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Our innovative approach is the difference in Listing your home versus Selling your home.

Jaret Ghent, Broker - Founder


Any home can sell at the top of the market or the bottom of the market

“You’ve lost 80% of your negotiating power once you have the offer.”

“We negotiate from a position of Knowledge & Strength�

We will position your home against the current market to have a higher perceived value.

“We negotiate from a position of Knowledge & Strength”

 We lower the chances of a weakened offer  You won’t spend 2:1 for inspection repairs

“We negotiate from a position of Knowledge & Strength”

 Market studies show that homes will sell for up to 2.2% more  No cost to the you during the listing period  It’s in the contract for the Buyer to ask for one

“We negotiate from a position of Knowledge & Strength”

 Professional Staging Consultation  Strategic Home Investment Audit  Lifestyle Upgrades (ROI Review)  Maximum Value Curb Appeal Plan

Superior Web Presence Leading Edge Technology Dominant Market Presence Internet Marketing Systems

Revolutionary Website The ability to communicate and capture prospects in real time

MLS Mobile Search The power to Search the MLS with any mobile device

Vision Virtual Office An exclusive online office system providing our Team an edge

Vision Virtual Tours Search Engine Optimized individual property tour websites

Vision Lead Technology Dynamic proven marketing to capture and cultivate prospects

Problem: 84% of buyers are searching on the Internet when they are looking for a home.

Solution: Google and Yahoo are the largest search engines and we are found in BOTH! As buyers begin their search online, your home will appear at the top of the search engines when they search.

Problem: Even if your agent is marketing your home, it is critical that the agent understands lead capture and conversion to turn the lead into a qualified buyer.

Solution: Our Revolutionary websites converts interested buyers into hot leads at a rate that quadruples the other real estate websites. We generate over 200 internet leads a month and have a Team in place to turn those leads into homeowners.

Problem: When searching buyers buy based on what they see. If your home is being advertised without multiple property photos, yours is being overlooked 75% of the time by potential buyers.

Solution: We understand how buyers think and know that 84% of buyers begin searching online. We take multiple photos, professional photos, create videos, and several virtual tours to capture a buyers interest in your home. We strategically position your home online for the world to see.

A preview of the sites where we can be found!

“We employ pre-emptive negotiation (increases your net profit by up to 5%)”

“The average agent only sells 5 homes a year in Idaho.”

 We strategically position your home to the other agents  We manage the Buyers expectations throughout the transaction  We know the potential DEAL KILLERS!

Successful marketing increases the chances of your home selling at top dollar in the least amount of time. Because we sell our listings we are able to invest in marketing other agents simply cannot afford.

Success in real estate equals getting

homes SOLD. Our TRACK

RECORD is the measure for our future performance.

When you list your home, how close will it sell at the

original listing price? When you hire us to market your home, we will net you MORE

MONEY than any other agent.

Problem: What is your biggest fear when you hire a real estate company? Do you worry about being stuck in a prolonged listing agreement with an incompetent or inexperienced agent?

Solution: We will take those worries and concerns away. When you hire us to sell your home, we will take the pressure off you and put it on us. With our experience and proven marketing system we are so confident we can sell your home that we can GUARANTEE success.

Innovative Marketing Programs Exclusive Tools & Technology Industry Leading Team Support Staff Team Brokerage Model



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