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His HisRoyal Royal Royal Highness Highness His His Royal Royal Highness Highness His Highness Prince His Royal Highness Prince Prince PrincebinSalman Salman bin bin Prince Prince Khalifa Khalifa Bin Bin Salman Hamad Al Khalifa, Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Hamad Hamad Al Al Khalifa. Khalifa. Crown Crown Salman Salman Al Al Khalifa, Khalifa, The Crown Prince Deputy, The Prime Minister Prince, Prince,Deputy DeputySupreme Supreme Prime PrimeMinister Minister Supreme Commander and First Commander Commander and and First First Deputy Prime Minister Deputy DeputyPrime Prime Minister Minister

HisMajesty Majesty KingHamad Hamad HisHis Majesty King King Hamad bin Isa His His Highness SheikhSheikh Isa bin Isa HisHighness Highness Sheikh Isa Bin BinIsa Isa AlAlKhalifa, Khalifa, bin binAlSalman Salman AlAllate Khalifa. Khalifa. Al Khalifa, The King of Bahrain Salman Khalifa, The King KingofofBahrain Bahrain Late Late Emir EmirofofBahrain Bahrain Amir of Bahrain

Dear Readers, It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Visit Bahrain’s guide. The Kingdom of Bahrain has upheld its reputation as one of the most welcoming countries in the Gulf region, with its people renowned for their warmth and hospitality. The Kingdom is known for its cosmopolitanism, with a population that is very ethnically diverse. Bahrain, known for its rich history dating back to the Dilmun civilization, has welcomed visitors from the region and all over the world. What makes Bahrain an ideal destination for experiential travel is the unique experiences it offers to visitors that make it both enjoyable and memorable. The country’s numerous attractions cater to varied interests; its historic attractions showcasing the passing of ancient civilizations makes it ideal for history lovers to explore. The Kingdom also boasts a variety of restaurants, cafes, major shopping malls and entertaining events for a leisure-filled holiday. The Kingdom strives to host events and festivals that offer an unforgettable experience to all those who visit all-year round. Some of the major events and festivals hosted in the Kingdom include the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix, Jewelry Arabia, Bahrain Shopping Festival ‘Shop Bahrain’, Hurafuna Handicraft Festival, Bahrain Food Festival, and the Sea Festival. Since its inception, the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA) has focused its efforts towards promoting the Kingdom of Bahrain as a unique destination in the region under the umbrella of the long-term tourism strategy ‘Ours. Yours’ that is based on four pillars ‘awareness, attraction, access and accommodation’. This includes the improvement in the overall accessibility to Bahrain, attracting events of high caliber to the Kingdom, improving the quality of services in the tourism and hospitality sectors, and strengthening the position of the Kingdom as an ideal tourist destination for families and international tourist. I hope that this guide will give you a glimpse of the hidden gems of the Kingdom and all that it can offer travellers ranging from places to see, visit and things to do during your stay.

Khaled bin Humood Al Khalifa Chief Executive Officer Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority


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In this issue... 86

52. Right up your alley

88. Traditionally delicious

60. History in every corner

92. La Fontaine

Step outside the norm and test your bowling skills at GrafEATii where friendly competition, good food, and a fun ambiance come together to make for an exciting outing with friends or family. Standing out in the busy Manama streets, the House of Poetry pays homage to the late renowned Bahraini poet Ibrahim Al Arrayed.

86. A centre for all


Situated in the outskirts of Janabiya, El Mercado Mall is not your average shopping venue. The open-air mall allocates a casual alfresco dining area for all its food outlets, a gym, supermarket, laundry, and a pharmacy, an all in one area making it the best place for all your needs!

100 92 10 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Taste the true flavors of Bahrain as you walk into Emmawash where the homestyle food and ambiance make it seem like dining just like they do in a Bahraini home! A centre for contemporary arts, La Fontaine is situated right in the heart of Manama where it transports visitors to a hidden artistic utopia as soon as they enter the doors.

100. A holistic cleanse

Cleanse your mind, body, and soul as you walk into the serenity of Gulf Hotel’s Spa, where fitness facilities and spa come together to create an environment where you can take care of and pamper every aspect of your body in a safe, relaxing, and welcoming environment.

WELCOMING the world to Bahrain What a year 2018 was: energetic, dynamic, full of momentous occasions, memorable events, and activities. Luckily we’ve had the honor to share all of that with more and more people, as the first ever chartered flights from Russia made their way to Bahrain. Starting from October 2018, and continuing into the first quarter of the new year, Bahrain has witnessed and will continue to witness a great number of visitors making their way to our island paradise, and we cannot wait to show them what we have in store for them! With two flights coming in weekly, Visit Bahrain caters to every single need of the tourists from flight booking, visa, hotel stay, excursions, and more to ensure our guests are never a moment away from understanding Bahrain’s true nature, rich history, and heritage. Bahrain has always been prominent within the Gulf as an ideal island escape regionally; now we are opening our doors to the whole wide world! That was only the beginning, the last quarter also saw Visit Bahrain kicking into full throttle as the team was wholly involved in organizing the 21st Green Climate Fund Meeting. The week-long meeting, which was hosed in the Gulf for the first time in Bahrain, was put together by our team, in close association with our travel and hotel partners, to harmoniously orchestrate a successful event. Continuing with the momentum, Visit Bahrain has also signed an agreement with the Bahrain Airport Company with Hala Bahrain, allowing visitors to purchase our tours upon arrival to immediately immerse themselves in the beauty of Bahrain. Not limiting ourselves to just Bahrain, Visit Bahrain has expanded its horizons across the world and has set up its first international representative office in Germany. With the sun shining above us, and the cool breeze sweeping through, we look forward to our visitors taking the time to dive into the culture of Bahrain and find the true pearls it has to offer!

Chief Executive Officer Kyriako Zarkadas

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Bahrain spc, a private company commercially registered and trademarked in the Kingdom of Bahrain under CR#: 97199-1. Visit Bahrain’s “The Guide” is published quarterly (4 issues per year) and is provided for FREE to visitors arriving to Bahrain. It is NOT a commercial magazine but serves as a brochure. No portion of this brochure, including without limitation, maps, articles, listings, may be reproduced without the expressed written permission of the publishers. Terms & Conditions for any offers in this brochure are available at Copyright: 2018 by Visit Bahrain spc. All rights reserved.


ARABIC LANGUAGE FOR TRAVELERS Making a start in an Arabic-speaking country!

Traveling throughout the Arabic speaking world can be confusing, especially if you can’t read the signs or understand the instructions you’re given. Although English is generally widely understood, learning a few Arabic travel related words and phrases before you embark on your journey can be of great help. Here are a few general terms that everyone should know before making the big trip:

Ahlaan/ As salaamu alaykum

General greetings. The latter is a more common greeting exchanged by Muslims all over the world.

Ma’a Salama Goodbye!


“Thank you” is another important phrase to be used generously.

Min Fadhlik

Make your mom proud and remember to say “please” when making requests.

Eish hadha?

Knowing how to ask, “What is this?” is extremely useful. This question can help you learn new vocabulary, abstain from undesirable foods or discover a new place.

12 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Sabah Elkheir

Put a smile on the local’s faces by saying “Good Morning”.


“No”/“Yes” are life-savers – commit them to memory!

Bi kam?

Whether or not you plan to do some shopping, asking “How much?” is a critical question for taxi fares, tour guides, and market bargaining.


After receiving information or agreeing on a satisfactory bargain at the souq you can say “Okay”.


If in need for assistance, draw a passerby’s attention by saying, “Excuse me” or “Pardon me”. This is also used to say “sorry”.

La afham

It’s not a shame to recognize when you simply “don’t understand” something.


If you can’t communicate a medical emergency, just ask for the “hospital”.


Hal tatakallam ingilizi?

In the unfortunate event in which trouble arises, knowing how to call for the “police” is important.

As previously mentioned, many do speak English, so no harm in asking “Do you speak English?”.


The “airport” is always an important landmark in a new country.


If for any reason, circumstances take a turn for the worse, make your way to the “embassy”- a little patch of native soil to seek assistance - if need be. 13


DESERT TOUR AN OASIS IN THE DESERT Roam where the silent and still desert hides precious grains of history, tradition, and culture.


14 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019





Embark on a desert tour that will take you on a journey towards the past. We’ll start at the Bahrain International Circuit with an exclusive “behind the scenes” sneak peak. Next, we’ll stop to admire the emblems of the desert at the Royal Camel Farm. Once done, we’ll set our calendars some tens of years back and visit the 1st Oil Well in Bahrain. Since we’ll already be on memory lane, we’ll let history carry us even further and recollect our thoughts at the mesmerizing Tree of Life, right in the middle of the desert. Then, we’ll be ready to taste history at the Riffa Fort and get in touch with ancient civilizations at the A’Ali Burial Mounds. As the tour will slowly reach its end, we won’t miss the chance to discover some well kept crafts and old pottery techniques at A’Ali Pottery.

Tour Stops 1

Formula 1 Track

(behind the scenes VIP all access) 2 3 4 5 6 7

Camel Farm 1st Oil Well Tree of Life Riffa Fort A’Ali Burial Mounds A’Ali Pottery

*see all details including terms & conditions on 15



Unravel the essence of Bahrain in a mesmerizing knit of traditions and modern trends.


16 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


If you’re looking for the genuine Bahrain, look no further. While half a day only begins to cover the beauty of the Kingdom and the intriguing history of Manama, it’s definitely your best shot at grasping the authentic Bahraini experience.




The City Sightseeing Tour will take you on an astonishing heritage trail and it will help you uncover the fascinating ways in which the past amounts to the sizzling and complex cultural scene of today’s Bahrain. We’ll start at the impressive Al-Fateh Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the world, and continue our quest by visiting Bahrain National Museum, where history will be exposed. Next, we’ll wander around the picturesque streets of Muharraq Souq in search of hidden gems and make an unforgettable stop at the Old Houses of Muharraq and at Bahrain Fort. We’ll end the tour at Bab al Bahrain, where we’ll try to reconstruct what Bahrain looked some hundreds of years ago, when its gate stood close to the water’s edge.

Tour Stops 1

Al-Fateh Mosque (photo stop on Fridays)

2 3

Bahrain National Museum Muharraq Souq (photo stop on Fridays)

4 5 6

Old Houses Of Muharraq Bahrain Fort Bab Al Bahrain

(photo stop daily | full walk on Fridays)

*see all details including terms & conditions on 17





18 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Venture deep into the cultural and historical heart of Bahrain and catch a glimpse of its future.


Get carried away by the grace of time and flow freely from the intriguing past to the astonishing present. This full-day tour will take you on a rollercoaster ride on the tracks of heritage, culture, and traditions, giving you the unique thrill that is Bahrain.




You’ll start the adventure at Al-Fateh Mosque, one of the biggest and most impressive mosques in the world, and continue to venture deeper into the history of the Kingdom at Bahrain National Museum. Then, you’ll head to hunt for hidden gems of tradition at Muharraq Souq and glimpse at past times as you pass the old Houses of Muharraq. We’ll head to Bahrain Fort and go deep into the heart of the desert. With an adrenaline kick to set us in motion at the Bahrain International Circuit, we’ll then set out to see the Camel Farm and discover recent history at the 1st Oil Well. You’ll have a chance to recollect at the Tree of Life. Our tour will end with a stop at A’Ali Burial Mounds and a well deserved glimpse at traditional pottery crafts at A’Ali Pottery.

Tour Stops 1

Al-Fateh Mosque (photo stop on Fridays)

2 3

Bahrain National Museum Muharraq Souq (photo stop on Fridays)

4 5 6

Old Houses Of Muharraq Bahrain Fort Bab Al Bahrain

(photo stop daily | full walk on Fridays) 7

Formula 1 Track

(behind the scenes VIP all access)

8 9 10 11 12 13

Camel Farm 1st Oil Well Tree of Life Riffa Fort A’Ali Burial Mounds A’Ali Pottery

*see all details including terms & conditions on 19


SHOPPING TOURS Discover the hidden gems of Bahrain with traditional items and luxurious collections from world renowned contemporary designers.

Shopping in Bahrain is more than just adding newly purchased items to your wardrobe or home accessories. Rather, it’s an experience that allows you to step deeply into the rich culture of the country and intimately understand the value of the art of trade upon which the old souq and its traditions thrive, as well as being able to appreciate the modernity and progressive nature of the Island.

20 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

PRIVATE VIP TOURS Choose a tailor-made experience and discover your Bahrain by selecting any of its top sites. We’ll make it happen in style!



Discover how special Bahrain can make you feel with our Private VIP Tours. Indulge yourself with a pampering and opulent experience, that will reveal the secrets of Bahrain from a unique persepective. You’ll win the the most precious gift of all: longlasting memories and thrilling experiences.



22 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

TUBLI MANGROVE AND BAY TOUR Tubli Sightseeing Tour beholds the lush nature of Bahrain


unique and captivating experience of exploring the nature of the Kingdom. The Mangrove tours take you on a voyage through the budding flora of Tubli. Amongst the various activities and attractions offered. The Mangrove Tours take passengers to one of the country’s protected natural reserves on a 45-minutes boat trip, and a 30-minutes boat trip of Tubli Bay. Soak in the unfiltered natural beauty of the Island, where rare water birds and unique mangrove trees are a common sight, while promoting eco-tourism in the country. Beautiful scenic views in the serenity of Tubli, the Mangrove and Tubli tours have quick become a must-do activity. For more info: Tel: +973 1338 8883 Email: Website: 23

28 - 31 MARCH 1745 0000 - BAHRAINGP.COM - CITY CENTRE The F1 logo, F1, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. All rights reserved.





ARABIAN HORSE RIDING Experience The Equestrian Glory

26 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Elegant. Majestic. Distinctive. Risen from the heart of the desert, the pure blood Arabian horse is a breed like no other. Brace yourself for an age old recreational activity that will leave you amazed at the beauty of the desert’s survivor, as you ride across the stunning skyline of the dipping sun by the Karbabad beach and Bahrain Fort! Begin your unforgettable ride at the Equestrian Centre, pass by some quaint villages and ride towards Bahrain Fort for a picturesque view of the sunset. Continue your journey towards Karbabad beach for a breezy ride and return to the Equestrian Centre.

Good To Know We highly recommend booking this activity close to the time of sunset to fully appreciate and enjoy the ride.







PEARL DIVING Discover Underwater Treasures For more than 2,000 years, Bahrain’s pearls have been prized as some of the best natural pearls in the world. In the past, pearl divers spent months away from home at sea. They were lowered on weighted ropes and remained underwater for over a minute with nothing but a nose peg to control their breathing. Now, we offer you the opportunity to hunt for pearls right here in the seawaters of the Gulf, in full safety and with modern equipment.

28 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Good To Know Departure times are subject to change; availability of the trip will also depend on the weather and sea conditions. Departure point is Ras Raya port. Refreshments will be included as part of the trip. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Pickup and drop off available at an additional cost. All bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance.







ROYAL GOLF CLUB Designed by the hands of world renowned golfing legend Colin Montgomerie, the Royal Golf Club is an avid golfer’s dream come true. The 18 hole, par 72 championship golf course is designed specifically, keeping in mind those who truly understand and enjoy the sport. The Wee Monty course is also designed for the beginners who want to try their hand at the luxury sport, and maybe even inspire them to become world class golfers. Night Golf tee-times are also available, completely changing the timbre of the game, and making for a cool and relaxing evening on the course after a long day of activities.

30 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

For more info: Tel: +973 1775 0777 Web: Location: Royal Golf Club, Riffa


18 Hole Championship Golf Course 9 Hole Wee Monty Course Night Golf Driving Range Golf Academy with Three PGA teaching professionals Putting and Chipping practice green Golf Retail Shop 31


X-JETPACK Wings On Water The future is closer to us than ever before, especially with this water sport equipment. Like something straight out of an action movie, flying an X-Jetpack is like nothing you’ve experienced before, especially with the idyllic Bahrain sea. Enjoy the action for 30 minutes, as you soar above the blue water of the Island. Get your water wings with this extraordinary water sport equipment for an unforgettable experience!




32 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019



FLYBOARD Fly, Bounce & Dive Reach for the sky and dive in the blue waters in an adrenaline filled ride that will satisfy even the most experienced traveler. If you’re searching for an activity that will make your heart race at 40ft up in the air, trust us, 30 minutes on the Flyboard are more than enough. Hover above the sea and make a headlong dive into the water venturing into the vast blue sea.



FISHING Hooks, Rods & Baits Experience one of the most beloved local recreational activities and embark on an all-inclusive fishing trip. The fishing trip will start at Reef Island, where you will meet the Captain who will be your guide and instructor throughout the trip. Enjoy the calm waters and the cool breeze as the boat takes you to populous fishing spots. The necessary bait and equipment will be provided on the trip, for you to enjoy a seamless adventure. Refreshments will be included as part of the fishing trip.





34 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


GO KARTS Have Fun At The Wheel Are you ready for an exhilarating experience at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit?. With five configurations suitable for both kids and adults, the track is designed to uphold international standards and is the only venue in the world to host international events at night thanks to its high-tech floodlight system. For the adrenaline enthusiasts who want to delve into the world of motorsports and for those who want to experience the fast lane just like the pros, the BIKC track is the perfect choice! The experts at the circuit will provide you with all the equipment and advice you need so you can hit the pedal to the metal safely!






JET SKI 700CC Ride The Waves As the Island’s favorite water sport and the most exciting way to tour the seas, jet skiing should definitely be on your bucket list. If the thrill of the chase is deeply embedded in your nature, this is the experience for you. Glide across Bahrain’s crystal clear waters in search of the perfect dose of adrenaline and the most awe inspiring views. You can choose between a 700 CC Jet Ski or a more powerful 1100 CC one that will give you even more boost. Whatever you decide, it will be nothing short of exciting!




36 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019




JETOVATOR Rise Above The Ocean The perfect sport for water lovers, the Jetovator is an innovative water based activity and a one of a kind experience! Attain speeds of 25mph, cruise in comfort or learn to perform freestyle tricks, after an introductory training that will teach you the basic skills to roam the sea as you please.






Test your driving skills and bring out your inner rebel as you explore the desert terrains of Bahrain in a Land Rover. Begin your day at the lounge, where you will be welcomed by BIC’s friendly staff. After the registration formalities, you will be taken to your Land Rover to meet your qualified instructor. Before you get into the driver’s seat, the instructor will help you get highly acquainted with the car.

As you begin your drive, you will be instructed each step of the way. During the experience, you will learn exciting things, both about your driving skills and the capabilities of a Land Rover. You ‘ll then take on the obstacle courses, with the instructor guiding you through. You will get a first-hand experience of the Land Rover challenge and enjoy a thrilling ride, the kind only available at Land Rover Experience Bahrain.

WHERE BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT 38 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019










Dive Into The Deep Blue

Take a plunge into the blue waters of the Bahrain sea and explore the breathtaking underwater ecosystem. You’ll depart from Reef Island, where you’ll meet the instructor who will assist you throughout the experience. Given Bahrain’s rich maritime history, the Kingdom’s seas are filled with exciting diving spots ready to be enjoyed by avid divers.


Diving Spots


Located Southeast of Bahrain, the Fifi Wreck is at just 25KM east of Al Dar Island. This dive spot is home to surgeonfish, angelfish, stingrays, and sea snakes and is also frequented by sea turtles. In addition, it serves as a nursery for juvenile barracudas, and its corals and sponges are ideal hideaways for colorful shrimps, crabs, and other marine life. Depth Range: 6-8 meters.


Located about 20 kilometers from Bahrain, the Caisson wreck is home to massive schools of fish including small reef species and larger pelagics, as well as the occasional tuna or jack. Covered by corals and sponges, this diving spot also offers the perfect backdrop for underwater photos. Depth Range:12 meters Includes: Two Dives Diving Equipment Refreshments




Soaring Beyond The Sea

Experience the Bahraini seas and sky in a truly exciting fashion, by heading on a parasailing adventure. Rise higher in an attempt to reach the sky with the help of the parachute’s wings. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the exotic beach life at your own pace and, don’t worry! We’ll keep the altitude in your comfort zone. This exhilarating activity is perfect for water sports lovers, as it provides a novel way of exploring the seas without being too extreme.




40 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

PADDLE BOARD A Test of Balance and Strength

Build your core strength and test your balance as you enjoy one of the most exciting water sports - Stand Up Paddle boarding! Choose out of the 4 paddle board sizes with Kevlar oars, and explore the enclosed Reef Island Bay or the open waters of Jumeirah Beach. Immerse yourself in an activity that is equally fun and challenging. With an instructor available at all times, explorers are welcome to roam the waters freely.






READY, AIM, PAINTBALL Get a little messy with the newly launched exciting activity in Seef Mall, Bahrain Markers, masks, paintballs, and a group of friends willing to battle it out in the field. The only essentials needed to partake in this adrenaline filled, action-packed, friendly and fun activity! Put to test leadership and fitness levels, while promoting team building. Paintball is a sport that is both enjoyable, and highly strategic with loads of paint involved! Challenging participants with different tasks like ‘capture the flag’, ‘elimination’, ‘ammunition limits’, ‘defending or attacking’ a particular point/area, or ‘capturing objects of interest’ in hidden locations. A game of paintball can last from minutes to hours, with the same end goal in mind: conquer the task at hand without getting hit by a paintball. Through the skills it requires, paintball encourages a totally different way of thinking and responding to critical situations, while also offering loads of fun! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Seef Mall and book a session for the thrilling activity today! For more info: Tel: +973 1738 2121 Location: New Extension of Seef Mall, Seef District | Second Floor, Sitra Mall Email: Website: Instagram:

42 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

VIRTUAL REALITY SOLUTIONS Discover the alternate reality of the future Forget everything you know about reality and step inside a fully immersive virtual reality game, that will offer you the most exciting VR experience. Equipped with the best VR technologies from motion platforms to racing simulators, VR touch experience, and gaming treadmills.The entertainment centre can be enjoyed by all ages. Discover new realities by choosing between Extreme Machine, Next Level Racing, Virtuix Omni, VR Rouch Experience, VR Space Shuttle, VR Theatre, Flying Dragon, Mini Rex and many others. Step into a number of unexpected realities powered by the latest tech. Ready for the digital adventure? For more info: Tel: +973 1601 0333 / 3609 5006 Location: Amwaj Waves, Kingdom of Bahrain Email: Website: 43



Discover all the exotic winged animals our island is home to

VICTORIA CROWNED PIGEON The Victoria crowned pigeon (Goura Victoria) is a large, bluish grey pigeon with elegant blue lace like crests, maroon breast, and red irises. It is part of a genus of three unique, very large, ground dwelling pigeons native to the New Guinea region.

Al Azizia Birds Kingdom is the only public park in Bahrain specializing in endangered birds. The collection was started over 20 years ago by the late Mr. Abdul Aziz Kanoo, who had a great passion for birds. In 2011, the decision to relocate the collection to Amwaj was made and the construction of Birds Kingdom began. Birds Kingdom opened its doors to the public in 2014 and occupies over 2500 square meters of land next to the sea in Amwaj. They house over 100 different varieties of birds, many of which are classified as endangered species. The park itself is situated in beautifully maintained gardens offering a relaxed and informative atmosphere for both young and old, with a play area where the children have fun.

Nest Café offers fresh pastries, great coffee, ice cream and Juices as well as a gift shop where you can purchase a souvenir. During the breeding season, February to October, you can see newly hatched chicks being cared for through the viewing window. In the winter months they run various events including market days, art exhibitions and toddler mornings. In addition, they can also offer the site for both private and catered for birthday parties.

For more info: Tel: +973 1603 0597 Email: Location: Amwaj

44 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

HYACINTH MACAW The largest parrot by length in the world, the hyacinth macaw is 100 cm (3.3 ft) long from the tip of its tail to the top of its head and weighs 1.2–1.7 kg, the neck feathers can sometimes be slightly grey.

PESQUET’S PARROT The Pesquet’s parrot is a large parrot with a total length of approximately 46 cm (18 in) and a weight of 680–800 g (24–28 oz).


Children’s Course Continuous Lifeline Course Ziplines Red Course with Ziplines Climbing Wall A pair of exciting Free Fall Jumps. The Continuous Lifeline Course features eight games. It is accessible to children aged six years old and above. The Red Course includes 22 games and two Ziplines. A full safety briefing is provided, including demonstrations and system trials.


TRACK TOP ADVENTURE Located at Bahrain International Karting Circuit (BIKC) in Sakhir, the all new Track Top Adventure is a unique facility that offers both adults and children a series of fun and engaging activities.

Oscillating Logs A Tibetan Bridge Danish Rings Jamaican Lianas A Maldivian Footbridge Rolling Trapese and a Ronald Ladder, to name a few.


When riding the Ziplines, customers are required to sit in a harness. All participants must be equipped with gloves in order to have the chance of braking or simply to protect their hands. The second of the Ziplines is equipped with an automatic braking system. The Fall Arrest Blocks are designed to secure users when progressing on a scale. The Climbing Wall includes two routes for climbing. The client is secured by a Trublue auto belay which, once the customer reaches the top of the wall, allows him to go down gently to the ground. Meanwhile, the Free Fall Jump features two platforms that have been installed on the roof. There are two Quick Jump devices. The first one offers a free fall of 1.5 metres. The second device offers a 3.5m free fall. All these and much more make up the Track Top Adventure, which is now open to all at BIKC.

For more info: Bahrain International Circuit Tel: +973 1745 0000 Email: Location: Gate 255,Gulf of Bahrain Avenue, Umm Jidar 1062, Sakhir 45


MJ’S BOWLING LOUNGE More than just a place where you can take a break and test your bowling skills, MJ’s Bowling Lounge is a diverse entertainment venue that has an in-house DJ, various karaoke rooms, a recording studio and even a thrilling Ferrari approved F1 simulator. And since all this excitement will definitely make you hungry, MJ’s Bowling Lounge invites you to enjoy a gourmet dining experience with a seasonal menu that uses only the freshest of ingredients. That’s what we call a culinary delight with every bite! Book a session now and get in the lanes!

