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He often sits in his writing den in a yellow-painted building at Fredriksvern in Stavern reading messages from his readers. ‘Children tell me that they’ve started they own detective agency, and parents write about kids who’ve overcome difficulties with reading,’ he says. It warms the writer’s heart of this former policeman, and everyone who sends Jørn a letter, email or message via social media gets a reply. Trip on the Telemark Canal When Jørn was a child, a group of family and friends travelled to Gautefallheia to ski. If he wanted to show guests something unique in Telemark, he would perhaps choose a trip on its famous canal. ‘Taking guests on the Telemark Canal, on a journey from coast to mountains, would be great,’ says Jørn. But his heart belongs to the Telemark coast, and he loves lazy days in Langesund and on the island of Langøya.


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