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Vol. 6 • Issue 1 Oct - Dec 2012 Arabia Edition

Everything between you and eye

Salvatore Ferragamo

Designer for the Stars "MR lenses are superior to other existing products in the market..."

Busting Some Myths About Contact Lens

— Yasunori Nishiyama, GM-Health Care Materials Division, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc, in conversation with Siraj Bolar

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Get updated about the latest eyewear trends in GALLERIA 10/12/12 12:21 PM

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Correction & Distinction

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Contents Everything between you and eye

e 1 Oct Vol. 6 • Issu tion Arabia Edi


wee ing bet


Breaking the Compromise of Anti-Fog Solutions

Vol.6 Issue 1 Oct-Dec 2012 A FourPlus Publication

- Dec 2012

Lens Talk

A look at the anti-fog solution that lens manufacturers are investing in to offer consumers distortion-free vision.

nd eye n you a

Designer Profile




Salvatore Ferragamo: Designer For The Stars The genesis of brand Salvatore Ferragamo’s innovation, elegance and class can be traced to the designer himself.

Salvatore FerrageaStmaros

Designer for

yths Some M BustinAbgou t Contact Lens

e "MR lenses ar other superior tood ucts existing pr arket..." in the m a, ri Nishiyam

— Yasuno als Care Materi GM-Health als, Inc, sui Chemic j Bolar Division, Mit on with Sira in conversati


Get updated

est eyewear about the lat

trends in GA



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Aviators: Flying High From being specially designed for US pilots, aviators have become a must-have fashion accessory for most people today!


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In 34 Conversation “MR lenses are superior to other existing lenses in the market...” -Yasunori Nishiyama, GM-Health Care Division, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc, in conversation with Siraj Bolar



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62 67 68 72

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

10/12/12 12:20 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

Editorspeak T

he past few months have been busy for the optical industry in terms of exhibitions, internationally. CIOF and Silmo threw up some very interesting insights about the changes that are underway in the optical business, be it in fashion trends or even the way the industry as a whole is scaling up. Read about it in the ‘Events’ column of this issue, while also getting a glimpse of what’s in store at opti 2013 and Mido trade fairs.


Siraj Bolar

Chief Executive Officer

Mahboba Baqer Hussain Editor-In-Chief

Alim Bolar

Editorial Director

Vinita Bhatia Group Editor


Tabrez Bolar

Learn more about the MR™ series of high-index lens material from Mitsui Chemicals, in ‘In Focus’. Yasunori Nishiyama, General Manager of Mitsui’s Health Care Division offers an informative insight about the refractive index of different types of lens material and what makes the high-index lens material so popular, globally and in the Middle East. There's more. 'Lens Talk' discusses efforts of different lens manufacturers that are trying to resolve the problem of lens fogging — a major irritant for spectacle wearers in the Middle East. ‘Trends’ delves into the mystique of aviators, which just never seem to go out of fashion. The regular articles like ‘Eye Matters’, ‘Off The Shelf ’, ‘Snapshots’ etc, are also part of this power-packed issue.

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Hrishikesh Thakkar

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And now for some great news! FourPlus Media has successfully launched ‘You&Eye’ — a premium magazine targeted at end-consumers in UAE. Besides showcasing eyewear and updating readers about vision care, it provides opticians a platform to interact with their customers and has already garnered good response from the opticians in UAE and their clients.

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VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Stylists: Sidharta Aryan, Nikhil Thampi --------------------------------------------


10/12/12 12:20 PM

Lens Talk

It is well-known that fogging of lens, due to condensation, can lead to vision distortion. Lens manufacturers, like Essilor, are working on different solutions to offer anti-fog lens coating that can take care of this problem.

Breaking the Compromise of Anti-Fog Solutions H

ave you ever stepped out of an air-conditioned mall wearing spectacles and in a matter of seconds had your vision all blurred with fogged-up lenses? This has been a problem, and sometimes an everyday annoyance for most spectacle wearers — specifically in regions where the ambient humidity goes high during the peak of summer.


Lens manufacturers, over time, have tried different solutions to cope with this issue with limited success. Recent breakthroughs in technology may turn foggy lenses into a thing of the past.

Like most of us already know, fogging is a result of water vapour's condensation into tiny droplets. When you move out of a cold airconditioned area to a relatively hot and humid zone, the difference in temperatures causes the atmospheric moisture to condense into droplets and get fixed on optical lenses. Fog appears on lenses with quick temperature change, from cold to hot and humid environment, at every moment of the day. It also depends on different factors:


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Worldwide, 75 per cent of spectacle wearers claim to welcome anti-fog solutions for improved comfort and vision in their daily life.

„ The temperature difference between the two environments „ The relative humidity in the hot environment, where the wearer goes „ The time of exposure, allowing the lenses to adopt the ambient temperature. And, in such annoying — and sometimes unexpected — conditions,

10/12/12 12:14 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

you can try to clean the optical lenses as often as you can, but they will just fog up again. Fog droplets on a lens surface diffuse light and cause visual distortion and loss of contrast. The distortion is a result of differently magnified objects in front of the wearer, according to their lateral distance from the lens' axis. Loss of contrast also comes from the mixture of brightness of different colours or textures. Depending on the situation, fog can be as risky as it can be annoying for spectacle wearers. That could be why worldwide, 75 per cent of spectacle wearers (or not less than 3 of 4 optical shop customers) claim to welcome anti-fog solutions for improved comfort and vision in their daily life.


Having vision clouded by fog hinders everyday life of spectacle wearers, as it temporarily 'blinds' them, affecting performance in both indoor and outdoor activities. To cope with consumer needs, different anti-fog products appeared on the market, varying in performance, price and quality. These include liquids, either in drops or sprays, today usually used for sports practice, or gels, which are widely used while swimming and diving. Besides these, there are other reusable or disposable wipes available in the market to combat the fogging issue. These rather inexpensive solutions do provide extra fog-repellence to VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-lens-talk-optifog-page-8-9-10.indd 9

any lens, and can be easily found at different generalist retailers, and even on the internet. But their efficiency to avoid contrast loss and distortion is not premium, while sometimes making the lenses harder to clean, and their anti-fog effect may generally not last beyond a couple of hours. Then, there are various eyewear manufacturers, like Smith Optics, Oakley, BollÊ, AO Safety, Prada, etc, which offer goggles with ventilated or air-filtered frames. These are usually dedicated to sports practice or for safety-demanding jobs. While their fog-repellence efficiency is appreciated globally, these products are specialised for certain activities and may not integrate wearers’ visual correction needs. Recently, Essilor 9

10/12/12 12:14 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

introduced OptiFog, which the company claims is a breakthrough innovation in lens technology. It involves a unique fog-free lens combined with a liquid activator that is used to simply wipe and clean the lens with a microfiber cloth, every few days. Thus, a wearer reactivates the fog repellent properties every time he cleans his lenses. When asked to elaborate, Matthieu Ruatti, Marketing Director for Middle East and Africa, Essilor International says, “Thanks to nanotechnology's progress, this new anti-fog coating includes an hydrophilic top-layer that is grafted on the lens' surface. Optifog is thus a special and innovative material, requiring specific and protected processes in multi-layer coating operations (done in vacuum chambers) of prescription lenses."

Essilor claims that its proprietary cleaning solution and OptiFog lens work together to offer durable fog-free vision, without distortion or contrast loss. He adds that the the liquid activator leaves an innovative film on the lens surface, that, when reacting with the lens topcoat surface composition, will directly liquify the fog that could tend to appear on the lens: the fog droplets run together, spreading them as a very thin, homogeneous, transparent film of water on the lens surface. The fog disappears, even before having had time to form. Essilor claims that its proprietary cleaning solution and OptiFog lens work together to offer durable fog-free vision, without distortion or contrast loss. Using the solution on another lens, or the OptiFog lens without its activating additive, cannot perform as much as the two combined. The Optifog liquid activator, the company says, will evaporate quickly on ordinary 10

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-lens-talk-optifog-page-8-9-10.indd 10

Fog - A Problem for Many Users lens that is not coated with the Optifog top-layer. This coating is instrumental in retaining the proprietary liquid additive. In addition to this, the solution also claims to offer anti-reflective and anti-scratch optimum performances simultaneously. It works to increase the durability of premium lenses, ensuring the best clarity of vision, for anyone who experiences fog problems on their lenses, whatever their vision correction needs or their different fashion styles. From standard cleaning solutions to premium lens technologies reaching the market, all eyewear users are concerned about their foggy lenses. Luckily, they can now find the solution that answers their everyday needs. Some anti-fog solutions can now reach top efficiency and long-lasting relief performance, without jeopardizing vision clarity offered by premium lenses. Boundaries of innovation seem to be constantly pushed back to improve the eyesight of individuals around the world. __________________________________ — VisionPlus Bureau with inputs from Matthieu Ruatti, Marketing Director for Middle East and Africa, Essilor International Image source: Essilor International ................................................................................

Fog on the lens is a commonplace phenomenon. It can blur one’s vision and cause frustrating discomfort, an unwanted and uncontrollable 'blindfold' in various everyday-life situations: „ Changing environment: Getting out of an air-conditioned building or car in hot and humid climates, or entering a heated place in countries with temperate winter. „ Indoor activities: Raising a hot beverage like a tea or coffee cup to the lips, eating hot food, cooking or boiling a pot of water, opening the dishwasher, ironing, stepping out of a shower, playing sports like squash, etc. „ Outdoor activities: Driving, riding a motorbike, racing, playing tennis or golf, running, hiking, or simply walking outdoor etc. „ At work, either indoor or outdoor: In healthcare professions like surgeons or dentists, oil-producing or manufacturing industries, firefighting or military, jewellermaking or making delivery - just by breathing when wearing a mask or protective goggles needed for safety and precision purposes, or when regular indoor or outdoor environment changes are necessary.

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THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS LLTS WITH 3D VIDEO MEASUREMENT. MEASUREMENT. 3D video measurement with the ImpressionIST®. For the best Rodenstock spectacles you’ve ever had.

