completed and will also copy your documents and return them to you. Application forms and information on the requirements to be met before applying for citizenship should be obtained from the Home Office. For more information go to For an appointment please email us at or phone us on 01273 294420. Please note we cannot give you nationality advice. Citizenship ceremonies Once an application for British citizenship has been approved by the Home Office, a letter is sent inviting attendance to a citizenship ceremony with the local authority. In Brighton & Hove, you will be welcomed into your local community and meet other people in the area who are becoming British citizens. When you attend your ceremony you are required to make an oath of allegiance (or you can make an affirmation if you prefer not to swear by God) and a pledge. The words of the oath, affirmation and pledge are all given below. You may wish to practise saying the oath or affirmation, and the pledge, before you attend the ceremony.

Oath of allegiance ‘I (name) swear by Almighty God that on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.’ Affirmation of allegiance ‘I (name) do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.’ Pledge ‘I will give my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a British citizen.’ For an additional fee we can arrange a private ceremony for you and up to 50 guests. Please contact us for further details on 01273 294420 or email

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175 years Of MaKinG histOry Every year in Brighton & Hove, on average 3,500 births and 2,500 deaths are registered, and Registrars officiate at over 1,750 civil marriages and civil partnerships. Registrars are required by law to ask personal and confidential questions about the people whose details they are recording. The information recorded in Brighton & Hove goes on to become a permanent part of the social history of the city, and is used to forecast potential pressures and help with the development of national and local public services, such as health and education.

The Civil Registration Service was introduced in England and Wales by Queen Victoria’s government on 1 July 1837. Initially the new law was not well-received and was treated with some suspicion. Many regarded the law as an infringement of rights to privacy and freedom. A large proportion of the labouring classes could neither read nor write and did not understand the need for government records. The Church of England was not enthusiastic, as it foresaw the erosion of its position

as the primary recorder of life events. However, the change in law meant that, while the Church of England, Jews and Quakers could continue to conduct and register their own marriages, legal civil marriages could also take place in a local register office instead of a church. The new law also meant that

couples from other religious denominations (such as Baptists, Methodists, Roman Catholics, and so on, could legally marry in a ‘building registered for worship’ according to their rites and ceremonies. In 1837 the Register Office was not a popular venue and the first civil wedding that took place in the Superintendent

Pictured: Brighton Town Hall. Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

The first form of ‘registration’ dates back to 1538 when Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, ordered all clergy to record every baptism, wedding and funeral that took place within their parish. In 1597, diocesan Registration Officers were appointed to collate these records. From 1653 through to 1660 civil Registration Officers undertook these duties. When the Monarchy was restored in 1660 these responsibilities were again returned to the clergy. A Select Committee Inquiry in 1833 examined the parochial registration system. They recommended a civil registration service.

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Pictured: Brighton Town Hall. Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove


Registrar’s Office at Brighton Town Hall was on 24 June, 1844 – but over the years the demand and popularity for civil weddings has grown. Last year Registrars officiated at 984 civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies in Brighton Town Hall alone. The Brighton & Hove team of Registrars have long held a reputation for being at the forefront of innovation and award-winning customer service. In October 1971, the first enhancement of a civil wedding in England and Wales took place in Brighton, when recorded music was played. Prior to that music and other enhancements were not allowed and ceremonies took place every 15 minutes. In 2004, Brighton & Hove was the first district in England and Wales to offer the opportunity of DVD recorded ceremonies and internet streamed weddings broadcast live to invited virtual guests. At 8am on 21 December 2005, Brighton & Hove made history by jointly registering the first ever civil partnerships for three nervous but ecstatic couples. The Registrars on duty that day were just as thrilled. Proudly, Brighton & Hove also went on to hold the title as the most popular location in England and Wales for registering civil partnerships. Following the introduction of the

1994 Marriage Act which allowed couples to marry anywhere in a civil venue in England and Wales, the Royal Pavilion became the first approved venue in England and Wales to be licensed for ceremonies. Since then the choice of approved civil venues in Brighton & Hove has grown to include hotels, restaurants, the Amex Football Stadium, Duke of York’s cinema, Sussex Cricket Ground, the Bandstand, the Pier, and more – there really is something for everyone. A list of venues can be found on the inside back page of this brochure or at Hopefully this short insight into the civil registration history of Brighton & Hove has shown how times have changed for the better, but we don’t want to stop there. We are continually looking for ways to improve the service we offer to you, and welcome your feedback. Once you have used our services it would be helpful to hear about your experiences and suggestions. We have provided a survey form on pages 55 and 56 for you to use. Until then, we look forward to meeting you and helping you become a permanent part of our city’s history.

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23/08/2012 10:27

venUes Brighton & Hove is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city and we are very fortunate to be able to offer you a large selection of different venues where you may have your civil ceremony, from the stunning Royal Pavilion to Brighton Pier, from grand seafront hotels to the Brighton Bandstand. You will find the full list of approved premises licensed for ceremonies at the back of this brochure. Some of these venues can offer facilities for over 50 guests, as well as smaller more intimate ceremonies. Whatever you decide, we hope you find this guide invaluable in making your dreams and wishes come true. Making a booking To enable you to make all your arrangements in good time, we run a provisional booking system that allows you to book for the current or the following year. A provisional booking may be made by phone, email or in person. If you are booking more than one year in advance, we will be happy to secure your booking with a nonrefundable deposit. This deposit is deductible from your total ceremony fees. Full details of the

legal formalities that are required will be given to you when you make your booking. Once you have given your notice and booked your ceremony with us, we will confirm your booking and give you further information. Inside this brochure on pages 23 and 24 you will find a checklist to help you organise your ceremony. We are happy to discuss anything with you, at any time. Everyone is different and we want to give you the ceremony that is special to you. Please remember any music, reading or vows must not have any religious connotation.

