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He ruled Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay Now he will be coming to London 29th September Brixton Academy



The Caribbean Jamaica introduces smoking ban in public spaces

- Jamaica - Hefty penalties have been put in place by Jamaica’s government for those caught smoking in enclosed public spaces such as workplaces, restaurants and bars. The new regulation also puts a ban on smoking at bus stops and open-air sports stadiums. Those found breaching the new regulations look at a fine of up to JA$50,000 or imprisonment for a term of not more than three months, or both. In the second instance, fines will be not more than JA$500,000 or six months behind bars. Subsequent to that, a term of imprisonment not exceeding 12 months will take effect. Corporate bodies such as nightclubs could face fines up to JA1 million if they do not comply with the new regulations. Jamaica joins Trinidad and Barbados in putting tobacco control regulations into place which outlaw smoking in public places.

Jamaican Agriculture Minister suggest new laws to stop farm theft

- Jamaica - Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke has indicated that more laws are coming in, in order to deal with the increasing problem of farm theft.

It is estimated that each year about $5 billion is lost to praedial thieves through a practice, police investigators say, is now a highly organised crime. Another concern is the food production in Jamaica. As a country vulnerable to natural disasters a dependency on food imports will make food more expensive. Jamaica, like a number of Caribbean countries, has been looking to push more citizens to return to agriculture, with a particular focus on the sugar sector. “Like other countries in the developing world, Jamaica needs to increase capacity to produce adequate and wholesome food to ensure the health and well-being of our people,” the Minister said.

How to write a complaint letter

- BVI - LIAT passenger Arhtur Hicks shared his experience of flying with Caribbean airline LIAT in an open letter to the company that originally appeared in June in the BVI Beacon, a newspaper in the British Virgin Islands. Sir Richard Branson tweeted the letter to his more than 3 million followers under the tagline: “How to write a complaint letter”. The letter read: May I say how considerate it is of you to enable your passengers such an in-depth and thorough tour of the Caribbean. Most other airlines I have travelled on would simply wish to take me from point A to B in rather a hurry. I was intrigued that we were allowed to stop at not a lowly one or two but a magnificent six airports yesterday. And who wants to fly on the same airplane the entire time? We got to change and refuel every step of the way! I particularly enjoyed sampling the security scanners at each and every airport. I find it preposterous that people imagine them all to be the same. And as for being patted down by a variety of islanders, well, I feel as if I’ve been hugged by most of the Caribbean already. [...] So thank you, LIAT. I now truly understand why you are “The Caribbean Airline.”

Caribbean lobbies against high UK Air Passenger Duty Tax The Caribbean High Commissioners in the UK of Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St Lucia, among others, came together to engage the British government in an attempt to ease the Airline Passenger Duty (APD). The increase in tax was added to flights as of April 2013 by the British Government. A family of four flying to the Caribbean now pays approximately £340 in taxes whereas in 2005 it was about £80.

Regular flights are important to keep up family ties

As the UK is riddled by austerity and people have less money to spend customers looking for the best deal available, including a cheap holiday. Tourism has always been vital for the Caribbean as a major source of income. With an increase in prices for flights however customers are less likely to choose a Caribbean destination. Another effect will be felt by Caribbean people living in the UK, as returning back home Airline Passenger Duty to visit the family, attend business or a funeral APD is charged on all flights departing will become a more pricey undertaking and will the UK, whatever the destination. It is a have a long term effect on family ties. measure that also aims to offset the negative According to the Inter-American environmental effects of long-haul air travel. Development Bank (IDB) in 2011: Jamaicans The longer the journey, the higher the charge. abroad sent home US$2 billion. Other figures £83 are added to a ticket for an economy include: US$401 million to Guyana, US$131 class flight from London to the Caribbean million to T&T, Suriname US$114 million and to region. That is £16 more than the rate to North Belize $107 million. America, because the Caribbean migrants distance from London living in the Diaspora to Washington DC is and sending money less than the distance home account for huge from London to the part of funding their Caribbean. family as well as the Overall there are economy. The World four destination bands, Bank estimates that © Konstantin von Wedelstaedt based on geographical remittances account distance of the capital British Airways Airbus at take off for fourteen percent of city of a country/territory Jamaica’s GDP. With from London. less face to face contact of family members visiting each other these numbers might Band A includes most European countries but decline. also Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. Band B includes many West- and Central Dylan Kerrigan, who writes for the African counties as well as Bermuda Iran, Trinidadian Guardian, described the situation Israel and the USA. as: “We might [..] describe APD from our point Band C is allocated to most Caribbean Islands of view as a prohibitive tax that suffocates the as well as Brazil, China or Columbia and South transnational culture of the Caribbean and its Africa. families for crude economic calculations by a Band D are destinations with are the furthest foreign government in financial turmoil.” away from London such as Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Check This Best Caribbean Adventure Destinations

The Caribbean Journal listed the top Caribbean destinations for having a great adventure. Whether you are looking for a thrill or a deserted, picturesque beach, the Caribbean has it all. According to the Journal Grand Cayman offers the best Caribbean adventure. Only here you can swim with dolphins and stingrays at the same time. Second is mountain biking in Tobago. According to the journal: “It’s not just about the island’s beaches — it’s about the oldest protected natural park in the Western Hemisphere, where there are more birds per square mile than any place in the world.” The 12 Metre Challenge (sailing) in St Maarten is 3rd and River tubing in Jamaica 4th. “Chukka Caribbean’s river tubing safaris are a terrific way to see Jamaica’s beautiful rivers — whether you’re just lazily floating or flying down rapids. And when you’re not watching the flora change

around you, it’s an unmatched view of the sky.” The other adventures which made it on the list were: Kayaking and snorkelling in Bonaire’s mangroves (5th), Whale watching in Dominica (6th) the Original Canopy Tour in Puerto Rico (7th), Paddleboarding the back country of Turks and Caicos (8th), Powerboat adventures in Nassau (9th) and Loterie Farm in St Martin (10th).

Vision/ Summer 2013

Around the world News Reporter accidentally draws phallic shape

- USA - ABC news reporter Siobhan Riley accidently drew a phallic shape on live TV while explaining a local road construction route. Riley used an interactive onscreen map of the Michigan area not realising what shape she was drawing.

Gold for weight loss

- Dubai - Dubai’s government will pay residents in gold for losing those extra pounds as part of a government campaign to fight growing obesity in the Gulf Arab emirate.

As part of the ‘Your Weight in Gold’ initiative, registered residents will receive one gram of gold for every kilogram they drop. The top three dieters can win gold coins worth up to 20,000 dirhams (US$5,400). The contestant has to lose a minimum 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) to qualify for the contest. The 30-day weight-loss challenge was launched to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (9th July to 7th August), when the faithful refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours.

Swiss businessman registers royal baby name website address

- Switzerland - A Swiss businessman registered the name of the royal baby as a website address before it was even announced to the public, local media reported on Thursday. Luc-Andre Biggs registered georgealexanderlouis. com on Wednesday morning, just hours before the announcement of the infant prince’s name, after consulting a list of possible combinations used by bookmakers in Britain, Swiss weekly Handelszeitung reported. Biggs, 32, has made a living of guessing the addresses of websites that will become popular before selling them on to clients. By registering the name of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son George Alexander Louis two days after his birth on July 22, the former estate agent adds another address to the 600 he already owns. Biggs’s company, Key Domains, has made use of the same tactic for the past seven years from its base in Portugal.

Burglar asks for directions

- Germany - A lack knowledge of getting around town proved to be the demise of a burglar who had to ask several people for directions after he raided a house. The 24-year-old made off with jewellery, worth at least £10,000, on his bicycle and got lost. It took the police about an hour to catch the burglar after he broke into a house in a small town in the South of Germany.

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Exposing the talent in our communities.

Chief Editor: Francesca Quaas, Editor: Nadia Akram, Correspondent in Jamaica: Deana Myers ( + 1876 848 1304) Contributors: Edward Brydson, Basil Linx, Nadine White, Fiona Small, Yemi Abiade, Samantha Dennis


Vision/ Summer 2013

Basil Linx’s

Welcome to my column designed to be thought -provoking, challenging and even uncomfortable for some. However as an uncompromising Pan-African I make no apology.

