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amaican recording label Cashflow is taking serious interest in looking for talent within the UK. During a three week visit, which brought them to London they searched for artists who are ready and willing to invest in their career and go the extra mile.

Cashflow Records is a high flying Jamaican label that has produced infectious riddims like: Orange Hill, School Bag and Buss Stop. They have also helped propel the careers of I Octane and Konshens producing many of their chart toppers such as ‘Puff It’ and ‘Realest Song’. When Cashflow produce a riddim, it is one that artists easily gravitate to. Cashflow Records was founded in 2001 in Cooreville Gardens, a quiet suburban

neighbourhood in Kingston, St Andrew, where almost all streets are named after 1960s icons, like: Wailers Terrace, Bob Marley Boulevard, Gaylads Avenue, Sunny Bradshaw Avenue, Paragons Close and Maytals Crescent. It seems that these giants of Jamaica’s music industry provide the right aura, because what started as a hobby has over time morphed into a fully fledged media enterprise with in-house recording,

promotion and video production facilities. Apart from music videos the team comprised of Neil, Xtreme, Kevin Slaughter, Rinse, Nellie Roxx and Father P, even churned out Cashflow Invasion; a TV series on Hype TV, which was aired in 15 Caribbean countries. Touching down in the UK is the first stop in a string of visits to different countries to seek out local talents. >> Continued on page 5

It’s a Dancing ‘Ting’


Dancing has been an integral part of Jamaican culture. Vision talks to the reigning Dancehall Queen Sher.

Last month the first issue of Vision Newspaper was launched in Toronto with overwhelming feedback. >> page 7

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The Caribbean Caribbean Citizenship for Sale

If you have enough money you can buy citizenship or residence on certain Caribbean islands. The money has to be what is termed a “healthy contribution or investment” but it is possible. Within 90 days and US$250,000 you can become a citizen of St. Kitts. Dominca could cost you a US$100,000 investment. Grenada may revive its program, which was closed after the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United States, for fear that passports could unknowingly be sold to terrorists. The passport that Caribbean investment buys you varies slightly. “A Dominica passport holder can travel without a visa to more than 50 countries, while a St. Kitts passport provides visa-free travel to 139 countries, including all of the European Union”. Authorities in the West are beginning to implement some restrictions on these passport holders. The worry is that, as the Caribbean passports are often awarded with few background checks, criminals and terrorists could enter other countries. How many foreigners are citizens of the Caribbean is not known.

Jamaican national sues Barbados

The Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) will hold its first ever sitting in Jamaica today to hear evidence from witnesses in the landmark case in which a Jamaican national has sued Barbados. The Jamaican government intervened in the case but not as a claimant or defendant. In March 2011, Jamaican Shanique Myrie landed in Barbados regionally dubbed as ‘Little England’. Myrie had to undergo a cavity search, kept in a dark room and deported the next morning to Jamaica although nothing illegal was found on her person or in her possession. After this unceremonious return to the country of her birth Myrie charged that in the process of the cavity search she had been finger-raped by the immigration officials concerned. Her lawyers took the case to court claiming that her rights as a CARICOM citizen were abused, and that she was discriminated against because she is Jamaican. In 2010 over 200 Jamaica’s have been refused entry into Barbados for various reasons, like no cash, or no pre-booked hotel. March 18 will move to Barbados. After that the trial will mover to Trinidad where final submissions will be made and the ruling will be handed down.

Trade imbalance

The Caribbean continues to have a huge trade imbalance with the United States when imports and exports between the two trading partners are compared. The US amassed US$22,838,950,392 in sales to the region in 2012 alone. In contrast, the North American country imported US$16,415,244,280 in products from the Caribbean last year, with the majority – over $6 billion, being petroleum and coal product and oil and gas. Apparel manufacturing and primary metals topped the $2 billion mark. Food and beverage manufacturers only exported over $400 and $300 million, respectively.


Jamaica to benefit from the Panama Canal expansion by Gabriela Radeva

Since the official approval of the Panama Canal expansion in 2006, Jamaican officials have begun to seize potential profit of the country’s relatively strategic geographical position, being the Caribbean island closest to Panama. The expansion will allow larger ships to transit the channel coming from Asia and the East and Gulf Coast regions of North America.

two new sets of locks - one on the Pacific, and the other on the Atlantic side of the Canal. The waterway, which will allow cargo ships with three times the container capacity currently passing through the locks, should be finished in the first half of 2015. In order to reap the full benefits Jamaica has embarked upon a costly infrastructure project. The central tasks in the preparation include dredging the Kingston Harbour bed (deepening the habour to a depth of 17.5 meters); expanding the Port of Kingston, and training of a specialised habour force. All together with a price tag of about © Lyn Gateley US$800 million.

Speaking at the Jamaica Chamber Commerce’s (JCC) at the Hibiscus Lodge in Ocho Rios, St. Ann on 16 February 2013, the Industry Investment and Commerce Minister Hon. Anthony Hylton presented the expansion as positive prospect But if Jamaica View of the lock at the Panama Canal for Jamaica’s really wants to economic benefit from the stabilisation and development of the business expansion, they need to finish the supporting environment in the region. “It has the potential infrastructure before the Panama expansion to transform our economic fortunes, from project is completed in 2015. If the right which present and succeeding generations actions are undertaken by the Jamaican will all benefit” said the Minister. He estimated government the island has great potential in a long term profit and encouraged the local emerging as a global trans-shipment hub, business owners to support the project. much like Singapore. It is projected that it will create 1,500 new permanent jobs and many The project consists in the construction of more business opportunities.

Check This Ziggy Marley’s children’s book: I Love You Too

Ziggy Marley promoted his new children’s book at the Grove in Hollywood together with his threeyear-old son Abraham. The singer turned author has put his experience of years of parenting into the book titled: I Love You Too, based on the song “I Love You Too” from his 2009 Grammy Award-winning children’s album Family Time. Marley, who is a father of six, says of the book: “This book is close to my heart because it was a spontaneous exchange between me and my then 3 year old daughter Judah. It expresses something so true; it should be repeated as often as possible.” Adding, “Children are wonderful, and they add to my whole life. I wish I could keep having them.” Marley and his wife Orly Agai have three children together: a daughter named Judah Victoria and two sons Gideon Robert Nesta and Abraham Selassie. He also has three older kids (Justice, Zuri, and Daniel) from a previous relationship.

Cayman exited to see Usain Bolt at sporting event

Cayman Invitational Meet Director Cydonie Mothersill made the announcement today at a press conference previewing Cayman’s only professional track meet, which is set for 8 May. “I’m looking forward to running in Cayman on May 8,” a press release quotes Bolt as saying: “I have not competed there before, but my coach was there last year and spoke well about the event. Sprinting in the Caribbean is stronger than ever and it is great to see new track and field meets starting up. Cydonie has done great things for her country on the track and is now working hard to develop opportunities for others. I hope my presence in Cayman will inspire the youth and contribute to the development of the sport.” Other participating athletes include Beijing Olympic silver medalist Kerron Stewart (Jamaican 100m and 200m sprinter), Olympic record holder Melanie Walker (Jamaican 400m hurdler). Local athletes include London Olympic qualifiers Kemar Hyman and Ronald Forbes and others.

Usain Bolt was named sportsman of the year at the prestigious Laureus Sports Awards which he already won in 2009 and 2010.

© Brunel University

Around the world Harlem Shake gets miners sacked

Australia - An Australian mining services company has fired up to 15 workers who performed an underground version of the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake is a recent video craze to the music of the Harlem Shake dance track by US DJ Baauer, which usually starts with one dancer and after the music gains speed is joined by other dancers without any choreography or ecstatically pleasing moves. In their version the miners can bee seen topless, wielding tools and getting dirty and sweaty. The miners who lost their six-figure salary jobs where told that they have breached safety rules.

Child called police to avoid bed time

USA - A 10 year hold has called the police to avoid bedtime during school break. “I will call the police.” Were the words he told his mother after she told him repeatedly to go to bed. When he rang he did not muster the courage to speak and put down the receiver again. Following protocol, the police from Brockton in Massachusetts rang back to see if everything was fine. The mother of six had to explain the situation as her son still refused to talk to the police.

Mystery benefactor

Japan - Ahead of the second anniversary of the devastating Tsunami the city of Ishinomaki, 350km north-east of Tokyo received and unusual present. The director of the Port Authority received a parcel with two 24 karat gold bars, each weighting one kilogram from an unknown sender. The gold bars are worth about £ 164.000 According to Japanese media reports others have received presents from anonymous senders for reconstruction after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami with waves up to 133ft high devastated much of the island and causing a nuclear accident. Nearly 3,000 people died in Ishinomaki.