Hove Centre Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 4AH t 01273 292697 e A versatile venue for your special day. With five rooms licensed for ceremonies, we have something to suit any size and budget. With rooms for a dozen people, to the Great Hall where 870 close friends can view you taking your vows! We have the space and flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of modern and traditional celebrations, and with sprung wooden dance floors in two of our venues we can see your special day from ceremony to celebration. Our catering service is managed by Hardings Catering, a family-run, local company, who can work within clients’ budgets. Having built up a wealth of experience in high end presentation and service, they cater for small gatherings to grand banquets. Working with suppliers of fresh local ingredients wherever possible, they are deservedly proud of their reputation for creating delicious homemade dishes. In exceptional circumstances it may be possible for clients to bring in a caterer for specialist and multi-cultural receptions. Council Chamber: 150 with balcony additional 32 Banqueting Suite: 250 Great Hall: 720 with balcony additional 150

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23/08/2012 10:27

Brighton & Hove Register Office Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JA t 01273 294421 f 01273 292019 e

Hotel Seattle

The Register Office is available for simple ceremonies and holds up to eight guests. The room is decorated with heritage colours, antique furniture and crystal chandeliers. Ceremonies are held in the Register Office on weekdays and Friday mornings.

t 01273 679799 f 01273 679899 e

Brighton Marina, Brighton, BN2 5WA

Overlooking the water and out to sea. Stunning views and stunning surroundings rarely come together, but at Hotel Seattle they really do. There are three options to choose from and we can cater from eight, all the way up to 80 people. The Fremont and Elliot rooms are light filled and spacious. Each have floor to ceiling glass doors which open out onto private decking and offer a mix of funky, retro and classic themes, creating a totally unique celebration, whether used separately or as one large interconnecting room. Then there’s the Black and White Room, offering sophisticated style and a more intimate and exclusive setting for up to 20 people.

Brighton College Eastern Road, Brighton, BN2 0AL t 01273 704328 e The elegant alternative venue • Stunning architecture and idyllic grounds provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs • Licensed for civil ceremonies (up to 200) • Day and overnight parking on site • Magnificent chapel for blessings • Locally renowned for exceptional cuisine • Exquisite setting to enjoy champagne & canapés on the lawn • 70 – 200 guest capacity for dining • Expert wedding advice from team of co-ordinators

Great food and drink is our passion, and our event coordinator and chef will help you create what’s in your mind’s eye. From a formal sit-down wedding breakfast, to informal ‘no forks required’ gatherings, we can tailor it all to suit you. Every detail will be thought through, from your guests arriving, to beautifully dressed tables, to the ambience you want to create for your day. Our team, with their mix of efficiency and attentive service, will ensure that everyone is happy, allowing you and your partner to enjoy every moment. As the last goodbyes are said, you can take a short stroll along to your bedroom, kick off your shoes and unwind in this relaxing setting, fall back onto the wide, luxurious bed and enjoy some time to yourselves... Licensed for civil ceremonies.

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23/08/2012 10:27

The Regency Room Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton BN1 1JA t 01273 294421 e The Regency Room is located in the centre of Brighton in Brighton Town Hall, a Grade I listed building which was built between 1830 and 1832. The ceremony room is tastefully decorated with heritage colours, antique furniture and crystal chandeliers.

The Regency Room holds up to 50 guests (34 seated) and is fully air conditioned. Guests are seated around the unique antique horse-shoe shaped furniture, creating a friendly and intimate atmosphere. The ambience and atmosphere of the room means it is perfect for both celebrating large ceremonies and yet still suitable for those who would prefer a more personal and private ceremony. The room is available for ceremonies MondaySaturday (Sundays by appointment only). If you decide to hold your ceremony in the Regency Room we also offer the facility to broadcast it live to invited virtual guests. Please ask for further details.

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23/08/2012 10:27

Hilton Brighton Metropole Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2FU

t 01273 720710 e

120 guests; or the large elegant Regency Suite with its red and gold chandeliers which can hold up to 250 guests. If you are looking for a more intimate celebration, the Chartwell Suite on the top floor of the hotel, can accommodate up to 60 guests with its superb, uninterrupted sea and coast views. When you’re looking for photo opportunities, our grand Victorian architecture gives you plenty of choice for romantic backdrops.

Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel is a grand and majestic seafront hotel steeped in history and retaining much of its Victorian elegance and charm. Combined with its handsome red-brick exterior and extravagant opulent interiors, are its excellent staff who offer all guests a warm, friendly and professional level of service.

For those wishing to stay the night, the hotel offers a choice of 340 bedrooms, 75 with stunning sea views. You can also enjoy the use of our LivingWell Health Club with its swimming pool, Precor gymnasium, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, or perhaps unwind in the Beauty Rooms with a relaxing treatment.

Whether you are planning a lavish celebration or a more intimate affair, we have an outstanding choice of rooms including three that are licensed for Wedding Civil Ceremonies and Civil Partnership Ceremonies. The magnificent Clarence Suite, a grand converted chapel with a unique barrelled ceiling, holds up to 175 guests for a truly memorable experience. The Ambassador Suite boasts an impressive Art Deco domed ceiling that can accommodate up to

Our commitment to you is to provide a truly personal service that means it’s our job to help you relax and enjoy your special day.

Tell us exactly what you want, ask a question whenever it occurs to you, and our experienced Wedding and Civil Partnership co-ordinators will do the rest.