I'm not sure if I am the only person that noticed it, but as I drive around London there seems to be an explosion of supermarkets or local's, the main contenders compete for our spent at every opportunity as new Tesco and Sainsbury spring up in every crevice and corner.

them, should lead us to ask: how nutritious is the food that they sell and what are the long term nutritional impacts of consuming such food for our children and ourselves? Now I'm not in conspiracy theories however I have asked myself why are these organisations opening outlets at such an alarming rate and why does there appears to be not controls or restraints placed upon them? I believe that the big picture, which is only a short time away, will include these companies working in partnership with the government who will find a way to issue benefits as vouchers only redeemable at these supermarkets reducing the use of cash and also creating more of a trail as to how and where we shop and what we eat. Not to mention all the profit being made for some of the largest political donators in town. Ultimately the government would create a cashless profile on each person that finds themselves in the poverty and benefits trap which coincidentally includes many from our community. Time will tell. However, you need to recognize the warning signs and ensure that you are not part of their big picture but that you create your own.

CommUnity Column

Now some might say that it's a good thing, giving us choice and convenience, they might even argue that these super companies are creating well needed jobs. However we should also look at the impact on our community and give it some thought on how they impact us from a cultural perspective. Many of the new sites have been opened in premises that have been an integral part of our community for years, however, with their money these cash rich companies can afford to pay almost any amount to get the sites that they want, which can leave a void that we can not fill within our community. The closure of The Blend Bar in Wandsworth and The Music Bar Brixton Hill are only two examples. Also with huge resources at their disposal and influence at local and national government level they can ensure that they get planning permission not only to convert these sites but to establish car parks

particularly in areas where parking is in short supply. They also seem able to ensure that red routes are conveniently pop up near their stores encouraging the use of their parking facilities, despite the crippling affect that this can have for other business and drivers. Once opened they offer a range of products which directly compete with small independent retailers, putting them under immense pressure if not out of business. Given that these super companies are always looking to capitalise on every market, including the ethnic one, they offer an increasing range of Caribbean and African produce which, whilst it does improve availability in non black areas, it directly competes with the black owned businesses that sell them as often they are only stocked in areas where the density of black people justify the investment as opposed to a genuine commitment to developing a market for ethnic products. Other considerations for those of us who are vegetarian, vegan or that simply want to purchase organic foods and foods that hasn't been genetically modified (GM)is that these companies are advocates for GM foods. Providing seedless grapes, apples, oranges and all manner of foods which have been created in a laboratory not to mention the use of pork and horse meat in processed foods without declaring

Hi Ladies, It’s me Fiona back this month to empower and encourage all young mothers. I want to start by thanking you all for your kind email and for those who came along to the pamper day event last month at Stockwell Children’s Centre which was a great success. Thank you for all your support! We had some real girly fun and lots of socialising. Congratulations to Keshell on enrolling on your Health and Social Care course. Well done, I am very proud. Stay encouraged, your future is bright and greatness is ahead for you and your family. I also want to say congratulations to special mummy Toni who has just started a new job in Hospitality; well done young lady you made up your mind to change your situation and it has happened for you. Congratulations to Juanita on the birth of your new baby Riley he is absolutely beautiful. Last month I sheared a bit about my experiences and what it has been like for me as a single mother - or should I say Lone Parent (as government would use to describe us). Sharing my story has allowed me to encourage others who may feel like they are alone. Most people won’t share what they have been through and will wear a mask to avoid being judged. I have been taught that the truth shall set you free.

Many women use children as a weapon against the fathers which can backfire on them. Some of us females are on the rebound and will jump into another relationship immediately after they have broken up with the father of their child or children. This is dangerous as you have not allowed yourself time to heal. It can cause more damage than good as some women have invited potential perpetrators and child abusers into their homes. Just when you thought you were trying to solve one problem you now end up with a thousand more and just to add to it you now have a child protection order against you.

Healthy Eaters boasts a cover of 28 seats in an air-conditioned setting. Our customers appreciate our consistent quality, value and good customer service. Our vegetables are sourced at Spitalfields Market; the largest market of its kind in Europe and the entry gate of almost all the fruit and vegetables that are sold in this country. All produce used in Healthy Eaters is handpicked at the market ensuring it is fresh and of good quality. Our meat and fish have designated suppliers, who have been supplying Healthy Eaters for the last 10 years

and have maintained a very high standard. We use low fat cooking techniques while maintaining succulent taste; keeping every meal as healthy as can be. Our best seller is Jerk Chicken and our mouthwatering home made soups. The kitchen team have been specially selected and gone through extensive training. We have a delivery service that currently delivers to local offices and businesses within a two mile radius. We intend to expand to homes in the near future.


Fiona Small: Founder of Young Mothers Support Network Healthy relationships are the key when raising a family; at the same time knowing when to let go is another key factor. Children are quite simple all they need is stability, routine and consistency in order for them to remain balanced and secure. In an ideal world children need to be raised by both parents. As mothers we try hard to hold on to our family unit even when we know the relationship is not right for us. None of us want to feel like a failure or that we have let others down. When you look at today’s society the number of lone parent families with dependent children in the UK is on the verge of the two million mark for the first time according to The Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Nestled in the heart of Brixton is Healthy Eaters - offering the finest in Jamaican cuisine. Our ethos is focused on delivering the best value without compromising on quality, with our unmatched high levels of good customer service.

Remenber you are responsible for your own destiny !



Ladies please use wisdom in everything you do I am really passionate about safeguarding children and child protection I really want to see more awareness on this topic as it usually only get highlighted when it’s too late and a child has been abused or molested. I am in the process of realisation that the relationship that I am in is over and has to end. At the moment I am in the letting go phase which is so hard when you have a two year old who can communicate and all he says is daddy this and daddy that. I’ve known in my heart for a while that it’s got to end but have just now decided to stop kidding myself and wake up to the reality that my relationship has come to an end. Part of me is hurting and another part feels relieved as I now have decided to go for what I want and deserve I know what true happiness feels like and I know what security feels like. If something does not feel right then go with your gut instinct which is usually correct. I know I will not be single forever and that my Mr Right is out there somewhere but until that time comes I am going to continue to trust God and work for what I want in life. I hope this encourages you. Fiona x contact@youngmotherssupportnetwrk. com

Healthy Eaters is located in Brixton: 17 Electric Avenue, SW9 8JP



ZJ ELEKTRA is ‘elek-trifying’

Without apology, ZJ Elektra is the poster girl for ‘Elek-trifying”. Catch her on ZIP FM when she’s doing her normal one-woman band routine – selecting her set, playing great music and tweeting to her followers as her body undulates to the thumping rhythm of the music, and you’ll fully understand the meaning and passion that fuels ZJ Elektra. Indeed, there’s just something very special about Elektra and it’s more than just her much-talked-about high energy on the station. This Zip FM jock is a nicely wrapped package of musical versatility, while being a reservoir of knowledge with an appreciation for all things musical. Elektra, christened Sheryl Johnson, is one of those on-air radio jocks who, while playing by the rules, is never content to passively follow the leader. In fact, she prefers to be that leader. After close to a decade on radio, Elektra has broken the glass ceiling into that male dominated sanctuary and is rightfully claiming her piece of the pie. Her slots on Zip FM are closely monitored by her legion of avid listeners who know that ZJ Elektra always has something special for them. Although she readily

embraces her role as ‘educator’, Elektra also revels in being a disciple and is constantly seeking knowledge. Whether she is in studio or playing at events for which she is in high demand, Elektra exercises her right to offer just a little bit more than what is expected. Even though she has earned bragging rights on breaking quite a few songs, she remains demure and keeps on doing what she does best – playing music and keeping her audience entertained. Having made her name on radio in Jamaica, ZJ Elektra has successfully spread her wings beyond the studio at weddings, parties, corporate functions or night clubs. Her gigs have taken her outside of Jamaica, where she has made an impression on music lovers in the Caribbean and the United States. Elektra has appeared on radio stations in the Caribbean and as far away as Finland. Her appearances include SOS Radio in St. Maarten, Power 95 FM, Hot1075 FM & Vibe103FM in Bermuda, Basso Radio in Finland, Blazin FM in St. Lucia and Vibe FM 98.9 in Cayman. As a member of the Shadyville Caribbean, Elektra holds the

Reggae Showcase UK Monday & Wednesday 5pm Friday & Saturday 9pm on SKY 232 Clear TV hosted by Savana with co-host Eccentrik

distinction of being the only female DJ currently on the team. International Shadyville DJs fraternity, boasts some of the Caribbean's most elite DJs. The fraternity was formed with the intention of applying the Shadyville model to the Caribbean to promote the integration of music in the region with music in mainstream markets. Very tech savvy and demonstrating talent and creativity, Elektra has also been very influential in using technology to add flavour to her shows, such as tweeting the current songs played as well as interacting via Ustreamtv. ZJ Elektra is assiduously charting her course and continues to create an impact, especially on the younger generation.