Award-winning design: Winner of the iF product design award 2012.

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10/9/12 12:56 PM

Color range now extended

Essilor in KSA : P.O.Box: 3871, Jeddah. Tel: +966 20028289, Fax: +966 26650270 Essilor in KSA : P.O.Box: 3871, Jeddah. Tel: +966 20028289, Fax: +966 26650270 advt-vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-essilor-xperio-ad-page-12.indd 1

10/17/12 10:06 AM


© Photo : Corbis. © Essilor International - RCS Créteil 712 049 618 - September 2010. Crizal® and Essilor® are registered trademarks of Essilor International.









Crizal complete protection: Advanced multi-coated system against the 5 enemies of clear vision

Crizal, Crizal A2, ... A range constantly improving.

The Worldwide Leader in Lens Technologies, present accross the Middle East & Africa.

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10/9/12 5:42 PM

Brand Wagon ALAIN MIKLI AL 1206


It’s that time of year... phasing out the summer while preparing to get drawn into winter. From bright colours to neutral shades, from vivid prints to sleek lines. The trends are changing and how! As we move towards winter, the colours are bound to soften, and the designs get more refined. Loud designs and funky styles are dealt with more subtly, with an added sprinkle of sophistication. Whether it's optical eyewear, aviators, wayfarers, oversized frames or the sporty sunglasses, all of them are evidently toned down to match the winter hues. We give you a lowdown on the perfect accessory for your eyes. From the brilliance of colour, to shades of gray, from fun and loud designs, to sedate and refined style - you will be spoilt for choice.


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Rodenstock GmBH



Marcolin Spa

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

10/15/12 3:07 PM

Ever ything between you and eye


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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10/15/12 3:07 PM

Galleria LANVIN SLN 504

De Rigo


Marcolin Spa


Eye Concepts

DAVIDOFF 95500-110 Menrad Group


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VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

10/15/12 3:08 PM

Ever ything between you and eye




Marcolin Spa


Rodenstock GmBH


Safilo Group


Rodenstock GmBH

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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10/15/12 3:08 PM

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10/9/12 1:03 PM




Marcolin Spa


101 Studio


Marcolin Spa 20

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VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

10/15/12 3:08 PM

Ever ything between you and eye


Rodenstock GmBH




Safilo Group

Model Photography: Dhruvin Models: Adhiraj, Furrough, Mickey Stylists: Sidharta Aryan, Nikhil Thampi Make-up: Sara Capela, Neha Shah Modelling agency: Toabh Talents


Safilo Group

................................................................................ Email us at VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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10/15/12 3:08 PM


Proud sponsors of the Australian A Action Sport Games, incorporating the International Wakeboard and Waterski Federation (IWWF) World Cup Eyres is a registered trademark of Raylane Holdings Pty Ltd. The ‘eye’ logo quality mark is a registered trademark of the d’Arassus Trust.

O W N E D .

D E S I G N E D .

GCC or Distribut advt-vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-eyres-eyres-ad-page-xx.indd 1 Vision Plus Arabia November Ad - FP.indd 1





Kuwait: (+965) 222 30 666 KSA: (+966) 590 11 8931 UAE: (+971) 42 94 26 22 10/9/12 12:56 4/10/2012 2:22:23 PMPM

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10/9/12 12:54 PM

Designer Profile Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand that is synonymous with innovation, elegance and class — attributes that have a genesis in the designer himself.

Designer for the Stars S

his parent's home. He went on to gain experience in the footwear industry, by moving to Boston in 1914 to work at a cowboy boot factory along with his brother.

imagined before. It ranged from shoes inspired by Egyptian archaeological finds, to the famous cork wedge heel — that became the inspiration for the famous Judy Garland shoes.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born in 1898 as the eleventh of 14 children in Bonito, Italy. At a young age of nine years, he found his calling as a shoemaker after making his first pair of shoes for his sisters. Salvatore pursued this passion by studying shoe-making for a year in Naples, and opened a small store in

With all this experience and knowledge in hand, Salvatore and his brothers moved to California, where Hollywood welcomed him and his gorgeous made-to-measure shoes in his ‘Hollywood Boot Shop’, with open arms. Iconic celebrities of the time donned his hand-crafted shoes, earning him the title 'Shoemaker to the Stars'. Ferragamo shoes were a class apart, with designs that had never been

But Salvatore wanted more. He wanted his shoes to always be known not just for their beauty, but also for comfort. So he went on to study anatomy at the University of Southern California to make his shoes not only a treat to the eyes, but also bliss for the feet. After 13 years in the US, when Salvatore made his way back home to Florence, Italy in 1927, his celeb clientele was not just intact, but kept


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

alvatore Ferragamo — it's one brand name that every celebrity has to have in his or her closet, and most folks dream of owning. Originally a footwear brand, the Ferragamo empire today has evolved into a dream house of clothing and fashion accessories, including a tempting range of eyewear.

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-designer-profile-salvatore-ferragamo-page-24-25-28-30.indd 24

10/12/12 12:02 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

The long list of Salvatore Ferragamo's fans included icons like the Maharani of Cooch Behar, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren and Eva Peron.

growing. The long list of Ferragamo fans included icons like the Maharani of Cooch Behar, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren and Eva Peron.


The Salvatore Ferragamo company got its headquarters in 1938 in the form of a 13th century landmark building, the Palazzo Spini Feroni, which would later house the historical tribute to everything Ferragamo, the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. Salvatore continued to stun the fashion world with his creativity even in the dire times of war, using simple materials to design his shoes, like raffia and cork. His brilliant creation, the ‘Invisible Sandal’ won him the fashion world’s highest accolade, the Neiman Marcus award. In 1949, Salvatore moved VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-designer-profile-salvatore-ferragamo-page-24-25-28-30.indd 25

beyond shoes and went on to create his first handbag to actually hold his tools, but one that was so stylish that it continues to be sported by the fashionconscious even today! By 1950, from brainstorming and experimenting with new designs and models in a workshop in the Via Mannelli, the company’s business expanded to a workforce of close to 700 craftsmen with a production of about 350 pairs of handmade shoes per day. Innovations followed. Shoes were created that were user-friendly and comfortable. Beautiful scarves with Italian symbols, 18-carat gold sandals and a whole range of new products began adorning the 25

10/12/12 12:03 PM

Finally here! to rock the world of eyewear fashion!!

FASHION SPREADS interspersed with MAKEUP TIPS, reviews of the latest in EYEWEAR FASHION and TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHS in vision care from around the world

FourPlus Media is a publishing house that has its readership spread over 20 countries. It is recognised for its trade publications in the eyewear fashion category with the print versions of OpticPlus, VisionPlus Arabia and VisionPlus SE Asia being the #1 eyewear fashion magazines in each of their respective regions namely India, Middle East and South East Asia. Its recently introduced consumer magazine, CookeryPlus, has been widely acclaimed in the Middle East region— capturing every woman’s heart and every man’s palate — as the apt tag line goes. INDIA | MIDDLE EAST | SOUTH EAST ASIA

visit us on

Keeping up with the popularity of the print editions, the magazines command a strong following through their online and social media editions as well.

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10/12/12 5:30 PM

Display You&Eye magazine at your store counter and GET A FREE LISTING on our ‘Recommended Opticians’ list.

Premium eyewear fashion magazine


Call Ms. Hena on +971 50 9202283 or write to for details

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10/12/12 5:30 PM

Ferragamo catalogues. Salvatore had a dream, to “dress a woman from toes to the head”, and this dream saw fruition through his family — his wife and six children. Salvatore Ferragamo gifted some classic masterpieces to the world of fashion, before his demise at the age of 62 in the year 1960. The reins of the company were then held by his widow Wanda, who was later joined by their six children. Their eldest son Ferruccio later took over as CEO of the company. Salvatore Ferragamo’s sense of style and creativity, however, did not die with him. His daughter Fiamma inherited her father’s impeccable understanding of the fashion world, and carried on his legacy by becoming the creative mastermind of and ambassador for the company. Trained by her father for a year, she gave fashion lovers some amazing creations in shoes and handbags. Her innovations in the field of fashion footwear earned her recognition in 1967, when Fiamma

was bestowed with the Neiman Marcus Award. 1965 also saw the launch of the ready-to-wear collection by Giovanna Ferragamo. Another Ferragamo child, Fulvia, gave the company a new identity with accessories, beginning with scarves and ties. In 1970, the company went on to cater to the fashion conscious male, with shoes and clothing specially designed for men being produced by the fashion giant. Salvatore Ferragamo had truly evolved into an international fashion powerhouse — a leading name not only in the world of footwear, but also in luxury shoes, bags, eyewear, silk

Ever ything between you and eye

accessories, watches, perfumes and a ready-to-wear clothing line, providing a 'complete look' to its loyal patrons. It was in 1998, when the Ferragamo powerhouse departed from its tradition of controlling its production and signed a licensing deal with Italian manufacturer Luxottica to release a Ferragamo-branded line of optical frames. These designs soon took the world of optical fashion by storm. The hallmark of the Salvatore Ferragamo eyewear collection, even today, is that it is rich in colours and detail, and boasts of being playful, with gorgeous

Salvatore Ferragamo had a dream, to “dress a woman from toes to the head”, and this dream saw fruition through his family — his wife and six children.


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-designer-profile-salvatore-ferragamo-page-24-25-28-30.indd 28

10/12/12 12:03 PM

advt-vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-marchon-emilio-pucci-ad-page-xx.indd 1

10/9/12 12:58 PM

bright colours, eye-catching embellishments, iconic elements, innovative designs and durable materials. The eyewear has also been known to be inspired by Ferragamo's roots in shoe-making, like the Arcobaleno sunglasses that were inspired by the famous wedge sandal originally created by Salvatore Ferragamo for Judy Garland in the '30s. The Spring-Summer 2012 eyewear collection by Ferragamo is a true reflection of the style and class of this

fashion giant. Showcasing its historical roots, the glasses have a bit of the company's identity incorporated in the frames, be it the iconic Gancino detail inspired by the iron gates of the Palazzo Spini Feroni, or the Vara clasp that was the result of Fiamma Ferragamo's ingenuity. Classic aviators and wayfarers are part of this collection, in unisex styles to appeal to both genders. Leather trims, classic embellishments and elegant neutral tones make this collection quite irresistible. The range

Salvatore Ferragamo's eyewear collection is rich in detail and boasts of being playful, with gorgeous bright colours and durable materials.