To arrange a viewing of the hotel and facilities, and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us on 01273 720710 or email

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23/08/2012 10:27

Coach House 59 Middle Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AL

t 01273 719000 With its convenient central location in the old Brighton Lanes, The Coach House is a lively and unique venue for celebrating your special day, with warm friendly service and a charm all of its own. The restaurant has an intimate and flexible layout, with a beautiful enclosed courtyard for the summer and a roaring central fire for the winter. Our creative, caring team ensure each day is bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements. We will work with you to devise menu ideas, seating arrangements, flowers to match your colour scheme, music or entertainment and any special touches that you feel will make the day perfect. We are licensed to hold Marriages and Civil Partnerships, allowing you to hold your ceremony and reception at the restaurant. Our dedicated Event Manager will tend to you and your partners every wish and make sure your day is a memorable one. Civil Ceremony: Up to 50 Reception: Up to 75 seated for dinner. We can also accommodate extra guests after dining has finished.

Brighton Pier Victorias on Brighton Pier

SEA LIFE Brighton Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TB

t 01273 609361 e

t 01273 604234 e

The most unusual and iconic venue – your ceremony and reception on Brighton Pier will be a fun filled, relaxed and a memorable experience. Whether it is a small intimate occasion or a formal reception for up to 220, we cater for all your needs.

SEA LIFE is located in a 140-year-old Victorian building and is a perfectly unique venue in which to hold your wedding ceremony. Choose to exchange vows aboard the UK’s first glass-bottomed boat, which floats atop our ocean tank. An aerial view of sharks, turtles and tropical fish will create a memory that you will never forget. Please contact us for a consultation or information pack, or to discuss available options for your special day.

Contact Neil for more information.

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23/08/2012 10:27


The Milkmaid Pavilion, Kings Road Arches, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2LN t 07789 002639 Flexibility is the key to our exceptional reputation as a wedding venue. Draw up in a classic car or simply wander up from the breaking waves – we can accommodate all types of weddings. Our stylish restaurant offers panoramic views along the Sussex coast, perfect for creating meaningful civil ceremonies and partnerships, as well as elegant wedding receptions. As a family run venue, it is our aim to ensure every second of your day is as special as you have always imagined it to be.

Amex Stadium

Home to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club t 01273 878272 e The American Express Community Stadium A wonderful choice…. The American Express Community Stadium provides a modern luxurious venue for a wonderful wedding day. It nestles beautifully in the Sussex Downs providing the perfect backdrop to your special day. For your wedding ceremony & reception Our stunning West Stand plays host to eight luxury lounges which can accommodate five to 450 guests for your civil ceremony and wedding reception.

Sam’s of Sevendials 1 Buckingham Place, Brighton, BN1 3TD t 01273 885555 e If great food is a priority on your big day, then Sam’s is the venue for you! Sam Metcalfe has been serving up exceptional Modern British food for over 10 years and has successfully hosted dozens of weddings. The building, previously a Lloyd’s Bank, has impressive high ceilings and natural light creating an elegant yet relaxed venue. The main dining room can seat up to 75 guests (100 for standing buffet). The south-facing terrace is perfect for welcoming guests with a glass of bubbles. ‘The Vault’ is a private room for up to 22 people, perfect for an intimate celebration, or as a late night disco or children’s room!

Our wedding team will assist you with your planning and arrangements, as well as ensuring the smooth running of your wedding day. We will work closely with you on every detail from the time you book until you are exchanging your vows, ensuring you and your guests have a stress-free, enjoyable wedding. For your wedding breakfast As first class caterers, we offer four inclusive packages or the flexibility to create a bespoke package, offering you the wedding day you have always dreamed of. Our team of top chefs will bring a wealth of experience to your wedding day catering, inspiring you with ideas and exceeding your culinary expectations. Contact us for further information or to arrange a visit to the stadium, on 01273 878272 or email

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23/08/2012 10:27

The Bandstand Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 2LN

Whatever your theme or budget, we can offer a comprehensive service, from dressing the venue to devising your menu in conjunction with our top-class chefs.

t 01273 292712 e

From traditional seaside fare, canapés and champagne on The Bandstand, to à la Carte at our nearby restaurants; Brasserie Pascal or La Tipaza Tapas Bar – we are here to help make your perfect day perfectly special!

Beautiful and truly majestic, The Bandstand venue stands like a statue on Brighton’s vibrant seafront offering unrivalled views over the sea.

“Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding. The Bandstand & the restaurant looked spectacular and we really did have the perfect wedding! Thank you x” Leanne & Tom

Grade II Listed, the ornate architecture is magnificently detailed offering the perfect choice for couples wanting an elegant beachside experience in the most elegant of settings. There really is no other venue quite like this. To match The Bandstand’s unique and unrivalled setting, we are proud to offer La Fourchette’s outstanding hospitality.

“Honestly can’t thank you enough for everything...... The Bandstand was just amazing! Had the best day ever :) All Our Love Wayne & Debs .....Mr & Mrs T x” To make initial enquiries, please contact vanessa.weild@ copying or 01273 292712.

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23/08/2012 10:28

The Claremont Second Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LL t 01273 735161 f 01273 736836 e Built in 1875, our stunning and stylish villa provides a superb venue for your special day. Gracefully proportioned and tastefully decorated rooms blend seamlessly with our delightful English country garden bursting with a variety of colours throughout the year. We see the day through your eyes – that’s the difference at The Claremont. Attention to detail coupled with friendly service – locally sourced food passionately prepared by our wedding chef – all contribute to make your experience a memorable one, from the ceremony through to the last dance. Think of The Claremont as exclusively yours! 120 guests or 50 seated. 11 boutique style bedrooms sleeping up to 19 guests, including a spectacular four poster bedroom reserved just for you to kick back and relax in at the end of a perfect day at The Claremont.