Ex stole sperm

USA- According to US media reports Layne Hardin of Louisiana is suing a clinic alleging his ex-girlfriend stole his sperm and used it to get pregnant. Hardin says Texas Andrology Services handed over the vials to his ex- girlfriend Toby Devall without his permission, after she tricked the sperm bank into handing over his specimens. Mr Hardin’s lawyer said Ms Devall had “bluffed” her way to getting the sperm before being inseminated at a fertility clinic. The clinic has not commented. The child is now two years old and Mr Hardin may have to pay child support. He told local TV he wanted “to throw up, cry and pass out” after finding out.

Schoolboy banned for shaping food into gun

USA - A seven-year-old student in the US has been suspended for chewing his Pop Tart (a rectangular pastry) into a shape of a gun. Josh, who suffers from ADHD, was suspended for two days after his teacher took offence to his creative pastry munching. A flabbergasted reporter said “the only thing a pastry is loaded with are calories”.

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Women Who Made a Change The 8th of March marked the celebration of International Women's Day. Unlike Mothers Day it gives us the opportunity to reflect on women's achievements outside the private sphere. The First Women's Day in 1911 was set up to fight for equal rights, for equal pay and to unite women globally. Many women have fought relentlessly for a cause, have worked very hard to achieve the unachievable to better their communities and environment: activists, scientists, academics, politicians - too many to mention at once and too many not to mention at all. In retrospect of Women's Day Vision wants to highlight some high achieving women of our- and past times. During a public meeting set up by, the Universal Peace Federation, Vision had the opportunity to listen to Patricia Janet, Baroness Scotland of Asthal. Her family left Dominica when Patricia was two years old and settled in 1950s London/ Walthamstow at a time when signs like: No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish still could be seen. Her school adviser told her that she was too ambitious for a black girl, but she knew that: "You can't let other people set the agenda for you and tell you what success is. You need to work hard to achieve. If it was easy everyone would have it." A very successful career in law, enabled her to become the first black women to be appointed a Queen's Counsel. Later, under her rule as Minister of State for Criminal Justice (2003-2007) she managed to cut domestic violence including domestic homicides by 64% and continues her fight against domestic violence through her charitable works. In 2007 she was appointed as Attorney General (chief legal adviser of the crown and government) - being the first female in the post's 700 year history where she served until May 2010. As a young women, St. Vincent born Elma Francois (1897-1944) tried to organise workers in the sugar factory she worked in and ultimately got fired. She then moved to Trinidad, educating herself on labour and political matters. In 1934 she formed the National Unemployed Movement (NUM) at a time when Trinidad faced increasing unemployment. The NUM started to register unemployed people, a thing that has never been done before, and organised regular ‘Hunger Marches’ demonstrations of the unemployed. Her political will, determination to speak up in public and educating herself for a cause is exemplary. Jamaican born Doreen Lawrence has campaigned for 20 years after her son Stephen was murdered in a racial attack in 1993 in South East London. After the initial inquiry into the murder no one was convicted on the base that there was not enough evidence. A later investigation

into how the case had been handled, concluded that major blunders had been made and that the police were institutionally racist. On the basis of the investigation recommendations were made which influenced and changed policing in Britain. After 18 years of waiting and tireless campaigning for justice two of the five suspects were finally put behind bars. Doreen's work has changed the way we debate about race relations. In 2003 Doreen was awarded an OBE for services to the community. Dr Paula Dawson is the only licensed rehabilitation physician in Jamaica. She has introduced new techniques in spine treatment. These techniques help people with back pain, neurological diseases including cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke and spinal cord injury. She leads efforts to develop physical medicine and rehabilitation and the sub-speciality of spine and sports medicine in particular. She has worked with some of the Caribbean’s well-known Olympic and World champions. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago Camille Wardrop Alleyne is a aerospace engineer whose accomplishments in that field have been extraordinary. In the highly technical fields of science and engineering where women are still in the minority, she is one of a few women of colour and the only woman of Caribbean descent in a senior management position at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the USA. She has played a lead role in the design and development of space vehicles, among them the state-of-the-art Orion crew exploration vehicle, a component of the Orion spacecraft. Mary Seacole was a dedicated nurse and a great humanitarian. She risked her life to treat soldiers in the Crimean War (185356), as well as victims of cholera and yellow fever. During a cholera outbreak in Jamaica in 1850, which killed over 32,000 people, Seacole saved many lives using simple herbal medicines and became highly respected for her treatments. In 1855, aged 50, she used her own resources to open the British Hotel in Crimea to treat injured soldiers. The hotel, which was built in two months, became a refuge for soldiers on both sides of the conflict. At the end of the war, Seacole returned to London deeply in debt, but the British Commander-in-Chief of the Crimean forces, in gratitude for her humanitarianism, helped her financially. Seacole's outstanding work earned her great recognition.


How to protect our Children from Perpetrators by Fiona Small This topic is a very sensitive topic as its one that most parents will avoid because none of us want to think that our children could be at risk of abuse. It is our responsibility as parents to protect our children from harm. We have a duty to be on our guard and make sure that whosoever we leave in charge to look after them is fully trustworthy and will not violate or interfere in any inappropriate manor.

where you can download a copy. Please be on your guard and build strong communication with your child so you can take the necessary action if you are ever faced with a situation in which your child could become at risk of being abused. Also keep your eye open for other children who might need protecting

According to the European Council of Europe - one in five children are at risk of abuse! Please take time out to talk to your children about being on their guard, explain to them about their body and that there are areas on their body that should never be touched by another adult or child. I am very passionate about this subject as I know that the damage and pain caused when a child has been abused is irreversible. I have a great book to recommend and to give away to mothers and fathers who may not know how to approach the discussion with their child. The book is called “Kiko and the Hand” written in very child friendly terms. It is a great tool to use when opening up a discussion between you and your child about this subject. There are headed guidelines for adults about how to teach the so called ‘Underwear Rule’. If you would like more information about the Underwear Rule and/ or access to a copy of the book please visit

from known or unknown perpetrators. Be very cautious when introducing your child to a new partner, get to know the individual and find out about their background especially before leaving them unsupervised with your children. If you need advice from professional services please contact Adult Line on; .... or if you are a child who is being effected by any of these issues please call Child Line on.... This matter is serious and it is our duty to make sure that our children are safe at all times. You can contact me on:

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continued: women who made a change Dr. Barbara Hull is a noted virologist who dedicated 27 years of her life to the battle against diseases. In 1990 Dr. Hull became the co-ordinator of the Global Lab Network at the World Health Organisation (WHO). She empowered regional virology laboratories to support the Global Polio Eradication Programme and spearheaded fund-raising efforts. This tremendous effort eradicated the disease from the Western Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean and European regions. In 1986, Dr. Hull received the Medal of Merit from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for her service in the field of Public Health. Nanny of the Maroons was born around the 1680s in today’s Ghana. She was the most important spiritual, cultural and military leader of the Winward Maroons in Eastern Jamaica, guiding them through the most intense period of their resistance against the British. She was a master of guerilla warfare and trained Maroon troops in the art of camouflage thus ensuring their repeated success. She has

also freed more than 800 slaves and helped them to resettle in Maroon territory. Oral history recounts that Nanny was able to catch bullets with her hands. The other story is that Nanny was able to catch bullets with her buttocks and fart them out again. Renowned Barbadian historian Edward Braithwaite however suggests that the original story took a vulgar twist because British colonialists who were known to detest Nanny were being deliberately offensive about her when they told this tale. The government of Jamaica declared Nanny a National Heroine in 1975. Dorothy Height (1921 – 2010) President Obama called her “the godmother of the Civil Rights Movement”. In 1930 Dorothy Height joined the National Council of Negro Women of which she later became the chair and president emeritus. © Adrian Hood She fought for equal rights for both African Americans and women and was alongside Martin Luther King when he delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech in 1963. At the height of the civil rights movement in the 1960s America Dorothy organised "Wednesdays in Mississippi", which brought together black and white women from the North and South to create a dialogue of understanding.

Basil Linx’s

CommUnity Column Welcome to my column designed to be thought provoking, challenging and even uncomfortable for some. However as an uncompromising Pan-African I make no apology.