Ever ything between you and eye

also pays tribute to the '50s, with a special, limited edition collection of sunglasses aptly named 'Fifties'. These stylish, retro-chic, cat-eye glasses have been embellished with glittering crystals, fit for a true fashion diva. Salvatore Ferragamo's passion for fashion gave the world a true artist, making the world a better looking place! What's heartening is that though the legend is no longer with us, his name and legacy live on in a company that still manages to live up to his genius and high sense of style, through a family that's proving to be deserving descendants of that little nine-year old boy from Bonito, who went on to become a name to reckon with in the world of fashion! __________________________________ — Sanam Khan ................................................................................ Email us at


1898: The fashion icon was born. 1911: Salvatore Ferragamo started his own shoe shop in his parents’ home. 1914: Ferragamo moved to the United States and began working for a shoe manufacturer. 1923: Ferragamo opened the 'Hollywood Boot Shop', and was later known as the 'Shoemaker to the Stars'. 1938: The company got its headquarters in the Palazzo Spini Feroni building. 1947: Ferragamo won Neiman Marcus Award for his 'invisible' shoe design. 1959: Ferragamo's daughter Fiamma joined the company. 1998: The company signed Luxottica to launch its eyewear range. 30

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-designer-profile-salvatore-ferragamo-page-24-25-28-30.indd 30

10/12/12 12:03 PM

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10/9/12 12:57 PM

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10/15/12 4:16 PM

VO3805 advt-vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-luxottica-vogue-ad-page-xx.indd 1

10/9/12 12:58 PM

In Conversation

Yasunori Nishiyama, General Manager - Health Care Materials Division of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc - a leading provider of raw material to lens manufacturing companies worldwide - is upbeat about their MR™ series, which includes MR-6™, MR-7™, MR-8™, MR-10™ and MR-174™. He tells us more in this interview with Siraj Bolar.

“MR lenses are superior to other existing products in the Who is? market...” Yasunori Nishiyama

General Manager - Health Care Materials Division, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc Since: 1985

Siraj Bolar (SB): Welcome, Mr Yasunori Nishiyama. It’s nice to have you with us. Mitsui has become a very talked about name in the optical industry in recent times. Do tell us a little about Mitsui’s entry into the optical field. Yasunori Nishiyama (YN): Thank you, Mr Bolar. It’s nice to be talking to you too. Let me first speak a little about the history of optical lens first. The world's first optical lenses were created 34

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-in-conversation-page-34-35-38-40.indd 34

as early as the 13th century, when people used a polished clear stone, such as quartz or crystal, and placed it on a book for reading. Then came the development of glass making technology in Italy. Glass lenses were firstly single eye lens shaped like a magnifying glass. It was only later when two lenses were strung together that the first prototype of today’s eyewear was formed. You must be curious why I am talking about all this!

used in warplanes during the World War II. It turned out that ADC, or CR-39 as it is popularly known, was a lightweight, impact-resistant lens material, making it a better alternative to glass. ADC with a refractive index 1.50 was swiftly accepted as the world’s standard for plastic lens material. In 1980s, Mitsui Chemicals too produced ADC, which was Mitsui Resin-3 or MR-3. This was our first step into the optical lens materials industry.

SB: No, please go ahead... I am sure it connects to the present in some way. YN: Yes. Sometime in the 1960s, PPG Industries developed Allyl Diglycol Carbonate (ADC), a plastic material

We started with MR-3 (low refractive index of 1.50 ADC) and in 1982 we began research to find a lens material with a refractive index of 1.60 or higher and an Abbe number of 35 or

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

10/12/12 12:12 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

higher. Mitsui Chemicals’ extensive experience in urethane resin gave us our breakthrough MR series. After five years, our researchers created MR-6, the first urethane based material that fulfilled our targeted properties refractive index of of 1.60 and Abbe number of 36. Mitsui Chemicals patented this technology. However, MR-6 had low Tg (important for processing) and had coating issues. MR-8 with higher Tg and Abbe number was then developed. MR-7 and MR-10 has higher index at 1.67 and MR-174 with an even higher index of 1.74. The reason I shared this is because I am trying to draw your attention to the

SB: Coming back to the material... what’s so special about the MR series? YN: To understand that let me explain a bit about refractive index (RI). We all know that RI of a material determines the extent of light bending. In lens material, RI translates to the thickness of the material i.e. Higher RI allows thinner lenses to achieve the same visual correction.

companies raced to develop such material and one succeeded but gave exclusive rights to produce this plastic lens to a particular lens manufacturer. Unhappy with this situation, other lens manufacturers approached Mitsui Chemicals and other leading chemical companies. It took five years R&D by our researchers to create the world’s answer to high RI plastic lens material - MR-6. Continuous R&D into improvements to MR-6 yielded our present-day high-index MR series: MR-7, MR-8, MR-10 and MR-174.

Glass has RI in the range of 1.52 - 1.9. It was clear that the world needed a high RI plastic lens.Japanese chemical

SB: So does that mean that the best lenses have been made? YN: No. Mitsui Chemicals is

fact that each phase was important in its own way in defining the way we see the world today.

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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advt-vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-cbc-medical-huvitz-ad-page-xx.indd 3

10/17/12 10:04 AM

continuously developing even higher index and better materials to benefit the optical industry. We have acquired two renowned companies to increase our position in the optical materials industry - SDC Technologies, a coating materials specialist and Acomon AG, a global manufacturer of low and middle RI material for optical lens. You can expect exciting new materials from Mitsui Chemicals in the near future. SB: Since you are a chemical company why and how did you get into optical lens material manufacturing? YN: In the 80s, only 10 per cent of Japanese population wore plastic lenses while 80 per cent of the US population used them. The material was not from Japan. When we tried the existing technology, we realised a serious flaw. The refractive index was low and that meant that the lens would be as thick or thicker than glass lenses. That's when Japanese lens manufacturers approached Mitsui Chemicals and other leading chemical companies to develop a high RI material. MR series was created to respond to this need. SB: Who were the first customers for your material and how many customers do you have currently? YN: Our first customers were Hoya, Pentax and Asahi Lite Optical. Our clientele is now extensive ... Essilor, Rodenstock, Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Thai Optical… the list goes on. SB: Considering that this material has been around for a long time now, why is there this sudden brand awareness drive by Mitsui for MR series lenses? YN: Yes, we have been in the market for a long time and we are present in developed nations, maybe not as our brand, but in the form of lenses manufactured by our customers. We are now trying to create a presence in the developing nations where we see a demand soon for higher index lenses. So now we are encouraging our customers to put our logo on the package, just like ‘Intel Inside’ on computers. We want to make people to know that the material inside is of our MR series. As we try and increase the awareness of MR's benefits, we are sure this trend will catch on. 38

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-in-conversation-page-34-35-38-40.indd 38

SB: Do your customers claim that they are using MR lenses for their products? Do they add any value additions to create uniqueness to their products to be different from one another? YN: It depends. Since most big lens manufacturers use our material, we encourage our customers to put our MR series logo to differentiate MR lenses from other me-too products that falsely claim the same RI and optical properties. MR lenses give our customers the quality base material to create their distinctive brand of lenses. Most of our customers are big brands on their own and we understand that they would not be able to promote our brand on their packaging. But some of our customers have started realising the benefits of putting the MR brand on their packaging and are doing this. SB: Can you give a few reasons why your lens making material is better than the others? YN: Well, it's a long list. Our material makes thinner and more lightweight

Ever ything between you and eye

lenses... 20 per cent to 30 per cent lighter. Our unique thiourethane resin makes it possible to create thin, yet impact resistant, lenses. MR lenses can be made into any kind of eyeglasses because of its processability and also our superior tintability makes it useful for sunglasses and other kinds of lenses. It is also made of UV resistant material, so the lens does not yellow even after prolonged UV exposure and as our material has a high Abbe number, it is more clearer. SB: But the way you claim that MR series is better than CR39, tomorrow there could be other material better than MR8! What about newer materials like Trivex? YN: Trivex is a low-index option. I think it is approximately 1.53 and it comes from the same company that created CR-39, PPG Industries. So

“Our clientele is now extensive ... Essilor, Rodenstock, Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Thai Optical… the list goes on.” – Yasunori Nishiyama General Manager - Health Care Materials Division, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

10/12/12 12:12 PM

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yes, competition could come from anywhere. But right now we are interested in our segment, which is high index. And I can personally claim that MR series lenses are superior to any other existing products in its range in the market. SB: Since research is an ongoing process, what is Mitsui currently working on? YN: We are working on the next generation of materials with even higher index. And with SDC Technologies and Acomon AG in our group, you can expect interesting materials in the near future.

SB: Does being a Japanese company give you a cutting edge advantage? YN: I would say being Mitsui Chemicals Group gave us the advantage. In fact, our extensive research and development experience in urethane resin was the key to our breakthrough MR series. SB: Can you name few individuals who have helped Mitsui invent and get into optical business? YN: Besides our first customers that I mentioned about earlier, I would like to highlight the pioneers in our MCI group who contributed to the creation of our MR series - Mr. Sukama, Mr. Sakai, Mr. Sasagawa, Mr. Kajimoto, Mr. Noguchi, Mr. Kanemura and Mr. Morijiri.

Ever ything between you and eye

not be interested. We are a material producer so our focus is on materials. SB: What you are your future plans for the Middle East in particular? YN: In developed countries like Europe and Japan, MR series is already well known and has somewhat become the standard material for plastic lenses. In the Middle East, unfortunately, it is not as well known yet. We hope to continue establishing the brand of MR series here and hopefully one day eye care practitioners and consumers will choose MR series lenses as their lens of choice. ................................................................................