Queens Hotel 1-5 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 1NS t 01273 321222 e The Regency styled Queens Hotel is Brighton’s largest independent hotel, and has enjoyed playing a prominent role in the town’s history. Originally beginning its life as “Mohamed’s Vapour Baths” in 1786, it got absorbed into its neighbouring property to become the Queens Hotel. You could not wish for a more special venue for your big day than the Queens Hotel, where our dedicated wedding team pride themselves on delivering a day that is tailor-made to meet with all your requirements. The hotel is licensed for wedding ceremonies, and our Sandringham suite with its private bar and extensive dance floor can accommodate from 50 to 150 of your guests for your celebration. And when it comes to your food choice for your wedding, we have an extensive selection of menus to choose from, but are equally delighted to work with you to create your own, should you wish. With its wonderful location on Brighton seafront, backing onto the famous Lanes shopping area, (and around the corner from the Register Office!), this beautiful hotel combines the excitement of a modern city with its history, and enhances the enjoyment of classic seaside traditions.

40 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 40

23/08/2012 10:28

Duke of York’s Cinema Preston Circus, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4NA t 01273 818549 e The Duke of York’s is delighted to add bespoke weddings to its repertoire of great entertainment. The cinema is a Grade II listed building and as of this year is 102 years old. Our auditorium seats 283 people. Hire includes; exclusive use of the venue, projection, staffing, red carpet, rehearsal time, post-ceremony popcorn and a listing in our programme. For more information contact Felicity Ventom on 01273 818549 or email

Blanch House 17 Atlingworth Street, Brighton, BN2 1PL

t 01273 603504 e A warm welcome and traditional hospitality awaits you and your guests at our friendly and intimate Grade II listed boutique hotel –the perfect venue for your civil ceremony, civil partnership and wedding celebrations. Our caring and attentive team will ensure your day is one to cherish and we will be delighted to take care of every aspect of your big day from arranging florists, cake makers to photographers and musicians.

Stanmer House

Stanmer Park, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9QA t 01273 680400 e Stanmer House, a beautiful 18th Century Manor set in acres of stunning parkland in the heart of Sussex, nestled between the sea and the Downs just 10 minutes from Brighton. The perfect setting for your intimate wedding; for up to 50, the sense of history and intimate atmosphere creates an environment that is both inspiring and comfortable, ensuring you and your guests will have the most wonderful day. From the moment you step through the grand entrance the magic of the house comes alive.

Your big day could start with a champagne reception, followed by a fabulous wedding breakfast, and could continue on to midnight – enjoying Blanch House’s magnificent champagne, wine and cocktail bar! We can seat up to 40 guests for the civil ceremony, 75 for a standing post-ceremony drinks and canapés buffet reception and up to 40 for a seated wedding breakfast. Exclusive use is available for you to enjoy the hotel with your family and friends throughout your celebrations. This would include full use of all 12 individually styled bedrooms, including the romantic Perrier Jouet room, the Belle Époque suite and our intimate champagne bar. “We took over the hotel for two nights with friends and family to celebrate our wedding. The people at Blanch House were just incredible – supportive, considerate and seamlessly efficient. Nothing phased them. The Perrier Jouet Room is such an indulgent treat. The Wedding Breakfast food was fantastic, the atmosphere was always friendly, thank you all.“

41 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 41

23/08/2012 10:28

drakes of Brighton 44 Marine Parade, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1PE t 01273 696934 Combining stunning design and an unsurpassed seaside location with warm, personal service and a vibe all of its own, drakes hotel is the prefect solution for a complete 21st century fairytale wedding or civil partnership. drakes is never stuffy or formal, but is about relaxed glamour; an escape from everyday life. With 20 bespoke bedrooms, a licence to hold civil ceremonies, and tailored menus from the exceptional 2AA Rosette restaurant, drakes is the perfect venue to hire exclusively to ensure the ultimate in intimacy and luxury for you and your guests. Private use of the restaurant at drakes can also be booked for your wedding breakfast, catering for up to 40 guests. Our Events Manager will ensure the planning of your big day is as seamless as possible to ensure your day is true to your dreams. The beachfront setting with views of the iconic Brighton Pier is uniquely picturesque, yet Brighton is just 30 minutes from Gatwick and 50 minutes from London. drakes, for a wedding that exudes laid-back glamour with a hint of fun.

Barceló Brighton Old Ship Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1NR t 01273 329001 f 01273 820718 Ideally situated overlooking Brighton beach and positioned between the two piers, the Barceló Brighton Old Ship Hotel provides the perfect backdrop for celebrating your special day. Whatever type of day you’re looking for, whether it’s a fairytale wedding with a lavish reception, an intimate celebration with your closest friends and family, or a civil partnership or commitment ceremony, we can help you to create the perfect day. Standing proud on the bustling seafront, arriving at Brighton’s oldest hotel couldn’t be easier for you and your guests. The hotel has a licence to hold civil wedding ceremonies and 154 bedrooms, so your whole day can be spent at this unique venue. We have five beautiful, unique function rooms to host your special day, holding up to 250 guests. The Paganini Ballroom has been restored back to its former Regency glory with a floating balcony and stunning detail. The Old Cellars provide a magical and romantic atmosphere for smaller candlelit parties, and you can take your vows overlooking the sea in beautifully decorated Fecamp Lounge. You’ll be spoilt for choice at the Barceló Brighton Old Ship Hotel.

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23/08/2012 10:28

Sussex County Cricket Club Eaton Road, Hove, BN3 3AN t 01273 827124 e The delightful PROBIZ County Ground, Hove has been synonymous with first-class cricket for over 150 years. More recently however, it is recognised as one of the leading venues in Sussex for parties, celebrations and particularly weddings. Sussex CCC are licensed for wedding ceremonies and can offer a range of on-site venues for your special day. The Boundary Rooms offer a flexible, modern venue complete with patio doors and decking, which compliment your celebration with a complete alfresco experience. The Spen Cama Pavilion boasts a more traditional setting for a wedding, with both the Long Room (formerly the Jim Parks) and the Dining Room (formerly Dexters) having recently been fully refurbished and extended. It also offers superb floor-toceiling views of the pitch, washed with natural daylight. The brand new kitchen facilities in the Pavilion add to the notion that the venue is gaining a fast-growing reputation for top quality food and service, which has contributed to a recent nomination for the Brighton & Hove Business Awards in the category of ‘Best Place to Entertain Your Clients’. An added bonus of this Brighton & Hove-based venue is the ample free, on site car parking which gives your guests full access to the ground via their vehicles. All this contributes to a truly unique venue for your unique occasion.