For more info: Tel: +973 7755 7777 Location: MJ’s Bowling Lounge, Garden Plaza, Budaiya, Kingdom of Bahrain Web: 46 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


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fo: .com ore in isclub 9374 For m 73 1772 hraintenn a 9 b, Tel: + e: www.b Tennis Clu lock 342, t i B n s i Web n: Bahra ad 4225, o o i t R a , c Lo 35 ng 11 Buildi Manama ir, Juffa 47


EXPLORE THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND COUNTRY ON WHEELS! What better way to learn about and understand a culture than by literally becoming a part of its bustling scenery? The Manama Tours offer tourists and residents alike the chance to explore authentic Bahrain and admire its cosmopolitan progress in an exciting and energetic manner! Starting from Bab Al Bahrain and cycling through all the important landmarks and wellknown traditional eateries, the Manama Tours are a great way to get familiar with the Kingdom. Visitors can take the guided tour or opt for the unguided tour if they want to explore the nooks and crannies of Bahrain at their own pace.

For more info: Tel: +973 1754 0990 Location: Manama Tours Shop, Bab Al Bahrain Souq Web:

48 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Bahrain Rowing & Canoeing Centre calls on amateur and professional athletes who want to learn, compete and contribute to this growing community. The centre runs various sporting programs that encourage active and healthy living in a safe and professional environment. BRC is located at Paddle, in the middle of Bahrain Bay promenade. The outlet is surrounded by first-class hospitality venues and the country’s most iconic landmarks.

CORE ACTIVITIES Rowing Dragon Boat Canoeing RP3 Rowing

Email: | Website: 49


IMMERSIVE ADVENTURE active Part of the AirCube family of hes in Bahrain and entertainment concepts launc Sail Mall in Riffa the GCC officially in Wadi Al

50 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Providing thrilling activities for teens, adults, and corporates, the wholly Bahraini concept was created by an experienced development team to bring to life a new and exciting entertainment complex where everyone can have fun while learning problem-solving, grow team building skills, and stay physically active. The new concept is operated by a specialist team comprised of 70% of Bahrainis and has partnered with a number of local Food and Beverage concepts to promote their products at the venue. Aiming to be a major attraction for both residents and tourists in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the concept offers creative solutions for team building, problem-solving and more. The facility focuses on working through a number of aerial obstacles,

maze challenges, adventure trails, fun walls, bouldering and caving, in a structure that combines fun, safety, and great design to build environments that enrich lives via interpersonal connections, physicals challenges, and exhilarating adventure. Located in Wadi Al Sail Mall Riffa, Adventure Cube is part of the Air Cube family of active entertainment concepts; the smallest of which is VR Cube, a cutting-edge active virtual reality centre located in The Avenues Bahrain. Adventure Cube is designed specifically for malls and brings the best of the AirCube to a smaller arena. An ideal venue for parties as well, Adventure Cube has ample space to host large corporate or personal events, with space, food, and fun

provided! Each party is assigned an exclusive party host who ensures the entire event runs smoothly from start to finish without the customer having to worry about anything! Specially designed to encourage bonding on a personal level to result in an enhanced way of life, Adventure Cube is perfect for a funfilled day that allows you to interact and bond outside the box! For more info: Timing: Sunday-Thursday 12pm-10pm Friday-Saturday 12pm-11pm Location: Wadi Al Ahd Hwy, Riffa, Email: Website: Instagram: @ADVENTURECUBE.ME 51



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52 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Whether you are looking for a day out with the family, a morning hangout with friends, or a night out with the gang, GrafEATii has got you covered. Located in The Lagoon, GraFEATii Bistro and Bowl has all-day dining options from a wide range of international cuisines which cover a large variety of exceptional mouthwatering treats that cater to all taste buds, even to those of kids. The comprehensive menu took the chef six whole months to perfect, transforming the dishes into an exciting taste journey around the world. In addition to the delicious dishes, GrafEATii also offers fun entertainment options such as 10 bowling lanes and a resident DJ whose tunes can put you in just in the right frame of mind to knock down some pins. The place itself is covered from floor-to-ceiling in mind blowing graffiti created by twelve globally known graffiti artists from the UK. They took 10 days,

each working on a separate section, to completely cover in graffiti every nook and cranny of GrafEATii, including the light structures and the bathrooms! If bowling is up your alley, then make sure to book a lane (or more!) in advance by giving them a call. The first game will be charged at BD3.5 and the second game at BD2.5 or you can book by the hour for BD19.5 for up to 5 people! And, even if bowling is not your thing, it is well worth going down to GRAFEATII to grab a bite, enjoy the music, and take in its beautiful artwork. Birthday packages are also available. GrafEATii is open 7 days a week, from 10am to midnight on weekdays and from 10am to 1am on weekends. For more info: Tel: +973 1600 0050 Location: Bistro & Bowl Amwaj Lagoon Instagram: @grafeatii 53



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dre Y for chil FUN CidITing a platform r social

fo Prov ars old and secure -12 ye from 1 ns in a safe n City is the Fu tio interac e play area, ing children v w ti o c r a for g yet cation re their ideal lo p and explo education g elo to dev vities, ouragin ts. Enc ariety of acti interes v ed as wide cogniz rning using a is widely re a le ’s y en Fun Cit e best childr on multiple w th o f o ls as a one s that h y. facilitie long the wa a s d 27 r a aw 59 | 17 info: 721 05 For more 1721 0822 | 1 | 3 st Riffa Tel: +97 own Ea T a Is , 8 e 038 Centr : Oasis Location e, Muharraq | tr en Oasis C ll, Manama .ae Ma in.funcity Marina w.bahra w w : e Websit

eri The perfect pla ttable celebratory exp royalty the entire d creates an unforge g girls will feel like un yo princess’ dream an t, en nm tai ter en d an s special spa ha sts o ho als ss ss nce nce decorations, pri experience, Little Pri ng eri mp er as well with pa te eth ma ulti can have fun time tog y time. Providing the The . ing ax rel r thing and and daughte lusive children’s clo facilities for mother and facials. The exc ns sses. Don’t sio nce ses pri i ed ble na ni-p haircuts, styling, ma ls into real life fashio gir e littl rate and the eb cel orm to nsf will tra n, for the little girls princess collections le Princess Collectio Litt by lls Do am Gl miss out on the new friend! come home with a For more info: Tel: +973 1756 4585 e 10, Seef Mall Location: First Floor, Gat ince epr ittl w.l Website: ww


Children’s Health Ac ademy of Specialized Sports (CHAOSS) is dedicated to enhanci ng the physical skills and talents of young sports men and women thr ough structured programs and activi ties. Some of the features include gymnastics, Taekwondo, swimmi ng, dancing, music, child develop ment courses for toddlers and chi ldren’s parties. Boasting a top of the line equipment and a fully equippe d gymnasium the specialist coache s and assistants ultimately lead the stu dents to success! CHOASS provides a safe, fun, and nurturing en vironment for the students to learn and as grow with each step. For more info: Tel: +973 1759 2096 Location: Saar, Budaiya Website: www.gymnas

56 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019



S UB Slid climb es, ball p M ARIN E ing w ools, for to ddle all and e ball cann r v an e ons, s. Yell en a xc area iting ind ow Subm quiet are oor a a arine for b 12 y abie ctivit is s e y run, ars old. T and child and pla y c h r build limb, slid e older c en up to e, an ing b hildr en ca d pla robo locks ts y n play , and ca to constru with gia r area nt s c t i n h o the m , wh can uses, ile ca id activ rr y out f the you dle of th nger ities un a e n in c A sp ecial their de d exciting hildren signa parti room e te maki s, kids’ c is also de d area. lasse ng fo s and signed fo the k r a to r id tally o For m s! fun fi ther eve ore in nts ll e d fo: day Tel: + for 97 Locatio 3 1700 0 0 n 3 : 7 S a a Webs ite: w r Mall ww.y ellow subm arinek m

HRAIN n PL AY BAg learning a fu indoor

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la dedic paloza is a a kids o ted to tee unique fa ns, tw c f all a eens, ility and e ges. B x a partie citing, the right, colo nd r s spa tr , birthday venue is id ful, s, ca eatm e al for mp p ents f more rog or . Lalap To give ev girls, and rams, a e exclu loza also nts a fanc much sive b y tou offers ch a produ p cts, c th treats, c arty supp , andie lies, osme s, an ti d uni c For mo q ue gi r fts. Tel: +9 e info: 7 Time: 3 1610 161 10am2 | 33 8p 30 76 Websit 64 e: ww m daily w.lala paloza .com

PIRATE LfeActNpDlace for your

The per n to run imaginatio children’s’ ers a th a g nd La wild, Pirate games ng zi f ama . multitude o attractions ng ni un st is a re and equally ya themed pla int The Pirate es main po nu ve e th ll a f o definitely n re lping child of focus, he nd understand ya ages to pla and the value of ing team build . their peers sharing with : For more info 23 1282 Tel: +973 17 0pm daily Time: 10am-1

info: sion For more 1756 4900 ll Exten 3 7 9 + Seef Ma r, o Tel: lo F m t : Firs Location ww.playbahra :w e it s b e W

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r Cra cility fo ids can ased fa Here, k . e m event b ti t a craft re d g n a a g arts having in ting, c ti c a ra p ry in yp learn b ood and potte g pages w okin such as scrapbo ts that can be aking, c m je b rd o a c er tep to rious oth red! The first s t, and va u s rtis a a nd tre inner saved a g your child’s ost m ’s in n ri hra discove e of Ba for n s o e u is nia nt ven Craftza and eve rt a le incredib kids. 3397 info: For more 728 1788 | 3880 1 m 3 o Tel: +97 ftzania.c www.cra Website: 57


58 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

ON THE WAVES OF TIMELESS CRAFTS Sailing along the winds of culture and handcrafting delicate masterpieces, Abdulla Buzabun continues to build upon the heritage of his ancestors.


ooking through the window of time, we can glimpse at Bahrain’s rich history in navigation. Those who pay close attention can even hear the rhythmic hammering of nails into the strong wooden bodies and see the stunning flags floating atop the fishing, diving, pearling and trade vessels that made their way across the Arabian Sea. The Kingdom’s past has been sailed by a wide range of boats, each created differently according to its scope, but all amounting to an important part of Bahrain’s industry and used throughout the years by merchants in their respective industries. From the bigger ships to smaller vessels, boats have been emblematic throughout the history of Bahrain, present since the ancient Dilmun civilisation. Creating models of the traditional boats, Abdulla Buzabun reminds the younger generation about the rich history that put the wind in the sails of Bahrain to begin the voyage to its remarkable present and promising future. Abdulla Buzabun started his career by importing ship construction wood from India and Malaysia at a time when Bahrain was home to around 30 active shipyards. He worked with his grandfather to gather the right materials and measurements to build the ships used by fishermen and divers. His interest in boats, combined with his knowledge, allowed him to acquire unique skills and recognize the different woodcuts needed in order to create various types of boats. Through rigorous practice and countless hours spent on creating boat models, Abdulla was finally able to gain the expertise and to start his own business as a model builder in 1985. Creating accurate replicas of the different types of boats such as Banoush, Sambouk, Bateck, and

Baghla, Abdulla puts a lot of emphasis on the precision and dedication needed to recreate a vessel as close as possible to the original. He takes everything into account including materials, size, balancing the sails atop the mast and ensuring the perfect Centre of Effort for the ship to sail. Taking anywhere between 3 days to several months to finish, depending on the size, each piece must be created while honouring all these aspects. Using Sai wood, imported from India and Burma, due to its flexibility, and getting the sails tailored the way he designed, Abdulla says crafting the boat can be a complicated process, but that he has perfected his skills throughout the years. A master of his craft, Abdulla’s boat models have been a part of many exhibitions held under the patronage of Bahrain Authorities for Culture and Antiquities. As his craft developed, it has caught the interest of many local and even international figures, with the artisan even partaking in a festival in the United Arab Emirates. Abdulla now works with a team of individuals who are just as keen and passionate about the art of building replicas as he is. “The youth of Bahrain must keep this craft going and must have patience. When they start, they are very excited, but when they want to sell their work, they see that the demand is not always there and lose hope”, notes Abdulla as he urges the new generation to work towards keeping this amazing craft alive. Though the seas may see less of the traditional wooden dhows sailing through the Arabian Sea, Abdulla Buzabun has vowed to continue educating locals and visitors about this vital part of Bahrain’s history; a part, which guided the Kingdom through rough seas and can now provide smooth sailing to the future. For more info: Tel: +973 1710 2369 Location: Capital Mall, Karbabad 59


HERITAGE DISCOVERY AT THE OLD HOUSES Ibrahim Al Arrayed House of Poetry: Serenading Bahrain’s cultural heritage

60 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


he Kingdom of Bahrain has a rich and fascinating history to which it pays tribute to by showcasing a strong unity between tradition and modern trends. Intangible cultural symbols and historical meanings are revealed through the universal language of architecture, in a way that’s easy to communicate, grasp and relate to. A perfect example is the Sheikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research. The Centre gathers ten restored traditional Bahraini houses, each house dedicated to an aspect of the country’s cultural heritage. Founded by Shaikha Mai bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities and Chairperson of the Board of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH) in 2002, the Centre is a place for the open exchange of knowledge and ideas and a venue for dialogue with Bahraini culture. Each house represents a magnificent physical expression of the foundations of the country’s cultural and historical fabric and honours prominent figures and members of Bahraini society that helped weave the Kingdom’s collective identity. Among these you can discover a tribute to Ibrahim Al Arrayed, who is considered one of Bahrain’s greatest poets and one of the leaders of the Bahraini literary movement in the 20th Century.


Born in Bombay, on the 2nd of March 1908, Ibrahim Al Arrayed’s upbringing took him back and forth between India and Bahrain. As he approached his 20’s he began to study Arabic and Arabian poets, developing a career as an assistant principal at a boys school before opening his own institution. Highly appreciated as an intellectual, Ibrahim Al Arrayed was elected Chairman of the Constituent Assembly in 1972 to draft Bahrain’s first constitution after it gained its independence. He then occupied other important state positions, reaching the esteemed title of Ambassador extraordinary plenipotentiary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, Ibrahim Al Arrayed’s greatest passion was writing poetry, which he translated in Hindi, Urdu, English, Persian and Arabic. He was a prolific poet, creating several compilations, poetic dramas and

critical studies in various languages. His poems became so loved in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, that the American University of Beirut asked him to deliver lectures on Arab Literature. Throughout his life, Al Arrayed lectured widely and travelled extensively to participate in conferences and debates in the field of poetry. The great Bahraini poet was also awarded many honors of distinction in recognition of his achievements in the fields of language, poetry and diplomacy. In 2001, His Majesty the King named a road in Bahrain after Ibrahim Al Arrayed in recognition of his unique services and loyalty to the country.


The two-story house in which Ibrahim Al Arrayed, Bahrain’s most appreciated poet and intellectual, lived for 30 years has been restored and is currently known as the House of Poetry, offering guests exhibition rooms, a library and spaces for lectures and public events. In addition, it also hosts an awe inspiring museum that showcases the belongings and poetry of Al Arrayed. The restoration preserved as many of the original features of the house as possible, including the main entrance and excesses in the walls, built in the mid-20th Century. The front part of the house, which was relatively stable, was restored using traditional materials and techniques. The rest of the house, including the extension at the back, was rebuilt using contemporary materials, overlaid with traditional finishes. This fusion of the old and new elements makes the renowned House of Poetry a feast for the senses. Opened in 2006, the Ibrahim Al

Arrayed House of Poetry plays a central cultural role in the region, not only because it has become a venue for all poetry related events, but also because it houses an outstanding large collection of books and works by leading figures in the poetry field.


Bahrain is a cultural paradise, with multiple poetry events taking place yearly. Annually, the Spring of Culture Festival sheds light on poetic outputs through a series of poetry readings. The 13th edition of the Spring of Culture Festival, which took place early this year, included two poetry readings at the Ibrahim Al Arrayed House of Poetry: one by Sudanese poet Rawda Al-Hajj titled ‘Two Niles from the Ink of the Poem’, and another by Palestinian poet Rashid Issa titled ‘Therapy through Poetry’. The House of Poetry has welcomed, throughout the years, many distinguished guests for the Spring of Culture Festival including Farouk Jweida, prominent Egyptian poet, writer and poet Joumana Haddad, selected in 2014 by CEO Middle East magazine as one of the 100 most influential women of the Arab world, and Ehab Bseiso, currently Palestinian Minister of Culture. For more info: Location: Palace Rd, Manama Website: Insta: shaikh_ebrahim_center Opening Hours: Sat - Thur 8:00am - 1:00pm 4:00pm - 7:00pm 61


Bahrain International Circuit

62 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

#myBahrain MOHAMMED is the Accountant at Visit Bahrain and perhaps the most knowledgeable about the best places to visit in the Kingdom. Born and raised in Bahrain, Mohammed is our resident go-to for some of the most exciting, yet undiscovered traditional eateries and hangout spots on the island! WHEN I HAVE GUESTS OVER I like to start their tour of Bahrain in the heart of Manama Souq. This way they can really immerse themselves in the rich heritage and traditions of our country. We usually just wander around the streets and admire the handmade jewellery, carpets and traditional items or, if my guests are feeling adventurous, I encourage them to try their luck at negotiating prices. No matter the activity we choose, a trip to the Manama Souq always brings out Bahrain’s heritage and I’m very proud to showcase it. Moving further along - after, of course, the mandatory photo near or under Bab Al Bahrain! - I like to take my visitors to Haji Cafe. For first-time visitors and even for those living in Bahrain, this cafe is the quintessential Bahraini eatery where the simple yet delicious traditional dishes encourage us to overindulge and keep us coming back for more. After a morning spent in Manama Souq, there’s no better place to cool down than the recently opened Four Seasons Beach. The white sand and fresh water are a truly refreshing treat, as you overlook the Bahrain Bay Lagoon, the Avenues, and the amazing skyline which speaks volumes about how cosmopolitan Bahrain has become in such a short period of time. At night, I like to take my guests to the famous Sakhir Desert camps where we can sit around a big fire, set up a barbecue, and

AROUND AND ABOUT WITH MOHAMMED When I have some free time on my hands, I find myself drawn to the peace and calm ambiance of places such as Zallaq, away from the humdrum of the city. I also love to taste new foods and discover new places. Luckily, over the years, Bahrain has transformed itself into a culinary hub with a variety of restaurants and cafes which really expanded its gastronomy. Whether it’s speciality coffee - a real treat for the coffee connoisseurs - or a restaurant that brings unique flavours to the Kingdom, Bahrain has a hearty selection of cuisines, making dining out for foodies a special occasion every time. One speciality cafe that has really caught my attention is Dose Cafe, which has taken over Bahrain by storm! The speciality coffee, friendly and welcoming ambiance and even their modern take on some traditional sweets has made it one of my favorite places to visit! As someone who truly enjoys quality alone time (and pampering), heading over to Al Areen Palace and Spa for a relaxing massage is bliss. Designed like an oasis within the Sakhir Desert, the venue is comprised of secluded villas (for families as well) with a private pool that is ideal for an island getaway! The Spa has spectacular facilities such as the Moroccan Scrub, steam and rain mist showers, as well as steam room, sauna, water therapy garden, and indoor/outdoor pools for rejuvenation. And while I am there, visiting one of the many dining outlets is the cherry on top, as they offer a wide variety of cuisines such as Far Eastern, Khaleeji and Indian fusion, or the in-villa dining that allows you to choose from Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Western cuisine.

relax underneath the open sky. There are plenty of places to set up a tent or you can even rent one to make camp for a few hours or an overnight stay. I think this is the best way to get away from the bustling city and find peace and serenity. BAHRAIN INSPIRES ME because, even though I am Bahraini and I was born and raised here, there is so much importance still placed on our heritage and traditional values. Thanks to this, I never forget where I come from and I carry that close to my heart wherever I am! From the deep rooted history that can still be experienced in the forts to Bahrain being a vital part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, there is so much the island reveals of itself the deeper we dig, and that never stops to fascinate me. WHEN I HAVE THE TIME I go to the Virtual Reality Solutions venue located on the Amwaj Lagoon. Here I can completely lose myself in a totally different world and experience a new form of reality. There are various experiences one can try like the Extreme Machine, in which you are thrown into a world of adrenaline pumping sports that give you a thrill, or the VR Shuttle in which you can relax and see your childhood coming back to life (virtually!) by reliving the excitement of a theme park with multiple rides and attractions! Virtual Reality Solutions has loads of activities to be explored and one can never get bored there! MY LATEST FIND is not necessarily something that has been recently launched, but instead, it’s something I recently found an interest in: Karting, at the Bahrain International Circuit. Perfect for those looking to kick start their careers as professional racers and for those who have a need for speed and want to test their skills on the track, the BIKC provides various racing courses and activities and is something that is completely different than a normal outing with friends! 63


64 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

AS K YO U R C ONC IERG E that I highly recommend, especially to first-time guests, is Villa Mamas Restaurant, in the Saar area. It’s a great place that in addition to delicious Bahraini food has an inviting atmosphere and a friendly staff. I also love this place because they have a wide range of organic and vegan recipes, so no matter what type of diet you prefer, you’ll definitely find something here. Of course, this is just top of my mind. Bahrain has loads of other amazing restaurants that I wholeheartedly recommend. I usually make custom recommendations, carefully considering our guests’ preferences and, of course, budget.




I’ve been a Concierge for more than 15 years and I’m currently leading the Concierge Team of Intercontinental Regency Bahrain, one of the best hotel companies in the world, in my opinion. Prior to joining Intercontinental Regency Bahrain, I worked for InterContinental Doha. However, in October 2005 I moved to Bahrain and I liked it so much that here I am, 13 years later. I’m the kind of person who thrives in fast-paced environments and who can cope with learning new things fast. Actually, these are the reasons I felt in my element in Bahrain.


I don’t believe it’s just one thing. The Kingdom has a lot of special things to offer and I think it’s thanks to its culture and its amazing people. The Bahraini are very friendly, accommodating and hospitable.


I believe Bahrain has a little bit of everything: to see, to eat and to shop. So I can’t say there’s something I miss

here in Bahrain. However, I wish Bahrain had even more visitors coming over to experience its rich culture and heritage. As a hotel Concierge, one of my goals is to enable guests to have great experiences and a memorable time here in Bahrain. This way, I hope to encourage them to visit the Kingdom again and maybe even bring their friends or business partners over.


Well, I would say that it is the Bahrain International Circuit because it hosts so many exciting motorsports competition, events, shows and even concerts. So, no matter the month of the year, there’s always something interesting happening at BIC. Of course, the Formula One Race is the main event but, for example, the celebration of Bahrain’s National Day is also an event worth attending. Young people love it, families love it, it’s a place that has something for everybody, no matter the age.



When I see my guests happy and excited - that’s, in my opinion, the best part. It’s really fulfilling to hear guests giving me their positive feedback and simply thanking me for the recommendations I gave them and for making their time in Bahrain more exciting. Of course, there’s a lot of work involved in being a good Concierge and properly tending to the needs of each guest. I must stay updated with what’s happening in Bahrain and research new and exciting activities on a constant basis. But I love doing that, so that’s another great thing about being a Concierge.


One that really stuck to my mind was this one request made by a author. She really wanted to get to the Tree of Life just before sunrise and enjoy it while sitting on a red carpet and drinking Arabic coffee. I rapidly gathered my team and they quickly arranged for everything. When our guest returned to the hotel, she was extremely happy and delighted that we helped her experience Bahrain the way she envisioned.

After trying so many traditional Bahraini restaurants myself, the one 65



Chief Concierge, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Contact: +973 1711 5000


Chief Concierge, The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Contact: +973 1771 3000

66 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


Chief Concierge, The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Contact: +973 1758 0000


Head Concierge, The K Hotel Bahrain Contact: +973 1736 0000


Chief Concierge Wyndham Grand Manama Contact: +973 1711 6116


Chief Concierge Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea And Spa Contact: +973 1763 6363

MOHAMMED JABER Concierge Agent, Al Areen Resort and Spa Contact: +973 1784 5000


Concierge Agent, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Contact: +973 1711 5000 67


AHMED MAHFOUZ MOHAMED Guest Services Manager, Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain Contact: +973 7770 7070


Concierge Supervisor, Wyndham Grand Manama Contact: +973 1711 6116

68 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

SHAHZAD ISHAQ Complex Concierge Supervisor, The Westin and Le Meridian City Centre Bahrain Contact: +973 1717 1000


Concierge Supervisor, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Contact: +973 1711 5000


HALA BAHRAIN Exemplary, effortless and timely airport customer services always


ala Bahrain offers a world class of hospitality services, packages and facilities at the Bahrain International Airport, ensuring your utmost comfort and convenience... Whether you’re at arrivals, departure, or transfer, we seek to enrich your journey with attentive care and welcoming hospitality services. Our services are user-friendly and easily accessible to all while ensuring the best quality of passenger services. These services include but are not limited to: Meet and Assist Services, Porterage Services and Luggage Wrapping, and to provide assistance for customers from the terminal to the comfort of your seat on-board. Our Hala Bahrain staff’s warm hospitality will ensure your airport experience is swift, seamless, and satisfactory.


At Hala Bahrain, we work toward providing better lifestyle and travel experience solutions!


Whether you are planning for event, annual business meeting, want to arrange Investor or VIPs guest visit, we understand the first impression have its own value, from pre-visa arrangement to branding desk on arrival or a special touch/arrangement can be made either for one time event or regular requirements.


Hala Bahrain offers premium and personalized services for departures, arrivals and transfer passengers through Bahrain International Airport. Our mission is to provide the finest assistance and accessibility services, and we work to deliver the best airport experience for you and your travelling companions.

70 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


Flower delivery services are now quick and swift. Through Hala Bahrain, we provide a colourful and a vibrant collection of flowers for your chosen destination. Whether you would like to surprise a loved one at their departure or arrival, our bouquets are designed with care, and we aim to deliver happiness.