Why Willie Lynch Must Die! In recent years across various parts of London there has been an increase of black on black violence predominately amongst the young men of our community. Some of us may struggle to understand why young men would choose to attack other young men from their community, often for no other reason than they live in a different post code or come from a different 'endz'. However when we look deeper into this phenomenon we start to realise that this type of behaviour is not unique to the 21st century black London as it has infected our communities across the globe for the past few hundred years. Whether the garrison communities of Kingston Jamaica, the East vs. West coast feud in the US, or Africans vs. Caribbeans - we have found reason to justify conflict with members of our global African family. We have been focussing on our differences, even where they are of little significance, rather than embracing the things that should bind us together. Even more interestingly, individuals outside of our community have recognised that we as a people are prepared to allow ourselves to be divided for no apparent reason. One of the things that colonial rulers achieved during slavery was the control of enslaved Africans simply by using a system of mind control which depended upon highlighting our differences, creating fear, mistrust and ultimately conflict between us, which in turn meant that our focus moved away from those perpetuating our persecution. They discovered that whether it was by pitting light skinned against dark skinned, large against small, young against old or male against female it created mistrust and

hatred towards each other. It even made many of us ally with our slave masters whilst developing disdain towards ourselves. This control mechanism is known as the 'Willie Lynch Syndrome' otherwise known as the divide and rule technique. It has continued to create much conflict amongst the members of our community, which has lead to our arrested development and contributed to the destruction of parts of our community. It removes the need for our enemies to openly attack us as we have proven that we are able to do a very good job of fighting amongst ourselves. In today's post slave trade society, the tools used to implement the syndrome have changed to the media, music and film industry and various institutionally prejudiced organisations which continue to produce young people with low levels of self-esteem and love of self. I encourage you to research the effects of Willie Lynch Syndrome and to construct you own counter measures within your own community. By focusing on our similarities rather than our differences we will realise that we can develop our communities and ourselves very quickly. How much are you influenced by the negative stereotypes that are portrayed in the mass media? Do you consciously endeavour to overcome that influence by working through the issues logically and reaching out to those around you to breakdown the barriers that prevent us from developing a solid community? Some of us still refuse to accept the God & Goddess within and the fact the we are the only ones that are in a position to meaningfully improve our community by using our influence on those that we interact with on a daily basis. We can do more to correct the affect of Willie Lynch In one week of engaging with and leading within our own circle than in a year of simply accepting the status quo. You are a leader - do what you came here to do! Bless



Fiona Small: Founder of Young Mothers Support Network launches her new column for Vision Newspaper.

This column is going to be fun and exciting and full of useful tools, tips and great advice with an aim to support and engage mother in the wider community who might be looking for support networks to access when raising children. A bit about me my name is Fiona Small, I am a proud mother of two children, I have an eight year old daughter and a twenty one month old son. I love being a mother to my children they bring me lots of joy, but it’s an everyday challenge as I bet most mothers would agree, especially if you are single parenting.

Overheard: The Caribbean Amerindian People community Roberto Mukaro Borrero stated “We are affirming and honoring our ancestral connections across the region in an effort to promote our ancient indigenous heritage to our present and future generations.”

The UCTP flag represents a Unified Taino Nation reaching out in solidarity across the waters in all the sacred directions to relations on other islands. The Taino people of the Caribbean work tireless to claim they place, not only in history but also within the modern narrative. Feeling that they are the "least listen to" group of the Caribbean, efforts are channeled to promote the Amerindian culture and unify the Arawark, Carib and Taino indigenous nations. Member of the local Taino and Carib

This was marked in December 2012 with the founding of the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organisation (CADO). The founding board of this Caribbean-based initiative includes well-known members of the Lokono Arawak, Kalinago Carib, and the Taíno Indigenous Nations. The group will focus on various projects to restore and or promote Amerindian culture and heritage throughout the islands. Their Members are all experienced indigenous rights advocates participating throughout the region locally, nationally, and internationally at such forums as the United Nations.

Have you ever thought about going back to Jamaica or other Caribbean countries, but weren’t sure where to get support? Last year, Choices - the UK’s Assisted Voluntary Return service - helped thousands of people considering return. Choices is a service for people who are overstayers the UK, people who have claimed asylum or been granted Discretionary Leave. Choices is a charity and independent from the government. We give free, impartial and confidential advice and assistance. If people decide to return voluntarily, Choices helps them apply for the Assisted Voluntary Return programme, and if successful, to plan a new life in their home country. Choices helps people get travel documents and pays for flights and travel to the person’s final destination. If you return home with Choices, you travel as a normal passenger. Some people can access financial assistance to help resettle in their country – for example to pay for renting accommodation, education, health, training or business development costs.

Asylum seekers or people with Discretionary Leave may receive up to £1,500. Families whether asylum seekers or irregular migrants - can receive up to £2000 per family member. Irregular migrants who are not families also qualify for help to return home and the cost of the flight and travel to their final destination, but without the additional financial help. Our experienced partner, Hibiscus Jamaica, can support you in Jamaica. Last year, Choices helped about 100 people return to Jamaica or other Caribbean countries. One woman we worked with returned to Jamaica and was entitled to financial assistance. She set up a poultry business which is now generating a profit and she is now thinking about how to successfully grow the business using its profits. For more information, call Choices free on 0808 800 0007 or go to:

The UK’s assisted voluntary return service.


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WE WANT YOUR TALENT Jamaican recording label Cashflow on a mission to find UK's next big star

<< continued from page 1 What inspired this project? “Everywhere you go you find people who have adopted the Jamaican dancehall culture. We are looking for talented artists, who are serious about music and really want to get the exposure, as we believe we can offer a good package. Our next stop will be Japan, then Canada and other places in Europe. We are looking to bring this project all across the world. Its a world-wide quest.” What can UK artists expect? “We have different channels to promote our projects. Mika who works for us in Kingston is responsible for all the promotion for Cashflow. She also contacted OSL Promotion here in the UK and together with Davinia & Sophisticat from Dancehallbiz and Julie from RunABeat, planned this tour.

We are not only producers but also DJ’s. We own and operate a soundsystem with myself DJ Neil, Xtreme, Kevin Slaughter and DJ Rings. I’m also a radio DJ on radio Hot 100 FM (Saturday Melt Down from 4pm-7pm) and CMTV. This is all part of a network we use to promote new artists.

We have an authentic dancehall riddim, called LONDON BRIDGE made by DJ Xtreme and we are looking for 10 fresh talents to get them on this very riddim. So far we have: Tall Up with Bounce It Fresh P ft. DeeVine with Frolic Frisk Mr Splurt with Money Haffi Run Yardie OG ft Tenz with Girl Like You Mad X with Sick Ah Dem Danny Sprung with Impress Showtime Damion with Dem Ah Talk Paradyme with Mek Dem Hate Imru with Come On and Ras Strika with Cash Grow. The LONDON BRIDGE riddim will be released in March and we will shoot a medley video by Extreme

Waiting for Cashflow in Camberwell/ London

Art, all distributed by Johnny Wonder who deals with all major reggae/ dancehall recording labels. It will be a worldwide thing, with includes airplay by me on Jamaican radio and all across the world. Once the product is complete and the video is out I am sure other DJ’s will take it on. There is however a contribution to be made in the form of studio and mixing time, as well as a fee for promotion.” What is the secret success recipe of Cashflow? “We have produced a lot of hits. When you say Cashflow the first things that will come up are Octane’s ‘Blood Will Run Up Inna Dem;, Konshens’ ‘Keep Badmind Outta Mi Heart’, and Vybz

Cashflow Soundsystem with DJ Neil & DJ Xtreme

Kartel’s ‘Look Pon The Life We Are Living’. Cashflow is all about young talented musicians, composers and DJs who are in the industry to take it to the world. We show good quality hit music.” When did Cashflow start? “It has been a journey starting as a hobby. Father P, the CEO of Cashflow said to his sons DJ Neil and Xtreme: ‘here you have a keyboard and a computer, you have talent do unno ting.” We had our first hit in 2005 with the group Sojah! - ‘Pon Di Corner’, which was big in Japan and we subsequently toured there. Sojah! has split and become Konshens and Delus. We then came out with the Better Life riddim with Vybz Kartel, Black Ryno and Konshens. We met I Octane and produced the single ‘Thank You Father’ and we just got chemistry with him and keep on doing hits after hits: ‘Puff It’, ‘No Love Inna Dem’ - crazy hits. It was a journey and a building process which brought us right into the UK.” More information on the UK Project:

Nominees for 32nd IRAWMA announced

IRAWMA the International Reggae and World Music Awards acknowledges and honors the accomplishments and contribution of reggae and world music artists. The 32nd staging of the event will take place in Florida on May 4th. Leading the list of nominees are Mr. Vegas with six, Damian Marley five and Sean Paul, Konshens, Romain Virgo and Third World with four each, and Jimmy Cliff, Marcia Griffiths, Tarrus Riley and Busy Signal all up for three nods. There are 39 categories, some of them are: Bob Marley Award for Entertainer of the Year * Jimmy Cliff * Damian Marley * Third World * Sean Paul * Tarrus Riley * Romain Virgo * Stephen Marley Best Male Vocalist * Christopher Martin * Romain Virgo * Tarrus Riley * Busy Signal * Beres Hammond * Gyptian Best Female Vocalist * Marcia Griffiths * Patricia Roberts * Etana * Queen Ifrica

* Nkulee Dube * Alison Hinds

Best Male / Female DJ/ Rapper * Konshens/ Lady Saw * Mavado/ Ce’cile * Popcaan/ Macka Diamond * Mr. Vegas/ Tifa * Beenie Man/ Queen Ifrica * Tommy Lee Sparta * Damian Marley Most Cultural Entertainer * Anthony B * Capleton * Tarrus Riley * Luciano * I- Octane * Masud Sadiki (St. Kitts Nevis) * I-Wayne Vote for your artist under: www.