The De Vere Grand 97-99 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FW t 01273 224355 e Built in 1864 in the Italian Renaissance style, this iconic hotel is a masterpiece of Victorian splendour. Standing proud on the Brighton promenade, gazing out across the glittering sea, The Grand has an allure all of its own – Victorian splendour, breathtaking sea views, excellent service and decadent cuisine. It is the grandest of settings for your wedding or civil ceremony. Draw up in a classic car, step out of a horse-drawn carriage, wander up from the breaking waves; it’s our aim to make every second of your wedding day unforgettable. Whether it’s your ceremony, civil partnership or wedding reception, we’ll make sure your big day is as memorable, exciting and special as you have always imagined. All our function rooms are licensed for ceremonies and can accommodate everything from intimate gatherings of ten to banquets for 500 guests. You could hold your ceremony in the Regent Room, before stepping outside for beautiful postcard-perfect photographs. Enjoy top class dining in the gorgeous Empress Suite complete with panoramic sea views, then relax in contemporary luxury in one of our feature deluxe bedrooms. We look forward to welcoming you to The Grand, Brighton. Call Penny on 01273 224355 or email us.

43 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 43

23/08/2012 10:28

James Pike Photography

44 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 44

23/08/2012 10:28

John Hamilton Photography

Welcome to one of the most exotically beautiful buildings in Britain. Built as King George IV’s pleasure palace when Brighton was the heart of fashionable Regency society, the Royal Pavilion was also used by King William IV and Queen Victoria.

Royal Pavilion


4/5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE

Situated on the first floor above the Red Drawing Room, the King William IV Room offers an elegant setting for both day and evening receptions. Decorated in Chinese style, this light and airy room features beautiful handpainted wallpaper. The room accommodates 60 people for a seated dinner. Catering is supplied by one of our approved caterers and the functions team can advise on a caterer to suit your needs.

Today the Pavilion has been restored to its original 1823 splendour with Indian architecture contrasted with interiors inspired by China. This breathtaking Regency palace is a spectacular venue for civil wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Weddings & Civil Partnerships The historic Red Drawing room is the venue for civil marriage ceremonies at The Royal Pavilion. Retaining much of George IV’s original 1820s decorative scheme, the room features red dragon wallpaper and palm tree pillars. The Red Drawing Room can be booked for wedding ceremonies throughout the year (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) between the hours of 11am and 5pm. The room can accommodate up to 40 guests. Ceremonies are performed by the Brighton & Hove Register Office and an additional fee is payable directly to them for this service. Private guided tours of the palace can be arranged for guests at an extra charge. After the ceremony photographs of the married couple can be taken in the sumptuous Music Room, followed by group photographs in the delightful setting of the Regency Gardens.

The William IV Room also benefits from its own private entrance leading directly from the Royal Pavilion gardens. The Royal Pavilion can be hired for your reception even if you are not holding your ceremony at the Pavilion. Please note that as an historic building the Royal Pavilion is not suitable for parties and dancing is not permitted.

James Pike Photography

t 03000 290905 e

45 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 45

23/08/2012 10:28

Hotel du Vin Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AD t 01273 718588 e Sublime. One word to express the greatest of all days. With exquisite private rooms, gorgeous suites, a tranquil courtyard, heavenly dining and your own dedicated events organiser, there can be no more fitting a stage as you glide elegantly from ceremony to wedding breakfast and beyond. Hotel du Vin is the perfect venue for weddings and civil partnerships. Situated in The Lanes conservation area, and a pebble’s throw from the seafront. Its 49 bedrooms are housed in a collection of eccentric Gothic revival and mock Tudor buildings erected, appropriately by a wine merchant on the site of an old inn. Among its many features are a heavily carved staircase and bizarre gargoyles, while the original double-height hall now houses the wine bar and recently added Laroche wine tasting room. Our Dome Ballroom can seat 90 people for a sit down meal and up to 120 for a reception. Our second largest room, the Hush Heath can seat 48 people and our Whiskey Snug 24. Why not pop in for a visit and enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne while we take you on a tour of our facilities. For your Big Day. Think du Vin.

The Best Western Brighton Hotel 143-145 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2PQ t 01273 828302 e Whether you want an intimate reception or a grand affair, The Best Western Brighton Hotel holds a wedding licence, enabling you to hold the whole event in the hotel. After marrying in our beautiful Prince Regent Ceremony room, Register Office or church of your choice, join your guests sipping champagne in The View Bar or our unique outside sea-facing garden with gazebo and garden furniture. The Prince Regent Suite, which offers breath-taking sea views and overlooks the recently refurbished bandstand, can seat up to 130 guests for a formal meal and can accommodate up to 250 guests for an evening reception. The Brighton Hotel is steeped in history. Formerly three magnificent private residences, it is one of the oldest hotels in Brighton, dating back to 1854. With 55 bedrooms, many with panoramic sea views, the hotel is ideally suited to exclusive use weddings. Our experienced team will ensure every detail of your special day is carefully planned, as perfectly as you’ve always imagined it.

46 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 46

23/08/2012 10:28

The Thistle Brighton King’s Road, Brighton, BN1 2GS t 01273 763244 f 01273 820692 e The Thistle Brighton offers a perfect venue with a number of ideal rooms, stunning views and spacious Atrium lounge. For a contemporary wedding and the more traditional, choose from three banqueting areas, catering from 20 to 220 for a wedding breakfast including a wonderful seaview location in the Promenade restaurant. Whether your reception is for a small intimate gathering or something grand and lavish, we have the perfect venue. Party into the evening until 1am in the ballroom.