Our aim is to eliminate the stress and hassle associated with travelling, through providing you with the electronic visa service to avoid any last minute surprises. We assist, support, and aid you in the pre arrangement processes of the travel visa for business and visit visas based on the required visas for 7, 14, or 30 days.


If you are expecting a relative, a friend, a business partner, or a domestic worker in Bahrain, we offer Passenger services for a swift journey through the airport.


With Hala Bahrain, we provide you access to our exclusive lounges to relax, work, or a serene retreat to unwind. Enjoy complimentary heated meals, snacks, drinks, complimentary WIFI, newspapers and magazines as you unwind; while our staff welcomes and treats you to an exclusive world of services.


Our services begin before you book your ticket, and expand beyond the airport’s terminals.


We know that some luggage can be heavy or difficult to transport, that is why we provide you with porters that can assist you in carrying luggage from curbside to the check in area or from the luggage belt to your onward transportation.


Our luggage wrapping services will help keep your possessions secure throughout your flight. We wrap, seal or pack luggage securely prior to check in using a strong plastic film to protect against handling damages and

prevent items from being inserted or removed. We work to guarantee your luggage’s safety.


Let one of our experienced and specialized agents assist you whether you need to book a hotel room, information about Bahrain, a tour around Bahrain’s glorious cities, renting a car, or need a limousine to transport you to your destination.


Whether travelling for work, in a group, or as a tourist, we have several transportation options for all travelers. You can choose from a range of vehicles for your trip to and from the airport to be seamless and comfortable.

Hala Bahrain’s Meet and Assist packages are designed to cater to your needs. At your arrival, departure, or transfer point, our friendly hostess will assist you through airport formalities while you unwind at one of our exclusive lounges or enjoy our selective collection of refreshments.

WE PROVIDE YOU WITH VARIOUS PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM Hala Pass Hala Plus Hala Premium Hala Family More information: Tel: +973 1732 9555 / 3366 1012 Email: 71


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Source : Bahrain Tourism and Exibition Authority 73

BAHRAIN 101 986 Flights per week (2016)

30 Airlines fly to bahrain

52 Destinations connected via

passenger airlines

to all 1hour Flight GCC countries

& 190 Hotels resorts

(centrally located in gcc)

with access 67 Countries to visa on arrival with 114 Countries access to e-visa

16,500 Room capacity 12.3m Overseas visitors (2016)

74 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Cool and pleasant winters from October – April (Average temperature - 17C/62F)


Dry and humid summers from May - September (average temperature - 34C/93F)


$10 Billion Worth hotel & resort projects over the next five years

3 Convention centers

Access to

$1.5 Trillion GCC market

Over 500

Meeting rooms


Economic freedom (gulf’s most liberal economy) 75

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@stampsonpassport Can you guess which place is this? It’s not Marrakesh nor Istanbul. We found this little gem of shop in our recent trip to Bahrain It is an area called Bab al Bahrain


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@jov.agu ADVENTURE is right outside of your window.


@kghareeb Manama!

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@miritravelmaus Das “I ♥ Bahrain”-Sign in Manama, Bahrain

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@xhuljotheagle This is the camel I bought yesterday

@theflavourlist 6 Bite Cafe ¤ This delicious tandoori tea from is a must have! Its creamy, smokey and full of different flavours!

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Good Morning

@naazckd Bahrain Bay.


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@lebanesevillagebh Is your day missing a meal? Come on over

and dine with us!

My recent trip to Bahrain at @ ritzcarltonbahrain must be the highlight of 2018



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@bushra.nabas Good morning earthlings!



It’s cloudy outsi

@_travellers_welcome Visite du vieux quartier Muharraq 79



Backdrop of the past and future.


@whitneys_wonderland Truly, nothing makes you grow and understand how ignorant you are until you travel to the not so common, touristy place My Vlog from

Beouty & the feast

@kurumsalturist’s ki ayda bir gaza gelip video payla tıım Youtube kanalımda bugün Bahreyn’le ilgili yeni bir vlog var.



My people

@rovers_leap I’ve waffled before, I’ll waffle again!

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@aumimdiaries Some more from the Bahrain Sea Festival 2018

80 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

@monits99 In Bahraini architecture, the wind tower, which generates natural

ventilation in a house, is a common site on traditional buildings, particularly in the old districts of Manama and Muharraq

@girlwithkaleidoskopeeyez Missing my weekend pool and beach bbqs

The capital of the Dilmun civilization, Dilmun was, according to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the “land of immortality”, the ancestral place For the best middle-

@oillustratedbysade 5,000 years of history behind

@carmine_raucci Taste of Bahrain


eastern products & food your dessert could come in the form of a drink, in an exquisite state-of-the-art cup like the ones pictured above.


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@kk.photobh The Juffaire Skyline at Sunset

@jungalistaaa Oh hi There


TAG your Sex & The City squad! We’re ready for our Bedouin dinner

@kaybeecaptures Bahrain Memories

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LATEST NEWS Starting from October 27th 2018, two charter flights per week with more than 2,500 Russians have visited the Kingdom of Bahrain. Visit Bahrain has provided more than the 70% of their hotel accommodation and guided tours.

On behalf of NOGA, Visit Bahrain and Arion Media organised the Green Climate Fund 21st Meeting in Bahrain which took place from the 14th to the 21st of October 2018. More than 300 guests from more than 70 countries participated in this important event which supports Green projects around the world. During the German Roadshow last November, organized by BTEA in order to promote Bahrain as a tourism destination, the kingdom’s leading destination management company, Visit Bahrain, signed an agreement to launch a Representation Office in Frankfurt in the bid to increase inbound tourism in Bahrain from across Germany. The office will market and overlook Visit Bahrain in Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland.

82 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

As the kingdom’s leading destination management company, Visit Bahrain continues to do so with the best services and touristic offers tailor made for our Russian guests which will be visiting our country until the end of March.

Visit Bahrain Senior Advisor, Mr Ali Amralla attended the World Travel Market 2018 with BTEA, and signed new contracts with different entities in London to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain as the best tourism destination. Last November, Visit Bahrain was also part of IBTM World Barcelona, the leading global event for the meetings and events industry and consolidated contacts to attract MICE Business to the Kingdom. Visit Bahrain Founder & CEO Mr. Zarkadas signed an agreement during the Bahrain International Airshow with Bahrain Airport Company CEO Mr. Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah. Products & services such as daily sightseeing tours of Visit Bahrain will be available to passengers traveling via the Bahrain International Airport through Hala Bahrain, a BAC company.

Memories are the one gift you give to yourself.

Two Together – The ideal package to indulge in luxurious accommodations while enjoying upto 15% savings when booking two consecutive nights. For reservations, call (973) 1758 0000 or visit

Starting from BHD 99++, offer is applicable on Deluxe Room, Club Room, Club Suite and Villa reservations only, valid until June 30, 2019. Guests must stay for 2 consecutive nights to be eligible for this offer. Rate is per room/per night based on single or double occupancy, exclusive of taxes, gratuities, fees and other charges; does not apply to groups; cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion and is not applicable for Rewards redemption. Advance reservations are required. No refund or credit for unused portion. Void where prohibited. Š2018 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

Gain more online visibility with a complete marketing package that combines strategic, interactive & creative communications.

Leading Bahrain’s Digital & Social Media

+973 17810351



86 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


estled in the outskirts of the Janabiyah neighbourhood and built on an elevated platform, El Mercado is an open air retail centre that offers countless shopping and leisure opportunities. With its amazing landscapes and lovely courtyards, El Mercado extends a warming invitation to families, couples or groups of friends to relax, shop and dine. A large variety of restaurants, shops and cafes is ready to satisfy all tastes with its comfortable outdoor seating and soothing water fountains. El Mercado also offers an answer to more functional needs, hosting the Alosra Supermarket which provides a full range of daily necessities. Upstairs, more than 20 shops await to be discovered, tempting visitors with high-quality products and services. A fitness centre, a beauty parlour, a pharmacy, a kids’ playground and a large variety of food stores are also available inside El Mercado. Downstairs, visitors can enjoy a burger at McDonald’s and its drive-thru service, or opt for fine dining at Maison Mathis. El Mercado is located at the corner of Avenue 27 and Road 7151, just off the Sh. Isa Bin Salman Highway, along the way to the Saudi Causeway. For more info: 87



N I A R H A FB O E T S A CT I T N E H T al THE AUple and heartye trreaadlitBioahnrain

re that a ishes d . e e m th o ini h all of e sim al th Bahra u is nd to a a , e in Try th at will reve c n me sau und th taste, on the only fo dishes comm ever ything es at least a ef started t s r fi v h be r ash o Thoug s and dese es are the mmaw ream of tw d h u aimat is io q d d c n r d deli opula shrimp, an eir meal as the d friends a p t s o oo the m e sizzling nd th childh ecame one e to e th b nd choos tikka, o h by it soon ost loved a w se ented m in for tho eet note. mplem bled of the nt eateries o c w is ts s e ac nu scrib ged on a promin urant reen ple me e and a The sim d ambienc are encour . resta eal m e h a T . e g x ns ts m in s o la y io e h e s d u r it jo s g n w the impre hich g d the Kin rience of e ini house, d s on w leave their to write an e a e ll r r p a h a x w a e p the and nal B free s on re pre e io ie a is it it r r t r o d a e w a m e to in a tr le dishes th e homely custom and m the ty am “Ever y opinions as well as to home-s ved in the s elcome and de ir ir , e s th ll r w out the ma s wa draw and se The war m eshly ou’ll urant’ thoughts ab media fr ta s e e r th r. l y f e or th cia manne s aromas o antees that d nt’s so ictures to be r n u post p the restaura ant guests delicio re extra gua charming a feel w n a ly truly get to , visit o foods . We ash tru t and ts w rs n n i a e a u r in d m o u n a c m . ac r resta l Bahr co-fou find E r map t of ou id the two n you a traditiona rice dish r o a it p . a r pin e” sa bdulla nches in n ich is d afte at hom med and A ra Name awash (wh p, and gree sh m ssful b m a e o mawa h im c m c r Mo ee suc Bahrain, Em isits dish, E ith dried sh ated when med r th h re w m Wit of ov made eans) was c nds Moha ed ne wh t parts se b frie tic ifferen tr y for anyo ts to immer o d n i d mung s and best t a n re s r a u u A lt w lm u i A r d c e in is a om an tely in the mongst found nd Abdulla ntic Bahra d g in e a ple ra the K Folath and for auth fortable es com Popula has m m emselv traditions. mmawash ining d th e k the de ved in a co li l E t h a , s it c ll o ir e w lo e r lm w it e a vis as and s of th food s nt setting sidents ple venue to orts of flavor e r e a e r th e th u th g , s gin resta ene e a sta for all aranteed! e! Brin rant sc sing becom nd friends at hom the restau is crafted u is gu s a s s e y r il n e to h in fam ious homes Emmawas d allows d . Delic ezze affairs nu at es an Bahraini abic M e r ip A m c e d r nal Mixe arty ch as traditio e in the he t staples su s to ulg fa d d k a la in e sa to br arind ickpea e from cuisin uka and ch sas with tam o o shaksh es like sam bit small



88 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


Grilled Chi cken

For more in fo: Tel: +973 1730 9030 Location: B udaiya Highw ay, Budaiya Website: www.emm , Bahrain Insta: @em mawash_bh






k Tik

a 89


THE RECIPE FOR A SUCCESSFUL RESTAURANT Chef Hala Obaid, the most successful Bahraini woman cookbook author, talks about her restaurant and the amazing dishes it tempts visitors with

90 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


Well, it’s a long, wonderful story. To give you the short version, I started cooking seriously when I was 15 years old, when I also began to come up with new recipes and note the good ones down. After I graduated high school, my parents suggested that I author a cookbook. So, in 1989, I published my first cookery book titled ‘Gulf Dishes’, becoming the youngest Bahraini woman to issue a cookbook. Then I went to college and got a Diploma in Accounting from the University of Bahrain and a Diploma in Kindergarten Management. After graduation, I was the assistant director of the Al-Farooq. In parallel, I continued to cook and perfect my techniques, issuing various cookery books, building up to a specialized global collection of 14 cookbooks. Today, I am first and foremost the proud mother of four amazing children and the owner and co-founder of Hala Café Amwaj Island - Khoor and Seef Mall Manama.


This was never a goal in itself. Of course, I’m thrilled that it happened, but it all started because I had (and continue to have) this enormous passion for cooking. I’ve always strived to improve my cooking techniques and grow as a cook, especially as I was following Martha Stewart. Her biography really inspired me to become a chef and pushed me to perfect my skills, discover new flavors and new cuisines and master them.


Hala Café has a unique concept, being the first restaurant in the Kingdom to offer dishes from 9 international cuisines: Bahraini, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Iranian, Italian and American. In addition to having such a diverse menu, we are committed to bringing out the original flavors of these cuisines by using only fresh, natural farm products, from poultry to vegetables, spices and healthy oils.


Where do I start the list?! (laughs). Since we have 9 international cuisines, we have various signature dishes that speak about the particularities of each one. For example, the signature Bahraini dishes you can enjoy at Hala Cafe are Prawn Mawash, Chicken Machbos, and Lamb Ghozi. If we’re talking about the Arabic cuisine, I definitely recommend clients to try the Lamb Okra Tajen or the Mix Grill. We also have some stunning Indian dishes such as Prawn Biryani, Tikka Masala and Chicken Tandori. If customers are longing for something Chinese, they can go with the Crispy Hammour or the Chili Prawns. I’m always craving for great Thai dishes so I encourage people to try the Tom Yom Kong Soup and Green Thai Curry. For those into Japanese cuisine, we have a delicious dish of Hala Maki and Hala Tempura and for those yearning for Iranian fla-vors, we serve hearty dishes of Jojah Kebab or Lamb Kobaida. Moving towards the west, clients that are into more Mediterranean flavors can taste some amazing Baked Pasta and Chicken Stroganoff, signature dishes from the Italian cuisine. Of course, the menu would not be complete without a Rib Eye Steak or some juicy Grilled Chicken from the All American cuisine.


for visitors to try. They should try as many as they can! Of course, visitors can start with the signature dishes I already mentioned: Prawn Mawash, Chicken Machbos and Lamb Ghozi, but they should also taste Hammour Sayadiya, Arrayes, Shaikha Baryani, Chicken Massli, and Hala Big Mushroom. The best thing they can do, if they’re in a group, is to order each a different dish and have a common tasting.


I’m very happy to say that lately, yes! I believe that Bahraini traditional dishes are slowly, yet steadily, making a statement on the international scene. I try to do my part and present Bahraini dishes at their best, both in terms of flavor and plating, so that the whole world can have a taste. Actually, Hala Café has a lot of international customers who come especially for Bahraini food. So we’re on the right path.


I advise them to follow through with their dreams and goals, no matter the obstacles they might encounter. If they dream of becoming a chef and/or opening a restaurant, I tell them ‘Go ahead!’. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. You can succeed only if you truly believe it. Sure, the journey will be hard, even incredibly hard at times, but you will enjoy every bit of it. And remember: failing is not a mistake, but quitting is. It’s not easy to become a Chef or open and run a restaurant, but if you have the passion for it, you will succeed! For more info: Tel: +973 16030201 Location: Amwaj Islands Bahrain Insta: @ hala_cafe

There are so many delicious Bahraini dishes that it’s hard to select just a few 91


HEART La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art: A jewel in the heart of Manama


ocated in the heart of Manama and close to the old “Souq�, La Fontaine is a historical monument dating back to a 150 years. The centre is the only one of its kind in the Middle East, revered by all as a masterpiece of architectural and artistic glory, which makes it a special haven for architectural connoisseurs. The property, belonging to the Alireza family, captures the grand essence of a European chateau while retaining the

92 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

charm of the fine, authentic Gulf Islamic architecture. It has been completely restored and renovated by French artist Jean-Marc Sinan, who transformed the initial beautiful residential house into a distinctive, exceptional centre for art and leisure enthusiasts alike. La Fontaine features a number of contemporary art galleries, an open-air amphitheatre, an exquisite fine dining restaurant, an exclusive spa, and a state-of-the-art Pilates & Dance Studio, which is the first of its kind in the Gulf region.

OF ART The SPA at La Fontaine acts as a distinctive and extraordinary oasis hidden away from the anxiety and stress of everyday life. The Main Spa, which includes a pool area, is reserved exclusively to ladies. Couples are also welcomed and are invited to one of the Spa’s segregated towers with their own entrance. The spa is open 6 days a week (except Mondays) from: 9 AM - 6 PM

dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacy of Joseph and Clara Pilates. Pilates is suitable for people of all levels of fitness, from first-time exercisers to athletes and performers. The fitness program has been described as the fastest-growing rehabilitation exercise program in the world, focusing on the abdominals, lower back, buttocks and shoulder girdle. Pilates is aimed at all those who want to improve their fitness, posture and appearance, being conducted in the form of group or private classes.



The old residency’s traditional design and architecture, comprising of a series of rooms around a central courtyard, lend themselves perfectly to a gallery. The location’s high ceilings and expansive walls space beautifully, offsetting everything from history’s ancient, extraordinary civilizations to contemporary artworks, sculptures, photography and design created by leading international artists and exhibited several times a year.

The fine-dining restaurant at La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art ensures an experience unlike any other. Instead of a simple activity, dining is treated as an art form, where every single detail is taken into consideration. The outdoor dining area can seat over 250 guests, while the indoor dining area can accommodate around a hundred guests in a cozy and yet virtually idyllic atmosphere, with an earthy minimalist tone. The restaurant is open 6 days a week (except Mondays) for: Lunch & Dinner 11 AM - 10:30 PM last order

THE SPA Tranquility & Invisibility

THE STUDIO Pilates & Yoga

For more info: Location: La Fontaine centre of contemporary art 92 Hoora Avenue, Manama 306, 26243 Bahrain Tel: +973 1723 0123 Fax: +973 1724 0123 Email: Facebook: lafontainebahrain Insta: @ lafontainebh

The Pilates Studio and facilities are 93



The athlete Shaikha Al Shaiba is a model of ambition that inspires

94 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


vercoming what others might have considered impossible, Shaikha Al Shaiba has been making waves as one of the most inspirational athletes, showing no signs of stopping. Strong, passionate and diligent, Shaikha Al Shaiba carries many titles and awards, but the most important is “inspirational”. Working as a Business Development Manager in Oil & Gas Co in KSA, the athlete is mostly recognized for her unwavering commitment to sports and for making a name for herself as an unstoppable force of nature. Starting off slowly and then picking up the pace, Shaikha has taken the world of sports by storm, Her journey, however, is just at the beginning and luckily we had the chance to learn more about it


I was always into sports, ever since I was in school. As I got older and busier, I neglected sports for a while and that is when I started to gain weight. That moment became a turning point in my life and I decided to show up for myself and regain my fitness. Plus, I love a good challenge that tests my abilities.


Myself! I’ve always strived to achieve the things I’ve wished for and luckily I was always successful. So this showed me that nothing is impossible and made me wish for even bigger things and try even harder to achieve them. No matter how challenging.


I faced a lot of challenges both in my personal life, from society, and in my professional life, at the workplace and in the sports branch. I overcame society’s challenges by trying to turn their negatives into positive things. At the workplace, things were a bit more difficult, as everyone thinks that if they’ll hire me, my passion for sports will affect my job, which is not the case. I can work more than 8 hours a day and still do what I am doing now. In the sports branch, I try to solve the challenges I encounter in swimming and running with physiotherapy. I try to find different techniques to ease pressure on my hands while swimming and my hips while running for example.


I have done CrossFit, Spartan, and now I want to enter full marathons. I love CrossFit most, but of course each of the sports I engage in play a special role in my life and have a unique place in my heart.


I saw the Spartan race as a challenge and since I love challenges, I wanted to take part in it no matter what. I started asking around to see if anyone needed an extra team member but I didn’t find anyone. Until one day when a friend said they were looking for a team member and that I could join. By that time, I had already started doing CrossFit/Bootcamps, followed by running after the sessions, so that meant I was fully prepared to take on the adventure and participate.


It felt incredible. Being among all those great athletes was very motivating and that made me push myself beyond my limits.

WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE IN YOUR FIRST TRIATHLON IN THE UAE? During the triathlon, I faced a lot of difficulties. During the swimming segment, for example, I had to fight with the waves. Ever since then I’ve been striving to improve my swimming technique and I am trying to find a professional swim coach to guide me further and help me improve my skills.

WHAT MESSAGE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEND OUT TO THOSE WHO ALSO WISH TO TAKE ON AN ATHLETIC CAREER BUT DON’T KNOW HOW OR ARE UNAWARE OF THE RIGHT STEPS TO TAKE? Stop looking at your weakness or what skills you might be lacking at the moment. Start focusing on what you have and embrace it. And, of course, enjoy your life at every step. It’s too short to miss out on any of it! 95


RECREATION ENHANCED We sat down with Nuwan Dilruk, the Recreation & Resort Assistant Manager at the Ritz Sports Club, to find out more about how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in Bahrain and enjoy an active leisure time.


I have been working with The Ritz Carlton for almost 12 years. When I first started, in 1997, I was a swimming coach but as I took a deeper interest in all the sports activities at the Ritz, I got more and more involved and worked diligently to achieve the position I am occupying today.


Yes, I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness and I believe we should all pay attention to these areas. Keeping active can help us maintain good health and a youthful spirit. And it has actually been demonstrated that it also boosts our mood.


Fitness trends are continuously changing throughout the world and Bahrain has been quick to implement them as well. For example, on one hand, bodybuilding has really taken off in Bahrain in the past few years. On the other hand, the younger generation, however, seems to prefer cardio workouts, as they feel these are the best ways to keep their bodies slim and healthy. I’ve also seen an increase in participation at triathlons, MMA and at the Spartan Race. If there’s one trend that’s been really loved by Bahrainis and Ritz’s members, it’s definitely the circuit-based fitness training programs such as Cross Fit, Spartan & EMS.

96 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


I suggest cutting the amount of carbohydrates in meals especially for dinner and avoid binge eating. It is always better to have small portions, because this way the body can metabolize the food faster. As for exercises, I always recommend brisk walking for 30 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. It’s the simplest way you can exercise. If you really don’t have time to exercise, at least make sure to stretch your legs every 2-3 hours while at the office. There are also some

types of exercises that everybody can do while sitting at their desk. Exercise doesn’t have to be dreadful or take a long time. You just need to make it a habit.


We have a large variety of classes and activities guests can enjoy from fitness group classes such as TRX, Body Pump, Yoga, Spinning, Pilates to individual programs with personal trainers, water sports, swimming classes, tennis and squash, jacuzzi, saunas and steam, a plunge pool and many other great activities which can be explored also outside the club.


We have a wide variety of fitness programs and activities that can definitely suit all tastes and ages. Depending on each client’s preferences, we can adjust accordingly. Our monthly schedule of fitness activities is available for men, women and kids so the whole family can enjoy.

When it comes from outside the gym activities, I definitely encourage all guests and visitors to enjoy an exciting boat trip with the recently launched Pearl 1.


We are actually all excited for the newly enhanced mixed gym. We’ve brought in the latest top quality fitness facilities to enable all guests to find the program that best suits them. In addition to the new gym, we are also looking forward to the opening of a brand new dance studio where guests and visitors will be able to enjoy moving to different rhythms under the guidance of professionals. And, to quench the thirst of guest in a healthy and delicious way, we’re opening a dedicated healthy juice bar. We hope that this way we’ll bring added value to the already diverse facilities at the beach club.

experience world class facilities under the supervision of highly qualified fitness professionals. We have other features as well including a beach, lagoon and marina, complemented by squash and tennis courts and both indoor and outdoor pools. For more info: Royal Beach Club Tel: +973 1758 0000 Location: Building 112, King Mohammed IV Ave, Block 428, Seef District, Manama, Bahrain. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Website: Insta : @ritzcarlton


There are various reasons why tourists and Bahrainis should pay us a visit. For example, the RBC (Royal Beach Club) is the place where you can enjoy & 97


Balance Yourself at Bahrain’s Premier Wellness Space



s the year winds down and winter approaches, it seems like the perfect time to slow down and focus on wellness, selfcare and reflection. To achieve this, you can try a holistic approach that will guide you to inner balance, relaxation and calmness. Luckily, the Serenity Meditation, Reiki and Yoga Centre, located in Janabiyah, offers holistic wellness care that can help you put the hassles of daily life on pause, relieve stress and turn inwards to re-centre and re-balance yourself. The founder of Serenity, Frances Irvine, is a renowned meditation practitioner that, for the past 10 years, has been leading immersive meditation experiences and soothing clients into deep relaxation with her Scottish accent. Rather than a straight backed, cross legged meditation experience, the meditation sessions at Serenity propose a relaxed and cozy practice that focuses on comfort. The meditation

room features wall to wall couches, plentiful pillows and plush blankets in which you can snuggle your senses into relaxation. Choose between the group meditation sessions which run during mornings and evenings throughout the week or the one on one, couples, family, or private group guided meditation experiences that are available only by appointment to regain your spiritual balance. In addition to meditation sessions, the serenity centre also offers Reiki healing, which is an ancient Japanese art that harnesses life’s positive energy and channels it through healing hands. Frances, a Usui Reiki master, offers one hour long Reiki treatments to soothe ailments, diminish stress and reduce anxiety. Clients come out of these sessions refreshed, relaxed and relieved. Serenity’s yoga space is ideal for those who like smaller classes with individualized, one on one attention. Yoga practitioners at Serenity have

98 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

a variety of focuses, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and blended styles of the practice. Classes can be attended and enjoyed by people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life. Those looking for personal development will gain invaluable insights from Serenity’s ongoing workshop series. During these, students can learn to balance chakras, cleanse spaces, view and protect auras and more. These workshops are essential for anyone wishing to expand their consciousness in a safe, fun, and effective way. For more info: Serenity Meditation, Reiki and Yoga Centre Tel: +973 36078904 Location: Janabiyah, Bahrain Email: Website: Instagram:


THE GULF SPA HEALTH & FITNESS CENTRE Indulge your senses and spring into shape!