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Straight from Yard with Irie FM’s DJ Amber way they went about it was just wrong. Subsequently Saturn had to pull the ad from TV. I can understand that people are more hurt about the flag being burnt than about the stereotypical image displayed in the VW ad. After all, we can not go around the fact that there are certain stereotypes attached to different people. I don’t think VW used Jamaican stereotypes in a prejudiced way. I think they did it for fun and drawing attention. Maybe they conducted a survey realising that Jamaica is the most popular island.


The VW commercial, which has been premiered at the Super Bowl has sparked some controversy. Not as much as the commercial put out by SATURN, a German electronic store chain. In the commercial you can see a Jamaican flag catching fire and getting stamped on. Many people did not bother to watch the commercial until the end, when a big Jamaican flag is rolled out and people dance, dressed in Jamaican attire. People had mixed feelings, as it became clear that Saturn’s intention was good but the

Both commercials show how much everybody thinks Jamaica is THE THING. The idea of Jamaica is in peoples mind and assists promotion. It has also sparked a POLITICAL DEBATE to change laws about the use of Jamaican symbols, like the flag and colours. Every county has they own set of national symbols, which are inappropriate to use them in certain ways.

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel has been to court a few times and got bail on two of three charges, yet still remains in custody. However for many Jamaicans, especially his

supporters, it looks as though the court does not have a strong case or not enough evidence to charge him. They feel it is been deliberately delayed. The fans want to know if he is guilty or not. If they really had such a strong case they would have stared the trial already. Hence they will have to give him bail eventually. Remember, they kept NINJA MAN for three years behind bars without a trial, before letting him out on bail. People would like to see the same thing happening for Vybz Kartel, as they are assuming that the three year mark is the maximum stretch the authorities can take it to. Vybz Kartel has been incarcerated since October 2011, so it is coming up to one and a half years now. In the meantime he has published a PETITION on his twitter account for him to be freed. Furthermore various songs have been released, although it is not clear if the music has been recorded prior to his incarceration. Based on some of the slangs he is using, the songs seem

current, rather than recordings from the past. He has also received the popular local Youth View award for Male Artist of the Year for the second time since his incarceration. Kartel is planning to release his SECOND BOOK, stating that he will shock the public with what he has to say. He wants to call some names that will spark a serious conversation. In a statement he said: ‘before he became who he is today - Jamaica's most popular dancehall artist - he released promotional CDs with POSITIVE SONGS and never got the response he is getting now. Once he started recording the opposite of those positive songs, he got all the attention, accolades and money’. He feels its hypocritical, claiming that the media made him into what he is. He has plans to re-release the music he has made in the past.

Buju Banton

Buju is still trying to APPEAL his sentence. One of the jurors was accused of conduction inappropriate research. Which gave Buju's attorney a chance to appeal against the initial verdict. The juror in question however said it wasn't until after the verdict she conducted her search and that the media misconstrued

a statement she made in an interview. In the meantime the judge ordered the SEARCH of her computer hard-drive. We will have to wait until we receive further news.

Follow Di Arrow

I spend most of my time backstage at the show. Things were just not going good between the promoter and the artists and from what I understand it has been happening over the years. The promoter, Dexton Ennis, violated his own motto if this year’s show: KEEP IT CLEAN. Lady G (pictured below) publicly spoke about her argument with Ennis. She asked him to get paid before going on stage and he was shouting at her using inappropriate language. Sizzla actually defended Lady G. Mr Vegas alleged that he was told that he can not perform because the show was coming to an end. Only to find out that the show went on, even after he reached back to Kingston. Although it was a popular event because, as there

are only a few annual shows in St Marry, the promoter probably made a good decision not to keep the show gain. The communication that was going on backstage was not constructive and the artists don't speak fondly of this promoter.

Spring Break

March marks the beginning of Spring Break, usually a festive time for most of the resort towns like Negril and Montego Bay. However because of the crime rate, the exercising of entertainment laws have been affected. LESS PERMITS are granted for events in MoBay and some events are locked off by the police. Montego Bay, I must say, is not the same as it used to be a few years ago. Another concern is the ECONOMICAL STATE. When I go out I find that the parties are not really full, promoters are not making what they used to make.

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake has taken over the Jamaican dance scene and I still don't know what it is!

Vision/ Spring 2013



the scenes: Vision Hits Canada Behind D’Angel & G-Whizz video shoot Vision Newspaper now available in Toronto

The debut of Vision Newspaper in Canada was a big success. Especially in the greater Toronto area (GTA) where Vision is being distributed in over 200 outlets throughout the city and suburbs. With the distribution in Canada Vision has reached a major milestone; spreading the news to an even wider audience.

Vision could get exclusively behind the scenes of the all talked about, hot & steamy video shoot of D’Angel and G-Whizz‘s for: Can’t Love You Like Me, produced by Good Good Production. Despite all the rumours the two say that they are just friends, who have known each other for a very long time and just happened to make a song and subsequent video together. G-Whizz is know for songs like: Night & Day and On & On. In 2009 the singer scored a big hit with the song entitled: Live.

Copies have been flying off the shelf in barber shops, restaurants, grocery stores and beauty salons throughout the city, says Alwin Squire head of Vision Newspaper in Canada. Store owners are pleased to carry Vision Newspaper, commenting, that a new, contemporary paper like Vision is in high demand. Vision has also left a very positive impression on the readers as they anxiously wait for the new issue to be released. Just like the UK version, Vision will be published there every month. Vision will be launching in Ottawa and Montreal soon.

I Noah: to the billboard with the help of Jah


bind an enthusiastic and faithful fan base. Appearing at popular shows in Jamaica such as the Western Consciousness and Heroes Day Salute, he is closer to his ultimate goal: “We want to take music to the highest point in life. We meditate to build songs and make it explode to hit the billboard. We meditate to write to make albums being nominated for a Grammy. Good pay comes from good work, good work is the highest level and the highest point in life and Jah will do the rest.”

Born Clayton Heslop, I Noah started his musical development in the quiet rural district of the Watermount area of the parish of St. Catherine where, aged just 11, Clayton was appointed lead chorister. Sticking to the religious ascetics in his professional career, I Noah has created music based on the portrayal of positive vibes and cultural enlightenment. “Yes it’s I Noah, representing more life and righteousness; music to edify and uplift the nation.” His songs are certainly highlights of his career songs like “Gwaan So Kind”, and “Battle Field”

touching and the so far have been Fah”, “One of A which helped to

Everything in I Noah’s life circles around meditation which he describes as coming from the Most High. “Everything becomes a meditation, frustration becomes a mediation - out of everything we are making sure to find the positive.” This state of mind resonates in his songs which underline, as he puts it, his role as ‘a messenger straight from Jah’: “Every song has to have a topic and it needs to be conscious. In certain places you are more connected to the Most High, like the hills, the rivers, the valleys or mountains. Going to all these places you hear different sounds. It helps to bring out the feeling to make the people know that you mean what you say.” Big Up: Dovnnavan and the whole Unique Supermix Production, Miss Margret my mother, my daughter Sheneile and my whole family.

JAMAICA’S FINEST GOLD RUM T: (44) 0844 879-4964 M: (44) 0776 062 9477 E:

Vision/ Spring 2013

Romain Virgo adds Juke Boxx to his management team


Morgan Heritage tops Japanese Reggae Charts

Vikings Production and Juke Boxx Production have collaborated their efforts with regards to the management of Romain Virgo. This move is an integral step in the effort to propel the international career of the rising reggae star to a new level. Juke Boxx’s relationship with Romain goes as far back as 2007 when he had his first studio recording experience while a finalist in the Digicel Rising Stars competition. Their synergy continued in the following years and has produced songs such as “Live Mi Life”, “I Know Better” and “Dem A Coward.” Romain has been managed by Vikings Productions since winning the popular talent competition Rising Star 5 years ago. He has released two albums in that time, the most recent being “System”.