Vision/ Summer 2013


brings the highest grade of music to the people Vision talked to upbeat Indecka, who just came from a Mellow FM live performance in Half Way Tree, where his song 'More Jobs' was well received. The song speaks about the current difficult economical climate in Jamaica. "I like to give the people things they can relate to. It appeals to the bigger heads to create more opportunities for the people to better themselves. People work heard to send the their youth to school. Even if you come out of college with a degree you still have few options concerning employment. Then you have those who create their own jobs, who hustle here and there to make money, but the police wants to have them off the streets.” Indecka’s name has its own story, relating to a much loved herb of Rastafarian levity, although at the time the story began he did not make use of it. As a schoolboy his eyes used to be red and his friends were quick to dub him Indica - derived from the Latin name for Marihuana (cannabis indica) - which then became Indecka. Bringing a high grade of music to the people, one has to

develop a good work ethic because getting yourself recognised as an artist is hard work and depends not only on talent. "Good lyrics and a good voice make up about 10% to establish you as an artist,” argues Indecka. “The hard work is the promotion. Sweat Box Production does the street promotion for me and my international promotion is covered by Agent Grundstar in the UK and Badda Linkz. You have to assemble a proper team at home and abroad to cover all the ground. In Jamaica we have a lot of artists.” Watch out for his videos: 'Running From The Law', and 'Rights ‘N’ Peas', a humorous take on the perilousness of relationships. Facebook: ideckamuzik

D Major

Fresh crop of reggae talent

by Nadine White

D Major, real name Damian Codlin, is one of the fresh crop of reggae and dancehall talent to come from the coral reefs of Jamaica. His trademark dulcet tones have stolen the hearts of legions of ladies and he had his first hit song alongside Christopher Martin and Agent Sasco (Assassin) in 2009, ‘Real Friends’. Since then, he has hit the ground running, as his repertoire continues to expand. His track ‘Can’t Let Me Go’ on Chimney Records’ enormously popular ‘Tropical Escape’ riddim has been widely received and peaked at #1 on a Zimbabwean reggae chart. Over the last year, songs like ‘That’s What Love’s About’ and ‘Girl of My Dreams’ have become firm fan favourites and everywhere he goes people greet him with the nowsignature ‘it’s major!’ slogan. Speaking of which, his much anticipated debut album will be named

after that snappy slogan and, during my recent trip to the Penthouse Studio in Jamaica, the artist was keen to discuss the 18-track album, in depth. Barely able to contain his excitement he said, “It is all about the: ‘It’s Major’

right now; there’s some lover’s rock, dancehall, reggae, R&B on there. It’s been a long time coming and I think the fans deserve the different genres that make me up”. Executively produced by Penthouse mogul Donovan Germain, there’s said to be some guest collaborators featured such as Timeka Marshall and his friend Busy Signal, as well as some production work by Jukeboxx’s own Shane Brown. The first single off of the album is dancehall track ‘Real Know Real’ which, though somewhat different from D-Major’s usual lover’s rock style, is proving to be a radio-hit; particularly in the US, where the artist recently toured. “It’s a song which everybody can relate to, regardless of age.” If this single is anything to go by, then music lovers are in for a real treat when ‘It’s Major’ drops, in the near future. In the meantime, D Major looks forward to continuing to hone his musical craft and, being quite a fashionable individual, even spoke on plans to launch a clothing line!


Vision/ Summer 2013


D’ANGEL SIGNS RECORD DEAL At any dance you go to in Kingston 13, be it uptown, downtown, Bounty Sundays, Moggler Sundays, Bembeh or Weddy Weddy, you will hear D’Angels ‘Hot Girl March Out’ - a dancehall song ‘fi di girls dem’. The song is getting great support in the streets and on FM bands, and a video is in the making under the supervision of acclaimed music video directors Scorpio 21. Interviewing a very energetic and lively D’Angel, we wanted to know: What really makes a hot girl? “Mi ah di leader fi di hot gyal army. Hot girls and me are friends, if you flop you have to go over there.” She says with a hearty smile. “I came out with the punch line ‘hotness is a gift’ - that’s what I have been emulating. For the summer I want all ladies to come out, feel good and strong about themselves and basically feel hot.” Her new song Hot Girl March Out shows the growth of her as an artist,

with tighter lyrics and a punchier delivery. For the video we can expect a similar roof-lifting performance, as according to D’Angel, the video will be “very intense, a lot of boot camp style, camouflage, jump over fence and fun. The slogan is: march out and show that you are a hot gyal.” On the question of whether she has been hitting the gym to get in shape for the high-powered video scenes, she becomes your typical girl from next door and starts her reply with a long: “uhhhhm... I’ ve been lapsing but I’ll be back very soon.” The most exiting news for D’Angel is however, that she has been signed to American based recording company Diamond Music Empire. It’s a brand new company solely responsible for D’Angel’s career and management. “I was away on tour for two weeks when the label approached me. They liked my immaculate sound, charisma and stage performance, and after we met we signed the contract. No hitching, and the label is making instant moves. I am very happy with the partnership.” D’Angel has become her own brand that includes her hot gyal image, the story of ups and downs in her life, and the becoming of a stronger, independent person who is no longer being identified through the men in her life. “There are no more dramas to overshadow me as

an artist, I’m set at full speed ahead and my fans are on board. I’m raising the bar to another notch”, a confident D’Angel explains. So, will D’Angel be moving to the US? “I’ll be back and forth but I wont be relocating to the US. I am the same down town girl living the uptown life. I am still Michelle from Spanish town. Nowhere better than yard!” One of her most recent songs, All Night Long, is outstandingly different from anything she has done before as it slightly crosses over to a sultry r’n’b track. The riddim (produced

by a Canadian-English team under SQ Records) and her delivery are a fabulous combination with international flair. “Big up to my friend and mentor Katman - someone who has always been there and believed in me. Everybody loves All Night Long and I hope the song will get the recognition it deserves. I passionately love it and know it will do well.” D’Angel also has a number of other singles which are doing well, such as ‘Boom Ride’ for Markus Records.



Fi Real? by Nadine White On Tuesday 23rd July, Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel - real name Adidja Palmer - was found ‘not guilty’ for the murder of Barrington “Bossie” Burtona.

Dancehall Gone Freaky RuffKut Lady D Here I am minding my own business, then ping - I get pictures on bbm, as well as whatsapp and finally twitter starts blowing up. The two pictures circulating through the social media channels, one shot on a kitchen counter and the other on a sofa, depicting a female dancehall artist with a man's head placed between her tights, allegedly performing oral sex. Whilst many were surprised and made a big deal about the pictures I was not very surprised because that is the new reality that has reached the dancehall.

It has been revealed that this was due to a collapse in the prosecution’s case against the “world boss”, largely because their entire case lay on the statements of two witnesses. However, these actual witnesses were never formally identified and interestingly, there is no record of them anywhere – no birth certificates, no fixed address, no voter’s registration etc. As a result the judge instructed the 12 person jury to deliver a ‘not guilty’ verdict. On his acquittal Kartel released the following statement: “I had the utmost confidence from the outset as I knew I was being used as a scapegoat as usual because of my image and content and some of my music.” One of his lawyers Christian TavaresFinson chimed in during an interview with, saying: “There is an ulterior motive. Don’t keep a man in custody, in order to censor his image.” Despite this recent positive news, the “world boss” still remains in custody, as he is to return to court in November to be tried on a remaining charge against him - the murder of local dancer Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Vision/ Summer 2013

Lately we have seen a few dancehall artistes stepping out of the ordinary confines of dancehall music and adopting somewhat to the American style of very raw and very explicit lyrics and videos, like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj who sang about freaky sexual practices. Whilst I am not to judge what happens in private I am in no agreement with this being made public. Is dancehall really getting too freaky?