SB: Will Mitsui venture into other business lines in the optical industry like lens or eyewear manufacturing? YN: No, at this moment, we would

Email us at

“We are working on the next generation of materials with even higher index.” – Yasunori Nishiyama General Manager - Health Care Materials Division, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc


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Light and gentle to the touch, LineArt CHARMANT is the first Charmant Group signature brand using Excellence Titan. It is a fusion of technology and art, of design and inspiration, that wields amazing results. LineArt is the brand for a person who Light andnothing gentle to thethe touch, expects but best.LineArt Like a CHARMANT sophisticated is theLineArt first Charmant Group using man, is unique. It is asignature statementbrand of lifestyle Excellence is adeserve fusion of and art, and attitude.Titan. Don'tItyou thetechnology best? of design and inspiration, that wields amazing results. LineArt is the brand for a person who For more information, contact ....... expects nothing but the best. Like a sophisticated man, LineArt is unique. It is a statement of lifestyle CHARMANT GULF FZCO, PO BOX 54778, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Block 5E, Office 621 and attitude. Don't you deserve the best?

Tel No: +9714 2991199

Fax No: +9714 2991188

For more information, contact .......

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SG:ZT11255 WP

ENDLESS EVOLUTION For those seeking revolutionary eyewear perfection that deftly combines superb fit, flexibility and lightness of wear with charismatic style nous, look no further than CHARMANT Z. CHARMANT Z sunglasses deliver a cool masculine look with plenty of substance. In keeping with the latest in fashion trends and high-tech innovation CHARMANT Z is endlessly evolving. The new pilot shape features a handsome double bridge and slender frame. Strength and flexibility are amplified by carbon fibre parts on the frame temples and front. In essence - quality and sophistication at a glance. CHARMANT Z - eyewear excellence with no compromise on style. The future is now.

CHARMANT GULF FZCO, PO BOX 54778, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Block 5E, Office 621 Tel No: +9714 2991199

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Fax No: +9714 2991188

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ho can forget the scene from ‘Top Gun’ where a dapper pilot swishes out a pair of sunglasses and dons it while walking towards the camera? That single moment was enough to not only revive the eyewear style that had once taken the world (literally) by storm, but it also catapulted the design to the haute scene of fashion. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the aviator, or Ray-Ban as it is more popularly known. The year was 1986. The dashing actor was Tom Cruise. Since then, every brand worth its lens power has had its own version of the aviator, with a few tweaks, of course. Kenneth Cole, for instance, introduced the sleek side bands, while Dior popularised the quintessential ‘60s inspired teardrop lenses. Hugo Boss launched the classic mirrored lenses, while Oakley introduced the era of tech-heavy sports aviators. And aviators soon became the one style that fit all! Of course, one of the major reasons for the aviator's claim to fame was that celebrities like Robert Redford and Jack Nicholson proudly flaunted it with aplomb – both on screen and elsewhere.

From being specially designed for US pilots, to becoming an iconic, must-have fashion accessory, the story of aviators is an interesting one!


Flying High


Aviators were originally conceptualised for the military, the US Air Force to be specific. The idea behind it was to create a pair of sunglasses that effectively blocked UV rays, given the height and harsh conditions in which the pilots flew their jets. Actor Tom Cruise sports aviator sunglasses in the movie 'Top Gun'.

The US Air Force signed the contract for making the first aviators in 1937 44

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VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Ever ything between you and eye

The other aviator Long before the aviator sunglasses for US Air Force pilots came into being, there was the lesser-known Aviator Goggle made for bike riders. And interestingly, this eyewear was based on the same principles as the aviator sunglasses – to protect the eyes from the sun (and dust) and offer clear vision.

The Jeantet Company, which made the Aviator Goggle, was founded in 1880. In 1929, Leon Jeantet created a new eyewear for motorcyclists, car drivers and airplane pilots and called it the 'Aviator Goggle'. Still in production, the company even today handmakes each goggle using the original tooling. 60 manual movements are required to produce a single goggle. put, no matter what. The highlight of the eyewear was the gentle curve of the lens, which was designed to reduce as much glare as possible. with Bausch & Lomb. The brief was to make sunglasses that could give their pilots the advantage of clear vision high in the sky. It took Bausch & Lomb nearly a year to develop the right shape, and to source out the most appropriate and durable material for the frame.

Douglas MacArthur, former American Air Force Commander, in his trademark aviators.

The first prototype for aviators were much heavier than the models seen today. The large reflective lenses were thrice the size of the eye sockets and came enclosed in sturdy metal frames. Bayonet earpieces and cable temples were added to give the sunglasses the perfect fit, so it stayed VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-trends-aviators-page-44-45-46.indd 45

A few tweaks later, the first Ray-Ban was born with neutral-gray coloured lenses made from G-15 tempered glass, which transmitted 20 per cent of the light, UV rays included. It was the first sunglass with anti-glare properties. A year later, Ray-Ban went into mass production of aviators and became the official wear of the entire US defence, and not just the Air Force. Douglas MacArthur, the then American Air Force commander, became the first brand ambassador of aviators. It was said to be an integral part of Douglas’ image, much like his pipe. He was so 45

10/12/12 12:18 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

fond of the aviators that he wore it to most important functions, thus lending an authoritative air to the design, and the wearer by extension. His style caught on, and soon men in uniform were buying Ray-Ban more because of the sheer superior edge it gave them.


Much like the army boots and army Swiss knives, aviators too trespassed the army's line of control in the mid 1940s. With aviators going public, RayBan as a brand was finally registered and Ray-Ban became synonymous for the classic aviator. By the '80s, Ray-Ban had effectively wiped off its co-relation to the military. Aviators were the fashion eyewear

The first prototype for aviators were much heavier than the models seen today. The large reflective lenses used were thrice the size of the eye sockets and came enclosed in sturdy metal frames.

flaunted by iconic musicians like Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. What added to the public's obsession with aviators were its appearance in films like ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Grease’. Music sensations like Travis Bickle, Jim Morrison, Mas Oyama, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, GG Allin, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Kayne West, too sported the famous eyewear style over the years, adding to its popularity.


Improvements to this style continued, and polarized lenses made an advent to aviators in 1938. Oakley worked with Polaroid to change the original neutral gray lens colour to stylish shades like olive green, and even pink. These experimentation resulted in sturdier and lighter frames. Tom Ford, Armani, MontBlanc, D&G and Versace went 46

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-trends-aviators-page-44-45-46.indd 46

on to add their own little elements to the classic design. Burberry, for instance, made the dual-tone lenses fashionable, while Fendi added a bit of oomph by using diamonds and semi-precious stones on the rims. Persol gave aviators a modern edge by incorporating smoky-gray, translucent frames that showed off wires normally hidden behind the temples. The Prada Linea Rossa's acetate oversized aviators came with vents and padding and rubber pads that ensured that the frame didn’t fall off even if the wearer decided to go water skiing!

Moscot's Yukel introduced the split frames, featuring different materials on top and bottom. This '50s style pair was so light that Hollywood actor Kevin Costner wore it through out the shoot of ‘Bull Durham’, and eventually fell in love with the pair enough to wear it regularly. And that's the story of aviators — a pair designed for pilots, but which is now worn pretty much by everyone. __________________________________ — Madhulika Dash ................................................................................ Email us at

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Anyone can become a 'Strategic Practice Owner’, once they have identified their strengths, recognised them as assets and know how to create leverage from them. So what are your strengths?

Retail Tales

How to Become a ‘Strategic Practice Owner’ T

he word ‘strategy’ is an oft-used business term, but becoming a 'Strategic Practice Owner', contrary to what others might say, does not require an MBA or any other fancy degree. All it needs is just an iota of common sense and is quite easy to achieve. It boils down to taking a closer look at your retail business and identifying what sets it, and you, apart. Are you offering ‘run-of-the-mill’ products and services to your customers? Or is there (or could there be) a genuine ‘USP’ in your offering? What are the strengths of your business, as well as yourself, as an individual. And more importantly, how do you currently communicate these aspects to your customers?

first bank in the UK to create 'high net worth' as a separate business portfolio. This comprised a unique target customer and a value proposition for the bank. This change of focus from large corporate clients to high-net ones was something unheard of at that time. Sir Brian believed that Lloyds could compete better in the UK banking industry by segmenting and choosing its target market better. This helped Lloyds become the country's leading bank at that time.

To successfully manage an independent optical practice, you too should not only segment your clients correctly, but also make the most of your strengths. You have to determine what your strengths really are. Easy as this might sound, it may not always be obvious until you rationally start analysing them. One of the first things I do while consulting with eye care practice owners is to try and look at their potential strengths (as well as weaknesses) – as someone who is

You have to determine what your strengths really are. Easy as this might sound, it may not always be obvious until you rationally start analysing them.

To understand what sets a 'Strategic Practice Owner' apart from any other entrepreneur, let's take the example of another retail practice – that of banking and that of Sir Brian Pitman, the former CEO of Lloyds TSB. Lloyds was the 48


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-retail-tales-strategic-business-owner-page-48-49-50.indd 48

10/12/12 12:16 PM

not part of their immediate business setup. As an 'outsider' this is often easier to do. Try one of these approaches yourself and you might be surprised at the outcome of the honest observation of others! We are all prone to have ‘blind spots’ when it comes to our own business.

Ever ything between you and eye

ANALYSING YOUR STRENGTHS Sigmund Freud famously said, “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”. Your strengths develop from a variety of sources. These could include your inherent natural ability and aptitude, formal education, life and business experience, research interests, hobbies, volunteer

involvement, and many other factors. It has often been noticed that people who had no formal education have made it to the top of their business domain – a typical ‘rags-to-riches’ story. Others, however, who were born into a business-minded family have at times found it difficult to manage and develop a business. Retail optical practice is a complex hybrid of retailing, healthcare and service and therefore, success has a lot to do with the way our minds are wired. If you are keen to identify your strengths then you could take advantage of the various aptitude tests available online. These will help you determine your personal strengths, weaknesses and even any hidden talents.


