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Positions sent every Gps Tracker + Sim + comunication data + activation


3 min

3 min





Connection to CANBus / FMS


Tachograph remote download


Coverage Contract without minimum duration (monthly fee for each vehicle) 36 months contract (monthly fee for each vehicle)

world wide

world wide

22 € 18 €

32 € 24 €

22 € / month 22 € / month 22 € / month

32 € / month 31 € / month 28 € / month

18 € / month 18 € / month 18 € / month

24 € / month 23 € / month 21 € / month



Installation can be done in few minutes, even by unskilled personnel.

After the installation, configure your vehicles online and start using Visirun.



1. TRY


Registration is free and without obligation. It allows you to try the complete version of the software with all its functions on 3 virtual vehicles

You just need to activate one or more subscriptions in the Purchase section. After a few days you will receive the free-on-loan trackers.

FUNCTIONS Real Time Fleet Position Traffic Info and Satellite Image View Routes and Tracks Communication with operators Basic Reports Advanced reporting Consumption and theft monitoring via CANbus/FMS Consumption and theft monitoring via factory-fitted float Check Driving Hours via digital tachograph or via GPS Tachograph data download and remote storage according to law Automatic recognition of drivers/operators in the vehicle Eco-Driving and Driving Style Events and Alarms also via SMS Security, Antitheft with Monitoring Center H24 Job Scheduling and Dispatching Temperature Control for refrigerated transport P.O.I. management (Points of Interest) Multiple-user and Integration with already-in-use software Maintenance Management and Deadlines Advanced solutions with additional accessories Maintenance Management and Deadlines


3 € / month

Tachograph remote download kit

3 € / month

Numeric Keypad

3 € / month

RFID Reader

3 € / month

Temperature Sensors

3 € / month

On Board navigator/terminal for job dispatching with European maps

189 € / one-off

On Board navigator/terminal for job dispatching with European maps for heavy trucks

320 € / one-off

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Definitions. 1.1 The following terms (and all of their declensions) are used in the Contract with the following meanings: - for “MobiVision” the company MobiVision S.r.l., is intended with headquarters in Ferrara, via Zucchini, n. 79, tax code and VAT N°. 01744310382; - “User” refers to the physical or legal person who complies with the Contract via internet requesting the supply of the VisiRun service from MobiVision; - “Contract” is intended as the agreement composed of the on-line purchase order, the General conditions expressly accepted, the price list, the informative note in accordance with art. 13 legislative decree 196/2003 and the acceptance of the Purchase order by MobiVision; - “General conditions” are intended as the present general conditions; - “Price List” is intended as the document which contains the economic conditions of the VisiRun service and particularly the listing of the amounts due that the User shall forward to MobiVision for the fulfilment of this service; - “Parties” are intended as MobiVision and the User considered together; - “Online Purchase” is intended as the purchasing procedure of the VisiRun service carried out by the User on the internet site; - “VisiRun Service” or simply “Service” is intended as the service provided by MobiVision chosen by the User through the conclusion of the Contract; - “GPS Tracker” is intended as the GPS/GPRS Track and Trace device supplied to the User by MobiVision on free loan and installed by and at the expense of the User on the vehicles to be tracked in accordance with the Installation and Activation instructions attached thereto.

4. Duration and right to withdraw. 4.1 The Contract has an unlimited duration and shall be effective between the Parties from the moment of the acceptance of the User’s purchase order by MobiVision.

4.2 Both Parties have the right to withdraw from the Contract at any given moment having previously indicated this intention in accordance with the terms indicated in clause 16.

5. Amount due. 5.1 The amount due for the service provided to the User during the validity period of the Contract is reported in the Price List unilaterally provided by MobiVision that shall be understood as expressly accepted by the User with the confirmation of the Purchase Order. 5.2 MobiVision reserves the right to adjust the Price list at any moment. The amendments shall be binding for the User in accordance with the terms foreseen in the successive clause 9 and reserves the User’s right to withdraw. 5.3 The first invoice shall be issued with the shipping of the GPS Trackers to the User and the successive invoices shall be issued on a monthly basis and forwarded electronically 5.4 The amount due shall be debited to the User via direct debit on the fifteenth (15th) day successive to the date of the invoice or, alternatively, debited on a credit card the day on which the devices are forwarded.

