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BERGEN MUSIC SCENE An introduction to venues, concerts and festivals




Razika. © Linn Heidi Stokkedal

Bergen and the music scene


An introduction to the music scene in Bergen






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Ole Hamre at Tall Ships Races 2014. Š Bergen Kommune / Eivind Senneset

Bergen and the music scene Most visitors to Bergen get the impression of a city rich in history and culture, surrounded by beautiful nature. Bergen has a compact city centre with restaurants and bars scattered around the Fish Market and the main square. But there is even more to Bergen. Bergen is a city of music where you can find concerts in all genres every day of the week, in the city’s many concert venues. Bergen Tourist Board and the music scene have produced this guide to help you find the music. It contains an overview of the many venues and music spots the

city has to offer, a handy map and the musical highlights throughout the year as well as information about the many festivals the city has to offer. For a complete event calender see visitBergen.com Enjoy!

Bergen Tourist Board






Ungdomskulen at Den Elleville Festen. © Kristoffer Øen

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Garage concert with BigBang. © Garage

An Introduction to the music scene in Bergen Despite being a small city in a small country and nestled in between seven mountains, Bergen has a vibrant music scene. A scene that has fostered internationally famous artists within genres like metal, electronica, pop and folk, as well as some of the biggest domestic stars. In the early nineties, Bergen was considered the ‘pop city’ of Norway, while its rival, Oslo, was the ‘rock city’. Many of the leading pop groups in Norway came from Bergen during this period. Among them where Pogo Pops and Chocolate Overdose, whose members are still active in the local scene in different ways. These bands were critically acclaimed and experienced notable domestic success.

of those involved in the scene were serious and hard-working musicians. A lot of the music that was recorded during this period is globally recognized today as some of the finest and most groundbreaking recordings within the genre. Bands such as black metal pioneers Immortal and viking/extreme metallers Enslaved are still around, and are considered among the biggest international names in their respective scenes. Today, Bergen is a mixture of all kinds of music genres, and the birthplace of bands like Röyksopp, Kings Of Convenience, Sondre Lerche, Immortal, Annie, Bjørn Torske and Kakkmaddafakka who enjoy successful international careers. Other artists, such as Lars Vaular, Razika and Fjorden Baby! are famous on the Norwegian scene.

Then there was the metal scene. Boosted by the international music press (and to a certain extent the tabloid press) as a result of some rather nasty non-musical events in the first half of the nineties. The metal scene – the black metal scene in particular – quickly gained a huge cult status and received global recognition.

In Bergen you can find a music venue, bar or club for every taste. Check out one of the international stars that often visit Bergen, a popular Norwegian artist - or simply try your luck with a band you have never heard of. No matter what you do, we promise you a good time in music loving Bergen.

Despite its bad reputation in the mass media, it eventually became clear to even the doubters that the majority

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BERGENHUS FORTRESS – KOENGEN At Bergenhus Fortress you find Koengen. This large outdoor scene has hosted some of the largest artistist in the world. Metallica, Muse, Kanye, David Guetta, Rihanna, REM, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters – the list is extensive. This arena at Bergenhus Fortress has really lured some big names to Bergen over the last years. In addition the fortress has several smaller arenas – Plenen, Bastionen and Paradeplassen. Bergenhus, NO-5003 Bergen

(+47) 815 70 400


Check webpage for program. Capacity Age

23,000 18


BIKS – Bergen International Cultural Centre Bergen International Cultural Centre (BIKS) is a non-profit organization and a multicultural meeting place for all residents of Bergen. BIKS has existed since 1993 and is an important arena for cultural expression and cultural activities from around the world, with 70 member associations spread over about 40 nationalities.

Kong Oscars gt 15, NO-5017 Bergen

(+47) 53 51 03 40


Varies with event Capacity Age

240 Varies with event


CAFÉ OPERA Since the start in 1985, Café Opera has been an important venue for live music. From the early 90’s it has also been at the forefront of the Norwegian clubbing scene. Every Thursday is OperaJam – a live music night with a talented house band. Maybe you’d like to join them on stage? Fridays are mainly about electronic dance music, Saturdays offer a selection of alternative dance music. All smiles!

