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Vol. 5 • Issue 2 Jan - Mar 2012 Arabia Edition

Everything between you and eye

Michael Kors

“There is something special in the optical business as compared to the other categories we deal in” – Didier Di Fusco, VP International Sales, TWC L’Amy, in conversation with Siraj Bolar

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All About Simple And Elegant Fashion

Truly Iconic Spectacles

The Humble, Round Pair

Get updated about the latest eyewear trends in GALLERIA 2/2/2012 5:57:47 PM

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Vol. 5 • Issu e2 Arabia Edi Jan - Mar 2012 tion


ing bet wee

n you a nd eye

Everything between you and eye Vol.5 Issue 2 Jan-Mar 2012 A FourPlus Publication

Truly Iconic

ectacl The HumblSp e, Round Paes ir

ier Di Fusco, VP Interna tion TWC L’Amy, al Sales, in with Siraj Bol conversation ar

A FourPlus Pub


Get updated



All Ab l Kors And Eleganout t Simple Fashion

“There is something spe cial in the optical as compared business categories weto the other deal in” – Did

about the lat est eyewear

trends in GA

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Lens Talk

The Next Big Thing — 3D eyewear has become a buzzword in the optical world and with good reason.

24 Designer Profile

Designer Profile

Michael Kors — Kors’ belief in simple and elegant fashion stands true even after three decades of his presence in the industry.

In Conversation:

“There is something special in the optical business as compared to the other categories we deal in” — Didier Di Fusco, VP International Sales, TWC L’Amy, in conversation with Siraj Bolar.


Truly Iconic Spectacles The Humble, Round Pair — Learn what makes the round pair so special.

Eye Matters

Busting Some Myths About The Eye — Debunking the myths that surround the eye and how it functions.


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30 In Conversation


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58 62

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 6:44:17 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

E 2

012 is here and it sure looks like this year is going to be even better than the last for the optical business. Last year saw three major players marking their presence in the region. First it was Marchon, followed by Menrad and towards the end of the year it was TWC L'Amy. Each company has brought with it brands that have added value to the shelves of many opticians in this part of the world. This bodes well for the region and should be taken as an indication of the bright future that awaits the optical business in the Middle East. Also encouraging is the footfall in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival. I am sure everyone is thrilled about the way 2012 has begun and I’m confident that the momentum will continue. This issue, we have Didier Di Fusco, VP-International Sales of TWC L’Amy, talk about the company’s plans for this market, especially its premium brands. ‘Lens Talk’ helps you understand 3D eyewear, which has become quite a buzzword in the ophthalmic world.


Siraj Bolar

C E O

Mahboba Baqer Hussain E-I-C

Alim Bolar

E D

Vinita Bhatia G E

Ishita Bal



Tabrez Bolar

C D

Purav Mehta A E

Amarjeet Prabhakar D A S

Paul Daniel Nadar Sonal Mehta

G D/P

Marketing Jasbir Bolar

M D

Hena Bolar

K A M

Vintage fashion is back with a bang. So in ‘Trends’ you can read why the classic round glasses have an ageless appeal. In ‘Eye Matters’ we separate myths from reality for vision-related issues. And in ‘Ophtha Talk’ we delve into Computer Vision Syndrome - a common eye ailment these days.


R. K. Tharoor

F M

Manoj Nahak A

Administration Samit Medidhi O A

Of course, the regular grids like ‘Designer Profile’, ‘Off The Shelf ’, etc., are part of this issue too and we are sure you will love going through it. Do let us know your opinions about these articles by dropping us a line at

Suhas Dhumal Harish Javir

O A ____________________________________


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The Next F


ew had imagined that 3D eyewear would become quite a buzzword in the ophthalmic world. Until recently, the technology had little to offer and 3D-viewing was possible with bulky, uncomfortable, one-size-fits-all eyewear. This is set to change. It is only in recent years that 3D is being considered a profitable business. Thus movie, gaming and television companies have been investing in 3D technology. Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips have already launched 3D LED televisions, while Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have been producing 3D games for their gaming consoles for quite some time now. 6

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Lens Talk-3D_Page 06-07-08-10.indd 6

With the rising popularity of 3D animation movies, gaming consoles and televisions, the launch of 3D eyewear seems to be one of the most exciting things to have happened in the ophthalmic world.


3D glasses create the illusion of three dimensions by filtering out the light not intended for the eye, resulting in each eye receiving a different image. For instance, when you watch a movie wearing 3D glasses, you have the illusion that objects are flying off the screen and careening in your direction, and characters are reaching out to grab you. It makes you feel like you're a part of the action and not just sitting there watching a movie. The 3D viewing experience is gearing up for a revolution of sorts. The days when the only eyewear available to consumers was a pair of flimsy paper glasses (with one red and one blue lens) are gone. Now, eyewear

manufacturing companies have taken notice of individual needs, and are now going to provide for people of all ages and vision correction needs, thereby becoming extremely helpful for those who were inconvenienced by having to wear 3D glasses over their regular spectacles. 3D eyewear can be categorised in two basic types – the active shutter type and passive polarized type. Non-linear polarized 3D glasses have one lens using clockwise circular polarization and the other anti-clockwise, with the two images required for stereo vision polarized the same way. Circular polarization is used so the image separation is maintained even if the viewer tilts their head, which

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 3:15:59 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

would not be possible with the more usual linear polarizers.


The boost in the 3D eyewear market can certainly be attributed to the dazzling success of the movie, Avatar. While red-blue lenses produce a dull black-and-white picture with red and blue fringes, polarized 3D glasses allow for colour 3D. Since a demand for the latter became evident with the advancement in special effects used in movies, audiences needed refined 3D glasses for a better viewing experience. Further examples of slightly more sophisticated models of 3D eyewear are those that come in battery-powered and rechargeable varieties.

Brands like Marchon, Oakley, Polaroid, Gunnar Optiks and RealD have launched their own 3D eyewear range. Brands like Marchon, Oakley, XpanD, Polaroid, Monster Vision Max, Gunnar Optiks and RealD have already come out with their own 3D eyewear ranges. For instance, Marchon3D, a VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Lens Talk-3D_Page 06-07-08-10.indd 7

division of Marchon Eyewear, is an eyewear manufacturer that uses the patented M3D technology to bring out several lines of cutting-edge, optically contoured designs in 3D eyewear for use in movie theatres, 3D gaming consoles and passive 3D televisions and computers. David Johnson, President of Marchon3D, says, “The grant of our first patent by the US Patent Office is key not only to our portfolio of intellectual property, but also in assuring broad protection for both our existing and future innovations and products. The scope of protection afforded by this patent allows us to further establish ourselves as the industry leader in bringing passive 3D content to consumers.” 7

2/2/2012 3:16:07 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

David further states that the issuance of this patent prohibits the unauthorised manufacture of lenses falling within the broader scheme of things. It covers not only products manufactured or sold in the US, but also products manufactured abroad and imported into the country. Additionally, Marchon3D has other pending applications in the US and other countries worldwide relating to different aspects of the M3D lenses. “The marketplace has quickly become crowded with 3D products. We have always believed that M3D provides the best-in-breed solution for consuming passive 3D content and now consumers can be rest assured that we not only have the leading innovations but also the protection of our patent behind us. They now know that when they put on a pair of 3D glasses with M3D technology, they are getting the best 3D experience out there,” David adds. Hannah Sarbin, Vice President - New Business Development, Marchon Eyewear points out that the range – which will see a simultaneous global release shortly – is expected to create most excitement world wide.


Most eyewear companies are committed to the curved lens and assembled frame sector as well. Not only are they trying to develop frames and lenses in a range of colours and shapes, but they are doing their best to ensure that the new eyewear ranges also boast UVA, UVB and UVC protection, rendering them multipurpose - i.e. as both, 3D glasses and sunglasses. Due to its transmission profile (light and UV), glasses utilising 3D polarization technology are not ideal for normal daily outdoor use and will not provide the same level of protection as sunglasses. 3D eyewear fitted with prescription lenses are also in the making. Oakley's 3D glasses, for example, are optimised for indoor cinema application and are not intended for outdoor use. 8

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Lens Talk-3D_Page 06-07-08-10.indd 8

One technical issue currently challenging this business worldwide is the compatibility of 3D eyewear from one brand of television sets with other brands. Another technical issue that is challenging the 3D business worldwide is the compatibility of 3D eyewear from one brand of television sets with the models from other brands. But, the trade group Consumer Electronics Association is working towards getting brands to agree on a standard for 3D eyewear. Oakley's CEO Colin Baden says, “We began with a single goal: to set the standard for optical performance

in 3D. No one has ever engineered optically correct 3D glasses. We collaborated with industry partners and utilised the DreamWorks facility for testing. For Oakley 3D Gascan, we achieved unparalleled visual clarity while extending the wearer’s peripheral viewing angle and providing truer alignment of 3D images. This is a technological breakthrough that sets a new standard for 3D.” Oakley has, therefore, been promoting its HDO-3D technology for its 3D lenses which eliminate the 'ghosting' or 'crosstalk' between images that reach each eye from one moment to the next, a potential problem with inferior 3D glasses. Interestingly, luxury fashion brand Gucci is also opting for the same route for its 3D glasses which will provide wearers an ability to look into a mirror, glasses on, without see a distorted image. This shows that fashion, too, has come calling to this business!


