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2020 OFFICIAL Travel Guide

Belmont County, Ohio

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Belmont County OfFicial Travel Guide


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Welcome From The: Belmont County Tourism Council Inc. Belmont County Tourism Council, Inc. was formed to promote tourism in Belmont County, Ohio. Our office, which is located in the Ohio Valley Mall, maintains necessary tourist information related to as well as recreational, cultural, and tourist related activities. The office is also responsible for advertising attractions and events that are located in the county. We prepare, print and distribute brochures, pamphlets and booklets promoting Belmont County. The Belmont Co. Tourism Council also distributes grants annually to qualifying attractions and events that promote tourism. The staff is responsible for studying the needs for improvement of the county’s tourism, attend conferences, and participate in expos that promote our county. We carry on all such other duties as may be necessary to promote tourist related activities in Belmont County.

Belmont County Tourism Council Staff The Belmont County Tourism Council is operated under the direction and authority of a board of directors consisting of seven members.

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Belmont County Visitors Guide


Belmont Co. Communities

Watt Center for History & the Arts

Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum

Martins Ferry


Barnesville is a village in Belmont County, Ohio, United States. It is located in the central portion of Warren Township in the western side of Belmont County and is part of the Wheeling, West Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town was named after James Barnes, who was the first settler. Total Area: of 1.95 square miles (5.05 km2) Water: 0.01 square miles (0.03 km2)

Land: 1.94 square miles (5.02 km2) Elevation: 1,270 ft. (387m) Population: 1,140

* Barnesville is home to Isaac Parker, the hanging judge. He served as judge here in Belmont County then served as judge at Fort Smith Arkansas in the late 1800s where he was sentenced 160 people to hang (Only 79 were actually executed. The rest died in incarceration, appealed, or were pardoned).

Barnesville Pumpkin Fest


Bellaire is a village in Belmont County along the Ohio River. Wheeling, West Virginia is across the river to the east. The first big boost for growth came with the construction of the Central Ohio Railway in 1853, later absorbed by the Baltimore and Ohio, and the Stone Viaduct Bridge (opened in 1871) that carried it to Wheeling, West Virginia. The town was renamed Bellaire by the railroad company. Total Area: 1.68 square miles (4.35 km2) Land: 1.65 square miles (4.27 km2) Water: 0.03 square miles (0.08 km2) Elevation: 666 ft. (203 m) Population: 4,278 * The Bellaire toll bridge (now abandoned & closed) was filmed in the 1991 motion picture The Silence of the Lambs. * The curved railroad viaduct and bridge over the Ohio, the B & O Railroad Viaduct, were featured in the 2010 film Unstoppable and is a registered historic structure.


With just under 500 residents, Belmont, Ohio, is located three miles south of Interstate 70 in eastern Ohio. It’s a place where you still see kids riding bicycles and adults walking through the neighborhoods. It’s a place where neighbors help neighbors. Originally named Wrightstown, Belmont has a rich history dating back to 1808. Check out the History link to learn more www.visitbelmontcounty.com. Next time you’re traveling State Route 147 through town, stop by the mill, which has been in the same family since 1900. The Village of Belmont has 0.27 square miles 0.70 km2), of which, 0.27 square miles (0.70 km2) is land and 0 square miles (0 km2) is water. Population of 453. Total Area: 0.27 sq mi (0.70 km2) Water: 0 sq mi (0 km2)

Land: 0.27 sq mi (0.70 km2) Elevation: 1,191 ft (363 m)

Population: Total: 453

* Belmont was the home of the late Harley Warrick, the man who was responsible for painting many of the Mail Pouch Tobacco barns. * Belmont was also once considered for the county seat because of its central location and being located on the National Road. Rumor has it that they changed their name to Belmont in hopes of securing the seat.

visitbelmontcounty.com vissitb iittbbeellm mon o tc tcou ountty. y co com


Welcome Belmont Co. Communities Bethesda

The Village is located in the western portion of Belmont County and is home to approximately 1400 residents. In town there is the Epworth Park which hosts the Chautauqua Days Festival in July. Total Area: 0.64 square miles (1.66 km2) Water: 0.02 square miles (0.05 km2)

Land: 0.62 square miles (1.61 km2) Elevation:1,220 ft. (372 m) Population: 1400

* Bethesda has had three names: Burrs Mills, Fairmount, and Bethesda. When the railroad reached the village in 1852, the Central Ohio Railroad built a station and named it Burr’s Mills in honor of Merrick S. Burr, who operated a sawmill in the area. In 1855, [10] Burr laid out a village which he called Fairmount because of its high and beautiful location. Epworth Park


Bridgeport is a village in Belmont County. It lies across the Ohio River from Wheeling, West Virginia, and is connected by two bridges, one to Wheeling Island and one to Wheeling, West Virginia across the Ohio River. Total Area:1.38 square miles (3.57 km2) Water: 0.01 square miles (0.03 km2)

Land: 1.37 square miles (3.55 km2) Elevation: 656 ft. (200 m) Population: 1,831

* Bridgeport is the hometown of Bobby Douglas, Olympic wrestler and John Havlicek, Hall of Fame basketball great for Ohio State and Boston Celtics; member of OSU's 1960 championship team and Boston Celtics 1960's NBA championship dynasty.

Blaine Bridge


Brookside is a village located in eastern Ohio close to the Ohio River. Brookside is incorporated. As of the census of 2010, there were 632 people, 282 households, and 193 families residing in the village.


Colerain, although unincorporated, has a post office, with the ZIP code of 43916. It lies along U.S. Route 250. It is located on the county’s north-east border. Colerain was originally built up chiefly by Quakers from North Carolina and Virginia, who left those states due to their opposition to slavery. * The community was named after Coleraine, Northern Ireland, the ancestral home of a share of the first settlers. A post office called Colerain was established in 1825, and remained in operation until 1907. Colerain was originally built up chiefly by Quakers from North Carolina and Virginia, who left those states due to their opposition to slavery.

Imperial Glass Museum


Flushing is a village in Belmont County platted in 1813, incorporated in 1849. Flushing was laid out by Jesse Foulke, who named the town. He taught the first school and kept the first store. In the early 1900’s it was a “boom town” because the Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling Railway entrance into the southwest end of town made the small coal mines that dotted the area into commercial ventures with the railway shipping out their coal.

Underground Railroad Museum

* Home of the Underground Railroad Museum.

Martins Ferry Martins Ferry is a city in Belmont County. It enjoys the honor of being the oldest settlement in the state of Ohio, having been settled at least as early as 1779. The community was a westward extension of the city of Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia). Directly across the river lies the city of Wheeling, West Virginia, and just miles to the east is the Pennsylvania state line. The city of Columbus, Ohio, is 125 miles to the west, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is 59 miles northeast of the city. On the southern end of town, Martins Ferry is directly connected to the village of Bridgeport. Total Area: 2.33 square miles (6.03 km2)

Elevation: 709 ft. (216 m)

Population: 6,915

* Martins Ferry was the birth place of James Wright - Pulitzer Prize winning poet and author. One of Wright’s most celebrated poems captures some of the nuances of his hometown, titled "Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio".


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Concord Quaker Meeting House

Welcome Belmont Co. Communities


Morristown is a village in Belmont County located about half a mile south of I-70 and with closest Mile Marker being 208. Morristown's Main Street is the original US 40. The village of Morristown was platted in 1802 and is considered one of the best preserved examples of a National Pike Town. Its historic homes and buildings date from the early to mid 1800s and feature some of the more common architectural styles found along the National Road, the nation’s first federally-funded highway. To learn more, log onto www.morristownohio.org or write: Morristown Historic Preservation Association, P. O. Box 102, Morristown, OH 43759. * Older than the state of Ohio, Morristown was founded April 14, 1802.

Land: 0.51 square miles (1.32 km2) Elevation: 1,266 ft. (386 m) Population: 303

Powhatan Point

Powhatan Point is a village in Belmont County situated along the Ohio River. Total Area: 1.63 square miles (4.22 km2) Water: 0.16 square miles (0.41 km2)

Land: 1.47 square miles (3.81 km2) Elevation: 682 ft. (208 m) Population: 1,592

* Home of Christmas in the Village of Powhatan held each November in Powhatan Point.

* While “Powhatan” likely memorializes the Native-American tribe of the same name, the “Point” in the town’s name refers to the confluence between the Captina Creek and the Ohio River. Powhatan Point is the closest town on the Ohio side of Captina Island in the Ohio River.


Downtown St. Clairsville

Shadyside is a village in Belmont County situated along the Ohio River with Route 7 boarding it. The village was named after a local tree-lined farm. Total Area:1.03 square miles (2.67 km2) Water: 0.02 square miles (0.05 km2)

Land: 1.01 square miles (2.62 km2) Elevation: 689 ft. (210 m) Population: 3,785

* Katherine M. Nameth Crumbley, of Shadyside, became quite a celebrity, being the first female elected sheriff in a general election with opposition in the whole country. She was invited and appeared on the Johnny Carson Show, Hee Haw and the Mike Douglas show, just to mention a few.

St. Clairsville


The city of St. Clairsville, originally known as Newellstown, is the county seat of Belmont County. The seat of justice of Belmont County was originally known as Newellstown, and nicknamed “Paradise on the Hill”. The Official Belmont County Seal, designed by county native Michael A. Massa, features 13 stars, denoting that the county was the 13th parcel to have originally been incorporated into what was the US Northwest Territory. Total Area: 2.44 square miles (6.32 km2) Land: 2.42 square miles (6.27 km2) Water: 0.02 square miles (0.05 km2) Elevation: 1,273 ft. (388 m) Population: 5,184

* John Ferren was a photographer for St. Clairsville and founder of Ferren Studios, the oldest business in town still operating.


Yorkville is a village in Belmont and Jefferson Countie’s. The village lies within two Metropolitan Statistical Areas; the Belmont County portion is part of the Wheeling, WV-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the Jefferson County portion of the village is part of the Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area. Total Area: 0.60 square miles (1.55 km2)

Population: 1,079

* Yorkville was a key strategic territory where some of Washington’s Continental Army was stationed.

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Barkcamp State Park

BIKING The picturesque landscape of Belmont County makes for the perfect place to bike ride. Whether you prefer a trail ride through rugged woodlands or an asphalt bike trail, Belmont County has it!

FISHING Whether you’re fishing for Bluegill, Carp, Rock Bass, or other fish, you’ll be sure to hook a few in the waters of Belmont County. We offer many places to fish.

CAMPING With all the beauty that the outdoors of Belmont County has to offer, why not get away and enjoy! Camping is the perfect way to spend quality time with family and friends. Visit us and have some fun!

GOLF A bad day of golf, is better than a good day of work. Enjoy your day on a course in Belmont County.

CANOEING & KAYAKING Enjoy the waters of Belmont County! The Ohio River and lakes are great places to go canoeing and kayaking.

HIKING Trek some of the most beautiful trails in the area. Enjoy the breathtaking views along a lakeshore, or the towering foliage on our wooded trails.

POOLS & SWIMMING If splashing around is what you fancy Belmont County has an abundance of water holes from hotels to camp grounds. WALKING TRAILS The scenic trails of Belmont County promise for a peaceful and relaxing walk.

Playgrounds Take the kids to the playground for some good old fashion family fun. Bird Watching The breath taking scenery of Belmont County provides ample oportunities to spot fine feathered friends.

PICNICS Recreational activities can leave you tired and hungry sit down and relax at one of many picnic areas from campgrounds to playgrounds in Belmont County.

HORSEBACK TRAILS Gallop on the trails of Belmont County.

Barkcamp State Park

Dysart Woods

(I-70 Exit 208 to Rt. 149 south) 1,232 acres of rolling hills and woodlands. Year-round camping available with a shower house and electric.