Engen 18, 5011 NO-Bergen

(+47) 55 23 03 15


Mon/Tue Wed-Fri Sat Sun

10.00-00.30 10.00-03.30 11.00-03.30 11.00-23.30

Capacity Age

230 20


CHAGALL Chagall is a bar and concert venue located on the second floor behind a discreet door. Chagall is Logen Bar’s younger and slightly more ragged sister, run by the same people. You can expect a varied programme, with indie, country, classical, jazz, spoken word, debates, DJ and so on.

Vaskerelven 1, NO-5014 Bergen

(+47) 55 23 20 15




Capacity Age

150 20


DET AKADEMISKE KVARTER Det Akademiske Kvarter is a vibrant culture house in the heart of Bergen, has three floors with venues spread throughout the house, including eight bars and a lovely café. With weekly concerts, good food and beverages, it is well worth a visit.

Olav Kyrres Gate 49, NO-5015 Bergen Follow visitBergen on

(+47) 55 58 99 10


Mon-Wed Thu-Fri Sat Sun

11.30-01.00 11.30-03.30 14.00-03.30 Open if event

Capacity Age

1,500 18 with Student ID 20 without Student ID


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Here is there more details Uptaqui nit,room nimofor voluptur, et veruptur si quaecae ni dendae vel inullestem volupta que voluptas eos magni nostrunt re sam iderunt delenimus.


Legendary rock club and bar in Bergen. Big acts such as Muse and Coldplay did their first shows in Bergen here. The venue has a capacity of 330 patrons and hosts almost 150 concerts a year. From local heroes to renowned international artists.

Christiesgate 14, NO-5015 Bergen

(+47) 55 32 19 80


Mon-Fri Sat Sun

15.00-03.30 13.00-03.30 17.00-03.30

Capacity Age

330 20


GRIEG HALL The Grieg Hall is the largest venue for music, shows, conferences and exhibitions in Bergen and has hosted some of the biggest international stars within all kind of genres. The Grieg Hall also has a distinctive foyer used for receptions, dinners or concerts. The Grieg Hall is leading in Northern Europe when it comes to sound, light and technical equipment which ensure you an unforgettable musical experience. Edvard Griegs Plass 1, NO-5015 Bergen

(+47) 55 21 61 00

Varies with event


HULEN Hulen is the Norwegian word for cave, and is a concert and club scene formed in 1969. It is perhaps the most legendary music scene in the country. With it dripping grotto walls, plenty of burning candles and great music, it is well worth a visit.

Olaf Ryes vei 48, NO-5006 Bergen

(+47) 55 32 31 31


Thu Fri Sat

21.00-03.00 21.00-03.00 21.00-03.30

Capacity Age

350 18 with Student ID 20 without Student ID

Mon/Tue Wed Thu Fri/Sat Sun

14.00-23.00 14.00-01.30 14.00-01.30 12.00-03.30 12.00-23.00

Capacity Age

330 total/200 on the second floor 20/18


INSIDE LIVE & ROCK CAFE Inside Live & Rock Cafe is a real rock n`roll pub with a wide selection of burgers and guitar-based music with a distinct hardrock/metal profile. Inside consists of two floors with cafĂŠ/ bar/pub on the 1 floor and a fully equipped concert venue on the 2 floor . At Inside Live you can experience all sorts of concerts shows, ranging from rock, heavy metal, blackmetal to trance and techno parties. Vaskerelvsmuget 7, NO-5014 Bergen

(+47) 928 37 420



KLUBB KOK After just six months, Klubb KOK was named nightclub of the year in Bergen due to its consistent focus on high quality club culture. At KOK you can experience club DJ, concerts and art shows in natural co-existence.

Christian Michelsensgate 4, NO-5012 Bergen

(+47) 480 45 394


Tue Thu Fri Sat

23.00-03.30 23.00-03.30 23.00-03.30 23.00-03.30









Venues LANDMARK Landmark is Bergen Kunsthall’s concert venue and nightclub, hosting an intensive and eclectic programme. From intimate concerts with legendary artists to crowded parties with local DJs and musicians, we keep our focus on new, experimental and alternative music: from rock to contemporary classical, from electronic to acoustic.