Within a week from its release Morgan Heritage’s “Perfect Love Song” hit number #1 on the iTunes Japan Reggae chart. In March the band tours in America - New Haven, New York and Boston.

Wayne Marshall on European Tour Wayne Marshall kicked of his first ever European tour in Germany in February. A delighted Marshall never expected the atmosphere to be so energetic. His itinerary will take him to Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria and Denmark. This tour precedes the much anticipated release of his fourth album - “True Colours”, produced by Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, to be released in April of this year.

Vybz Kartel makes accusations of police conspiracy Having been incarcerated for nearly 17 months on murder and conspiracy charges, Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer has unleashed his anger on Jamaican police forces in a new, public letter from prison, alleging they have done everything possible to keep him behind bars. The five-page handwritten letter, publicized via Kartel’s official Twitter page, outlined

accusations by the embattled DJ that police have fabricated lies, threats and evidence in order to smear his reputation, preventing him from getting bail. Kartel also reacted to a police report that claimed law enforcement officials found three cellphones in a search of his jail cell in January. As a result of this report, which the DJ insists was a lie, he was denied bail in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams case just days later. Kartel is scheduled to return to court on May 27 to begin the Williams trial, which has been postponed twice since its initial start date of November 5, 2012.

Guyana banns Calypso songs from radio station

Mavado makes history David ‘Mavado’ Brooks is the first Caribbean dancehall artist who received an exclusive video premier on world’s number one video publication Billboard. “Take It”, featuring the Jamaican born singer Karian Sang, debuted on the Billboard’s website in early March. The single itself came out September last year, reaching #1 on the BBC 1Xtra and Choice-FM charts and also hit #1 on CHRY 105.5FM in Toronto.

Follow Di Arrow stage

show on a low

A political charged calypso song talking about corruption has infuriated Guyana's government so much that the popular Caribbean music genre has been banned from state airwaves. Public Works Minister Robeson Benn was so angry at one tune on National Communication Network (NCN) radio that he drove down to the station himself “to find out what the hell was going on,” an official spokesman said. President Donald Ramotar recognizes Guyana has a corruption problem

The 2013 staging of Follow DI Arrow did not went well for the promoter and some of the artist alike. Patrons had to endure lengthy delays due to on and off rainfall, which may have also contributed to the poor support. Nonetheless, those who braved the conditions were treated to excellent performances by Freddie McGregor and George Nooks, Wickerman and Nitty Kutchie, Major Mackerel and Louie Culture. Other great performances came from Coco Tea, I-Octane, Bounty Killa, Sizzla and Lady Saw. The duo, Captain Barkey and Wickerman got an award for their outstanding contribution to the music industry. Wickerman collected the award on behalf of his music partner and friend who was murdered last year. Bounty Killa was also awarded by the promoter for his contribution. But while some patrons enjoyed what was happening on stage, some artist

but says its scale is exaggerated. According to the news-agency Reuters Six-time national calypso champion Geoffrey Phillips, who goes by the stage name of "The Mighty Rebel," described the state media ban as "petty and disgusting. Calypsos are the spirit and passion of the people," he said. "If we are being forced to tone down, then calypso would lose its soul.” However after almost two weeks the state-run radio station NCN has denied instituting a ban, telling calypsonians that it was only the song of this year’s calypso monarch De Professor (picture) that has been “restricted”.

experienced a different vibe backstage as a series of unfortunate events unfolded all of which is said to have involved the promoter. According to Lady G who was billed for the event but did not get to perform, FOLLOW THE ARROW promoter Dexton Ennis failed to observe his own theme to “level the vibes”, keep it clean, no expletives or discrimination. Lady G told IrieFM's Music News that she was disrespected by the promoter in the presence of her colleagues, patrons, friends and media personalities following her request to be paid before her performance. Like Lady G, Vegas and Elephant Man were billed for the event did not perform. Meanwhile, promoter Dexton Ennis has decided that he will no longer be putting on the event. Ennis conceded that if someone else wants to keep the event and use the name, he will be willing to meet with them so they can come to an agreement.

Veteran producers bring back the vibes With more than 20 riddims released each week it is getting more and more difficult to keep up. Many miss the original dancehall vibe. Just like Digital Vibez Entertainment, for whom the 90s are the golden area of dancehall. Little wonder that their first riddim production is called 90’s. The riddim captures the 90s feeling mixed with a modern flavour. Digital Vibes Entertainment consists of veteran producer and manager Richard “Digital One” Roache and chart topping Billboard engineer, musician, producer and songwriter Gary “Shanguly” Samuels and Michael “MadVibez” Thompson. Digital One started off as marketing and PR agent for the legendary King Jammys recording studio and downsound records . He then moved on to Juke Boxx production where he is to this day road manager for Busy Signal. Shanguly has worked on Sean Pauls Multi Platinum album “Dutty Rock” and on Beenie Man’s Art & Life Album, both won the Grammy For Best Reggae Album. Shanguly resume consists of some of reggae and dancehall biggest names, he also toured with Beenie Man, Jah Cure, Luciano and Shabba Ranks just to name a few. Although only a handful of artist have recorded on the 90’s riddim, namely: Chronixx, Teflon, Bling Dawg, Ward 21, Tiana, Neffatari and Formilla the riddim is climbing the charts. Digital Vibez is already at work on their “Savali” riddim project.

Jimmy Cliff on extensive world tour The acclaimed singer / songwriter and actor Jimmy Cliff will appear with his all Jamaican eight-member band (all graduates of the Jamaica School of Music) in major cities in The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia, including: Melbourne, Sidney, Tokyo, Osaka, Adelaide, New Caledonia, New Plymouth and Cairns. Most shows are almost sold out in expectation of the Grammy winning reggae legend. The first leg of Cliff’s tour will end on March 30th in Australia, before he comes to the USA and eventually Europe and the UK in June and July.


Vision/ Spring 2013

Producer in the hot seat the music. Many engineers are not recognized for their hard work behind the scenes, making quality music.

Vision talked to Chester.

by Deana Myers

“I am very easy going, hard working, resilient, generous and very determined” is how Chester Walker of Very Huge Records describes himself. Mostly a behind the scene person, Chester has been in the music business for many years with his credentials weighing as far as engineering, song writing, producing and artiste managing. So how did Chester Walker start on this decorative journey? “Its not an easy road”, with a quote from Buju Banton, Chester describes his tenor. It all started in 1992 when he landed his first job as an engineer at one of Jamaica’s finest studios The Mixing Lab. This laid the foundation for what was to become of this talented producer and engineer. Sly and Robbie, stalwarts of Jamaica’s soil, saw the talent and natural aptitude that this young man possessed by employing him as their personal engineer. Chester said that he

learned from the best working with Computer Paul, Robert Livingston (manager of the Diamonds), International superstar Shaggy and Specialist; the former manager of grammy winner Shabba Ranks. He procured a colossal catalog as an engineer working on songs like Junior Kelly’s ‘Hungry Days’, George Nooks’ ‘God is Standing By’, Natural Black’s ‘Badmind’, and ‘Leggo The Boy’ by Kiprich. He also worked with a vast number of dancehall/reggae artists from Capleton, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Pamputae, Spragga Benz, Mavado, Assassin, and TOK, to Lutan Fyah, Delly Ranks, Mr Vegas, Mr Lexx, Harry Toddler, Aidonia, Vybez Kartel and Frisco Kid. Very Huge Records recent productions include Elephant Man’s ‘God Never Fail’ and the popular dancehall song ‘Sidung’ by Lady Saw & Elephant Man. One will never dispute the importance of an engineer, as the core player used to balance

With your years of experience in the music business where do you see the Jamaican music industry in terms of acceptance and marketing? For a country that is so small Jamaica has made its mark in the world. Reggae and dancehall have broken barriers reaching non English speaking countries and the marketing of reggae is very good. However Jamaica has, in recent times, faced high competition from countries who have adopted the genre. Why producers do not give young artistes the spotlight to display their talent? Young artistes are the future so why not give them the break like the veterans? After all the veterans were once young artistes and had to start somewhere. Producers need to give them a chance. What distinguishes Chester

Walker from of other producers/engineers? I hear by inspiration, take bold steps, give people a chance and believe in what I do. Females are sometimes discriminated against and given last preferences when there is a good riddim produced, do you think that females can sell a riddim the same as their male counterpart? Of course! Women can ride the riddim like any man. Look at Diana King, Lady Saw, Marcia Griffiths, Patra and many other females that have done reggae and dancehall much justice. What do you want to see for reggae and dancehall in the future? I would like to see more international collaborations, more support by the government in recognizing the greats of reggae, like giving Bob Marley hero status and for the artistes to work together in bringing back the music to higher magnitudes than where it was in the past.