Twist Me

I Don't know if I should congratulate Macka or should cry out: What the h*** where yuh thinking Macka! Signing about it is one thing but actually shooting a video of such magnitude it is quite another. As according to her defence the pictures were leaked, taken from the video shot for "TWIST ME". She further claimed that she sent out a request for potential male actors and got an overwhelming turn out choosing the most comfortable one for the video shoot. Come on now Macka I have always found you

hilarious, but: 'You did what? Audition? Haha. Let me not dwell on, Macka! It is to be said that dancehall artistes in the past, who used to sing about sexual positions and Mr Dweet Right and the wickedest ride, performed to the highest level and worked very hard to keep dancehall culture alive. Furthermore it is the hypocrisy of the dancehall that I have a problem with. Let me clearly state that nothing is wrong with oral sex but I believe ones freaky sexual practices should be confined to their private space! I remember Milk’s and Lisa Hype’s now Lisa Hyper pictures were leaked some time ago. Both women were stigmatized and verbally attacked. These days however it is ok for a female to be caught in this light. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Get Your Freak On

Vybz Kartel let everyone know that he thinks nothing is wrong with ‘freaky girls’ and in fact he praised them in one of his songs. Knowing the influence of dancehall, Kartel gave females who idolize his music the ok to become a freak. It would be phony of me not to say that Vybz Kartel paved the way for other dancehall artistes to openly sing about their likeness for freaky women. Take Khago for example hitting the streets as the three-some-general - I assume him and two freaky girls?!?

‘Keep unuh biz to unuhself’

Finally I wan to big up all the freaky men and all the freaky women inna dancehall and around the world. Please keep unuh biz to unuhself as I really don't like to see dancehall being labelled as a freak shop instead of being praised for its true meaning: creativity and talent! Singing about your freaky sexual life does not give dancehall any credits. Next month I will continue the topic dancehall gone freaky with views of some of your favourite dancehall artistes including Macka (nuff respect to her still).

Consider what you are teaching the youth

Let me not dwell on. It is what it is. Dancehall

It’s Carnival Time

According to Tavares-Finson, there is nothing which concretely links Kartel to the second murder either! Contrary to some media reports, there is no incriminating video/ DNA evidence and an actual body hasn’t been found. Why were the public lead to think this was the case?

Fi Real?

Be careful of the content you put out there as youngsters live what they see and always find a way to download and watch their favourite artiste.

The scene was very unbalanced but now the females are ranting about their views as men are freaky too and woman loved to be freaked by men. Frankly speaking men are better freaks than women so women have the right as well to record and perform freaky songs as well - but Macka took it to another level!

Though I am not the biggest Kartel fan, I do respect his talent and moreover acknowledge his human rights. Until recently I haven’t really paid too much attention to peoples’ conspiracy theories on this matter – particularly because I hear talk from many Jamaicans that he is, in fact, a “bad man”. However, the fact is that he has been in jail since October ‘11 without trial, partly on a charge which had so little evidence. I know the Jamaican judicial system - like most - is flawed, but something’s screams ‘foul play’ in this instance!

Kartel does seem unusually disadvantaged in his current legal woes and furthermore he seemed to predict his fate. Prior to his incarceration, he had an interview in January 2011 on Nationwide FM (Jamaica). Alluding to a conspiracy which he felt was afoot, he said: “I fear for my life and my freedom. I’d like to tell my fans that if you see anything happen to me, you done know where it come from.”

has gone freaky but I should implore all artistes to make quality music and educate youngsters on positive things singing about sex is not a bad thing dwelling on it is rather idle and somewhat takes away your creativity and hard work you put in the artistry.

Find someone and wine...

Toronto has just seen it’s biggest street party drawing close to a million spectators including more and more participants from the US and overseas. More than four weeks of activities from a Festival Cup Match over a BBQ and the biggest highlight the Grand Parade, this year’s Toronto Carnival has not disappointed. Thousands of whistle blowers and vibrant costumed dancers took it to the streets of Toronto to celebrate Caribbean art, cuisine and of course the music. Whether it was wining low to the ground in tune with the heavy bass of soca music, or banging on silver painted drum sets, Toronto’s Caribbean community came out to party on the city’s lakeshore. The Caribbean Toronto Carnival is the largest cultural festival of its kind in North America.

London ’s Notting Hill Carnival (pictured left) will take place on 25th and 26th August and, as every year, will enthrall with its amazing costumes, colourful floats, high-energy music and food. London’s Carnival is a highlight in the annual events calendar of the city, drawing over two million spectators every year over the two days. Trinidadian traditions play a prominent role in the parade with its flamboyant costumes and of course the iconic steel bands. The Notting Hill Carnival draws on the musical traditions of the Black Atlantic and of the Caribbean in particular. Sunday at The Notting Hill Carnival is Children’s Day, with a shorter parade route. Bank Holiday Monday will see the main parade, where you can expect to see some 50,000 performers and 40 sound systems.


Vision/ Summer 2013

ily m a F l a oy says R ggae of Re by Nadine White

Widely dubbed as the ‘Royal Family of Reggae Music’, it was great to see Morgan Heritage (Peetah, Gramps, Una, Mojo and Luke Morgan) back in the UK. They briefly performed at the Indigo2 (Greenwich, London) last year, as part of the ‘Respect Jamaica 50th’ Independence celebrations, and returned this year to kick-start their ‘Here Come The Kings’ tour on 19th July. Debuting at #2 on the American Reggae Billboard Chart, ‘Here Come The Kings’ is the group’s first album in 3 years and they are delighted to be back, after their unanimous decision to take some time out, “We couldn’t ignore the demand from the media and the fans for our return.”

They took a break, now they’re back!

Now residing in Jamaica, Morgan Heritage were born in Brooklyn (USA), raised in Springfield, Massachusetts and the effervescent bunch are


Morgan Heritage

extremely family orientated both off and on stage. The reason behind their decision to take a break from the scene was in order to spend some quality time with their children, “We are all parents. With the fast pace of what we do, time just flies and if you’re not careful, you can miss out on some integral years in your kids’ lives, that you just can’t get back. We didn’t want that, we wanted to be there for them”. From the inwards banter to the finishing of one another’s sentences, it quickly became apparent just how close these siblings are. Aside from bonding onstage when performing together, in their spare time, Gramps likes to host barbecues, “I love to barbecue – yah man, some fish stuffed with some okra and some callalloo and t’ing, y’know dem way deh?!”. It was very entertaining to hear how often they all switched from their native American accent to the rawest patois you’ve ever heard!

Family values

In the time spent away from the scene as a collective, the inspiration to pursue solo projects struck and their

individual brands were born. “We just couldn’t keep still. We were all used to recording music, as this is what we know. Pursuing solo careers, in the meantime, was more manageable than being in a group, because it didn’t impinge on the time spent with our families as much,” explained Gramps. Many groups, irrespective of genre, are prone to inner disputes, which can cause friction and conflict. This has led to the split, break-up and demise of many. Despite their closeness, there were rumours which had circulated suggesting that Morgan Heritage’s break was down to similar reasons and they had no intention of reforming. However, once put to them, they were keen to deny this, with Peetah exclaiming: “It was challenging not being in a group. It was actually weird looking to my left and right onstage and not seeing my sister and my brothers there and I know the others felt the same.” It’s great to know that normality has been regained, as the public get to hear more from this regal crew! With their tour schedule fully booked for the

rest of the year, legions of fans doing the ‘one foot skank’ at their sold-out shows and their latest single ‘Perfect Love Song’ peaking at #1 on the UK’s official reggae chart –‘The Heritage’ are back on top, as the most successful Jamaican contemporary reggae band.

Reggae bring back sweet, sweet love!

Yet, I was surprised to learn that reggae is not such a celebrated commodity in its native Isle of Jamaica. “Reggae is not played in Jamaica” says Peetah “and, as far as aspiring reggae artists go, it must be hard to make it if your own country is not even supporting you. Dancehall is now the ‘pop’ music in Jamaica and so that takes precedence over reggae. That’s just the way it is. It’s not necessarily a bad thing - we love dancehall - but it is what’s happening. Still, we give thanks because reggae is still alive and well, in spite of this. The world loves reggae; there has been no ‘revival’ of it, as it never died in the first place”. Gramps added, with his baritone voice and a warm chuckle, “Did you know Jamaica runs things? It’s true, if you didn’t know.”

Morgan Heritage is a reggae band formed in 1994 by five children of reggae artist Denroy Morgan, namely: Peter “Peetah” Morgan, Una Morgan, Roy “Gramps” Morgan, Nakhamyah “Luke” Morgan and Memo “Mojo” Morgan

Peetah Heritage

RY E IV L E D LE B A ces N I TA o offi S SU t * EE R F

Tel : 0207 2744521 T-Mobile - 07908875432

healthyeatersuk healthyeaters * minimum order applies


Vision/ Summer 2013

Are Dancehall Queens by Nadine White

It is time for Black women to reclaim their bodies and redefine their sexuality. The world should say ‘Full Stop’ to sexually objectifying our sisters.”