In my opinion, the 15 most essential skills for a successful independent practice owner are: 1. Communication skills (listening, verbal, and written) 2. Clinical skills 3. Analytical skills 4. Delegation 5. Adaptability 6. Managing multiple priorities / Project management 7. Interpersonal abilities 8. Leadership/Management skills 9. Teamwork 10. Planning/Organising 11. Problem solving 12. Computer literacy 13. Marketing skills 14. Entrepreneurial skills 15. Speed of taking action Now, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of these attributes. It might take a while, but be honest with this test. If your total score is over 5 in each area and your grand total is more than 100, you're well on the way to being a 'Strategic Practice Owner'. This is someone who can dynamically make changes to his/her optical retail practice depending on market conditions and situations with greater ease than his peers. However, if like me you don't hit 100, don't worry. VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-retail-tales-strategic-business-owner-page-48-49-50.indd 49


10/12/12 12:16 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

'10' Customer How to be a


Service on Every Visit Do you ever ask your customers to rate their visits to your optical outlet? If so, how do they respond? Is your team delivering the highest possible level of service?

It boils down to taking a closer look to your retail business or practice and identifying what sets you apart. It is genuinely tough for anyone to honestly possess all these 15 skills to the required level. But chances are that your past experiences might lend themselves to at least developing a powerful area of strength. Home in on the skills that make you special by looking for these clues: „ What tasks attract you? Think of the types of work that you look forward to in your business, that you'd find some way to do (especially if you weren't paid to do that job). „ What tasks do you immerse yourself in? When you're involved in certain tasks, do you forget what time it is or how long you've been working at them? These will usually be the jobs that use your skillsets the best. „ What do you learn quickly? You may struggle with mastering some skills, but you pick others effortlessly. That's because you have 50

some natural talent and a deep desire to learn more about a particular subject. Do not stop learning. Be a lifelong learner. „ What do other people ask your help with? Pay attention to the jobs you assign to yourself and the favours employees and colleagues ask from you. They wouldn't come to you if you weren't good in those areas. „ Where do you succeed? This may seem obvious, but some people miss the 'forest for the trees'. Take a look at the tasks you've done best; they'll use your most important skills. Don't confuse activity with accomplishment. „ What brings you satisfaction? No matter how tired you are, some tasks make you feel good at the end of the day. You'll do better in your profession by concentrating on what you find fulfilling. When you do what you love, you'll love what you do. And you'll start working from a position of strength. In time, you can isolate and work in your practice from your 'sweet spot'. When you achieve this, you'll have moved closer

Here are three suggestions to start improving your client relationships from today: 1. Ask them! The first step to improvement is awareness. Simply gather feedback. Are you great or failing? The customer is the only one who can truly answer that question. Instead of a survey, it can also be your optometrist, salesperson or receptionist asking buyers to rate their visit on a scale of 1-10. 2. Now that you are gathering data, start tracking it. Keep a running tabulation of your average rating. If a downward trend is occurring, then you need to react accordingly. 3. Create a culture of delivering only ‘Level 10’ client service. This can be as simple as smiling and making eye contact as soon as a customer walks through the door, using a buyer’s name or making small talk and offering refreshments. Do whatever it takes to instill a habit of friendly, yet efficient, customer service!

to becoming a ‘Strategic Practice Owner’. And the bonus is you'll never really do another day's work in your life! ___________________________________________ — Mohammed Bhojani, (B.Sc-Hons, MC Optom, MBA), is a UK-based optometrist and practice owner. He is also a business coach and consultant to optical practices and eye care professionals. He is the author of a three-step training programme called ‘The Practice Profits Formula’ that can be accessed at ................................................................................ Email us at

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Eye Matters

Contact lenses are an easier and convenient alternative to spectacles. But people often shy away from wearing them, due to some misconceptions. Here's setting the record straight about few of these myths.

Busting Some Myths about Contact Lens T

he history of contact lenses dates back to the 16th century. It was in 1949, that the first fragile corneal lenses were developed. Over the years, contact lenses have become much more advanced and are well accepted by consumers because they are easy to use, offer a great alternative to spectacles and are also very convenient.

Despite its many positive attributes, only 2 per cent of the world's population currently wears contact lenses. Certain misconceptions and myths have prevented first-time wearers from experiencing a solution that can make a great difference in the way they view the world around them. So let's try to set the record straight about these misconceptions.

within contact lenses nowadays. There are many types of contact lenses available for a wide variety of customers to choose from. One can opt for daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses, or even those that are changed once a year.

Then there are bifocal contact lenses for people with presbyopia, or toric soft lenses for patients with astigmatism. So, there are contact lenses to suit everyone. And, one can wear contact lenses without any worry, because it has been proven that they are medically safe. I CAN’T TAKE PART IN Myth 2: SPORTS WEARING CONTACT LENSES

We live in a world driven by technology, and a look around us shows just how much medical technology is present

As a matter of fact, contact lenses provide stable, sharp vision that sportspeople need. They do not fog up like spectacles do and also offer clear, glare-free vision. In addition, they improve a wearer's peripheral vision, which may increase their performance. However, contact


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye


vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-eye-matters-myths-page-52-53.indd 52

lenses are not a substitute for eye protection. It is recommended to wear appropriate goggles or masks while playing specific sports such as skiing or hockey. I’M AFRAID TO PUT ON MY Myth 3: MAKEUP WITH CONTACT LENSES Unlike glasses, contact lenses will help a person see clearly while applying makeup. As a contact lens wearer one need not givie up wearing eye makeup. Ideally, makeup should be applied after contact lens insertion and lenses should be removed before removing makeup. It is also recommended to use a fast-drying, fiber-free mascara, and eyeshadow in cream form or as a compact, rather than loose, powder. Eye-colour pencil should not be applied directly on the edge of the lower eyelid – instead, it is better to apply it along the edge of the lower eyelash. When removing eye makeup, it is best to use a rich

10/12/12 12:10 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

of extended wear. This process can be repeated for one month. CONTACT LENSES ARE NOT SAFE Myth 6: Global lens manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars behind contact lens research and development to offer the best eye care products to their customers. They are a safe option, provided a wearer always follows an eye care practitioner's advice and does not overuse the lenses. If users are in the habit of making 14-day wear lenses last for 30 days, they can consider switching to monthly lenses instead. I’M TOO OLD TO Myth 7: WEAR TO CONTACT LENSES

eye makeup remover or water-soluble cleaning emulsions. Hand creams, sunscreens and nail polish removers should not be allowed to come into direct contact with contact lenses. Similarly, eyes should be closed while using deodorants,hair spray, etc. CONTACT LENSES COULD Myth 4: GET LOST BEHIND THE EYE This is one of the most common myths, and is just not possible! A thin, but strong, membrane called the conjunctiva, lines the inside of the eyelids and curls back on itself to cover the white part of the eye. Contact lenses cannot pass through this and will tend to center automatically on the cornea. I CAN’T SLEEP WHILE Myth 5: WEARING CONTACT LENSES Contact len technology has significantly advanced over the years, and products like Alcon’s Air Optix Aqua monthly contact lenses can be

Ideally, makeup should be applied after contact lens insertion and lenses should be removed before removing makeup. worn continuously, even while sleeping. Lenses like these are US Food and Drug Administration approved for two types of wearing schedules: daily wear and extended wear. Daily wear lenses are worn in the morning and removed before going to sleep. Since these are often monthly lenses, they have to be soaked overnight in the lens case. A wearer can continue with this daily wear schedule everyday for one month. When it comes to extended wear lenses, a user may choose to wear the contact lens for six days and nights continuously. After six days, one needs to follow the daily schedule for two nights (i.e. removing them at the end of the day and allowing them to soak in the lens case overnight) and then continue with another six nights VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-eye-matters-myths-page-52-53.indd 53

Not true! Contact lenses can help treat a variety of eye conditions, including age-related presbyopia, which affects a person's ability to focus on close objects. Contact lenses are safe for eyes at any age. However, if a person decides to use contact lenses as they get older, it is crucial that they undergo regular eye check-ups. Also, it is important to begin regularly screening for vision disorders, as the likelihood of developing such conditions increases as one grows older. CONTACT LENSES ARE EXPENSIVE Myth 8: A common misconception, but again, not true. Prices of contact lenses have reduced significantly over the years. For about the same price as a pair of good-quality spectacles, one can get a year's supply of disposable-type contact lenses. So there you have it! There is no reason why a person should not consider contact lenses as a good alternative to spectacles, given its various advantages. Hopefully, we will see a lot more people opting for it, as the awareness about its benefits grows. __________________________________________ — VisionPlus Bureau with inputs from Dr Tarek Mahmoud, Professional Marketing Manager, Alcon Vision Care. ................................................................................ Email us at 53

10/12/12 12:10 PM


L O N D O N SO HFebruary L12 NO D OW N -14 2013 -14 February L12 O N D O2013 N London ExCeL International Exhibition Centre, UK London ExCeL International Exhibition Centre, UK

12 -14 February 2013 London ExCeL International Exhibition Centre, UK

The UK’s Largest Annual Optical & Ophthalmic Exhibition & Conference The UK’s Largest Annual Optical & Ophthalmic Exhibition & Conference 12 -14 February 2013 The UK’s Largest Annual Optical & Ophthalmic London ExCeL International Exhibition & Conference 12 -14 February 2013 Exhibition Centre, UK London ExCeL International 12 Exhibition -14 February Centre, 2013 UK London ExCeL International Exhibition Centre, UK

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Now available in 1.5, 1.59, 1.6, 1.67, Clear or Transitions

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Off The Shelf

Lacoste’s Fall 2012 collection sports autumnal colours

For Fall 2012, Lacoste Eyewear debuts a collection true to the brand’s core design philosophy, while incorporating autumnal colorations like warm amber and vintage horns. The iconic petit piqué pattern, inspired by the brand’s classic polo, is reinvented with a new application – a print version in high-gloss on zyl temples. Attention to detail is seen through the pairing of striking colours temples and lucid or transparent frame fronts. The layering of materials and incorporation of Lacoste’s design DNA throughout both sun and optical creates timeless silhouettes for this season.

diane von fusrstenberg

The Spring Summer 2013 Puma Eyewear sunglasses range has designs that are strongly influenced by a variety of natural colours and shapes. The fusion of futuristic and vintage influences gives life to a subtle sci-fi line of models made in high-tech aluminium and rubber. Mirrored lenses, ergonomic design, intriguing material and colour mixes are the highlights of the new range. The fresh mix of different materials and trendy colours make the new collection stylish and yet comfortable, as well as slip resistant, thanks to rubber parts including inlays and unique removable tip strips.