Watch This Vision’s Favourite Online Hits

YouTube user Countryfromlongtime is taking a thorough look at the allegations of the VW advertisement transporting a stereotypical image of Jamaica and its people. Addressing each and everyone of us she asks the question: what are your reasons for coming to Jamaica? Are you sure you are not stereotyping?

This interesting, little language course by JamaicanSinting How to Speak the Jamaican Language suits all those who, over time, have started twanging and need a little reminder on how fi chat. It also suits all those who try but nah meek it. It is a straight forward course with real life example sentences. Chester Walker with Sean Paul and Shabba Ranks

Album/ Single Review

Protoje: The 8 Year Affair

Jah9: New Name

The Skatalites: Walk With Me

Iba Mahr: Great Is Him

After coming on the scene in 2009, very successfully, with tracks like Dread and Rasta Love ft Kymani Marley Protoje has become one of the well recognised artist from Jamaica, producing quality music. The first single released from the new album Who Dem A Program was heavily rotated at radio stations worldwide. His 14 track album also features the well known hit song Kingston Be Wise and collaborations with Tessanne Chin, Romain Virgo and Toi. The album was released on his cousins label Don Corleone. It is a solid melodic dub, roots-reggae album with clean acoustic tracks and rhythmic head-bangers.

The daughter of a preacher and teacher has made quite an entrance in 2010 with her song Warning. Jah9 has now come out with her debut album New Name and already climbed the charts at number three in Switzerland and nine in Germany on iTunes. Eloquently reflecting on social issues and celebrating Emperor Haile Selassie, Jah9 has a seriousness about her that draws you in and makes you listen to every word. The deep roots one drop tracks, sometimes with heavy horn sections, sometimes with heavy percussion sections complementing her voice. The 15 track album was produced by Rory Gilligan of Stone Love. Released: February 2013

With their 50th Anniversary approaching, Jamaica’s premiere band The Skatalites mark the occasion with Walk With Me, their long-awaited collection of newly-recorded classics and brand new compositions, released on Moondust Records. The 11 tracks-album features some of the last tracks ever recorded by founding member and legendary drummer Lloyd Knibb, who not only perfected the ska beat but paved the way for nearly every single reggae drummer after him. This album is an uplifting Ska Ska - orignial Skanking compilation! Released: March 2012

Since his first hit song Will I Wait he has been going from strength to strength. This new single Great Is Him is a deep roots-reggae-rockers song with some truly revolutionary lyrics, glorifying the King. Notably is the piano hook giving the whole compositions a great skankability. Produced by Overstand on the Rootsman riddim also featuring Tarrus Riley, brilliant female vocalist Jah 9 and hot new reggae property Chronixx. This riddim is a must for true reggae lovers. For this is real reggae music.

Released: February 2013

Released: February 2013

I Octane has released a high quality video to “Gyal A Gimme Bun”. It tells the story with the help of no other than Ity & Fancy Cat, making the whole video extra funny. Make sure you watch it till the end!!! It looks as if the video has taken some inspiration of Mr Vegas’ recent plight... No more said!

(For Adults only!) The famous Trinidadian Santana puppet series is back with a new video entitled: Hard Luck Narine. Created and produced by Roger Alexis, who also lends his voice to the lead character Santana. In this sequel Santana asks his neighbour Narine for a favour so he can meet sexy Kavita...

Vision/ Spring 2013

Island Girl



Fi Real?

Canadian resident Alty-B will not forget his native Jamaica & pays homage to all the beautiful island girls by Deana Myers

Jamaica has become a brand and a beautiful brand indeed. It is this brand that paved the way for many Jamaican artistes no matter where they choose to perfect their craft from. Fast-rising dancehall/reggae star, Alty-B has a hybrid musical style and evolving image that has made him an ever present young star within Toronto’s music scene. Alty B aka Altiman Grason grew up in Drewsland, Kingston. His mother provided him with the strength he needed to become an artiste. The road to a musical career however manifested itself when AltyB migrated to Canada in 2003 where he settled in the Greater Toronto Area and perfected his craft. Adjusting to the changes of migration Alty-B had no difficulty in his strides as he quickly learned the pros and cons of the music industry in Canada. Alty-B made his name performing

in talents shows across Canada. He recorded a slew of singles including a counteraction to Jamaican-American hip-hop act Sean Kingston’s smash hit: Beautiful Girls in 2007. His hard work culminated in the release of Splice in 2011, an effort that earned him considerable rotation at sessions and in clubs in Toronto, launching him closer to mainstream success. Alty-B’s growing reputation as a versatile contender continued with a remix: 5 O’Clock featuring British singing sensation Lily Allen. The track, originally crafted by T-Pain and Wiz Khalifa, earned him thousands of YouTube views and positive reviews across several music websites. Alty has been heating up Jamaican and Canadian radio stations with singles like Money, Wine Up Yuh Body and his latest hit, collaborating with dancehall artiste Richie Loop who is famous for 'What's In My Cup'. Titled MY ISLAND GIRLS the song has been

receiving great reviews and is now available on iTunes. This year looks very promising and with young talents being on the rise and 2013 making way for young artistes, AltyB is definitely one to watch for the future as he flaunts good songs to the lovers of quality music. What do you have to say to lovers of reggae music? I want to say that AltyB is the newest sensation who intends to change the face of dancehall. Its a hard job but somebody got to do it! I just a sing from the heart and hope people can accept this: nothing but realness! I want to take my career to the highest peak and always give people good music because music is all I have. I live for this. How important is building a team in music for any genre and why do artistes need the right team? Having a team is very essential as it eases your mind of all the stress. You don't have to do everything by yourself and it allows more time to be creative. Working is a team gives you a sense of responsibility and makes you appreciate other peoples contributions. Team work makes the dream work - there's no I in a team. Who or what motivates you and who do you acknowledge for your achievements so far? My mother raised me all by herself along with 3 other siblings. It wasn't easy growing up in a 1-bed-room in the garrisons of Kingston. I never want to go back to those days ever! I want to make my mother proud and buy her a house! As far as my achievements go I want to thank all the good people I have around me , especially DJ Fella my partner in crime. He believed in me when no other DJ did. And shout out to my whole team - they motivate me.

Nadine White Pirate Radio Stations Last column’s topic was centered around issues to do with legal radio stations. Let us not forget about the ‘other side of the coin’, when it comes to broadcasting, which is pirate/community stations. To give you all a bit of history, in the early 1960s Britain, when ‘Pop’ music was becoming in greater demand, there was no access to this music on mainstream radio. It was only through pirate radio stations based on ships outside the UK, that people could tune in and listen to the type of music that they really wanted to. For those who are interested, look up ‘Radio Caroline’, the UK’s first pirate station. Seems to me as though nothing’s changed; it can be argued that these stations are still tailored for the common individual because they are from said individuals. Nowadays, some of us complain about the quality of music on mainstream radio due to censorship via some ambiguous bureaucrats deciding what is worthy of airplay. Therefore, pirates still offer a timeless authenticity that simply cannot be replicated. This is a fact - to be celebrated and not overlooked. Pirate stations, though illegal, serve a great purpose. When I asked Mr.Mighty (the ‘people’s favourite’ DJ, on South London reggae specialist pirate radio station - Vibes FM) ‘what’s good’ with pirate radio, he gave me an interesting perspective. “There are no strict playlists, requirements for a certain kind of on-air personality and ‘gloss’, because there’s less emphasis on the cut-throat ‘corporate business’ aspect of things, when it comes to pirate radio” He and I were in agreeance, though, that if one is going to talk ‘music business’, then pirate radio has its uses. The urban, ‘street’ appeal which most pirate stations have, heralds a powerful impact on popular culture. This can have a knockon effect on the establishment of the careers of many an artist, as a demand is built which, in many cases, causes the legal stations to ‘sit up and take notice’. Cue the legal radio playlist alterations. Then cue the sold-out arenas. So although Pirate stations have no broadcasting license and do not pay any PRS royalties, they are able to generate ‘a buzz’ around their chosen genre and artists – which acts as a springboard for greater prosperity...sometimes. Is this a fair compromise, though? OFCOM are currently launching an attack on pirate radio stations, with raids happening everyday. However, when we consider the benefits that pirate radio bring, against the negative points, is this a wholly deserved attack? Given their pirate status, how easy would it be for them to acquire a broadcasting license anyway? Food for thought, “Fi Real!”


