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Small Business Solutions

- Spending countless hours doing bookkeeping work? - Receiving tax notices and unsure how to proceed? - Do you get anxiety when your accountant asks for your financials?

Using QUICKBOOKS… - Have no idea if your using it correctly? - Behind on journal entries & need to catch up? - Not sure whether to use the cash or accrual method to accurately report net income?

If you answered YES to any of the above, VIA is here to help! Just a few of the ways we work with your business: §  Quickbooks- Our team of ProAdvisors can assist with the initial setup, get you caught up if your behind or give your in-house bookkeeper a refresher course. §  Training & Education- From basic bookkeeping education to Quickbooks trainings and all the way up to executive level overviews. §  Systems Analysis- With our own customize software, we will analyze your current financial system and provide you with recommendations, an implementation plan and the required consulting services. §  Partner- We are not looking to replace your accountant, but rather work with them to provide organized financials so they can complete your tax return. §  Flexibility & Cost- Our team works at your office or virtually depending upon your needs/preference.

VIA was established by a team of accounting professionals specifically to offer cost effective bookkeeping services to their small business clients. Still backed by those same CPAs, VIA has over 30 years of serving small businesses in Southern NJ. From standard bookkeeping to financial management, we are equipped to meet the needs of your business. For a free consultation please contact:

John Taulane Manager – Sales & Client Relations Phone: (609) 458-7823 Email:


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