6. Access to the Service. 6.1 The User shall be enabled to access the VisiRun service via the use of the identification

2. Object: Description of the VisiRun service. 2.1 The Visirun service offered by MobiVision consists of the service that allows the User to: A) display on an electronic map the position of the vehicles equipped with the tracking system supplied free-of-charge (excluding shipping expenses) by MobiVision to the User as loan for use; B) track and locate the vehicles closest to a specific address, C) to control the route, the driving time, the average speed of each vehicle; D) receive an immediate notice in case of unexpected stop-offs or movements; E) control if the vehicle approaches or moves away from a specific geographical area; F) maintain a direct contact with the driver of each vehicle, sending and receiving messages; G) manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and the administrative deadlines (tax discs, insurances, etc.) for each vehicle; As this is a service which is subject to continuous updates a complete description of the service is available by consulting the relative section of the MobiVision internet site at;

3. Contract conclusion 3.1 The Contract shall be considered as concluded at the end of the VisiRun service online purchase procedure which is divided into the following steps: Selection by the User of the service to be purchased; login and registration of the User; communication of personal data for invoicing and goods destination; selection of the payment method; order confirmation with express acceptance by the User of the present general conditions of the contract; communication by MobiVision via email to the address indicated by the User when registering - of the order confirmation acceptance. 3.2 MobiVision reserves the discretionary right to accept or reject the purchase request presented by the User. 3.3 The User consents that the acceptance of MobiVision may occur for concluding facts amongst which are, purely as an example, the enabling of the User at the fulfillment of the VisiRun service or the forwarding of the GPS Trackers to the address reported by the User.

6.2 6.3 6.4


and the password communicated by MobiVision by email at the end of the online purchase procedure MobiVision is expressly released from verifying the real identity of those who access the Service and their effective concurrence with the User and their generalities indicated during the registration process. The User shall assume all risks relative to the abusive use of identification and the password by those to whom the User has directly or indirectly disclosed their data. The User is aware of and accepts the fact that, in order to use the Service, it is necessary to independently equip themselves with suitable hardware and software and with a system connected to the internet that is compatible with the Service standards provided by MobiVision. Under no circumstances shall MobiVision be held responsible for any malfunctions of the system, or inconveniences to the User for facts and causes related to the ineffectiveness of the Users hardware and software and/or the connection to the internet used by the User, and/or any other service by third parties necessary for using the Service.

7. GPS Tracking devices: use, return, indemnity. 7.1 Together with the purchase of the Visirun service, MobiVision shall also provide the User with the free-of-charge GPS Tracking device(s) and any accessories ordered in loan for use, which must be installed, used and stored exclusively under the responsibility and expense of the User. 7.2 Should either Party withdraw or should the contract be cancelled, the User must immediately return the GPS Tracking devices supplied and any accessories without any further solicitation on the part of MobiVision. 7.3 In case the GPS Tracking device(s) and any accessories are not returned by the User within 10 days following the interruption of the contractual relationship, MobiVision reserves the right to apply a daily compensation indemnity of €10 for each unreturned GPS Tracker. 7.4 The User commits to using the GPS Tracker devices and any accessories conceded in loan for use exclusively for the aims connected to the fulfillment of the VisiRun service, committing themselves to not tampering with the devices even if there should be a malfunction.

7.5 In case of malfunctions – except that stated in the following clause 7.7 – MobiVision shall

12. Internet network security.

provide a replacement for the defective device free of charge. 7.6 The User is committed to using the devices in conformity with the regulations contained in art. 1804 CC and recognises the restrictions contained in that provided by art. 18031812 c.c. 7.7 Any damage caused by bumps, accidentally dropping the device, spilling of liquids, burning and short circuit or caused by improper use with respect to the indications supplied in the Installation Manual or tampering therewith as well as the failure to return, even if this is due to theft or lost, shall cause the User to be obliged to pay MobiVision in the amount of Ð 390.00 plus VAT for any on board navigator/terminal and Ð 390.00 plus VAT for each gps tracker which is not returned or returned in a condition which does not correspond to the original. 7.8 Except that stated in the previous clause 7.5, MobiVision will not be responsible for any type of damages caused to the User and/or others by the malfunctions and/or the failure of the tracking device(s) ordered in loan for use.