Dysart Woods, a 50-acre tract of old-growth oak forest, is the largest known remnant of the original forest of southeastern Ohio.



• Biking • Camping • Canoeing & Kayaking • Fishing • Hiking • Horseback Trails • Swimming • Walking Trails

• Walking Trails • Hiking

National Road Bikeway


I-70 Exit 215 travel east on Rt. 40 to St.Clairsville. Turn left at 2nd light onto N. Marietta St. Turn right at stop sign onto Newell Ave. Turn left at stop sign onto N. Market St. Follow N. Market St. to ballfields.

• Biking • Hiking • Walking Trails

Epworth Park

Zion Christian Retreat & Nature Center Zion is an 800+ acre retreat, as well as a nature center with a 27-acre lake, various small ponds, rustic cabins, pavillions, 1.85 mile walking trail around the lake, fishing ponds, swimming area and activities for both large and small groups. Zion now has a new campground.

• Camping • Walking Trails • Hiking • Fishing • Swimming


Adventure Creek LLC

The Epworth Park Cottage Owners Association invites you to visit historic Epworth Park. The park continues to instill the peace and serenity which offers an escape from the fast-paced lifestyle that we know today.

http://www.ropetrekking.com 46426 Crabapple Rd. Challenge rope course/ziplines. Guided tours, all levels. Come play and test yourself. May-Oct.

• Canoeing & Kayaking • Playground • Picnic Area • Fishing • Walking Trails

• Hiking

Piedmont Lake

Egypt Valley Wildlife Area

(I-70 Exit 202 to Rt. 800 North, at Marina Rd.) One-mile northeast of Smyrna in the northwest corner of Belmont County. Marina near the tri-county corner.

Egypt Valley Wildlife Area is situated in the southeastern part of Ohio, in Belmont and Guernsey counties. The primary access (through the area is I-70 and SR 800). Morristown is located 3 miles east of the wildlife area.

http://piedmontmarina.mwcd.org • Camping • Canoeing & Kayaking • Fishing • Hiking • Walking Trails

Captina Creek Birding Trail http://www.belmontswcd.org/

The American Birding Association describes birding trails as driving routes linking birding locations. According to Birding magazine, birding trails serve as “gateways to conservation and adventure” by combining ecotourism and regional education.

• Birding • Walking Trails • Hiking


Belmont County Visitors Guide


• Fishing • Hiking • Birding

Lake Shawn

http://www.lakeshawn.com (50460 SR 148, 6 miles west of Powhatan Pt.) Sport fishing on 108 private acres with 30 acres of spring fed lakes. Boats provided, fishing is catch-release only. Weekend getaways and corporate retreats available.

• Fishing



Zion Christian Retreat

A LITTLE .. . N O I T A X A L E R & REST Barkcamp

Check out details on Paddle Yoga In Fitness on pg 30

Fun for Everyone

Fine Day Campground 43510 National Rd. • Belmont, OH 43718 (740) 782-1218

• Camping

Sunset Campground

http://www.sunsetcampground.net 67050 Visnic Rd. • Belmont OH 43718 (740) 312-8171

• Camping Barkcamp

Valley View Campground

http://www.valleyviewcampgrounds.com/Home.html 43510 National Rd. • Belmont, OH 43718 (740) 968-3582 ext. 333

• Camping

West Pike Inn & Campgrounds Adventure Creek

The full-service motel and year-round campgrounds provides campers a more unique experience than our competitors, and our staff works to make your experience at West Pike a memorable one.

• Camping

Zion Christian Retreat

http://www.zionchristianretreat.org/ I 70 West take exit 213 A non-denominational retreat & nature center that is available to any organization, community, group, or individual. A special place where you can slow down, relax, and enjoy nature. The land consists of 1300 acres of rolling hills, green fields, sparkling ponds, and beautiful sunsets. Including a 27 acre lake and 14 ponds filled with fish. Zion Trail is a very scenic, well maintained 1.85 mi. trail around the lake. Several wildlife viewing areas are available for you to take pictures.

• Camping • Canoeing & Kayaking • Fishing • Biking • Walking Trails




THE ESCAPE ZONE A Live Escape Experience, is a 60-minute adventure game where participants solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete objectives in a themed room. Players are given 60 minutes to unveil the secrets and ultimately escape the room. There are three epic rooms to choose from: Haunted Mansion, Insane Asylum. amd Secret Treasure Pirate Cove. The Escape Zone is perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties or a girls night out, date night, or for corporate team building. The Escape Zone is located at 2011 Belmont St., Bellaire, OH 43906. Regular hours are Friday and Saturday, 5-10 p.m. and Sunday, 1-9 p.m. To book online visit www.escapezoneohio.com or call 1-740-232-4544 for more information.



Explore Belmont County

one adventure at a time!

Parks Barkcamp State Park

(I-70 Exit 208 to Rt. 149 south) 65330 Barkcamp Park Rd. Belmont, OH 43718 • Park Office: 740-484-4064 • Reservations: 866-644-6727 Belmont County’s rugged hills provide the backdrop for picturesque Barkcamp State Park. In addition to fine recreational facilities, visitors will enjoy the mature woodlands, open meadows, scenic lake and abundant wildlife of this secluded 1,232 acres of rolling hills and woodlands. Picnic areas, hiking and bridle trails, swimming, 3 shelter houses on a reservation system, fishing plus special handicapped access area. Naturalist program available. Mail Pouch Barn in the park.

Barnesville Memorial Park

130 Fair St. Features: Albert S. George Youth Center, hiking trail, 12-acre lake with fishing pier and kayak launch, lighted horseshoe pit, basketball court, volleyball court. and tennis court, Olympic size swimming pool, Amazing Playground, amphitheater and gazebo, Mothers Club Shelter, several picnic pavilions, and group camp with cabins.


Belmont County Visitors Guide

A special paved trail winds through the pioneer village, enters the adjoining mature woodlands and provides access to the Antique Barn. Interpretive signs are placed along the route explaining the cultural and natural history of the park. A bit of American history is preserved in the camp area. The Antique Barn was built in the 1800s by Solomon Bentley, an orchardman of renown. One variety of apple that he marketed was the “Bentley Sweet.” The barn is now home to summer naturalist activities and historical displays. A resurrected log cabin and other pioneer structures near the barn take visitors back to an even earlier era. Year-round camping available with a shower house and electric to all sites. Picnic areas, hiking and bridle trails, swimming, three shelter houses on a reservation system, fishing plus handicapped access area. Mail Pouch Barn in the park.


Belmont Hills Country Club

Dysart Woods frank@ohio.edu

Dysart Woods, a 50-acre tract of old-growth oak forest, is the largest known remnant of the original forest of southeastern Ohio. Some of the spectacular oaks that you will see are 400 years old, stand over 140 feet high, and have a diameter of four feet. The woods are located in unglaciated southeastern Ohio. This area is characteristically hilly with local relief exceeding 200 feet. The sedminentary bedrock in the region is composed mostly of sandstone and shale, with coal seams occuring variably from near the surface to hundreds of feet underground. The rainfall and temperature conditions are well suited for deciduous forests. Dysart Woods exists today as an old-growth forest because several generations of the Dysart family kept it in its natural state. The splendor of the forest, formely enjoyed by only a few, now has become available to many. Ohio University, by agreement with

the Nature Conservancy, has undertaken the responsibility of preserving this outstanding remnant of the magnificent forests the once covered much of Ohio and eastern United States. The recognition of Dysart Woods as a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior underscores the importance of preserving it. Visitors are welcome in the woods and the adjacent areas which are used for continuing educational research programs. Ohio University has preserved the woods by keeping it in its natural state. That is, no cutting of trees is permitted and fallen logs remain to decompose and thus continue the never-ending cycling of minerals through successive generations of plants. The Department of Environmental and Plant Biology conducts studies of the woods and surrounding fields to learn more about the dynamics of a mature oak ecosystem. Research is to be done in such a way as to leave intact the ecology of the forest. Through classes, guided tours, and published research, the University shares its knowledge of the forest to enable students and visitors to understand better the world in which we live.

sidewalks winding through the cottages, and imagine a much simpler time, when folks sat on the front porch and greeted neighbors and visitors as they walked by.

Epworth Park

Bethesda, OH 43719 The Epworth Park Cottage Owners Association invites you to visit historic Epworth Park. The park continues to instill the peace and serenity which offers an escape from the fast-paced lifestyle that we know today. Nestled among the grove of majestic oak trees are sixty-one quaint Victorian cottages that invite you to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and to experience the happiness of the days gone by. Enjoy a picnic by the lake. Throw a line in the water, and try your luck at catching a bluegill, bass, or catfish. Children will enjoy the large, fenced playground. Bring the sports equipment for a friendly game of basketball, baseball or volleyball. Or, just walk along the

The Village of Bethesda leases eight acres, including the lake, from the Conference. The Park is open from April 1 through November 1 of each year. The cottages are privately owned. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park. The two large shelter houses can be reserved by contacting the Village of Bethesda at (740) 484-1250. Chautauqua Homecoming Days and Bethesda Festival is always the second full weekend of July on Sat. & Sun.

18 Holes/ Championship Course/ Drive Range

Horseshoe Bend Golf Course

48485 East Captina Hwy. Armstrongs Mills, Oh 43933 740-686-2351

From St. Clairsville and I-70, take SR 9 south 16 mi. to Armstrongs Mills. Turn left on RT 148 for 1/4 mi. Also 10 mi. west of Powhatan Point on SR 148. Scenery is breathtaking. Enjoy the drive!

Barkcamp State Park



Epworth Park During Fall

Egypt Valley

Fishing at Egypt Valley

Egypt Valley Wildlife Area I-70 and SR 800 Morristown, OH 43983 Egypt Valley Wildlife Area is situated in the southeastern part of Ohio, in Belmont and Guernsey counties. The primary access (through the area is I-70 and SR-800. Morristown is located 3 miles east of the wildlife area. The land and acquisition for the area began in 1995 with 14,300 acres being purchased from the Conservation Fund. Ducks Unlimited, The National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Ruffed Grouse Society all partnered with the Division of Wildlife in the purchase and to date approximately 18,011 acres have been acquired. Piedmont Lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lake, managed by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District is located in the middle of the two land parcels that make up Egypt Valley Wildlife Area. Located in the unglaciated region of southeastern Ohio in the low hills belt of the steep Allegheny Plateau, the terrain is steep to rolling and is dissected by numerous small streams. Elevations vary from 925 ft. to 1,363 ft. above sea level. Over the last 70 years, approximately 80 percent of

Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park Morristown

The park was developed on 76 acres of land donated to the village of Morristown by the Betty Hunkler Modie Family. It features five baseball fields, a disc golf course, basketball court and picnic shelters.

Photo credit: Chuck Maurer _ Ravens Rock


Belmont County Visitors Guide

the acreage that comprises Egypt Valley Wildlife Area has been subject to surface mining. The last active mine was completed in 1998. Today all of the forests consist of second and third growth timber. Much of the land that was cleared is now in grassland or brushland and dotted with many small ponds and wetlands. Because of the mining, large expanses of grassland and brushland habitats have been created. Egypt Valley Wildlife Area is popular for hunting, fishing, and other forms of wildlife recreation. Many of the small ponds have been stocked with bass, catfish, and bluegills by the division and offer good fishing. Hiking, bird watching, photography, and sightseeing are also popular on the wildlife area. Species not traditionally found in eastern Ohio such as the short-eared owl, Northern harrier, Henslow's sparrow, and bobolink can be found on the large expanses of grassland. Bald eagles and ospreys occasionally stop on the wildlife area on their annual migration. River otters were reintroduced to this area in 1993 and now a thriving population can be found there.