Lens curvature is another issue with conventional 3D glasses. Greater curvature around the eyes provides a wider field of view, but without highly

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 3:16:12 PM

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precise optics, even a mild curve can cause visual distortion. Take the example of the curvature in Oakley's 3D lenses, which minimises distractive glare. These durable lightweight frames also make contact only at the sides of the head and bridge of the nose, and do not hook the ears like conventional frames with curved ear stems, which is likely to increase their appeal amongst customers.

from a range of premium 3D cover styles that fit comfortably over any optical frame.


Although currently the 3D eyewear market will remain rather high-end, prices are expected to fall. The added possibility of exciting new developments means the day isn’t far when the same pair of glasses

Ever ything between you and eye

will be suitable for use across various 3D platforms – be it cinema, laptops, gaming consoles or television sets. Looks like 3D eyewear is here to stay. __________________________________ – Vandana Gupta ................................................................................ Email us at

3D lenses were developed to deliver a prime entertainment experience in cinemas that utilise passive polarization, the technology found in most 3D theatres. It comes as no surprise that companies like Oakley are pursuing partnerships with manufacturers of home 3D systems that utilise passive polarization technology. This will allow consumers to use the same glasses for home and cinema 3D entertainment. The Polaroid Premium 3D Glass Collection consists of a range of custom frames with precisely curved circular polarized lenses allowing moviegoers and TV viewers to fully experience 3D with an uncompromising field of vision. Prescription lens wearers also have the option of choosing

All about the third dimension How it works in real life: 3D refers to how your eyes and brain create the impression of a third dimension. Human eyes are approximately two inches apart. Accordingly, each eye sees a slightly different part of the world.

This can be observed by a simple test: close your left eye, then your right one and then your left one again. You will notice that each time, the image changes slightly. The brain then puts these two different images together to form one 3D image that has depth to it. This happens because of the binocular vision system in the brain, which uses the


VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Lens Talk-3D_Page 06-07-08-10.indd 10

difference to calculate distance and co-relate the images. How it works in reel life: The way 3D works in movies is that two images shot from different perspectives and having different polarizations are superimposed over each other. These are then projected on the screen. The glasses one wears to view the movie allows only one of these images into each eye because they contain lenses with different polarization. And on receiving a slightly different image in each eye, your brain makes the calculations, hence offering the 3D effect.

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 3:16:18 PM

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11/4/2011 6:59:54 PM

3D FreeForm is our standard! All Rodenstock progressives now made with 3D FreeForm technology.

See better, Look perfect. ADVT_VP_Apr - Jun 11_Egma_Rodenstock Lenses Ad_Page XX.indd 1

4/25/2011 5:23:57 PM

A Daimler Brand

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Galleria DIOR GRAPHIX 3 Safilo Group 14

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-galleria-page-14-15-16-17-20-21.indd 14

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 7:10:16 PM

2012 is here and we know it will be a year full of glamour and high fashion! Looking fabulous has never been so exciting and this time around, designers are going all out launching collections that are strikingly individualistic with stand-out pieces, especially in eyewear.

Ever ything between you and eye


From John Galliano to Emporio Armani, every designer has made a statement in their Spring Summer 2012 collections. Whether it is the über chic sunglasses with classic brown gradients by Tru Trussardi or playfully pink shades by Juicy Couture, designers are in an all-inclusive mood. Also, sunglasses - especially the oversized kind will see the use of metal and crystal detailing on the sides, something which Swarovski gets just right. Underlying message from the fashion police – make a statement and make it bold.


CERRUTI CE8001C TWC L'Amy VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

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2/2/2012 7:11:43 PM

Galleria JIMMY CHOO TERRENCE-S Safilo Group

JOHN GALLIANO JG 07 Marcolin Spa

BALDESSARINI B5115 Rodenstock GmbH

MERCEDES M3006 Rodenstock GmbH

TRU TRUSSARDI TR 12902 Charmant Inc


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-galleria-page-14-15-16-17-20-21.indd 16

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 7:15:14 PM

Ever ything between you and eye


RODENSTOCK R3235 Rodenstock GmbH


Smart Great International


VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

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2/2/2012 7:18:53 PM

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4/27/2011 5:11:39 PM

ADVT_VP_Apr - Jun 2011_Amico_Essilor_Varilux_Page 12.indd 10

4/27/2011 5:13:24 PM





Safilo Group


ESPRIT ET 17761 Charmant Inc

GUCCI GG 3511-S Safilo Group

ST DUPONT DP 8027U Ayoma


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VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 7:22:41 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

DIESEL DL0039 Marcolin Spa

LEVIS LV02017 101 Studio



Model Photography: Siddhartha Nath Fashion Designer (Outfits): Sidharta Aryan Makeup Artist: Baban Karat Stylist: Pria Agni Model: Sony and Gui (Toabh Talents) Product Photography: Sameer Karkal

.............................................................................. Email us at VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Eyres is a registered trademark of Raylane Holdings Pty Ltd. The ‘eye’ logo quality mark is a registered trademarks of the d’Arassus Trust.

O W N E D .

D E S I G N E D .

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Kuwait: (+965) 222 30 666 KSA: (+966) 590 11 8931 UAE: (+971) 42 94 26 22 1/31/12 8:50:30 2:06:40 PM 20/01/2012 AM


Master Of


ichael Kors, like those with a creative curve, has dabbled in different waters including a stint in acting. But he's best known the world over for his phenomenal work in the fashion industry. Kors' clothes have a meaning, in that every detail down to the last stitch is custom-designed with a certain aesthetic in mind. His clothes reflect his belief in simple, elegantly tailored clothing. Kors once said that there is not a detail, including a button, that doesn’t have a reason for being there. So his lines are no less than a work of art - each piece containing elements, all of which are crucial to the final creation. Kors' sense of fashion displays an infatuation with the traditionalism of the Eastern Seaboard haute bourgeoisie. Yet he also likes to tweak it for customers who want to look polished and prosperous, but hip.

All Shades from clothes and bags, watches and accessories, etc. Although he is a globally recognised designer, his journey has not been without its 'ups and downs'. But Kors' humble roots never deterred him from chasing his larger-than-life dreams.


Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Linda Evangelista, Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively, Jennifer Connelly and Cindy Crawford are among the many actors that sport Kors' creations,

Few people know that Michael Kors was named Karl Anderson, Jr. at birth. Born on 9th of August, 1959, in New York's Long Island, to Joan Krystosek (a one-time Revlon model) and Karl Anderson (a college student), Karl's parents separated when he was two. He changed his name when his mother married Bill Kors, an entrepreneur.


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-designer-profile-michael-kors-Page-24-25-26-28.indd 24

Michael Kors once said that there is not a detail, including a button, that doesn’t have a reason for being there. He later explained to People magazine, “My mother said, ‘You’re getting a new last name, so why don’t you pick a

2/2/2012 6:53:04 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

In the ever-so-competitive world of American fashion, a presence for nearly three decades is enough to put any designer on the global map and make them stay there. Michael Kors is no exception. Best known for his phenomenal work in the fashion industry, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2010. Read on to find out more about his journey across the fashion map... new first name?’ Michael and David were her favourites. I chose Michael as my first name and David as my middle name.” And so came to be his name, Michael Kors. At the age of five, Michael was discovered by a TV producer at a birthday party, and he appeared in TV commercials for Lucky Charms, Charmin and freeze-dried apples. Thus began his acting career. Owing to his mother's modelling career, he was exposed to the apparel industry at a very young age and found himself immersed in fashion at as early as six years.

In the 1970's, with pop culture being a religion of sorts, Kors found himself making whip-stitched leather vests, batik T-shirts, and copper bracelets, after school and he'd sell them in his parents' basement, which he called the Iron Butterfly. It was in 1974 that he got a break when his trendy T-shirts were picked up by a manufacturing company.