Vision/ Spring 2013


It’s a Dancehall ‘Ting’ Reigning Dancehall Queen Sher talks the business by Deana Myers

What makes Jamaica truly authentic? The people, the culture, the food, the sport, the politics, the values, the psyche and the general way of life of a typical Jamaican and of course ‘Dancehall’! As a matter of fact reggae and dancehall music are one of the proud flag-bearers for Jamaicans home and abroad. So powerful and far reaching is its influence and appeal, that the genre has accomplished the rare feature of transcending national, ethnic, gender and cultural boundaries worldwide. An inevitable by-product of this music is Jamaica’s creativity on the dance floor. The choreographing and execution of unusual and phenomenal dance moves have set trends trend in the ‘dancehall’. Global Phenomenon The Dancehall Queen Competition has been around for many years in Jamaica and has been adopted by many countries with very beautiful, creative, flexible and otherwise talented young ladies stepping up to the core and representing their country. These ladies have over the years proven themselves to be formidable competitors to the Jamaican girls. Japanese girls have become the most prominent and talked about dancehall queen competitors against Jamaicans. Junko Kudo of Japan was the first foreigner to win the Jamaican Dancehall Queen title in 2002. Before the aspiring queens can put on a spectacular show they

have to go through long training sessions, develop their own routines and execute every move more perfectly for the competition. Getting the crown is no ‘walk in the park for these girls’. The first National Dancehall Queen in 1992 was Carlene Smith whom many thought put the spotlight on the dancehall queen internationally. Although she wasn’t the first dancehall queen locally, she became the first ever international dancehall queen. Being a prominent figure in Jamaican movies also contributed to her and female dancehall’s popularity. Carlene is also the mother of one of Beenie Man’s daughters. Other winners of this coveted crown are: Keisha Campbell, Stacey, Mad Michelle, Shanique Taylor, Momo, Michelle Young, Kristal Anderson, Aneika Francis and current winner DHQ Sherine Scarlet aka Sher. RIP Shanique Taylor who sadly died in 2006 from skin cancer after winning the crown. Much respect should be given to females who have championed their way to becoming a dancehall queens and female dancers by profession. Dancers play a vital role in the dancehall fraternity and have been such an important component of ‘dancehall’, it provides a popular theme for dancehall writers and artistes. Without the dance moves and accompanying mode of dress, the genre would be depleted of much hype, glitz and glamour. May dancehall continue to grow with new and bolder dancehall routines from the females!!!

Vision interviewed the 2012 Dancehall Queen Sher What motivated you to become a dancer? It is thanks to God that I was able to pursue my dream of becoming a dancehall queen. Where do u want to see the dancehall queen competition go in the future? I think the kind of role you play as the reigning DHQ is very important; you have to keep the name up high and represent as both a DHQ and a role model. As a female dancer, do you think that it is more difficult for females in dancehall than for the opposite sex? Yes it is, as men get the bigger roles to play in the video shoots. Also, male dancers have taken up much of the dance space so we as female have to come up with a dance move that can stand out in the video light. But it’s slowly changing, many artistes are doing girl tunes so females are getting the work.

top: Sher featured in QQ’s video for Ghetto Gyal below: Junko Kudo first foreigner to win the Jamaican Dancehall Queen title in 2002, dancer Keiva the Diva, 2003 DHQ Mad Michelle bottom: balancing act - the new dance craze requires skill and a portion of madness Where would you like to go from here, after you give up the dancehall queen crown? I think I want to do some form of business, perhaps even teach dancing. As a dancehall dancer who has done extensive travelling around the world, what is the sense of welcome that you receive from countries who sometimes speak other languages? Have you done any training classes for people who want to learn? People have been very nice and welcoming. They treat me exceptionally well and they love dancehall. I just recently taught a student from Russia. I also teach my peeps in JA to dance.

We’re in Love with FIONA by Nadine White

From providing dulcet backing vocals to many a global reggae hit from the likes of Freddie McGregor and Glen Washington, to making one and all swoon and sway in time to her own classic scores such as ‘I’m In Love’ (on 1998s Love Bump Riddim), ‘No More Lonely Nights’ and ‘Nothing Really Matters’ – Fiona Robinson’s voice knows no bounds. She has also done cover versions of some timeless tracks such as Dennis Brown’s ‘If I Follow My Heart’ and ‘You Mean The World To Me’ (a cover of R&B singer Toni Braxton’s standard). Discovered in her teens by producer Kelvin Simmons, Fiona has been making powerful, conscious music for the better part of 2 decades – though she is, given the magnitude of her talent, is relatively unsung, despite past accolades such as ‘Female Vocalist of the

Year’(South Florida) and four VP albums to her credit. A firm favourite amongst real reggae listeners and within the fraternity itself, Ms. Robinson partially credits singer Nadine Sutherland (Action, Last Night Memory) for inspiring her to start pursuing her musical career, though she could actually sing from the age of 3! It’s been a while since she last released an album, but during her somewhat lengthy hiatus from the limelight, Fiona has never truly stopped working. Having recently worked on various projects with the likes of Hezron and ‘Gully God’ Mavado, as

well as balancing motherhood and recently fighting off the ‘flu - this lady’s busy! Gushing about her 9 year old daughter, Fiona expresses her relief that her child’s choice of music is of a more conscious thread and not reflective of some of the ‘negative’, popular music that influences a lot of young people today, “There is still good music being recorded but, on the whole, music is not really positive or uplifting. More negative, leaving you with quite a heavy heart. I do get discouraged by the state of music nowadays. Sometimes I have to just switch off the radio.” With the golden touch that only she could bring to the Lover’s Rock reggae sub-genre, we can keep having her songs on repeat but the world craves more! Fiona fanatics - far and wide - will be pleased to know that a brand new album is under construction and she is working with a crème de la crème production team! Watch this space.

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New Caribbean Cinema Movement The Caribbean State of Art of Film Making “Making the documentary with Romain Virgo was a major eye-opener. I grew up on two radio stations (JBC and RGR) who played a lot of country music. When I went to Nashville they could not take it in that country music is so big in Jamaica. It came like a shock to them.”

The New Caribbean Cinema Movement (NCC) describes itself as a: “ fresh, pioneering approach to film-making in the Caribbean”. It’s most recent production Ring Di Alarm got applauded by a global audience. One of the directors of NCC’s creative collective of directors and producers Michael “Ras Tingle” Tingeling has advanced his skills in 15 years of film-making. Although becoming a film maker was rather a coincidence while catering on two sets before he was asked if he could help on set. “I started to experiment a lot and watched MTV to study how others put videos together. I understood that I want to become an authentic Jamaican film maker who doesn’t conforms but makes something worthwhile.” Ras Tingle told Vision.

We asked Ras Tingle to share a story with us working with all these artists. “Well, most of the women I worked with were very punctual and work hard. But the funniest moments I had with a few of the male artist. Sometimes they have recorded the song we are shooting a video for 6 month ago and don't know the lyrics anymore. They either start mumbling or exchange words. It’s amusing if we find out the artist is not singing. Then you have to shoot all these wide shots first - the non singing shots, giving them time to rehearse the song. Others like to come on set smelling like a bed of roses, making us wonder if

Ras Tingle has also produced many MUSIC VIDEOS for: D'Angel, Cecile, Assassin, the last video for Buju Banton before he went in, Romain Virgo's California and the documentary Reggae Gone Country.

Sometimes when I film in a garrison I try to incorporate the youth. I mean filming there and being surrounded by boys who should be in school gives you the chills. I'm not schooling them, but you would find somebody to pass on a job to them, so that they can help themselves.“ Ras Tingle’s FUTURE PLANS are a spicy Jamaican short film and a documentary about the unsung heros, who are feeding the nation and helping the nations growths.

And it was the NCC which provided that creative independence. According to Ras Tingle the: ”NCC stands as a citadel for new and upcoming filmmakers, without being dependent on people who give you funds and at the same time fool you around. Collectively we have come together to work on each others projects with minimal funds. We don’t have any egos, we are just filmmakers for the same cause on one level.” A wave of GOOD QUALITY FILMS coming from the region, especially Jamaica: “Filming right around the region, around the diaspora, I realised that we are all connected. Sometimes I would be in different islands and it felt like being in Jamaica. Culture spreads far and it interlopes, especially because of the history we have in common. Still, I see Jamaica as the film capital of the diaspora. The Harder They Come was a taste of that and Jamaica has always been a magnet from the times of buccaneers until now.”

to the Nyahbinghi, sees as vital aspect of rastafarianisim. “One of our praises ‘let the infants cared for’ means that is important to uplift the youths, so when they get older they can work to make their own. There are a lot of influences that would take young people on the other side. Especially the want to make money fast culture. I want to encourage them to use their brain to do the right decisions in life. I go into my children’s school on 'career days' to share my skills. I bring my camera and tell them how to operate it. They would expect somebody else but I come there as a rastaman and show them how videos are made just like they can see them on MTV. More young people are looking towards production nowadays and see how they can make their way into a profitable person.