Barnesville Memorial Park

Raven Rocks http://www.raven-rocks.org From Alledonia, continue west on OH-148 for approximately 5 miles. Turn left to continue south onto Belmont County Road 92 for approximately 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Wayne Township Road 804 (Crum Road) and continue on this road for approximately 2 miles. The stop is located on your left at the Raven Rocks trailhead parking area.

Originally known as the First Ravine of the Raven Rocks by the early pioneers was named after the many ravens that used to nest in the overhanging ledges of the unusual, yet astonishing rock formation. Indians of the Ohio and Captina Creek Valley had left evidence of repeated visits here for over a period of 200 years, where they had set up camp and hunted in the fall and winter months.

Parks St. Clairsville Memorial Park 200 Walnut Ave.

Located on 39.8 acres in Richland Township, just east of the City of St. Clairsville, OH at 200 Walnut Avenue. Memorial Park offers many ways to celebrate your special occasion, have fun with the family for the day or even learn a new skill. A variety of entertainment and recreational opportunities are available. Memorial Park offers: • Picnic Facilities • Pavilion Facilities

• Outdoor Swimming Pool • Playground Areas

Enjoy a picnic overlooking the park. Cool off in the swimming pool. Children will enjoy the playground. Bring sports equipment to have fun playing basketball, tennis, or pickleball. Or take a hike on the Newlin Falls Nature Trail and explore nature and 2 small waterfalls.

• Hiking Trail • Basketball Courts

• Tennis Courts • Pickleball Courts

• Baseball Field • Disc Golf Course

Make A Splash in Belmont County! Allen Pool Memorial Park, St. Clairsville 200 Walnut Ave. • St. Clairsville, Oh 43950 (740)695-5077 Opens the Saturday before Memorial Day and is open through Labor Day. Pool includes. a Corkscrew Slide, Diving Board, Concession Stand, and plenty of grass for sunbathing and relaxation. Barnesville Memorial Park Pool 130 Fair St. • Barnesville, Oh 43713 (740)425-3012 Pool Hours: Mon. through Sat. 12N - 6P Sunday 1P - 6P Pool Admission: General Admission $3 for children under 18 and $4 for adults.

Martins Ferry Park District and Pool 401 S. 4th St. • Martins Ferry, Oh 43935 (740)633-0602 Playground, Baseball/Softball field, Basketball Court, Amphitheater, Swimming Pool, Picnic tables throughout the park. Village of Powhatan Point Park District and Pool 147 Allen Ave. • Powhatan Point, Oh 43942 (740)795-4101 Playground, Baseball/Softball field, Basketball Court, Amphitheater, Swimming Pool, Picnic tables throughout the park.




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Historical Sites

Barnesville B&O Railroad Depot The depot was opened in 1916 and was the site of many city events, including troop send-offs during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. A walking trail is also being developed. Blaine Bridge (1828 Blaine Bridge) Enjoy your walk on Ohio’s Official Bicentennial Bridge… Ohio’s oldest bridge. Black Horse Inn Black Horse Inn may be Morristown’s most famous landmark. Erected around 1807 as a smaller structure, additions came later along the years. Concord Quaker Meeting House (Negus Rd., Township #456 Colerain, Ohio) Built 1813, remodeled 1863 and 1898. Three bricks thick walls, orig. wooden pegged benches. On Ohio & Nat’l Historical Registers. Great Stone Viaduct The Great Stone Viaduct serving as the western approach to the former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Bridge spanning the Ohio River. Epworth Park http://www.epworthpark.org The Epworth Park Cottage Owners Association invites you to visit historic Epworth Park. The park continues to instill the peace and serenity which offers an escape from the fast-paced lifestyle that we know today. Great Western Schoolhouse Located just west of St. Clairsville in Belmont County on Ohio University’ Eastern Campus, was built in 1870 by the Clark Construction Company. The bricks for the school were hand-kilned from clay taken from the banks of the farm pond located at the bottom of the hill from the school. 2020 marks the school’s 150th anniversary. Historic Churches Walking Tour Eight churches of various religions can be found along 4th & 5th Streets, Walnut, Locust and Clay located in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Shaeffer Campbell Covered Bridge Stands east of the Ohio University Eastern Campus, I-70 Exit 213, overlooking a pond. It was originally built in 1891 in Fairfield County. Rescued from destruction in the late 1960’s, it was reconstructed on the present site in 1975. Stillwater Meeting House Sandy Ridge Rd. (off Rt. 147, east of town) The plain federal style brick building seats 1,500. Built in 1878 to house the Ohio Yearly Meeting of Conservative Friends. The building contains a Quaker Heritage Museum. Open by appointment.

Concord Quaker Meeting House

Walnut Grove Cemetery (Rt. 7 N., Hanover St. exit, N. on 4th St.) Dating from 1795, the cemetery is Martins Ferry’s oldest pioneer landmark. It is the resting place of the Zane and Martin families.

M-F 9am-5pm Sat. 9am-noon call/text


242 S. Gardner Street Barnesville, OH 43713 www.Àowergardensbarnesville.com Special Occasion Arrangements • House Plants • Floral Gifts Customized Memorial Pieces • Gift CertiÀcates

Trisha A. Mamula email tmamula@frontier.com

* Check us out on facebook or call for special class schedules


Belmont Belm Belm Be l onnt C Co County oun untty ty Vis Visitors Visito ito torss Guide to G de Gu Gui


John Sambuco, Broker


Come take a closer look


Bellaire Toy & Plastic Brick Museum 4597 Noble St. https://www.facebook.com/THE-Bellaire-Toy-and-Plastic-Brick-Museum. Largest private collection of Lego toys and the imaginative world they can create on 3 floors. Collection of more than 4 million bricks creating three dimensional mosaics that have turned a simple child’s toy into works of art. Call 740-671-8890 for hours. Tri-State Military Veterans Museum 101 E. Barrister Street Belmont, Ohio 43718. www.bcmvm.org The Belmont County American Legion Military Veterans Museum is the home of artifacts and history pertaining to the service provided by veterans from Belmont County.

Great Western Schoolhouse

Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum 532 N. Chestnut St. http://belmontcountymuseum.com Award winning and built in the 1800’s is this 26-room mansion of elegance. Superbly carved oak fretwork, butternut and hand-carved wood mantels are just a few of the finely crafted features inside. National Imperial Glass Museum 3200 Belmont St. (St. Rt. 7 to 26th St. exit. North on Belmont St. to 32nd.) http://www.imperialglass.org/site/museum.htm Dedicated to preserving the history of the Imperial Glass Corp, paying tribute to its employees, educating the public and providing research opportunities, NIGM is a “must visit” for glass enthusiasts. Imperial was one of the largest handcrafted glass companies in America and was located at Imperial Plaza on Belmont St. See Imperial (Candlewick, Cape Cod, carnival, milk glass, slag & more). April thru Oct., Thursday thru Saturday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. or by appt. for groups. Admission. Gift Shop. Handicapped accessible.

Tri-State Military Veterans Museum

visitbelmontcounty.com visit issititbe belm be l on lm ontc tcou ount ou nty. nt y.co y. c m co


S llwater Mee ng House

Belmont County Courthouse And Belmont County Heritage Museum

Bellaire Toy & Plas c Brick Museum

Belmont County Heritage Museum 101 E. Main St., St. Clairsville, Oh. This 1880’s former Sheriff’s Residence is a museum to the county. Once housing each sheriff and his family, it is now home to artifacts and pictures telling the history of the many communities throughout Belmont County.

lindambrown@allstate.com www.allstateagencies.com/lindambrown

Watt Center for History & the Arts 400 North St. Barnesville, Oh (Rt. 800 S., left at first light onto Church St. to Mulberry St. intersects with Watt Ave., turn left.) http:www.barnesvilleohio.com/watt.htm. The original office building of the Watt Car and Wheel Company. Exhibits including coal history, business, industry and agriculture.


unty Visitor Co ’s r nte Ce

Linda M. Brown

Underground Railroad Museum 121 High St., Flushing, Oh 43977, www.ugrrf.org. Features an extensive collection of publications, books, memorabilia and other articles. The exhibits portray what is known about slavery and the underground railroad in Ohio, and presents an understanding of the culture in the 1800’s.


Sedgwick House Museum 627 Hanover St., Martins Ferry, Oh, 740-633-5046. Contains materials pertaining to the area in and surrounding Martins Ferry.

Harr i

Blaine Hill Bridge

Barnesville B&O Railroad Depot

Auto • Home • Life • 24 Hour Customer Service Business & Financial Services


114 South 4th Street, Martins Ferry, Ohio 43935 toll free: 877.546.3227 fax: 740.281.1665

16 16

Belmont Beelm lmon ont Co County oun u tyy Vis Visitors V Vi ito torss Guide to Guui Gui G uide de

www.visitharrisoncounty.com 143 South Main, Cadiz, Oh 43907 (740) 942-1102


National Imperial Glass Museum & Gift Shop Open April thru Oct. Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 11am—3pm Other Days & Times by Appt. • Groups & Tours by Appt.

B & O Train Depot Caboose

Belmont County

Victorian Mansion Museum 532 N. Chestnut St., Barnesville, Oh 43713 Tours: $5 adults $2 youth 6-18. Tours year round by appt. Groups of ten or more reduced rate. Bus tours welcome. Museum & Gazebo available to rent. Teas/ Luncheons available for groups of ten or more $15 per person. Tour fee extra. Advance payment & reservations required.


appt., reservations, rentals or more info call: (740)425-1457, (740)425-2228, or (740)695-0766 or call the Museum at (740)425-2926 & leave a message.

The National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society, through its Museum, is dedicated to preserving the history of the Imperial Glass Corp. by honoring its employees and providing education and research opportunities. For 80 yrs, Imperial was one of the largest handcrafted glass companies in America. The Museum is a “must visit” for glass enthusiasts. Witness an extensive array of Imperial Glass (Candlewick, Cape Cod, carnival, slag, & more) created from 1904 to 1984 along with related exhibits. One can peruse many photographs of former employees (at work, group pictures, & portraits), the “Big I” factory, and scenes of Bellaire Ohio, Imperial’s home for those 80 yrs. A visitor may also envision the incredible talent of the mould makers and their meticulous work at the mould maker’s bench—an exhibit constructed by Island Mould & Machine of Wheeling, WV. Alongside that exhibit rest some of the tools use by the glassworkers. For sale in the gift shop is a modest selection of genuine Imperial Glass. A visitor might find that perfect and unique gift, an entire set of goblets or other stemware, or that one piece needed to fill out a collection. Both the Museum and Gift Shop are easily accessible at sidewalk level. Plenty of street parking is available adjacent to the building both on Belmont Street and 32nd Street.

Admission to the Museum is $5.

3200 Belmont St. • Bellaire, OH 43906

740.671.3971 www.imperialglass.org



Churches Check it out...

www.visitbelmontcounty.com info@visitbelmontcounty.com findit@visitbelmontcounty.com

Belmont County offers nearly 100 places of worship! Barnesville Cornerstone Assembly of God 917 Shamrock Dr • 740-425-2217

Ebenzer Baptist Church 307 Oak St • 740-484-4369

First Baptist Church SBC 94 Shady Lane • 740-425-2231

First Christian Church of Barnesville 219 West Church St • 740-425-2480

Church of Christ

235 West Main St • 740-425-2574

Church of Christ East Main 340 East Main • 740-425-2397

Barnesville Curch of the Nazarene. 124 South Lincoln Ave • 740-425-2053

First Presbyterian Church.