In 1977, he started attending The Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design and became a ‘slave to trendiness’ and ‘wore tight white silk shirts that laced up the front and platform shoes.’ He left VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-designer-profile-michael-kors-Page-24-25-26-28.indd 25

school after nine months when the owner of Lothar’s, a chic boutique across from Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, offered him workspace and carte blanche to design what he liked. Kors' began his career in fashion properly at the age of 19, when he got the chance to design and merchandise a collection for the renowned boutique. The success of these clothes caught the attention of the fashion press prompting Kors to start out on his own. Around this time, he earned his first Vogue credit with a red Lothar’s sundress, which the magazine lauded for its ‘bareness, wrap-on ease and 25

2/2/2012 6:53:21 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

vibrant colour.’ His parka for the store, the one in metallic silver leather, was also featured in Vogue. In 1981, the Michael Kors label was formed; his first women's collection was launched at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, amongst other stores. Since his collection was established, it has never strayed from Kors' initial vision of chic, luxurious American sportswear – something that reflects the designer's remarkable consistency. A momentous moment for Kors came in 1983 came when he received DuPont’s first American Original Award. Incidentally, it was the same year when Karl Lagerfeld's muse Inès de la

Kors’ wearers would typically be well-grounded people who have the no-fuss approach to fashion and life, alike. Fressange was captured by a fashion photographer, in a Kors cashmere tank and pin-striped skirt. The irony of it all! He went on to stage his first runway show in 1984 and also launched Michael Kors/Lyle & Scott a line of cashmere separates created in collaboration with a venerable Scottish firm.


launching menswear, accessories and perfume lines. In January of 2002, Kors’ company launched a full scale men's collection, which had previously been a capsule menswear line. The line received a fantastic response and in 2003, the CFDA bestowed Kors with the distinct honour of Menswear Designer of the Year.

1999 – A remarkable year for Kors as he received the most prestigious award in the fashion industry - the CFDA Award for Womenswear Designer of the Year. It was also when noted fashion house LVMH bought a 33 % stake in Kors’ business and promoted him from designer to creative director at Céline, a French luxury label owned by LVMH. In the six years he held that position, he continued to expand his own brand,

True to his word, in fall 2004, Kors unveiled his latest collection MICHAEL Michael Kors, a lowerpriced womenswear line, with an unprecedented launch in over 350 stores nationwide. The collection included women's and men's ready-towear, accessories including handbags and small leather goods, men's tailored clothing, dress shirts, neckwear, and timepieces for both women and men.


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-designer-profile-michael-kors-Page-24-25-26-28.indd 26

The same year, Kors was asked to be a judge on a new reality television show called Project Runway. From this point on, he came to be better known outside the fashion industry as well.


Kors believes in simple lines and clean cuts when it comes to his clothes and his designs are meant for those who have a clear idea of what they want. Kors’ wearers would typically be wellgrounded people who have the no-fuss approach to fashion and life alike. The Michael Kors woman is effortlessly elegant, strong and capable, feminine and graceful, all at once. She’s bold but not loud and simply refuses to be pinned down under one look. She could go casual chic or dress it up with an evening gown. There’s no telling.

2/2/2012 6:53:33 PM

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1/31/12 2:12:02 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

The Michael Kors man is earthy; he is firm but not rigid. He works hard during the week but believes in the well-deserved weekend getaway. And his fashion sensibility reflects this. He’s athletic, and comfort clothing is a priority for him.


Kors’ eyewear is no exception to his fashion philosophy that simplicity rules. Oversized sunglasses by Kors are a hot favourite of the top actors of Hollywood. A dedicated fashionista, Angelina Jolie has been photographed several times wearing sunglasses by Kors. Angular shapes are predominant, hence one will find more square and rectangular-shaped sunglasses with mostly brown gradients. There’s even the round oversized that comes in gradients of pink and purple. What’s interesting is the detailing around the temples and sides in gold. Then there’s the classic aviators for both men and women. Large rectangular sunglasses for men come in sporty blue and black gradients, with classy silver detailing on the sides. What really takes it up a notch though is the MK logo on the side, which is often embedded with crystals giving it the right touch of glamour. And for those who prefer to retain the geek in them, Kors offers some great spins on the good old spectacles. And apart from colours like red, brown, black, blue and a surprising green, they even come in animal prints adding some tease to the wearer's personality!


Kors’ knack for catering to clients’ fantasies — and his visibility as a judge on fashion reality show Project Runway — have combined to transform this once modest business into a fashion brand with more than $600 million in wholesale revenues from over 1.000 multi-brand retail outlets, globally. Once mainly a clothing brand, the Michael Kors line now includes handbags, shoes and other accessories (accounting for 85% of its sales). In addition to the top-notch designer collection, there are two lower-priced women’s lines, Michael

A dedicated fashionista, Angelina Jolie has been photographed several times wearing sunglasses by Kors. Michael Kors and Kors Michael Kors (shoes and coats), as well as a menswear label. Speaking about his fashion philosophy, Kors once told Women’s Wear Daily, “Ultimately, clean lines have greater longevity, which women appreciate, and to which they can add their own personality." This should give a clear picture of why this designer resonates in the sensibilities of many a fashionista. The designer received a lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2010. A well-deserved award considering he has been around for over three


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-designer-profile-michael-kors-Page-24-25-26-28.indd 28

Michael Kors


1977 Attended The Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan, New York. 1983 Received DuPont’s first American Original Award. 1997 Became the creative director of Céline, a French fashion house owned by LVMH 1999 Received the CFDA Award for Womenswear Designer of the Year. 2004 Launched MICHAEL Michael Kors label. 2008 Made a cameo appearance in the hit TV drama Gossip Girl. 2010 Received Lifetime Achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. decades now and carved a niche, launching collections and new lines consistently. One can’t predict what this artistic powerhouse will come up with next, but we know this for sure - Kors will not disappoint. ___________________________________________ – Ishita Bal ................................................................................ Email us at

VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Didier Di Fusco VP-International Sales With TWC L’Amy since 2007

Didier Di Fusco was initially associated as an agent in the Middle East for Clyda watches, a small TWC brand then. He became a partner in 2007, when TWC chose to have Dubai as its operation development place for the Middle Eastern, Russian and Asian markets.

Siraj Bolar (SB): Hello, Didier. For the benefit of our readers, give us some insight into TWC? Didier Di Fusco (DF): Hello Siraj. TWC started as a family-based watch distribution company in 1998 for the French market. It turned out to be a successful venture. As you would know, the French market is highly mature and very well organised. They then spread to other areas in Europe, where they became leaders in distribution, after which they ventured into the manufacturing of watches. As they grew, they got licences for certain watch brands but only for Europe. It was only around 2007 that they came on to the worldwide arena, with Thierry Mugler. SB: Were you, too, involved in this? DF: I came into the picture in 2007. I was actually working with them as an agent in the Middle East, before they had introduced Thierry Mugler in this region. At that time, I was attached to 30

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-in-conversation-twc-lamy-page 30-31-34-35-36.indd 30

“There is

something special in the

optical business,

as compared to the other categories we deal in” the Middle East because I was very well-versed with the way we were doing business in this region. In 2007, when they got Thierry Mugler, we decided to have a joint venture here where I was handling the Middle Eastern, Russian and Asian markets. The domestic market of Dubai in the Middle East was key to the success of

Thierry Mugler. Since Dubai is at middistance between Asia and Europe, it was important for us to set base here. We were planning to have a business model to bring customers and have conventions here. The success of Thierry Mugler watches and jewellery in the region was a result of these efforts. Our conventions too, like our models, were more in line with the local tastes.

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 6:58:56 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

It has been a long journey for TWC L’Amy, which came from a background of manufacturing watches and other accessories to signing deals with optical industry honchos. Siraj Bolar was in conversation with Didier Di Fusco, VP-International Sales, TWC L’Amy, who spoke to him about their crossindustry experiences, so far... the price was not affected greatly. We came with a new format; we kept conventions three times a year, and succeeded in doubling the sales figure. In 2010, we got Nina Ricci watches, and then we got its jewellery. At the same time, we also opened an office in Hong Kong, working with some key accounts in Asia. Our company President, Mr. Chaumet, then said that maybe it is a good time to seek other opportunities. At this time, an opportunity came to us in the European market. This was the L’Amy Group. It was a century-old, good eyewear manufacturing company, but I believe they had some issues in the family shareholding.

SB: Considering the timing, didn't the economic crisis of 2008 affect you? DF: Believe it or not, the crisis came as a huge opportunity for us. Though we were small, we were financially strong. As a result of the crisis, the Cerruti license suddenly found its way into the market. And the existing giants were reeling under a 40% drop in business, and were afraid to take any risks. There

was no way their financial managers would agree to invest in that situation. SB: But you took the initiative? DF: Yes, we took it. The crisis was a fantastic scenario for us. We had just started in the Middle East and the operational cost of Dubai was reducing quite a bit. And along came the good brands. We got Cerruti watches as VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-in-conversation-twc-lamy-page 30-31-34-35-36.indd 31

SB: So you actually started eyewear only in 2010? DF: Yes. And since we knew nothing about manufacturing eyewear, we bought the complete L’Amy company, with its management and team of 250 professionals. We took care not to compromise on the eyewear design of the eyewear and frames, and these continued to be made by the L’Amy Group, with their knowledge and experience. The opportunity for us was to add a new category of products, and also get additional licenses. 31

2/2/2012 7:01:46 PM

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The brands in L’Amy Group that came to us included names like Chloé, Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo and Columbia. This was their portfolio of brands in July 2010. We did not have Chloé for the watches, but we got it for the sunglasses. So we got one company and a fantastic portfolio of license for frames and sunglasses.