12.1 The User is fully aware of the characteristics of the digital transmission networks and

8. Service provision. 8.1 MobiVision is responsible for the management of the Service and as such may use services provided by third parties, in which case the User shall expressly accept the use conditions of the applications supplied by these third parties. 8.2 Services by third parties shall be provided by the latter and the relative technical development is subject to their final opinion. 8.3 MobiVision reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the Service without notice and without any liability in cases of technical necessities amongst which, as a nonexhaustive example, are: break-downs, maintenance, substitution of equipment, ordinary or extraordinary interventions, system implementations.

9. Service modification. 9.1 MobiVision reserves the right to modify Service terms and conditions, technical specifications, Price List, current General Conditions at any given moment. 9.2 These modifications shall become effective between the Parties 15 days after the User receives the communication of the modifications carried out in the form stated in clause 16. In the course of the above mentioned 15 days the User has the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with clause 4, unaffected by the contractual modifications mentioned.

their limits. In particular, the User recognises the fact that the transmission of data via Internet is subject to objective technical limits of reliability and periods of saturation during particular moments in the day.

12.2 The safety measures provided by MobiVision are such that they provide a reasonable level of reliability for the User. The data circulating on the Internet cannot under any circumstances be considered as immune to possible intrusions and the transfer of passwords, codes and, more generally, any other kind of information of a confidential nature is communicated to the User at their own, exclusive risk.

13. Data and network publication protection. 13.1 The User expressly consents to the direct and/or indirect transferral to MobiVision of all data necessary for using the Service as well as their storing in the MobiVision data banks. The User furthermore expressly consents to the direct and/or indirect transferral of data necessary for the use of the applications of third parties within the scope of the Service as well as the memorisation and storing of this data.

14. Contract transfer prohibition. 14.1 The User may not cede the Contract to third parties either for free or with payment, temporary or definitive, without the previous written consent of MobiVision.

14.2 The User consents from this moment that MobiVision cedes the present Contract, wholly or in part, to companies which are part of the group to which MobiVision belongs, that is third parties except, under the hypothesis of transfer to third parties, the possibility of the User to freely withdraw from the Contract in the terms foreseen in the previous clause 4.

15. Breach of obligations and Termination. 15.1 Mobivision has the right to cancel the Contract in accordance with ex. Art 1456 should the User violate or not apply any of the obligations assumed with the present Contract.

15.2 In any case, with the resolution of the Contract due to default by the User, MobiVision

10. User obligation.

has the right to keep the sums already received from the User, without prejudice to indemnity for any greater injury (that may be) suffered. 15.3 MobiVision has the right to immediately terminate the Contact in cases of the User failing to make payments of the amount due.

10.1 The User is obliged to use the Service for lawful ends and is obliged to release and

16. Communications.

maintain MobiVision unaffected by any damage deriving from a non-authorised use thereof. 10.2 The User is obliged to release and maintain MobiVision essentially and processually, unaffected by any liability, damage, loss, costs or expenses of a legal nature, that MobiVision must sustain due to the inaccuracy and/or incompleteness of the data supplied.

11. Property and use of data. 11.1 With the conclusion of the Contract, the User does not acquire any further rights asides from that of using the service. In particular the User does not acquire the intellectual and/ or industrial property rights, rights of economic exploitation of all that which constitutes the Service, therein included, as a non-exhaustive example, data banks, information, brands, patents, logos, GPS Trackers and any other graphic and/or structural element made available by the User through the Service as these are and remain the exclusive property of MobiVision.