124 North Chestnut • 740-425-3144

Barnesville Main Street UMC

230 West Main • 740-425-1196

Barnesville UMC

608 East Main • 740-425-3510

First UMC of Barnesville

West Bellaire Methodist Church 56456 Key Bellaire Rd • 740-676-0230

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

2328 West 23rd St • 740-676-0057

302 Bennet St • 740-635-1241

3599 Guernsey Street. 740-676-0872

55505 National Rd • 740-609-3177

53611 Pike St • 740-676-7768

53839 National Rd • 740-635-1130

3358 Guernsey St • 740-676-4483

71780 Colerain St • 740-635-1433

65975 Patterson Hill Rd • 740-676-2191

Lincoln Ave and Bennet • 740-635-9479

52835 Key-Bellaire Rd • 740-676-8400

66166 Kirkwood Heights Rd • 740-671-9240

Bellaire Presbyterian Church

Coalbrooke Presbyterian Church First United Presbyterian Church Rock Hill Presbyterian Church Belmont United Presbyterian Church First UMC of Bellaire

3402 Guernsey St • 740-676-3663

Lincoln Ave UMC

3838 Lincoln Ave • 740-676-5936

Mount Zion UMC

53750 Key-Bellaire Rd • 740-676-7813

South Bellaire UMC

Kirkwood Presbyterian Church Ohio Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation Flushing Alliance

427 High St • 740-968-3911

Trinity Gospel Fellowship 71101 Morristown Flushing Rd • 740-968-0411

Flushing Christian Church 201 High St • 740-968-0461

401 Broadway St • 740-633-1818 New Heart Covenant. 500 North 5th St • 740738-0203

52561 Bellaire Key Rd • 740-325-1148

Belmont Hillcrest Bible Church

Sacred Heart Church

Colerain Presbyterian Church

4424 Harrison St • 740-676-7619

Rock Hill United Presbyterian Church

57890 Moores Run Rd • 740-635-3942

Second Chance Church

Martins Ferry Emanuel Tabernacle

68980 Twp Rd. 780 • 740-758-5282

Riverview Bible Church

TE Church

23rd and Belmont St • 740-676-1714

United Wesleyan Church

Bellaire Church Alive

]56381 National Rd • 740-635-2472

Faith Fellowship Church

123 West Church • 740-425-3245

Sewellsville United Church

St. Paul Lutheran Church

56224 High Ridge Rd • 740-676-4912

Grace Presbyterian Church 7 N. 4th St • 740-633-2699

101 East Barrister St • 740-484-1475

Tree of Life Church

61820 Chesnut Level Rd • 740-686-2858

Trinity Assembly of God

Chesnut Level Christian Church

801 Virginia St • 740-738-0706

54038 St. Mary’s Ave • 740-676-3277

St.John’s Church Convent

Bethesda Church of Christ Hunter

3752 Tall Man Ave • 740-676-1171

58990 Hunter Rd Wayne Twp • 740-484-1811

306 Locust St • 740-633-9642

3565 Belmont St • 740-676-3881

407 South Main St • 740-484-1194

20 North 4th St • 740-633-1416

4296 Franklin St • 740-676-6280

204 North Main St • 740-484-1289

710 South Zane Hwy • 740-633-3615

Bellaire Christian Church

Hillcrest Christian Gathering Christian Church Decipels of Christ 75 East 39th St • 740-676-9655

Church of Christ

54549 St. Joe Rd • 740-671-9719

Trinity Episcopal Church 553 43rd St • 740-676-4472


Belmont County Visitors Guide

South Main Church of Christ Church of Nazarene

Bridgeport Mount Zion Baptist Church 200 Howard St • 740-635-9555

St. Anthony’s Church Rectory

401 Broadway St • 740-633-5020

First Baptist Church St. Mary’s Church

First Christian Church of Martins Ferry Church of God

801 Virgina St • 740-633-5166

Martins Ferry Church of the Nazarene 709 Broadway St • 740-633-2570

630 Main St • 740-635-0283

St. Joseph Church

Greek Orthodox Church of the Living-Giving Fountain

68210 Neola Ave • 740-635-0408

314 North 5th St • 740-633-3707

St. Mary’s Church

Jehoviah’s Witness

East 40th St • 740-676-3282

53025 High Ridge Rd • 740-695-5314

3821 Leona Ave • 740-676-3225

250 South Marietta St • 740-695-1631

Shadyside Church of Christ First Presbyterian Church

4100 Central Ave • 740-676-2800

St. Clairsville Family Life Ministry Center

56040 National Rd • 740-738-0512

Relevant Worship Center

52901 National Rd (Richland Twp) • 740-695-7099

St. John’s Lutheran Church 40 North 4th St • 740-633-2263

First Presbyterian Church 400 Walnut St • 740-633-6107

First UMC

307 Clay St • 740-633-0510

Morristown Morristown Christian Church Church St • 740-782-1065

Powhatan Point Church of the Nazarene St Rt 7 • 740-795-5185

Shadyside New Life

365 West 36th St • 740-676-7750

Mount Pisgah AME Church Woodrow Ave • 740-695-3717

Harbor of Hope Assembly of God Rt 9 South & I-70 • 740-695-2922

First Baptist Church

112 Newell Ave • 740-695-0882

Emanuel Baptist Church SBC

Christ the King Lutherian Church. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

70600 Barton Rd. Richland Twp • 740-695-9456

Calvary Presbyterian Church

100 South Marietta St • 740-695-2521

First Presbyterian Church

110 South Marietta St • 740-695-0690

East Richland Friend’s Church

67885 Friends Church Rd • 740-695-0971

Holloway United Methodist Church

403 East Main Street Holloway • 740-968-9088

Maynard United Methodist Church 71480 Maynard Rd • 740-695-5280

Thoburn United Methodist Church 101 North Market Street • 740-695-0770

46544 National Rd. Richland Twp • 740-695-2787

Victory Baptist Chappel

Yorkville St. Lucy’s Church

67100 Willowgrove Rd. Richland Twp • 740-695-4000

St. Lucy Ave • 740-859-4244

46982 Columbia St • 740-695-0840

820 Market Street • 740-859-3314

71793 Church St • 740-695-2618

121 3rd Street • 740-859-6868

St. Joseph Church

St. Stanislaus Church Church of Christ

Kingdom Hall of Jehoviah Witnesses Yorkville UMC

190 Woodrow Ave • 740-695-3268



Map It Out Check it out...

www.visitbelmontcounty.com info@visitbelmontcounty.com findit@visitbelmontcounty.com

Scenic Byways:

Belmont County is the only county in the state with a total of three official Ohio Byways: The Drovers’ Trail along Ohio 147 and 800, Historic National Road, and the Ohio River Scenic Byway along Ohio 7.


HISTORIC NATIONAL ROAD LANDMARKS Old Segment Road • The 1828 Blaine Hill Bridge • St. Clairsville National Register Historic District • Great Western School House • Brick Tavern • Morristown National Register Historic District • Hendrysburg Clark House • Gateway Sign • Spanish Revival Service Station • McGonigal Tourist Home • Blaine Hill Viaduct • “Big Hill” • Hillside Motel and Plaza Motel • Ebbert Farm Market • The Boroff House • Benjamin Lundy House • Belmont County Courthouse • Claredon Hotel • Lighthouse Inn • Vine Yard School • Twin Pines Motel • Brick Tavern/Lentz Tavern • Egypt Valley Wildlife Area

Drover's Trail

The Drovers’ Trail Scenic Byway is located in Belmont County, following State Route 800 between Hendrysburg and Barnesville and State Route 147 from Barnesville to Bellaire.

Historic National Road

Historic National Road, the first federally funded road, has been designated an All-American Road by the Federal Highway Administration, which administers the National Scenic Byways Program.

Ohio River Scenic Byway

The Ohio River Scenic Byway spans 14 diverse Appalachian Counties in eastern and southern Ohio. Along its 452 mile stretch you will find an appreciation for history, resources, diversity and natural beauty.

http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OhioByways/ Pages/DroversTrail.aspx http://www.ohionationalroad.org/resources


Check it out!

Be sure to join us for the Rubberneck Tour that will take place Sun., Oct. 11, 2020. The Belmont County Rubberneck Tour started at a group meeting when someone said that a “do it yourself” scenic drive would be a great way to promote agriculture in the area. A gentleman at the meeting said “Folks like to drive and rubberneck at scenery.” First starting as a tour of the local farms and homesteads, the Rubberneck Tour has evolved over the years to include visiting historical landmarks and scenic byways with many stops along the way. Look for details on this and other attractions Belmont has to offer in the event calendar on page 38 or at www.visitbelmontcounty.com.

Points of Interest on the OHIO RIVER SCENIC BYWAY Martins Ferry




627 Hanover St • Martins Ferry, OH 43935 N Fourth St • Martins Ferry, OH 43935 (Rt. 7 N., Hanover St. exit, N. on 4th St.)

http://www.imperialglass.org 3200 Belmont Street • Bellaire, OH 43906 Belmont St. (St. Rt. 7 to 26th St. exit. North on Belmont St. to 32nd.)

Powhatan Point




http://www.lakeshawn.com 50460 State Highway 148 Jacobsburg, OH 43933


Belmont County Visitors Guide

http://www.greatstoneviaduct.org/ 31st Street Bellaire, OH 43906

Why Visit Belmont County? Belmont County welcomes visitors to an area rich in history and natural beauty. The area offers festivals and fairs, beautiful lakes and parks, and breathtaking scenery. It’s also the home of several museums representing the communities’ history and strong roots. Belmont County has excellent lodging facilities, shopping and restaurants. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy Belmont County!

Welcome to Belmont County, Ohio

With I-70, Historic National Rd. US 40, Scenic Byway Route 7 & Route 9... Belmont County is easy to travel!

A Journey Worth Traveling... Belmont County is a 537 square mile tract of land along the Ohio River in eastern Ohio. The County seat is St. Clairsville, 65 miles west of Pittsburgh and 110 miles east of Columbus. Belmont County is almost equal distance from New York and Chicago. And approximately 300 miles from Washington DC.

T h e M o s t Tr u s t wo r t h y A n d P r o f e s s i o n a l D r i v i n g t r a n s p o r t a t i o n C o m p a n y I n O u r A r e a . Private Minivan Courier Hourly


NEED A LIFT? Want the most Qualified Driver? 1. Screened 2. Licensed 3. Trained & Insured Drug Testing Certified PAX & Background Checks

For Interstate Travel

Trained Chauffeur

We are members of: Ohio Valley Oil & Gas Associates, Ohio Oil and Gas Association, Southpointe Chamber, St. Clairsville Chamber of Commerce, Great Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau and Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce.

Private Sedan Share Ride Maxivan

Airport Limousine Service in historic Wheeling, West Virginia has been operating since 1964. We provide the most reliable, most economical door-to-door transportation service between Pittsburgh International Airport and the Ohio Valley region of Ohio and West Virginia, as well as the Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg areas of West Virginia. In addition to Pittsburgh International, service is offered at Port Columbus Airport, Akron-Canton Airport, and the Cleveland Hopkins Airport to and from the tri-state area. Live operators available 24 hrs a day for dispatch and last minute reservations. Advanced reservations must be made at least the day prior by 2PM Eastern Time Mon.- Fri. (holidays excluded) Last minute reservations may incur an extra charge subject to availability

CALL TODAY FOR RESERVATIONS 180 29 th St. • Wheeling, WV 26003 p:(304) 232-1175 • tf:(800) 326-2907 wheelinglimo.com • info@wheelinglimo.com visitbelmontcounty.com


Map It Out Then Plan Your Trip


3 8

7 6




facebook.com/belmontcountytourism instagram.com/belmontcountytourism pinterest.com/visitbelmontcounty twitter.com/visitbelmontcountyoh linkedin.com/belmontcountytourism youtube.com/belmontcountytourism

Captina Creek Birding Trail www.belmontswcd.org

Dysart Woods frank@ohio.edu

Egypt Valley Wildlife Area wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/egyptvalley

Raven Rocks



Belmont County Visitors Guide

Map It Out

Points of Interest 1

Dickinson Cattle Ranch 35000 Muskrat Rd., Barnesville, Oh. I-70 Exit 202 South 1 mile, west 1 mile on Muskrat Rd. Largest herd of Texas Longhorn Cattle east of San Francisco with a Head toTails Store and bus tours. www.texaslonghorn.com, www.head2tail.com and www.longhorntours. com. On Facebook.