SB: Did you not face any initial doubts or insecurities? DF: People were doubtful initially about whether we could manage additional licenses, since we were not originally from the frame and sunglass business. But they forgot that we had already established contacts for the high-end brands. It is our head office that has these discussions with different groups. For that matter, at that time, even the people at L’Amy were doubtful if we could secure new licences. In one year, we have signed few additional brands and these are not small names. We now have Cerruti sunglasses and frames because we already had their watches. Similarly, we got the Ted Lapidus frames and sunglasses as we had the license for their watches. Then we signed Balmain only one year after the acquisition of L’Amy. SB: Would you consider these brands big names in the eyewear segment? DF: They’re quite well established in the Middle East. There’s a new emerging market here. So, we got three important brands within the first year. SB: How did you plan to take the company forward? DF: The first thing we did was get all four companies of L’Amy Group under one umbrella. At the last Silmo, we had participated as one group, which is TWC L’Amy. After that, we worked on building the overall efficiency, with each company bringing its own strength. And we saw that the effect of this was really encouraging. I would also like to share something important that came up in July 2011. L Capital, the private investment arm of LVMH, Europe’s biggest company


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-in-conversation-twc-lamy-page 30-31-34-35-36.indd 34

in the world of luxury items, decided to take a minority stake of 35% in the TWC Group. SB: Does this affect the other eyewear manufacturing companies? DF: I would think so. Most manufacturing companies are fragile as they do not own the brands themselves. They own the time for the license that some of the brands of LVMH are giving them. Most of the luxury brands in Europe, including Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, are owned by LVMH. So, it is interesting that such a big leader in the luxury products, decided to take 35% of TWC. Of course, we don’t expect that LVMH would favour us, just because they have a stake. But at least we have the connection to negotiate brands that LVMH has, hopefully towards a good future in the worldwide distribution. SB: Eyewear business is not the same as watches and jewellery, surely. How would you compare these? DF: There is something special in the optical business as compared to the other categories. You have the same items sold in big as well as the small category shops. It might seem natural to one in the optical or frame business, but normally it is not like this. In the watch business, for example, a small shop in the lesser developed areas, would sell lower category items manufactured by smaller manufacturing companies targeted at a different category of customers, as compared to retailers in the high street. In optical retail though, it is different. You go to small retailers, you see big brands, and if you go to premium malls you see the same brands on display. The category of the sunglasses can be really sold in bigger volumes to a wider range of people because the cost of most sunglasses or frames is comparatively lower.

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 7:03:23 PM

SB: So how do you categorise your retail segment? Are you selective about where your brands are sold? DF: There is a lot of competition here, you have the independent chains and you have the wholesaler and many such levels. We are right now in the process of development, and are far less demanding than the leaders. We do believe, however, that with the right display, our brands like Nina Ricci could be a success.And of course, we have recruited new staff from within the eyewear business. We are sure they will be able to make the connect with the right optical stores. SB: What about retail chains? It’s definitely not going to be easy having an entry there. DF: It is not as easy getting an entry into big chains, primarily because they have their own distribution set up. For example, if we approach a retail chain with our brands like Kenzo or Cerruti, they might not easily give us entry, if they themselves are the licensees for similar brands in the same segment.

The second market is the optical market. They are, to a great extent, comfortable with the existing large eyewear manufacturers. The only problem dealing with the bigger manufacturing companies, is that they know that they are important. They sell in volumes, and to everyone including departmental stores and opticians. They put undue pressures on the market and on the retailers’ profit margins. Also, all these companies plan to be major players in the retail, potentially being direct competitors to opticians in the future.

Ever ything between you and eye

substitute. But if I were a retailer with 10 stores, I would keep in mind that stocking everything from one supplier, and nothing from their competitors is detrimental. SB: Are you saying TWC is not going to have its own retail store? DF: Yes. TWC has no plans of opening any retail outlets!

But our strategy would be different. It would be to select strong people – who would have more profit than the competition, and they would offer exclusivity to their customers. Also, in the long run, they know that they are not creating their own competitors in retail, and putting their own future in jeopardy. Yes, the other manufacturers' brands are good, and opticians should surely stock it. I do not say that we are a complete

".. if we approach a retail chain with our brands like Kenzo or Cerruti, they might not easily give us entry, if they themselves are the licensees for similar brands in the same segment." SB: Then how do you overcome this hurdle? DF: This issue is prevalent in all categories, everywhere. First, you should understand, we have two markets. We have the market for fashion through department stores, like Paris Gallery, where we already have existing business with these chains. Now, they also stock our sunglasses.

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-in-conversation-twc-lamy-page 30-31-34-35-36.indd 35


2/2/2012 7:04:45 PM

SB: How would you rate the Dubai market compared to the other areas in Middle East? DF: It’s still too early for me to comment. When I know more, have more experience and have tasted success, hopefully, I should be able to tell you more. SB: How about Dubai as a market compared to the European market? DF: When you say Dubai market, it does not necessarily mean Middle East, even though geographically you are here. Dubai is a kind of observation point, and your customer is not necessarily Middle-Eastern. It is a market of high buying power. We notice that generally when one is wealthy, the taste in fashion develops naturally. The things that you find in Dubai, would perhaps not be available across France, but only in Paris, or other global fashion capitals like Hong Kong or London. For brands, it is most important to be present here because they can be seen by a lot of people. Don’t forget that today, almost 60% of the Cartier boutique purchases in Dubai are made by the wealthy Chinese people. So do you need to make something close to the Egyptian taste because you are in Dubai? Or do you need to make something that is close to the Chinese because your customer is from there? Brands in Dubai always have advanced models here; the customers who shop in Dubai are fashion conscious people and they have the money. The wealthy come in hordes from Russia, China and India. They can buy in their own country too, but they prefer to shop in Dubai for the shopping experience. SB: What is your marketing strategy for this region? DF: The Middle East is a very different market as compared to other regions. When we came here, we realised that there is a high need for regional marketing. The optical business is more product oriented than any other market in the luxury segment. In watches or jewellery, if one doesn’t sell a model this year, one would find some way to sell it the next season. To an extent, you can pull this off in the frames business. But in the sunglasses 36

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-in-conversation-twc-lamy-page 30-31-34-35-36.indd 36

business you simply can’t do this. Retail customers would always notice if your stocks are old fashioned. For this reason, our team was completely concentrating on two conventions in the Middle East -- in December and in June. We had about six members from our marketing office, and our brand managers, were here for more than a week, observing competition, analysing and assessing the taste of the customers in the area, and accordingly planning the release.

Ever ything between you and eye

too many brands for men. And Cerruti is very masculine. For women, it will be Nina Ricci and Balmain. In terms of Balmain, the watch is owned by Swatch Group, so it has a lot of visibility. So in the next Mido, we may show the new collection of Balmain, Cerruti, Ted Lapidus, etc. SB: We wish you all the best Didier, and hope to hear more from you soon. ................................................................................

In a few months, we will be able to match the tastes of the people in this specific region. It won’t be just picking any model and placing a logo on it. We have had similar observations in Turkey, and in other parts and with these inputs. We will have a cut and style that is more targeted, filling the gaps in the markets requirements.

Email us at

SB: Which brand do you think will be your best bet? DF: The top choice, we think, would be Cerruti, because it is very well known for its watches and accessories. Also, we have to remember that there are not

"The things that you find in Dubai, would perhaps not be available across France, but only in Paris, or other global fashion capitals like Hong Kong or London."

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

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Truly Iconic The Humble, Spectacles Round Round glasses have been around for many decades, so one would think they'd be outdated by now. Well, going by the iconic figures we have encountered in recent and past history, they're anything but that. In fact, it would be safe to say that they're here to stay. So what makes the round pair so special? Read on to know more about this truly magnificent and timeless piece.


the wearer. There's a certain demure appeal to them.

and has also struck a chord with designers across the world. They have always had a vintage, geek-chic and Hollywood feel to them. And whoever chooses to wear this style can be sure to add gentleness to their personality, while setting a standard for a simplistic design statement.

While most fashion trends, especially circular sunglasses, are seemingly everywhere all at once, there are certain markers in history that trigger group-think mentality in the fashion industry. And though there's no obvious source in chronology that might have ignited the interest of fashionistas who perceive this simple pair to be a strong fashion statement, we can always venture into the legends of our times.