Scorned as a vulgar presentation of male fantasies and equally adored as one of the various colourful manifestations which underpin the vibrance of dancehall culture, Dancehall Queens (DHQs) are entangled in a web of opposing sentiments. Despite the negative opinion which DHQs typically attract from an ‘uptown’ demographic, their general story is one of success.

A worldwide phenomenon

The first DHQ was Carlene Smith, crowned in Jamaica in 1992. Following this, Big Head Promotions staged its first DHQ competition in Montego Bay/ Jamaica in 1996 and has been running ever since.

DJ Daddy Ernie In 2002, history was made when Japanese dancer Junko Kudo became the first foreigner to take the crown, which lead to an influx of female dancers from all over the globe participating in the contest – making this, a transatlantic affair. Since then, the DHQ hype has taken off with contests being held all over Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, America and Japan, with ladies quite literally spreading far and wide. Pun intended! Not only is this kind of dancing prevalent within the competitions, but it has infiltrated the more mainstream facets of dancehall entertainment, such as the music videos and dance trends. However, women jiggling and

whining to the bass-line can offend. Some parents cry out against their children’s exposure to over-eroticized movements and sociological theorists have stated that this kind of dancing is an indication of a ‘crisis within the female’. Robert Cooper spoke out against the DHQ culture in this way, addressing the matter, in a powerful article for the New African Magazine, a couple of years ago: “The clothes worn by dancehall queens have shrunk to less and less, while the dances have grown increasingly vulgar […]. It is time for Black women to reclaim their bodies and redefine their sexuality. The world should say full stop to sexually objectifying our sisters.” Indeed, skimpy attire is a widely associated feature of DHQs. Paired with the lewd dance routines, it has caused some to question whether the status of ‘queen’ means that these women are seen as equal to their male counterparts or does it actually mean the opposite? English Feminist Sociologist Susan Manning (1997) argues that viewing the near naked female body in a public capacity is demeaning and de-powering.

White Aristocratic “Dancehall Queens”

On the other hand, in 18th century France, white upper class females (otherwise known as ‘Courtesans’) would frequent the male dominated arena of ‘the court’ and dance for their suitors, eventually gaining their companionship, affection and respect. In other words – these women would go and ‘look man’ by dancing for them! They did this completely out of free will and were not oppressed, in fact these women were bold – as opposed to stereotypically docile - and through their dancing, actually became to be treated as equals to men.

So, although the time, location and ethnicity of the women differ, the concept of dancing to entice the mass male audience can interestingly be applied to both the dancehall and a white, aristocratic setting. This begs the question ‘who is in control here, really?’ It would seem that women actually are! Furthermore, DHQs can be seen as a mutual, heterosexual celebration of the erotic in the female. On a topic such as this, it was only befitting that ‘Vision Newspaper’ Cofounder/ Editor Francesca Quaas caught up with Jamaican dancer

‘Keiva Da Diva’ - one of the island’s more popular female dancers. Although not a ‘Dancehall Queen’ as we may know it, Keiva is certainly a ‘Queen of Dancehall’ and a true choreographer, having appeared in over 100 music videos, working with most of the dancehall artists in the game from Elephant Man, Bounty Killer to Konshens and Mr Vegas.

Survival of the fittest

Boldly declaring that “a female dancer has to work twice as hard as a man” – she immediately demonstrated one of the key qualities which she, herself, said that a female dancer must have to survive in dancehall – “boldness” and a steely determination to succeed. On the topic of self-assertion, she went on to say, “Everyone has a right to express themselves”, adding “You have to consider that DHQs make the dancehall nice. I would agree that they are getting more... daring but I’m not going to bash them, it makes them eat their food”.

Contestants of the Dancehall Queen Competition in Montego Bay/ Jamaica, middle: Japanese dancer Junko Kudo in 2002

It has been said that Jamaican dancehall culture in its entirety can be used as a springboard for even greater prospects. Dancehall star Mavado recently spoke to Jamaican radio station ‘Irie FM’, on the importance of dancehall for the purpose of selfsufficiency. Making this statement in relation to the

island’s ‘Noise Abatement Act’ he said, “When you make dancehall suffer you make the youths that eat off dancehall suffer”. Being crowned DHQ can potentially give an opportunity for women to launch a career in a country which, for different reasons, does not always offer alternative job opportunities or a public purse to help support unemployed people. The informal economy which lies within dancehall is an important part for many Jamaicans to keep them and their families afloat. Unofficial figures show that 10% of the population make a living through dancehall! For many, it is a means of survival and ‘riginal DHQ’ Carlene Smith put it best when she said: “I have made a lot of girls in the ghetto society say: ‘I can dance, let me make something of my life. I don’t have to wait on a man! ‘“

Silver-screen influences

Take the 1997 Jamaican hit movie ‘Dancehall Queen’ starring Audrey Reid, for example. Here is a “ghetto Cinderella

Vision/ Summer 2013


vulgar or skilful? story” of a modest ‘street vendor’ who manoeuvred through her impoverished circumstances via the opportunities that dancehall created, outsmarting and eventually escaping two particularly undesirably domineering male figures in her life by playing them off against each other! The film grossed over $160,000 in the USA alone and did extremely well

overall, due to its gritty, easy-to-relate-to storyline. West Indian Author & Professor Carolyn Cooper has argued that Downtown Jamaica’s DHQ contests are, in some ways, the answer to the uptown ‘Miss Jamaica’ beauty pageants, which lends weight to the idea that the concept of DHQs is more founded

upon cultural resilience, than accidental ‘slackness’. These regal women have effervescent personas and a long standing popularity within dancehall, meaning that most people have an opinion on them - from the ordinary party goer to reggae music contemporaries. Legendary DJ Daddy Ernie (of Choice FM) chimed in on this debate with no hesitation: “One of the many appeals of Dancehall Queens is that these are, typically, ordinary women. These women are confident and the dancing is very much a case of “here I am, look at me” than just blind slackness and vulgarity. They are about colourful self-expression and I don’t see anything wrong with that.” One certainly should not be mistaken in thinking that every DHQ is an inwardly depressed damsel in distress, who wants to come out of an economically impotent situation. “None of these girls regard themselves totally seriously, it’s fun and it’s all very tongue-in-cheek – or wherever”, said Rick Elgood, director of the film ‘Dancehall Queen’.

‘The X Factor’

Despite the supposedly sexy grimace that a lot of black women wear when ‘bussing a whine’,

we have to consider the idea that some DHQs actually dance because they want to! Seeming to encompass the swagger and confidence that most women would dream of possessing, they flaunt it; some argue that therein lies genuine power, the liberation of self-assurance. Looking past that ‘barely there’ costume, multi-coloured wig, drawn-on eyebrows, false eyelashes and twelve inch stilettos, the one thing that remains certain is that these women can indeed dance. If we consider the sheer physics of it all, then we can conclude that it does take skill to execute most of the moves displayed by DHQs. Therefore, where their dancing is concerned, its frankly more about dominance over one’s own body, than it is about being controlled. The fact that DHQs are, by trade, extremely disciplined dancers shouldn’t be overlooked. The definition of ‘vulgar’ is: ‘lacking in sophistication and good taste; coarse and rude’ (Oxford Dictionaries, Oxford University Press, 2013) and is the term often used by those opposed to the dancehall culture to describe the overall style of Jamaican Dancehall Queens. However, how would they describe pop-divas in mainstream media and contemporary dance culture? In regards to the argued plight of DHQs, it then seems that they are no less emancipated than

the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna who dance exactly the same way on our TV screen! The only difference is (maybe) money and nationality. Irrespective of geography, our society has become desensitised to sex and raunchiness, full stop. Plus, I daresay that most girls and young women have the capacity to morph into their own DHQ in the common house party, rave or bar, once they’ve had a couple drinks and feel free to ‘express themselves’.