100 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


he Gulf Hotel Bahrain offers its guests stunning 5-star luxury accommodation services and a unique set of blissful experiences and invites them to relax, rejuvenate and get back in shape at the hotel’s award winning health, fitness and rejuvenating center. The hotel’s spa and fitness facilities are created with a sole purpose in mind: to offer members a perfect kick start of the day and a relaxing ending. There’s nothing more relaxing after a full day of exploring Bahrain than unwinding at a state of the art thermal area or dipping in a tropical temperature controlled swimming pool, while the kids enjoy some playtime at the kids’ pool area. Without a care in the world, guests can indulge in the serene oasis The Gulf Spa Health & Fitness Centre has created right in the middle of the bustling city. To connect the mind to the body, a team of professional therapists is ready to introduce guests to ancient Arabic healing therapies and pamper their senses to utter relaxation. In addition, the experience showers, hammams and ice baths will invigorate and awaken the senses. For those who aim to get in shape or stay active during their trips, the hotel offers a Squash & Tennis court and a well-equipped gym for both males and females with a diverse range of classes & activities. Designed for a complete wellness experience the exercise classes and amenities can be enjoyed by all ages for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Members will be spoiled for choice upon signing up for an annual or monthly membership at The Gulf Spa Health & Fitness Centre, gaining access to all the high-tech gym facilities, as well as to the experience showers, thermal area, pools, juices bars and ladies hair and beauty salon. For more info: Tel: +973 1771 3000 Location: Manama, Bahrain Website: 101



The Kingdom of Bahrain offers multiple outdoor and indoor activities to keep you fit and help you fulfill your goals of wellness, while also challenging you to push your limits and reach new grounds.

Spartan Bahrain

The Spartan Race is a global scale race that involves various obstacle courses that test endurance and speed. For those Bahraini or visitors to Bahrain who wish to challenge and push their limits, Spartan Arabia is the perfect event to enroll in. For more info: www.spartanarabia

Bahrain Road Runners

Bahrain Road Runners is a non-profit organization that has been helping athletes achieve personal goals for the past 40 years. BRR is known for organizing multi-sports events and races including Triathlons, Duathlons, Aquathlons and Biathlete events. Learn more on For more info:

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

AlAreen 10KM Run Dec. 14th 2018 AlAreen Wildlife Park

Half Marathon 2019 Jan. 11th 2019 Seef Mall

Cross Island Run Dec. 21st 2018 Sakheer Desert

Full Marathon 2019 Feb. 22nd 2019 Location TBD

BIC Neon Fun Run Jan. 4th 2019 BIC

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Bahrain Stadium Race 2019 Jan. 18th 2019 Spartan Arabia is hosting the first ever Stadium Race of the region at Bahrain National Stadium. Spartans will take on obstacles at this unique location, for a one of a kind experience and the challenge of a lifetime.

IRONMAN 70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain was the first IRONMAN event in the Middle East. It is a celebration of triathlons and the Middle Eastern culture that spans over a weekend that promotes sports and offers a wide

range of other fun events for all ages.

Upcoming events IRON KIDS BAHRAIN Dec. 7th 2019

IRONMAN 70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain Dec. 8th 2018


Boost Bahrain is a company specially created to encourage and enable individuals to take hold of their health and lifestyle. They do so by creating various fitness programs




Through Aerial Wall Yoga you can work towards achieving better balance and a correct back posture. It also builds flexibility and strength very quickly, being a perfect activity for those who are interested in Yoga but are just at the beginning of their fitness journey.

Kangoo Jumps is just as fun as it sounds. Using rebound shoes to help reduce the impact associated with vigorous athletic activity, Kangoo Jumps develops body strength, burns calories, increase endurance, pumps the lymphatic system and improves coordination building bone mass.

If you’re wondering how to bring your yoga training to a new level or if you’re just looking for exciting new physical activities, you must try SUP Yoga. Created as a unique combination of Yoga and the well-known watersports stand up paddle board, SUP Yoga can help you increase your focus, build core strength and develop your balancing skills.

Where: Namaste, Budaiya Highway

THE SHAKEDOWN CLUB SWING DANCING Swing dancing is an energetic dance form that enables participants to burn a lot of calories while also enjoying a wonderful time with friends. It improves cardio, balance and can boost happiness levels up to wide, wide smiles. Where: Studio RCT in Sanabis, Orchid Dream, Tower 1, 5th floor

CAPOEIRA Capoeira is a renown Brazilian martial art that combines fighting, rhythm and fluid movements to create a physical activity that’s pleasant both for the body and for the mind. In addition, it improves coordination, flexibility, stamina, speed and, hear this, confidence. Where: St Christopher’s Junior School, Saar

Where: Oxygen Gym, BarBar, / Riffa Views Royal Golf Club / Tala Leisure Center, Amwaj Islands

TRIBAL FITNESS Tribal Fitness is a physical activity that also helps participants explore and connect with nature. During this program, both adults and kids can learn how to improve their health and achieve balance through movement, diet and lifestyle. Where: The Jungle is located along the Budaiya Highway / The Summit at Harbour Gate Mall

AQUA AEROBICS Aerobics in the water makes your body work harder and it doesn’t stress joints. Where: Fitness First – East Riffa / Bahrain Trade Centre / Juffair Mall / Hydro Spa & Salon / West Riffa / Al Areen Palace & Spa / Madinat Hamad

Where: Bahrain Bay

FITNESS LATIN DANCES Latin Dances can be more than just a fun way to spend your night. Taken away from the dance floor and brought into the fitness gym, salsa, merengue, reggaeton or bachata become great exercises to boost cardio, shed the kilos away and, yes, have tons of fun. Where: Amed’s Predator Studio / The Ritz Carlton Club

SPINNING Spinning is a high intensity cycling workout that takes place on a stationary machine with a heavy, weighted flywheel linked to the pedals. Spinning has been proved to increase muscular endurance,

and events that lead participants to better health and a more positive outlook on life.

Upcoming events Bin Faqeeh Boost Run 2019 Jan. 25th .2019

aid with weight loss and decrease stress levels. So, if you’re feeling down, hop on a stationary bike and pedal it all away. Where: Amed’s Predator Studio / Fitness First Trade Center / Pure Yoga Plus Cycle / The Ritz Carlton Hotel / Coral Bay Hotel / Zen Yoga / Body Line

POLE DANCING Pole dance is a fun and fairly new exercise form that has been gaining popularity due to its benefits for the core and body strength. For those looking for an unconventional type of exercise and a new way to stretch their bodies to new limits, pole dancing might be the answer. Where: Amed’s Predator Studio / Ballare Studio

BOOT CAMP A Boot Camp gathers dynamic exercises that include stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training programs like weight lifting, TRX, push ups/sit ups, plyometric exercises, and other various types of fun fitness. Sessions usually finish with yoga stretching. Where: Amed’s Predator Studio / Ballare Studio / Equilibrium / St Christopher School Saar / Awali 103


Ironman Bahrain


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BAHRAIN SPECIALIST HOSPITAL A state of the art facility dedicated to your health


ocated in the heart of Juffair and West Riffa, the Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH) stands out as a highly specialised Medical Center of excellence in the Arabian Gulf. BSH has built its exceptional reputation by providing up to date medical services conducted by experienced Consultants and Specialists and using the latest technologies with the state of the art medical equipment. What’s more, the building which hosts BSH has been built with functionality and modern design in mind and overlooks a picturesque view of the Bahraini sea, promoting wellbeing beyond the medical realm. BSH is the first hospital in Bahrain that availed the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI) and the only private healthcare facility that was inaugurated by HM King Hamad Bin Salman Al Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain. Strongly committed to their mission, BSH provides a diverse set of healthcare services of the highest standards while also respecting the rights, beliefs, safety and need for confidentiality of the patients, staff and visitors. For those who seek the opportunity to

achieve their desired bodyimage goals, BSH offers a comprehensive program that includes nutrition counselling, Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Consultant and world renown specialists. For those who look for the perfect smile, BSH can aid with specialised Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist, Implantology & Cosmetic Dentistry services. In addition, those looking for the top dermatologists in the Kingdom can easily find experienced BSH professionals who are experts in innovative methods and procedures. All treatments at Bahrain Specialist Hospital can be customised to your unique needs and desires. Medical professionals will be by your side from consultation to post-treatment procedures, offering constant medical and moral support and reinforcing their core mission of being “Dedicated to Your Health”. For more info: Bahrain Specialist Hospital Tel: +973 1781 2000 Location: Juffair, Kingdom of Bahrain E-mail: BHS Clinic Tel: +973 1781 2000 Location: West Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain E-mail: 105



>>>>> AL AREEN PALACE & SPA Wrap yourself in sheer luxury as you discover a perfect blend of relaxation and pleasure. Al Areen Palace and Spa offers travel connoisseurs complete privacy in an alluring and peaceful haven that nurtures a spiritual atmosphere, infused with local culture. Each villa has its own private heated pool, steam, sauna & jacuzzi. \ P.O. Box 75055 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone : +973 1784 5000

ART ROTANA AMWAJ ISLANDS ART Rotana has 311 luxurious rooms and suites - all facing the ocean. With stunning views and beyond excellent services, ART Rotana opens up a world of refined hospitality for those who appreciate the finer things in life. \ Al Fanar Avenue Road 5722, Building 2780, Manama Bahrain Telephone : +973 1600 0111

CROWNE PLAZA Conveniently located at only 10 minutes from the airport, in the bustling diplomatic area of Bahrain and close to the city’s most popular attractions, The Crowne Plaza Hotel Bahrain is the perfect place to start exploring the island. \ P.O. Box 5831, Diplomatic Area Manama Telephone : +973 1753 1122

DOWNTOWN ROTANA Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, Downtown Rotana welcomes you in the heart of the financial district with facilities for both work and play. Plus, it’s within walking distance of local businesses, historical sites and the charming Manama Souq. \ 110 Government Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 1311 9999

FOUR SEASONS Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is a soaring architectural statement on its own exclusive island. Convenient for business and exquisite for relaxing holidays, this unique urban resort delivers to perfection. \ Bahrain Bay, P.O. Box 1669, Manama, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1711 5000

FRASER SUITES DIPLOMAT This contemporary apartment hotel in a tower with city views is 2 km from the Bahrain World Trade Center, 3 km from the Bahrain National Museum and 5 km from the Al Fateh Grand Mosque. \ Building 34, Road 1701, Block 317, Manama Telephone : +973 1616 1888 diplomaticarea-bahrain.frasershospitality. com/en

FRASER SUITES SEEF Making your stay in Manama a special one, the award winning Fraser Suites Seef enjoys excellent proximity to multi-national companies and the Bahrain International

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Exhibition Centre. The venue is directly connected to the Seef Mall, which offers numerous leisure and dining options available for guests on their door-step. \ Building 2109, Road 2825, Block Al Seef 428, Seef Telephone : +973 1756 9333

GULF HOTEL The legendary 5-Star hotel established in the heart of the island since 1969, offers quality Bahraini hospitality and unrivaled luxury facilities. Overlooking the Grand Mosque and the Royal Palace, the Gulf Hotel is only 15 minutes away from the top attractions in the Kingdom and close to the Airport and Financial District. They house 16 fine dining restaurants, lounges and bars that help guests experience gastronomy and drinks from all around the world. \ Building 11،, Road 3801, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 3000

INTERCONTINENTAL REGENCY Modern design meets timeless hospitality and top-notch business facilities at Intercontinental Regency. With 16 fully equipped meeting spaces, a luxury spa, 6 food & beverage outlets and outdoor pools, the venue is the perfect location for both business meetings and relaxing getaways. At a mere 15 minutes drive from Bahrain Airport, and close to all main attractions, you couldn’t possibly ask for a better accommodation in the Kingdom. \ Building 130, Road 1507, King Faisal Highway, Manama Telephone : +973 1722 7777

JUMEIRAH ROYAL SARAY Jumeirah Royal Saray sits confidently on a private beach in Manama’s new Seef district, majestically surrounded by the Arabian sea. This serene setting unveils a new wave of understated luxury, and offers guests exceptional services for an unforgettable stay. \ 428، Building, 56، King Mohammed VI Avenue، Manama Telephone : +973 7770 7070

LAGOONA BEACH LUXURY RESORT & SPA At 20 minutes from the Bahrain International Airport and a 5 minute drive from Saudi Causeway, Lagoona Beach Luxury Resort and Spa is within easy access to the discerning traveler. Close to all major business sectors and the Diplomatic Area, it’s also far enough as to offer guests a diverse experience of the Kingdom. \ Entrance 26, Avenue 63, Budaiya 5، 55 Telephone : +973 1663 0000

LE MERIDIEN This contemporary hotel celebrates the revival of the prestigious Le Meridien brand. Directly connected to Bahrain’s city center, the hotel is not only a gateway to the Kingdom, but also to the classical Parisian vibe, thanks to its timeless interior design. \ Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, Al Seef, Manama Telephone : +973 1717 1000

MARRIOTT EXECUTIVE APARTMENTS MANAMA, BAHRAIN This upscale tower hotel is 1 km from Al Fateh Grand Mosque and 7 km from Bahrain World Trade Center. Featuring floor to ceiling windows with city views, the modern, warmly decorated apartments come with free Wi-Fi, living rooms and kitchens, as well as flat screen TVs and desks; some have balconies. \ Building 864, Road 2414, Block 324, Al Fateh, Manama Telephone : +973 1736 3999

MOVENPICK As the first hotel to mark the skyline of Bahrain, Movenpick moves its legacy of hospitality further by offering guests unparalleled accommodation and stunning services. A stay here is guaranteed to get you well into the Arabian vibe, with tasteful interior decorations and a 5 star treatment. \ 143 Road, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1746 0000



Nestled amidst expansive date gardens leading up to a pristine lagoon, Reef Resort is a peaceful sanctuary right within the heart of the city. The luxuriously welcoming Reef Resort offers a dazzling array of facilities and fun activities that are in absolute harmony with its environment. \ Road 4652, SeaFront 346 Building 2875، Manama 323 Telephone : +973 1311 0110

With easy access to all shopping centres, Bahrain World Trade Center and Bahrain Financial Harbour, and only 7 km from Bahrain International Airport, Sheraton Bahrain Hotel is the ideal hotel for business or leisure. The hotel offers 219 guest rooms and 37 suites, as well as a place to connect at the Link@ Sheraton®, Club Lounge with complimentary breakfast, afternoon hors d’oeuvres and high-speed internet access and Sheraton Fitness to keep you fit and healthy. \ 6 Palace Avenue, P.O. Box 30, Manama Telephone : +973 1753 3533

RAMEE GRAND HOTEL & SPA Located in the business district of Seef and a few minutes away from the biggest shopping venues in the Kingdom, the Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa offers the perfect accommodation for tourists who are also shopping enthusiasts. Of course, all travellers are welcomed here, as the hotel is equipped with all needed facilities for both business and leisure trips. \ Building 999, Road 2813, Block Al Seef 428 Telephone : +973 1711 1999 107



Experience the healing benefits of seawater at the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Resort. Indulge in massages, wraps, and a variety of seawater treatments to restore vitality and relax the body and mind. The spectacular beach front setting and five-star amenities make for a memorable getaway, whether for a weekend or a complete 6 day spa package. Exciting dining options and nightlife are on the menu, from award winning seafood and Arabian specialties to belly dancing and live music. \ 105 Zallaq Highway,Building 2015, Block 1055, Zallaq, Manama 555 Telephone : +973 1763 6363

Imagine a place that delivers a unique taste of contemporary Arabian hospitality where the multicultural staff is trained to make you feel at home where people think of you as family, and where it feels like Eid every day. That place is The Grove Hotel. Just a 10 minute drive from Bahrain International Airport in the heart of Amwaj Islands, they are the ideal location to stay for business or pleasure. \ Building 1722, Road 5715, Block 257, P.O. Box 3208, Amwaj Islands Telephone : +973 1603 0303


Somerset Al Fateh provides an ideal accommodation within Bahrain, featuring a central location, stylishly curated living spaces, well crafted personalised guest services and modern amenities. It is conveniently situated in the desirable, exclusive residential neighbourhood of Juffair. \ 4668, Road 2468, Block 0324, Juffair, Manama Telephone : +973 1781 1889

Luxury at this Bahrain hotel in Seef is not only about what one can see, though there is plenty to admire. The beach resort’s location along the Arabian Gulf features a private white sand beach that stretches to a private lagoon and island. The hotel’s 11 dining outlets include an authentic Mexican restaurant with vibrant décor inspired by Mexico’s eclectic art scene. The 5 star spa features an atrium pool with a Greek inspired fountain. \ Bluilding 112, King Mohammed VI Avenue, Block 428, Al Seef District, Manama Telephone : +973 1758 0000



Ideally located in the heart of Manama’s business district and within easy reach of the main shopping area, The Domain Hotel and Spa is an elegant blend of Arabian design fused with modern décor. With a stylish selection of rooms and suites, a spa and fitness center, gourmet restaurants and lounges, this is a cool urban retreat for the discerning guest. The rich fabrics and sleek lines of the contemporary furniture help create a warm, cosy atmosphere, amplified by the hotel’s friendly and welcoming staff. \ 365 Road Number 1705, Manama TTelephone : +973 1600 0000

Ideally located in the heart of Manama, The Westin Bahrain City Centre is the first ever Westin Hotel to grace the Island. Thoughtfully devised with a host of novel and innovative facilities that include the city’s first Heavenly® Spa, guests are afforded the opportunity to sample the unique Westin feel-good promise when staying for business or leisure. \ Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, Al Seef District, Manama Telephone : +973 1717 1000


THE GOLDEN TULIP The Golden Tulip Bahrain is within walking distance from Manama Bab Al Bahrain Souk and only 8 km from the Bahrain International Airport. The hotel offers 250 Air Conditioned Rooms, including 50 Deluxe Rooms, 40 Executive Rooms, 15 Suites, 3 Restaurants, a Night Club and a Bar. \ Building 5, Road 339, Block 317, Diplomatic Area, 129 Manama Telephone : +973 1753 5000

THE DIPLOMAT RADISSON BLU Located in the cultural and financial center of Bahrain, this upscale hotel provides easy airport access and 367 inviting rooms and suites with Free high speed, wireless internet. The on site restaurants serve a diverse mix of world cuisines, and the tranquil spa offers expansive facilities and relaxing private treatments. Conference hosts can take advantage of the business center, versatile meeting rooms and rooftop ballroom. \ Diplomatic Area, Manama Telephone : +973 1753 1666

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THE GROVE RESORT The brand new Grove Resort Bahrain is a luxury concept designed and developed with family at heart! The venue was created as an exclusive getaway for those who seek luxury, space, privacy, private beaches and all day fun. Nested on the beachfront of Lulu Amwaj, it combines unique accomodations that can swipe away even the most discerning guests. Telephone :+973 1600 0022

WYNDHAM GRAND MANAMA Admire breathtaking views of the Manama skyline and Arabian Gulf as you look out from floor to ceiling windows at the stunning Wyndham Grand Manama hotel. An architectural marvel, this landmark tower features 19 floors of elite amenities, superior comforts, and incredible service. From elegant event spaces to a sensational ful service spa, you are in for a lavishing experience if you choose to stay at the Wyndham Grand Manama. \ Building 450, Road 4611 , Manama, Seafront 346, Bahrain Bay, Manama Telephone : +973 1711 6116

>>>> AL BANDER RESORT Nestled neatly on the pristine beaches of Bahrain’s East coast, Al Bander Resort is an idyllic retreat with an immaculate setting and impeccable service, overlooking the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. Take a step into luxury with a stay at one of the exclusive chalets and cabanas. that offer a stylish warm ambiance and reflect paradise beyond the patio door. \ Umm Al Saad Venue, Sitra Telephone : +973 1770 1201

AL MANZIL SUITES HOTEL Al Manzil Hotel Bahrain, located in Juffair, is a few minutes away from Manama Salman seaport and Hidd industrial area. Hence, it’s an ideal choice for business travelers as well as expatriates who need to travel to Manama or Salman seaport frequently. The midtown location makes it a perfect home away from the hustle and bustle of commercial life, yet conveniently close to your business address. \ Building 1842, Road 4047, Block 340, Juffair, Manama Telephone : +973 1781 3366

AL RAYA SUITES Located in front of the Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Centre, and at the heart of the corporate district, Al Raya Suites is a perfect choice for business executives and professionals on the go. \ Building 165, Block 408, Avenue 28, Manama Telephone : +973 1755 5888

BEST WESTERN PLUS THE OLIVE The Best Western Plus The Olive is unique due to its legendary 24-hour service butler and a fabulous azure pool that invites guests to splashing fun and relaxation. \ Building 507, Road 2408, Block 324 Juffair, Manama Telephone :+973 1721 1133

ELITE GRANDE HOTEL The Elite Grande Hotel is located in the Seef area, just fifteen minutes away from the Bahrain International Airport, and adjacent to the Bahrain City Centre Mall, one of the largest shopping complexes on the island. By consistently offering the highest standard of quality, service, and style, the Elite Grande welcomes its guests to a refreshingly enjoyable and hassle free experience; any time and every time. \ P.o. Box 5458 ,Building 3378, Road 2845, Area 428, Seef Telephone : +973 1756 5888

ELITE RESORT & SPA, BAHRAIN Elite Resort and Spa is the Best Family Resort & Luxury Spa in the Middle East and the winner of Best Four Star Resort in Bahrain

awarded by Bahrain Food and Travel Awards 2018. \ Building 101, Area 322, Sheikh Hamad Causeway, Manama Telephone : +973 1731 3333

ELITE SEEF RESIDENCE AND HOTEL Elite Seef Residence offers spacious suites with diverse amenities including; a fully equipped modular kitchen, lavish bathrooms with elegant fittings, home theatre system with surround sound and in house DVD channels, digital satellite television system with a wide choice of satellite channels, safe deposit lockers, and 24-hour room service. \Road 2808,، Seef Telephone : +973 1758 3388

HOTEL IBIS STYLES MANAMA DIPLOMATIC AREA Located in Manama’s Diplomatic District and offering an all inclusive buffet breakfast + WiFi with your room, ibis Styles Diplomatic Area is a newly opened hotel in the heart of Manama which can be reached within a 15-minute drive from Bahrain International Airport. \ Building 511, 317 Diplomatic Area, Manama Telephone : +973 1723 3310

THE K HOTEL The K Hotel defines the four star deluxe experience with its unique rooms and superb quality service. Located in the heart of Juffair and close to main shopping areas, the hotel offers a panaromic view of Mina Salman. \ P.O. Box 1412, Manama Telephone : +973 1736 0000

MERCURE GRAND HOTEL SEEF Mercure Grand Hotel Seef is ideally located in Seef district, the heart of Bahrain and the business and shopping centre of the Kingdom. The hotel is just 15 minutes drive from Bahrain International Airport and King Fahad Causeway, and within walking distance of Manama’s main shopping malls. Just meters from the hotel is the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, the site of major exhibitions, conferences and events throughout the year. \ Road 2827, Manama Telephone : +973 1758 4400

NOVOTEL BAHRAIN AL DANA RESORT Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort, a luxury 4-star beachside hotel in Manama, is a balanced mix of leisure breaks and business trips. The hotel features an outdoor temperature controlled swimming pool, a private beach, a fitness center and a spa. In addition, the course selection at its restaurant invited guests to enjoy exquisite seaside dining and spoiles them for choice. \ 121 Sheikh Hamad Causeway, P.O Box 11073, 322 Manama Telephone : +973 1729 8008

ORANGE SUITES HOTEL APARTMENTS Orange Suites Hotel Apartments Bahrain, nestled in the heart of cosmopolitan Juffair, is an ideal spot from which to discover Bahrain and the vibrant surrounding area. \ Building 1370, Road 2423, Block 324, Juffair Telephone : +973 1722 2888

RAMADA MANAMA CITY CENTRE BAHRAIN Ramada Manama City Centre hotel is located in the Al Seef district, with access to the best of Manama. Take in a view of the Persian Gulf from their rooftop pool, or break a sweat in their fitness center or sauna. Their onsite restaurant offers Lebanese cuisine to suit any palate, and they also provide room service for those that wish to enjoy their meal in the comfort of their room. \ P.O. Box7131, Building 3236, Road 4654, Block 346, Al Seef District, Manama Telephone : +973 1710 4000




RAMADA HOTEL & SUITES AMWAJ ISLANDS Set in a dazzling seaside location Ramada Hotel & Suites provides sophisticated Amwaj Islands accommodations near the region’s most compelling attractions. Enjoy a wealth of modern conveniences, including a state of the art business center, meeting facilities, free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour concierge. \ Building 1741, Road 5715, Block Amwaj 257, Amwaj Island 714 Telephone : +973 1600 0099

RAMEE ROSE HOTEL Ramee Rose Hotel Bahrain is located in the heart of Juffair. The major closest attractions like the Bahrain National Museum, the Bahrain Gold Souk Shopping Malls, the Bahrain World Trade Center, the Bahrain Financial Harbor and Marina Beach makes it very popular among both tourists and business travelers. \ Building 1161, Block 324, Road 2420 Telephone :+973 1761 6167

S HOTEL BAHRAIN S Hotel Bahrain is a new 4 star property, offering a contemporary choice of rooms, from Deluxe to Family Suites. and various dining and entertainment options, all equally luxurious and classy. \ Road 2819,، Manama Telephone :+973 1738 0380

SWISS - BELHOTEL SEEF Swiss-Belhotel Seef Bahrain is a 4 star international hotel, recently awarded the “Best

four-star hotel” and “Hotel of the year” titles at the prestigious Bahrain 2018 Food & Travel Awards. The hotel provides superior quality facilities and high standards of service and is located in Bahrain’s central business and commercial district. The hotel is in close proximity to both the Seef and Bahrain City Centre Malls. At 28 storeys tall, Swiss-Belhotel Seef Bahrain offers ideal accommodation for business and leisure travelers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Both guest rooms and public areas boast breathtaking panoramic ocean and city views. \ Building 1012, Road 2813, Seef Telephone : +973 6631 0000