The round spectacles, though uncommercial in style, seems to have become a trademark of sorts

The wise round eyewear aren't a pair to be 'flaunted'. These are timeless pieces that reflect the integrity and understated charm of

When one thinks of round spectacles, the first few names that come to mind include at least one of these - Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon


VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye


ell, round glasses have been on the scene for a while now and they are, without a doubt, a great accessory to one's outfit and, therefore considered 'cool'. Classic, yet not out of fashion, round spectacles, particularly because of its rich lineage, are not only 'in' vogue, but will also never be 'out' of it.

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Trends page 38-39-41.indd 38

2/2/2012 3:18:44 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

It's uncanny how Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Harry Potter, a league apart in their times, have one thing in common – round glasses. album covers and book jackets for years now, and is embedded in mass consciousness.

and Harry Potter. Uncanny, how all of them, a league apart in their times, have one thing in common – round glasses. So what makes legends like them opt for the simple-shaped, earthy pairs?


A defining element of the hippie style during the 1960s counter-culture movement was owed to John Lennon, one of the front men of The Beatles. His superstar image, in round frames, has been peering at us from posters, VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Trends page 38-39-41.indd 39

Known for his sagacious appearance owing to his long Jesus-like hair and round eyewear, Lennon's wire-rimmed glasses were sold at an auction, drawing bids of more than $1.5 million in July 2007, as reported by BBC. In fact, perfectly round metal eyeglass frames are more famously known as 'John Lennon glasses'. Steve Jobs (RIP), whose recent demise brought the whole world together in bidding him goodbye, was arguably the greatest contributor to the 20th century invention, the computer. His classic ensemble was always complete 39

2/2/2012 3:19:04 PM

Advt_VP_Arabia_Oct-Dec 11_KOISC_DIOPS Ad_Page_47.indd 1

11/5/2011 1:15:18 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

with a round spectacle frame that immediately rendered a rather humble geekiness to this world-class IT tycoon. Some believe that his fascination with John Lennon was why he wore these spectacles. And though his genius was easily understated because of the eyewear he sported, round spectacles, while being the humble man's glasses, have always had an underlying charm about them. And clearly, this allure never escaped Jobs. His demise has only made designers wake up to the round spectacles, which are now making a comeback. And Jobs isn't the only legend that sported this unassuming pair. Known simply as 'Gandhi', Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Indian freedom fighter who epitomised peaceful living, is still an inspiration to leaders the world over. His modest attire was never complete without his signature glasses. In fact, Gandhi's glasses, personal or second-makes, have a notorious history of being stolen. Recently, Sevagram Ashram in India reported the theft of Gandhi’s personal glasses that were there on display. Ironically, the glasses donned on the bronze statue of the icon in the Union Square Park in New York often had to be replaced owing to theft. Gandhi's round-rimmed pair are so obsessed over that they even inspired a font! Lastly, Harry Potter (one can almost hear Snape's rendition of it), the fictional character who took both the literary and the theatrical world by storm, couldn't have possibly looked

complete without his round spectacles. Predictions by fashion-trotters came true when teenagers and adults started appearing in the very round shaped glasses. Some even wore them simply as style statements, and not for medical reasons!

Predictions by fashiontrotters came true when teenagers and adults started sporting the round glasses. Some even wore them as style statements, and not for medical reasons! THE FRAME SELECTS THE WEARER

Circular frames, though known for the simplicity of their shape, are not facefriendly. On the contrary, they are very selective of what kind of wearer they suit. While in theory they compliment square, heart and oval-shaped faces, in practical life they can be quite disastrous on such face-types, if not carried off properly. Round spectacles don't only go by face structure, but also the wearer's personality, which should be nothing short of someone who is wellaccomplished and has a clear vision of what he or she wants in life. They also usually look best on people with strong jaw lines. VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Trends page 38-39-41.indd 41


Legends live on, and in fashion history, the round spectacles have already carved a niche. Throughout the last century, round glasses have been associated with everyone, from celebrated artists and stars, to intellectual thinkers and business icons. And what is striking is that almost all of them are men and rarely a figure noted for his cuttingedge personal style. In fact, none of them really wore it to make a 'style statement', but unintentionally ended up making one and how. __________________________________________ – Ishita Bal ................................................................................ Email us at 41

2/2/2012 3:19:33 PM

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MALE: LS50113 C02-BRN FEMALE: LS60042 C01-BLK

Sole Distributors for UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia: Future Optics Co LLC, P O Box - 31274, Dubai UAE. Tel : +9714-2589675 / 3554137 Fax : +9714-2589674 / 3554258 Email:

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Can using computers damage your vision? Can you look at the sun during a solar eclipse if you squint or wear sunglasses? There are many myths that surround the eye and how it functions. Here’s to debunking some of the more popular ones.



Busting Some Myths About The Eye


lot has been said and written about the beauty of eyes. Needless to say when there is something of such great value, there will also be a lot of old wives’ tales attached to it.

more time on their computers, mobiles and other handheld devices, these beliefs have only gained momentum. Which of these are true and which are humbug? We help you separate the myth from the reality.

Many Middle Eastern and Asian tribes of yore also believed in the presence of an evil eye and it’s part of their folk lore. The evil eye usually was taken as a glimpse of envy or jealousy in the eyes of the beholder and many tribal practices were created to rid a person who was said to suffer from its effects.

Myth #1:

These cultural notions aside, a lot of misconceptions as well have been circulating about eye care for the longest time now. These range from how eating carrots can improve vision and how reading in the dark can damage the eyes. In recent times, as digitisation set in and people spend 46

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Eye Matters_Page 46-47-48.indd 46


Reading in dim light can cause your eyes to feel fatigued or uncomfortable. But there is no truth in the statement that it can hurt your eyes. Similarly, reading small print, reading extensively or using computers cannot cause damage to the eyes. Incidentally, bad lighting puts a strain on the eye by not allowing it to focus well on the letters and due to this, one tends to blink less than normally. This in turn can lead to exhaustion,

eye strain or dry eye. That is why it is advised that one should read only when there is sufficient light around.

Myth #2:


This one is tricky. Eye exercises strengthen the eye muscles, keeping them in good shape and they are considered to be good for the general well-being of the eyes. But they have no effect on vision. The American Academy of Ophthalmology task force on complementary therapy had once performed an assessment of the effectiveness of eye exercises and visual training in reducing myopia. No evidence was found that visual training has any effect on the progression of myopia or improves

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 3:25:15 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

visual function for patients with hyperopia or astigmatism, or improves vision lost during diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy. But eye exercises do help in relaxing tired ocular muscles.

Myth #3:


The sun’s ultra violet rays are very powerful and can get into your eyes even if you wear sunglasses or squint your eyes to look at it. According to NASA, while environmental exposure to UV radiation is known to contribute to the accelerated aging of the outer layers of the eye and the development of cataracts, the concern over improper viewing of the sun during an eclipse is for the development of ‘eclipse blindness’ or retinal burns. It is advised to never look at the sun directly during a solar eclipse.

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Eye Matters_Page 46-47-48.indd 47

It is never safe to look at a partial or annular eclipse, or the partial phases of a total solar eclipse, without the proper equipment and techniques.

large quantities of carrots can not improve vision. So if you are nearsighted then eating a lot of carrots will not give you a perfect 20/20 vision. Instead, one should have a wellbalanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables for good vision. And your skin and hair will also benefit tremendously!

Myth #5:


Vitamin A is important for maintaining normal vision. And carrots are rich in beta carotene, which is then converted into Vitamin A in the body. This is probably what gave rise to the belief that eating carrots can improve vision. But while this vegetable is definitely healthy, even eating extraordinarily

No, no and a big no. Children do not get dependent on their glasses if they wear them during every waking hour. However, the refractive errors that kids have, which includes near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism keep changing as they get older. This could be due to a variety of factors like lifestyle, genetics or diet and not because they are wearing spectacles more or less often. In fact, not wearing glasses will affect their visual acuity to a great extent, a reason why most eye care practitioners insist that they wear spectacles all the time.

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye


Myth #4:


2/2/2012 3:25:29 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

Myth #6:

SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME ON COMPUTERS AND PLAYING DIGITAL GAMES CAN DAMAGE THE EYE. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, constant use of a computer or playing video games won't harm the eyes. It can, however, lead to eye fatigue. This is because when a person is using a computer or any digital device for long periods of time, they tend to blink less often than usual. This makes the eyes dry, which may lead to a feeling of eyestrain. Eye care practitioners, therefore, encourage people to blink regularly and look into the distance often while using these devices.

Myth #7:


This is a threat many parents often use for children who cross their eyes to make funny faces. And it usually has

the desired effect of frightening kids into not making grotesque expressions! But in reality this is nothing but a nice ploy to scare children. Contrary to the notion, your eyes will not stay that way if you cross them. If, however, a child is often crossing one eye, then it could be a sign of the lazy eye and needs medical attention immediately.