Rodenstock expects androgynous styles to reign

Rodenstock predicts the next fashion trend for women’s eyewear will be classic elegant designs with clear lines and strong colours permeated with boyish elements. A case in point is the Baldessarini B3111 in natural shades that the gently curved pilot style and a cool keyhole bridge design. D1011 from Alfred Dunhill Eyewear and M3003 from Mercedes-Benz are similar sporty examples. With different surface materials, curved lenses and a functional design, they are ideal for the fashion-conscious wearers.

Striking designs in Fendi’s Fall Winter 2012 collection

Characterized by elegant designs, the Fall Winter 2012 collection from Fendi features an unusual combination of materials and treatments, and creativity in, both, form and character. Colour – vibrant and contrasting – is used to enrich and enhance the different frame features. Meticulous attention to quality and an innate sense of curiosity for avant-garde styles transform the collection, creating refined and timeless styles for the Fall Winter 2012 season.


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Ever ything between you and eye

Alain Mikli presents the Alliage collection

The new Alliage collection by Alain Mikli showcases sophisticated and colourful frames. The front of these models are made of steel foils that were selected for their technical characteristics. The combination of a rhythmic geometry and colour produces a 3D effect. The temples are in cellulose acetate showcasing the Chamarel theme. The checkered pattern, a heritage of the brand since 1978, continues to be a distinctive sign of the brand.

Davidoff's luxurious Prestige collection The latest Davidoff Prestige eyewear collection has models for women for the first time. The women's range has a selection of optical frames with the characteristic subtle elegance and skilful craftsmanship that the brand is known for.

The range has three models designs with four colours, made of titanium and feature details in 23-carat gold. The men's collection offers three models in three colours, using acetate and titanium. These too have details in 23-carat gold.

Ray-Ban introduces its classic aviator in folding design

For its 75th anniversary, Ray-Ban has launched the Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra, where it reintroduces the iconic model in a folding design dipped in 22 carats of gold. The frames, available in white and yellow gold, will have a selective distribution of 7,500 sets worldwide.

This new model has the water-repellent P3 Plus lenses that allows water to run-off the surface easier, guaranteeing additional protection for the wearer. Its unique structure allows the model to bend while maintaining its shape. The eight hinges on the Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra also allows for the frame to fold at the temple earpieces, along the temples and at the bridge.

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Gold-plated limited edition from Starck Eyes

Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck have presented a new set of four gold-plated optical eyewear in a limited and numbered edition. This collection, called Starck Eyes, is based on bionism, which means taking inspiration from organic elements to design technologies better suited for humans. The frames, which boast of a high-end finish, are available in two colours – Champagne Gold and Palladium. They have a 5.2 microns 24-carat gold plating, while the temples in black acetate sport Palladium colour schemes.

Jaguar collection – conveying elegance and innovation

Jaguar’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection has frames in sportive designs and interesting details that have been partly adapted from the brand’s sports car models, to impart a feeling of luxury. The latest collection features an additional 19 sunglasses and 12 ophthalmic frames which at their heart are driven by design. Some of the eyewear have also been fitted with photochromic lenses with a gray gradient to offer optimum comfort to wearers.

Eyres Optics designs eyewear for watersports

Eyres Optics has designed a range of floating impact resistant frames to cater to the active watersport individual. The models - 717s Mistral, 802 Evermore, 727 Titanic and 737 Wake – feature hydrophobic lens coatings and are available in polarised lenses. Eyres claims that its hydrophobic coating reduces moisture build up, resists oil and prevents dirt particles from sticking to the lens, ensuring the lenses stay clean longer than ordinary lenses and maintain a constant crystal depth level of clarity.

Modern frames in Menrad's latest collection

The Menrad collection for Autumn Winter 2012 has charmingly feminine colours and design details on the temples of the ladies‘ frames, whilst the men's frames impress with their classic shapes and masculine colours. The clear-cut design of the elegant ladies' has an unobtrusive temple design and the subtle colours of front and temples are in stark contrast to the colours of the inside of the frame. For self-assured men with a sure sense of style the matte metal frame has an open bridge with a lens shape that lends an almost sportive look to the design.


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Elegant and chic, that's Salvatore Ferragamo's collection

For the Fall Winter 2012 collection, Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear introduces sun and ophthalmic frames with classic designs and iconic accents, synonymous with the brand. Translating adornments seen on the Fall Winter 2012 ready-to-wear runway, the Gancino and Vara are skillfully placed temple accents made of polished metal and filled with vivid enamel in autumnal colorations. Jewels and crystals are incorporated discreetly, to bring a new level of detail to female optical eyewear.

Porsche Design presents optical styles for ladies with a perspective

Porsche Design has introduced five optical frames for ladies for the first time, building on the success of the sunglasses range. A thrilling material mix of high-quality acetate and metal determine the look of models P'8207 and P'8208 with a round or angular front. In addition, there are two Nylor frames made of stainless steel in models P'8210 and P'8211. The rimless P'8209 frame of stainless steel and plastic is available with an oval lens shape as well as in a CarrĂŠ version.

Charismatic styles from Joop! this winter

The Joop! Eyewear's 2012 winter collection is divided into three trends. 'Light' translates the effect of light in enchanting reflections and subtle colour effects. 'Modern Metallic' offers metallic finishes with a techno touch along with a simplistic design. 'Surface Texture' gets its inspiration from the fascinating textures in the wood. Several contrasting features are combined in the design of the frames resulting in a harmonious union. For instance, the premium acetate frame has two different, vertically running colourations that generate fluctuating effects, triggered by varying incidences of light, while the '60s inspired frames feature a milky deep violet finish with a transparent red toward the bottom.

Maui Jim goes purple this season

Believing that purple will be a prominent colour in fashions this winter and spring, Maui Jim has created new feminine sunglass styles in a range of mauves, amethysts, lilacs and deep purples to add a pop of colour to any ensemble. Five frames in acetate or high-grade injected nylon lines are available in a range of purple hues. These frames are lightweight, durable and easily adjustable and come with lustrous finishes that add a touch of elegance. All Maui Jim lenses feature proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology that uses up to nine layers of protection to eliminate 100 percent of UV rays and cut 99.9 percent of glare from above, below and behind each lens. The five purplehued frames feature the company’s Maui Rose lenses that add a rosy glow to vision or Neutral Gray lenses that are designed for the brightest days.

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Wow, Made in K rea Too Flexible Perfect Face Form

New Material Too Light

Flexible l Light l Fitting

K rea Ultem

KOISC(Korea Optical Industry Support Center) 1205-1, Nowondong-3ga, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea T 82-53-350-7800 F 82-53-353-7812

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Events Silmo 2012


Paris WHEN:

Oct 04-07, 2012

Dynamic As Always The recently concluded Silmo 2012 saw 34,696 visitors checking out the latest eyewear products and technologies.


he overwhelming feeling at Silmo Mondial De L'Optique 2012 was one of reassurance – that though the economic situation in many geographies is still unstable, customers there still love and splurge on eyewear. Officials of this international trade fair, which was held at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center from 4th to 7th October 2012, claimed that their efforts to make this trade fair stand out as a welcome 'haven' was fairly successful.

fostered by the eye care professionals who were in attendance. Over a fourday period, the trade show welcomed 34,696 visitors, 55 per cent of who were from countries outside of France.


Alongside commercial discussions, fashion shows and the unveiling of new products by exhibitors, Silmo offered people from the industry a lineup of scientific conferences, technical workshops and coaching sessions. 900 people took part in the three sessions of the scientific colloquium that was organised by the Silmo Academy and some 100 opticians learnt more about better refraction techniques.

Over 900 exhibitors unveiled a selection of eyewear brands and products and were seen leveraging the business opportunities at the event, which was

Another highlight of the annual trade fair was the Silmo d'Or Awards that rewarded the creativity and inventive spirit of the optical fraternity. The eight winners of this award were Essilor with its Varilux design for the 'Vision' category, Hoya with VisuReal for the 'Equipment' category, Etex


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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with DaVinci for the 'Low Vision/ Optic Instrument' category, Seaport with Milky by Little Paul & Joe for the 'Children' category, Undostrial with Lucas de Staël for the 'Optic Frame category, Jeremy Tarian with Saintonge for the 'Sunglass' category, Silhouette with Adidas Tour Pro for the 'Sport equipment' category and Di Essel with FN 719 for the 'Monture Innovation Technologique'. Silmo 2012 also had a ‘Merchandising Workshop’ where visitors learnt how to optimize the store design at their outlets. Besides learning about the key points of merchandising, they availed coaching on this topic by experts. Buoyed by the success of Silmo 2012 the officials have already started work on the next edition of the event, which will be held between 26th to 29th September, 2013. Having raised the bar for this trade fair, we are sure they will make this event even more spectacular in the coming year. __________________________________

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Ever ything between you and eye

CIOF 2012 Gets Bigger CIOF 2012 was much bigger than the previous year – with an increase in the space occupancy of the event as well as the number of exhibitors who participated in it.