The Thistle Brighton is licensed for civil partnership ceremonies. Situated just a minute’s stroll from the Register Office at Brighton Town Hall, the stunning and unique Atrium lounge offers an ideal meeting place before the ceremony. The water bar can also be booked for private drinks receptions pre or post ceremony, to celebrate your special day. Discounted accommodation rates are available for your wedding guests and we have seven honeymoon suites with luxurious accommodation and jacuzzi baths. Our penthouse suite offers an outside private seaview balcony and outdoor hot tub. We will be delighted to discuss your important plans. To make an appointment or to request information, please call our Meeting and Events Wedding Co-ordinator on 01273 763244 or e mail

47 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 47

23/08/2012 10:28

Other serviCes To help you with your plans, over the next few pages you’ll find a selection of experts whose aim it is to help make your day even more special.

The Greene Room Above The Cricketers 15 Black Lion Street, Brighton, BN1 1ND t 01273 329472 e Located a stone’s throw from Brighton Town Hall and the Register Office; The Greene Room offers a stylish yet comfortable setting for your wedding reception. In the heart of The Lanes and above one of Brighton’s most charismatic pubs (The Cricketers), The Greene Room retains the splendour of the period building within which it sits, whilst adding some nice contemporary touches. Whether you are looking for a formal wedding breakfast, a drinks reception with an upmarket selection of canapés or simply a place to boogie the night away, we have all you need to ensure your wedding day is one to remember! Our experienced team make sure your day is tailored to your exact requirements and will work along with you to make sure you get the seating arrangements, menus, colour schemes, music and decorations how you want. Your dedicated host will make sure the day runs seamlessly. We have a range of packages available for a variety of budgets and can create a bespoke package if you already know exactly what you want! Reception: We can seat up to 35 guests for a lunch/ dinner or host up to 70 for an informal buffet.

Brighton & Hove Radio Cabs t 01273 204060 • 01273 414141 Brighton & Hove Radio Cabs offer a range of executive cars for hire including a Chrysler 300, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and a Audi A6. Our service is simple. All executive cars are fully valeted prior to pick up and your suited chauffeur will meet and assist you at all times during your journey. We offer very competitive rates for local journeys, with prices starting from £50 +VAT. We also offer very reasonable Wedding Packages, with prices starting from £120 +VAT.

48 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 48

23/08/2012 10:28

James Pike Photography Studio F, Stockwell Lodge Units, Conway St, Hove, BN3 3LW t 01273 731745 / 07905 945995 e Easy-going, relaxed, reportage wedding and civil partnership photography. I will create a beautiful natural photographic record of the day. The photographs will tell the story and capture the moments, style and joy of your wedding! Call or email me to arrange a time to discuss the day. “Wow, Jim you are a genius! You really couldn’t have captured the essence of the day any better. It’s like looking directly into my memories. Thank you so much!” Martyn & Georgie April 2012 “We are thrilled with the pictures James took of our wedding. He impressed us from our first meeting. His knowledge of the venue ensured he came up with great ideas and he completely understood that we wanted pictures to remind us of the day not a set of staged photos. We got exactly what we wanted!” Andy & Richard September 2011

Neil W. Shaw Photography t 07816 358725 e Neil W. Shaw Photography beautifully renders a unique portrayal of your wedding day, working with you to understand exactly what is required to crystallize your day. From the fine details of the bride and groom’s preparations to the pivotal points of your day, Neil balances contemporary ‘candid’ shots with more traditional shots. Neil goes to great lengths to guarantee superb quality with a distinctive spin on your event so that you can be proud of the photos forever.

bernadette conway Photography t 01273 276106 m 07808 201387 e beautiful moments, beautifully captured unposed, unobtrusive and unique wedding photography that tells the story of your day photographs that are timeless, natural and emotional whether you need a photographer for a couple of hours or all day for your wedding or civil partnership, Bernadette has options that will suit your needs and budget.

49 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 49

23/08/2012 10:28

Mango Moon


Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

t 07930 433467 e Klarke Caplin has been photographing weddings for 10 years, from the small, only two people to 400 guests Her photographic style is described as feminine, stylish and fun and she has won awards for it. She has a passion for black and white candid photographs and ensures that she works unobtrusively. Her work has been published in OK Magazine, Hello, Brides and You & Your Wedding. Klarke also shoots for a celebrity photo agency photographing celebrity portraits at her studio.

t 07540 254 583 e Fierce * Fresh * Fun images for weddings & partnerships. Mention this ad for 10% off a photo booth at your reception. Ask us about our vintage Viewmasters and bespoke reels of wedding images in 3D.

Adam Hollingworth Photography

t 0790 999 2130 e

Fun. Laughter. Emotion. Excitement. Happiness. I will capture all this and more. Your special day has taken a lot of time, money and effort to arrange and you want to enjoy it without having to worry about posing for photos. I ensure that your day is stylishly covered from start to finish while striving to remain in the background, capturing the mood of the day in both colour and black and white. You’ve put a lot of effort in and so I always aim to record everything, from the little detail of the favours, to the emotion on the faces of you and your loved ones. I will make sure that all the group shots of family and friends are captured as well as providing you with wedding photographs that tell the story and depict the true emotion of your day. We will meet to discuss your thoughts so I can deliver these as well as offer my creative viewpoint to really give you a timeless, beautiful and affordable set of images that you will cherish forever.

“Adam listened to what we wanted from our pictures and produced above and beyond what we expected.” Suzanne & Mike

50 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 50

23/08/2012 10:28

Brighton Togs Professional Media Photographers t 01273 275162 m 07973 677017 e

Specialising in informal, journalistic style wedding and civil partnership photography.