2 First Presbyterian Church Barnesville, Chestnut & Church Streets. This 1902 “Chinese Gothic” native red sandstone church contains magnificent stained glass windows imported from Willet Studio in Pittsburgh, PA. 3 City of St. Clairsville Walking Tour A tour of the Downtown National Historic District with 37 historic buildings. Contact the St. Clairsville City Office at 740-695-1324 or www.stclairsville.com for a copy of the walking tour brochure. 4 Historic Churches Walking Tour Eight churches of various religions can be found along 4th & 5th Streets, Walnut, Locust and Clay in Martins Ferry. 5 Historic Kirkwood Where Bridgeport roots were planted, it was Joseph Kirkwood (1784–1856) who established a settlement on the west side of the Ohio River. He returned to the land his father, Capt. Robert Kirkwood, had received in 1789. 6 The Plummer House Dusty Lane, Barnesville. Abraham Plummer, the 4th settler and the 1st Quaker in Warren Township, purchased land and moved in 1801 after securing a federal land grant of 640 acres that was signed by President Thomas Jefferson. The house was a stop along the Clay Pike, Drover’s Road.The Plummer’s opened their house as an overnight stop. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009 as part of the Friends Boarding School and Ohio Yearly Meeting house Historic District. 7 Olney Friends School 61830 Sandy Ridge Rd., Barnesville. 180 years of educating and aspiring young people, founded in 1837 by the Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). In the 21st century, Olney Friends School is chartered by the Ohio State Department of Education and is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. It also holds memberships in the Ohio Association of Independent Schools, Friends Council on Education, The Association of Boarding Schools, and The National Association of Independent Schools. 8 Historical Sights in Hendrysburg Birthplace of William Boyd, the actor who played Hopalong Cassidy. The Ohio National Road Association installed an interpretative sign in 2015 at the old schoolhouse on Old National Road/Main Street that features history about Hendrysburg, native son William Lawrence Boyd, better known as Hopalong Cassidy, the old S bridge and the McCartney Tavern.



Map It Out

Do Some Sightseeing

Quilt Barns “Steadfast Stead” Horse Barn (Ashby Barn) Follow directions to Simpson Barn. Pass it by about 3 mi. before Centerville – on the left.

Mail Pouch Barn Located in Barkcamp State Park, painted by deceased barn painter Harley Warrick of Belmont, Ohio. This is one of many barns on which Harley left his mark.

Love Birds Barn (Ebbert Barn) I-70 Exit 208, go south on #149. Turn right (west) onto #147. At Bethesda 4-way stop, go south on #26. Travel through Bethesda on 26. At “Y” take 92, then south on #86. Flying Geese Barn (Hogue Barn) I-70 Exit 208, go south on # 149. At the stop sign turn left (east) onto #147. The barn is located on the right, set back a bit off the road as you drive up hill. Feathered Star Barn (Kurtz Barn) I-70 Exit 202 - take Rt. 800 south through Barnesville. Continue 7 miles south towards Somerton. Barn is on the right at 56640 Somerton Highway, Barnesville.

Little Red Schoolhouse (Martin Barn) I-70 Exit 208, go south on #149. Turn right (west) onto #147. At Bethesda 4-way stop, go south on #26. Travel through Bethesda on 26, staying on 26 about 3 miles to pond on left.



Tours April - October Groups of 10+ By Appointment

Ohio Bicentennial Barn (Perkins Barn) Located off I-70 Exit 208, south on Rt. 149 in Belmont County, is one of the 88 painted barns in each of Ohio’s counties. Scott Hagan of Jerusalem, Ohio painted them all. The barn is on the left just before Barkcamp State Park entrance.

The Unofficial LEGO Museum 4597 Noble St. Bellaire, OH 43906

Open Seasonally May-September 2020

Store Open All Year 10-5 Mon-Sat Southeastern Ohio off I-70 @ exit #202 35000 Muskrat Rd Barnesville, Ohio 43713 www.longhorntours.com www.head2tail.com

740 758-5050 24

Belmont County Visitors Guide

The Toy & Plastic Plas last stic Brick Museum of Bellaire, Ohio! “The Unofficial LEGO Museum” www.brickmuseum.net toymuseum@hotmail.com


eet of 0 sq f 0 0 , 6 3 odels, LEGO m n! s & fu a m a r o di


Come see what’s at the end of the rainbow Buckeye Barn (Raynes Barn) formerly Truax Farm I-70 Exit 202 and take Rt. 800 south to #148 east. Leave #148 onto Cty Rd. 26 and travel 3.4 miles. Barn is on the left. Pattern is: “Buckeye”

FACILITIES & SERVICES • Complimentary hot breakfast daily • Meeting room for up to 30 people • Business center w/fax and copy service • Free WiFi • On-site laundry and dry cleaning • Fitness center • Indoor pool and spa • Outdoor Sport Court® • Outdoor living area with fire pit and gas grill • Marriott Rewards® Frequent Travel Program • Pets accepted - fees apply

SUITE AMENITIES • Spacious suites • Studios, one- and two-bedrooms • Fully equipped kitchens w/ full-sized refrigerator, stove, microwave, and coffeemaker • Separate living, working and sleeping areas • ADA-accessible rooms • Cable TV with premium channels

Overall Sam Barn (Simpson Barn) I-70 Exit 208, go south on #149. At the stop sign turn left (east) onto #147. Go to the top of the hill, turn left at the stop sign. Follow #147 southeast out of Belmont approx. 3 miles, the barn is on the left side. Farmall International Harvester (Stephens Barn) I-70 Exit 202 and take Rt. 800 northwest to County0 Rd. 108 (North Rd.) just before Hendrysburg. Travel 4 miles and the barn is on the right with quilt pattern facing north. Guitars (Valleyview Barn) I-70 between exits 208 & 213, west of St. Clairsville on Historic National Road/ US Rt. 40.

RESIDENCE INN BY MARRIOTT® WHEELING-ST. CLAIRSVILLE 50694 Ohio Valley Place • St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950 740.695.9320 • Marriott.com/pitrw visitbelmontcounty.com


Lodging Check h k it out...

www.visitbelmontcounty.com info@visitbelmontcounty.com findit@visitbelmontcounty.com

America’s Best Value Inn

www.bviohio.com Beautifully situated at Exit 218 on I-70 and Exit 1 on 470. Only 8 miles from Wheeling, WV and the Capital Music Hall and Wheeling Downs Dog Track. We are located by the Ohio Valley Mall and the Ohio Valley Plaza. We offer a variety of rooms, from one double bed to a deluxe king with jacuzzi. Outdoor pool and picnic area also offered. Number of Rooms: 104 Pool: Outdoor Breakfast: Continental Fitness: No Laundry: Yes Pets: Yes

Best Western www.bestwestern.com

51654 National Rd. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950 (I-70 Exit 218 to Rt. 40) (740) 699-0010. 65 rooms and suites, micro and refrigerator in all rooms, deluxe king suites w/jacuzzis, cable tv, free cont. Number of Rooms: 65 Pool: Indoor Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: No Pets: No

Travel Professionals

Travel professionals can host a meeting at many of the event spaces that our area has to offer. Belmont County hotels are located for easy access to I-70, I-470. Whether you’re shopping at the Ohio Valley Plaza and the Ohio Valley Mall, cycling through the National Road Bikeway, or visiting one of our many historic landmarks, we’re committed to assisting you. Call the tourism office and allow us to help you with your business travel needs.


Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham

www.wyndhamhotels.com/hawthorn-extended-stay • 740-650-2035 51110 National Rd. E. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950 Guest room features: fully equipped kitchens, full-sized refrigerator, dishwasher and stove top, 49 “HDTV with streaming. Hotel features: free hot breakfast buffet, fitness facility, free WI-FI, meeting space availability, weekly social hours. Pool: No Breakfast: Continental Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: Yes

Comfort Inn

www.choicehotels.com/ohio/saint-clairsville/comfort-inn-hotels 52509 National Rd. E. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950, (740)296-5549. Located in St. Clairsville, Comfort Inn is close to Ohio Valley Mall and Memorial Park. This hotel is within the vicinity of Belmont Hills Country Club and Toy and Plastic Brick Museum. Number of Rooms: 54 Pool: No Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: No

Days Inn & Suites

www.daysinn.com/hotels/ohio/belmont 66774 Belmont Morristown Rd., Belmont Oh 43718, (740)782-1025. Enjoy a great value on your trip when you stay at the Utica Shale Region Days Inn and Suites Belmont Hotel. Located off I-70, our non-smoking hotel in just minutes from restaurants and activities. Number of Rooms: 76 Pool: No Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: Yes


Belmont Belm Be lmon ontt Co C County unty t Visitors Guide

Where Memories are Made Cabins • Luxury Suites • Weddings & Events • Package Deals Spa • Onsite Activities • Dining • Gift Shop Pine Lakes Lodge is located in the heart of Amish country in beautiful Guernsey County, OH. Access is very convenient to major highways, but far enough away that you feel secluded and relaxed.

740-679-3617 61680 Buskirk Lane, Salesville, OH 43778

740.695.3961 51130 National Road E, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950



Lodging Kick Back & Relax

Guest Cabins At Hillside Motel & Their Gift Shop

Days Inn By Wyndam St. Clairsville

Hillside Motel

Knights Inn

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham

www.wyndhamhotels.com/days-inn 52601 Holiday Dr. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950, (740)579-0234. Enjoy this picturesque view of the Ohio Valley while staying at the Days Inn St Clairsville, just minutes away from the Wheeling Casino and Racetrack. Number of Rooms: 137 Pool: Outdoor Breakfast:Continental Fitness: No Laundry: Yes Pets: No www.knightsinn.com/saint-clairsville-oh 51659 National Rd. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950, (740)526-0128. National Rd. East (I-70 Exit 218 to Rt. 40 East, I-470 Exit 1). 62 rooms, jacuzzi/spa room, indoor pool. Number of Rooms: 62 Pool: Indoor Breakfast: Continental Fitness: No Laundry: No Pets: Yes

Fairfield Inn & Suites

www.marriott.com 67731 Mall Rd. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950, (740)699-4980. (I-70 Exit 218 to Mall Rd.) 67 rooms, suites with micro & refrigerator, indoor pool & jacuzzi, fitness center. Free local calls, laundry facilities, complimentary continental breakfast. Number of Rooms: 66 Pool: Indoor Breakfast: Continental Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: No


54481 National Rd., Bridgeport, Oh 43912. (I-70 between Exits 220 & 225) (740) 6359111. Welcomel! Since our locally owned and operated motel opened in 1956, we’ve been providing visitors with a clean, welcoming, peaceful place to call their temporary home. Whether staying overnight or for an extended visit, our guests find accommodations spacious and comfortable.We offer camper hook ups (3 sites), a variety of lodging options and a wide range of amenities. www.wyndhamhotels.com/microtel/saint-clairsville-ohio

51128 National Rd. E. St. Clairsville, Oh 43950, (740) 338-4500. Welcome to our newly built Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham in St. Clairsville, the ideal fit for the budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to sacrifice comfort! Number of Rooms: 85 Pool: No Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: No

Red Roof Inn www.redroof.com

68301 Red Roof Ln, St. Clairsville, Oh 43950 (740) 695-4057. Deluxe business kings, universal access and smoke-free rooms available. Free USA Today and coffee. HBO, HBO2, HBO Signature. Shopping and restau- rants conveniently located across the street. All major credit cards accepted. Fax: 740-695-6956 Number of Rooms: 108 Pool: No Breakfast: Continental Fitness: No Laundry: No Pets: Yes

Arrowhead Motel

40251 National Rd., Morristown, OH 43759 (740) 782-1091. Located on Historic National Road, the Arrowhead Motel attracts the extended stay travelers. Number of Rooms: 14 Pool: No Breakfast: No Fitness: No Laundry: No Pets: No

Hillside Motel • Local, privately owned & operated • Operating 60 yrs w/ experience & knowledgable staff • Motel rooms, suites, cabins & RV campground • A variety of attractive amenities & gift shop selling: crafts, decorations, snacks & more • Competitive rates American Owned

54481 National Rd. (between exits 220 &225 off I70)


& Operated


Belmont County Visitors Guide


• Free WiFi • Satellite TV • Microwave • Fridge • Camping

40251 National Rd. (US Rt. 40) • Morristown • Exit 208 on 1-70 Owners, Charles & Lorado


Belmont, OH FREE Hot Breakfast | Indoor Pool | Conference Room | Microwave and Mini Fridge in All Rooms sleepinn.com | 41371 Reco Road, Belmont, OH 43718 | 740-421-4417

15% OFF

sleepinn.com | 41371 Reco Road, Belmont, OH 43718 | 740-421-4417

Promo: Belmont

Valid now-12/31/20 at either location. Subject to availability.