THE PALACE BOUTIQUE HOTEL Adliya, in the center of Manama, is a vibrant, bohemian neighborhood that encompasses wonderful restaurants, cafes, and art galleries that extrude a very European vibe, making it unique to the GCC region. With its open minded, tolerant and welcoming attitude, Bahrain embraces traditions while merging them into today’s modern living. It’s in these eclectic surroundings that you will find The Palace Boutique Hotel. \ Block 338, Road 382, Manama Telephone :+973 1772 5000

>>> BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL HOTEL Bahrain International Hotel is a 5 minute walk from beach, 8kms from Bahrain International Airport and 3kms from Bahrain International

Exhibition centre. Also, it provides easy access to the Diplomatic area, banks, airline offices, shopping malls and traditional Souqs. It offers massage treatments and free WiFi. \ Building 187, Goverment Avenue Road، Block 304, Manama Telephone : +973 1721 1313

ORIENTAL PALACE HOTEL Oriental Palace Hotel is situated on Tijjar road behind Yateem Center in Manama, 2 min walk to the famous Bab-Al-Bahrain and Gold Souq and just just a 15 min drive from Bahrain International Airport and Diplomatic Area. No matter if your stay in Bahrain involves business or pleasure (why not both?), by staying at Oriental Palace Hotel you can be close to everything. \ 17 Tijjar Road, Behind Yateem Centre, P.O. Box 5546 Manama Telephone :+973 1722 3331


VISITBAHRAIN.BH 110 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019







Windsor Tower Hotel, located at a 5 minute drive from Manama and close to all the major diplomatic and commercial centers, is a tourist’s haven. The hotel has 78 elegantly furnished Single, Double and Suite rooms that combined with their impeccable hospitality standards will make your stay memorable. Windsor Tower Hotel stands best for corporate clients and family along with fine dining options. \ P.O. Box 11538, Off Exhibition Road, Manama, Hoora Telephone : +973 1729 7000

Sea Shell Hotel is located in Adliya, just minutes away from Café’s Restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, mosques, churches and Bahrain International Airport. It is the ideal place to relax for both leisure and business. \ Sheikh Isa Avenue, P.O. Box 26600, Adliya Telephone : +973 1771 5885

With 25 years of first class service and ultra luxurious accommodations, Tropicana Hotel still lures in guests with its spacious villas and beautiful lush green location: 25 uniquely furnished villas with 36 rooms and 50 beds spread over 4500 sqm of natural heaven. \ P.O. Box 3119, Manama Telephone : +973 1772 1010



The 3 star Bahrain Carlton Hotel, located in the trendy neighborhood of Adilya, is only 8 kms away from Bahrain International Airport and 2 kms away from Bahrain National Museum and the Grand Mosque. Also, it provides easy access to the Diplomatic area, Banks, Airline Offices, Shopping Malls and variety of international food outlets. \ P.O.Box 54407, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 5999

Belair Suites is a high standard hotel, conveniently located in the most famous Commercial Street in Juffair area. The hotel is located only a few minutes away from the city of Manama and Bahrain International Airport. Belair Suites is a high standard property equipped to serve both short and long term guests. \ Building 1301, Road 4026, Block 340, Al Shabab Road, Juffair, Manama Telephone : +973 1736 0070

FRSAN HOTEL Frsan Palace Hotel is an elegantly modern hotel located in the heart of Hoora, Manama, just 15 minutes drive to Bahrain International Airport, close to luxury shopping malls as well as the Central Business District. It has luxury bedrooms, coffee shops, a variety of international restaurants lounges, a meeting room, a health club, a spa and a spacious parking lot with elegant modern contemporary architecture and interior coupled with the latest technology and facilities. \ P. O. Box : 18002, Manama Telephone :+973 1729 5555

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RESTAURANTS AMERICAN AL SAFIR Their exciting and diverse menu offers a full line of entrees, starters, seafood, beef and chicken dishes, and mouth-watering desserts, not to mention enticing appetizers, soups, and salads.\ Avenue 22, Manama Telephone : +973 1781 3750

BLAZE BURGERS & MORE Taste the iconic American burger with 100% beef and your choice of toppings, all wrapped up in a bun to understand why this ultimate comfort food has always held a special place in everyone’s heart.\ Road 3819, Adliya, Manama Telephone : +973 1774 4773 CHILLI’S

BLAZE PIZZA Blaze pizza is a modern day “pizza joint”, serving up artisanal pizzas that are both fast and affordable. Each blaze pizza restaurant features an interactive open-kitchen format that allows guests to customize one of the menu’s signature pizzas or create their own, choosing from a wide selection of fresh, “clean” ingredients. \ The Avenues Mall, Sea Front 346 Telephone : +973 17110516

BURGER KING BK restaurants are known for serving high quality, great tasting, and affordable food. BURGER KING® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. \ Various Locations 24/7 Telephone : +973 1774 4773



Upmarket retailer carrying specialty foods, including prepared dishes, plus home & kitchen items.\ The Avenues Mall Telephone : +973 1711 0529

Created in May 2008, Sage & Sirloin offers high quality food products in a pleasant and friendly environment while demonstrating exemplary hygiene standards.\ Road 90, Block 1014, Hamala Shop 2237A Telephone : +973 1761 1949

HARD ROCK CAFÉ Flavor and history combine at Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain to create an exhilarating dining experience in the heart of Manama. Drop by and toast the past, present, and future at the historic Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain, where history, people, and flavor meld.\ 142 Old Exhibition Road, Hoora, Manama 142 Telephone : +973 1729 1569

TGI FRIDAY’S TGI Friday’s is an international casual dining restaurant known for its great menu, joyful waiters and the signature interior which make dining a truly enjoyable and fun experience. \ Level 2, City Centre Telephone : +973 1717 9041



Burgers. Ribs. Fajitas. All that and a lovely, warm atmosphere make Chilli’s the perfect choice for when you want to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family. \ Various Location Telephone : +973 1772 3918

Not confined to any decade or era, Johnny Rockets combines the best elements from a century of American dining history to create an experience and menu that are relevant today…and will be, for decades to come. Opening hours: 8am 1am daily. \ Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 1199

American chain restaurant offering sizable portions from a vast menu including signature cheesecake.\ The Avenues Bahrain Telephone :+973 1777 2826



Dairy Queen offers a wide range of ice cream, cake, desserts and beverages. \ Various Locations Telephone : +973 1603 4504

In the heart of Juffair this restaurant is known for and proud of its home style cooking. Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. Telephone : +973 1772 5550


TONY ROMA’S Tony Roma’s is a full service, casual dining family restaurant where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in locations across the world.\ Zayed Town, Unit 5, Manama Telephone :+973 1787 0070

BIG TEXAS BARBEQUE & WAFFLE HOUSE Big Texas Barbecue & Waffle House serves a great variety of American sandwiches. \ Best Western Olive Hotel, Manama Telephone :+973 1736 0063 113

RESTAURANTS ROUTE 66 RESTAURANT Route 66 Restaurant serves delicious burgers and cheesesteaks, cold subs (Delis), salads, spuds, fries and shakes.\ Best Western Olive Hotel, Manama Telephone : +973 1700 4566

IHOP For 58 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served the world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by people of all ages offering an affordable, everyday dining experience with warm and friendly service. \ City Centre Telephone : +973 1700 4566

SANDWICH GUYS Sandwich Guys serves hot, grilled sandwiches, comfort food and freshly baked desserts. Various locations: Juffair or Busaiteen or simply order for delivery \ Juffair, Busaiten or Food Truck depending Telephone : +973 1700 1518

PASSION RESTAURANT AND CAFÉ Everything stems from their passion for real, divine taste & their travels around the world in order to find them. They have a passion for quality ingredients, and creating a convivial and approachable haven for people who simply love food.\ Building 571, Road 3819, Block 338 Adliya Telephone : +973 1363 2103

GOLD LABEL BURGERS GLB’s ultimate goal is to serve premium quality products at the most reasonable prices possible. GLB’s serves burgers, pizza, french fries and a few others\ Road 1205,، Building 227, Shop 227, Block 912, Riffa Al Gharbi, Bahrain West Riffa Telephone : +973 1779 9994

EXPLOSION BURGER Explosion Burger is an American concept of a fast casual restaurant with amazing ambience, taking you back to the 1950s. Their big range of burgers are made with 100% fresh halal meat.\ Seef Mall, Muharraq Telephone : +973 1700 2717


SHAKE SHACK The first ever Bahrain Shack is servin’ up hand spun shakes on the 2nd floor of City Centre Bahrain. They’ve got all of the Shack classics for shoppers looking to pair good shopping with good taste.\ City Centre Bahrain 2nd Floor Manama, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1711 0389

WINGMAN Chicken wings. It’s all about chicken wings. And oh, my, they are delicious! \ Road 2319،, Riffa Telephone : +973 1749 4940


operations in the middle east .\ Riffa views/A’ali /Durrat Al barain Telephone : +973 7766 6999

CHAI CAFÉ Chai Cafe proposes a modern take on the traditional tea concept, specialising in traditional Bahraini tea, along with various blends of coffee served in glass cups or hand painted ceramic cups, homemade sandwiches, pastries and authentic Bahraini breakfasts. \ Shop 257 Road 16, Block 412, Manama, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1700 1727


Tony Luke’s is a sandwich shop that specializes in Philadelphia favorites including cheesesteaks and chicken cutlets.\ Juffair Telephone : +973 1749 4941

Emmawash delights guests with a variety of traditional dishes and recipies the restaurant’s chefs learnt from their mothers. \ Budaiya and Hamala Telephone :+973 1730 3030 / +973 1739 0031



BASTA 23 Basta 23 aims to restore traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and become an internationally recognized concept. The restaurant has a reputation for the highest quality at an affordable price and a décor style that is unmatched outside the finest five star

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Traditional Bahraini breakfasts (eggs with tomatoes, dahl, samboosas) + other treats like hamburgers made with local ingredients. Family spot in a clean and well appointed restaurant.\ Budaiya Telephone :+973 1700 7100

LUMEE STREET CAFÉ 7 days a week, 8:30AM - 11:30PM Lumee is devoted to capture the essence of Middle Eastern street food in a café deli and a contemporary setting with exciting flavours from Bahrain and the Gulf. \ Al A’Ali Mall, Seef, The Avenues Mall Telephone :+973 1733 3747

NASEEF CAFÉ Selection of a great variety of traditional food: delicious and authentic. Good place to enjoy with friends & families for breakfast, lunch or dinner.\ Seef and Manama Telephone : +973 1722 3333

SAFFRON AL AREEN Saffron al Areen has a splendid interior that abounds in majestic shades of gold and maroon, with a beautiful high ceiling, traditional Middle Eastern accents and a spectacular view of Al Areen’s grand outdoor pool. New menu inspired by modern Khaleeji and Indian dishes. \ Al Areen Palace Telephone :+973 1784 5000

BAR FOOD CASA LOUNGE Shades of Oak and yellow surroundings, brightened with natural sunshine, Casa Lounge provides that chic and stylish setting with stylish décor and the comfiest furnishings all in a Moroccan style.\ Mercure Grand Seef Telephone :+973 1758 4400

CHAMPIONS SPORTS LOUNGE Chill out with your friends in this lively Champions Sports Lounge!\ The K Hotel Telephone :+973 1736 0000

DOWNTOWN Unwind after a busy day over one drink or two, while treating yourself with homemade Tex Mex cuisine prepared by their talented Chefs. \ Intercontinental Regency 4pm to 2am Telephone : +973 1722 7777

SENSES LOUNGE Senses Lounge offers healthy and light snacks, high tea, coffee, non-alcoholic cocktails and mocktails, cakes, pastries, khaleeji fusion cuisine for you to indulge and recharge your senses with a culinary adventure. \ Al Areen Palace and Spa Telephone : +973 1784 5000


SKYW@LK CAFÉ Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find this contemporary yet cozy café, on the ground floor. Enjoy international cuisine, and even keep connected with free Wireless Internet access available onsite.\ Mariott Executive Appartments Building 864, Road 2414, Block 324, Al Fateh, Manama 76151 Bahrain Telephone : +973 1736 3999

T SPOON Chic café serving the finest selection of teas and coffees from around the world. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a break at any time, T Spoon is an ideal venue for anyone seeking a refreshing cup of coffee or a fresh juice. \ The Westin City Centre Telephone :+973 1717 1000

THE DELI Grab a quick bite from the Deli Shop, an ideal location for a great coffee or a flavourful cup of tea.\ Building 65, Road 4003, Block 340, Juffair P.O. Box 13220 Manama Telephone : +973 6631 6666

THE GALLERY LOBBY LOUNGE MOVENPICK Enjoy a beverage and a light meal in the comfortable atmosphere that’s made even more cosy by the delightful background music. If you’re in for a treat, also taste the grandeur of their spacious atrium lobby and the magnificent views of the pool and the lagoon. \ Movenpick 24009, Muharraq Telephone :+973 1746 0000

THE GALLERY LOBBY LOUNGE ART ROTANA Overlooking the dancing fountain, Gallery Lobby Lounge captures natural light elements and stands out for its stunning setting. The Gallery Lobby Lounge is centrally located in the hotel, making it the perfect place to socialize while listening to the soothing tunes of music. \ ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands Telephone :+973 1600 0111

THE RITZ GOURMET LOUNGE Spend an elegant time with friends and family around various coffee, homemade breads, croissants, richly decorated desserts, chocolates, ice cream and caviar or savor new items on the menu like Foie Gras Terrine, Organic Chicken with Espelette Chili, Pistachio and Spiced Pineapple Cake and Chocolate Mille Feuille.\ Building 112, King Mohammed VI Avenue Block 428, Al Seef District Telephone : +973 1758 6499

TILLY’S Little café located in Barbar’s Jawad Dome, which boasts cosy indoor seating and a lovely outdoor area surrounded in greenery. \ The Jawad Dome, Barbar Barbar, Al Mintaqah Ash Shamaliyah Telephone : +973 1769 1358

VAVIN Multicultural cuisine. Experience the glamorous elegance of life. Indulge with Vavin. \ Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 0110 115

RESTAURANTS VERANDA Veranda’s concept is ‘feel at home’, enjoy good food and shisha, with screens broadcasting international sports, rooms to sit and read, and a patio for cooler months. \ Various Locations Telephone : +973 1771 5868

ESPRESAMENTE From the perfect espresso in every conceivable form, to a complete selection of refreshing beverages, delicious snacks and desserts can be enjoyed at any time of the day at the Espressamente Illy Café \ 6 Palace Avenue, P.O. Box 30, Manama, Telephone : +973 1753 3533

AN NADA The cocktail lounge is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a drink in a warm, comfortable atmosphere with live entertainment, beverages and friendly service. An Nada creates the right mood to connect and relax \ 6 Palace Avenue, P.O. Box 30, Manama, Telephone : +973 1753 3533

CHINESE BEIJING CHINESE As a fine dining restaurant Beijing Chinese offers both Authentic Chinese and Modern Asian Cuisine to their guests. \ Villa 576, Road 3819, Block 338, Adliya Telephone : +973 1771 7969

CHINA GARDEN Designed in a modern Oriental style, offers a varied selection of food influenced by distinct Chinese regions including Chinese Dim Sum and Peking duck, all prepared by a team of renowned Chinese Chefs . China Garden is rumored to have been one of Micheal Jackson’s favourite restaurants when he lived in Bahrain.\ The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Telephone :+973 1771 3000

CHING Variety of chinese and seafood dishes. \ Seef Mall Telephone : +973 1756 4424




Chinese restaurant in Adliya Manama. \ Road 2719, Manama 1234 Telephone : +973 1771 7717

Dining experience. Each dish on their menu is prepared using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.\ City Centre / The Avenues Telephone : +973 1711 0380 / +973 1711 0569

DAVID’S STIR FRY CRAZY Chinese restaurant in Adliya Manama \ Building 228, Road 3605, Block 336, Adliya Manama Telephone : +973 1754 0188



From the 50th floor of the Hotel, this exclusive destination dazzles with innovative Asian cuisine, elegant art deco inspired design, and stunning views of the city skyline. The menu features Wolfgang’s signature, modern take on traditional Asian cuisine.\ The Four Seasons, Bahrain Bay Telephone : +973 1711 5046

Umm Al Hassam, Manama 337 Telephone :+973 1772 2199


FIRST CHINESE Chinese restaurant in Adliya Manama.\ Adliya Telephone : +973 1771 3603

HONG KONG Chinese, Seafood, and Vegetarian delicacies. Dine in and home delivery to many areas in the Kingdom.\ Villa 61, Um Al Hassam, Avenues Block 339,، Manama Telephone : +973 1772 8700

KOWLOON Traditional Chinese restaurant with an authentic atmosphere. \ Umm Al Hassam, Manama, Telephone :+973 1330 7070

MAGIC WOK Skilled and innovative Chefs in Magic Wok’s kitchens have revisited classic recipes, and created a menu full of freshness and flavour. \ Shabab Avenue Manama Telephone : +973 1750 6070

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Serving authentic Chinese cuisine. Walk through the dramatic entrance and elegant décor with an inviting atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner or a casual get together. Open daily except Saturday from 7.00pm to 11.30pm\ Sheraton Bahrain, 6 Palace Avenue, P.O. Box 30, Manama, Telephone : +973 1753 3533

CHOCOLATIERS CREOLATE CHOCOLATIER Luxury chocolate boutique. specializing in customizing chocolates from the manufacturing to the packaging process. \ Manama Telephone :+973 7777 7447

UPDATE Boasting different selection of dates and more! Indeed Bahraini products freshly made everyday! Telephone : +973 1700 2100

GODIVA Gold ballotins, signature truffle assortments, biscuits, coffee, cocoa, seasonal novelty chocolates, gift baskets, wedding & party favors.\ City Centre / Seef Mall Telephone : City center: +973 1721 1005 Seef Mall: +973 1758 0699

HOTEL CHOCOLAT City Centre \ +973 1717 9779

LE PAPILLON Chocolates & Sweet shops .\ P.O. Box 2214, Salmaniya Telephone : +973 1725 5542

MAYA Maya la Chocolaterie is a unique chocolate bar serving the best quality chocolate desserts, pastries, drinks along with a unique chocolate retail. \ Seef Mall, Shop 1390, Seef District 0428 Telephone : +973 1758 3368

MINI DELIGHTS Great variety of desserts that are perfect for every occasion.Over 34 Flavors of mini cheesecakes ranging from fruits, nuts, chocolate and traditional flavors.\ Building 1496, Shop 11, Road 85, Block 502،, Budaiya Highway، Telephone : +973 1759 5254




Serves lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks \ Block 328 , Road 28 , Building 142, Flat 52 P.o. Box 1027, Alsuqayah, Manama Telephone : +973 7730 0777

Offering a selection of gastronomic delights, Keizo’s guests can choose from an extensive international a la carte menu. Relax and enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the resort’s idyllic charms.\ Building 2048, Road 6232, Block 1062، Al Areen Palace & Spa، Sakhir 976 Telephone : +973 1784 5000

HASH HOUSE Fun in food while pulling from the experiences of farm fresh agriculture, livestock, and old recipes with a twist. \ Adliya, Road 3819, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 5094


\ Salmabad, Telephone : +973 3537 8182

With a trendy, casual, street style ambience, Wok Station uses high quality, healthy, farm fresh ingredients to offer an internationally influenced menu inspired by cuisines from China, Japan, Korea, Burma and Thailand. \ Galleria Mall, Zinj Telephone : +973 7757 0570




Patchi chocolate, boxes and gift arrangements invite you to share sensational generosity while experiencing the irresistible, elegant and innovative. Patchi adds a touch of exclusivity to your seasonal and every day gifts and celebrations.\ Manama and Arad Telephone : +973 1725 0501

EAST ASIAN BAAN SAENG THAI Authentic Thai cuisine. Specializes in seafood items thus catering to the palate of all seafood fanatics in Bahrain.\ Sheikh Isa Avenue, P.o. Box 26600, Adliya Telephone : City center: +973 1721 1005 Seef Mall: +973 1771 0467

Thai food that has you covered regardless of the hour. The Tom Yum soup is simply brilliant and there’s nothing on the menu that wouldn’t win plaudits down any Bangkok alley.\ Manama Telephone : +973 3923 8507

HOUSEBOAT Houseboat brings to the Kingdom the essence of Asia, taking diners on a gastronomic journey across India, China, Japan and Thailand. From traditional curries to tandooris, makis, sashimis, stir fries and chow meins \ Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 0321

MEISEI Lunch, dinner or drinks: Japanese cuisine for every occasion.\ Building 951, Road 3830, Block 338, Adliya P.o. Box 684 Telephone :+973 1700 7770

MONSOON Tribute to the palaces of Bali and temples of the orient. As a destination for authentic cuisine from the Far East, Monsoon serves Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese in a traditional Asian setting. Tatami room for large parties, sushi bar and outdoor Oriental veranda.\ Adliya Road 3816, Manama Telephone : +973 1774 9222

NU ASIA Nu Asia authentically offers a variety of food from India, China, Japan and Thailand. Enjoy tandoori delicacies, colourful stir fries, exotic curries, fresh Sushi and much more. \ Isa Town / Juffair / Budaiya / Al Aali Telephone : +973 1787 0222

PAN ASIA Asian Fusion Restaurant in Umm Al Hassam, \ Villa 323، Road 3709, Manama Telephone : +973 1772 1600 117

RESTAURANTS L’AVENUE Budget restaurant at The Avenue Saar L’Avenue\ Saar Telephone : +973 1700 0111

MASSO Supported by its own organic garden, the cuisine of Masso is rustic in its simplicity, genuine and inspired by local products and produce harvested daily. \ Building 212 inside The Palace Boutique Hotel Road 3208 Block 338, Manama Telephone : +973 1772 1061 LA FONTAINE



Thai restaurant at Hoora Bahrain \ Road 1807, Manama Telephone : +973 1753 0800

Vietnamese restaurant \ Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Telephone : +973 1763 6363



Enjoy the contemporary décor, stunning city views from the 24th floor and the tempting menu of modern Japanese cuisine \ R24th floor, The Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa Seef District Telephone :+973 1711 1999

Feast your senses on a vibrant blend of cultures as WU takes you on a culinary journey through the Far East. The carefully selected dishes are served in portions perfect for sharing to ensure an exciting and evolving dining experience. \ ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands. Telephone :+973 1600 0111

THAI EXPRESS Thai Express is synonymous with delicious wholesome food, authentic flavours, crisp, garden vegetables and fresh seafood that make your meal a delight every time! \ Shabab Avenue Manama Telephone :+973 1750 6070


Huge selection of Thai Food \ Road 3806, Block 338, Adliya, Manama 55188, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1771 7040

The fine dining restaurant at La Fontaine centre of contemporary treats food as an art form, where every single detail is taken into consideration.\ 92 Hoora Avenue Manama 306 26243 Bahrain Telephone : +973 1723 0123



Cuisine served with style in unique, comfortable surroundings. The CAVE menu has a dish for every appetite! \ The Lagoon Park Telephone :+973 1603 0202

Extravagant buffets offer a blend of Arabic breakfast, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine, whilst the all day dining menu provides a great choice of small plates ‘tapas’ style and sandwiches, and the a la carte menu delivers a culinary journey around the Mediterranean sea.\ Building 112, King Mohammed VI Avenues Block 428, Al Seef Distric Telephone : +973 1758 0000


THE NOODLE HOUSE Think the ultimate in Asian flavours and a whole lot of noodles. Simple menus. Delicious recipes from the best taste hot-spots across Asia, delivered from their kitchen to your table or your door. \ Seef Mall Telephone : +973 1766 6353

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ZOE Zoë brings the spirit of New York to the heart of Bahrain. With a contemporary menu, Zoë introduces creative culinary techniques with a lively atmosphere for our clientele. \ Building 100, Road 3803, Block 338, Manama Telephone :+973 1771 6400

FRENCH CAMELOT Petit chateau, located in the heart of Adliya, will transport you to a mood where time slows and dreams flow. Known for its quality dining, relaxed ambiance, adaptive environment and majestic interiors, Camelot offers an international that well suits various dining interest and expectations.\ Adliya Telephone : +973 1771 7745

CHEZ ALAIN Chez Alain is a French upscale fine dining restaurant. Premium choices of imported meat, fish, shellfish are served. \ Reef Island, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1723 1945

CAFÉ LILOU Café Lilou has a décor that is reminiscent of a turn of the century Parisian brasserie with its velvet couches, red-tasseled curtains and gold-gilded frames. The café has an upstairs balcony that is done up in velvet upholstery and polished wooden floors. The banisters leading up to the balcony are made of wrought-iron. The comfortable couches at Café Lilou make it a great spot to settle in for a leisurely cup of coffee or tea. Their tea list is HUGE! A huge glass cabinet displays a mouth-watering array of freshly made cakes and pastries. \ Manama Telephone : +973 1771 4440

LE DOMAIN Le Domain [34] is a Mediterranean themed restaurant, with its speciality being the finest fresh local and international fish. \ Building 365, Block 317, Road 1705, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Telephone : +973 1600 0000

MARZIPAN Marzipan is a restaurant concept created to impress. A true marvel of interior design with an equally marvelous menu. Items have been innovatively crafted to bring together the delicious flavors of two cultures, the Middle East and Europe. \ Flat/Shop: 40, Block: 331, Road: 20, Building: 130, Area: MANAMA / BUGHAZAL. Telephone :+973 1750 4050

PAUL A very successful international brand, part of France’s culinary and cultural heritage, catering to the French way of life in its selection of bread, viennoiseries, pâtisseries, sandwiches, soups and salads.\ City Centre Telephone : +973 1717 2321

GREEK ATTIC Attic is a retro Greek kouzina located in the upbeat Adliya neighborhood of Bahrain’s capital. Their menu takes inspiration from all corners of Greece & is designed for sharing. The food brings together simple, fresh ingredients to create innovative, flavorsome dishes for all to enjoy \ Al Adliya, Manama, Road 306, Block 338, Building 4 Telephone :+973 1771 7780

INDIAN AKBAR The exquisite Indian restaurant serves traditional Indian cuisine favorites. Choose from a wide selection of Kebabs, Grilled dishes seafood as well as traditional curry dishes and specially mixed ‘Masala’ from the northern region of India.\ Building 242, Road 333, Block 321 Gudaibiya Avenue Telephone : +973 1729 6660