Dancer Keiva pleas: Show us more respect! Popular dancer Keiva pleas to show Jamaican dancers more respect. According to her, dancers in Jamaica are not being adequately compensated for the work they do. “We develop these dance moves but do not get paid for our work. Look at the international acts like Beyonce, who never leave their dancers behind. Jamaican artists however never bring us on tour, which is very unfair. If you watched the BET (Black Entertainment Television) show, held in Los Angeles, Ciara brought her dancers but Elephant Man and Beenie Man didn’t. We need money in our pockets, we are talented and we need to get paid. We are hard working and have bills to pay.” Keiva the Diva is known through her signature move ‘Online’, and the over 100 music videos she appeared in alongside Elephant Man, Voicemail and TOK. Unlike

most female dancers you wont find Keiva amongst a crowd of women whining, but rather in a crowd of men bussing a move. Her bold attitude and strong belief in original dance moves made legendary dancer Bogle very attached to her. Bogle’s dance moves like ‘Wacky Dip’ and ‘Row Di Boat’ have inspired artists to sing a song, and the masses to catch the dance. But yet it seems that the dancers, the choreographers of the very moves, are left standing in the shade whilst everyone else is busy bouncing in the spotlight. “Many dancers have never received a visa. I myself got all visas through promoters, not through an artist. Still, we love our Jamaican artists; when they need us we are ready to defend and dance with them. But the artists have to take a stance as well and tell promoters that they want to take their dancers

If we consider the sheer physics of it all, I daresay that ‘slackness’ itself is not sensational - the King of then we can Dancehall (and ‘Slackness’) Yellowman put it best when conclude he said “…but it’s just what happens behind closed doors “ that it does ; and the reality of the situation is that the Jamaican culture is take skill to known for being ‘straight-to-thepoint’. Dancehall Queens are no execute most exception to this. Moreover, the issue of explicit behaviour does of the moves not start and stop in the “little but displayed tallawah” Island of Jamaica, as it is just not that tallawah! by DHQs. Therefore, VISION DEBATES where their dancing is What is your view? concerned, it Send us your comments and/ or pictures, which we will release in is frankly our next issue: more about dominance over one’s own body, than it is about being controlled. on tour. Show us more respect and love - let us shine too! 15 years from now we want to be proud of ourselves. The dancers are crying, we are not happy, we are ‘dead fi hungry’, we need help! We’re tired of it. We are also tired of people thieving our culture and not giving us respect for it. We are the root, the stem and the grass. We are the factory for dancing. Big up Bogle!” F.Q.

Keiva onset for Elephant Man’s Crocodile video shoot

Steel Pulse re-release song in memory of US teenager Trayvon Martin British reggae band Steel Pulse has weighed in on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case that has sparked racial tension in the United States. They have re-released their song Put Your Hoodies On (4 Trayvon) to protest last Saturday’s not guilty verdict in favour of 26 yearold Zimmerman. “It is a plea for justice written by (singer) David ‘Dread’ Hinds as a reminder of the FACT that an innocent teenager is dead, shot by a man who was playing ‘vigilante’–pursuing the teenager around the neighbourhood despite being advised against it by the authorities … We sensed the result but despite the outcome of the trial, the truth remains the truth, and the ghost of justice will haunt this town of Sanford, Florida,” read a statement on the band’s website.

Jay Z samples Sizzla’s Solid as a Rock

Selena Gomez remakes Buju Banton’s Champion

Jay Z has sampled Sizzla Kalonji’s 2002 hit ‘Solid As A Rock’ for his latest album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. This is the third time the sample has been used by an American rapper. The song which was released on Sizzla’s EP Da Real Thing, was first sampled by Jah Rule on his 50 Cent diss song called The Crown then sampled again in 2012, ironically by 50 Cent .

American pop singer Selena Gomez has reinterpreted Buju Banton’s 1995 hit tune “Champion”. The track starts with Buju deejaying the original lyrics: “Walk like a champion, talk like a champion/ Rum pa pa pam pa”, before Selena comes in singing to a driving pop beat. Other than the sample the song is not reminiscent of Buju’s original track. Some critics say that she ruined a classic.

NYC based pirate station owners face jail

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes announced the arrests of Seon Bruce, 40, and Solomon Malka, 51, for operating the pirate radio station “Fire Station” out of Manhattan and Brooklyn. According to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, Bruce worked as deejay “Fresh Kid” for the illegal station, 104.7 FM. Malka’s crime was selling ads on the illegal

station. Both men face up to a year in jail. The investigation was triggered after several licensed radio station owners complained that the pirate station, which played music, was infringing on their business. The men used the radio frequency 104.7FM for 10 years without a radio broadcast license, which is very pricey in New York, with set up fees from US$22.000 However obtaining a new license in the city is nearly impossible because most of the city’s frequencies are already licensed. Buying a whole radio station including its license can cost millions.

Rihanna’s self-obsessed antics give Busy Signal video ‘Come Over’ massive boost

15 seconds were enough to give Busy Signal’s video Come Over a 2 million spike, after Rihanna posted a short video of herself singing along to Busy’s tune. Notice Productions C.E.O. Wayne Thompson, better known as ‘Unga’, released the song on the Heart & Soul riddim in 2012, has received several commendations since Rihanna’s endorsement. The increased viewership has also spawned the video making its way onto MTV IGGY, an official arm of MTV that relentlessly scours the globe in search of exciting young musicians creating the sounds of the future.

Capleton cancels annual St Mary Mi Come From show

Patra very particular

Spanner Banner to marry Suzie Q Spanner Banner, known for hits such as Life Goes On, has now gone public and announced that he will marry his manager Suzie Q. Banner’s announcement comes after months of speculation which began in December of last year when Banner was accused by Suzie Q’s then husband Mr Absolute of having an affair with his wife. However, both repeatedly denied these allegations even after Suzie Q and Mr Absolute’s divorce.



90s international artist Patra has, according to Beenie Man, ‘turned down’ an invitation to attend the BET show at which he, alongside Elephant Man and others, showcased Jamaican music to the world. (see interview with Elephant Man on page 11) In an interview with Winford Williams (host of the OnStage entertainment TV show) Patra blasted Beenie Man and said: “I like to speak for myself.” She continued saying: “I did not decline, I just didn’t do it.” Patra explained that she was called by the wrong messenger and because of the things she has been trough in

her career she is more careful now and wont jump on every opportunity. “I don’t want to move backward I want to move forward. It took me years to get rid of certain people who had access to me. The music business has changed to a certain degree, but it’s the same hawks in the background. If I decline certain things its because the circumstances are not right.” Winford also inquired about her new song “Sweet Reggae Music” which he dubbed a comeback song. Patra however had a different take and retorted: “I never try to comeback to anything, I continue what I am doing.” Moreover being classified a dancehall artist was not quite to Patra’s liking: “I have never been a dancehall artist from day one, I do different types of music.” Patra concluded: “I have been fighting to be in control of music career, I don’t want to go back to my past.”

This years Sumfest saw some substantial changes; lighters and torches were not permitted, and all revellers were searched, which cast a dampener on the overall mood instead of the usual upbeat, fiery approval. Still, people did not let this spoil their fun and settled with using their phone lights instead. Outstanding performances were delivered by QQ and Kiprich, the latter was in top form, calling the only artist in the police-force on stage. I Wayne and Popcaan worked the crowd well, but it was Idonia who got the masses wild and cashed in a few forwards. Bounty Killer did blaze a real fire, getting the full approval of the ‘top shottas’ who were waiting for him to come on stage. Some entertainers however fell short. Amongst them Spice, who pulled a Lady Gaga, in super high platform shoes and an unusual entry inside a huge plastic ball. Unfortunately she fell and had to ask for help. She got a forward when a Vybz Kartel look alike joined her on stage to perform the hit song Ramping Shop. Macka Diamond was disappointing too, she went into Sumfest with the biggest hit: ‘Dye Dye’ but got no feedback from the crowd.

Tommy Lee got sporadic forwards but overall his performance was boring. Tifa did her thing and delivered good vocals. Beenie Man’s outfit was hot as usual, but he looked tired and failed to exit. Proper shellings were delivered by Assassin who was superb. He came on stage when the vibe was dead but he proved to be a real entertainer; DJ-ing about reality, which most could relate to. Lady Saw was amazing, her hairstyle and outfit stood out. She came on stage with a perfectly executed mission: lyrically killing John John (her ex), Spice and Macka. She did not hold back and lyrically dealt with some serious issues on a very mature and convincing level. Unfortunately she declared in an interview that this was her last performance on Reggae Sumfest as she wants to pursue her career as an gospel artist. I Octane closed the show for the first time. The big question was: can he deliver? He surpassed expectations and got a lot of forwards, which earned him respect even from those who doubted him. Lady Saw and I Octane were most definitely the top performers of Sumfest 2013.

St Mary born reggae artist Capleton has cancelled his popular charity show due to harsh economic times. The event, which was first held in 2000 has been devoted to giving back to charitable causes such as The St Mary Infirmary and schools in the parish. The Event is one of the biggest reggae shows on the island. According to Capleton’s manager, Claudette Kemp, the show will be back next year.