St. Clairsville, OH FREE Hot Breakfast | Fitness Room | Microwave and Mini Fridge in All Rooms Close to Ohio Valley Mall, Wesbanco Arena, and Wheeling Racetrack and Casino! comfortinn.com | 52509 National Road East, Saint Clairsville, OH, 43950 | 740-296-5549

Lodging Kick Back & Relax

Microtel, St. Clairsville

Days Inn, Belmont

Residence Inn Marriott

Super 8



50694 Ohio Valley Place, St. Clairsville, Oh 43950 (740) 695-9320. Make yourself at home at the Residence Inn Wheeling - St. Clairsville hotel. Number of Rooms: 103 Pool: Indoor Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: Yes

Sleep Inn & Suites Belmont/St. Clairsville www.sleepinn.com/hotel.belmont-ohio.OH581

41371 Reco Rd., Belmont, OH 43718 (740) 421-4417. Near Barkcamp State Park, every room at the award-winning Sleep Inn & Suites® Belmont/St. Clairsville hotel is a simply stylish sanctuary designed for a happy night’s sleep. Number of Rooms: 63 Pool: Yes Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: No

Stratton House Inn www.strattonhouse.com/

100 Stratton Ln.,Flushing, Oh 43977, (734) 434-4074. Stratton House Inn is available for family vacations; family and class reunions; church and worship retreats; business meetings; social gatherings; scrapbooking, stamping, and quilting retreats; and other functions. Number of Rooms: 5 Pool: No Breakfast: Yes Fitness: No Laundry: No Pets: No

68400 Matthews Dr., St. Clairsville, Oh 43950, (740) 695-1994. Welcome to our recently renovated Super 8 by Wyndham in St. Clairsville OH, the ideal fit for the budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to sacrifice comfort! Number of Rooms: 62 Pool: No Breakfast: Yes Fitness: Yes Laundry: No Pets: No

West Pike Inn and Campgrounds http://westpikecampgrounds.com

43505 National Rd., Belmont, Oh 43718, (740) 827-6647. The full-service motel and year-round campgrounds provides campers a more unique experience than our competitors, and our staff works to make your experience at West Pike a memorable one. Number of Rooms: 16 Pool: No Breakfast: No Fitness: No Laundry: No Pets: Yes

Wingate By Wyndham St. Clairsville/Wheeling

www.stclairsvillehotel.com • 740-695-3961 Brand new guest rooms feature microwave and mini fridge, work desk, HDTV, coffee maker. Hotel features include free hot breakfast buffet, indoor swimming pool, free wi-fi, meeting space availability, weekly social hour. Located next to Undo’s Italian West and Undo’s Sports Lounge. Number of Rooms: 116 Pool: Indoor Breakfast: Hot Fitness: Yes Laundry: Yes Pets: No • Free Breakfast • Free Parking • Air-Conditioned • Business Center • Pet-Friendly • Kid-Friendly • Kitchen in All Rooms • Fitness Center • Smoke-free



Belmont County Visitors Guide

(740) 202-9846

66774 Belmont Morristown Rd, Belmont, OH 43718

Lodging Arrowhead Motel 40251 National Rd., Morristown • 740-782-1091

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dr un


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m s


Kick Back & Relax










America’s Best Value Inn 51260 National Rd., St. Clairsville • 740-695-5038 www.bvohio.com










Best Western 51654 National Rd., St. Clairsville • 740-699-0010 www.bestwestern.com










Candlewood Suites 67689 Mall Ring Rd., St. Clairsville • 740-695-9200 www.cwsstclairsville.com










Comfort Inn 52509 National Rd. E., St. Clairsville • 740-296-5549 www.choicehotels.com










Days Inn & Suites 66774 Belmont Morristown Rd., Belmont • 740-782-1025 www.daysinn.com/hotels/ohio/belmont










Days Inn By Wyndham 52601 Holiday Dr., St. Clairsville • 740-579-0234 www.wydhamhotels.com/days-inn










Fairfield Inn & Suites 67731 Mall Rd., St. Clairsville • 740-699-4980 www.marriott.com










Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham 51110 National Rd. E., St. Clairsville • 740-650-2035 www.wydhamhotels.com/hawthorn










Hillside Motel 54481 National Rd., Bridgeport • 740-635-9111 www.hillside-motel.com










Knights Inn 51659 National Rd. E., St. Clairsville • 740-526-0128 www.knightsinn.com










Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham 51128 National Rd. E., St. Clairsville • 740-338-4500 www.wyndhamhotels.com/microtel










Red Roof Inn 68301 Red Roof Lane, St. Clairsville • 740-695-4057 www.redroof.com










Residence Inn Marriott 50694 Ohio Valley Place, St. Clairsville • 740-695-9320 www.marriott.com










Sleep Inn & Suites Belmont/St. Clairsville 41371 Reco Rd., Belmont • 740-421-4417 www.sleepin.com


Y 50-75








Super 8 68400 Matthews Dr., St. Clairsville • 740-695-1994 www.super8.com










West Pike Inn and Campgrounds 43505 National Rd., Belmont • 740-827-6647 www.westpikecampgrounds.com










Wingate by Wyndham 51330 National Rd. E., St. Clairsville • 740-695-3961 www.stclairsvillehotel.com












Fitness Check it out...

www.visitbelmontcounty.com info@visitbelmontcounty.com ďŹ ndit@visitbelmontcounty.com

Ferrum Fitness

Restore Yoga & Wellness

Anytime Fitness

World Gym Bellaire

185 E. Main St. Barnesville, OH 43713 740-619-0086 50843 Valley Plaza Dr. 740-699-2900

Ohio Valley Crossfit 67800 Mall Ring Rd. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-296-4656

Cardio Drumming St. Clairsville

150 W. Main St. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-296-5959 5120 Guernsey St. Bellaire, OH 43906

Olympic Tae Kown Do Academy

401 S. 4th St. Martins Ferry, OH 43935 740-633-0602

51710 National Rd. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-639-7071

Belly Dancing Body Fitness

5482 National Rd. Lansing, OH 43912 267-317-6142

311 S. 4th St. Martins Ferry, OH 43935 740-633-1672

St. Clairsville Rec Center 102 Fair Ave. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-2037

Turn It Out Dance Academy 3243 Belmont St. Bellaire, OH 740-671-900


Belmont County Visitors Guide

OUE Health & Physical Education Center

LDT Fance Centre

49 E. Main St. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-298-8356

Seszko International Taekwon-Do

102 E. Main St. PO Box 137 Barnesville, OH 43713 740-425-4044

45425 National Rd. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-1720

Better You Nutrition 107 Plaza Dr., Suite P St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-296-5816 98 N. Market St. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 607-738-3013

DG Dance Workshop

Crossfire Strength & Conditioning

Team Terror Fitness 201 W. Cross St. Morristown, OH 43759 740-238-4050

Source Fitness

68120 Tinmar Dr. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-0215

The Dance Factory Martins Ferry 410 Hanover St. Martins Ferry, OH 43935 740-633-1180

Martins Ferry Rec Center

Planet Fitness

67780 Banfield Rd. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-9529

Ohio Valley Gymnastics 849 Main St. Bridgeport, OH 43912 740-633-2136

Karate By Provenzano 98 N. Market St. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-635-2744

Restaurants Check it out...

www.visitbelmontcounty.com info@visitbelmontcounty.com findit@visitbelmontcounty.com

BARNESVILLE Annie K’s Closed Sunday 777 E. Main St. 740-425-3456

Wendy’s 910 E. Main St. 740-425-1425

BELMONT/MORRISTOWN Chapz Bar& Grill 42478 National Rd. 782-0069

China One 201 S. Chestnut St. 740-425-2101

BELLAIRE Around the World Gourmet 112 2nd Ave. 740-676-6386

Dairy Queen Brazier 402 E. Main St. 740-425-1475

Burger King 2544 Belmont St. 740-676-6725

McDonald’s I-70, Exit 208 740-782-1277

Domino’s Pizza 146 West Main St. 740-425-9999

Denny’s Blue Angel (3268 Belmont St. 740-676-4810

D & J’s Pizza Parlor 112 E. Church St. 740-425-4211

Gulla’s Lunch 3073 Belmont St. 740-671-9666

Quizno’s 66440 Belmont Morristown Rd. 740-782-0015

Home Pizza 115 W. Main St. 740-425-3322

Lil Gerardo’s 3230 Belmont St. 740-671-9550

KFC/A&W 1105 E. Main St. 740-425-1773

McDonald’s 300 28th St. 740-671-9044

Subway 66377 Belmont Morristown Rd. 740-782-0198

Main Street Barrel House 137 E. Main St. 740-619-0591

Roosevelt Closed Sunday 3175 Union St. 740-676-9015

The Pike 40 41010 National Rd. 740-782-0001

McDonald’s 825 E. Main St. 740-425-1554

Sakura Asian Cuisine 3293 Belmont St. 740-325-1264

My Pizza Place 123 E. Main St. 740-425-9222

Unique Treats By Jacquie 3391 Belmont St. 304-280-8863

BRIDGEPORT Bob Evans 70 St. Rt. 7 740-635-0988

Subway 220 S. Chestnut St. 740-425-4477

Val’s Bakery 3050 Belmont St. 740-325-9167

Newest Bistro & Bar in Historical Downtown Barnesville

DiCarlos Pizza 66665 Morristwon Rd. 740-782-0079

The Fat Apple 225 Main St. 740-298-6770 Hunan Wok 56104 National Rd. 740-635-1828 Papa John’s 333 Main St. 740-633-2525 Pizza Express 55800 National Rd. 740-633-1661

Schlepp’s 66645 Belmont Morristown Rd. 740-782-1528

Pizza Hut 677 Main St. 740-635-1300 Sha Nay Nay’s Pizza 896 National Rd. 740-635-5900

Dairy Queen Brazier 883 National Rd. 740-635-1561

• Appetizers • Soups • Salads • Paninis • Beer • Wine • Spirits

Domino’s 422 Howard St. 740-633-2500

Sonny Boy 881 National Rd. 740-635-9065 Subway 56120 National Rd. 740-635-8870 FLUSHING Carpenter’s Pizzeria 114 High St. 740-968-4354