16.1 All communications addressed by the User to MobiVision must be forwarded via registered mail to the following address: “MobiVision S.r.l., via Zucchini, n. 79, 44122 Ferrara” and with an earlier fax sent to 0532.1920231 or by e-mail to 16.2 All communications inherent to the Contract shall be sent by MobiVision to the User by e-mail using the address indicated by the User when registering which shall be considered as the only, exclusive address for all communications.

17. Applicable law and legal jurisdiction. 17.1 The present Contract is subject to Italian law. Any and all disputes inherent to the object of the present contract including its interpretation and execution shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Ferrara .

18. Handling of personal data 18.1 In order to use the Service provided by MobiVision and having read and understood the informative notice which follows, the User authorises MobiVision to handle their personal data with regards to the regulations provided in Legislative decree n. 196/2003.alle disposizioni di cui al Decreto Legislativo n. 196/2003.


Legislative decree n° 196 of June 30th, 2003 (code regarding the protection of personal data) foresees the protection of persons and other subjects with regards to the processing of personal data. In accordance with the regulation indicated, this processing shall be based on the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of all rights of confidentiality. In accordance with article 13 of the L. decree n. 196/2003, the following information is supplied:

1. The data supplied shall be processed for the following aims: -

Administrative duties; Accounting; Communications; Entry in client list; Sending of identification and password for access to Internet site; Provision of information services and automatic control of the geographic position of persons and objects via the Internet protected by the appropriate protection codes (password); - Internal statistical analysis; - Invites to informational or promotional events;

2. The processing shall be carried out mainly with electronic and information systems so that the data is memorised both on information supports as well as paper supports as well as any other suitable support with respect to the safety measures provided in legislative decree n. 196 of June 30th 2003.

3. The conferring of data is obligatory for the implementation of the duties, company and contractual relations with MobiVision. Any refusal to supply this data could result in the failure to continue the relationship.


The data shall be communicated to: - Credit institutes; - Employees; - Professionals, consultants or service companies for the company administration and management who work for MobiVision.

5. The data controller is MobiVision s.r.l., Via Zucchini, 79 – 44122 Ferrara (FE) in the person of the legal representative.

6. The person concerned may at any moment exercise their rights with regards to the data controller in accordance with art. 7 legislative decree 196/2003, and in particular:

6.1. The person concerned has the right to confirm the existence or non of personal data

6.2. The person concerned has the right to the know: a) the origin of the personal data; b) the aim and terms of the data processing; c) the logic applied in case of processing implemented with the aid of electronic instruments; d) the identity of the designated data controller, the managers and the representatives in accordance with article 5, par. 2; e) the subjects or the category of subjects to which the personal data may be communicated or may come to know data as the designated representative in the State territory, manager or representative.

6.3. The person concerned has the right to obtain: a) updates, rectification or , if interested, the integration of data; b) the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data processed in violation of the law including all that which it is not necessary to store in relation to the aims for which the data had been collected or successively processed; c) declaration that the operations contained in a) and b) have been brought to the notice, even for that which regards their content, of those to whom the data was communicated or disseminated, accepting the case in which this procedure has been impossible or includes the use of means manifestly out of proportion in respect to the rights protected.

6.4. The person concerned has the right to oppose, wholly or in part: a) the processing of their personal data for legitimate reasons unless pertinent to the aim of the collection; b) the processing of their personal data for the sending of advertising material or direct sales or for market research or sales communications.

7. MobiVision S.r.l. has met the Law’s requirements as per guarantor notice for the protection of personal data in relation to the processing of data that indicate the geographic position of people or objects via a network of electronic communications in accordance with art. 37 of legislative decree 196/2003.

8. It is the responsibility of the Users of the VisiRun service to communicate to the users of the vehicles that they are controlled via a system which automatically shows their geographic position.

9. The Users are responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality and the protection of their own User registration and relative password for access to the Internet services offered by MobiVision S.r.l.

which regards them, even if they are still not registered and their communication in an intelligible form.

Visirun is a Registered Trademark of Mobivision srl Via Zucchini, 79 44122 Ferrara - Italy

+39.0532.52570 Mon to Fri – 9 am to 6 pm

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Visirun Pricelist  

Visirun Pricelist