Rasmus Meyers Allé, NO-5015 Bergen

(+47) 55 55 93 10



Time vary with event

Capacity Age

200 20


MADAM FELLE Madam Felles is a very intimate concert venue. Recently refurbished and upgraded with state of the art sound system. Madam Felle holds concerts 3-4 times a week with local, national and international artists. It also hosts jam sessions every Thursday with opening acts. Madam Felle is famous for its burgers and spareribs. Start the night off with dinner and enjoy the concert!

Bryggen 43, NO-5003 Bergen

(+47) 55 54 30 58


Mon-Wed: Thu: Fri & Sat: Sun:

12.00-22.00 12.00-01.00 12.00-02.00 12.00-20.00

Capacity Age

180 20/18


OLE BULL HUSET This house consists of a restaurant, bar and nightclub, but most importantly Ole Bull Scene - the biggest private music stage in Bergen. Here, you’ll also find the club Lille Ole Bull, where both new talents and famous artists appear on stage. After the concert, Lille Ole Bull becomes a nightclub.

Øvre Ole Bullsplass 3, NO-5012 Bergen

(+47) 55 32 11 45


Bar and restaurant open daily. Stage and club vary with event. Capacity Age

700 (486) 20


STRÆDET Strædet Bar opened in the autumn of 2014 in old bank premises in Skostredet. The historic venue makes it feel like you are hanging out in your grandfather’s office. It’s a quiet cocktail lounge during the week that turns into a party during the weekend with DJ every Saturday and occasional concerts with live bands. For more info on what’s on, check out the Facebook page. Vågsallmenningen 16, NO-5014 Bergen

(+47) 463 11 465

Mon-Wed 16.00-01.00 Thu-Sat 16.00-03.00 Sun Closed Age



USF VERFTET USF is a major venue for art, film, music and creative enterprises in Bergen and Norway. The public area includes 3000 square metres of venues for music, art exhibitions, film, theatre and a café/restaurant - all under one roof. USF in cooperation with promotors and organizers presents over 700 cultural events and some 180 concerts every year. Main venue for Nigth Jazz Festival.

Georgeres Verft 12, NO-5011 Bergen Follow visitBergen on

(+47) 55 30 74 10



Café and bar open every day 11.00-23.00 For events please check webpage. Capacity Age

1,250 18

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Here is there more details Uptaqui nit,room nimofor voluptur, et veruptur si quaecae ni dendae vel inullestem volupta que voluptas eos magni nostrunt re sam iderunt delenimus.


Østre is a specialized house for sound art and electronic music owned by Lydgalleriet and Ekko. Østre present exhibitions, concerts, installations and club events by various promoters. With two different project spaces, customized equipment and a dedicated team, the objective is to facilitate optimal artistic results and provide an enhanced experience for relevant audiences. You are welcome to step in for a drink or use the library during our fixed opening hours. Østre Skostredet 3, NO-5017 Bergen

(+47) 984 92 514


Opening hours according to programme. Fixed opening hours: Mon-Fri 13.00-15.00 Thu 19.00-00.00 Capacity Age

240 18 years / None


AVGARDE AVGARDE is a concert series focusing on contemporary music and experimental art forms emanating from Bergen. The concerts have been a meeting point for local composers, artists and the contemporary music interested audience of Bergen since 2006. AVGARDE’s concerts are a great place to seek out new musical inputs, and you don’t need to be an art snob to do so.

AVGARDE v/Thomas Brendefur – Strandlien 13, NO-5057 Bergen

(+47) 938 58 801

Concerts usually begins at 19.00. This may vary from time to time.



BERGEN JAZZFORUM Bergen Jazzforum is Bergen’s main jazz concert organizer. They present concerts with the best of Norwegian and intenational live jazz in a perfect jazz club atmosphere. Bergen Jazzforum is also very proud of the jazz for kids concert series ”Bajazz” on the first Sunday of every month.

Gerogernes Verft 12, NO-5011 Bergen

(+47) 908 72 263


Concerts every Friday at 21.00 at USF Sardinen. For other dates and full programme check out bergenjazzforum.no Capacity Age

320 18


BERGEN LIVE Bergen Live promotes 70-80 concerts in Bergen every year using a number of different locations and venues, from small intimate club concerts, to large outdoor events with up to 23,000 people on the greenfields within the 13th century fortress and castle area in the medieval centre of the city.