MARTINS FERRY Arby’s 103 Aetna St. 740-633-3008 Belmont Brewerks 15 S. 4th St. (Coming Soon) DeFelice Bros. Pizza 315 S. 4th St. 740-635-7700 Hanover Fuel Stop 105 Hanover St. 740-633-3180 McDonald’s 300 Hanover St. 740-635-1866 New Hong Kong 18 S. 4th St. 740-633-6888 Subway 1 S. 4th St. 740-633-2800 Tina’s Sweet Celebrations 819 S. Zane Highway 740-738-0636 Wendy’s 402 Aetna St. 740-633-1976 Zontini’s Pizza 100 S. 4th St. 740-633-3222

Brookside Antiques 871 National Rd • Bridgeport, OH 43912

specialize in glassware of all types buy and sell open 7 days a week 10a-5p

740-633-5430 Thurs. - Mon. 11-8 food & bar 11-close

137 East Main St. Barnesville, OH 43713 Acoustic Open Mic Night Every Thur. 8:30pm

740-619-0591 visitbelmontcounty.com


Restaurants Eat & Enjoy

POWHATAN POINT Riverside Restaurant 150 First St. 740-795-5080 SHADYSIDE Blossoms Bake Shop 3790 Central Ave. 740-676-3362 Carlini’s Pizza Shop 4010 Central Ave. 740-671-2100 Central Grille 3882 Central Ave. 740-676-7000 Dairy Queen Brazier 3795 Central Ave. 740-676-2548 DeFelice Bros. Pizza 37788 Central Ave. 740-676-8282 Ming Moon Restaurant 3531 Central Ave. 740-671-8801 Good Thymes 4211 Central Ave. 740-676-5610 Shady Spot Tavern & Grill 3826 Central Ave. 740-671-9054

Southend Bar & Grill SR 7 South 740-676-0972

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant 178 E. Main St. 740-695-1360

Matt’s Tiger Pub 3932 Central Ave. 740-676-8764

DeFelice Bros. Pizza 50890 National Rd. 740-695-5090

Van Dynes Family Restaurant 56721 Ferry Landing Rd. 740-676-4777

Denny’s (24 hours) 68296 Red Roof Lane 740-695-2036

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Bob Evans 67881 Mall Ring Rd. 740-695-3900

DiCarlo’s Pizza 117 W. Main St. 740-449-2195 Long John Silvers/KFC 68733 Mall Ring Rd. 740-695-2924

Bubble World 67800 Mall Rd. 718-207-9265 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar 50725 Ohio Valley Place Access Rd. 740-695-2800 Burger King 101 Plaza Dr. 740-695-6543

Longhorn Steak House 68040 Mall Ring Rd. 740-699-4722 McDonalds 67891 Mall Ring Rd. 740-695-4107 Mehlman’s Cafeteria 51800 National Rd. E. 740-695-1000

Chipotle Mexican Grill 68041 Mall Ring Rd. 740-695-9264

Newellstown Diner 145 W. Main St. 740-695-1364

Chick-Fil-A Mall Ring Road Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 67781 Mall Ring Rd. 740-699-2662

Papa D’s Pizza 165 E. Main St. 740-695-3595

scrumptiously delicious Bakery & Candy Store

• 10,000 sq. ft. of fun & deliciousness for the whole family • 3 ft. choc. fountain

Open Wednesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

225Main St. • Bridgeport, Ohio 34 Belmont County Visitors Guide

• Watch the gourmet apples being made

• Chocolates, fudge & truffles

• Over 100 different nostalgic candies

• Huge selection of Amish foods


Restaurants Eat & Enjoy

Panera Bread 67800 Mall Ring Rd. 695-7445 Pizza Hut 51338 National Rd. E. 740-695-5618 Pizza Shack 111 Woodrow Ave. 740-695-4244 Pizza Milano 147 E. Main St. 740-695-2088


Arby’s 740-695-7942

Eat‘n Park 740-695-5507

Zhuzi 67965 Mall Ring Rd. 740-695-5518

201 Pike Street Quaker City, OH 43773

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar 740-695-8440

Subway 45880 National Rd. 740-695-0319

Wen Wu Buffet Plaza West, 107 Plaza Dr. Suite Q

Winter Hrs: Dec.- Feb. 28 • 7am -7pm Mar. 1 - Nov. 31 6am-8pm Closed Sun.

OHIO VALLEY PLAZA 50655 Valley Frontage Rd. 50560 Valley Centre Blvd. 50609 Valley Plaza Dr.

Burger King 740-695-0560

West Texas Road House 50880 National Rd. 740-695-6611

ries t s a P Pies & Fresh Daily Made

Subway 740-695-4526

Starbucks 67800 Mall Ring Rd. 740-526-0365

Undo’s St. Clairsville 51130 National Rd. 740-695-8888

Breakfast Buffet on Saturday until 11am

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse 740-695-2188

INSIDE OHIO VALLEY MALL 50655 Valley Frontage Rd. 50560 Valley Centre Blvd. 50609 Valley Plaza Dr. Auntie Anne’s 740-695-5060

Honey Baked Ham & Café 740-699-0393 King Buffet 740-699-0355 Outback Steakhouse 740-699-0737 Red Lobster 740-699-0344 Steak n Shake 740-699-2812 Subway (inside Walmart) Taco Bell 740-695-1190 Tlaquepaque Mexican Grill & Restaurant 740-695-2560

Fabio’s Pizza 740-695-9196

Wendy’s 740-695-0018

Garfield’s Restaurant & Pub 740-699-4778

YORKVILLE Yorkville Bakery 618 Public Rd. 740-859-1111

Great American Cookies 740-695-4900


visitbelmontcounty.com vis isititbe b lm be lmon ontc on nttccou ounnty. y.com


Special Events Don’t miss out

BelmontCounty Fair September

Thurs. - Sun. the 3rd-6th

The Belmont County Fair has been a family tradition since 1849. The Belmont County Agricultural Society invites you to come to the fair and celebrate the youth of our community as they share their goals and accomplishments. The fair showcases our youth’s best and provides amusements and entertainment that will give all thrill seekers something to get excited about. As our fairgrounds grow, we feel that there is no better place like ours to let your hair down, kick up your heels and call this place home. Come and enjoy a week of action packed fun! 45420 Roscoe Rd. • Richland Township, OH 43950 • (740) 695-5059

Check it out...

www.belmontcountyfair.org findit@visitbelmontcounty.com www.visitbelmontcounty.com


Belmont County Visitors Guide

Special Events Don’t miss out


Thurs.-Sat. 16th-18th

The Blame My Roots Festival is returning in 2020 for three-days of outdoor country music and camping at Valley View Campgrounds. The 2020 lineup will include Neal McCoy, Kentucky Headhunters, Black Stone Cherry, Jo Dee Messina, Justin Moore, Whey Jennings, and Allie Colleen. Festival organizers are picking up where Jamboree in the HIlls left off while forging a new path. BMRF’s second year will see the return of fan favorite Neal McCoy to the area. McCoy holds the record for the most JITH performances. More artist announcements and updates can be found on their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ BlameMyRootsFest Tickets and camping passes are on sale now at http://blamemyrootsfestival.com

Check it out . . .




Special Events Don’t miss out

e l l i v s e n r a B Festival



Thurs. - Sun. the 24th-27th

This festival highlights an antique and classic car show, craft displays, farm machinery, hog calling, tall tales, pumpkins, food, quilt show, live music, family fun, and much more. Growers attempt to break the record pumpkin of 2,150 pounds! Pumpkin pie baking, pie eating, and pumpkin roll contests are also part of the festivities. 117 Cherry Street • Barnesville, OH 43713 • (740) 425-2593

Check it out...

www.barnesvillepumpkinfestival.com info@visitbelmontcounty.com www.visitbelmontcounty.com


Belmont ontt County C Cou Count Co ounty unt un nntty VVisitors t r Guide Guide de


Belmont County Events


Feb 5, 12, 19 & 25 - March 4, 11, 18 & 25 Great Stone Viaduct Winter Lecture Series

Wed. evenings in Feb. and March at 6 pm at the Bellaire Public Library, 330 32nd St., Bellaire, Oh. The lectures are FREE and open to the public, so bring your friends for some interesting evenings this winter. Light refreshments.

March 28 7th Annual Spring Craft/Vendor Fair

9 am - 12 pm The 7th annual community craft fair, hosted by the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce will take place on March 28th at 9 am at the Hilltop Social Hall, 725559 Colerain Rd., Dillonvale, OH 43917. For more info call 740-633-2565.

April 3 and 4 Our Communities Expo

This free event at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clarisville will spotlight all Belmont County has to offer including: attractions, museums, events, nonprofits, education, county agencies, local restaurants and shops, park districts, and more. The inaugural event will feature speakers and performers. Call 740-695-4359 for more information.

April 21 (Reception Only) - 22 (Expo) Ohio Valley Regional Oil & Gas Expo FREE • Carnes Center St. Clairsville, OH

This event was established to introduce and connect the growing number of energy businesses to the local business community.

www.ohiovalleygasexpo.com 740-671-9822 May 16 Hungarian Festival

First Presbyterian Church of Martins Ferry, 400 Walnut St, Martins Ferry. This 2nd annual event will offer a full menu of main dishes, side dishes and desserts, which will be served buffet-style inside the church. To complement the festival, a variety of vendors will be set up outside on the street beside the church.

May 27 - 31 17th Annual Historic National Road Yard Sale Dawn to dusk from Bridgeport to Hendrysburg.


Held along historic US 40 from Baltimore to St. Louis, this event features approximately 824 miles to look for bargains, antiques, fresh produce, furniture, etc.

Date to be announced Bellaire Firefighters Festival Bellaire Park

www.facebook.com/ Bellaire-Fire-Dept-311700362630

Formerly the Annual All-American Days Festival, the Bellaire Fire Fighters Festival offers amusements, bike and car show, food vendors and sidewalk sales, as well as live entertainment and fireworks. There’s something for everyone. The River Rat Race 5K will take place Saturday morning. Race, cornhole tournament, and bike and car show registration is available on facebook.

May 30 Brookside Park Commission Community Day This annual event offers amusements, entertainment, food vendors and sidewalk sales.

May 30 & 31 National Pike Wagon Train 740-695-4359

The National Pike Wagon Train is an annual activity sponsored by the Belmont Co. Tourism Council. The wagon master will lead horse-drawn wagons along Rt40 and country roads in Belmont Co., drawing attention to a way of travel that was common along the original National Rd., the nation’s first federally-funded highway.

June 6 Annual Bridgeport Rotary Day

This is a community festival hosted by the Bridgeport Rotary. The event celebrates the history and future of the community. The events include a youth baseball tournament, entertainment, and historical presentations.

June 6 Bobolink Bonanza

Dickinson Cattle Co., located at 35000 Muskrat Road, Barnesville, will host the third Bobolink Bonanza on June 6. The Bobolink Bonanza is sponsored by Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District and its volunteers, Dickinson Cattle Company, and Brooks Bird Club. At past events over 30 different bird species were recorded at the Dickinson Cattle Company, the largest ranch to breed longhorn cattle in the United States.

June 11 - 14 National Imperial Glass Collector’s Society Convention National Imperial Glass Museum

(740) 671-3971

The 44th Annual National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Convention is sponsored by the National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society and profits benefit the National Imperial Glass Museum in Bellaire.

June 12 Flushing Heritage Day

Schuler Park, Main St. Flushing This community festival celebrates the heritage and history of Flushing. The event offers entertainment, food vendors, and more! The event is hosted by the Flushing Business Association and Community Project Group.

June 13 Strawberry Festival

Downtown Martins Ferry Noon to 10 p.m. on 4th St. The Martins Ferry Lions Club will kick off the event with a Pancake Breakfast (featuring strawberry syrup) from 9:30-11:30 a.m. There will be an Art Show in Ohio Valley Lending by the Martins Ferry High School students; food trucks; entertainment; beer from High Tower Brewery; Craft and Vendor Fair; car show from 3-8 by Ohio Valley Street Survivors; and a coloring contest. There will also be a quilt show in the Library. Santa will make an appearance too! More info thru Project Forward on Facebook.