ASHA’S The world renowned Asha Bhosle, the legendary Indian artiste, with her own unique

MARZIPAN and distinctive voice, has translated her second passion in life into the latest concept of cooking to hit the culinary scene \ City Centre Telephone : +973 1717 9751



Lanterns is an exclusive high profile restaurant with its striking design of age old traditional set up and casual atmosphere making it a mystically beautiful and interesting place to dine while reflecting the moods and colours of India. \ Adliya , Budaiya, Riffa, Juffair Telephone : Adliya: +973 1724 6777 | Budaiya: +973 1759 0591 Riffa: +973 7736 6333 Juffair: +973 1766 6517 | Durrat: +973 7777 0004

Authentic Indian dishes with lunch promotions and deals\ Adliya, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 7008

COPPER CHIMNEY Copper Chimney takes you on a culinary journey of exploration and celebration of food, culture, and tradition.\ Building 797, Road 3919, Block 339, Area Um Al Hassam, Manama 547 Telephone : +973 1772 8699

CURRY TREE Currytree is a first class Indian cuisine restaurant.\ Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1603 0661

Proper Indian food in a proper Indian restaurant\ Ramee International Hotel Juffair Telephone : +973 3838 1615


MEWAR HAVELI Mewar Restaurant guarantees a variety of spices, herbs and ingredients that are infused into every single dish. Our robust offering that complements traditional masterpieces with modern touches will usher guests into a new and royal Indian cuisine experience. \ Galleria Mall, Zinj Telephone : +973 7502 0000 119



Shabab Avenue Juffair Telephone : +973 1782 5333

MUMBAI SPICES The restaurant delivers the authentic spirit of Mumbai and the traditional taste of Indian cuisine. \ Osama Bin Zaid Avenue Manama Telephone : +973 1721 1400

NATTINPURAM Nattinpuram is a family restaurant that specializes in Kerala cuisine and adds a pretty good punch of Mughlai and Chinese dishes as well. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.\ Road 2004, Manama Telephone :+973 1729 0600

NIRVANA Take a special journey to India, a magical land of spices. Dine like royalty at The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain Nirvana restaurant, featuring delectable Indian specialties, live music and vibrant décor.Serving: Lunch, Dinner \ Building 112, King Mohammed VI Avenue, Block 428, Al Seef District Telephone : +973 1758 0000

RASOI BY VINEET Rasoi by Vineet is a fine dining restaurant in Bahrain. Offering a modern interpretation of traditional Indian style, the décor uses vibrant colours, imaginative artworks and sparkling crystals to create a dramatic interior \ The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Telephone : +973 1771 3000

SANGEETHA Sangeetha Vegetarian Delights is one of the best First Class Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Bahrain.\ Near Awal Cinema, Sheikh Isa Avenue, Gudaibiya, Manama, Telephone :+973 1727 2768

SARAVANAA BHAVAN Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes and subtle variations to popular dishes. Aromatic Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. This is the unique formula, Saravana Bhavan, chain of Indian vegetarian restaurants follow, to build their businesses across the globe. \ Road 905, Manama Telephone : +973 1724 5577



The restaurant offers a fresh, contemporary Indian dining experience which highlights tastes from all over India. Sample several signature dishes which set the restaurant apart and discover the Spices experience. \ Crowne Plaza, P.O. Box 5831, Diplomatic Area Manama Telephone : +973 1753 1122

Fresh and funky in its style, Café Sayah is open 24 hours. The in house restaurant serves as a modern and lively Café where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack of your choice Arabic, continental, English or American.\ Hotel Delmon International, Manama Telephone :+973 1722 4000

INTERNATIONAL AL SAFIR All day dining restaurant serves multi cuisine preparations in a relaxed ambience. Guest can enjoy a sumptuous buffet spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with an option of a lavish a la carte menu. \ 6 Palace Avenue, P.O. Box 30, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone :+973 1753 3533

AL WAHA A popular dining spot within the Gulf Hotel where guests can enjoy dishes from all over the world. Diners are spoilt for choice with an extensive array of buffet fare featuring local and international dishes, as well as an impressive variety of Bahraini dishes. \ The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Telephone : +973 1771 3000

AL WASMEYAH Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant features a splendid array of international dishes from its breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. \ Golden Tulip Building 5, Road 339, Block 317, Diplomatic Area 1299, Telephone : +973 1 753 5000

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CHOICES Choices is an all day dining restaurant, featuring a wide variety of innovative culinary delights from around the world, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet style in addition to a delicious à la carte menu. \ ART Rotana Amwaj Island Telephone :+973 1600 0111

EATERY Venture on a journey in which rustic delights from tuscany combine with the rich food of the maharajas of lake city. A confluence of philosophies where quality meets excellence, where aspiration leads to attainment and where food is passionately elevated to art. \ Villa 1858, Road 3374, Saar Avenue, Near Saar Cinema Telephone : +973 1779 0348

FIGS & OLIVES Figs and Olives is an all day café, boulangerie and patisserie situated on the 16th floor. Here you will find a wonderful selection of ‘homemade’ bread, or be tempted by some mouthwatering cakes, gateaux or chocolates. You will also find a wide selection of speciality teas and coffees.\ Building 365, Block 317, Road 1705 | The Domain Bahrain, Manama Telephone :+973 1600 0222

RESTAURANTS the hotel’s signature restaurant, offers the creative harmony of its extravagant buffets that feature culinary treasures with international diversity. Opening hours : 06:30 23:00, every day .\ Mercure Grand Hotel Seef Road 2827, Al Seef District Telephone : +973 1758 4400



Olivos renowned international buffet offers a dining venue for every event and taste. \ Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel Residence & Spa Diplomatic Area Telephone : +973 1753 1666




Fusions never stops creating the most imaginative dishes for you. Where East meets West.\ Gulf Hotel Bahrain Building 11, Road 3801، Manama, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1771 3000

Dynamic menu. Satiate your palate with their signature dishes, expansive breakfast, and daily themed culinary fare. Lemon Tree serves various Mediterranean, Indian, Arabic, and Asian cuisines.\ Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa Manama, Bahrain 1153 Telephone :+973 1711 1999

Elite Resort & Spa Muharraq Telephone : +973 1731 3333

JIM’S RESTAURANT Irish restaurant & Garden.\ 13 Osama Bin Zayed Avenue, Adliya, Manama 338 Telephone :+973 1771 0654

LE BATEAU Le Bateau is a well known name in Bahrain with a wide variety of breads, vienoisseries savories, cakes and pastries. Le Bateau specializes in celebration cakes such as birthdays, graduations and wedding anniversaries. \ Building 656, Road 1311, Block 913, Bukuwarah Building 338A, Road 3, Block 803, Baghdad Avenue, Tubli. Telephone : +973 1749 1145 / +973 1700 6197

LINKS Links is a large restaurant/lounge open to all visitors to the Royal Golf Club. It features a cocktail bar, an outdoor terrace and floor to ceiling picture windows offering patrons spectacular views across the golf course. \ The Royal Golf Club Road 4325,، Block 943,، Building 01513،, Almazroeia،, Riffa 123 Telephone : +973 1775 0777


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, \ Building 88, Road 351, Block 326, Adliya Bani Otbah Avenue, Manama, 5750 Telephone : +973 1774 2000

Enjoy great food, great wine, and a great atmosphere at Me & You Restaurant Lounge, the finest dining restaurant in Amwaj Lagoon. The atmosphere at Me & You is modern, trendy yet friendly. Customers also enjoy their comfortable outdoors seating area overlooking the beautiful waters of the lagoon. \ Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 0160




For a truly fun dining experience, you will want to take your family and friends to Lemon. Famous for its delicious signature dishes, friendly staff, extensive beverage list and shisha keeps visitors entertained with TV screens featuring live sports tournaments, cards and board games. \ Lagoon Park Telephone :+973 1603 0555

International breakfast, lunch, cafe and dinner.\ Building 865, Road 3828, Block 338 Manama Telephone : +973 7737 7779

NEYRAN With the look of an idyllic bistro and its charming rustic décor that gives it an authentic Mediterranean feel, Neyran,

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PASSION Multicultural food and a wide variety of drinks, sweets, café, & more.\ Passion Restaurant: Building 571, Road 3819. Block 338, Adliya Telephone : +973 1363 2103

RIMAL Offering a selection of gastronomic delights, Rimal’s guests can choose from an extensive international a la carte menu. Relax and enjoy a delicious meal while you take in the resort’s idyllic charms.\ P.O. Box 75055 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone : +973 1784 5000

SARAYA Enjoy international cuisine from Saraya. Find all day long generous buffets, Chefs at work a refreshing atmosphere between sea, pool and fountains. The perfect setting for a relaxed family brunch. \ Sofitel 105 Building 2015, Block 1055, Zallaq Telephone : +973 1763 6363

SAVEUR Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Saveur specializes in Claws seafood nights every Wednesday where you can choose from a variety of local and international seafood and fish; and create your favourite dishes from the fresh buffet.\ Westin Hotel Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway Al Seef District, Manama Telephone : +973 1717 1000



This chic restaurant offers a wide range of delicious European, Asian and Middle Eastern dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you love freshly prepared food, ask our Chef to prepare his daily specials. \ Intercontinental Regency Telephone : +973 1722 7777

SILK’S RESTAURANT Silk’s Restaurant, as the name implies, is a fusion of noted specialties from East and West. Experience fine dining with a show kitchen and a spectacular view of the lagoon and relish the food fare at the various theme nights through the week.\ Mövenpick Hotel 24009, Muharraq Telephone : +973 1746 0000

SWISS CAFÉ An all day dining restaurant serving a delicious breakfast and International buffet in a captivating display alongside a wide range of salads and pastries. A tempting à la carte menu is also available.\ Swiss Belhotel Seef, Building 1012, Road 2813, Block 0428, Al Seef Telephone :+973 6631 0041

THE K LOUNGE Sit back, unwind and relax at The K Lounge. Offering you the perfect mix of upscale ambience and comfort. \ P.O. Box 1412, Manama Telephone :+973 1736 0000

UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS Upstairs Downstairs is popular for its gourmet dining experience, its brunches, and fantastic live music and entertainment on the weekends with frequent guest musicians from the UK, South Africa and around the world. \ Building 754, Road 3825, Adliya Block 338, Manama Telephone :+973 1771 3093

ZYTOUN Zytoun is Novotel’s main restaurant, it displays a feast of international and Middle Eastern treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. a la carte service is available 24h. Arabic Brunch every Friday and BBQ night every Thursday. \ 121 Sheikh Hamad Causeway P.O. Box 11073, Manama Telephone : +973 1729 8008



400 Gradi offers a wide variety of deliciously handcrafted Italian cuisine, using the finest Italian ingredients to give guests the most complete Neopolitan experience outside of Naples.\ The Avenues Mall Telephone :+973 1711 0618

Chandelier assures an excellent Italian dining experience at a very economical price.Great pride is taken in the preparation of food menu offering only freshest and finest ingredients prepared with sensitivity and care. The perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous lunch or luscious dinner. \ Lagoona Beach Luxury Resort & Spa, Avenue 63, Budaiya. Telephone : +973 1663 0000




AL FORNO’s menu combines traditional Italian cooking with a contemporary touch to appeal to the food lovers\ The Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 0528

BACI Comfortable surrounding with a sea view state of the art Interior design connecting to a luxurious staircase that leads you to their elegant and cozy lounge. Baci Italian cuisine offers numerous signature dishes with an expanded list of delicious plates.\ World Trade Center P.O. Box 31020, Manama Telephone : +973 1753 3666

CAFÉ ITALIA Café Italia is an ambiently lit, chic restaurant, great for a romantic date with your spouse or a quiet dinner.\ Adliya, Building 753 Road 3825, Block 338, Manama Telephone : +973 1774 4774

CASERECCIO Authentic Italian dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and served up in a homely atmosphere for you to create cherished memories, with family and friends \ 5720 Road, Al Muharraq, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1600 1010

Cucina Italiana takes great pride in delivering the highest quality dishes prepared with only the freshest and ،best hand picked ingredients, maintaining traditional Italian cooking techniques.\ Juffair Telephone : +973 1700 1317

FLAMMA Fresh ingredients, homemade pasta, appetizer buffet, light room or terrace with sea view: welcome to Fiamma Italian restaurant in Bahrain. Let yourself be tempted by the tasty pizzas just out of the wood oven.\ Sofitel 105 Zallaq Highway | Building 2015, Block 1055, Zallaq, Manama, Telephone : +973 1763 6363

FATTO Pizzeria & Trattoria revived in an old Italian flour factory through a story of love, food and the family table.\ Road 2827, Restaurant 2214, Al Seef 0428, Seef Telephone : +973 6677 8822

GUSTO Simple Italian restaurant that serves good food a casual place for family time.\ Palm Square on Budaiya Highway,، Road 455, Jannusan Telephone : +973 1769 5556 123

RESTAURANTS IL CAPO PIZZA New York pizza is baked in a real oven not an automatic conveyer. What they promise is pizza, the way it’s been done\ Hidd Al Hidd Avenue near to Al Hidd Municipality Juffair Al Shabab Avenue, Next to Starbucks. Telephone :+973 1726 2626

IL GIARDINO Elegantly nestled in the gardens of the Oasis, IL Giardino offers a scrumptious selection of international dishes with spectacular views of the poolside, and verdant gardens.\ Building No 600 , Road 2808, Block 428, Al Seef District Telephone :+973 1736 0300 www.

LA CUCINA Quiet and romantic atmosphere. Delicious meals.\ Adliya Telephone :+973 1711 1131

LA PERGOLA The new interior features ideal Italian decor with a chic wine rack, showcasing authentic Italian winery.\ The Gulf Hotel Telephone : +973 1774 6419

LA TAVERNA You will be taken away by the exquisite and rich flavors of their carefully curated authentic dishes, that have been keeping loyal clients coming back for more. The restaurant also boasts an outdoor lounge where guests can dine while taking in the serene yet vibrant resort feels.\ Coral Bay Al Fateh Highway, Manama Telephone : +973 1731 2700

LUIGI’S At Luigi’s, they understand that it’s all about the flavour and sharing good food with friends. Most of the products are local. Whether you’re after a warm thin crust pizza baked in their special oven, handmade raviolis or a healthy and crunchy salad after school or work, you’ll savour every bite and sip.\ Nakheel Centre Building 789, Road 1322, Magabah, Block 513 Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone : +973 1769 3533




Medzo is an urban and comfort dining Italian restaurant with a cheerful atmosphere, housed in a sleek dining room. It is ideal for entertaining.\ Intercontinental Regency Telephone : +973 1722 7777

With a passionate and simplified approach, the Oliveto experience enhances your five senses; taste the finest flavors, absorb the engaging scenes, hear the pleasurable sounds, inhale the delicate aromas and feel the perfect ambiance.\ Villa 1157, Road 3834, Block 338, Adliya Telephone : + 973 1771 6747

MINO’S Italian restaurant in the heart of Adliya.\ Road 3816, Manama Telephone : +973 1774 4777

MEZZALUNA Designed and furnished with avant garde flair, Mezzaluna is a designer destination discretely hidden in a beautifully restored traditional Bahraini home.\ Adliya Telephone : +973 1774 2999

MONDO Italian fine dining meets contemporary chic in Mondo. The freshest daily ingredients and outstanding service ensures one of the finest Italian dining experiences in Bahrain.\ The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa Telephone : +973 1753 1666

NINO A fine dining Italian restaurant in Seef and Riffa, that builds on contemporary Italy fusing authentic specialties.\ Road 2827, Seef Telephone : +973 1756 6555

124 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

PASQUALE Pasquale is an Italian upscale fine dining restaurant, focusing on fresh homemade pastas and pizzas as well as a fish and meat selection prepared by their Italian Chef.\ Reef Island Marina, Manama 21423 Telephone : +973 1332 0617

MR SLICE Hey Hey Pizza on the way, Slice it, Bite it anyway you like it is on the way and everybody is excited! \ The Juffair Grand Hotel, Near Grand Mosque, Building 676, Road 4015 Telephone : +973 3235 2500

PREGO On the menu are some delicious homemade pasta dishes, a range of fresh salads, fresh fruit mocktails and mouthwatering desserts such as profiteroles and classic tiramisu. Open to the public, Prego boasts bright contemporary décor and fabulous views across the pool and landscaped gardens of the Royal Country Club.\ Royal Golf Club P.O. Box 39117 Riffa Telephone : +973 1775 0777

PRIMAVERA With a focus on local and seasonal ingredients throughout the menu, Primavera has unveiled a refreshing gastronomic line up that includes staples such as home made pasta as well as specialty dishes that spotlight an innovative fusion of Italian and local flavors.\ The Ritz Carlton Building 112, King Mohammed VI Ave, Block 428, Al Seef District Telephone : +973 1758 6499 BUSHIDO

RIALTO Authentic Italian restaurant; vibrant and trendy located in Ramee Grand Hotel and spa re launched with a sophisticated Mediterranean menu.\ Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, Manama P.O. Box 11538 Telephone : +973 1711 1974



Vapiano offers pasta, pizzas and other specialties in a modern cafeteria style setting with a bar.\ City Centre Telephone : +973 1749 1391

Hakisushi blazes with brilliant color from the beautifully presented menu to the Geisha motif adorned walls.\ Juffair Shabab Ave Telephone :+973 1772 5638




Hookah lounge and restaurant located at Amwaj Islands.\ Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 7717 1303

Located in Golden Tulip Hotel ground floor, peaceful Zen like surroundings. Restaurant features a sushi bar, teppanyaki grill counter and a la carte dining. The menu offers time honored favorites along with a variety of contemporary sushi and modern preparations. \ Golden Tulip Hotel Telephone : +973 1753 3450

ROMA is noted for its atmosphere and outstanding Italian food, featuring variety of Antipasti, Marinated Hammour, Seafood Pasta & the mouth watering dessert.\ P.O. Box 26645, Manama Telephone : +973 1772 5885

ROMANO’S MACARONI GRILL The restaurant believes when it comes to customer’s experience at Macaroni Grill, the flavors and details make the meal. Their Italian roots are infused with inventive, modern flavors, showcased in a chef driven, evolving menu.\ Juffair Shabab Ave Telephone : +973 1750 6070

ROSSO Rosso restaurant takes great pride in the food prepared for guests, made with love and attention to detail visible in every dish. They’ll ensure that your palate will be wrapped with a loving embrace of perfection each time you visit their Italian restaurant. \ ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands Telephone : +973 1600 0111

ROUND TABLE PIZZA Round Table Pizza enjoyed a heritage of creating high quality, innovative pizzas for over 51 years. RTP has always stood for freshness, innovation and craveable flavors in everything they serve \ Gardens Plaza, Manama, Telephone : +973 1616 1717

VESUVIO ITALIAN PUB & PIZZERIA Italian restaurant in Juffair.\ Juffair Mall Telephone : +973 736 2299

WOOD PIZZA PASTA Hidd Telephone : +973 1746 3003

JAPANESE BUSHIDO The grandeur of Bushido battles with your senses a visual feast for your soul. The food and ambience fit like a glove. The main restaurant, located on the ground floor, offers the possibility to dine by the window with views of the lagoon, in front of the Samurai Wall. \ P.O.Box 55577, Building 52, Road 38, Block 428, Seef Area Telephone : +973 1758 3555

KABUKI The extensive menu features all the classics sushi, noodles, teppanyaki and harder to find dishes, such as Japanese barbecue. \ Road No 4015, Juffair, Manama Telephone : +973 1761 6191

KATSUYA A full service, upscale casual restaurant, Katsuya boasts an extraordinary Japanese dining experience, distinguished by a team of highly creative chefs who pride themselves in delivering a unique experience each time. \ The Avenues Mall Telephone : +973 1711 0550 www.katsuyarestaurant/



Imari is a cool, cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant, reminiscent of the fine bone china produced by the seaside town that is its namesake. Freshly crafted Robatayaki, Sushi, Sashimi are de rigueur and little plates of Izakaya (Japanese tapas) can be enjoyed in the lounge along with Japanese inspired cocktails, beers, Saké... \ The Domain Hotel Building 365, Block 317, Road 1705, Diplomatic Area, Manama Telephone : +973 1600 0000

Combination of authentic & contemporary fusion Japanese cuisine cater to all palates. They are dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients through sophisticated methods of cooking and presentation.\ Durrat Al Bahrain Zayed Town, Juffair Telephone : +973 7700 9997, Zayed Town Telephone :+973 1744 9055, Juffair Telephone : +973 7722 5225 125

RESTAURANTS MAKI BAHRAIN Combining Japanese tradition with Mediterranean and global flavors and textures, Maki is a leader in contemporary Japanese cuisine with five award winning restaurants already established internationally.\ Bahrain World Trade Center King Faisal, Manama Telephone : +973 1752 2733

MIRAI Mirai - meaning future - is a visual and culinary delight, evoking a truly modern Japanese experience. Superb raw and cooked ingredients set new standards of culinary excellence combined with sensory delights to make your dining experience one to remember.\ Road 3803, Adliya, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1771 3113

RUKA Contemporary Japanese cuisine. With breathtaking views of Manama and the vast Arabian Gulf from the 24th floor, Ruka’s comprehensive menu offers fusion Japanese delicacies prepared with the highest quality ingredients.\ Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, Manama P.O. Box 11538, Bahreïn Telephone :+973 1711 1974

SATO Peaceful Zen like surroundings and exquisite features, including Teppanyaki rooms and a sushi bar with a smoking section.\ The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Telephone : +973 1771 3000

essence of their unique culinary voyage. Your journey to Brazil’s most authentic flavors begins there.\ Seef Mall Telephone :+973 1758 2225

BRAZIL RODIZIO GRILL & LOUNGE Family friendly, great food and good ambience.\ Building 792, Road 3630, Block 336, Adliya 336, Manama Telephone : +973 3616 1650

MEDITERRANEAN CELLAR 59 Cellar 59 represents a modern cave that winds through various private areas and boasts with an impressive beverage menu and delicious tapas options to soothe any palate. Sit back and relax as their live DJ sets the mood with great lounge music. \ ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands Telephone : +973 1600 0111

LA VINOTECA BARCELONA La Vinoteca Barcelona brings a unique culinary and oenological experience to the island. Simple philosophy; sharing a meal in the company of friends and family is one of the most nourishing forms of social interaction.\ Adliya Building 119, Road 3931, Block 338 Telephone : +973 1700 7808

SUMO SUSHI & BENTO Sumo Chefs serve up a wide variety to please any palate. From the popular bento boxes, noodle dishes and traditional sushi to the ever famous and custom created Sushi Sandwiches, Poke Bowl and Salmon Lovers Bento. Their sushi menu offers a wide range of healthy options and quality food at affordable prices.\ The Lagoon Park, Amwaj Unit 2634, Bldg 2648, Road 5720, Block 257 Telephone : +973 1335 5051

LATIN AMERICAN MED BRASA DE BRAZIL Brasa de Brazil’s authentic experience resonates as an exciting and pleasurable moment with anyone who has tried the concept. Natural tastes of Brazil are the 126 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

TAPAS BAR & RESTAURANT Surrounded by turquoise water, Tapas Bar & Restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating on the panoramic terrace overlooking the Arabian Sea. It services a wide range of exciting tapas, and cocktails. Tapas bar offers a truly vibrant and lively atmosphere with live entertainment by the Cuban band, Timeless. \ Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa . 105 Zallaq Highway, Building 2015, Block 1055, Zallaq Area Telephone :+973 1763 6363

MEXICAN BURRITO LOCO Burrito Loco offers amazing Mexican grill including tacos, burritos, guacamole and so much more. They make everything fresh at their kitchen.\ Hamala and Juffair Shabab Ave Telephone : +973 1700 2947

CASA MEXICANA A truly one of a kind dining experience as you enjoy the rich flavours from the true native Mexican Chef from Acapulco, Mexico famous for their Ceviche, Enchiladas and Tamales. Not only do they serve great food, they also offer an extensive range of cocktails featuring flavoured margaritas in the heart of Adliya. \ Building 275, Road 3606, Block 336 Adliya Telephone : +973 1771 5521


MARGARITA MEXICANA Margarita Mexicana boasts uses only the finest ingredients directly from South America. What’s more, all dishes, including tortillas and their guacamole, are freshly prepared at guests’ tables to guarantee that the menu and fine dining experience are as authentic as possible.\ The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Telephone :+973 1771 3000

SENOR PACO’S Señor Paco’s, the contemporary and upmarket restaurant, has been offering Mexican cuisine since 1988, establishing itself as the pioneer of Mexican food in Bahrain.\ Adliya Avenue Building 99, Road 36 Telephone : +973 1772 5873

MIDDLE EASTERN ABD EL WAHAB Based in the Bahrain World Trade Centre, Abd El Wahab features one main dining area downstairs and a trendy bar and lounge area upstairs.\ Moda Mall Telephone :+973 1713 1111

AL ABRAAJ Quality experience since 1987, serves new lighter dishes. Delicious and fresh. \ Various Location Telephone :Adliya +973 1771 4222

AL ARISHA Traditional Lebanese food cuisine.\ House 282, Block 339, Road 3906, Um Al Hassan Manama, Bahrain 921 Telephone :+973 1772 5414

AL FAYEZ Al Fayez is a Lebanese fine dining restaurant, with products delivered directly from Lebanon, their cuisine serves traditional Lebanese food with a cultural modernized twist.\ Reef Island Telephone : +973 1332 0612

AL MAWAL Al Mawal offers a variety of food with live entertainment.\ The Golden Tulip Building 5, Road 339, Block 317, Diplomatic Area 1299, MANAMA Telephone : +973 1 753 5000




Traditional Arabic flavors. \ Shabab Avenue, Juffair, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1721 2126

Traditional Moroccan food. \ Phenicia Tower, Hoora Telephone :+973 1731 1167

AWTAR Awtar features live Arabic music and entertainment complemented with a rich selection of drinks and mouthwatering selection of food.\ The Elite Crystal Hotel, Building 1373, Road 2423, Area 324, Juffair Telephone :+973 1736 0360