he 25th China International Optics Fair (CIOF), once again presented China's optical products and technology as well as those of global brands between 10th to 12th September, 2012 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. This event was endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce of China as one of its 108 recognized distinguished exhibitions, which receive support from the Chinese

government. Further, it is considered as also one of the best ten exhibitions in China, recognized by China National Light Industry Council. More than 45,000 buyers and 786 exhibitors from 73 countries had participated in CIOF 2011, representing over 300 international brands. Comparatively, CIOF 2012 saw the participation of 797 exhibitors including 527 Chinese exhibitors - and 324 global brands from 21 countries showcased their products. This year, the event's layout was also 25 percent bigger than 2011, spread across 55,000 square metres and extended to the fair grounds of Radisson SAS Hotel and the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel. International trade associations like Fukui Optical Association also VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Beijing WHEN:

Sep 10-12, 2012

extended their support to this event and were present in the Japanese pavilion. A Korean pavilion was also set up, where many Korean companies, like Bescon, Huvitz, Pichina, Potec, etc, set up their stalls as individual exhibitors. Members of the Korean Optometric Association were also present here. Some of the companies that participated in CIOF for the first time included Maui Jim from US, Fleye from Denmark, Fitover from Australia, Evonik from Germany and Belmore from Korea. Besides the quintessential networking that visitors sought at the event, they were also entertained with fashion shows, where they could see the latest collections of some of the exhibitors. __________________________________ 63

10/12/12 12:08 PM

Opti 2013


Munich WHEN:

Jan 25-27, 2013

Kicking Off the Year in Style Opti 2013 promises to start the coming year in style, when over 450 exhibitors showcase their innovations and latest product at the Fairground Messe München between 25th and 27th January 2013.


rganizers of opti 2013 claim that the event will reveal the trends at the forefront of the optics industry when it is held between 25th and 27th January, 2013 at the Fairground Messe München in Munich. Dieter Dohr, CEO and President of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH, which organizes this event, said, “With the exhibition halls spanning an area of 40,000 meters, opti 2013 gives an extensive overview of the entire optics product range."

C1 will focus on established lifestyle brands and collections, while the 'Walk of Frame' will feature a series of glass display cases positioned in the middle of the hall, giving an overview of the latest innovations on show. The joint Italian stand will be a new attraction in Hall C1. Organised by the Italian association Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, this joint stand will represent 10 companies from northern Italy, appearing together in Munich for the very first time.


In previous years, Halls C2 and C3 have been the showrooms for high-profile product releases and, in 2013, they will once again be the hotspot for innovations showcased by manufacturers of frames, glass lenses and contact lenses. Visitors can check out displays of technical equipment, precision tools and low-vision aids.

The cohesive arrangement of the exhibition halls ensures that each hall focuses on a defined theme. Hall

Hall C4, together with Hall C1, will flank the other two halls and house the YES! – Young Eye Styles area, where visitors will be treated to a display of innovative


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-events-page-62-63-64-65-66.indd 64

design ideas. Newcomers and small manufacturers will present their latest collections to the public – in many cases, for the first time. A number of companies will also be showcasing their product releases in the opti boxes. These provide a platform for start-up companies to present themselves to an international audience for the first time. Shop fitters and shop designers, who will also be part of opti will show visitors how frames, contact lenses and accessories can be effectively displayed in stores to entice customers. The programme will be rounded off with the opti forum presentations, which will be simultaneously interpreted from German to English. This will give opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists ideas for their day-today business, marketing and sales. The event organizers have pulled all stops to ensure that visitors to opti 2013 will find extensive, yet concise, coverage of various sectors of the optics industry in a compact space. __________________________________

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Ever ything between you and eye

Mido 2013 WHERE:

Milan WHEN:

Mar 2-4, 2013

One of the most popular exhibitions in the eyewear industry worldwide, the organisers of Mido are confident of attracting more visitors and exhibitors, than the previous edition.


he 43rd edition of Mido Optical Fair will be held between 2nd and 4th March, 2013 at Fiera Milano Rho in Italy. The event's organisers claim that this optics, ophthalmology and optometry exhibition is well known worldwide for interpreting new trends and dictating the rules of international fashion, in addition to presenting new technical and technological developments in the eyewear business.

Attracting Attention, As Always

Last year, the event attracted over 1100 exhibitors from 44 countries and over 42,000 visitors. The event's organisers hope to take this numbers up in the 2013 edition.


There will be six pavilions at Mido 2013. The Design Area, which attracts visitors who are keen to check out leadingedge eyewear designs, is one of the highlights of Mido. This year too, the area will house exclusive exhibitors whose eyewear can lay claim to high levels of design, with an interesting mix of shapes and materials and the right confluence of technology and creativity. There will also be an Asian pavilion that will host companies from the Far East. This will be an exclusive showcase for Asian manufacturers and their latest creations, who want to tap the western market for their products. VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-events-page-62-63-64-65-66.indd 65

The Mido Fashion District will have the new creations by well known brands, who will unveil the new developments in fashion that characterize the world of frames and sunglasses. And this includes fashion shows with models wearing the designs from select brands, showing what is in vogue, to help visitors plan their buying of eyewear designs. Major lens manufacturers from Italy and abroad will be housed in a space specifically devoted to them - Lens Pavilion. In addition to hosting cuttingedge products for improving vision, the pavilion will also have conferences and seminars on eye health, vision care and technologies at the service of eyesight. Most of the key players from the eyewear industry are headed to Mido. Are you one of them? __________________________________ 65

10/12/12 12:08 PM

The Eye Show



Fuelling Expectations WHEN:

Feb 12-14, 2013

The debut of The Eye Show to be held between 12th to 14th February, 2013 in England is already gaining a lot of attention.


he Eye Show, a new optical and ophthalmic exhibition and conference that will take place on 12th to 14th February 2013, promises to host over 100 international buyers as part of its ‘Hosted Buyer Programme’. This program claims to accommodate over 100 carefully selected senior decision makers with substantial purchasing authority. The first edition of The Eye Show will take place at ExCeL International Exhibition Center in London.


Showing support to the event are companies like Cutler and Gross, a luxury British heritage eyewear brand, which will exhibit its collections within Eye Show’s ‘Fashion and Catwalk Zone’. Talking about this, Charlotte Abbot of Cutler and Gross, said, “The Eye Show 2013 will provide us with an ideal international platform on which to showcase our collections. We are looking forward to exhibiting at this debut event, which is set to become a great addition to the optical industry.”

Dawn Kime, Founder of the The Eye Show says “As an international event, we are focused on ensuring that the appropriate range and quality of buyers are in attendance.”

Chris Beal, MD of Menrad UK added that an annual global show in the UK is without a doubt an exciting development. “We attend international exhibitions elsewhere so it’s refreshing to now have our own event in the UK – and importantly to be based in London. The Eye Show will encompass many of the fashion elements of the industry, which fits


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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well with us. The optics market is evolving and it’s important for us to keep pace and be open to new opportunities,” he added. To ensure that it is easier for visitors to check out the collections from brands of different countries, the event’s organizers have decided to have country-specific pavilions. Currently, there will be pavilions for China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, UAE, Korea and USA. To further ensure that there is good participation from the local brands from each of these countries, The Eye Show’s organisers have teamed up with associations in each region. For instance, it has joined hands with the Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS) in Korea. With all these initiatives underway, it looks like the debut event of The Eye Show will be an interesting one. ................................................................................ Email us at

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Ever ything between you and eye



Merges Fashion With Fun The Optitalia Group presented Safilo’s latest Fall Winter 2012 eyewear collections to leading optical retailers in the Gulf region as well as members of the press.


hen a leading company in the optical industry decides to showcase the latest eyewear collections from brands including Dior, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and Carrera, then celebrations are definitely in order. The Optitalia Group managed to live up to the expectations that people had about such an event when it unveiled its Fall Winter 2012 collections on 15th

September 2012 at Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. And the event had it all - a good mix of fashion trends, foot-tapping music, sashaying models - and more. The company had invited opticians from several GCC countries and members of the media to get a better idea of the trends that are expected to gain ground this season. And it followed this up with a dealer preview-and-purchase session between 16th to 18th September 2012, at the same venue.


Over 150 people participated in Optitalia Group’s convention where they could preview the latest styles and also get a better understanding on the eyewear trends forecasted for this Fall Winter season. Mauro Casotto, Managing Director of Optitalia Group and Matteo De Stefani, Marketing VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-happenings-page-67.indd 67

Manager of Optitalia Group played perfect hosts to the members from the optical industry and the media people and were seen happily discussing the various designs on display. And going by the feedback that was gathered during the event about the best collections, a favourite for many seemed to be the designs from Gucci. Other collections like Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger were also quite popular amongst the audience. Some scintillating music by DJ Keza captivated the attention of those present at the event as did the LED light show and the fashion show. A nice time was had by all, as they got a good opportunity to discuss business while this high-fashion event. ________________________________ - VisionPlus Bureau ................................................................................ Email us at 67

10/12/12 12:11 PM



Huvitz launches Kaizer edging machine Coburn Technologies True-Form process for free-form lens surfacing


he new Cobalt lens generator and Cobalt soft-tool polisher from Coburn Technologies are part of its True-Form system; a matched set of technologies for producing high-speed traditional Rx and free-form lenses. Curt Brey, VP of Business Development at Coburn Technologies Inc, said, “Working together, these machines produce spectacular free-form lenses, but they are also designed to work separately with compatible free-form generators and free-form polishers.” The Cobalt generator includes a new set of generating technologies, and involves several system components all working together in a new cutting process; from electromechanical axis controls, to software algorithms, to a new wetcut cold misting system. The Cobalt polisher uses a new method to polish free-form lenses. According to the company, it takes advantage of more spindle axis control than was available earlier, including rotational speeds, direction, pressure, and motion control, which are all managed based on the lens, curvature, and material.


vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-snapshots-page-68-69-70.indd 68


uvitz has launched its latest edging machine ‘Kaizer’ recently. The company also showcased the product at various optical exhibitions and fair, including the Vision Expo West in Las Vegas and CIOF in China.