Bergenhus 13, NO-5003 Bergen

(+47) 55 21 50 60


Check webpage for program. Age



COLUMBI EGG Claims to be the most colourful folk music scene in the country, known for the intimacy between audience and artist. At Columbi Egg you can experience acoustic folk music from both Norway and the rest of the world. In 2012 the club received the prize awarded to Norway’s best folk music promoter.

Augstin Hotel – C. Sundts gate 22, NO-5004 Bergen

(+47) 473 17 451

Selected Mondays. Doors open at 19.30 Concert starts at 20.00 Age

gabriel.fliflet@gmail.com PLAN AND BOOK:

None, if well-behaved




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Apollon Bergen International Cultural Centre (BIKS) Bergenhus Fortress – Koengen Café Opera Columbi Egg / Augustin Hotel Chagall Logen Theater Det Akademiske Kvarter Garage Grieg Hall Hulen

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Ny Church








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Johannes Church

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Prof. Hansteens Gate

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Inside Live & Rock Café Klubb Kok Landmark Madam Felle Ole Bull Scene Rick’s Café Robot Shop Strædet pub USF Verftet Victoria Café & Pub Østre




Concert promoters LOGEN THEATER Logen Theater is a popular venue for concerts, theatre, debate and conventions, varying from big productions to smaller, independent ones. Logen Bar is a popular place in the late evenings and also hosts concerts and debates. At the bar you can experience the Voksne Herrers Orkester, a local band that plays every Monday from August till June, apart from the occasional holiday. A nice place to check out talented musicians at almost no cost at all.

Ă˜vre Ole Bulls Plass 6, NO-5012 Bergen

(+47) 55 23 20 15


Mon-Thu 18:00 - 01:00 Fri-Sat 18:00 - 03:00 Sun closed Capacity Age

550/70 20


nyMUSIKK BERGEN nyMusikk Bergen has been arranging concerts with contemporary music in Bergen since the 1970s. They are proud to present the latest within the local, national and international experimental music scene in changing venues throughout the city.

Klosteret 17, NO-5005 Bergen

(+47) 55 54 30 58


See website for info on upcoming shows


PERFECT SOUNDS FOREVER The Perfect Sounds Forever concert series was founded in 2011 and has since established a position as one of the most important promoters of indie and alternative shows in Bergen. Using various venues such as Landmark, Hulen, Ă˜stre and USF Verftet bands such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Swans, Earth, Dungen, Daughter, Twin Shadow, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Owen Pallett, Jonathan Wilson, Gold Panda, Neko Case, Stephen Malkmus and Low have found their way to the city. Addresses: See website for info


See website for info on upcoming shows Age



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Here is there more details Uptaqui nit,room nimofor voluptur, et veruptur si quaecae ni dendae vel inullestem volupta que voluptas eos magni nostrunt re sam iderunt delenimus.


Apollon Platebar is Norway’s oldest independent record store. It has been in business since 1976 and has a large selection of vinyl and CD’s, specializing in rock, metal, garage rock, psychedelia, alternative and indie. Apollon Platebar is also a bar with an extensive selection of beers, with 31 lines of beer on tap and more than 100 types of bottled beer. The bar often organizes free in-store concerts with local, national and international artists and regularly holds beer tastings. Nygårdsgaten 2A, NO-5015 Bergen

(+47) 55 31 59 43


Mon-Sat Sun

10.00-00.30 12.00-00.30

Capacity Age

120 18


THE ROBOT SHOP The Robot Shop is a nice shop, gallery and venue in downtown Bergen that specializes in music, literature, gadgets and curiosities that you probably won’t find anywhere else in town. It’s the place to go if you want to discover an obscure vinyl record from the fifties or a fanzine made by local artists. The shop also hosts smaller concerts and in-store DJs every Saturday.