Machel Montano big in France

As his French remix of Mr Fete featuring French R&B singer Matt Houston and Kulu G heats up. The Trinidadian soca star spent some time in France promoting the song. Montano did interviews on the main radio stations for the French Caribbean community such as Tropiques FM and Espace FM. The Carnival Tropical began with a street parade through Paris, where the groups march to the sounds of music, be it live musicians or small DJ trucks. A guest of honour of the Carnival Tropical of Paris this July, Machel first performed at a packed Parisian nightclub, Le Palacio and at the Stade Charlety where the Carnival Tropical closed with a parade.


Vision/ Summer 2013


Elephant Man

Watch This Vision’s Favourite Online Hits

ignites BET Awards by Deana Myers

2013 has been very good for reggae and dancehall in-spite of the many dark clouds that shade over the industry. On the international podium, reggae and dancehall have made some exciting appearances on some of the biggest stages. The Volkswagen advertisement with Grammy winner Jimmy Cliff, who later performed at the Superbowl 2013, gained many new fans for the Jamaican culture and patois. The tribute to the legend Bob Marley at the Grammy award show with performances from the Marley brothers with Damian and Ziggy, joined by Sting, Bruno Mars and Barbadian superstar Rihanna, gave Jamaican music yet another huge exposure. The 2013 staging of the BET (Black Entertainment & Television) awards show also set high precedence for the Jamaican community and diaspora at large. Dawn Penn, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Beenie Man and Elephant Man ignited the stage and set the audience ablaze with a standing ovation and left Nicki Minaj gyrating to the Doctor Sugar’s voice and running on the river bank with Elephant Man. This performance left many babbling and singing praises of congratulation on all the social media networks. Dancehall and reggae is Jamaica's pride and joy. Everybody was proud to see that the work of the legends and the veterans who gave birth to this rich gem called reggae were well appreciated.

Elephant Man & Beenie Man at the BET Award Show in Los Angeles

Vision caught up with Elephant Man to talk about his appearance at the BET Award Show. How important was it for you to be one of the few that were chosen to represent dancehall at the BET awards? It was an unforgettable moment for me knowing that this performance has gone down as a part of dancehall music history. I represent music and love what I do entertaining the people. Many artistes would have relished the opportunity to perform on such a platform, how did this happen? The owner for the BET Awards called and asked if I want to perform, as Elephant Man is one of the dancehall artistes that represent the genre with high energy performances. I was very happy that I was one of the four Jamaican artistes chosen. With the inclusion of dancehall and reggae on international shows such

as the BET Awards, what does this say for Jamaica and its music? It means a lot for Jamaica and its culture. It feels good for all dancehall fans because much has been pushed back for the last three to four years. This is one of the best things that could happen to dancehall. There is no looking back right now, we gonna keep it going.


emember Cliftwang with ‘Nobody Canna Cross It’? This is the latest video Cliftwang-style going viral. In the original interview a woman talks about a flood in her area and gets very agitated. The interview has been remixed over and over. Our favourite is: Funny Jamaican Interview (Flood Out Lotek Remix). ‘Everyting inna di house flood out!’

What does Elephant Man have to say to his fans? Big up all the people who supported me over the years. ‘Yuh done know’ the Energy God will be giving you more hits ‘fi the gyal dem - tunup loud!’ What's next for Elephant Man? Are you looking forward to the Canada show? I am looking forward to the Canada shows - big up all my Canadian fans, the Energy God gonna shell yuh know! Big up the African fans and a Europe tour is coming up next. I am excited about the big festivals.


his one is not for an uptight audience! Things you will see in a Jamaican church by Kevin2wokrayzee looks at typical behaviour of pastors and churchgoers. One thing you can not take from Kevin is his sharp skill of observing people and exaggerating their gestures and attitudes.

Album/ Single Review

Danielle D.I. The Rebel

Alborosie Sound The System

New Day Dawn Gentleman

Moses Sample

Legendary producers Sly and Robbie have released their most recent project: The Rebel, which is Danielle DI’s debut album. The title track Rebel featuring Cherine Anderson has been on the airwaves for some time with great success. Big Man featuring Shabba Ranks is reminiscent of an 80s reggae song which, despite of the gripping intro by Shabba continues uneventful. Overall the release is not a traditional reggae/ dancehall album, but rather ventures in very different genres and could be classified as world music with a distinct dancehall swag.

Alborosie returns after the success of “2 Times Revolution”, which led him to perform on many stages around the world. The new album “Sound The System” marks a new chapter for the Sicilian artist, more and more entrenched in his adopted homeland, Jamaica. Several guests appearances such as: Ky-Mani Marley in the splendid revival of “The Zion Train”, while the legendary Jamaican vocal group The Abyssinians appears on “Give Thanks” singing in Aramaic, the sacred language of Ethiopia. In the duet with Nina Zilli “Goodbye”, in which the two singers play with upbeat rhythms and Italian songs of the Sixties.

His 6th studio album has a very personal note incorporating his unmistakable singjay vocal style with roots reggae, progressive electronic dancehall, pop and hiphop. Different from his previous albums it crosses over a lot leaving only a few songs with a deep reggae beat. On the album’s first single, “Do You Remember?”, Gentleman reminds us of a time when computers and social media didn’t exist; he advocates people should use technology for the betterment of mankind. Recorded in Germany and Jamaica the 17 track album is witness of a musically evolved Gentleman.

Trinidadian reggae artist Moses, also known as “Fadda Moses” has released his new single “Sample” that, according to him, promises to epitomise his evolution. The new single was produced by Millbeatz Entertainment and written by Moses himself. It has a strong, lively and upbeat dancehall flavour however his Trinidad and Tobago dialect cannot be missed. The beat is enhanced through a carnivalesque drum line , giving the whole song a slight Trinidadian - soca feeling. Its an easy going party tune for whining and having fun.

Released: June 2013

Released: July 2013

Released: April 2013

Released: May 2013


angster Goat, or when a goat attacks, or when a goat thinks it is a bull. The animal was videoed on a rampage chasing pedestrians and along the way butting a motorcycle and its two riders and flooring a woman carrying her shopping through the streets of Londrina, near Sao Paulo/ Brazil.


t is always gives me a buzz to see how much other nations embrace reggae music. Italian band Mellow Mood show with their song Dig Dig that they are reggae music enthusiasts, able to emulate the vibe so well and just rock, rock - rock it away!



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Top 10 Dancehall I Octane - Buss a Blank (Armzhouse) 2 Macka Diamond - Dye Dye (Truck Back) 3 RDX - Kotch (Cashflow Records) 4 D’Angel - Hot Gal March Out (Diamond Music) 5 Aidonia - Tip Pon Yuh Toe (Jop Production) 6 I Octane & Bounty Killer - Double Trouble (Marcus Records) 7 D’Angel - Give It To Me All Night (SQ Records) 8 Mad Cobra - Dis Dem Anyweh (DJ Frass) 9 Demarco - Continue Wine (DJ Frass) 10 RDX - Broad Out (Apt 19 Music) TOP 20 VOCAL 1 Jah Bouks - Angola 2 D’Angel & G Whizz - Can’t Love You Like Me 3 Romain Virgo - Beautiful 4 Chronixx - Smile Jamaica 5 Morgan Heritage - Perfect Love Song 6 Taurus Riley - Likkle One Drop Live Links with Catman 7 Zamunda - Roots Reggae Thursday’s: 2:30pm - 3pm 8 Iba Mahr - Let Jah Lead The Way on WVOF 88.5 fm 9 Jah Cure - That Girl in the USA 10 Tidal - Back In Your Arms 11 Loyal Flame - Rollin Down The Highway Friday’s: 3pm - 3:30pm 12 Shaggy & Beres Hammond - This Feeling on Bess 100 fm 13 Angel Smith - Bounce Back in Jamaica 14 Oriel - Confidence 15 Tom Laing - Finally Free God Alone Radioshow 16 Anthony Cruz - Can’t Test We with Catman & Lefty B 17 Nature - Tryin Man Tuesday’s: 10am - 12pm 18 Rasta Bogle - We Got Love Thursday’s: 10am - 12pm 19 Hya P - Better Mus Come on Metrolove 92.2 fm in the UK 20 Maxi Priest - Easy To Love

Vision/ Summer 2013

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Vision/ Summer 2013

The Sassy Guide to surviving Flirting by Nadia ‘Sassynadz’ Akram

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah”...corny maybe, but certainly true. With , temperatures recently soaring at a whopping 30 degrees, London has finally met with the well deserved summer we’ve all (more than) patiently been waiting for.

knowledge that many people struggle when it comes to flirting, just how often have you been approached with the cheesy old faithful (as some may call it) line of “get your coat, you’ve pulled”. Here is Vision’s compilation of chat up lines; bearing in mind we have not tried and tested these ourselves, if any of the lines below lead to you getting a date, we want to know! Get in touch with us at: admin@vision-newspaper. if they work for you...and if not, plenty more fish in the sea right?

