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vtiger the modern Open Source CRM for the Smart Enterprise

Your CRM solution, starting from the first Euro

This is the modern way of understanding your customer better, anticipate its needs, resolve its problems so that at the end you will have only one category of customer: The Satisfied Customer.

Listen to your Customer There are many reasons to introduce a good CRM strategy (Customer Relationship Management) in your company, supported by a good technical solution, but they all lead to one key factor: know your customer better. The result of a CRM strategy is to wrap the company around the customer. You can reach this important goal through: ? the highest level management involvement ? integration of all departments and people who are in contact with the customer ? integration of communication channels like email, telephone, fax, web ? a clear classification of all customers according to their actual and potential value

Win, regain and retain your customer Some of the best known principle of the CRM discipline can be summarized in 2 very simple statements: ? winning a new customer is 3 times more expensive as to keep it ? a satisfied customer will share its experience with 3 other

potential customers, an unsatisfied customer will scare away 10 other potential customers Why take the risk of addressing a customer with the wrong product? Wy take the risk of having a key employee not being up-to-date in relation to a key account? Why take the risk of having a support request take longer than it should, just to find out that inbetween the customer has chosen another business partner? Simply don't take the risk, and make of customer loyalty your top priority.

CRM means winning and retaining customers, and with them, a lot of revenue.



This extremely innovative software model has created also vTiger, the high-tech Web Based CRM application.

Open Source, Web Based, licence free Vtiger is a so called Open Source application, developed according to a collaboration model among thousands of developers scattered around the world. The Open Source model has produced some of the most powerful and qualitative software applications of the world, starting with Linux, then powerful databases like MySQL and Apache, the Web Server beyond something like 60-70% of the web sites of the world, or the TCP/IP stack, the basis for 99,9% of any communication across the Internet. The Open Source model has also provided the origins for some of the most astonishing commercial successes, like the MacOS deriving from the Open Source Unix BSD.

Easy, Modern, complete, good looking Have all your curstomer activity at your fingertips through the Vtiger modules: Lead, Customer, Contact, Opportunity, Product, Quote, Order, Campaign, WebMail, Calender, Activities, mass and event based Emails.

Don't lower your expectations just because there are no license costs to pay for! Vtiger CRM offers the same top notch functionality offered by similar proprietary CRM applications, through an easy to use web interface which you can use through a normal web browser like Firefox (another worldwide success of the Open Source model!). Everybody in the company, from marketing to support will always know exactly who they are talking to, what the customer has already purchased, which sales opportunities are open with the customer, who are the decision makers, which activities already took place and what is coming next, which problems has your customer at the moment, and what is being done to solve them.

The Vtiger Standard CRM Process Have all your customer's information at your fingertips, through a clear process, with appropriate visibility rules among users, with perfectly correlated and connected data, instantaneusly updated across your organization.

Step1 Campaign keep track of your campaigns, mass emailing or mailing, and track their response results. This is the cornerstone of every well tought sales process: target your customers with precision, and know exactly how precise the target was met.

Step2 Lead don't miss even the smallest business chance, if all contacts are immediately classified and eventually shared you maximize your chances to generate fully new business.

Step6 Activities/Calender keep track of all activities with your customer, meetings, calls, next steps, and share them among all appropriate roles in your company; all relevant people will know what is going on with the customer, without having to "ask around", or even worse ask your customer twice.

Step7 Quote you made it, the customer asks for an offer, but probably another one, and another one, until the sale is eventually successful. The history will show what didn't work at the beginning, until the proper mix of products and prices is reached. It is good to know, to shorten the process the next time.

Step3 Account all your customer's data at the press of a button, relevant business data, a unique view on the most important piece of information in your company: your customer.

Step5 Opportunity you identified a business opportunity and you should take care of it at your best, first off knowing everything about it, what it is about, sales potential, who is involved, which products are involved, what is the next best step to take.

Step8 Order/Invoice inserted in the context of the whole sales process tells a lot about your best customer, so that through simple analysis you can recognize the top 10% of your customers, those who deserve the best attention of your personnell.

Step4 Contact Companies are made of people, it is imporant to know who is who, who reports to whom, who decides and what was the last conversation about. If you know the people, you know the customer

Step9 Support a successful sale is not the end, but the starting point of a successful relationship with your customers. Keep track of their problems, assign their solution to the most qualified persons, assure that no problem hangs longer than the customer would like, never ask the same information twice.


vTiger as any good Open Source application, is by definition open to any integration, any connection, and data exchange that you could need for an optimal data flow within your existing or coming up IT landscape.