Ring Di Alarm is a collection of seven short films, made by six directors touching on different aspects of Caribbean Life produced by the NCC. they can smell him on TV. On my sets I like to keep a relaxed atmosphere. Making people laugh makes the work lighter and keeps the creative juices flowing.” One of his mottoes is: WORKING TO UPLIFT THE YOUTHS, which he as a rastaman belonging

RING DI ALARM which premiered in London last September is still being heavily promoted and much to the delight of the makers was screened at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles this February. “We still have not premiered it in Jamaica. I am very patriotic but the truth of the matter is that sometimes a project has to gather some wings and get feet before they (Jamaican's) start to applaud it. We are feeling very good about the overwhelming response we are getting from England, Trinidad F.Q. and New York so far. It can only get better.” Ras Tingle on the making of D’Angels Stronger video: I just wanted to show what I saw in her. Coming out into the world on her own, falling from grace and rising back into her true self.

right hand pictures from top: Ras Tingle at video shoot for NCC: “Land We Love”, Ras Tingle with NCC team and giving instructions, at video shoot with Agent Sasco and Beenie Man

Legalize it Film about reggae legend Peter Tosh in the making With the documentary about Bob Marley just being premiered in Jamaica, the acclaimed director Kevin McDonald (pictured below) is already hinting at a similar project involving another of Reggae’s big icons. A feature film will focus on the period surrounding the release of Peter Tosh’s 1976 album Legalize It. The album was Tosh’s first major solo effort after leaving The Wailers, and its release coincided with albums put out by the other members of that famous trio — Bunny Wailer’s Blackheart Man and Bob Marley’s Rastaman Vibration. Talks with Peter Tosh’s daughter Niambe McIntosh are currently underway. Different from the Marley documentary the film about Peter Tosh will involve an actor impersonating the legend who was shot and killed at his home in St Andrew in 1987.

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Rozes’ Birthday Bash

T: (44) 0844 879-4964 M: (44) 0776 062 9477 E:


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QUEEN KALEFA’S HEALTHY LIFESTYLE COLUMN In light of the recent headlines in the news about meat produce containing horse meat I felt it appropriate to revisit my recent article entitled 'To Meat Or Not To Meat', in which I outlined some facts about the risks of eating meat or too much meat. For many meat eaters that is indeed the question right now. In that article I alluded to the risks of saturated animal fats, antibiotics, bovine growth hormones etc. etc. etc. I won't repeat that information as you can access the article in our archives. Many people are currently responding to news headlines that suggest: 'What You See May Not Be What You Get'. Presently this is

directed at pre-prepared meals in certain supermarkets, but I am sure many people are wondering just how far this really goes, and will we get to a point where it becomes old news and we suddenly hear nothing more about it? At which point many people assume all is well and return to their former way of eating. It is an opportunity for us to ask some very pertinent questions: like do these concerns extend to 'fresh' meats like mince? Are those steaks really cows? How many more food stuffs actually contain pork? What else could be in the foods we buy? To what extent do the foods we buy harm us? And one

TO MEAT OR NOT TO MEAT...... AGAIN! that many forget to ask: what are we to expect form genetically modified foods? Food manufacturers are still not obliged to label foods 'genetically modified' (GMO). Yet recently certain genetically modified foods have been removed from the shelves in the US because they have been found to have dangerous effects on the human DNA. You may have seen the documentaries about the bees dying off in drones. Could this have anything to do with the fact that genetically modified plants cannot be pollinated? Indeed the food supply industry appears to have taken a path that is certainly not conducive to our health. What else is

What’s On Comedy @ Cottons With an EXCITING, ever-changing line-up of some of London’s FINEST Comedians - this highly anticipated, UNIQUE evening remains in HIGH demand, only at Cottons Restaurant’s ‘Rhum Jungle’. Hosted by Kane Brown (MTV) Every Wednesday, 8pm Cottons Restaurant Islington 70 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP FREE Entry

Highlight and elevate your business at YEAh Live 3

Buffet: Caribbean Masterchef Andrew McIntosh International Makeup Artist: Eryca Guest speakers: Dionne Lewis-Reid, Jenny Garrett, Entertainment: Tendai and Bridget Minamore Sunday 24th March, 2pm - 6pm Cottons Restaurant Islington 70 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP Ticket: £24.50 Buffet + free gift bag

Kings & Queens of Comedy & Lovers Rock

The aim of YEAh is to bring the youth together so they can progress forward by interacting with each other and being guided by the older generation. So the budding photographer can link with the aspiring model, these two can meet the new designer, etc.

With Felix Dexter & The Ladies’ Favourite Mr Fraser and Bajan Comedy Queen Dibbi! The Comedy Stars will be joined by The Queens of Lovers Rock: Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Sandra Cross & Sylvia Tella.

Saturday, 23rd March, 3.30pm - 7.30pm Montgomery Hall, Kennington Oval, London, SE11 5SW Info: 07938 086 075 Tickets: £5 - £7

Sunday 24th March, 8pm Venue: Broadway Theatre Catford Broadway, London SE6 4RU Box Office: 020 8690 0002 Tickets: from £23

Ladies Who Lunch UK

In celebration of International Women’s Month with an afternoon of culinary delights, inspirational speakers, networking and entertainment.

The Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissnace was one of the great artistic movements of 20th-century America. We look at its legacy from the poetry of Lamgston Hughes to the painting of Edward Burra. Features discussion about the cultural history together with readings of some of Hughes’ poems.

in store for us in the name of big bucks? How much clearer can the message be? It is time for us to take responsibility! For instance, get back into the kitchen and cook, grow our own and/or buy from the farmers markets. Are we really so dependent that we will be lead literally 'like lambs to the slaughter?' PS. I am currently offering 75% off colon cleansing. From £75 to £25 for a limited period. Blessings Kalefa

BANG ON TREND! Sunday 24th March, 5pm - 6pm Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall Both events are part of America - a two day series from 23rd March to 24th March. Southbank Centre Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX Box Office: 0844 875 0073 Ticket: Day Pass £15

Women in Jazz & Funk

featuring: Lorrain Briscoe, Evettemay Briscoe & surprise guest vocalist and DJs Saturday 30th March, 9pm - 2pm Cottons Restaurant Islington 70 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP Ticket: £13.50 in advance call: 07957 441 101/ 07958 113 723

New Beacon Book Club

The Rise of Black Music Writer and critic Bonnie Greer discusses the profound impact of African-American music on the lives of Black icons such as Langston Hughes, Barack Obama, and the revolutions that African-American music created both at home and across the world. Sunday 24th March 3.30pm - 4.30pm Level 5 Function Room at Royal Festival Hall


The writer & society: Wilson Harris Session 2. Criticism at New Beacon Facilitator: Rachael Gilmour Wednesday April 10th, 6.30pm Queen Mary, University of London George Padmore Institute 76 Stroud Green Road London, N4 3EN FREE Entry

FASHION BITES The dancehall-minded Caribbean/ American fashion label Rep.Ja has come out with a black and white T-Shirt referencing Bounty Killer's popular phrase: Cross Hangry- Miserable. (Just in case you are not too familiar with Jamaican Patois - please go to our Watch This section to get the details for the Jamaican language course video. It will tell you what happens to words starting with an A.) Although the 5 Start General has long turned his back on the crossangry-miserable days, the T-shirt, which is also available as a sweater, comes as a fashion statement. KaBoom!

After 20 yeas of laying dormant basketball sneaker brand Ewing Athletics is back with a new line of retro 33′ hi-tops. The company is owned by Patrick Ewing, the first professional basketball player to form his own footwear brand. The first model he wore briefly for the 1989 season was the Rebound, but the first main release from the company was the 33 HI. This shoe would go on to become a huge seller, becoming a street staple in NYC, and eventually becoming a favorite in Europe and Asia as well. The former NBA star originally hails from Kingston, so it does not come as a surprise that the sneakers are also available in Jamaican colours. Emulating the 80s style, the trainers are a bit chunky, so they wont make you run as fast as Mr Bolt but it is a must for all sporty patriots who like to represent in colour.


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