June 13 Woofstock

Starting at 11 a.m. there will be a full day of food, drinks, bands, market vendors, rescues, shelters and more at the St. Clairsville Central Park Rec Center and Amphitheater. All to support the Belmont County Animal Rescue League.

June 19 - 20 Shadyside Loop Festival

This annual event celebrates the heritage and history of the “loop”. It promotes community with vendors, amusements, entertainment, etc.

July 1 - 5 Beast of the East Baseball Tournament www.beastoftheeast@gmail.com 304-281-0525

The largest baseball tournament in the country with over 160 teams. This tournament also offers an annual baseball showcase where participants perform for college coaches and professional baseball scouts showcasing their talent.

July 3 Annual Skyshow Martins Ferry Chamber 633-633-2565

Martins Ferry City Schools Campus Annual Independence Day celebration with amusements, entertainment and food vendors. The evening ends with the traditional fireworks celebration!

July 11 - 12 Epworth Park Chautauqua Days & Bethesda Festival www.epworthpark.org 740-695-4359

This 2-day event celebrates the history of Epworth Park and encompasses crafters, concession stands, concerts, cottage tours, a parade 5K, and kid’s fishing tournament.

Date to be announced 71st Holloway Old Timers Baseball Reunion

421 E. Main St. Holloway This 71st annual event celebrates the history of Holloway with an emphasis on baseball. The 3-day event includes food, music, games, rides, parade, and a Union Local Jets baseball game.

Dates & Events Subject to Change




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Aug. 4 - 8 Martins Ferry Betty Zane Days Martins Ferry Fire Dept. 740-296-0155

Annual event celebrating the community’s history. Amusements, craft and food vendors, entertainment and much more!

Aug. 16 Barton Polka Fest 740-695-3029 Sponsored by Barton VFD This is the largest and oldest festival of its kind in a 60mile radius. Enjoy a day of non-stop good music, good food, raffles and FUN!

Aug. 22 Ohio River Festival

Ohio River Festival - Belmont County Soil & Water Conservation District sponsors this second-annual event. Experience the wonderful resources that we have right here in Belmont County. There will be free boat rides, fishing demonstrations, boating safety, and displays on life under the waterline. Local vendors and food trucks are included.

Sept 3 - 6 Belmont County Fair www.belmontcountyfair.org 740-695-5059

The Belmont Co. Fair has been a family tradition since 1849. The Belmont Co. Agricultural Society invites you to come to the fair and celebrate the youth of our community as they share their goals and accomplishments. Showcasing youth’s best and providing amusements and entertainment. As our fairgrounds grow, we feel that there is no better place like ours to let your hair down, kick up your heels, and call this place home.

Sept. 12 Belmont County Schools Staying Clean Car Show

The fourth annual Belmont County Schools Staying Clean Car, Bike, and Truck Show will be held in the Ohio Valley Mall parking lot. Registration begins at 10 a.m. and the show is from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Judging will take place at 1:30 p.m. There will be music, food vendors, and a 50/50 drawing. Registration is $10 per vehicle. Registration is free for all student Drug Free Club members. Trophies will be awarded in multiple categories by independent judges. Two trophies will be awarded by the students in the club. Dash plaques will be given to the first 250 registrants. Free t-shirts will be given to the first 150 Student Drug Free Club Members. All proceeds benefit the Belmont County High Schools Drug Free Clubs to continue expanding this drug use prevention program to the grade schools. For more information call Jim - 440371-5580; John - 740-391-0342; Glenn - 724-858-6909 or Judge Frank - 740-695-5470.

Sept. 13 Jungle Jam III Car Show

Attend the 3rd annual Jungle Jam Car show in Flushing, Ohio! There will be cars, trucks, and bikes on display. The top 5 winners will receive trophies/class dash plaques. There will also be a Chinese raffle, 50/50, live music, DJ, and food vendors and concessions. The after party will take place at 3:30 pm. For any questions call Bill at 740-510-5708.

Sept. 19 Princess Tea at Victorian Mansion Museum

Princess Tea at Victorian Mansion Museum - Join us for a fairy-tale day-full of sparkle, giddiness and a little bit of magic at the Hospice of Guernsey’s Annual Princess Tea at the Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum, 532 N. Chestnut St., Barnesville. There are several seatings. Pre-registration is required. Seating is limited. Princesses will enjoy tiaras, crafts, hair styling, face painting, tea and snacks, meet the princesses, and tons of photo opportunities for parents. Admission is by donation. All funds raised will go toward patient care and bereavement services.

Barkcamp Halloween Campout

105 Hanover St. • Martins Ferry, OH 43935 hanoverfuelstop@comcast.net

740-633-3180 40

Belmont County Visitors Guide

Sept. 24 - 27 Barnesville Pumpkin Festival www.barnesvillepumpkinfestival.com 740-425-2593

The highlights of this festival include an antique and classic car show, craft displays farm machinery, hog calling, tall tales, royalty contests, parade, food, quilt show, live music, 5k race, family fun, and much more. The 2017 King Pumpkin, grown by Barnesville’s own Todd and Donna Skinner, broke the festival and state record. Growers will attempt to beat the 2,150-lb mark. Pumpkin pie eating, pie baking, pumpkin decorating, and pumpkin roll contests are also part of the festivities.

Check facebook for more details Pink Warrior 5 K www.facebook.com/theflameinside25 Oct. 3 The Barkcamp Race

The Barkcamp Race will feature a well-marked Ultra, Marathon and Half Marathon course throughout Barkcamp State Park’s trail system. The terrain promises lots of up and downs. The course will be marked with orange ribbons, arrows, and signs. They also have a 10K road race (walk or run). For more information visit www. thebarkcamprace.net.

Oct. 10 Barkcamp Halloween Campout

The Friends of Barkcamp will have their 5th Annual Halloween Campout on Saturday, Oct. 10 from 4-10 p.m. with trick-or-treating in the barn area and throughout the campground from 4-5:30 p.m., costume judging at 6:30 p.m., haunted trail from 8:30-10 p.m., and judging for best decorated campsite at 7:20 p.m. Roasted marshmallows will be available and hot dogs will be $1 each. Call the park office for more information.


Martins Ferry Winterfest

Victorian Mansion

Oct. 11 Belmont County Rubberneck Tour 740-695-4359

Sponsored by the Belmont County Tourism Council, this free, drive-it-yourself tour will feature the Great Western Schoolhouse and other points of interest. For more info go to visitbelmontcounty.com

Nov. 14 Christmas in the Village of Powhatan christmasinthevillageofpowhatan.net

The annual event is proud of its quality entertainment, craft and food vendors, breakfast with Santa Claus, train rides, blow ups for kids, and much more! Family friendly event.

Nov. 27 - 28 WinterFest in Martins Ferry, OH 740-633-2862 ferryforward.org

This festival includes a skating rink for children, craft and food venders, beer garden, and of course Santa Claus. Join us as we celebrate the start of the Christmas Season.

Fri., Sat. and Sun. Nov. 27 - Dec. 20 Then by appt only until Jan 10 Magic of Christmas Tours

Dec. 4 & 5 Victorian Christmas Tea

To celebrate the Christmas Holidays we invite you, your family and friends to a Victorian Tea at the beautifully decorated Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum on Friday, December 4 and Saturday Dec. 5, 532 N. Chestnut Street, Barnesville, OH. The fee is $20 per person which includes a museum tour. Reservations are required by calling Judy at (740) 695-0766 or Becky (740) 425-2228. Visit www.barnesvilleohio.com/belmontcountymuseum for more information.

Magic of Christmas Tour

Enjoy this elegant, 26-room mansion spectacularly decorated for the holidays and experience the magic of Christmas! Please call (740) 425-1457, 425-2228, or 695-0766 to schedule an appointment.



Victorian Christmas Tea


FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ATTRACTIONS AND EVENTS Belmont County Tourism Council Call 740-695-4359 www.visitbelmontcounty.com

Bless Your Heart Folk Art

157 E. Main Street • Barnesville, OH 43713 • 740-425-9289 • Candles • Rugs • Primitives • Garlands • Wreaths • Curtains

Over 7,200 square feet of Rustic, Country and Primitive Decor! check us out on facebook!

155 5 EE. MMa Main ai Street • Barnesville, OH 43713 • 740.425.4100



Surrounding Convention & Visitors Bureaus

Monroe County Arts Council 118 Home Ave. Woodsfield, Oh 43793 740-472-4848 Cultivating Unity Through Creative Expression - the Monroe Arts Center is also the Monroe Tourism Center. Open Tues. and Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. It also features the work of 15-plus local artisans in the Creative Expressions Gift Shop, hosts a variety of art exhibits, musical programs and educational workshops. Located in downtown Woodsfield, in the heart of Monroe County. Since its opening in 2014, the Center has hosted a variety of art, photography, student art and musical art exhibits and activities. The Monroe Arts Council continues to promote and develop the talents and heritage of local residents.

Cambridge/Guernsey County Convention & Visitors Bureau 627 Wheeling Avenue, Cambridge, OH 43725 800-933-5480 www.visitguernseycounty.com Guernsey County is just 40 miles west on I70 from St. Clairsville. Harrison County Tourism Council 143 S Main Street, Cadiz, OH 43907 740-942-1102 www.visitharrisoncounty.com Harrison County borders Belmont County to the north via S.R. 9 and U.S. Route 250. Harrison County has a variety of things to see and do and a wonderful mix of the past and present. Noble County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau P O Box 41, 508 Main Street, Caldwell, OH 43724 740-732-7715 www.visitnoblecountyohio.com Caldwell and Belle Valley I77 exits offer easy acess to the Big Muskie Bucket, Thorla-McKee Oil Well, North America's first oil well, Historic Jail musuem and Wolf Run State Park. Your “Me Time” is waiting...for you! In Noble County, Ohio.

Greater Moundsville Convention & Visitors Bureau 801 Jefferson Ave, Moundsville, WV 26041. 304-810-4435 www.visitmoundsville.com. Moundsville located across the Ohio River from southern Belmont County, offers a plethora of museums, attractions and historic sites. Visitors from everywhere come to enjoy our uniqueness. They come to see the sights, learn about America’s heritage and find some new thrills! Steubenville/Jefferson County Visitors Center 120 South Third Street, Steubenville, OH 43952 866-301-1787 www.visitsteubenville.com Steubenville/Jefferson County Visitors Center as part of the Ohio River Scenic Byway is located north of Belmont County. Enjoy the annual Nutcracker Village and Advent Market, a holiday attraction (mid-November to mid-January). Wheeling, Ohio County Convention & Visitors Bureau 1401 Main Street • Wheeling, WV 26003 1-800-828-3097 www.visitwheelingwv.com Wheeling WV is nestled on the banks of the Ohio River which boarders Belmont County. Wheeling is rich in history and busting in activities for both young and old.

St. Clairsville Area

CHAMBER of COMMERCE www.stcchamber.com • 740-695-9623


Belmont County Visitors Guide


Find our Safety Council: https://www.facebook.com/belcosafetycouncil.com

Trinity Health System serving Belmont County Visit us at our new TRINITY HEALTH PLAZA 106/109 Plaza Drive | St. Clairsville, OH 844-TPG-CALL


Belmont County Visitors Guide

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2020 Official Travel Guide of Belmont County, OH  

Belmont County welcomes visitors to an area rich in history and natural beauty. The area offers festivals and fairs, beautiful lakes and par...

2020 Official Travel Guide of Belmont County, OH  

Belmont County welcomes visitors to an area rich in history and natural beauty. The area offers festivals and fairs, beautiful lakes and par...