Myth #8:


Since the time TVs made their entry into living rooms the world over, parents have been telling their children to maintain a safe distance while viewing it. While this is sound advice, in reality there is no proof that sitting very close to the TV and watching your favourite sitcoms can damage your eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, kids can actually focus up close without eyestrain better than adults. This probably explains why they develop the habit of sitting right in front of the television or holding reading material close to their eyes. However, if a child always prefers to sit close to a TV then it could be a sign of nearsightedness, which can be determined during a routine check by an eye care practitioner.



This is akin to saying that if you can’t sleep well at night, then you suffer from insomnia! A layperson often ends up confusing difficulty to see in the night to night blindness, which is also known as nyctalopia. But this is hardly true, because it’s always harder to see when there is less light. Night blindness, on the other hand, is not a prevalent condition and is curable, so people suffering from it do not necessarily have to keep bumping into things in the dark.

Myth #10:


Of course, conjunctivitis is very contagious, but there is no way you will get it just by looking at the red eyes of someone infected with the bacteria. The virus causing this ailment spreads very easily. It is usually transmitted if the infected person touches the discharge from the eye and then touches any object thereby transferring the virus. When a healthy person touches that object, they are likely to get infected as well. This is why it is important to wash hands frequently if you suffer from conjunctivitis. These are but some of the myths that abound about eye care. And for good reason too. Like all other beliefs, old wives tales about the eye thrive largely because of ignorance. The best thing one can do when in doubt would be to head to an eye care practitioner and get their doubts clarified. It is always best to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to something as vital as our eyes. Because when it comes to the eye, one can never be too careful! __________________________________ – Vinita Bhatia

................................................................................ Email us at 48

VP_Arabia_Jan-mar 12_Eye Matters_Page 46-47-48.indd 48

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 3:26:09 PM

advt-vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-coburn-tech-corporate-ad-english-page-xx.indd 1

1/31/2012 11:32:36 AM


2012 started on a good note for the 450 exhibitors and 23,000 visitors from the optical industry who participated in opti ’12 in Munich.


eld at Munich, from 13th to 15th January 2012, opti ’12 has received favourable feedback from the 450 exhibitors from 27 countries who were housed in four exhibition halls. Even the 23,000 visitors to this threeday trade fair displayed an upbeat mood, and exhibitors saw their order books filling up fast. According to a survey conducted by the GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH, the organiser for opti, overall the exhibitors were pleased with the number of their orders, which was higher than last year. Also, they were happy about the increasing interest from overseas opticians in their products.

Munich WHEN:

Jan 13-15, 2012

Optics Sector Celebrates The Start Of 2012 With opti ’12 its international coverage," said Dieter Dohr, CEO and President, GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. Visitors were also delighted and 84.3% of them described the international coverage of the fair as ‘good to excellent’.


"With new exhibitors and designers from Germany and abroad – including the ones from Japan and the US – opti has underlined its fashion and design competence and broadened

Optimus, a relaxing get-together in the Hofbräuhaus, which is a famous beer hall located right in the heart of Munich, was very much appreciated by exhibitors and visitors, alike. Here, they had an opportunity to engage in informal conversations outside the exhibition halls. Talking about this, Thomas Truckenbrod, President of Zentralverband der Augenoptiker (ZVA), said, "optimus lived up to the promise of its name. It was an optimum evening and a real highlight in the organisation of opti ’12." He added that ZVA’s stand was always busy and the company was able to feel the optimism of their colleagues for 2012.


VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

Almost 90% of the trade visitors that were surveyed rated the event as ‘good to very good’. The survey also revealed that visitors were particularly pleased with the wide range on display at the fair. Of special interest this year were the sections on frames, optical lenses and contact lenses.

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-event-opti12-diops-mido-page-50-51-52.indd 50

Also positive in his comments about the fair was Josef May, Chairman of the Sector Association SPECTARIS. "Business was good, the atmosphere was again superb, the organisational side was uncomplicated and there was a further increase in the number of visitors from abroad. After the tough times in the second half of 2011, we are now thankfully entering the new year with a following wind from opti ’12," said he stated. Opinions about the economic situation remained unchanged. According to the survey by the organisers, the trade visitors are optimistically looking forward to the future. With this positive feedback, the organisers are now working on the next opti, which takes place in Munich from 25th to 27th January, 2013, an even better affair. ___________________________________________

2/2/2012 6:49:08 PM

Ever ything between you and eye


Milan WHEN:

Mar 11-13, 2012


Capturing Attention Already, As Always

The 42nd Mido trade fair will be held in March 2012 and by the looks of it, the event will be as successful as ever.


rom 11th to 13th March, 2012, Mido will once again present to the world the latest trends in eyewear fashion. This international trade fair on all things related to optics, optometry and ophthalmology, attracts people from optical businesses across the world, as it witnesses the participation of major companies from the international eyewear industry. Incidentally, this year, the show will start on a Sunday and end on Tuesday,

moving away from its traditional Friday to Sunday scheduling. The change comes following feedback collected at last year’s event, which showed that many delegates and exhibitors prefer two weekdays, according to Cirillo Marcolin, the newly elected President of Mido.


To ensure that exhibitors and visitors have instant access to any information that they require about the event at the venue, the committee has set up infopoints throughout the halls where Mido’s staff will answer their queries. This is in addition to the numerous touchscreen computers that can be used freely by visitors to plan their visit across various exhibition booths. A web point will give free access to visitors for surfing the internet or for checking a personal mailbox – a service offered by Expopage. VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-event-opti12-diops-mido-page-50-51-52.indd 51

The new exhibition centre will also include bank ATMs as well as a pharmacy. For over 15 years, Mido has been offering an anti-counterfeiting service during the exhibition, which protects exhibitors and informs them about their industrial patent rights. “We plan to continue this service for 2012 too and will collaborate with the Centro Studi Anticontraffazione to publish a guide on the fundamental principles of Intellectual Property,” said Astrid Galimberti, General Director of Mido. 42,000 visitors participated in Mido 2011, which was an increase of 3% over the previous year’s footfalls. This time around, the organisers are confident that a lot more people will be keen to participate in the event, which is amongst the two most famous international trade fairs in the industry. ___________________________________________ 51

2/2/2012 6:49:46 PM

DIOPS 2012:


he 11th Daegu International Optical Fair, which is also called DIOPS, will be held from 18th April to 20th April, in 2012 at Daegu Exhibition and Convention Centre in Korea. The show organisers are expecting at least 220 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 show participants to participate in this event. Last year, 16,159 attendees and 208 exhibitors attended DIOPS 2011.

Great Expectations The 11th Daegu International Optical Fair, which is also called DIOPS, is likely to attract the participation of at least 220 exhibitors Daegu and 30,000 visitors, this year. Apr 18-20, 2012 WHERE:


The event is organised by Korea Optical Industry Support Centre (KOISC) and Korea Optometric Association, in cooperation with many other trade associations. The sponsors for the event include Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge and Economy; Ministry of Health and Welfare; Food and Drug Administration; Federation of Professional Economic-Person Societies and Daegu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Talking about this event, Dominque Pinton, President of Lunettes de France, said that the Korean market is interesting for French companies. “French companies try to come every year to tap the domestic market in this country,” he added.

their interest in 3D eyewear. We were very satisfied with DIOPS 2011 as it was an effective show for our company, as well as an essential meeting place for our international customer base,” he stated.

“DIOPS is the only optical trade show held in Korea. We are working hard to ensure that its 11th edition is bigger than ever before, which will reinforce its status as a leading optical trade show of Asia,” said Jin-Young Son, CEO of KOISC.

DIOPS is expected to attract companies that manufacture and trade prescription frames, sunglasses, optical instruments, eye-testers, lenses, contact lenses, lens cleaner as well as eyewear accessories. Chang-Ho Hwang, President of BLICK, which was an exhibitor at DIOPS 2011, said that many orders were made by opticians during that event. “Many overseas buyers visited our booth and showed

The event will have the DIOPS International Optical Conference, a symposium by the Korean Ophthalmic Optics Society and another one by the Korean Society of Vision Science as well as special events to enhance networking opportunities.


VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-event-opti12-diops-mido-page-50-51-52.indd 52

___________________________________________ - VisionPlus Bureau ................................................................................ Email us at

2/2/2012 6:50:33 PM

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1/24/2012 5:14:56 PM

Refined shapes dominate Dsquared2's eyewear collection


Dsquared2's Spring Summer 2012 eyewear collection reveals new models and frames with refined shapes and distinct details. The front and central part of the arms of some models in the men's collection highlight the details in metal. In others, there is an embossed ‘D’ on each arm with a clever combination of metal and acetate. The women's sunglasses are inspired by wide shapes from the 1960's that had the front in acetate and the bridge in metal as well as the relaxed charm of the silhouettes from the 1950's, with decorated metal logo on the arms.