Kaizer incorporates a milling function that prevents the axis from twisting while cutting lenses, leading to very precise lens manufacturing, according to the company. In addition to the bevel, grooving, and special bevel manufacturing, the machine also supports manufacture of glass frames that has narrow grooves as well as high-curve lens. It also supports partial grooving function such as grooving, bevel, and chooses the location of bevel and manufacture until it reaches the desired point.

“The Endure Medical Systems full-line of ophthalmic microscopes enhances our cataract surgery portfolio, offering an innovative solution for surgeons to further improve cataract surgery outcomes. Cataract surgeons will appreciate the depth of perception and detail that these ophthalmic surgical microscopes with a unique illumination technology provide,” said Stuart Raetzman, Head of Global Commercial Strategy, Alcon. Alcon will begin marketing the LuxOR ophthalmic surgical microscopes as part of its cataract surgery portfolio in the United States. It plans to bring the benefits of these ophthalmic microscopes to surgeons worldwide in a phased roll-out slated for 2013.

Massimo Renon appointed Head of Safilo Group’s EMEA region

Alcon acquires Endure Medical Systems


lcon has acquired Endure Medical Systems, a company that designs, develops and manufactures products and accessories specific to surgical microscopy. The company claimed that Endure’s LuxOR ophthalmic surgical microscopes complement the Alcon surgical portfolio and further strengthen its partnership with customers to deliver comprehensive, consistent visualization with user-friendly functionality during cataract surgery.


afilo Group has appointed Massimo Renon as Head of Business Region for EMEA. He will assume the role in September, reporting directly to Roberto Vedovotto, Chief Executive Officer of Safilo Group. Massimo joins Safilo from Ferrari, where he held the role of Global Head

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Ever ything between you and eye

WS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE of Sales and After Sales. He previously gained over 10 years' experience in Luxottica, where he successfully held several positions of increasing responsibility in Italy and internationally, becoming New Europe Region Director before leaving.

appearance of cataracts, amongst other vision problems. In addition, research also shows that 40 per cent of UV rays can reach eyes even when not in full sunlight, and UV is present not just in sun rays but also other forms of light.

Ivanka Trump launches sunglasses


vanka Trump and B Robinson Optical have announced the launch of Ivanka Trump sunglasses. The new collection will present a range of shapes, including aviators, cat-eye designs and oversized styles.

The colour palette will be understated with an emphasis on various tortoise iterations, black, white, ivory, bone, as well as signature Ivanka Trump coral. Select styles will feature details found in Ivanka Trump’s fine jewelry, handbags, and footwear collections – allowing for fluidity across all her accessory categories.

Essilor launches Crizal UV lenses


ssilor’s latest offering in corrective vision care, Crizal UV lenses, offers both front and back UV protection. UV exposure has been proven to accelerate eye ageing and the

According to Essilor, the new Crizal UV coating minimises visible and UV reflection from the back, providing protection for the front and back of its lenses. With the front transmission blocked by the lens material, it provides complete UV protection for the eyes. Crizal UV lenses also come equipped with Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 25, meaning the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV than without any lens.

Hugo Boss Group, Safilo renew eyewear licence agreement till 2020


ugo Boss Group and Safilo Group announced an early renewal of their license agreement with a term until 2020 for the design, production and worldwide distribution of Boss Black, Boss Orange and Hugo frames and sunglasses collections. VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-snapshots-page-68-69-70.indd 69

Roberto Vedovotto, CEO of Safilo Group, added, “Our license agreement for a term until 2020 endorses Safilo Group as a successful partner, capable of effectively supporting the diversified high-profile portfolio of brands like Hugo Boss. We believe that the turnover of the Hugo Boss brands in the eyewear category will cross the €100 million revenue milestone at full potential.”

Rihanna in Miu Miu Culte sunglasses


inger Rihanna was seen wearing Miu Miu Culte sunglasses while soaking up the sun during her French vacation, as she was yachting with friends in Eze Sur Mer. And the pentagonal shaped sunglasses added the right amount of oomph to her colourful red swimsuit!

Victoria Beckham announces optical collection


ictoria Beckham announced the launch of her optical line for Spring Summer 2013. Launching with six styles, each offered in three tonal colourways, the collection was launched to retailers at Silmo Paris and will be in stores from January 2013. 69

10/12/12 12:17 PM

rich heritage in providing women with evolving modern style and look forward to translating those highquality, timeless designs into great eyewear perfectly suited for the Anne Klein woman." The collection is manufactured in partnership with Cutler and Gross and has the same sense of texture and detailing found in Victoria Beckham sunglasses range that was launched in 2009. Translucent washes of sepia stained colour emulate ‘50s cellulose material used on film strips and eyewear, with naturally inspired materials - such as whispered horn with pearl oyster interior lining - used across the collection. Metal and acetates materials are married to create feminine combination frames. The optical collection has signature branding details such as the refined diamond faceted ‘V’ featured on the tip of each frame.

Anne Klein announces global license agreement with Altair

Leighton Meester in Valentino sunglasses

In summer 2011, the McGee Group launched the Vera Bradley Kids collection, extending Vera Bradley’s classic colours and designs to children. The McGee Group plans to expand the brand’s sun collection in 2013 with new styles and lens colours and to continue with its well known optical and ‘Girlfriends’ collections.


ctress Leighton Meester from ‘Gossip Girl’ was seen wearing Valentino V606S as she arrived for the premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ held at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York City.



Steve Wright, President of Altair said, “We recognize the Anne Klein brand's

he McGee Group and Vera Bradley have renewed a multi-year licensing agreement for the continued production of Vera Bradley branded eyewear and sunwear. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Vera Bradley,” said Wayne McGee, CEO, The McGee Group. “We have created a personal bond of friendship with everyone at Vera Bradley, and appreciate that we


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-oct-dec-2012-snapshots-page-68-69-70.indd 70

both have the same cause near and dear to our hearts: finding a cure for breast cancer.”

Essilor Group enters a settlement and cross license agreement with Carl Zeiss Vision

McGee renews licensing agreement for Vera Bradley eyewear

S-based Jones Group has entered into an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with Altair, a division of Marchon Eyewear, for the creation, production, marketing and global distribution of ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses under the Anne Klein brand. The Anne Klein ophthalmic eyewear and sunglass collections are currently produced and marketed under a worldwide license agreement with Luxottica Group SpA, which will expire on 31 December, 2012.

Ever ything between you and eye


arl Zeiss Vision and Essilor have reached an agreement related to Carl Zeiss Vision’s back-surface freeform progressive lens technology, which includes settling the patent infringement litigation between Carl Zeiss Vision and Signet Armorlite, an Essilor affiliate. Under the terms of the agreement, Carl Zeiss Vision International has granted a royalty bearing license under US Patent No 6,089,713 and its foreign counterparts to Essilor and its affiliates, including Signet Armorlite. Essilor has granted a license to Carl Zeiss Vision for certain other ophthalmic technologies, including coatings. With these agreements, Carl Zeiss Vision and Essilor reaffirm their commitments to developing advanced technology and sophisticated ophthalmic products to accelerate the development of the market with enhanced products for consumers worldwide. ................................................................ Email us at

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immy Choo launched the Biker sunglasses - a vintage design inspired by laid back west coast style - as part of the 2012-2013 eyewear collection. Adding an instant rock ‘n’ roll attitude to any look, the androgynous geometric shape and injection-moulded frames feature details on the temple tips; small metal studs in the shapes of playing card suits – spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs mirroring the draped biker chains on the versatile Biker bag.

The Biker sunglasses are available in four colourways - gloss black, matte black, nude and Havana. It can be found at leading optical retailers, Jimmy Choo boutiques and department stores. The Jimmy Choo 2012-2013 eyewear collection each comes encased in a refined nudecoloured case. __________________________________



ess than one year after setting an industry precedent with the launch of sustainable eyewear, Gucci and Safilo made a further commitment to environmental responsibility with new eco-friendly packaging and the firstever sunglasses made from Liquid Wood – an innovative biodegradable material never before used in the eyewear sector.

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The new unique foldable case minimizes stock space, limiting both the weight and amount of shipments and in turn helping to reduce 60 per cent of CO2 emissions. The modern and refined case will bear the Mobius loop, which is an internationally recognized symbol used to designate recyclable materials.

Upon purchase, customers will receive an informational leaflet and a pre-addressed envelope in order to send the case to a dedicated center where it may be recycled to make new products. Additionally, the FCScertified paper shopping bag mirrors the House’s existing sustainable packaging.

The initial prototype in semi-matte black with shaded gray glass lenses has been developed using the bamboo-inspired frame, a must-have in the most recent Gucci eyewear collection, that meets a revolutionary material true to Gucci’s commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition to the hinges, the small metal rings that outline the bamboo joints are made from recycled metal. Meanwhile, the mineral glass lenses enhance the elegant style of these large, wraparound shaped sunglasses. __________________________________



he Tommy Hilfiger Group has introduced an updated take on the brand’s classic TH 1985 sunglass and optical frame model. This collection of men’s, women’s and children’s sunglasses and optical frames features styles in combinations of red and blue that reflect Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic color palette, and the brand’s classic, American, cool style.

Furthermore, Gucci is pleased to announce the future introduction of sunglasses made from Liquid Wood, a biodegradable, eco-friendly material that represents an alternative to the plastic usually in the production of eyewear. Liquid Wood boasts a composition from bio-based materials: wood fiber from sustainably managed forests and lignin from the paper manufacturing process and natural wax.

The collection draws inspiration from the iconic TH 1985 model created in 2010 to celebrate Tommy Hilfiger’s 25th anniversary. Featuring a versatile, 80s-inspired shape and temples bearing the ‘Hilfiger” logo, the iconic square-shaped model is now available in new sizes to ensure a preppy look, youthful attitude and timeless style for the whole family. __________________________________

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"40Y of Innovation" collector's box The box, which is limited to 1972 specimens worldwide, contains the P'8480 Y, P'8418 Y, P'8494 Y and the P'8478 sunglasses. They are all classics of the Porsche Design Eyewear collection, which have been reissued for the brand's birthday, and are available exclusively in this format in the exquisite "40Y of Innovation" box.

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