Open for Integration Athough the vTiger CRM application could easily be the start point of your Information Technology constellation, it is more likely that you want to improve its effectiveness through integrations with other applications, like ERP or Self-Service portals. Perhaps your customer database has to be synchronized with existing databases, or creating an opportunity or quote you want to make sure you are dealing with the latest stand of your inventory and prices. No problem at all.

Taylored to your needs Every business is different, every business does something special to reach, serve, talk to and support its customers. A common good set of tools is a good start point to develop a CRM strategy, but at the end of the day your company nees its own CRM strategy, supported by its own CRM application. There is no such thing as one-process-fits-all, not even within the same industry. That is where the fantastic Open Source model comes to help at best, as opposed to closed proprietary applications. The standard Vtiger functionality can be easily configured to extend fields, configure visibility models on data and functionality, or even extend the available modules to include your own special view of your special customer. The Open Source model allows to go far beyond these kind of standard customizations; remember, since the source code of the application is available, there is no limit to even deeper adaptations, to make of Vtiger the best fit for you.

Openry can help you to customize your vTiger application through its international partners, in a financially viable fashion. You will look good wearing your CRM, taylored especially for you, and only for you.

On-Premise flexibility, at On-Demand costs Vtiger CRM needs neither complex infrastructure, nor exotic administration skills, it fits into the IT landscape of the big or small but nonetheless strong enterprise. You might decide though that managing IT systems is not your focus, because you want to concentrate your best resources only on your key competences, or for a number of other very good reasons. This is where Openry can further help, through a managed CRM-Box which we setup with your taylored CRM and fully manage so that you don't have to care about backups, user management, connectivity or crash-recovery. We call this "Use & Forget", just use your CRM application to take care of your customers, and forget about the technical details which keep it running.

As the Internet becomes even faster and more available, so your CRM application will follow you wherever you are, always up-to-date, always available, wherever the next action for your customer is needed.

Your most precious data protected in a bunker As more and more computing resources become distributed and virtual, specialized organizations offer not simply the possibility to host your application on a rented server, but take care of your server and data according to the highest security standards, like for example the ISO XXXX certification, normally implemented by financial organizations like banks and insurances. Let's face it, implementing the same safety, environmental and redundancy measures offered by these organizations would be for smaller companies impracticable and overexpensive. Just take advantage of this economy of scale and protect your precious data from indescrete access, electronic as well as physical.

Openry can help you to setup your safe and virtual IT/CRM landscape, in a matter of days.


Change management & education Let us help your organization not only to introduce the CRM technology, but to really become a customer centered enterprise, supported by your own Vtiger CRM application. Some change has surely to be tuned around the new CRM strategy, as CRM is not simply a technology, it is an attitude of your organization. We can analyze your CRM processes, and best advise you on the necessary changes which best fit your business strategy. This will drive an optimal adaptation of the CRM Vtiger technology. Further, an appropriate, competent training, accompained by an extensive documentation is the sine qua non premise for an immediate and competent use of the newly adopted technology.

Taylored training can be offered at the customer site, or in our fully equipped training centers.

We measure our success in terms of your success, and will deliver all the support needed to keep your CRM Vtiger up to the most important expectations, the expectations of your customer.

A stragegic collaboration starts, but never ends We are not happy to just deliver your brand new CRM strategy and technology, we want to help your organization for the coming years to keep your technology up-to-date, further develop it or radically change it in case your business also radically changes. In these days global economy the customer is a moving target, and as your business strategy adapts to better win, retain or regain your customers, your CRM technology has to follow up-close.

CRM is

Company Value through Customer Value

You don't need a big investment to start, you don't need a fully perfectioned strategy to start, all you need is to just start.

Even a long trip starts with a step Rome wasn't built in a day, is one of the wisest teaching we give our children, and there is no reason why this pearl of wisdom shouldn't apply also to the developement and rollout of your brand new CRM Vtiger implementation. You don't need to pack all possible functionalities in one single rollout, Vtiger can be customized incrementally, as you more and more understand what it can do for you, as your organzation becomes aquinted to it.

Don't believe us, believe your eyes! Be our guest, please accept our invitation to experiment the standard Vtiger CRM on a dedicated installation on our servers. You will have the chance to fully test all the available functionality, and see for yourself if the Vtiger CRM can be an option for your enterprise.

We also have an interesting end-to-end presentation about web-computing, CRM and Vtiger that we will be happy to personally bring and explain to the decision makers of your company.

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