Lanvin’s 2012 sunglasses embodies the brand’s traditional style

Lanvin’s 2012 collection of sunglasses for men and women, under the creative guidance of Alber Elbaz, combines industrial aesthetics with couture details. Screws, nails and studs are combined with precious materials such as horn, leather, crystals and stones. A rich palette of colours like Havana, black, ivory, gray-green, rust and streaks of natural horn are predominant. The last couture detail, recognisable only to the eye of a connoisseur, is the logo for Lanvin that Alber Elbaz created by hand. It is recorded on the transparent gradient lenses.

Eyres Optics' designs for sports lovers

Eyres Optics has introduced eye protection gear for water-sports lovers who indulge in activities like water skiing, kite surfing and riding a water scooter. The three models – 717, 802 and 803 – have been tested to ensure that the lens stays in the frame, even if the wearer indulges in high-speed water sports.

The Eyres low and medium-impact polarised eye protector sunglasses and goggles, as well as the floating and retaining strap feature on the 717s model, gives wearers the reassurance of avoiding eye injury, while staying active.

Tru Trussardi’s sumptuous Spring Summer 2012 sunglasses

Tru Trussardi’s Spring Summer 2012 collection focuses on frame shapes with simple forms that convey a striking look. Functionality is decorative with clever hinge design disguised by sophisticated logo treatment, precious metals or real leather. A palette of rich toffees, Havana, golden honey, khaki, cognac and sensuous dark browns is interspersed with deep berry and purple or cool and smoky blues. Modern meets traditional in these designer frames infused with the heritage and sophistication of Tru Trussardi.


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-off-the-shelf-page-54-55-56.indd 54

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 4:18:02 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

High-end frames feature in Diesel’s collection

The Diesel Spring Summer 2012 sunglasses collection can be grouped into five divisions - high-end female frames featuring trend-setter shapes linked to the Diesel world of details; stylish male frames featuring materials such as studs, leather, and scratched metal as well as military/work-wear frames, which is a distinct concept in mainly male/unisex styles.

There are also vintage-inspired frames that have the Diesel logo and use sporty colours. Finally, there are frames dedicated to a younger clientele featuring Diesel twists with a wide use of bright colour.

Valentino blends past and present in new range

Keeping today’s women in mind, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the Creative Directors of Valentino, blend delicacy and strength, past and present in the brand’s Spring Summer 2012 eyewear collection. Vintage shapes and distinctive silhouettes characterise this range featuring iconic elements of Valentino style: lace, precise yet feminine lines, and studs. Lace subtly appears on transparent acetate, while metal studs and inserts accent the shape of the lens. The Valentino ‘V’ becomes a functional element or distinctive detail. Frames are oversized, with curvy silhouettes or sharp architectural shapes.

Pal Zileri combines natural luxury with classic leather décor

Pal Zileri’s Spring 2012 eyewear collection has an elegant yet casual theme. Natural luxury permeates this season’s collection, with classic leather décor on the temples that exudes elegance and opulence.

Titanium features strongly for its lightness in the models, alongside Italian acetate and leather. Use of durable spring hinges and glare-reducing polarized lenses strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-off-the-shelf-page-54-55-56.indd 55


2/2/2012 4:20:04 PM

Ever ything between you and eye

Roberto Cavalli’s Spring Summer 2012 collection

Female inspiration and iconic details, that is how the Spring Summer 2012 eyewear collection by Roberto Cavalli can be described. It tries to present models with refined and contemporary style creatively by references to the aesthetic codes of the brand, such as the animal motif, the snake theme and goldsmith's art. The appeal of the collection is highlighted by the elegant lines of the new models, including retroinspired shapes and details of modern taste.

Davidoff’s classic optical range for 2012

Davidoff's 2012 eyewear collection has unmistakable design and high-quality materials. The 95099 is a new aviator style made of matt precious metal. It has an open bridge and the Davidoff logo on the temples. It's available in navy/silver and in olive/charcoal. The 91023 frame is made of high quality acetate and has a vivid interaction created by the contrast of colour on the front and the inside of the frame. The Davidoff logo is subtly lasered onto precious metal and placed at the front end of the temples.

Esprit salutes the era gone by

Esprit Eyewear's 2012 sunwear collection for men, women and children draws on the ambience and looks of previous decades - the 50s, 60s and 70s. The array of retro styles reflect fashion nuances typical of the time, drawing inspiration from 1950s rebel role model looks, 1960s androgynous, geometric London flair and the bohemian alternative counter-culture of the 1970s. Iconic frame silhouettes appear in the latest colours with fresh contemporary renderings, which are highly stylish, feel great to wear and are long-lasting.

Old school rebellion – that’s eye fashion by Levi’s

Sporting classic lines, Levi’s Fall Winter 2011 collection of optical wear has all the youthful rebellion with metal logo patches adorning every temple, while iconic batwing-shaped metal pieces are inserted at end-tips for that extra cool touch. As final proof of street creed, a large metal plaque emblazons the inner temple of each model. The stars of the pack are two exquisitely lightweight titanium models whose straight-arrow cut belies plenty of expansion for personal style. The two handmade acetate styles feature unique keyhole-shaped nose bridges that lend these models an eye-catching front profile.


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-off-the-shelf-page-54-55-56.indd 56

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

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11/5/2011 1:14:26 PM




Talking about this convention, Didier Di Fusco, VP International Sales of TWC L’Amy said, “At a similar event in June, members from our marketing department observed the competition, analysed and assessed the taste of customers in the area, and to plan the product releases.” He added that TWC L’Amy will continue to use these events to gather feedback about models that will best suit the preferences of the people in the region.


artier has signed Mathias Lauridsen to be the face for its eyewear campaign. The French designer’s latest collection of men’s sunglasses are vintage footprints inspired by the 30s, or more precisely the era of jazz, and they excel in modern design details that make reference to the preciousness of the jewels of the house.



ho said you can’t wear eyewear at red carpet events with aplomb? Jenny McCarthy wore fashionable Alexander Daas spectacles (Wisdom X style) at the 2011 American Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, where she was a presenter for an award.



oburn Technologies, formerly Gerber Coburn, introduced the LaunchPad Freeform Mini-Lab - a compact lens processing system, which utilises the new LaunchPad (patent pending) disposable freeform lens process technology.



WC L’Amy presented the latest collection of brands it distributes at The Meydan Hotel in Dubai on 29th November, 2011. It invited leading opticians from the UAE market to check out the new launches of brands like Chloé, Nina Ricci, Cerruti, Sonia Rykiel, Rochas, Ted Lapidus, Kenzo and Balmain.

Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies, stated, “After years of developmental research, testing and approvals, Coburn has created the world’s first affordable freeform lens processing system for small labs and retail environments.”


VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-snapshots-page-58-60.indd 58


im Kardashian was photographed wearing Porsche Design P’8478. The fashionista loves these sunglasses that come with interchangeable lenses and in four different sizes, ranging from smaller to oversized frame.

2/7/2012 2:32:51 PM

ADVT_VP_Oct-Dec 2011_OIEC_SIOF Ad_Page_56.indd 1

11/4/2011 2:54:23 PM

Katie Holmes in Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Ever ything between you and eye

it supports Esprit’s status as one of the most successful and attractive international lifestyle brands.” Charmant’s official release added, “We look forward to our continued partnership and to proceed with creating fashionable and high-quality eyewear styles for the Esprit customer.”

Hugo Boss comes second in Transat sailing competition

licensing agreement with Maui Jim for a new collection of sunglasses inspired by the movie The Amazing Spider-Man, which will be launched in theatres in July 2012. Maui Jim has created an array of high-end Spider-Man styles for adults featuring movie-based art and graphics.

Brad Pitt in Tom Ford


ant to pull off the effortlessly chic look? Then take a page from actress Katie Holmes’ book. She looks gorgeous in her Giorgio Armani sunglasses (GA 852/S).

Esprit renews worldwide eyewear license with Charmant


lex Thomson and co-skipper Guillermo Altadill who were on board Hugo Boss yacht crossed the finish line in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica on 19th December, 2011. Thomson and Altadill raced the Transat Jacques Vabre, which started in Le Havre, France, on 2nd November, 2011, with the support of Hugo Boss Eyewear, the brand that includes collections of sunglasses and optical frames.


sprit announced that its eyewear license agreement with its long time license partner, Charmant, was renewed for another lengthy term. The first license agreement between Esprit and Charmant was signed in October 1994.

ctor Brad Pitt looks dishy in these stylish Tom Ford sunglasses as he attends a movie screening.