Domkirkegaten 4, NO-5017 Bergen

(+47) 916 97 350


Mon- Fri Thu Sat

10.00-17.00 10.00-18.00 12.00-17.00

Capacity Age

140 18


Tom Tveits at Café Opera. © Café Opera




Datarock. © Jarle H. Moe

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Here is there more details Uptaqui nit,room nimofor voluptur, et veruptur si quaecae ni dendae vel inullestem volupta que voluptas eos magni nostrunt re sam iderunt delenimus.


Bergen International Music Festival is an annual world music festival started in 2005. The festival takes place in October, and is held at Bergen International Cultural Centre (BIKS). Bergen International Music Festival wants to build on the distinctive nature of the festival by booking artists representing a different culture and a different expression than people are usually exposed to. biks-bergen.no/bimf

As the biggest pop and rock festival in western Norway, Bergenfest is attended by 40,000 guests every day. The festival takes place in the middle of June every year, at the the old city fortress – Bergenhus Fortress. The fortress has a view over the bay, and gives the festival a unique setting. Big artists from all over the world come to play at the festival, providing Bergen with a line-up on a par with the much larger European festivals. bergenfest.no Beyond the Gates is a metal festival located in Bergen, which takes great pride in giving you the best the underground scene has to offer. The festival started in 2012, and bands like Primordial, Nifelheim, Bulldozer, Purson, The Ruins Of Beverast, Satan, Nekromantheon, Aeternus, In Solitude, Svartidaudi, Obliteration, Krakow, Mare, Necros Christos, Devil and more have played. The venue for the festival is Garage, and it’s always held during the last weekend of August. facebook.com/beyondthegatesbergen

Den Elleville Festen, or The Great Big Party, is a one-day-festival that takes place at USF Verftet in the middle of September every year. The event is a celebration of the local music scene, with some out-of-town names mixed in. Be prepared for a neverending night with the best music from the region and DJ ready to keep the party going after the concerts end. denellevillefesten.no The Eggstock Festival is a yearly festival aimed at young unsigned musicians from Hordaland county. Located at the Akademiske Kvarter, festival stretches over three days during the first week of June. About two dozen bands sign up for the festival to compete for prizes that could help their career, such as studio time. All prizes are sponsored by the local music community. The winners are determined by four professionals from the local music scene. The festival has no age restriction and is arranged by volunteers. eggstock.no The EKKO Festival is an annual art and music festival in Bergen that mainly focuses on electronic music and contemporary art. The main content consists of music, but each year the festival also brings together cooperating partners within the fields of film, fine art, video art, and interior architecture. The festival takes place at the end of October. ekko.no The Bergen International Festival presents art in all its guises: music, theatre, dance, opera and visual art. The festival runs for two weeks, from the end of May to the beginning of June. The Bergen International Festival (Festspillene i Bergen) was established in 1953 and is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries. It is the longest standing and the foremost music and theatre festival in Norway. With a combination of dramatic landscapes, local colour and imaginative programming, the festival is well established as a centre for the northern European arts scene, presenting premieres and new productions in the spheres of music, opera, theatre and dance. Each year some 200 events are staged in the course of 15 days in 15 venues, including the homes of Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull. The festival welcomes over 100,000 visitors each year and receives governmental funding at both regional and national level, in addition to corporate sponsorships. fib.no PLAN AND BOOK:




City festivals Musikkfest Bergen is a music festival arranged every first Saturday in June. The concept is inspired by French Fête de la Musique that started in 1982 and can be found in more than 100 countries world wide. Musicians, mainly from the Bergen region, celebrate their music by playing outside on different stages scenes around city centre during the day and inside at Kvarteret at the evening. This is a great opportunity to discover new and exciting bands - all free of charge. musikkfestbergen.no

Nattjazz (Night Jazz) is one of the major jazz festivals in Northern Europe and is arranged annually in late May / early June in Bergen, Norway. Nattjazz was founded in 1972 and is despite its age now stronger than ever. In the course of 10 nights more than 65 concerts are presented. Since its 1973 début, Nattjazz has brought to Bergen many of the world’s greatest artists; from Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Van Morrison, The Band, Pharoah Sanders, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon and Al di Meola, to St Germain, Diana Krall, Gipsy Kings, Macy Gray, Gotan Project, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Reggie Watts. But Nattjazz is not merely a festival about great names, it’s about who we don’t know and who we should know. Since its inception, Nattjazz has been committed to getting unusual combinations of musicians playing together, and to exploring the potential of new collaborations. Thus, both Bugge Wesseltoft’s New Conception of Jazz and Supersilent were premiered at Nattjazz. nattjazz.no