Emma Lucy {Emma Gutteridge} ‘Not your average wedding photographer’ t 07702 340727 e “Emma is not your average wedding photographer.” Taking her editorial experience of music and festival photography, Emma offers in her photography something a little unique for your wedding day. Emma Lucy is the photographer for discerning couples who are a little quirky themselves and don’t want a photographer to run through the run of the mill clichés of a wedding day. Instead, she blends into your day like a friend and uses a reportage style to document natural, unstaged moments as a story.

Jacqui McSweeney Photography 53 Montpelier Road, Brighton, BN1 3BA t 07810 522810 e Contemporary, fun and stylish photography.

Emma regularly works with couples from all walks of life, get in touch for an informal chat. ‘I wanted to say a huge, huge thanks for all your hard work on the day. We both thought you were fantastic, and so many of our friends expressed the same sentiment. I’m glad you enjoyed the day too, it was incredibly special to us and you helped be a part of that, and we are both very grateful. You’re a real find’ ‘All our photos are amazing, so so happy, had the best day and just loving your work! Thanks Emma! I’ll keep recommending you to anyone who’ll listen!’

51 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 51

23/08/2012 10:28

Reveries Weddings and Events t 01273 418980 or 07966 676469 e Creative wedding decoration with a difference. Reveries offer a professional, exciting and fresh approach to decoration, combining contemporary and traditional styling. For fabulous décor to compliment your venue, please contact us now for a free consultation. Reveries can help you achieve a wedding that’s totally you!

The Treatment Rooms 21 New Road, Brighton t 01273 818444 e Brighton’s largest beauty salon and urban day spa. We treat both men and women and use essential oil blends, gels, creams, muds and stones to purify, soothe, revitalise and restore balance to both mind and body. We offer light, airy changing rooms and ten calm, spacious therapy rooms, (including a double to share with a companion) and a warm, peaceful relaxation room. Spoil yourself or purchase a gift voucher for your best man/ woman and of course the mother of the bride/groom.

Theme-Works Weddings t 01273 224 777 e Table Centres | Draping | Lighting | Linens | Floristry | Dance Floors | Themed Props Personally designed, expertly produced. With more than ten years experience in producing events, the Theme-Works team can take your vision and passions to create inspired themed decor designs that personalise your wedding to reflect you. We can create a quirky vintage tea party, a surreal voyage into Alice’s Wonderland, an enchanting winter sparkle experience, a dramatic carnival vibe or all the glamour of old era Hollywood. Take a little or a lot from our themed production, our service is entirely bespoke to create the perfect wedding day for you. Beyond the dressing of the venue, we can also provide extra special features including live entertainment, chocolate fountains, candy floss and ice cream stalls, glitter cannons, Pimm’s fountains and many more ideas. Please get in touch for a personal consultation and to see more examples of our work. What our clients say: “We were totally wowed by our wedding décor; it excelled our expectations in every way and looked absolutely stunning. We received an amazing amount of lovely comments, we were so pleased!”

52 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 52

23/08/2012 10:28

Quince Flowers Unlimited 175 -177 Portland Road t 01273 736949 e For creative, inspired, wedding floristry, come and visit our friendly team who will work with you to bring your thoughts and ideas to life in a way that will WOW you on your special day.

2 Nile Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HW t 01273 227004 e Situated in the heart of Brighton, a stone’s throw from the Town Hall, Quince is a beautiful flower shop specialising in inspirational wedding flowers suited to your personal style and budget. Quince work with you to help plan your special day, whether that be a lavish ceremony, a more simple celebration or simply a stunning bouquet.

Blooms for business Flowers with passion & style t 01273 301813 m 07816 761327 e Contemporary floristry at its finest, we’re renowned for our creative designs, combining expertise and flair to create show-stopping flowers for weddings and civil partnerships across Sussex.

53 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 53

23/08/2012 10:28

Event Sound Solutions Super Cool Sound Systems t 07702 786345 e Add some glittering glam to your wedding or civil partnership with one of our stunning sound systems! Event Sound Solutions will provide you with a truly unique music experience for your wedding or civil ceremony. With a choice of super cool and funky sound systems we promise to create your ultimate wedding celebration. Our systems look as amazing as they sound and we can tailor our set up to compliment your day. Choose from our beautiful white, sparkling system or for something different, how about our glittery green set up? Our funky retro or disco diva DJ stands will complete the look alongside lasers, lights and haze machines. We can even do bubbles for the kids to enjoy! As a small, family run, business we are extremely flexible and you wont find a harder working, more reliable man than my husband, Dan! We can provide a DJ or simply deliver and set up the sound system for your own DJ, ready to use. We can also provide live sound engineering for your band or entertainment. We love a wedding so please call us for an informal chat. ‘Dan did my wedding recently and he was excellent. Beautiful sound equipment and he set up without a hitch, bang on time. Great tunes, smoke machines and lights….he even edited down our first dance to reduce my embarrassment. Great guy. Professional and Reliable.’ Richard and Gemma Kennard

Plum Catering t 07967 305044 e your dream wedding fully bespoke service exceptional food a broad range of services your budget fully managed Plum offers a fully bespoke service to all our clients. You tell us what you would like for your dream wedding or party and we will create it for you. We are very proud of our food and have gained a reputation for putting flavour and quality as a priority. Our menus are constantly changing because we keep a close eye on new developments in food trends and encourage our clients to talk to us about their favourite food and wine. Our wine list is very competitively priced and offers a range of wines, from all around the world and recommended by a reputable vintner. What our clients say about us: “I can’t sing the praises of Plum Catering of Brighton highly enough... the meal was beautifully presented and tasted delicious. The smooth running of the whole operation was a credit to you. My daughter and I are indebted to you for ensuring that it was the perfect wedding day.”