BAHARAT Fuel your morning with Le Méridien’s signature breakfast. Featuring a selection of traditional café classics like smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread, to distinctive edibles that take their flavours from local cuisine, like date brioche and shakshouka.\ Le Méridien Bahrain City Centre Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, Manama Telephone : +973 1717 1000

BEY ROUTE Located in the popular Palm Square on Budaiya road, BEYRoute is part restaurant, part delicatessen with a wall lined with authentic Lebanese products imported directly from Lebanese farms. \ Budaiya Road, Jannusan Telephone : +973 1728 0111

DE ROSA LEBANESE RESTAURANT Da Rosa Restaurant features an outstanding Middle Eastern menu with a touch of traditional Lebanese influence in an upscale and cozy atmosphere, welcoming you to a relaxing ambiance beside the pool with excellent service and interesting cuisine. Da Rosa aspires to provide the friendliest and the freshest and best tasting salads, hot & cold Mezzas, Kebab, Shish Tawook, and many more. \ Lagoona Beach Luxury Resort & Spa, Avenue 63, Budaiya Telephone : +973 1663 0000

GOLESTAN IRANIAN RESTAURANT An authentic Iranian fine dining restaurant offering mouthwatering and delicately flavored Iranian specialties and fresh oven baked breads. Golestan fuses contemporary with classic elements. \ 6 Palace Avenue, P.O. Box 30, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Telephone : +973 1753 3533

KENZA Kenza Lounge located at the 1st floor of The K Hotel Juffair. Kenza offers you live entertainment & multi cuisine. Kenza Lounge is all about dine & dance with resident band \ 1st floor of The K Hotel Juffair Manama 1412 Telephone : +973 3315 9437 127

RESTAURANTS KOSEBASI More than just a meal. It’s about an experience. Transport your taste buds hundreds of miles away to relish the familiar flavors and aromas of Istanbul, Bodrum and beyond.\ City Centre Telephone : +973 1717 2322

LEILA Authentic Lebanese Cuisine with a twist of today’s trends.\ Road 2827, Seef Telephone : +973 1756 6556

LEVANTE CAFÉ Lebanese restaurant located at The Lagoon with great terrace views.\ The Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1603 0393




Lilac offers you delicious dishes of Moroccan, Italian, Tunisian, French and Oriental Cuisines. Cooking is an art, and they constantly strive for creativity. Their doors are always open and your satisfaction is their ultimate goal! Bon Appetit.\ The Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 3908 0808

Welcoming and well decorated Iranian restaurant.\ AAli Mall, 2nd floor, Seef Telephone :+973 1758 0600

A fusion of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine to suit all tastes.\ The Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 0526



Persian Room branches out with pages of authentic, family recipes for traditional Persian dishes and stews. Be sure to spring for a pot of tea, even served with saffron sugar. Desserts are equally delicious so be sure to save room. \ The Lagoon Park Telephone : +973 1601 0166

The Shoo Fee Ma Fee philosophy comes from their desire to bring traditional and authentic Lebanese food (like the famous Lebanese starters, juicy Shawarma, Fukhara and fluffy Manakeesh) in a modern and inviting ambiance.\ Shoo Fee Ma Fee Restaurant, Road 2608, Block 326, Villa 175, Manama Telephone : +973 1731 1280



Rayés offers fine Lebanese cuisine on the island, but it also excites thanks to its ideal location, situated right on the waterfront overlooking the marina with Muharraq skyline rising off in the distance.\ Coral Bay Al Fateh Highway, Manama Telephone : +973 1731 2700

Taking inspiration from Persia’s Royal Palace of Takht Jamsheed, the chic restaurant offers a fine dining experience fit for a King. Enchanting traditional decor with the grand interior boasting dramatic chandeliers, stunning shields and swords, and imperial vases. This atmospheric setting is beaten only by the culinary gems on offer.\ Gulf Hotel Bahrain, Building 11،, Road 3801،, Manama, Telephone : +973 1771 3000

MANDALOUN A traditional Lebanese restaurant with live entertainment serving A la carte lunch & dinner.\ Monroe Hotem Telephone :+973 1729 6699

MARASH Middle Eastern restaurant.\ Seef Mall Telephone : +973 1758 7748

PARSIAN Iranian Cuisine for dine in and outside catering buffet. They also offer a lunch buffet on weekends Fridays and Saturdays. \ Villa 222 ,Road 3605, Block 336, Adliya Telephone : +973 1781 1511

PASHAWAT Discover the exotic and lively atmosphere of Pashawat and enjoy new Oriental flavors. Bahraini cuisine and Lebanese specialties combine subtly in the colorful décor of this Bahrain restaurant. Live music and belly dancing.\ Sofitel 105 Zallaq Highway | Building 2015, Block 1055, Zallaq, Manama, Telephone : +973 1763 6363

ROGINA Experience the new look, new location of Rogina newly crafted, beautifully unique, classic, sophisticated and full of casual elegance.\ Pars International Hotel P.O. Box 65356, Manama Telephone : + 973 1781 4777

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VILLA MAMAS The restaurant uses local, seasonal ingredients as the starting point for new and traditional dishes from Bahrain and Persia, and those inspired by their travels through the world.\ Block 533, Road 3374, Building 1856, Saar Telephone :+973 1730 5031

WAFI GOURMET Traditional Lebanese dishes inspired by Lebanese kitchen . Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to enjoy good food.\ City Centre Telephone :+973 1717 9999

ZAHLE The menu boasts an extensive selection of hot and cold mezze, grilled meat and regional Lebanese fare, such as beautifully presented shish kebab.\ Gulf Hotel Bahrain Building 11،, Road 3801,، Manama Telephone : +973 1771 3000



Asian Fusion dishes. Kontiki combines the unique flavors of Asia with a vast array of perfectly prepared cocktails. Whether it be at the pool bar terrace or in the more intimate and air conditioned setting of the restaurant dining room, Kontiki never fails to please. \ The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa Bahrain Telephone :+973 1753 1666




Mix of Polynesian traditions and international trend setting cuisine. The Trader Vic’s brand has always been linked to Polynesian traditions and signature dishes. New flavors and contemporary cuisine.\ Trader Vic’s, Bahrain The Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Hotel & Spa Seef Area, P.O. Box 55577, Manama Telephone : +973 1758 6555

Varieties of sea food dishes.\ Road 621, Al Maqsha Telephone : +973 1759 5775

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Seafood speciality brunch buffet with unlimited selected beverages every Friday is a must try and great value for money. This restaurant has a great atmosphere with refreshing greenery. A treat for all who loves seafood specialities! \ Juffair 340, Building 256, Road 40, 11538 Telephone :+973 1772 7230

FISHBONE Trendsetting hospitality with keen eye on culinary integrity, local relevance and price transparency! Mediterranean trattoria & seafood. Born in Bahrain by Chef Susy Massetti ! \ Novotel Al Dana Resort, Muhurraq Telephone : +973 1330 0077

SPA FOUR SEASONS SPA Bahrain Bay P.O. Box 1669 Manama Telephone : +973 1711 5000

ELITE RESORT & SPA Building 101, Area 322, Sheikh Hamad Causeway, Manama Telephone : +973 1731 3333

THAI MASSAGE Off 102, Building 462, Road 41, Juffair 341, P.O. Box 13132 Telephone : +973 1772 8787




SPA 107

Block 919, Road 1921, Villa 680 Ar Riffa` Telephone : +973 3977 6882

P.O. Box 75055, Manama Telephone : +973 1784 5000

67A, Road 1101, Block 711 Tubli Telephone : +973 7720 7107



Villa 422, Road 3009, Abu Ghazal330 Manama, 1500 Telephone : +973 1727 2484

THE GULF SPA Building 11،, Road 3801،, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 3000

Middle East Medical Center. Building 653, Road 1021, Block 110،, Hidd Telephone : +973 1746 4848




Building 999, Road 2813, Seef 11538 Telephone : +973 1711 1999

Rd 2601, Building 55, Block 326, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 3999

Building 450, Road 4611, Manama Seafront Bahrain Bay, Manama Telephone : +973 1711 6116

LA BLANCHE SALON Flat 4, Building 1832, Road 5715, Amwaj Telephone : +973 1600 6060


LA FONTAINE SPA 92 Hoora Avenue Manama 306 Telephone : +973 1723 0123


P.O. Box 20223, Bahrain Manama Telephone :+973 1758 1100

105 Zallaq Highway,Building 2015, Block 1055, Zallaq Telephone : +973 1763 6363



Bldg. 112, King Mohammed VI Avenue, Block 428, Al Seef District, Manama Telephone : +973 1758 6808

P.O. Box 10466 Saar, Budaiya Telephone : +973 1779 3932

THE DOMAIN HOTEL Building 365, Block 317, Road 1705, Diplomatic Area, Manama Telephone : +973 1600 0000

RIMAL SPA Movenpick Hotel 143 Road 2403 Telephone : +973 17 460 0051

LAGOONA BEACH Lagoona Beach Resort Entrance 26, Avenue 63, Block 555, Budaiya Telephone : +973 1663 0000

MOMMY WELLNESS GULF Shop 16, First Floor, The Courtyard, Seef Telephone : +973 1756 4333

SALON SUPPLY BAHRAIN P.O. Box 38064 Business Bay Building, Office 114, Floor 11, Road 4654, Block 346, Seef Telephone : +973 1367 0008 131


Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Falcon Gold Class Cabin

AIR ARABIA Sheikh Isa Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 1331 0444




AIRPORT OFFICE Unit 3118, Level 7.8, Bahrain International Airport. / CITY OFFICE Air India, P.O.Box 45, C/0. M/s. Yusuf Bin Ahmed, Kanoo Commercial Bldg, Phase II 4th floor, Manama, Telephone : +973 1732 1284 Email:

Shop 8, Road 357, Block 315 Salah Al Aldin Ayubi Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 1721 4466 Email:

Bahrain International Airport



Al A’ali Shopping Complex Road 2819, Al Seef Manama Telephone : +973 1758 7777 / +973 1732 1205 Email:

Bahrain International Airport Telephone : +973 8000 7777


AL NASER AIRLINES Bahrain International Airport Telephone : +973 8000 7777

6th Floor, Unitag House, Government Avenue P.O. Box 1990, Manama Telephone : +973 1758 7777 / +973 1732 1205 Email: customerservice_bahrain@

AMERICAN AIRLINES P.O. Box 589, Manama Telephone : +973 1753 1000

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DELTA World Travel Service, Unitag House 150 Government Avenue 315, P.O. Box 830 Manama Telephone : + 973 1722 5650 Email: delta.customercare worldtravelservice

EGYPTAIR 337 Ahmed Ali Kanoo Avenue Kanoo Travel Center. Um Al Hassam Manama Telephone : +973 1724 3317 / +973 1724 0171

EMIRATES 1F13 1F19, 1F68 1F70, Al Aali Shopping Complex, Block 428, Road 2827, Building 2210, Al Seef District Telephone : +973 1758 8700

ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES Bahrain Old Chamber of Commerce & Industry 32, Building 122, Road 1605, Manama Town 316 Telephone : +973 1758 8700 Email: BahSls@Ethiopian




Office 27A, Sheraton Complex, P.O. Box 5177 Telephone : +973 1751 9999 Email:

Office 12 Building 1005 Road 613 Old Palaca Avenue, Block 306 Manama Telephone : +973 1728 0440

GSA Bahrain International Travel, Chamber of Commerce Building, P.O. Box 1044 Manama Telephone : +973 1721 3054 Email:



Manama Telephone : +973 1722 7123

Unitag House 150 Government Avenue 3, P.O. Box 830, Manama Telephone : +973 1722 5650 Email:

GULF AIR Seef Mall, Road 2819, Seef Telephone : +973 1737 3737 Web:

INDIGO Unitag House 150 Government Avenue 3 P.O. Box 830, Manama Telephone : +973 1722 5650 Email:


OMAN AIR Airport Office :Bahrain International Airport City Office: Zamil Tower, Shop 29, Road 383, Block 305, P.O. Box 387, Manama Telephone : +973 1732 9255 / +973 1720 4000 Email:


Al Khalifa Road 101, Manama Telephone : +973 1722 4070 / +973 1722 4090 Email:

Kanoo Commercial Centre, Shop 40 Abi Obaidah Avenue, Manama 304 Manama Telephone : +973 1722 3808 Email:



Bahrain International Airport Telephone : +973 8000 7777

JET AIRWAYS Zamil Tower, Shop 29, Road 383, Block 305 P.O. Box 387, Manama Telephone : +973 1720 5050

KENYA AIRWAYS Telephone : +973 1722 5040 Email:

Unitag House 150 Government Avenue 3 P.O. Box 830, Manama Telephone : +973 1722 5650 Email:

QANTAS AIRWAYS P.O. Box 45 Manama Telephone : +973 1722 3919 Email:


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,Manama Centre, Government Road Bahrain, P.O.Box 565 Telephone : +973 1619 9215

Ground floor, Chamber of Commerce Building King Faisal Highway, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. P.O.Box 2335 Telephone : +973 17229 293 +973 1722 9294 / +973 1722 9295 Email:




Manama Center Govvernment Road P.O. Box 5220 Telephone : +973 1721 2299 / +973 1722 3300 Email:

SRILANKAN AIRLINES Ground Floor, Old Chamber of Commerce Building, King Faisal Road, PO Box 1044, Manama Telephone : +973 1721 1405 Email:

SYRIAN ARAB AIRLINES Bahrain International Airport Telephone : +973 8000 7777

TURKISH AIRLINES The Diplomat Radisson SAS Hotel Diplomatic Area Manama Telephone : +973 1751 6100 Email:




Building 190, Road 2803, Block 428, 21 floor office 262 &263 and 264 Platinum Tower, Al Seef Telephone : +973 1721 1550 / +973 1721 1660

LUFTHANSA Telephone : +973 1654 8922 Email: 133

CAR RENTAL SIX RENT A CAR Arrival Hall, Bahrain International Airport Telephone : +973 1740 8000 Email:

INFINITI SITRA CENTRE Building 39, Road 31, Block 608, Wadyan, Sitra Telephone : +973 1773 1773 Email:

ELITE CAR RENTAL P.O Box 15465, Adliya Telephone : +973 1772 8202 Email:




97 A, Building 339 Palace Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 1753 4343 Email:

Building 117, Road 306 Block 336, Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, Adliya Shop A0096, Building 106 Road 20, Block 331, Bu Ghazal Al Zinj Telephone : +973 1700 1214 Email:

Bahrain Innternational Airport Sheikh Salman Building, Office 1, Seef Next to US Navy Base, Juffair Telephone : +973 1756 9191

BUDGET RENT A CAR Bahrain International Airport Lagoon Park, P.O. Box 39, Amwaj Almoayyed Tower, Seef, 39 Manama Moda Mall, Manama Telephone : +973 1721 7788 Email:

TOORANCO Shop 50B, Building 70, Road 4126, Block 341, Juffair Telephone : +973 1772 8998

OSCAR RENT A CAR Bahrain International Airport Building 145, Road 18, Hoora 320, Bahrain Manama Center, Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain (Head Office) Building 104, Road 306, Adliya 327, Bahrain Telephone : +973 1721 1682 Email:



P.O Box 4255, Exhibition Road, Manama Telephone : +973 1732 1291

Bahrain International Airport Premises 126G, Avenue 10, Block 606, Sitra Telephone : +973 1732 1306 Email:



P.O Box 26045, Adliya, Manama Telephone : +973 1772 7567 Email:

Bahrain International Listings The Juffair Grande Hotel Building 676 Road 4015, 340, Gudabiya, Manama Telephone : +973 1782 5222 Email:


VALUE CAR RENTAL Shop 67A, Block 332, Road 20, Bu Ashirah, Manama Telephone : +973 1782 2050 Email:

AXIS RENT A CAR Shabab Ave, Manama Telephone : +973 3686 8663 Email:

MONTREAL RENT A CAR Bahrain International Airport Al Seef Telephone : +973 1733 9197 Email:

HERTZ BAHRAIN Bahrain International Airport Road 2012, Exhibition Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 1732 1358 Email:

Bahrain International Airport Telephone : +973 1768 2999 KANOO DAILY RENTAL 800, Road 123, Block 701, Sitra Building 959, Road 126, Block 701, Tubli South The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain (Kanoo Daily Rental Delivery/ Collection Services only) Telephone : +973 1778 4042 Email:


Building 2427, Road 555, Block 905, East Riffa, Telephone : +973 1749 0211 Email:

Bahrain International Airport The Ritz Carlton Bahrain Regency Intercontinental Bahrain Financial Harbour Telephone : +973 3737 7770 Email:




Shop 2, Dana Mall, Manama Telephone : +973 6633 1234 Email:

Bahrain International Airport Rd 2808, Seef Telephone : +973 1721 2101 Email:


Block No. 704, Road 10, Building 171 Salmabad, Central Governorate 30608 Telephone : +973 1700 0939

134 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


Ramee International Hotel Juffair, lobby Telephone : +973 7750 0577 Email:

NIGHTLIFE 777 CLUB & LOUNGE \ 1410 Road 4010, Manama Opening hours : Daily: 9pm 2am Telephone : +973 3333 8874



The cocktail lounge is a place to unwind and enjoy a drink in a warm, comfortable atmosphere with live entertainment, most diverse beverages and friendly service. An Nada creates the right mood to connect and relax. \ Sheraton Hotel Opening hours : Daily: 1pm-1am Ladies Night : Every Wednesday Telephone : +973 1753 3533

APOLLO CLUB A new nightlife destination to be explored in the heart of Juffair. A nightclub that invites guests to enjoy a mixture of entertainment from the bar to the dance floor. International DJ’s, live performance artists and much more. \ Al Safir Hotel Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 7pm-2am Ladies Night : Every night before 1am Telephone : +973 1782 7999



Chic and dramatic nightclub \ Days Hotel Building 395, Block 319, Road 1912 Opening hours : Tues Fri: 8pm-2am Telephone : +973 3947 7964

The Bay View Lounge showcases stunning views of the Manama skyline and the Bahrain Bay through its wonderful floor to ceiling windows. \ FOUR SEASONS Bahrain Bay, P.O. Box 1669, Manama Opening hours : Daily: 9am-12am Telephone : +973 1711 5000



A trendy bar and restaurant located on the 28th floor with panoramic views. Stunning venue to relax and enjoy cocktails with friends and colleagues.\ Road 2813, Building 1012, Block 0428, Manama Opening hours : Sun Thu: 4pm-2am; Fri Sat: 1pm-2am Telephone : +973 6631 0000

Presenting an element of discovery as it transforms from a lounge to a more upbeat venue at night, Bizarre is the hotel’s lounge and bar.\ Le Meridien City Centre Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, Al Seef Opening hours : Daily: 5pm-8pm. Sunday Thursday: 4pm-2am; Friday and Saturday: 12pm-12am. Telephone : +973 1717 1000


BAR DE LA PLAGE A new enhancement at the beach front restaurant, La Plage, has now arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain. Choose from a selection of fine beverages and bites. .\ The Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Hotel & Spa, Seef Area Telephone : +973 1758 0000

BLUE MOON LOUNGE A jewel on the 50th floor, this Moroccan inspired bar and lounge offers an opulent, lavishing space for guests to relax and enjoy spectacular sunsets and the twinkling lights above the bay.\ FOUR SEASONS Bahrain Bay, P.O. Box 1669, Manama Opening hours : Sunday and Tuesday 6:00pm

12:00 midnight Wednesday and Thursday 6:00pm 2:00am Friday 4:30pm-2:00 am Saturday 12:00pm 12:00am Ladies Night : Happy Hour Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 6:00pm-8:00 pm; Friday and Saturday: 4:30pm-8:00pm Telephone : +973 1711 5000

BORA BORA \ Elite Crystal Hotel Opening hours : Daily: 3pm-12am Telephone : +973 1736 0360

BRAZIL LOUNGE \ Building 792, Road 3630, Block 336, Adliya 336, Manama Opening hours : Mon-Wed: 5pm-1am Thu-Fri: 5pm-2am Sat-Sun: 5pm-1am Ladies Night : Every Wednesday Telephone : +973 3616 1650

BUSHIDO Chilling out at the Buddha Bar with a drink prepared by their talented mixologists is sure to take your spirits to higher levels. Enjoy easy listening of the chill, lounge and see the atmosphere change as night falls. \ 52 Avenue 38, Jidhafs Opening hours : Sat Wed: noon 3pm-7pm 11.30pm; Thu Fri: 7pm-2am Ladies Night : Every Thursday Telephone : +973 1758 3555 135

NIGHTLIFE CALEXICO Coming straight from Mexico, Calexico is a new resturant/bar in Adliya.\ 98 Road 3803, Block 338, Adliya Opening hours : Daily 12pm-2am Telephone : +973 1766 6644 www.calexico

CAVALLO CLUB Trendy Hip Hop, R&B & Reggaeton Nightclubs in Bahrain.\ Road 2466, Manama Opening hours : Daily: 7pm-2am Telephone : +973 1781 1811

CELLAR 59 Modern cave that winds through various private areas and boasts with an impressive beverage menu of more than 50 delicious drinks and tapas. Sit back and relax as their live DJ sets the mood with great lounge music. \ Art Rotana Road 5722, Building 2780, Block 257, Amwaj Island Opening hours : Daily: 5pm-2am Ladies Night : Every Thursday Telephone : +973 1600 0111

CHAMPIONS SPORTS LOUNGE Chill out with friends in a sporty ambience. \ The K Hotel Bahrain P.O. Box 1412, Manama Opening hours : Daily: 11am-2am Telephone : +973 1736 0000




Chill out with friends in a sporty ambience. \ The Juffair Grand Hotel Building 676 Road 4015 Block 340 Telephone : +973 3981 2397

CIGAR LOUNGE The Cigar Lounge entices with its relaxing vibe and inventive drinks menu. Featuring large LCD screens & TVs for live sports, it is perfect for match nights, friends’ gatherings and private functions. The Cigar Lounge can be easily accessible from 2nd floor. \ Awal Avenue, Manama, Block 324 Road 2417, Building 1011, Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 11am-2am Telephone : +973 3543 1458

CLUB BUFFALO Pub, dance & night club \ Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 4pm-2am Ladies Night : Every night except Thursdays Telephone : +973 3373 1000

\ Bahrain International Circut Manama,Bahrain Opening hours : Daily: 4pm-2am Telephone : +973 3838 1641

CLUB XS offers expertly mixed drinks and stunning lighting discerning how to party in style.\ Building 1161, Road 2420, Block 324, P.O. Box 11538, Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 5pm-2am Ladies Night : Every night before 12:30am Telephone : +973 3362 9243

CODA JAZZ LOUNGE Authentic Jazz bar, bistro & party lounge. \ Premier Hotel, Juffair. Road 2420, Building 1188, Block 324 Opening hours : Daily: 6pm-2am Ladies Night : Every Wednesday Telephone : +973 3434 2828

CUT LOUNGE Live music sets the tone as an effervescent crowd lines the long, stunning bar. CUT Lounge has vibrant, cosmopolitan style that highlights the breathtaking views of the Manama skyline from the outdoor terrace.\ FOUR SEASONS

136 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Bahrain Bay, P.O. Box 1669, Manama Opening hours : Monday and Tuesday: 12:00pm-1:00am Wednesday to Friday 12:00pm 2:00am Saturday 5:00pm-1:00 am Sunday 6:00pm-1:00am Ladies Night : Happy Hour Monday Thursday: 5:00pm-7:00pm Friday and Saturday: 4:00pm7:00pm Telephone : +973 1711 5000




DAVY CROCKETTS Unique woody pub provides several drinks and dishes as well as an amazing atmosphere.\ Hotel Diva Juffair Opening hours : Daily 7pm 2am Ladies Night : Every Tuesday and Wednesday Telephone : +973 3608 9534

DOWNTOWN BAR Live band in a chic ambience. \ InterContinental Regency Bahrain, P.O. Box 777, King Faisal Highway Manama Opening hours : Daily 4pm-2am Telephone : +973 1722 7777

DUBLIN Popular place for US navy and great live band. \ Ramee International Hotel, Juffair Opening hours : Daily 5pm 2am Ladies Night : Saturday to Wednesday: 9pm12am Thursday and Friday : 8pm-11pm Telephone : +973 1781 1688

ELEMENTS POOL & LOUNGE Unique moment in a green oasis in the heart of Manama.\ InterContinental Regency Bahrain Opening hours : Daily: 12pm-12am Telephone : +973 1722 7777

FLAMINGO BAR With an intimate setting and a daily live band, the Flamingo Bar is the perfect midweek destination, serving you an Asian inspired menu with touches of the local and international cuisine.\ 143 Road 2403 224 Muharraq Town Bahrain Opening hours : Daily: 2pm-2am Telephone : +973 1746 0017

GALLERY 21 Unique social hubs with a variety of culinary outlets Asia de Cuba, Gallery Cafe, Art Gallery, Genwa and Rooftop Bar.\ Building 21, Road 3801, Block 338, Manama, 338 Opening hours : Daily: 8am-2am Ladies Night : Every Wednesday from 9pm to 11pm Telephone : +973 1771 1600

W LOUNGE Enjoy the company of friends, delight in weekend Ladies’ Nights and groove to cool sounds from both the resident DJ and live band performances.\ Building 670, Road 2411, Block 324, Alsafir Hotel & Tower, Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 6pm-2am Telephone : +973 3362 9243

IRIS Iris Bahrain stands out as the ultimate bar & lounge experience with its chill vibe, artisan cocktails, great views & smooth music.\ 3832 Road Bulding 1078, Block 338, Adliya Opening hours : Mon Wed: 8pm-2am Thu Sat: 4pm-2am Telephone : +973 1721 2223

JJ’S IRISH RESTAURANT HAZEL ROOFTOP LOUNGE Hazel offers fine international cuisine, exclusive signature cocktails, live entertainment, gorgeous views of Bahrain’s skyline combined with warm hospitality. \ Road 2819, Block 338, Adliya Telephone : +973 1723 1231 www.hazel.bh7