In addition to putting on shows all year, Bergen’s most important promoter of indie and alternative shows also hosts a club festival every year which takes place in September presenting both indie legends and new exciting acts from all over the world. perfectsoundsforever.no

In January, the student radio of Bergen arranges its annual club festival Phonofestivalen. Here, the best up and coming music from Bergen and Scandinavia, as well as exciting international headliners are presented. You can also experience new interesting art projects presented by young talents, as well as dialogues with creative minds, and of course, live radio each day from Bergen’s finest independent radio channel. phonofestivalen.no

UKEN is the second largest cultural festival on the west coast of Norway. In the course of 17 days in February/March you can experience concerts, cabaret, shows, seminars, world record attempts, children’s day and much more. The main event during the festival is UKErevyen (a cabaret), which has won the national championships in the category student cabaret several times. UKENs cabaret tradition has roots dating back to 1947, and many famous comedians began their stage career here. Concerts are also an important part of the UKEN, and artists who have visited the festival include 50 Cent, Travis, The White Stripes, Jason Mraz, The Cardigans, Veronica Maggio, Tiesto, Kygo, Klingande and Backstreet Boys. UKEN is run entirely by volunteer students, and we comprise more than 1000 volunteers working to give you the best possible festival. Although UKEN is organized by students, it is a festival open to everyone. uken.no

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The Megaphonic Thrift at Chagall. © Kristoffer Øen


Festivals outside Bergen Bygdalarm is a festival amongst the fjords and mountains. The festival is located in Øystese, Hardanger, and takes place during the first weekend of July every year. The music profile is pop, indiepop/rock and feelgood electronica. All the food served at the festival is locally produced, the festival has its own beer, and it is especially famous for its happy people, good music and the possibility of taking a swim in the fjord whilst watching your favourite band playing on stage. bygdalarm.no

Ekstremsportveko (Extreme Sport Week) is the largest sport and music festival of its kind, hosted every year at the end of June in Voss, Western Norway. For one whole week, national and international athletes compete and challenge themselves in the elements. 18 different sports are offered, in addition to several activities, for all age groups, – children, young people and the elderly. With a vast music programme, “Veko” presents international and national artists, DJ as well as what has been said to be the greatest nightclub in Norway. Come and play with us in Voss! ekstremsportveko.com

A festival for those who want to experience good music in a unique and beautiful setting. The festival takes place in August in a little town called Glesvær. The town, the sea and the marine surroundings all contribute to create a lovely atmosphere – where the murmur of the sea meets popular music. periferifestivalen.no

Skånevik Blues Festival claims to be western Norway’s Blues Capital. The programme focuses on the genres blues, rock and soul. Many internationally acclaimed artists have visited the festival, such as Chuck Berry, ZZ Top and Johnny Winter. The festival takes place at the start of July in the small town of Skånevik. skaanevikblues.com

The festival remains one of the oldest, most acclaimed jazz festivals in Norway. Quite an achievement considering the modest size of Voss, a town one and a half hour’s drive from Bergen. Every Easter since 1973 has started with three days of jazz, folk and world music. A string of musicians from Norway and the rest of the world are lining up to give you an experience worth remembering! vossajazz.no

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Brak is a non-profit artist and music business development center aiming to support musicians, bands, venues, promoters and other music businesses on the west coast of Norway. Georgernes Verft 12 – NO-5011 Bergen Tel.: (+47) 55 55 75 50 | www.brak.no

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BERGEN MUSIC SCENE (visitBergen.com & BRAK)  

Bergen and the music scene Most visitors to Bergen get the impression of a city rich in history and culture, surrounded by beautiful nature...

BERGEN MUSIC SCENE (visitBergen.com & BRAK)  

Bergen and the music scene Most visitors to Bergen get the impression of a city rich in history and culture, surrounded by beautiful nature...