• Do you believe in love at first sight... or do I have to walk by again?


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• You’re so gorgeous you made me forget my pick up line. • You owe me a drink, you’re so beautiful I dropped mine when I saw you. • Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel? What a pleasure it is to see everyone feeling bright and cheery, and smiles being passed freely from one to another. The mood for love, saucy holiday fling, or at the very least a cheeky flirt, appears to be filling the air along with the scent of sun lotion and barbecue smoke. There is perhaps no better time to feel at your best than when you’re skin is beautifully glowing in its sun-kissed glory, you’re wearing your favourite summer ensemble, and your confidence is on a high. Our advice - take advantage of your own and everyone else’s good mood and unleash some of your finest chat up lines; what’s the worst that can happen? A good giggle surely. It is common

• There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you. • I’m sorry, were you talking to me? [No] Well then, please start. • I wish I was cross-eyed, so I could see you twice. • You know what? Your eyes are the same colour as my Porsche. • Can I have a picture of you? I want to show Santa what I’d like for Christmas.

Sam’s Make-Up Bag Fresh all day!

Now that the sun has finally chosen to grace us with her presence – and by grace, I mean scorch – it’s time to enjoy BBQ’s without the indoor contingency plan, attend festivals, dine in parks or head off to the nearest beach. As the sun is a rare thing in this country, we all tend to rush outside so that we don’t miss out. However, more sun equals more sweat, and for oily skin, it is simply a disaster if you’re not prepared. So to avoid resembling melted ice cream, use these essential items to keep your makeup looking natural and fresh all-day. My absolute necessity would be MAC’s allimportant Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. Whilst it guarantees to set your makeup in place, it also reduces shine, the visibility of pores, and imperfections. You won’t want to be without this item during our heatwave, just be careful not to drop it! (Available from MAC for £20) If like me you love your winged eyeliner, try 17’s Wet Look Lacquer Eyeliner. Despite the sheen that is usually synonymous with an evening look, it will not run of give you panda eyes 4 hours into the day. The long

handle makes application easier as you can get really close to your lash line, ensuring a smooth equal wing on both eyes. (Available from Boots for £3.99) If reducing the oil is your main concern this summer, then MAC’s Blot Film is just the solution. Each blot film used will leave the skin oil-free and matte. It can be used on top of makeup and will keep everything in place. It’s compact and contains 30 sheets, enough to last you through our “summer”. (Available from MAC for £11)

Freshly baked cakes being prepared in Kingston for immediate delivery in Portmore

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Vision/ Summer 2013

Lady Saw Macka Diamond

Popcaan Spice

I Octane


S U M F E S T 2013 Kiprich Beenie Man

Agent Sasco

Bugle Bounty Killer

Weddy Wednesday Anniversar y

Congratulations to Nickfotoworks, for winning ‘Photographer of the Year 2013’ at the MIA Awards

I Wayne Tommy Lee


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Sport Timetable of sprinting highlights at the 2013 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Moscow Day 1 – Saturday, August 10 07:10
















Day 2 – Sunday, August 11 08:05




















Day 3 – Monday, August 12 16:35




17:05 18:15











Day 4 – Tuesday, August 13 18:50




Day 6 – Thursday, August 15 07:55





4 × 400 m relay







Day 7 – Friday, August 16 07:35





4 × 400 m relay












4 × 400 m relay



Day 8 – Saturday, August 17 16:45

4x400m relay







Day 9 – Sunday, August 18 13:15

4x100m relay




4x100m relay




4x100m relay




4x100m relay




Haiti takes Caribbean lead in FIFA ranking

Haiti is now at number 69 in the football world, followed by Jamaica at 77. Jamaica’s recent poor showings at the World Cup qualifier led to a 28-slot drop from 49th, the single biggest fall for Jamaica in some time. Jamaica is followed by Cuba (82nd), Trinidad and Tobago (87th) and Dominican Republic (90th) inside the top 100 of the FIFA World Ranking.

Reggae Girls take lead in CFU tournament

Jamaica finished with a maximum nine points from three games, ahead of Cuba with six points, and

Bermuda three. The point-less Curacao finished bottom of the fourteam group at the CFU tournament after getting a hammering from the Reggae Girlz, loosing 8-0. Jamaica and Cuba now join Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Anguilla, St Kitts/Nevis, Suriname and Grenada, in the final CFU round with the top three teams advancing to the CONCACAF round

Bolt’s United dream finally comes true… then fades away again by Yemi Abiade

celebrating Ferdinand’s ten years at United, is scheduled to take place on 9th August, a day before Bolt’s first round 100m heat at the World Championships in Moscow. Simms also said that while Bolt does not mind the four hour journey from London to Moscow, it would not be ideal to play in a football match less than 24 hours before a track competition.

This was a situation made possible by Ferdinand himself, who persuaded new boss David Moyes to let the reigning 100m and 200m Olympic champion play. But the proposition has hit a major bump in the road and Bolt will no longer be playing, according to his agent Ricky Simms.

Bolt has made it very public that he is a massive Manchester United fan; he attended a match at Old Trafford shortly after the end of the 2012 Olympics. But with the testimonial so close to the World Championships, it is unlikely the Olympic legend will not take part. Bolt will have to wait a little longer for his chance to play for United.

It was all too good to be true. Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt seemed to have got his wish to play for boyhood football team Manchester United when he was scheduled to make his debut for the Barclays Premier League champions during Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial match against Sevilla.

Despite Bolt’s interest in taking part, Simms highlighted track commitments as an obstacle preventing the Jamaican sprinter from making an appearance. The testimonial, set for January 2014 in the Cayman Islands. The CFU Club Championship is the annual international club football competition in the Caribbean region, held amongst clubs whose football associations are affiliated with the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).


Doping scandal after doping scandal

After Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown was tested positive for a banned diuretic in May, Jamaican sprinting legends Asafa Powell (former 100 meter record holder) and Sherone Simpson (three-time Olympic medallist) are accused of doping after being tested positive for a banned stimulant through a sample that was taken at the Jamaican championships in June. Powell, 30, has insisted that he never knowingly took banned substances. “I am not now - nor have I ever been - a cheat,” he posted on Twitter. He has called for an investigation as to how the banned substance oxilofrine could have entered his system. In the meantime, Powell is still waiting to discover whether the analysis of his ‘B’ sample confirms

Back in 2011, Bolt first expressed his desire to play for United, saying: “I definitely think I am good enough to play for Manchester United because I the finding. In a spate of revelations, Olympic discus thrower Allison Randall became the third athlete to confirm a positive drugs test from the Jamaican trials in June. Randall, who competed at last year’s London Games but failed to make the final, acknowledged receipt of the Jamaica Anti-doping Commission’s (JADCO) notification of her adverse finding for a banned diuretic, but, like Powell and Simpson, denied knowingly taking a performance-enhancing substance. The wave of revelations has also reached the world of soccer, as the Jamaican Football Federation

am quick and have some skills.” This wish nearly came true after the Olympics, when then United manger Sir Alex Ferguson was considering giving Bolt a trial in a charity match against Real Madrid. But much like British summer time we remain waiting for Bolt’s first game at United...if it ever happens...but if it does then anything is possible. confirmed that one of its players failed a doping test following the World Cup qualifier against Honduras on June 11. It must be said that the list of doping cases in athletics is long, as is the list of banned substances. Shocking revelations are not confined to Jamaica alone. American sprinter Tyson Gay, who won the 100 and 200 metres in the US trials last month, was also tested positive for a banned substance. The 2007 triple world champion pulled out of the Herculis meet and of the World Championships in Moscow after being notified of a positive doping test by the US AntiDoping Agency (USADA) earlier this month. Powell and Simpson are also out of the championships in Moscow, making the competition less attractive to viewers.

Athletes from St Kitts asked to pay to compete

© Chell Hill

St Kitts athletes have threatened to boycott the upcoming World Championships in Moscow after the St Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletics Association asked them to pay 20% of the earnings they take from the championship.