Traditional Irish Pub where you can listen to great music from across the years or as the night birds will tell you, dance the night away with the resident DJ’s.\ Building 30 352 Building 581, Road 1807, Block 318, Al Hoora Opening hours : Sun Fri: 12pm 2am Sat: 9am 2am Ladies Night : Every Sunday Telephone : +973 3384 3005

Havana Club Cigars & Finery is a contemporary cigar lounge which offers the widest selection of cigars in Bahrain, a delicious Spanish inspired tapas menu and a very extensive beverage selection. \ Lobby level, Jumeirah Royal Saray, Al Seef District Opening Hours: 12 pm to 1 am Telephone : +973 7770 7070



KLUB 360

Ibrida, Ramee Grand’s very own club, is the heart of Bahrain’s biggest nightlife entertainment and has steadily become the best venue for the perfect night getaway to unwind.\ Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, Seef District Opening hours : 9PM-2AM Telephone : +973 3689 7378

The great British tradition of The Pub is alive and kicking with top entertainment from their resident DJ, live sport and food culminating in one of the most sociable atmospheres around.\ Diva Hotel Road 2414 Building 879 Block 324 Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 12pm-2am Telephone : +973 3648 8187

Sophisticated nightclub in Bahrain. Beautiful place for beautiful people.\ The Elite Crystal Hotel, Building 1373, Road 2423, Area 324, Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 9pm-2am Ladies Night : Every Sunday & Wednesday Telephone : + 973 1736 0300 137




Overlooking the sea and the city skyline, La Bellevue is the place to chat and mingle. Sports addict can also enjoy a large selection of sport on large screen TVs.\ Novotel Al Dana Resort Bahrain, 121, Sheikh Hamad Causeway, Muharraq Opening hours : Daily: 5pm-2am Telephone : +973 1729 8008

Rooftop lounge & terrace, classic dining British pub grub and Asian mains, live music performances | modern industrial chic interiors\ Building 829, Street 3828/3825 Al Adliya, Al Manama, Bahrain Opening hours : Daily: 5PM-2AM Telephone : +973 1724 6777

Beautiful sea view, chic and trendy design. \ The Dragon Resort Hotel, Amwaj Opening hours : 24 hours Telephone : +973 1603 9800

LA VINOTECA BARCELONA When the festive energy of Spain meets the warm spirit of Bahrain, incredible things happen. Come and discover them at La Vinoteca Barcelona in Bahrain! \ Adliya Building 119, Road 3931, Block 338 Opening hours : Mon Fri: 12pm-2am Telephone : +973 1700 7808

LEGENDS \ Ramee California Hotel, Juffair Opening hours : 24 hours Telephone : +973 1782 6001

LUXX Luxx lounge is all about you having a great time with live band entertainment. \ ROAD 4041, Awal Avenue Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 6pm-2am Telephone : +973 3334 6809

MAI TAI Traditional, trendy and exotic lounge with an atmosphere to match its concept. \ The Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Hotel & Spa, Seef Area P.O. Box 55577 Manama Opening hours : Daily: 10am-1am Telephone : +973 1758 6555

Prestige VIP club. The entire concept revolves around the idea that no matter were you are in the club your mood will be enhanced by interactive design.\ Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 6pm-2am Ladies Night : Everyday before 1am Telephone : +973 6660 0025

Where dining and entertainment meet… an unrivalled atmosphere where the resident DJ plays the latest sounds to while away the evening hours.\ Building 951, Road 3830, Block 338, Adliya, P.O. Box 684 Opening hours : Daily: 12pm-3pm and 7pm-2am Ladies Night : Every Tuesday Telephone : +973 1700 7770

Art Galleries



Janabiya Telephone :+973 3944 8486

Muharraq Telephone : +973 1700 0020



Adliya, Manama Telephone : +973 1771 2533 web:

Road No. 3212 A’ali Telephone : +973 350 80474


Um Al Hassam Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 7744 2222 web:

Store T05 Bahrain City Centre Telephone : +973 1717 8315

ARABESQUE ART GALLERY Road. 3703, Manama Telephone : +973 1772 2916 web:


NAQSH GALLERY Seef District, Manama Telephone : +973 1758 1122 web:

138 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Refined casual lobby lounge. Enjoy the pianist while sipping a cocktail or a capuccino. \ King Faisal Highway , P.O. Box 777, Manama Opening hours : Daily: 7am- 11pm Telephone : +973 1722 7777

POLO GASTROPUB English ambiance has resulted in several culinary accolades. Serving high end gourmet pub food and beverages.\ The Palace Boutique Hotel Road 382, Building 212, Block 338, Adliya Opening hours : Sun Thu: 4pm-2am Fri Sat: 12pm-2am Telephone : +973 1772 5000





Live music 7 nights a week / 3 bands a night! Home to all satellite dporting events! Kitchen open till Midnight. \ Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa Opening hours : Daily: 11am-4am Telephone : +973 1711 1999

LA FONTAINE CENTRE OF CONTEMPRARY ART Hoora Avenue, Manama Telephone : +973 1723 0123 web:

THE BAHRAIN ARTS SOCIETY Budaiya Highway Telephone : +973 1759 0551 web:

BIN MATAR HOUSE Al Muharraq Telephone : +973 1732 2549 web:




2:05 PM 85




Lively, loud and loved. Great food and great music from their live band and DJ’s. \ Ramee International Hotel Road 40, Building 256, Block 340,Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 4:30pm-2am Telephone : +973 3628 9349

Sit back, unwind and relax at The K Lounge. Offering you the perfect mix of upscale ambience and comfort.\ The KHotel Bahrain P.O. Box 1412, Manama Opening hours : Daily: 11am-2am Telephone : +973 1736 0000



Head over to Seef for the swish of a new nightlife venue in the shape of The Terrace at the gorgeous beachside Jumeirah property. The Terrace is a buzzing rooftop lounge located at Jumeirah Royal Saray. A fun dining and bar concept that offers the best mix of food, signature mixology and entertainment. \ Jumeirah Royal Saray, Block 428, Al Seef District, Manama Opening hours: Daily: 4:30pm-2am Telephone : +973 77707070

Trader Vic’s is a French Polynesian restaurant in the heart of Bahrain. \ The Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Hotel & Spa, Seef Area P.O. Box 55577 Manama Opening hours : Daily: till 2am Ladies Night : Every Tuesday Telephone : +973 1758 6555

Located in the heart of Juffair, Wembley Restaurant offers the ultimate combination of viewing live sporting action alongside an exciting and diverse menu, offering traditional pub grub with a few surprises thrown in, all of which will surely excite those taste buds. \ Building No. 1188, Road No. 2420 Block 324 Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 12pm 12am Telephone : +973 17 811 811

THE PLAYERS LOUNGE The Players Lounge is a gastropub that offers meals, drinks and entertainment of high quality. This sports bar has multiple large screen televisions, all showing matches simultaneously, allowing you to follow your team of choice. \ Building 65, Road 4003, Block 340, Juffair P.O. Box 13220 Manama Opening hours : Daily: 6pm-2am Telephone : +973 6631 6666

SHERLOCK HOLMES Pub/Restaurant with good atmosphere and selection of mouth watering foods and beverages.\ The Gulf Hotel Opening hours : Daily: 6pm-2am Telephone : +973 1771 3000

SKYBAR Chic design on a rooftop, with a beautiful view of the city lights.\ The Diva Hotel P.O. Box 75898 Al Fateh Highway, Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 12pm-12am Ladies Night : Every night before 12am Telephone : +973 1310 0131

TERRACA@28 The open air rooftop restaurant is dedicated to serving the best Belgian and German food and drinks in a relaxed friendly environment. \ The Wyndham Garden, Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 6:30PM-2AM Telephone : +973 6631 6666

TXOKO For something a little livelier, join the in crowd at Txoko lounge, for an evening of upbeat sounds, great cocktails and the glow of Manama at night. Crowning the top floor this is the place to listen, sip and mingle.\ The Domain Hotel Opening hours : Daily: 4pm-2am Ladies Night : Every night except Friday Telephone : +973 66 395 608

TYPHOON BAR & LOUNGE Lounge bar in the Gulf Hotel.\ The Gulf Hotel Opening hours : Daily: 5pm-2am Telephone : +973 1771 6395

UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS Fusion of exquisite food blended with a great atmosphere.\ Building 754, Road 3825, Block 338, Adliya Opening hours : Sun Wed: 11:30am 3pm & 6pm to 12am Thu Sat: 8am-3pm & 6pm-02am Ladies Night : Every Saturday and Wednesday Telephone : +973 1771 3093 www.upstairs

WARBLER English pub where great food, sports and entertainment comes together.\ P.O. Box 771, Block: 320, Road: 2005, Bldg: 176, Exhibition Road, Hoora Opening hours : Daily: 12pm-12am Telephone : +97317290600

140 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

WRANGLER Wild West theme bar, Hip Hop, R n B music all night long.\ Building 676, Road 4015, Block 340 Juffair Opening hours : Daily: 12pm 12am Ladies Night : Sunday, Tuesday, Friday Telephone : +973 3983 1380

WU ASIAN Feast your senses on a vibrant blend of cultures as WU takes you on a culinary journey through the Far East. The carefully selected dishes are served in portions perfect for sharing to ensure an exciting and evolving dining experience.\ ART ROTANA Road 5722, Building 2780, Block 257, Amwaj Island Opening hours : Mon Thu 7pm 11pm; Fri Sat noon 4pm, 6pm midnight Ladies Night : Every Wednesday Telephone : +973 1600 0111

ZOE Zoë brings the spirit of New York to the heart of Bahrain. With a contemporary menu, Zoë introduces creative culinary techniques with a lively atmosphere for our clientele.\ Bldg 100 Road 3803 Block 338, MANAMA/AL QUDAIBIYA Opening hours : Sat Tue noon 3pm, 7pm midnight; Wed Fri noon 3pm, 7pm 2am Telephone : +973 1771 6400





To make sure that The Guide is always close by, we have created our user friendly website and have made sure our social media pages are accessible and easy to use to ensure that you immerse yourself in Bahrain to the fullest! From traditional tourist sites, to carefully designed tours around Bahrain, to activities that’ll let you make the most of this summer. The Guide is the only handbook you need for a fun, educational, and memorable stay in Bahrain! is available in 6 different languages


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Events E R E M B D E C

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11Th Oct.2018 - 20Th Dec. 2018 Bab Al Bahrain

In the heart of Bab Al-Bahrain, specifically in its front outdoor space (the market area), the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities organizes a weekly activity every Thursday at 5pm starting 11 October, including various cultural activities from music to handicrafts, heritage, arts and food. This event is open to the public; all are invited to participate and enjoy the festive atmosphere!


DATE: 6th Dec. 8Th Dec. 2018 VENUE: The Avenues Park


12Th Oct.2018 - 31st Dec.

Bahrain National Museum

'The Stamp Seals: Hallmark of Dilmun and its Hidden Art’ draws on the permanent collection of the Bahrain National Museum and some highlights from the National Museum of Kuwait. The display illustrates an exceptional selection of seals spanning the 3rd and 2nd millennia BCE and examines the use, techniques, diversity and splendour of the Dilmun seals.

IRONMAN 70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain promises to be more than just a sporting event. It is a celebration of triathlon and Middle Eastern culture over a weekend that will keep you engaged with family friendly side events, as well as an opportunity to experience the entertaining opening and closing ceremonies. IRONMAN 70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain was the first IRONMAN event in the region and is now into its fourth year.

142 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

3rd Dec. 4Th Dec. 2018 The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel Residence & Spa

BBTC - Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference Series remain the only events focusing on technologies, project trends and equipment innovations relating to residue upgrading in refineries. It has become one of the most insightful conferences for the refining industry in the Middle East, especially as more and more focus is given to residue upgrading. The conference will take place under the Patronage of H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, with the support of the National Oil & Gas Authority (NOGA).


DATE: 27th Dec. 2018-5th Jan. 2019 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre Al Ayam Cultural Fair is a successful book sale with the participation of publishing houses from both Arab & International countries and accompanied by several distinct cultural activities.


DATE: 9th Dec. 2018-2nd Jan. 2019 VENUE: Art Center Hisham’s art career spans over 20 years. In 1993, Hisham had his first solo exhibition titled Arabian Horses held at the Bahrain Museum. in 2006. He held an exhibition at the Art Centre titled Gilgamish. In 2015. He launched a book under the same title “Gilgamesh; a passion for immortality” in six languages. Hisham Zubari returns to the Art Centre in December 2018.


DATE: 29th Nov. 2018-8th Dec. 2018 VENUE: Adliya 338 The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority hosts ‘Bahrain Light Festival’ which showcases the latest innovations in light installations by participating artists. The festival aims to attract visitors due to its vibrant atmosphere and unique displays. Hosting the festival comes as part of the BTEA’s plan to revitalize the tourism sector and attract both Bahraini visitors and tourists from the GCC countries and beyond, who are interested in visiting festivals that feature a variety of activities for families and young children.


DATE: 8th Dec. 2018-27th Apr. 2019 VENUE: Art Center VENUE: Every Saturday, 8AM - 2PM Bahrain Farmers Market targets promoting Bahrain's agricultural products and highlights the development taking place in Bahrain's agricultural sector. It also aims to contribute to improving the Bahraini farmers' income through a marketing system prepared by the Agriculture and Marine Resources to assist in meeting the farmers' aspirations. From early December to the end of April, the Bahraini Farmers Market is the place to be on Saturday mornings. The market boasts an astounding assortment of locally grown vegetables at excellent prices, as well as fun food stalls for kids and family alike! 143



DATE: 6th Dec. 8Th Dec. 2018 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre


In many cultures around the world, coffee is traditionally accompanied with chocolate, both of which represent global icons for joy, luxury, decadence and love. The 2018 Chocolate and Coffee Exhibition comprises of the most unique and flavorful concepts from around the world, all under one roof for your enjoyment. It is a festival where chocolate and coffee lovers meet in “one cup” to rejoice the beauty and sophistication of their passion.

DATE: 4th Dec. 6Th Dec. 2018 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre

This exhibition brings under one roof the beautiful concepts for chocolate & coffee lovers.

Solar energy systems STEEB Exhibition will be addressing the challenges and opportunities related to reducing energy consumption and production. The event provides a unique platform to showcase the latest equipment and services of the solar energy industry, to develop international relations and create new job opportunities into its fourth year.


DATE: 11th Dec. 12Th Dec. 2018 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre The Middle East’s flagship Specialty Chemicals event provides a regional forum for Petrochemical Suppliers, Converters, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and potential investors to showcase, network, and share knowledge & experiences across the whole value chain. Now in its 2nd Edition, ME-SPEC will be held at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre on the 11th & 12th of December alongside the Ethylene Middle East Technology Conference & Exhibition. Combined, these two shows make for an unmissable, world class networking event for delegates, visitors and investors.


to develop international relations and create new job opportunities into its fourth year.

DATE: 20th Dec. 24Th Dec. 2018 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre Bahrain International Garden Show is a platform for experts and enthusiasts to further develop their expertise and knowledge with the latest best practices in the industry. It is also an occasion for potential investors to seek profitable agricultural investment opportunities.

BITEX 2019

DATE: 26th Feb. 28Th Feb. 2019 VENUE: Gulf Convention Center Bahrain’s position as the Middle East’s most liberal information and communications technology (ICT) market, along with excellent infrastructure, has encouraged many ICT companies to base their regional headquarters in Bahrain. As we all know, information and communications technology is emerging as one of the strongest tools in the world that help people in their everyday lives. BITEX a technology exhibition held alongside with the MEET ICT Conference will bring all ICT companies under one roof to display the latest trends in their field.

144 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


DATE: 5th Feb. 7Th Feb. 2019 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre Gulf International Industry Fair explores the key industrial sectors such as aluminium, machine tools, industrial equipment, automation, steel, energy, logistics and manufacturing. It also provides a unique opportunity for the operators of industrial areas, ports and free zones to meet an interested market of decision makers in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.


DATE: 11th Feb. 13Th Feb. 2019 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre The one-stop expo for all brands to brand boosting, franchising, licensing and amazing investment opportunities. The expo will have on board the biggest and largest brand marketers in the Middle East showcasing brands from all major sectors seeking B2B and B2G opportunities. This promising event is going to be the most business focus oriented expo on networking, lead generation, investments, franchising, latest technology, innovation, workshops, and Startups.



DATE: 21st Feb. 24th Feb. 2019 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre Bahrain International Garden Show is firmly established as a leading gardening show in the Arabian Gulf. In response to the increasing demand from international gardening and agriculture companies, (BIGS) will be an expo of opportunity. (BIGS) is the perfect opportunity for exporters as well as investors in the gardening / green products / agriculture sectors and related industries, around the world, to introduce them to Bahrain market.


11th Dec. 12Th Dec. 2018 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre

Ethylene Middle East Technology Conference & Exhibition is the event for professionals looking to develop their technical knowledge and optimize their position in the fast evolving Ethylene Industry by increased operational efficiency, sustainability and excellence. This event brings together technical experts from all over the world to share practical experiences, innovative ideas and strategies for reducing costs, maximizing return and creating value on issues related to planning, design, operation and maintenance.


DATE: 23 Jan. 31 Jan. 2019 VENUE: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre Now in its 30th edition, the Autumn Fair is Bahrain’s largest rd


and most popular consumer products show. Discover and explore the huge variety of products on sale during this 9 day extravaganza. This well established retail fair showcases a wide array of merchandise from across the globe, ranging from specialty foods to textiles, and furnishings to electrical goods.


DATE: To be launched beginning of 2019 MORE INFO: The largest shopping festival in the Kingdom will be held over the course of a month, and is co-organized by Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority and Tamkeen. The new edition of the Festival will focus on many activities, a unique shopping experience filled with fun, prizes, as well as wide range of entertaining activities that will be hosted at the participating malls. 145




TIME: 8 PM onwards TICKETS: GOLD - BD 10 - SILVER - BD 8 FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 6639 5611 / +973 3655 7995 / 1600 0222 EMAIL : Love can’t be calculated, can’t be described by reason, we only have one choice: surrender by the power of love...... and even when there is no hope, love can still save us! Experience the same love and a night enriched with Fusion performances of poetry, Music and Physical expression, inspired by Al- Hallaj.


Buy your tickets now only at and mark your calendars for this one-of-akind event that will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience!

146 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019


DEC 2018

The Cultural Hall, Bahrain


NYE PARTIES RITZ-CARLTON BAHRAIN DATE : 31st Dec. 2018 VENUE : Al Noor Ballroom TICKETS : BHD 95 per adult*

BHD 25 per child, ages 4 - 12 BHD 85: From November 21 - December 10 (Advance purchase*) FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 1758 6499 EMAIL :

New Year's Eve on Broadway 148 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on Broadway and welcome 2019 in style as RitzCarlton Bahrain presents an elegant evening full of enchanting performances and extraordinary culinary presentations. Ritz Kids can also celebrate with a dedicated play area.


TICKETS: Early Bird Price - BD 55.000 net

per person

PRESTIGE CLUB / NSA: BD 50.000 net per person

ROOM PACKAGE: BD 149 net (Tickets+ Room with breakfast for 2)

FOR TICKETS: visit pay.gulfhotelbahrain. com

NYE Las Vegas Party

Gulf Hotel is bringing in the Las Vegas glitz and glamour in classic review style this New Year's Eve!!! Be thrilled and joy the iconic Las Vegas showgirls donned in rhinestones and feathers performing intricate musical numbers through the night.


VENUE : Al Nakheel Ballroom TICKETS: BD75 net per person inclusive of

an appetizing buffet with selective beverages, available at the reception. BD 10 net per child under 12 years of age to razzle-dazzle in the exciting Kids’ corner designed especially for them FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 1763 6363 Be the first to shimmer this New Year’s Eve with a glamorous affair inspired by the decorative arts era in their grand 20’s Jazz Ball. Dazzle in your pearls and suit up for a retro look, as you sway and twist to the groovy jazz tunes, live from the worldwide sensation, Electric Swing Circus. Complete your celebratory rendezvous by being the first 30 to book a Luxury Room with sea view for BD199 net inclusive of breakfast buffet and 2 New Year’s Eve 20’s Jazz Ball tickets. After the early bird promo, the rooms package will be BD229 net per room. Package is subject to availability and for a limited number of rooms only.

Sofitel Bahrain NYE 20’S Jazz Ball 149


Masquerade Party at Cellar 59 ART ROTANA

VENUE : Cellar 59 - ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands TICKETS: BD20 Net per guest with one complimentary welcome

drink & midnight toast.

FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 1600 0111 EMAIL :

Bring in the New Year with a bang at the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party at Cellar 59. From lavish decoration and outfits to game changing drinks, expect it all and more. Highlights of the evening are sets by international artist DJ Felix the Funk and our talented resident DJ. Complimentary entrance is permitted for all guests dining at any ART Rotana’s restaurants during the evening.

Night of Winter Wonderland in WU ART ROTANA

VENUE: WU Restaurant & Lounge - ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands TICKETS: Non-alcoholic package is BD29++, Alcoholic package is BD45++ FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 1600 0111 EMAIL :

For a special New Year’s to remember, join us for the Night of Winter Wonderland party at WU Restaurant. Featuring DJ Katrin Love, a live Violinist Maria and the singer Yeminlyn, this party is sure to hot up till the midnight countdown and into 2019. Dining options are just as spectacular. Showcasing a culinary journey of Asian cuisine Spanning four course set menu along with an exclusive Sushi buffet from 7pm until 11:30pm. Evening package includes a set menu and sushi buffet access with a welcome drink & midnight toss.

NYE with ABBA's Angels


TICKETS: BHD 55 net per person, inclusive of buffet and selected


FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 3994 5208 EMAIL :

150 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

Be part of an epic celebration this 31st and dance the night away with Bahrain’s one and only Abba Tribute Band – Abba’s Angels! experience a fantastic New Year’s Eve at the Grand Ambassador Ballroom and don’t miss out on a tribute night you will always remember talented resident DJ. Complimentary entrance is permitted for all guests dining at any ART Rotana’s restaurants during the evening.


TICKETS: BHD 20 for bookings till 20th of December / Subject to availability BHD 30 for bookings thereafter / Subject to availability FOR RESERVATIONS: +973 6639 5611 / +973 3655 7995 / 1600 0222 EMAIL : The Domain continues the tradition this year with their 2 floor Mega NYE party extravaganza. Welcome the New Year with a celebration like no other.

NYE Mega Party

3 DJs: DJ Sham & DJ Detour… 2 Floors… an experience that you will never forget. Be a part of Domain’s Epic New Year’s Eve Party 2018 and have a experience of a lifetime. 151

MANAMA & MUHARRAQ HOTELS & RESORTS 1. The Ritz-Carlton 2. Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain 3. Reef Resort 4. Swiss-Belhotel Seef 5. Elite Seef Residence & Hotel 6. Mercure Grand Hotel 7. Ibis Hotel 8. The K Hotel 9. Elite Crystal Hotel 10. Al Safir Hotel & Tower 11. Gulf Hotel 12. The Domain 13. The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel 14. Crowne Plaza 15. Elite Resort & Spa 16. Novotel Al Dana Resort 17. Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay 18. Wyndham Grand Manama 19. Ramada Hotel & Suites Amwaj Islands

20. The Grove Hotel 21. Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain 22. ART Rotana Hotel & Resort


POINTS OF INTEREST 1. Bahrain Fort 2. The Royal Camel Farm 3. A’Ali Pottery 4. Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre 5. Seef Mall 6. City Centre Mall 7. Wahooo! Water Park 8. Bab Al Bahrain 9. Adliya Resturants & 338 10. Flamingo Habitat 11. Al Fateh Grand Mosque 12. Coral Bay 13. Funland Centre 14. Bahrain National Museum 15. Bahrain National Theater 16. Muharraq Souq 17. Muharraq Traditional House 18. Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House 19. Seef Mall, Muharraq 20. Arad Fort 21. Dragon City 22. Khalifa Bin Salman Port 23. Visit Bahrain Main Office 24. Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park 25. Dohat Arad Park

LANDMARKS 1. Bahrain International Airport 2. Bahrain Financial Harbour 3. Bahrain World Trade Centre VISIT BAHRAIN ACTIVITIES 1. Sightseeing Tours 2. Boat Tours/Fishing 3. Luxury Yacht Charters







5 7











3 2

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21 20 22 19




1 25 17 16



14 13


16 15 14

3 12

13 10





23 8 22 11

10 This artistic representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain is not drawn to scale and does not accurately represent locations, sizes and shapes of objects and areas. Not intended for navigational purposes. Designed by Visit Bahrain. 153


1 2






154 The Guide December 18 | January | February 2019

13 14



16 10

BLOCK 338 Restaurants



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

ATTIC Calexico Cine Cafe Madeleine Mirai Monsoon Café Lilou Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant Florence La Maison Méditerranéenne Lantern’s Lounge & Restaurant Cafe Italia Camelot Restaurant & Lounge Café Amsterdam La Vinoteca Barcelona My Cafe Meisei

This artistic representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain is not drawn to scale and does not accurately represent locations, sizes and shapes of objects and areas. Not intended for navigational purposes. Designed by Visit Bahrain. 155


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1 4






6 7 8




1. 2. 3. 4.

Sightseeing Tours Desert Camp Dolphin Watching Scuba Diving


Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Al Areen Palace & Spa

POINTS OF INTEREST 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Dilmun Burial Mounds Sh. Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort Royal Golf Club Horse Racing Complex Bahrain International Circuit Camel Farm Al Areen Wildlife Park Tree of Life Al Jazair Beach First Oil well Al Dar Island This artistic representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain is not drawn to scale and does not accurately represent


locations, sizes and shapes of objects and areas. Not intended for navigational purposes. Designed by Visit Bahrain.

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Memories are the one gift you give to yourself.

Experience a private sanctuary of total tranquility. The Ritz-Carlton Spa provides a sea-inspired haven of wellness and relaxation complemented by the finest of treatments, a promise of renewal, thalassotherapy pools, and a complete nurturing of the mind, body and soul. Call (973) 1758 0000 or visit

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