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23/08/2012 10:29

satisfaCtiOn sUrvey After you have had your ceremony or used Brighton & Hove’s Registration services, it would be really helpful if you could let us know what you thought. Did you have a good experience or would you have liked something different? Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and return it to us to the freepost or email addresses shown at the end. Thank you.


Why did you use the services at the Register Office? n n n n n n n n


To book a ceremony To give notice of marriage or civil partnership To discuss a ceremony To book an appointment to register a birth or death To register a birth or a death To obtain a certified copy of a certificate / genealogical research To use citizenship or nationality checking service General enquiry

What was your overall impression of the facilities/services? Excellent Good n n Appointment time offered n n Telephone response time n n Email response time n n Information available n n Website information (if applicable) n n Weddings and ceremonies brochure n n Register Office reception area n n Waiting areas n n Cleanliness n n Decoration and furnishing n n Seating arrangements n n Temperature n n Toilet / washing / changing facilities n n Confetti and goods for sale n n Refreshments (citizenship ceremonies only) n n Commemorative gift (citizenship ceremonies)

Fair n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

Poor n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

If you answered poor please say what the problem was and what we could have done better

55 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 55

23/08/2012 10:29


How much do you agree or disagree that the Registration Officer(s) you met were: Neither agree Agree Disgree or disagree n n n Dressed appropriately n n n Polite and professional n n n Informative n n n Efficient n n n Helpful / kind


If you attended a ceremony where was it held? n The Regency Room n The Register Office (small room) n An approved venue (eg hotel) Which venue please: n Hove Town Hall


Overall how satisfied are you with the service you received?

Very satisfied





Neither satisfied or dissatisfied



Very dissatisfied



How would you rate the service on a scale of 1-10? Very Poor






















Please explain what could we do to make it a ten?

The following section is optional but the information will help us to understand who uses our services. Gender:



If you would like to receive a personal response to your comments please complete this section: Name Address Telephone/email address

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey Now please return this form (no stamp needed) to: FREEPOST RSUE-EEBC-TBLL, Brighton and Hove Register Office, Brighton, BN1 1JA Or email it to 56 A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies BROCHURE.indd 56

23/08/2012 10:29

List of current approved premises These venues are licensed for marriages, civil partnerships and any ceremony shown in this brochure. Most set fees for use of their premises. Enquiries regarding those fees should be made directly to the venues. Alfresco

Hove Centre @ Hove Town Hall

Amex Stadium

Madame Geisha

Kings Road Arches, Brighton t: 07789 002639 Village Way, Brighton t: 01273 878272

The Bandstand

Kings Road Arches, Brighton t: 01273 292712

The Bandstand Café

Kings Road Arches, Brighton t: 01273 227194

Barceló Brighton Old Ship Hotel 38 Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 329001

Best Western Brighton Hotel

143-145 Kings Rd, Brighton t: 01273 828302

Blanch House

17 Atlingworth Street, Brighton t: 01273 603504

Brighton Ballroom

Norton Road, Hove t: 01273 292697

75-79 East Street, Brighton t: 01273 770847

The Mayor’s Parlour

Brighton Town Hall, Brighton t: 01273 291223

myhotel BRIGHTON

17 Jubilee Street, Brighton t: 01273 900300

Lansdowne Place Hotel

Lansdowne Place, Hove t: 01273 736266

Preston Park Hotel Ltd

216 Preston Road, Brighton t: 01273 507853

Queens Hotel

5 Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 321222

Mercure Brighton Seafront Hotel

83 St Georges Road, Brighton t: 01273 605789

Kings Road, Brighton t: 0844 815 9061

Eastern Road, Brighton t: 01273 704328

Brighton Town Hall, Brighton t: 01273 294421

Brighton College Brighton Pier

Victorias, Madeira Drive, Brighton t: 01273 609361

Brighton Racecourse

Freshfield Road, Brighton t: 01273 603580

The Claremont

Second Avenue, Hove t: 01273 735161

The Coach House

59 Middle Street, Brighton t: 01273 719000

The De Vere Grand

97-99 Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 224355

Drakes of Brighton

44 Marine Parade, Brighton t: 01273 696934

Duke of York’s Cinema

Preston Circus, Brighton t: 01273 818549

Granville Hotel

124 Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 326302

The Regency Room

The Royal Albion Hotel

Old Steine, Brighton t: 01273 329202

The Royal Pavilion

Brighton t: 03000 290905

Roedean School

Roedean Way, Brighton t: 01273 667684

Royal York Hotel

Old Steine, Brighton t: 01273 766700

Seattle Hotel

Brighton Marina t: 01273 679799

Sam’s of Seven Dials

1 Buckingham Place, Brighton t: 01273 885555

Stanmer House

Stanmer Park, Brighton t: 01273 680400

Sussex County Cricket Club

The County Ground, Hove t: 01273 827124

Hangleton Manor

The Sea Life Centre

Hilton Brighton Metropole

The Terraces

Hangleton Valley Drive, Hove t: 01273 413266 Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 720710

Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 828255

Hotel du Vin

3-6 Ship Street, Brighton t: 01273 718588

Marine Parade, Brighton t: 01273 604234 Unit 8, Madeira Drive, Brighton t: 01273 545250

Thistle Brighton

Kings Road, Brighton t: 01273 763244

V Bites

Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove t: 01273 933757

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24/08/2012 14:45

Weddings & Ceremonies Brighton & Hove City Council

A7283 3948 Weddings&Ceremonies COVER.indd 1

24/08/2012 14:45

Profile for VisitBrighton

Brighton & Hove Weddings & Ceremonies Brochure  

Brighton & Hove Weddings & Ceremonies Brochure

Brighton & Hove Weddings & Ceremonies Brochure  

Brighton & Hove Weddings & Ceremonies Brochure


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