Chloé signs license agreement with Marchon

Marvel sets sight on Maui Jim for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’


In its statement, Esprit said, “Esprit is very pleased about the renewal of its long fruitful business partnership with Charmant. Eyewear is a consistent add-on to Esprit’s fashion product portfolio and due to its strong connection to fashion and lifestyle,

arvel Entertainment, a whollyowned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, announced a


VisionPlus (Arabia) - Everything Between You & Eye

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-snapshots-page-58-60.indd 60



hloé announced a newly signed license agreement with Marchon, granting the latter rights to manufacture and distribute the sun and ophthalmic collections under its brand name. The first deliveries will be effective from the 1st of September 2012. These will be sold in Chloé boutiques, department and specialty stores, and select optical stores worldwide. ................................................................................  Email us at

2/2/2012 3:40:09 PM

UPDATE Carrera’s speaker promotion


arrera Eyewear had a speaker promotion for the Dubai market. With a purchase of every Carrera eyewear customers received a complimentary high-tech Carrerabranded speaker, which was compatible with all mobiles and computers. It was aimed at making the buyers feel like rock stars.

metal plaque on the temples and an engraved YSL 'Cassandre' logo serving as a discreet signature. It is available in four unusual colour styles. The Yves Saint Laurent brand proposes classical and refined French design through sophisticated collections, the use of exclusive materials, and a variety of shapes, customised by the style icons which characterise the creations of this maison. __________________________________

Katy Perry in Carrera shades in her new music video

The Carrera eyewear collection is dedicated to those who ‘live in the fast lane’, who are not afraid to achieve goals, dreams and desires, and who express their individuality without hesitation or regret. The company’s new sunglasses and optical frames are dedicated to those who follow the message behind the Carrera campaign. ‘After All, No Regrets’ is an appeal to live life with intensity and determination, accompanied at all times by Carrera eyewear. __________________________________

Discover the new Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses


he YSL 6347/S is the latest range of sunglasses for women by Yves Saint Laurent. It has double

advt-vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-optitalia-safilo-update-page-61.indd 61

The video for the single was released worldwide in November 2011. It was directed by Floria Sigismondi and produced by EMI Music. __________________________________

Marc by Marc Jacobs presents iconic sunglasses with bold new colours


conic and distinctive, multi-coloured stripes continue to be a trademark of the Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglass collection. The iconic MMJ 096/N/S model is now available in a larger size to create a chic new version of this unique and incisive style (MMJ 287/S). The two acetate models have a distinct square shape and 80’s inspiration that make for a true style statement—both essential and irresistible. The MMJ 096/N/s model is proposed in fantastic tone-on-tone shades personalised by the contrasting ‘Marc’ logo. Frame colours include glossy and matte black with turquoise logo-detail, opalescent grey with fuchsia logo-detail and violet/blue with orange logo-detail.


arrera sunglasses made their debut in the latest Katy Perry music video ‘The One That Got Away,’ the sixth single from the singer’s record breaking album Teenage Dream. ‘The One That Got Away’ features the always fun and flirty Perry donning a pair of gold Carrera 1 metal aviator sunglasses, which are part of the brand’s recently re-launched vintage collection. Customised with retro detailing, including an iconic nose bridge, the sunglasses are inspired by the original Carrera designs first introduced in the early 70’s.

The new MMJ 287/S model features a chic contrast of glossy and matte textures, including clear grey/olive, blue/grey, black/green and violet/blue. The temples flaunt the logo-detail in contrasting fluorescent shades. The Marc By Marc Jacobs collection of optical frames and sunglasses is manufactured and distributed by the Safilo Group. __________________________________

2/2/2012 1:19:11 PM


Vision Illusion Study this logo for the Pittsburgh Zoo carefully. Do you see the animals hidden in this illusion?

What do you read, alive or dead?

Do you see the musician or a girl's face?


vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-trivia-page-62-63.indd 62

VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/2/2012 3:42:40 PM

CrossWord 1


Ever ything between you and eye





7 8

9 11

How well do you know your brands? Here's a quiz to see how well you recognise the brands you deal in.




Source: Oct/Dec 2011 VisionPlus Galleria



15 16 17 18




20 V






18 S




17 U




























14 M














13 S












VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye





D 1


I 2


O 3








vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-trivia-page-62-63.indd 63


Down: 1. Brad ____ looks dishy sporting Tom Ford sunglasses at a movie screening. (4) 2. _____ frames, though uncommercial in style, has become a trademark. (5) 3. Maui ___ has created an array of high-end SpiderMan styles for adults featuring movie-based art and graphics. (3) 4. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which is then converted into Vitamin _ in the body. (1) 7. ___ L’Amy showcased their new collections during the Sales Convention held at Meydan. (3) 8. _____ McCarthy wore fashionable Alexander Daas spectacles at the 2011 American Music Awards ceremony. (5)


10. The 3D glasses by ______ are optimised for indoor cinema application and are not intended for outdoor use. (6) 11. _______ has signed Mathias Lauridsen to be the face for its eyeglass campaign. (7) 12. While in theory they compliment square, heart and ____-shaped faces, in practical life they can be quite disastrous on such face-types, if not carried off properly. (4) 14. _______ 3D Eyewear range will see a simultaneous global release is expected to create a lot of excitement. (7) 16. _____ has short term effects like temporary blurring of vision. (3)


Across: 5. ____ will be held in Italy from 11th March to 13 March, 2012. (4) 6. ____’12 will be held in Munich. (4) 9. The co-organiser for _____ is Korea Optometric Association. (5) 11. Essilor International appointed Hubert Sagnières as Chairman and ___ from the 2nd January 2012. (3) 13. Concern over improper viewing of the _________ during an eclipse is for the development of retinal burns. (3) 15. The boost in the 3D _______ market can certainly be attributed to the dazzling success of the movie, Avatar. (7) 17. Exposure to __ radiation is known to contribute to the accelerated aging of the outer layers of the eye and the development of cataracts. (2) 18. _____ Jobs’ classic ensemble was always complete with a round spectacle frame. (5) 19. Michael ____ received a lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2010. (4) 20. Computer ______ Syndrome is easily the most common eye ailment on the block. (6)




2/2/2012 3:43:34 PM


Egma Lens Factory LLC P.O. Box 47674, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel : +9714 267 0807 Fax : +9714 267 0806 Email : Web: (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman)

Future Optics Co LLC CBC


P.O.Box 66171, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 398 8508 Fax: +971 4 398 8503 Web:

Office No. 204, KML Building, Al Meydan Road, P.O.Box 215221, Dubai, UAE Tel: + 971 4 3306689

Rivoli Group 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Monarch Tower, Level-22 P.O.Box 121, Dubai, UAE Tel : +971 4 376 5000, Fax: +971 4 3866503 Web:

Essilor Amico LLC

Block 1008, Toa Payoh North, #06-09 Singapore 318996 Tel: (065) 6253 8577, Fax (065) 6255 1371 Web:

Eyres Safety Optics

Charmant Gulf FZCO

33 Kensington Street, East Perth, 6004 Western Australia, Australia Tel : 1300 663 209 / +61 (08) 9325 2444 Fax : +61 (08) 9325 2977 Web:


PO BOX 54778, Block 5E, Office 621 Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Tel : +9714-2991199 Fax : +9714-2991188

Optitalia LLC

G-03, Dubai Airport Freezone, P.O. Box 293756, Dubai, UAE Tel : 971 4 2993699 Fax : 971 4 2993499 Web:

P.O. Box 25385, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel : +9714-4472388 Fax : +9714-4472387 Email : Web:

Vision-X Dubai

Mido Srl Unipersonale

Dubai World Trade Centre Tel: +9714-308 6904/6051 Fax: +9714-318 8607 Email: Web:

Via Petitti, 16 20149 Milano (Italia) Tel: +39 02 32673673 Fax: +39 02 324233 Web:

vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-advertisers-index-page 64.indd 64

Marchon Gulf Fzco. 4WA - 426, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Tel : +971- 4 -2602445 Fax : +971- 4 -2602464 Email : Web :

K.S.A. Tel : 9200 28289 U.A.E. Tel : +971 434 06582 / 3 / 4 Kuwait Tel : +965 245 3174 Oman Tel : +968 245 66314 Qatar Tel : +974 431 9329 Web:

Coburn Technologies Pte. Ltd.


P.O. Box 31274, Dubai U.A.E. Tel : +9714-2589675 / 3554137 Fax : +9714-2589674 / 3554258 Email:

KOISC (Korea Optical Industry Support Center)

Orient International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tel : +82-53-350-7830 Fax : +82-53-353-7812 Email : Web:

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VP (A) - Everything Between You & Eye

2/6/2012 1:39:58 PM

advt-vp-arabia-jan-mar-12-egma-porsche-design-(woman)-ad-page-xx.indd 1

2/1/12 12:24:00 PM


P’ 8494

ADVT_VP_Apr - Jun 11_Egma_Porsche Ad_Page XX.indd 1

4/25/2011 5:22:49 PM

VisiopnPlus_Jan-Mar 2012  
VisiopnPlus_Jan-Mar 2012  

Everything between you and eye